Bank your gains in LGO Energy

Published 15 days ago

Yesterday we advised our readers to bank gains in LGO Energy (LGO) at a 3.9p bid - that would be a 77% gain on an offer to bid basis made in 14 days. Not bad eh? All those idiots who questioned why we tipped LGO have their answer: to make money for our readers. And that we did. The shares are now 3.7p offer. Paying customers (just £5) come first so got out at higher levels. The rationale for the take profits advice is clear - our article from behind the paywall reads:

M. P. Evans – hostile offer lapses, shares slump, you were warned…

Published 97 days ago

Having soared above 600p in October and reached more than 700p in November, shares in palm oil producer M. P. Evans (MPE) are currently back at around 550p following the offer for the company lapsing. You can’t say you weren’t warned…

Fyffes – review of recommended offer from Sumitomo Corp

Published 110 days ago

Dublin-headquartered international grower, importer and distributor of produce including bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms, Fyffes (FFY) has agreed to a €2.23 per share offer from Japan’s Sumitomo Corp, seeing Fyffes’ shares on AIM currently 44.5% higher to 186.5p (currently just under €2.22)…

M. P. Evans – asset sale to further bolster defence against takeover offer (Oops sorry, in line with long-term strategy)…

Published 112 days ago

To further bolster its defence against a 740p per share offer from Malaysian company Kuala Lumpur Kepong (Oops sorry, “in the pursuit of the board's strategy to control and manage all our Indonesian plantation assets”), M. P. Evans (MPE) has announced a conditional agreement to sell its 36.84% share in PT Agro Muko to partner Sipef for $100 million and intention to pay a 10p per share special dividend to shareholders following completion…

M. P. Evans – “independent valuer’s valuation and dividend policy” announcement in takeover offer defence

Published 121 days ago

Seeking to further bolster its defence against a 740p per share offer from Malaysian company Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, M. P. Evans (MPE) has made an “announcement of independent valuer’s valuation and dividend policy”...

Lavendon – shares soar on takeover offer, but…

Published 127 days ago

Belgium-headquartered parts and equipment group TVH has announced a 205p per share offer for Lavendon (LVD), sending Lavendon’s shares up circa 40% towards 200p. But…

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a pig? A Vislink Director. Bank gains and sell

Published 624 days ago

A new “incentive policy” for executive directors and senior management at Vislink plc (VLK) has led to a shareholder action campaign - which looks 100% justified

Centrica at 269p – sell

Published 797 days ago

The recent downtrend in Centrica (CNA) shares (269p last seen) has found some resistance. They have bounced off a low 258p level where they were, on last year's dividend payout of 17p, on an historic dividend yield of 6.5%. Was the market assuming that a dividend cut was discounted or that the share was horribly oversold because there might be no dividend cut? 

Edge Resources – bank a 100% two month gain

Published 1036 days ago

Some people fall in love with shares and want to hold them forever. That is not the way to make money. The way to get rich is to buy when the share price fails to reflect fair value and to sell when the good news is in the price. That brings me to a recent share tip Edge Resources (EDG).


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