Three Top Tips To Tweak the Tricky Task of Ticklish Timing

Published 47 days ago

Hello Share Carriers. It’s often said - and for good reason - that timing is everything in the great share game. Usually it’s trying to sell at the top and buy at the bottom. As this is well nigh impossible, it’s probably useful to look at other matters of timing, which are a bit easier to achieve.

Your Spread or Mine? Beating the Chasm Twixt Buy and Sell Costs.

Published 585 days ago

Hello Share Putters. One thing that really stops us making as much as we should - and worse, can put us off buying penny shares altogether - is the obscene size of some of the spreads.

Exclusive: Evil Knievil’s take on Room Service ref. New World Oil & Gas

Published 693 days ago

About thirteen years ago, there was a tiddly company, quoted on AIM, called Room Service. Room Service was in serious trouble with its business and more than a few entirely reasonable people reckoned that not merely did it need to raise cash quickly, but there wasn't much point since it was a useless, shortly to be insolvent, business.

Trading tip; Watch out T+20 premiums as a sign of resource sector turnaround

Published 1032 days ago

I am currently in touch with an investor who has been extremely successful in the resource market on AIM over the years. The primary purpose of our discussions has been to talk about market maker practices (much more on this to follow), but a throwaway comment he made, caught my attention. I asked if he would mind if I shared this on our site, as it struck me as a useful and easy to use trading tip. He said it was fine and his little insight could be yet another pointer to the long awaited turnaround in resource stocks.


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