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23 October 2014, 16:29 | By Steve Moore |

ASOS plc – is the consensus broker view wrong again?

Having reviewed results from ASOS plc (ASC) for its year ended 31st August 2014 myself HERE, the following takes a look at broker views of the announcement and what the shares are worth.

23 October 2014, 16:23 | By Mark Howitt |

HSBC Chairman Unhappy with Bonus Cap! Turkeys dont like Christmas!

So Douglas Flint, the chairman of HSBC (HSBA) was pulled before a House of Lords committee to talk about the bonus cap enforced by the European Union. He didn’t like it: "We're an industry that's well paid but so are other industries. When you ask someone in the technology industry to join for cyber risk and say 'you'll be paid in seven years' they'll decline to consider it."

23 October 2014, 16:11 | By Matt Earl |

Avanti Communications... the debt rises

I finally got round to reading Avanti's year end results to 30th June 2014 (released on 15th September 2014). And then I shorted some more stock. 

23 October 2014, 15:40 | By Malcolm Stacey |

Beware of Dragons, Moon Monsters, Vampires and Rising Debt.

Hello Share Strimmers. My mother always told me ‘If you haven’t got the money, you can’t have it.’ When I was in a pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll group, my dad marched me back to the shop to hand back a Clavioline ( an early keyboard) which I’d bought ‘on the never.’


22 October 2014, 23:22 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Its Time to book in for UK Investor Show on 18th April 2015 – 25% discount offer

As the leaves start to turn brown you may not be thinking about next April but we are as we plan the biggest and best UK Investor Show ever. The speaker line-up gets more impressive by the day and already 90 of the 110 Growth companies attending have booked in – and I am delighted that there are a raft of new PLCs attending, and almost as delighted that some of those who attend every show are NOT attending!


22 October 2014, 23:17 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

The Pressfit scandal - the final straw: Daniel Stewart should be closed down now

The IPO of China POS Pressfit (PFIT) and its share price collapse today is yet another disgrace on the AIM Casino brought to you by Nomad Daniel Stewart (DAN). In this podcast special Tom Winnifrith examines this IPO, the parties involved and the Conflicts of Interest. Thereis only one conclusion, AIM Regulation must shut down Daniel Stewart at once.

22 October 2014, 21:58 | By Steve Moore |

StatPro Group – after recent share price slide, does Q3 trading update indicate value?

Provider of portfolio analysis and asset pricing services for the global asset management industry, StatPro Group (SOG) has updated on “trading in Q3 2014 in line with market expectations” and that it “looks forward to a successful outcome for the year”. With me having concluded with the shares at 84p in August that they were not likely materially undervalued, the following updates my view with them having since slipped to 72p.

22 October 2014, 21:51 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 22 October - No Apologies to Daniel Stewart

This podcast does not mince its words. The latest AIM Casino China POS outrage pulled by scumbag Nomad ( shares suspended still) Daniel Stewart kicks things off. And we end with another POS floated by Daniel Cesspit.


22 October 2014, 20:20 | By Robert Tyerman |

Aureus on track amid ebola epidemic

West African gold hopeful Aureus Mining (AUE) expects to have its flagship 900,000-oz. New Liberty project in Liberia producing gold in or shortly after March next year and is confident of announcing a new resource next month for Ndablama, 40 km away, its second project in the country’s Bea Mountain licence area. Liberia is at the centre of the deadly ebola epidemic, gold at $1,248.80c an ounce remains at present stubbornly out of investment fashion and Aureus’s shares have virtually halved from their 41.25p 12-month peak to 21.25p now, but David Reading, the company’s chief executive officer, strikes a determinedly upbeat note.

22 October 2014, 20:10 | By ShareProphets |

Stratmin at 8.1p on a 2016 PE of just 1.5p and worth 19.3p?

Broker Northland acts for Stratmin Global (STGR) so this is not impartial but it has published a detailed note on the stock after the signing of a major offtake deal yesterday. It reckons that the shares (now 8.1p) are worth 19.3p, that they trade on a 2015 PE of 9, falling to 1.5, and it has upgraded its stance from hold to buy. Analyst Dr Ryan Long writes:

22 October 2014, 19:57 | By Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore |

InterQuest - ching ching!

Shares in specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) have jumped by a net 8% in the past two days to 116.5p on the back of an announcement that “it is launching a review of options open to the company to maximise value for shareholders including a potential sale of the company”.  Ching Ching.

22 October 2014, 19:10 | By Steve Moore. |

ASOS plc – full-year results reviewed, rating is barking

Shares in online fashion company ASOS (ASC) bounced back somewhat yesterday on the back of results for its year ended 31st August 2014. The following reviews whether the response looks warranted.

22 October 2014, 16:33 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

Rolls Royce cheap after the change in profits guidance from the management.

The latest profits warning looks near term and marginal in its impact. The shares of Rolls Royce (RR.) have lost all their former premium and at 803p look good value. A great opportunity for serious long term investors to pick up this long term  technology growth stock at what looks like a low valuation of earnings.  

22 October 2014, 15:56 | By Malcolm Stacey |

Why My Ethical Investing Article Wasn’t Rubbish.

Hello Share Peddlars. Now that I‘ve returned from hectic Berlin with time to think about it, I must reply to Uncle Tom Winnifrith’s description of my original piece on ethical investing as ‘Tommy Rot’.


21 October 2014, 21:32 | By Mark Howitt |

British American Tobacco is Investing in E-Cigarettes: Good News

There are some people who like to criticise Tobacco companies for being evil. Labour would like to tax it even more as part of its plan for ‘British Socialism’. But remember that British American Tobacco (BATS) is investing a lot of money in developing E-Cigarettes.

21 October 2014, 21:12 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 21 October - Quindell & Beacon Hill edition

Just two stocks in today's podcast. Both are discussed for company specific reasons. But the interest has wider application that just Beacon Hill Resources (BHR) and Quindell (QPP). The points made have wider import.


21 October 2014, 20:24 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

We live In interesting stock market times

Prevailing world conditions have conspired, in a surprisingly short space of time, to cause us to question the possibility of progress. It is a world of one (civilisation challenging) problem after another. 


21 October 2014, 20:05 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Rules 22 & 23 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares

We have just re-released my bestselling book, the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares. I do not mean I outsell Jeffrey Archer, just that of my books it has been the biggest winner. Rules 22 deals with shares that are Bulletin Board favourites, rule 23 with top slicing. We have 50 free copies of the book to hand out this month and you can get yours by filling in the form HERE.


21 October 2014, 19:51 | By Mark Howitt |

At 549p Banco Santander is Good Value Again!

It is good to see the FTSE 100 rise today, but not all companies are joining in on the fun. Shares in British American Tobacco (BATS) have fallen, so have shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Banco Santander (BNC) shares are basically flat at 549p.

21 October 2014, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Dillistone Group – updated view after the fallout from interim results

Shares in recruitment software group Dillistone (DSG) have slipped back from more than 110p in July and in excess of 100p for most of last month to a current 96.5p. The company’s house broker, WH Ireland, has now updated and the following updates my view.

21 hours ago | By ShareProphets |

The May edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - Tips, UK Investor Show photo feature, and the the end of the EU

The May edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring three share tips from Gary Newman, the Greek meltown is worse than everyone thinks, and the EU is not fit for purpose plus a photofeature from the 2017 UK Investor Show.


2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the week sponsored by Granny Snuffs & Wildes

The nauseating Mail on Sunday fawned upon Pippa Middleton and her ghastly family as they celebrated the "wedding of the Year"Bring on the revolution! But perhaps the real wedding of the year should be between our two very own in-house Bulletin Board Morons GrannySnuffs & Wildes who seem made for each other. can you find examples on the LSE Asylum, iii, ADVFN or twitter of comments more idiotic than those of our own dream team? If so post in the comments section below, the deadline is midnight Sunday 28th May.


6 days ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Advanced Oncotherapy – just what are the terms of the Bracknor funding?

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has this morning announced another conversion of death-spiral loan notes by Bracknor. That is not news – there have been plenty already and there are many more to come. But for the third time in succession we seem to have different terms being applied. Surely it is time for the company to tell the market what is going on?

7 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

All Eyes On OPEC. Will It Come Up with Goods or Will our Oil Shares Slide Down a Greasy Pole?

One of the most fascinating scenes I’ve seen for some time is the sight of Big Donald jigging around with some sort of weird entertainment put on by the Saudi’s for the President's visit. It almost made me forget the big benefit of this amiable state visit on share shifters like us. And that of course is that the President’s friendly reception sent the oil price up.

7 days ago | By ShareProphets |

UK Investor Show 2017 ‘Dragon’s Den’ picks update

The sold-out success that was the 1st April 2017 UK Investor Show again saw five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock for a £1,000 investment. How are they faring so far?...


7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Andalas raises £600,000 - which means net cash is less than ZERO - it's still bust & worthless

With some great investigative journalism of which this website would have been proud, Brokerman Dan flushed it out a few weeks ago. The former bank robber - correctly - stated that Andalas (ADL) was looking to raise £1 million at 0.06p and the AIM listed crock of shit suspended its shares. Today they are unsuspended after the company raised £600,000 at 0.1p. It says this is at a premium to the suspension price. But it is a spoof, Andalas is still bust. It is insolvent as of today!

7 days ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Filthy Forty Aquatic Foods – problems getting the cash out of PRC? Er…..

Yesterday lunchtime (1pm – the new no-one-is-watching o’clock) ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty purveyor of all things fishy, Aquatics Foods Group (AFG) served up a Q1 trading statement showing broadly flat sales, but rising costs. The really good news is that the cash-pile is even higher than before, at RMB 485 million – c. £54 million, or about five times the market capitalisation. The bad news….

7 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Boxhill Technologies: Happy anniversary, M’Lud – shocking performance, mind

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It’s now been a year since Boxhill Technologies’ (BOX) CEO stepped down and Lord Razzall stepped into the role of Executive Chairman while looking for a replacement. Worth having a look how the boss has done – not good is the short answer, so doubt shareholders have been having too much fun. Read on for the longer answer.

7 days ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Advanced Oncotherapy – EGM clock ticking again as shares resume slide

I can’t help but notice that in the wake of a couple of Bracknor death-spiral loan note conversions, shares in AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy have rather slipped again. Indeed, having scraped onto the 27.5p watermark on Monday last week (and thus avoided an EGM to drop the nominal price of the shares) as the result of spoof boardroom buying, it has been one-way traffic ever since, down to 22.75p last seen.

7 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Challenger Acquisitions: Shameful rampathon – the FCA should investigate

Any reader of my pieces will know I hold Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) in pretty low regard but the outrageous ramping that has now gone on for the last four trading days is an absolute disgrace and the FCA should take a look. I’ll explain.

7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Amryt at 22.5p worth 62p - new 44 page report

Take a look! European investors are clearly failing to grasp the very significant financial and commercial benefits available for Orphan or Rare Disease drug developers. So much so in fact, that sector-focussed Amryt Pharma (AMYT) finds no quoted peers in London, yet a good basket of NASDAQ-listed comparables are seen to command a significant premium despite mostly being pre-revenue and somewhat earlier in their development. Such anomalies can and, of course, do rapidly correct. 

6 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Gushing On Two Fronts, this Scottish Oil Giant Is Rocking Through the Rye

Hello Share Crunchers. I hold stock in an awful lot of oil producers, perhaps too many. But one company which has never lit my fire is Cairn Energy (CNE). Maybe I should dip in, though.

7 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Aeorema Communications – 1:01pm “Trading Update” announcement. Uh oh…

Aeorema Communications (AEO) has followed a 12:43pm profit warning ah sorry, “Trading Update” announcement, in December with a 1:01pm “Trading Update” announcement today. I’ll give you whatever odds you want on this being good news…

6 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Echo Energy – Insane valuation; James Parsons is not worth £100m, he’s not a magician: SELL

My last piece rather naively thought that Echo Energy’s (ECHO) new institutional equity investor, Spartan Fund, or Pegasus Fund as it became, would want to put its funds in at a fair valuation and thought the share price would go down. I was wrong and must assume that it is all part of the connected group of institutions and individuals here that have led to an insane valuation that appears to indicate that the mere mention of James Parsons is worth £100 million. That is nonsense and this is a massive sell.

6 days ago | By Gary Newman |

It's hard to see how BOS GLOBAL can justify its current market valuation!

There are plenty of companies on AIM where it is hard to see where the value is and why private investors are so keen to chuck their savings into the shares, and BOS GLOBAL Holdings (BOS) would certainly seem to fit the bill!

6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Katoro Gold shares to more than double?

Katoro Gold (KAT) was once the joke stock Opera Investments which did appear "accident prone". But it has now had the gold assets of Kibo (KIBO) injected into it, done a fund raise, moved to the AIM Casino and is, apparently, a whole new beast. House broker Beaufort has published a detailed note explaining why the shares should soar from 5.25p to 11.7p. I should note that Kibo retains a 56% stake in Katoro and we own a few Kibo shares.

6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Altyn - why should only institutions see the presentation? Here you go

I reckon that shares in gold miner Altyn (ALTN) are cheap as you can see HERE. Last week the company did a two day City roadshow (not raising cash) in which it gave a full presentation to fund managers. But why should the City boys & girls playing with other folks cash be the only ones to see the presentation? In that spirit...

21 hours ago | By ShareProphets |

The May edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - Tips, UK Investor Show photo feature, and the the end of the EU

The May edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring three share tips from Gary Newman, the Greek meltown is worse than everyone thinks, and the EU is not fit for purpose plus a photofeature from the 2017 UK Investor Show.


2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the week sponsored by Granny Snuffs & Wildes

The nauseating Mail on Sunday fawned upon Pippa Middleton and her ghastly family as they celebrated the "wedding of the Year"Bring on the revolution! But perhaps the real wedding of the year should be between our two very own in-house Bulletin Board Morons GrannySnuffs & Wildes who seem made for each other. can you find examples on the LSE Asylum, iii, ADVFN or twitter of comments more idiotic than those of our own dream team? If so post in the comments section below, the deadline is midnight Sunday 28th May.


2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Market abuse, PCGE, an honest if careless scouse tipster and the sordid underbelly of AIM

Having explained how folks paying up to 0.16p for shares in PGCE fully deserved the rogering they got on Friday after a new media rampfest turned sour I was startled to be told by some professional TW hater "but you tipped it, Doc Holiday said so". Au contraire.

21 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

British Airways- why I was not flying Saturday: an ex customer writes about it and the journalists it bribes

I was due to fly back to Greece on Saturday with British Airways but I did not. It is not for the reason you think, there being no British Airways flights at all out of Heathrow and Gatwick due to an IT bollocks up, but for other reasons equally damning of the airline, now part of International Airlines Group (IAG).

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Malay Junk Fusionex - to end the AIM farce - RNS at no-one is watching a clock - as £55 million of UK cash goes up in smoke

At 5.30 PM on the Friday before the bank holiday, no-one is watching O'Clock, Fusionex (FXI) said that it was to delist from AIM. The shares closed the day off 2p at 129p but will absolutely crater Tuesday as this stinks as we have warned you so many times - as you can see HERE. Once again we are vindicated and the City pump & promote machine must hang its head in shame.

21 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

African Potash fraud - litigation update

The case for suing Nomad Cantor Fitzgerald over the African Potash (AFPO) fraud builds. It may be that CEO Lyin Chris Cleverley is also sued by shareholders who lost out although it is suspected that he has little in the way of assets so it may be worth sticking with Cantor. The man running the case Peter Petyt has just sent the following update with intriguing new information:

2 days ago | By Gary Newman |

Petrofac can still recover after recent bad news

Petrofac (PFC) has seen its share price get absolutely hammered in recent weeks, and although some will probably think I am mad, I can see a buying opportunity here at these levels.

2 days ago | By HotStockRockets |

Union Jack Oil - Wressle Update: BUY

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has announced that Egdon, the operator of blocks PEDL180 and PEDL182, the Lincolnshire based Wressle prospect, has received a variation to the Mining Waste Permit. Union jack has a 15% stake in Wressle where progress in getting the field producing has been delayed by NIMBY's at the County Council.

21 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

ShareSoc has it (almost) 100% right - where is the justice on RBS?

Now that Roger "Ramper" Lawson has been resigned from ShareSoc in disgrace, ShareSoc it is starting to serve up some opinions of worth. Its latest comment on the RBS scandal is bang on the money and shows why the UK Financial system is flawed and will screw we little people every time.

18 hours ago | By ShareProphets |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest sponsored by Diane Abbott MP

In this week's contest we are looking for special examples of folks who learned their maths the Diane Abbott way. The morons you nominate may have had a different hairstyle when they posted rubbish on a Bulletin Board or on twitter but that is no excuse. As ever we seek your nominations for Bulletin Board Moron of the week with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 4th June. Post away in the comments section below.


21 hours ago | By Darren Atwater |

Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest sponsored by Granny Snuffs & Wildes

Ai Yi Yi. The submissions this week were a right mess. Focus on the morons, people, the goal is not to be one yourself. Nevertheless, we have a worthy winner. 


21 hours ago | By ShareProphets |

ShareProphets readers tips for 2017 competition - Spring Bank Holiday update

Having asked for readers tips for 2017 for the amazing prize of a meal with Tom Winnifrith (or the chance to fob it off on someone you don't like) HERE, the following is a monthly update on performance (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE or AIM Casino and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2017)...

21 hours ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Who Has Short Shorts? Perhaps Nobody Should - Unless They're Experts.

Hello Share Poolers. Shorting ain’t for moi. I’ve lost too much money, too fast to make it pleasurable. Painful is more the word.


2 days ago | By Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith |

Alliance Pharma – positive AGM update, remains an buy

Alliance Pharma (APH) has made an AGM update announcement, including that trading “is good and in line with the board's expectations” and that “cash flow in the business remains strong”. This is a healthy reaffirmation of our BUY tip of last month which is now well in the money.

21 hours ago | By Gary Newman |

Cost cutting could prove costly for International Airlines Group

International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) has been on a steady upwards trajectory ever since taking a big hit to its share price when the UK voted in favour of Brexit last June, but that rise looks like it is about to hit a brick wall following last week’s debacle involving British Airways.

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Eden Research Plc – What is really going on with its terpene technology license from UMMS?

AIM Listed fraud Eden Research (EDEN) has bneen shown to have committed FRAUD, has been panned by the FRC and is still under FRC investigation (whatever it says). But there coulde be an even bigger problem. In its AIM admission document Eden explained that an element of its terpene chemistry was licensed as set out below:

21 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Data shows the US Economy is very weak indeed but rates will rise - Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a libertarian a gold bug a nd a hero of mine. So I listen to what he says. His latest podcast - not surprisingly - has a similar world view to mine. The Fed is now indicating it needs evidence that  the Q1 weak economic data is transitory and not a trend.  This is interesting for 2 reasons.  The Fed’s narrative has always been to tout economic growth even in the face of flimsy or no supporting data.  Now the Fed is actually admitting there is weakness.  The other interesting thing is that, although the Fed continues to claim it is “data dependent”, it has been ignoring the economic data ever since the first rate hike.  The market puts chances of a June rate hike at almost 100%.  Maybe that is because it believes the Fed will raise rates regardless of proof.