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Sunday 30 April 2017 | The one stop source for free breaking news, expert analysis, and videos on AIM and LSE listed shares

Prompted by yesterday's bearcast, the conmen at Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) have released an update on the Laramie wells claiming success. But if you read closely...

2016-10-19 06:26:12

The management of Highlands Natural Resources (HNR), notably Paul Mendell, still refuses to answer serious questions about their CVs or about RNS Statements made by Highlands that are simply not true and that silence should make any sane speculator run a mile. Meanwhile it continues with the pretence that it has found an institutional investor who should by now own 30% of the company but in fact owns no shares. Confused? Let me explain.

2016-09-16 05:24:42

After hours on Friday came the announcement from Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) that all bar the stupidest folks on this planet, that is to say its own shareholders, knew was inevitable.

2016-09-04 08:21:57

Back on 15 June Highland Natural Resources (HNR) announced what was in essence a covert placing with a spiv share flipper. It was dressed up as something rather different but the failure of that spiv to issue a TR1 shows this laughable pretence up for what it is.

2016-08-17 04:49:15

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) is shameless in the way that it announce the most fantastically misleading news to ramp its shares to get another covert placing away. Today's announcement is a total shocker. It is paying $500,000 for the right to pick up 100% of the costs but just 80% of the revenues from six wells in Colorado. The numbers sound great...sadly they are just plain old bollocks as 10 minute's research on the internet shows. Highlands states:

2016-07-25 05:55:54

In between serving up more prize horseshit with its latest release Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) has claimed for itself almost psychic powers as it attempts to explain away previous lies.

2016-07-18 05:29:25

A month ago Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) announced that it had sold some assets it had bought days previously for $91,000 for £4 million in shares in fellow standard list dog Opera (OPRA) as well as £240,000 in cash. Today that joke deal has collapsed leaving Opera desperately seeking another acquisition and with its credibility in tatters and Highlands needing to explain the lies it has told.

2016-07-11 00:54:00

If one takes a disclosable stake in a listed company you must notify the company within five working days and it must by the close of the next working day, notify the market. So we should be seeing a TR1 from Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) today then. If we do not then investors have been spoofed.

2016-07-08 03:12:10

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) is yet to answer the issues raised in the Paul Mendell bombshell of last weekend and so while it keeps its head in the sand, here is another matter for it to discuss: why is it lying about its Helium plays? Yes that is the L word - go ahead and sue me bitchez I shall happily see you in court.

2016-07-03 06:23:39

Today we are told by Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) that the "institutional investor" that it refuses to name which bought 10 million 25p warrants ( and has an option to by 20 million more) at 1p per share has exercised 5 million warrants. Oooh er missus, now this spiv & chancer, sorry meant Institutional Investor must reveal himself.

2016-07-01 00:43:35

Tom Winnifrith and I have covered Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) in some detail as the list of disgraceful shenanigans gets longer by the day - the latest revelations at the weekend were a killer and anyone holding after reading THIS is now demonstrably insane.

2016-06-28 00:46:38

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) is refusing to comment on the damning weekend expose HERE and hence its shares are tanking again - to 23.5p. It can stay silent on this matter but that just makes its shares even more uninvestable than before. I wonder if the regulators have got around to asking all about it yet? Instead, Highlands has published some total horseshit on its Helium assets it bought on 8 June 2016 for $91,050.73 and sold eight days later for £4 million in shares and £240,000 in cash in a bogus deal with Opera (OPRA) - HERE

2016-06-27 03:07:25

The excitement which caused the Bulletin Board Morons to cream themselves as they bought shares in Highlands (HNR) at a mammoth premium to NAV was caused by speculation about the DT Ultravert deal. Perhaps it is time for a history lesson. Kerboom!

2016-06-26 05:13:39

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) is a dog with fleas which screams "over-ramped crap" at every level. Our coverage here is a comprehensive demonstration of why the shares are a sell at almost every level. It almost seems poor form to kick a man who is down. However...

2016-06-19 04:36:39

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) is a scam and its advisors are clearly rattled. Panicked phone calls came in from its PR last night as the shares continue to slump. That is testimony to panic and today we have an announcement of a repricing of the dodgy covert placing which is quite simply another enormous stain on the reputation of the AIM Casino. It shows what a POS Highlands is.

2016-06-17 00:25:25

I have already covered the shocking covert bailout placing by uber-ramp Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) HERE. But today it has also announced a quite ludicrous bogus disposal which even the Bulletin Board Morons seem to concede makes this piece of Turkish a laughing stock. It involves fellow stockmarket dog with fleas Opera Investments (OPRA)

2016-06-15 08:23:35

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) has been busy today announcing shite results, a bogus spin-off which is a joke and giving details of what is a sordid covert attempt to keep the lights on with a placing. The much ramped (not by us) shares are crashing and the stench of a sordid ponzi is everywhere. 

2016-06-15 07:20:29

The bullshit from this over-ramped jam tomorrow AIM piece of crap continues but with the shares tumbling to 53p on the latest RNS fantasy perhaps the penny is dropping. The problem the rampers have is that they have spouted so much horseshit in a deluge of RNS releases that they are now contradicting themselves. So let's deal with Schlumberger.

2016-06-10 04:03:00

Shares in Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) jumped sharply last week on news that its DT technology had been licensed to a large Canadian firm Calfrac. Great. Fabbo. What's the problem? Er.....

2016-06-01 07:33:05

Every once in a while a share price goes ballistic for no discernable reason other than retail investors firmly grasping the wrong end of the stick. Invariably reality soon sets in, and although timing is a bit hit and miss, shorting such situations almost always pays off.

2016-05-29 01:13:49

I realise that over on the LSE Asylum criticising Highland Natural Resources (HNR) gets the sort of reaction normally reserved for those who suggest that the McCann's are not complete role models when it comes to best practice in babysitting, but a transaction announced back in 2015 looks very odd indeed to me. Any more red flags vicar?

2016-05-24 03:12:35

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) has enjoyed a great run recently but now looks way over-priced to me and I would expect a return to reality in the near future.

2016-05-18 07:43:02

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