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    47 minutes ago | By ShareProphets

    Be Greedy when others are fearful – after the stockmarket slumps, we have a total bargain for you TODAY

    A lot of people are panicking about shares. You can’t blame them. It was just a few months ago that the FTSE 100 was trading at 7000. Now it is well below 6,000. Many AIM listed shares have done even worse. And so some people are just selling everything in a blind panic. That is YOUR opportunity.

    47 minutes ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Bulletin Board Moron of the week (Mad Bull Disease/Stockmarket crash Edition) – and last week’s winner

    I greatly enjoyed the video below concerning the great Peter Schiff. Peter Schiff was right. He called the 2008 market meltdown to total derision. Seven years later we are here again and so as well as scanning Bulletin Boards for the usual suspects (Quindell, Daniel Stewart, Worthington) for examples of sheer idiocy you might check out what the bulls are saying as their predictions look ever more useless. As always post your entries in the comments section below by midnight Sunday.

    50 minutes ago | By ShareProphets

    SP Angel Morning Mining Note - Bacanora Minerals, Beowulf & Nord Gold

    John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Beowulf (BEM) & Nord Gold (NORD) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 

    EPIC code: BCN

    2 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    The 2015 AIM Awards – shortlist announced: guess what?

    You could not make this shit up. The Crony Capitalists black tie celebration of mugging private investors are the Annual AIM awards and the “celebration” of this fleecing is a black tie dinner on October 8 and now we know the short lists of “winners”.

    2 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Tom Winnifrith BearCast 28 August - it was like Monopoly

    I arrived back in Bristol after a long journey yesterday and opening my post it was just like Monopoly (in a good way). To celebrate I look at the markets in general, comment on Scancell, predict a few no-one is watching O'Clock announcements tonight and then focus on Camkids but epecially JQW which sent out a big China fraud Red Flag today.

    2 hours ago | By Steve Moore

    Motive Television – Part One: An extraordinary litany of failure

    The biggest faller in London so far today is AIM-listed Motive Television plc (MTV). This follows the announcement of interim results for the first half of 2015. Before reviewing them though, what’s the track record here? …

    EPIC code: MTV

    3 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith

    Scancell – Placing ahoy?

    Shares in much ramped AIM listed biotech Scancell (SCLP) now trade at 28-30.5p valuing it at a stonking £65 million. But the balance sheet is painfully thin and the word is that there is a placing on the way at a big discount.

    EPIC code: SCLP

    4 hours ago | By Zak Mir

    Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Churchill Mining, Falkland Oil & Gas, Source Bioscience

    If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Churchill Mining (CHL), Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL), Source Bioscience (SBS) and offer some share price targets.

    EPIC code: FOGL

    4 hours ago | By Robert Tyerman

    Sable sells its South African coal stake

    Iron ore is hardly flavour of the month in metal markets, China’s well-ventilated economic woes having sent the price down from nearly $192 (£138) a tonne in 2011 to a recent $44 before reaching $53.210c a tonne now. But AIM dog Sable Mining Africa (SBLM) is disposing of coal and other ‘non-core’ assets to concentrate on its West African Nimba iron ore project in south-east Guinea.

    EPIC code: SBLM

    4 hours ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM

    ShareProphets Filthy Forty: Asia Ceramics and its bizarre lending arrangements with the boss

    ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty member and Jersey-registered Asia Ceramics Holdings (ACHP) recently featured HERE in the wake of its after-hours (and Red Flag riddled) full year 2014 results. What emerged was a large market capitalisation relative to (almost) non-existent earnings. But there was also a long string of related party transactions, and a CEO who appeared to be running businesses in China doing the same thing as Asia Ceramics does…in China. But what catches the eye now is an RNS on Tuesday of this week which describes a very peculiar set of loan agreements between CEO Dr Pu and the company.

    EPIC code: ACHP

    4 hours ago | By Zak Mir

    Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.2: Animalcare Group: 200 Day Line Bear Trap Suggests 260p Target

    It is interesting that even though Animalcare Group (ANCR) may not be the most high profile company, its recent share price action and accompanying increased volatility have given the shares are rather more dynamic profile of late.

    EPIC code: ANCR

    5 hours ago | By Ben Turney

    Gulfsands Petroleum – is this a new beginning?

    Last night, Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) announced details of its long awaited $22million open offer. For long-term shareholders there wasn’t much to cheer about. At 4p, the best they can now hope for is to average down by taking up their 3.01 open offer shares and pray for a turnaround. But what chance is there of this?

    EPIC code: GPX

    5 hours ago | By Zak Mir

    Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.1: Surface Transforms: Break Of 15p Could Lead To 25p

    On the daily share chart of Surface Transforms (SCE) over the past year where the rather thin, spiky share price action, may have been enough to deter would be bulls.

    EPIC code: SCE

    5 hours ago | By Robert Tyerman

    Asiamet; a high risk play on copper recovery

    Indonesia can sometimes present awkward problems for foreign mining companies, but Tony Manini, chief executive officer of Asiamet Resources (ARS), extols the ’excellent opportunities’ now beckoning the AIM-quoted company following encouraging drilling results at its key Beruang Kanan project in Central Kalimantan. Also traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange, Asiamet, which recently changed its name from Kalimantan Gold, says it is targeting an increased resource estimate by the end of the year for Beruang Karang, whose main zone now boasts an inferred resource of 4.7 million tonnes at 0.6% for 621.7 million lbs. of copper.

    EPIC code: ARS

    6 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM

    Camkids: we knew the balance sheet was a fraud now here is why the reported profits are also bogus

    AIM listed China fraud Camkids (CAMK) effectively admitted that its stated cash was not really there with its ludicrous explanation of how it was set to disappear (HERE) but now let me show you why its reported profits are also 100% made up.

    EPIC code: CAMK

    6 hours ago | By Zak Mir

    Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Fitbug, Genel Energy, Kellan Group, MTI Wireless Edge, Nostra Terra Oil & Gas, Rose Petroleum, Vast Resources

    Featuring shares of Fitbug (FITB), Genel Energy (GENL), Kellan Group (KLN), MTI Wireless Edge (MWE), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Rose Petroleum (ROSE), Vast Resources (VAST), together with some share price targets.

    EPIC code: GENL

    6 hours ago | By Malcolm Stacey

    Why the Most Obvious Trading Lesson of All is Always Totally Ignored.

    Hello Share Smashers. Uncle Tom has already alluded to my lesson for today. And that is that we should buy when the market has been weakened by topical events. Yes, I know the advice is pretty self-evident. So why does everyone do the opposite?

    23 hours ago | By Zak Mir

    Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Enquest, Flybe Group, Skyepharma

    If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at the shares of Enquest (ENQ), Flybe Group (FLYB), Skyepharma (SKP) and offer some share price targets.

    EPIC code: FLYB

    1 day ago | By Steve Moore

    Plus500 – interim results, has it really “performed well over the period”?

    A results statement for the first six months of 2015 today from Plus500 (PLUS) includes that “notwithstanding the impact of UK regulatory matters, the group has performed well over the period”. Hmmm. Is this really the case? …

    EPIC code: PLUS

    1 day ago | By Ben Turney

    Is the BHP Billiton 7.9% dividend too good to be true?

    On Tuesday, Chris Bailey offered some excellent analysis of BHP Billiton’s (BLT) results. I won’t attempt to steal Chris’ thunder, but one point he made has stuck with me. In its own words BHP Billiton’s board is “resolute” to pay what is now a 7.9% dividend. This is an enormous yield for such a large stock and if the directors follow through with this pledge, the current £10.55p share price is surely a gimme. The question is will the company pay this generous sum?

    EPIC code: BLT

7 gold stocks to buy now - published this weekend - order your complimentary copy now

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Top Oil Stocks to buy for Summer 2015 - New ShareProphets Guide

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UK Investor June 2015

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Zak Mir: The Ten Stocks to buy for Summer 2015

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ShareProphets Press' second book of 2015 is by Zak Mir. In it, the UK's most well-known technical analyst looks at the 10 best share buys for Summer 2015.

49 Red Flags – how to avoid investing in shares that will plunge by Tom Winnifrith

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ShareProphets Press' first book of 2015 is by Tom Winnifrith, The Man who exposed the fraud at Quindell. In it, Winnifrith demonstrates the forensic accounting techniques that he uses to expose the secrets that companies are trying to hide. No investor should be without it.

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Together Robert Sutherland Smith and Tom Winnifrith have now been working in finance for 71 years - the last ten or so together. Tom wishes to stress that RSS accounts for most of that, the great value investor starting his City career at the Unilever Pension Fund the year before Tom was born. In this book they outline 71 tricks of the trade for making money from shares.

The 49 Golden Rules of Making From from Oil, Gas, and Mining Stocks

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Iain Maitland: The Golden Rules of Making Money from Residential Property

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