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    1 day ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Bulletin Board Reality Denier of the Week Contest – Quindell, Afren or Worthington?

    A special class of Bulletin Board Moron is the denier who insists that is what is patently bad news is in fact good news. The suspension of trading in shares in Quindell and an SFO/FCA probe? Yup according to the Quindell Echo that was – on balance good news. Worthington no news is good news if you are a denier. As for Afren, possibly bankruptcy well that is a buying opportunity for the denier.

    EPIC code: QPP

    5 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey

    The Greek Tragedy Moves Me to Say Goodbye.

    Hello Share Shovers. I’ve always thought that I would vote to stay in Europe when we have our referendum. I fondly believed that, as other European countries are our biggest market, it would be daft to cut loose.

    5 days ago | By Ben Turney

    Are you a customer of Barclays Stockbrokers? Has it disposed of your shares too without your permission?

    Evidence started to emerge four weeks ago of a major problem with the nominee service used by clients of Barclays Stockbrokers, Barclayshare Nominees. There is now a strong suggestion that Barclayshare Nominees and Barclays Stockbrokers have disposed of clients’ physical stock without their permission. This is a shocking turn of events in the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco and points to an even graver flaw in the mechanics of the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market. Something like this should just not be possible, but the numbers appear telling.

    EPIC code: BARC

    5 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Tom Winnifrith – off to Greece on Friday, live riot porn blogging from Athens from Saturday

    The Mrs has given me the green light and in fact is almost certain to join me as I head off to Greece ahead of Sunday’s referendum for a touch of riot porn and poverty porn blogging from Syntagma Square in Athens.

    4 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    BREAKING: Lord Michael Howard responds re Quindell – the board is now looking at 2011 fraud TMC Southern

    Over the past two days I have written twice to Lord Michael Howard, the former Tory leader and now NED at Quindell pushing him to investigate the biggest (relative to reported profits) fraud in Quindell History, the 2011 TMC Southern panama pump. And today the good Lord has replied – the board is on the case! Hooray. The latest exchange of emails between myself and Lord Howard, a politician showing real integrity is below:  

    EPIC code: QPP

    4 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 July - Jiasen pull the other one you frigging Norfolk

    What a great day. Lord Michael Howard tightens the noose for Rob Terry and the Quindell (QPP) fraudsters HERE and then China fraud Jiasen says there is no reason for its share price fall. Er...I think we can all think of one can we not? Then on to JQW, China Chaintek and Camkids - watch out fella's the Sheriff of AIM is gonna get you. Ditto Phorm which is next up followed by Iofina. there is comment on Premaitha. Then onto how I dont take bribes from companies to write nice things either directly or via UK Investor Show as a Northern slum dweller seems to think. Finally there is an expose of the POS that is CIC Gold and on the scumbags behind it.

    3 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    I arrive in Athens – first poverty porn pictures from Greece

    Some folk say that it is better to travel than to arrive. I guess they have never travelled on a 5.45 AM Easyjet flight from Gatwick.  But my first sight in Greece was a pure delight. I was wandering from the plane into the terminal behind this stunning Greek goddess wearing a light but long skirt. Suddenly a gust of wind caught her skirt blowing it right up above her waist. Little was left to the imagination. Okay that is not true - I imagined away. Sadly I have no photo of this daughter of Athena. But now in the centre of Athens I bring you the first poverty porn.

    3 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Stuart Bromley mugging the Boy Scouts – another reason why CIC Gold should not be listed

    In yesterday’s Bearcast I explained why it was shocking that CIC Gold (CICG) had obtained a standard listing in London and why the shares were a sell. The main reason is Stuart Bromley. Hat tip to John g, a ShareProphets reader for pointing us to how Bromley mugged the Boy Scouts.

    EPIC code: CICG

    5 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Is Alex Tsipras of Greece the Ephialtes of 2015 - at the last gasp a traitor who caves?

    Stocks are soaring across Europe on reports that Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has blinked, has caved and surrendered to the banksters. Is his name indeed set to join those on Traitors Wall that starts with Ephialtes and includes most thieves, sorry Greek politicians, of the past forty years? The FT reports this morning that Tsipras has written to the banksters agreeing, essentially, to all their demands in return for more money which can then be used to repay existing debts as they fall due. This, if true, is madness and treachery.

    5 days ago | By Gary Newman

    Here's why I still don't like Sefton Resources!

    Sefton Resources (SER) is a company that I’ve been negative on for a number of years, and still am now!

    EPIC code: SER

    2 days ago | By Ben Turney

    Confessions of a forward seller; how AIM corrupts ordinary private investors - ref New World

    At the start of the New World Oil & Gas (NEW) forward selling fiasco Liam was cited as being one of the “innocent” forward sellers, who “accidentally” got himself embroiled in this mess. In fact, Liam was the primary example used to paint a human face on perhaps one of the most reckless market acts ever witnessed on AIM. Unfortunately for those who chose Liam as the forward sellers’ poster-boy, he has not behaved well. Posting under the username “Awkward Turtle” across social media, Liam is quite removed from being an “ordinary” private investor. Mr Turtle, as it is perhaps more appropriate to call Liam, is a small, yet revealing, part of something far more sinister and well coordinated.

    EPIC code: NEW

    20 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Photo article: they think its all over: it is now - Oxi! wins in Greece

    Just why did Betfair move so sharply to Oxi! a few hours ago? Er there was a Gallup poll taken on Saturday and released to non insider dealers after the actual poll closed here in Greece. I caught the last voters turning up to have their say at my local polling station and then talked to the precinct captain for Nai. 

    6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    A letter to Lord Michael Howard regarding Quindell’s 2011 Results – the biggest fraud of all

    Former Tory leader Michael, now Lord, Howard recently joined the board of Quindell (QPP) as a non-exec. The man is actually a Ned at about half a dozen little companies but I am sure that he is not a grubby ex politician using his good name to make a few bob in retirement but actually wants to help these companies move forward. And in that vein I have today written to him about the biggest – proportionate – fraud at Quindell, the 2011 accounts.

    EPIC code: QPP

    5 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    ATE: A New £75 million or more headache for either Quindell or Slater & Gordon

    Oh dear, it seems as if the NBF’s of Quindell PLC, the FCA, are now investigating another huge misselling scandal in the legal profession and that as a result of this – and work being done by the SRA – either Quindell PLC or Slater & Gordon could be picking up a bill for £75 million or more. It never rains…

    EPIC code: QPP

    4 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey

    Let’s Feel Sorry for the Greeks - But Hang Onto Our Shares, Anyway.

    Hello Share Plumpers. What ever happens in the Greek crisis, it won’t affect our share values. Yes, there’ll be a bit of panic for a month or so. But there’ll be no difference in the long run. So why get upset at the way the European money-movers are treating our friends in the beautiful islands?

    6 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey

    The Ostrich Principal - how to avoid panicking in a crash

    Hello Share Milkers. In the classic 'sixties Batman movie - the one before they started to get dark and boring - the caped crusader was seen charging around a harbour trying to find a safe place to throw a smoking big black ball.

    6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 30 June No 1 - Felon Charlie Gibson, Sefton & Impairment

    Before I turn to Sefton and the wider issue of impairment (or not) on the AIM casino I am still bristling after being rubbed up the wrong way last night by an apologist for convicted felon Charlie Gibson and so until I get bored I wish to remind you of why Gibson is a felon (HERE). Then onto today's business. To give flip flop a break there are a few comments on Sefton's results and why I am still a bear. Then the issue of asset impairment and today's Kansas news vindicates a lot of what Dan Levi and I said about Jimmyliar Ellerton. But it raises the wider issue of inadequate impairment reviews on the AIM casino.

    EPIC code: SER

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