New General Election Caption Contest: A bearded, terrorist loving, commie lunatic we all despise - and the other man is Gerry Adams

Published 20 hours ago

Caption this meeting between knees-up enthusiast Jeremy Corbyn and knees-alternative enthusiast Gerry Adams.  The deadline is midnight Sunday.

General Election Caption Contest Winner: UKIP's Paul Nutter confirms he is standing in General Election edition

Published 20 hours ago

The quantity of contributions was high, but we have declared of winner of the caption contest.

New Caption Contest: UKIP's Paul Nutter confirms he is standing in General Election edition

Published 2 days ago

Caption this polished politician in the comments below. The deadline is midnight tonight.

General Election Caption Contest Winner: Unerringly accurate photo

Published 3 days ago

There were a lot of funny entries in this Caption Contest, and it was a pleasure to have such plentiful options. Yet, this caption stood out.

General Election Caption Contest Winner: Knock at your own risk

Published 4 days ago

Yesterday, we asked you to caption the photo below highlighting why the IRA would like to see Labour win. The competition was keen, but we've selected a winner.

General Election Caption Content: Knock at your own risk if your leader is an IRA apologist

Published 5 days ago

Seen on the streets this week...Leave your own caption in the comments below. Deadline is midnight Tuesday, 25 April.

And the winner of the Labour Benefits caption contest is:

Published 7 days ago

Friday, we asked you to caption the photo inside in recognition of the snap election. The results seem to show that ShareProphets readers are neither Labour voters nor CloudTag fans. 

Caption Contest: Can you see the benefits? Vote Labour in the General Election?

Published 9 days ago

The subjects of the Channel 4 Mancunian documentary Shameless are featured in this spoof Labour advertisement. can you offer a more suitable caption? Post your answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight tonight (Friday)

And the winner of the Colin Bird Caption Contest is...

Published 20 days ago

Yesterday, we asked you to caption a photo that YouTube chose for our video of Galileo Resources (GLR) at the UK Investor Show which caught Colin Bird, also of Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Xtract Resources (XTR), in a particularly animated pose. The quality was high, but the winner of the Caption Contest is:

Caption Contest: Colin Bird of Galileo Resources at the UK Investor Show 2017

Published 21 days ago

YouTube automatically chooses a still from a video to place on the holding page. The one that the algorithm chose for our video of Galileo Resources (GLR) at the UK Investor Show shows Colin Bird, also of Jubilee Platinum (JLP) and Xtract Resources (XTR) in a particularly animated pose. Caption this picture - your deadline to post entries in the comments section below  is midnight tonight ( Sunday 9th April).

Monday Odd One Out Contest - Hint picture 1 is a Greek, picture 4 are Irishmen

Published 181 days ago

This odd one out contest is really not that hard. Just look at the four pictures below and say which character or characters is the odd one out and why. Post your entries in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight Monday.

Caption Contest: June 24 2016, London..sponsored by Dodgy Dave Cameron

Published 328 days ago

Just a quick caption contest with a deadline of midnight tonight. Sponsored by Prime Minister lyin' Dave Cameron pictured below is what London might look like on June 24 2016. Suitable captions for Dodgy Dave's picture by midnight tonight in the comments section below.

WH Ireland Pensioner Mugging caption Contest - A joint winner

Published 356 days ago

There were some absolutely cracking entries for this caption contest as you can see here. In a sense, as it is round at WH Ireland (WHI), everyone is a winner (other than the clients) so high was the standard of entries as you sought suitable captions for the picture below from the WH Ireland HR department. But the two joint winners are 

Last Chance to Enter David Lenigas yacht & what is EBITDA contests - tonight

Published 387 days ago

There are no prizes at all but the deadline to enter these two contests is no-one is watching O'Clock tonight (Friday), or as they say at the US Oil & Gas (USOP) press office, rush hour. The standard of entries so far as been incredibly high so to see those entries and post your one for EBITDA go HERE and for Jabba's yacht go HERE and e now also have a Call Me Dave tax dodging caption contest HERE

Photo: Slater & Gordon Due Diligence clever cats in action - should we buy now?

Published 393 days ago

Thanks to reader J for this photo of the top cat from Slater & Gordon (SGH) staring at his screen wondering whether to buy Quindell (QPP)or not. With a deadline of Sunday midnight this is our latest caption contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below.

Chris Oil Behind Bars Caption Contest Results - Don't Cry Oil, take it like a man

Published 405 days ago

Predictably and delightfully the Chris Oil Photo behind bars caption contest produced a raft of filthy entries. A raft of filthy entries, don't let that thought play on your mind too much Mr Oil. You can see the full list here but there is a clear winner but also a cracking runner up (John Rimmer). The winner, well done to Brian for:

Horse Hill Men in white protective anti-spill suits arrive on site - caption contest?

Published 406 days ago

Okay the photo is from tree huggers but WTF is going on at Horse Hill. Men in whote protective suits arriving on the site and wandering around. Doing what exactly? Perhaps you'd like to suggest what the men in white coats are looking for at the Gatwick Gusher? Over to you. David Lenigas, Chris Oil, PR genius Steffi ( who works for both), anyone involved in Sefton, menacing PR hardman David Bick, Andrew Bell, shareholders in US Oil & Gas are all fair game. Do your worst in the comments section below. Deadline midnight Sunday

Chris Oil Is Behind Bars - New Caption Contest

Published 406 days ago

The lying market abusing little criminal twerp is behind bars at last as the photo below shows clearly. Don't hold back in today's caption contest - post your entries in the comments section below.

David Lenigas in Cuba Photo Caption Contest - deadline Sunday

Published 413 days ago

Last week it was Doriemus ( booted off AIM onto the ISDX lobster pot) that was the Lenigas car crash. This week it is Fastjet ( dire profits alert, going bust). Which Lenigas associated company will crash & burn next week I wonder? But while shareholders in companies linked to Jabba The Hutt suffer, the man himself is hard at work in Cuba as the photo below shows.  By midnight Sunday please submit your captions in the comments section below.

Worthington Spot the Crook/Caption Contest - Nuna Minerals AGM Photo

Published 416 days ago

Nudged by a reader as we await the imminent death of Old Mother Worthington (WRN) in the snows of Greenland we bring you our latest spot the crook/caption contest - a photo of the Nuna Minerals AGM. Over to you, answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight today.

Jimmy Savile Enquiry published - loathed & shamed public figure caption contest

Published 429 days ago

And so the enquiry into Mr Jimmy Savile has been published and in light of that we have a picture of Mr Savile with one of his associates, whom you may well recognise, in our loathed & shamed public figure caption contest. Simply post your captions in the comments section below.

Motive TV in Administration - Caption Contest

Published 431 days ago

No golden ticket for the Bulletin Board Morons, Motive TV (MTV) announced yesterday that it was going into administration - we gave our take HERE. In honor of this event please supply your captions for the picture below by midnight tonight in the comments section below.

Market abusing criminal Chris Oil at Indaba Photo Caption Contest

Published 446 days ago

"Mine's almost 100 foot long" Said criminal Chris Oil to PR Genius Steffi, the TR1 Queen. She looked at him doubtfully. No mine is bigger than that of David Lenigas. Steffi laughed. Chris smiled broadly: "No..., don't be silly I don't need to exaggerate about that...I am talking about my super yacht in the background." The little twerp held his fingers crossed tightly behind his back. Mummy had told him before that he must not tell porkies and that Santa would not be calling at Christmas if he did. Yes the serial market abuser has sent in his first photo from the Indaba mining conference, see below. Post your entries for this latest caption contest in the comments section below. Deadline midnight 14 February (Sunday).

Saturday caption Contest - David Lenigas prepares for a slaughter of dumb creatures edition

Published 505 days ago

Tomorrow I shall be examining the Afriag (AFRI) ramp of Friday in detail and Jabba The Hutt will not like that expose one iota. Ahead of that we have a picture of Mr Hutt preparing for a weekend shoot, an event in which a lot of dumb creatures will face wipeout. Anyone have a suitable caption for this picture of Jabba spending a rare monent away from his twitter account? All entries in the comments section below by midnight Sunday

Roland “fatty” Cornish Caption Contest – joint winner announced

Published 554 days ago

On Tuesday we brought you an image captured the previous day at 4 PM as London’s worst Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish enjoyed a leisurely luncheon. Well done all for your entries which were in part funny and in part obscene and in many cases both. You can find all entries HERE. But the joint winners are:

Saturday Caption Contest - Stockmarket crash edition, sponsored by Malcolm Stacey

Published 617 days ago

Most folks will not enjoy reviewing their portfolios this morning after last week's stockmarket meltdown. Even the man who says that he is better at stock picking than Warren Buffett, Mr Chris Oil, is having a bad time. To lighten the mood we ask you for captions for any of the pictures below - the deadline for entries is midnight Sunday. Come on Malcolm, give us your bullish take on these reminders that nothing changes....

Results of China fraud Caption Contest and a new one in honour of useless LSE boss Xavier Rolet

Published 625 days ago

Thanks for all the entries to the China fraud caption contest of yesterday. That was such fun we have a new contest (deadline for entries midnight Saturday) in honour of the useless tosser Xavier Rolet, the garlic munching imbecile in charge of the London Stock Exchange.

Winner of the Daniel Levi London Stock Exchange Heist caption contest

Published 636 days ago

Last week we ran a caption context in honour of convicted armed robber Daniel Levi, which also celebrated the effectiveness of the London Stock Exchange in "policing" AIM. This "triggered" a fantasticly witty response from you all and deciding the funniest has not been easy. Below we announce the winner, with special mention to some deserving entries.

The State knows how to pick winners - George Osborne and Monitise caption contest

Published 640 days ago

I have been a mega bear on Monitise (MONI) and with the shares now sub 5p feel rather vindicated. I still would not touch the shares with a baregepole.

Caption Contest Special in honour of convicted armed robber Daniel Levi

Published 642 days ago

With an apology to Twitter member ‪@hardy682 for stealing his copyright, we now invite readers to submit captions to this most amusing and topical picture. A bottle of champagne to the winner, to be paid for by Ben Turney out of his fee from The Times for exposing “Bank Robber David” the former chairman of Sefton Resources. Entries will close at midnight on Sunday. Over to you.  

Rob Terry under FCA investigation caption contest

Published 676 days ago

Feeling 150% vindicated over the Quindell fraud the first celebratory ouzo beckons and in that vein let's have a Rob Terry caption contest just for fun. Simply post your captions for the picture below in the comments section.

Chris Oil & Sith Lord Zak Mir Marble Bath Caption Contest – with David Lenigas

Published 720 days ago

As deranged blogger Chris Oil sweats on whether the Takeover Panel will make him bid for New World Oil & Gas he is bleating in twitter about how no-one is talking about his penchant for inviting foppish middle aged Old Harrovians into his hotel bathroom anymore. Always keen to please we bring you our Monday Caption Contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below, deadline midnight tonight (UK time) 

London Stock Exchange -- the AIM Casino is a tremendous success caption contest

Published 731 days ago

No prizes just a chance for folks to show their wit and to show their appreciation for the LSE in its heroic efforts to make the AIM Casino the success that it is. Perhaps shareholders in Arria NLG, Optare, JQW and other star performers today might be especially incentivised to enter. Post your captions in the comments section beow

An Early Monday caption Contest of a Topical Nature

Published 783 days ago

With no reference to any particular court proceedings which may or may not be about to unfold we have an Early Monday caption contest. The deadline for entries is Wednesday when I have an important, er...meeting. Don't hold back, there's no prize just the joy of wide rangersing free speech.

Wednesday caption contest – winner announced

Published 798 days ago

On Wednesday a reader sent me a photo of a Greek statue with caption perhaps intended for Mr Doug Ware, the CEO of Worthington. I wonder how Mr Ware is getting on consulting with Houyan Lin of Naibu, Rob Terry of Quindell and JimmyLiar Ellerton of Sefton who ran other companies I attacked to see how they can deal with The Sheriff?  I gather Jimmy Liar has a nice mansion in Hawaii – paid for by Sefton Shareholders (minus 99.99%) – perhaps they could all meet up there.  Anyhow I asked you if you could supply an even better caption for the photo below.

Wednesday Caption Contest - Dedicated to Rob Terry of Quindell & Doug Ware of Worthington

Published 802 days ago

How is Doug Ware of Worthington getting on consoluting with Houyan Lin of Naibu, Rob Terry of Quindell and JimmyLiar Ellerton of Sefton who ran other companies I attacked to see how they can deal with The Sheriff? Perhaps they should all meet up in Fujian to see how they can wield the "sword of truth" together? Despite Doug's best efforts to get The Old Bill onto me I have made it to Greece.  I knew that the false passport that Mossad provided as we jointly organised the global shorting conspiracy would come in handy one day.

Wall Street - One Way! - New Caption Contest

Published 844 days ago

The headline is the caption for the photo below. Well we thought it was funny.

Friday Quindell Caption Contest - Jobs Going at the Country Club Edition

Published 898 days ago

Are you a member of the QPPSAG and worrying about how to explain to the Mrs that Christmas is going to be cancelled until 2021? Are you employed by a well known Fraudulent company based in Fareham and worried that you are about to lose your job? Or are you a board member at Quindell facing an enforced career change within the next few days? I am here to help, The Sheriff can reveal that one Hampshire based business is hiring aggressively. Yes it is the Country Club!

Quenron Caption Contest – The Three stooges Issue

Published 906 days ago

As they discuss how all their shares are about to be flogged to Bulletin Board Morons who reckon they are buying we bring you an exclusive shot from the Quindell boardroom of Rob, Steve and Larry in action. With a deadline of Friday midnight how about you suggest a suitable caption for the picture below. For what it is worth:

Rob Terry & Wormwood Scrubs Caption Contest – winners announced

Published 906 days ago

In light of today's shock revelations about the biggest Quenron con yet plus the Securities fraud (HERE) and accounting fraud (HERE) it is a good day to announce the winners of the Rob Terry & Wormwood Scrubs caption contest from Saturday. The standard of entries was high and I had a good chuckle reviewing them all just now as you can do HERE. But the three best were:

Friday Quindell Logo caption Contest Result – Pretty Poor

Published 910 days ago

On Friday we published a photo of a pizza shop at Fort Lauderdale airport which appeared to have provided Rob Terry inspiration when designing the Quenron (QPP ) logo. I asked for captions and the standard of entries was piss poor - no coke and hookers awarded for this one. But the winner is:

Saturday caption Contest – Rob Terry of Quindell Edition

Published 910 days ago

In light of today’s damming podcast showing that Rob Terry has committed securities fraud, the caption contest today is in honour of the Quenron (QPP) founder, Mr 2+2 can = 5 himself. 

Friday Caption Contest: Quenron goes into meatballs or was this where the Quindell logo originated?

Published 912 days ago

A good reader spot of another Quindell (QPP) logo discovered in Fort Lauderdale airport. This time the operation in question is in the pizza and meatballs business. Perhaps Rob Terry has pulled off another masterstroke acqusition given the obvious fit between selling meatballs and telematics, mobile doctors, low cost insurance, ambulance chasing, solar panels, indoor golf and scaffolding installation. Or maybe this is where he got the idea for the Quenron logo from? What do you think? Captions in the comments section below. My entry is:

Weekend caption Contest: Quindell/QPPSAG Edition Results

Published 916 days ago

The weekend caption contest threw up some cracking entries which you can see here.  But congratulations to the winner, larboulois, for:

Weekend Caption Contest - Quindell QPPSAG Emergency Summit Edition

Published 918 days ago

As the QPPSAG gathers for an emergency meeting this weekend to discuss whether shares in Quenron (QPP) will hit £3 by Christmas or make it to £5, we have managed to get a picture of group leader Steamy and one of his loyal followers on the way to the summit. we ask you to suggest a suitable caption by midnight on Sunday.

Friday caption Contest – AIM Casino October 2014, Wall Street 1929 Edition

Published 925 days ago

It’s Friday and so it is time for a caption contest  There is no prize simply post your captions  for this wonderful and still relevant today cartoon from 1929 in the comments section below by midnight tonight. For what it is worth my Quindell (QPP) themed entry is:

The AIM Casino Explained in One Picture - Saturday Caption Contest

Published 931 days ago

We hope that this cartoon which is more than 150 years old explains how the LSE came up with the idea of the AIM Casino. The many bring their wealth in and buy shares and the money goes to the managers of the offerings (City Crony capitalists) and the Directors. Shimple, sheeple. To win today’s contest simply post your captions in the comments section below.

Daniel Stewart IPO Department – Caption Contest winner revealed

Published 933 days ago

As ever there was no shortage of readers keen to stick the boot into near bankrupt crony capitalist AIM Casino advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN), the firm run by Peter Shea that made millions floating Quenron (QPP).  Earlier this week we revealed the shock picture of its IPO department headed by smooth talking Paul Shackleton and asked you for your captions. And the winner is:

Sunday Caption Contest Daniel Stewart Edition – winner announced

Published 936 days ago

Some sparkling entries in the Sunday caption contest which celebrated the financial woes of crony capitalist City advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN), the firm that coined it in floating Quenron (QPP), Naibu (NBU) and China Chaintek (CTEK). Lest we forget Daniel Cesspit has also made more than £1 million  in recent years raising money for Globo.  Double coke and hookers all round. You can see all the caption entries HERE but the winner is:

Sunday Caption Contest – Daniel Stewart Special (again)

Published 937 days ago

Let’s face it the firm that floated Quenron (QPP), China Chainek (CTEK) and Naibu (NBU) deserves to go bust so we won’t be able to laugh at Daniel Stewart for that much longer given how its shares are suspended, it cannot get its own accounts signed off on time and is almost out of cash (see HERE). So let’s have fun while we can. With a deadline of midnight tonight lets have your captions for the picture below:

Friday Caption Contest – Daniel Stewart & Steamy Special

Published 940 days ago

Daniel Stewart (DAN) earns its money advising companies (not all of them frauds) how to list and behave on AIM. It brought us Naibu (NBU) and Quenron (QPP). Two days ago its own shares were suspended on the AIM casino because the cash strapped firm could not publish its accounts on time – see HERE. In honour of this…

Naibu, Camkids, China Chaintek (Daniel Stewart) Caption Contest Results

Published 940 days ago

On Monday we asked you for suitable captions for the picture below. You can see the full range of entries HERE but the winner is:

Quindell Prize Caption Contest Results & New (Roy Hodgson) contest

Published 1044 days ago

Last week on both this website and my own personal blog I asked you for captions to the picture below. The winner can join me for lunch at Real Man Pizza on me.

Weekly Caption Contest – Quindell Special

Published 1050 days ago

Normally I run a caption contest every week only on my personal blog where financial stuff is interspersed with other libertarian comment or thoughts about anything that grabs me at the time.  But for this week only both blogs will run the contest it is a Quindell (QPP) Special.


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