Interquest Results - still a recovery buy

Published 15 days ago

Technology sectors-focused recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results from a “challenging” 2016 year of“transformation” following a change in executive management, though is “cautiously optimistic about 2017”.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 number 10: Steve Moore says Buy Interquest

Published 93 days ago

Following another profit warning recently, InterQuest (ITQ) has been a disastrous tip for 2016 from myself (though, thankfully, outweighed by my other one, Avesco Group, delivering a more than 180% return). But the current 36p offer price for the shares looks to me much too harsh an appraisal…

REVIEWED: ShareProphets writers share tips of the year for 2016

Published 98 days ago

On the long tack, it is congratulations to Gary Newman with Vedanta Resources (VED, currently +220%) edging out Steve Moore (Avesco Group, +186%)...

Interquest another warning and another company chat

Published 115 days ago

A latest “Trading update” announcement from recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) saw the shares fall to to circa 30p although with Jim Mellon upping his stake they are now 35p. We have had a long chat with the company’s Chairman Gary Ashworth.

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: Don't the fecking Cloudtag morons know I'm harvesting olives?

Published 115 days ago

I am utterly shattered after day three of the olive harvest - a photo article is HERE. Please note Cloudtag (CTAG) morons I can't respond to your inane tweets at once every day. Cloudtag shares have raced ahead today. I explain why and why it won't last. As with all frauds the target price is 0p. Talking of which I also discuss Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) which seems unwilling to comment on today's bombshell revalations and African Potash (TOAST). I also look at Mirada (MIRA), Interquest (ITQ) and Aeorema Communications (AEO)

Avesco & InterQuest - share tip of the year updates

Published 131 days ago

As Tom Winnifrith described the 3:59pm Thursday “Offer for Avesco Group plc” (AVS) announcement; “FECK ME”…

Interquest - share price slippage: Buy

Published 163 days ago

Shares in Interquest (ITQ) slipped to 32p last week although they are now 33p-34p. I swapped emails with a rather glum chairman Gary Ashworth. Of course Gary is glum, as the largest shareholder his net wealth has been materially dented.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 199 days ago

Since previously updating on my share tips of the year last month – see HERE, both have had significant news…

Interquest Interims - not as bad as they appear ( company chat)

Published 202 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced disappointing results for the first half of 2016, but we’ve had a reassuring catch-up with early this year commenced CEO here, Chris Eldridge…

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 216 days ago

I previously updated on my share tips of the year just after the Brexit vote – see HERE. The following updates on developments since…

FDM Group shares plunge - here is why you should buy

Published 270 days ago

Post the Brexit vote and the profits warning from Interquest (0ITQ) shares in FDM (FDM) stood at 550p. They are now 450p. I have a private email from a top City analyst which explains the fall but also why the shares are cheap and a buy. It reads:

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 274 days ago

Writing earlier this month, I remained optimistic on both of my share tips of the year. Post recent developments and amidst current market volatility, I now update…

Interquest Profits warning - but dividend secure

Published 275 days ago

Maybe the drift in the share price ahead of Monday's profits warning from tech recruitment firm Interquest (ITQ) was telling us something. If so I'm sorry we did not hear it. The statement caused the shares to really tank. To over-react in my view.

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 286 days ago

Since I last updated, there has not been much share price cheer from my two tips of the year for 2016, but has this been in contrast to the news flow? …

InterQuest & Avesco – tip of the year updates

Published 318 days ago

Having previously reviewed in February HERE and HERE, the following updates on my two tips of the year for 2016…

Video: Gary Ashworth of Interquest presents at UK Investor Show

Published 330 days ago

Gary Ashworth is the founder and Chairman of Interquest (ITQ). Gary has a great track record on AIM and I regard shares in his company as being cheap. I hope that his presentation at UK Investor Show demonstrates why. Enjoy.

Interquest results more than decent - buy

Published 386 days ago

Specialist recruiter InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “the new financial year has started positively”. Good News.

InterQuest Group – share tip of the year update

Published 419 days ago

Following an overall positive 2015 (see HERE), my first of two tips for 2016 was shares in specialist recruiter in technology, analytics and digital markets, InterQuest Group (ITQ) at an 82p offer price. What’s happened here so far this year? …

Interquest Trading update - buy

Published 430 days ago

InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that “trading for the financial year ended 31 December 2015 was in line with market expectations” and that it is “encouraged by the continued growth we are experiencing and the exciting initiatives of our new executive management team”

December edition of UK Investor Magazine 7 share tips, Adam Reynolds & More

Published 460 days ago

The December edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring seven buy share tips,  company profiles on InterQuest, an interview with Adam Reynolds, and what ShareProphets writers would like to find in their stocking. You can download your free copy below.

Steve Moore's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Interquest at 82p

Published 462 days ago

Specialist recruiter in technology, analytics and digital markets, InterQuest Group (ITQ) was a Tom Winnifrith tip for 2015 where, despite the company last month updating that “trading has continued to be strong and in line with management expectations”, the shares haven’t performed as hoped (TW don't rub it in or its a P45 for January). However, with the valuation now looking much too harsh, a new Chief Financial Officer now in position and a new CEO appointed (to start on 4th January), this is my first tip for 2016. 

Interquest - management issues sorted: buy

Published 494 days ago

Following the summer resignations of its CEO and CFO, we maintained faith in technology specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ). It has now followed a recent announcement of an appointment of a new CEO, with news that it has also reached agreement with a new CFO.

Interquest - good news all round

Published 509 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has updated that “trading has continued to be strong and in line with management expectations” and announced “following a comprehensive search, it has reached agreement with Chris Eldridge to become CEO”

My Top 10 stocks to buy on AIM (to dodge IHT) – Tom Winnifrith

Published 565 days ago

It is all very well to ridicule the Daily Telegraph’s top ten AIM shares to buy to dodge IHT as I did yesterday HERE but could you do any better asks a reader. Possibly not, I don’t really like the AIM Casino but I am always up for a challenge so here goes.

InterQuest Interims - Very much on track: buy

Published 569 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that “we enter the second half of 2015 with positive momentum, positioned well to capitalise on the opportunities in the second half of the year and beyond”.

Interquest - another management change, don't panic buy!

Published 578 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced that Chief Financial Officer Michael Joyce has tendered his resignation in order to take up a role at a private business, though reassured that “trading has continued to be strong since the half year”.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Drax, Interquest, Rockhopper Exploration

Published 643 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Drax (DRX), Interquest (ITQ), Rockhopper Exploration (RKH)

Tom Winnifrith Easter share tips (buys) No 1 – InterQuest at 100p

Published 725 days ago

It has been a poor six months for shareholders in Interquest (ITQ). The stock zoomed to 130p as it put itself up for sale but no offers came in at the right price so the shares tanked to 88p. That was a big over-reaction as the company is going great guns. That is why Interquest at 100p is my first Easter share tip (buy).

Video of Interquest presentation at ShareProphets seminar

Published 732 days ago

Two weeks ago Interquest (ITQ) presented at a ShareProphets seminar. Apologies for the delay in showing the video but here it is and for what it is worth I think it was one of the best presentations we have seen at the Monday night seminars.

A director share trade is not always a signal for you to trade– ref Interquest, Volex & Quindell

Published 733 days ago

The conventional wisdom is that you should follow the “insiders” that is the board in terms of buying and selling shares. Sometimes the conventional wisdom is wrong. We can start with buys.

Champagne, pizza, TW and Interquest on 16 March – join us at the last ShareProphets Seminar - FIVE SEATS LEFT

Published 749 days ago

Becuase of unexpected family commitments and an unpredictable legal battle with scumbag Aiden Earley the seminar on Monday 16 March 2015 will be the last ShareProphets seminar until the Autumn at the earliest. To celebrate there is pizza and champagne provided by the ever excellent Chapel Down so it would go to see seminar stalwarts and anyone new and we have 50 seats on offer.

Interquest - cracking results

Published 750 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “early trading in 2015 has been in line with management's expectations and the benefits of a bigger contractor book are being seen”.

InterQuest - positive ( as expected) trading update: buy

Published 811 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that it expects a “slightly ahead of consensus” outturn for 2014 and that it considers it has “a strong and sustainable platform for continued growth in 2015”.

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips of the year 2015 – No 1 Buy InterQuest at a 102p offer

Published 826 days ago

One of my highlights of Christmas was a gathering of the friends of the woman I once referred to as the deluded lefty, that is to say the Mrs. I was ill so, having cooked for them, I retreated to bed with the cats, but coming down for a cup of tea I heard the most deluded of the lot of them (they are nearly all sociology lecturers) opine that she had “applied for research funding to study how black women are suffering in the recession.” Where does one start?

InterQuest Bid Talks off but Trading going Great Guns

Published 828 days ago

InterQuest (ITQ) has announced that talks with a potential purchaser are off. In fact it held talks with a number of parties and one was serious but not at a price that Gary Ashworth and his team found acceptable. Gary is the largest shareholder, he has a great track record and I back his judgement 100%.

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast - 25 November (my best yet I think)

Published 857 days ago

Angered by the failure of my Albanian workforce to turn up and start the olive harvest I felt on fire today in what will be my longest and (IMHO) best bearcast to date. On the agenda: overdraft vs long term debt in a PLC, Iofina, Acta, Eclectic bars, Quindell, Thalassa, price vs value, Concha, Fitbug, crony capitalism on the AIM casino, Motive TV, Harvey Nash and Interquest

The End game for Quindell

Published 881 days ago

First the good news. At the 10th November ShareProphets Seminar I shall present on “The end game for Quindell: when and why it will go to 0p” – there are a number of scenarios so it is a when not an if and I shall explain them all in detail. If Quenron goes to 0p before then – which is conceivable – I shall do a song and dance routine instead.

Video of Tom Winnifrith presentation - why Monitise is worth 10p a share

Published 882 days ago

The final presentation on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar was by myself on Monitise (MONI) as I explained why the shares were worth only 10p. With hindsight I think I might have been a bit generous but the thrust of my thesis is pretty clear cut.

Fastnet Oil & Gas - video of presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

Published 882 days ago

Fastnet Oil & Gas (FAST) was the first company presenting on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar. I hope you take something away from the video of the event.

Audioboom - video of presentation from ShareProphets seminar

Published 882 days ago

Audioboom (BOOM) was the second company presenting on Monday night at the ShareProphets seminar and its talk was followed by a lively Q&A. We hope you take something away from the video of the event.

InterQuest - ching ching!

Published 890 days ago

Shares in specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) have jumped by a net 8% in the past two days to 116.5p on the back of an announcement that “it is launching a review of options open to the company to maximise value for shareholders including a potential sale of the company”.  Ching Ching.

InterQuest – Cracking Interims, has to be a corporate play

Published 931 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year, noting “strong performance in both our contract and permanent recruitment business” and that “we are confident of further success in the second half of the year and beyond”.  This all looks good. What next?

ReThink – Dead Money for Investors: Cash Cow for Management

Published 981 days ago

When a company bucks an industry trend in a commodity market upwards it is probably lying. If it bucks it downwards it is probably a crap company, dead money for investors and that brings me to ReThink Group (RTG).

Shareprophets Tip of the Week: Buy Interquest at 119p

Published 1048 days ago

A new feature – our share tip of the week (end) and we kick off with specialist IT recruitment group Interquest (ITQ) at a 119p share price where we target a total return of 25% in one year. And here is why.


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