My view on Sound Energy's market valuation remain unchanged

Published 61 days ago

I’ve been bearish on the valuation of Sound Energy (SOU) for a while now, and nothing in the updates this week on Tendrara or its final results have changed that opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I can certainly see potential in this company, and it has done well to turn things around and get to where it is currently, but I still think that it is crazy that it is trading at a market cap of well over £500 million at this point in time.

Is it worth giving Chariot another chance?

Published 71 days ago

Chariot Oil and Gas (CHAR) has begun to get my attention again recently as it has plenty going on operationally during the next year or so, and could well become a popular share to be in once again.

Long road to recovery for Gulfsands

Published 167 days ago

Whilst it is great to see Gulfsands (GPX) rising on the back of recent news about a possible peace deal in Syria, I am far from convinced that such a large rise in share price is in any way justified at this point in time.

Sound Energy will come back down to earth with a painful bump

Published 293 days ago

One of the biggest red flags of a company being ridiculously over-priced is its directors selling shares, and that certainly looks to be the case with Sound Energy (SOU) following its after hours RNS!

Sound Energy looks terrible value at this price

Published 309 days ago

Sound Energy (SOU) has been one of the best performing small oil companies this year in terms of its share price, but when you take a closer look it is hard to see how it justifies anywhere remotely close to its current valuation.

12 Reasons to Buy Fastnet Oil and Gas

Published 963 days ago

My pair trade of Urals Energy (UEN) and Fastnet Oil & Gas (FAST) has started very well when you look at tanking markets. When my sell call on Urals was posted the share price was about 9.5p. It is now about 6.25p so that is a stonking 35% in THREE trading days. I’d close that out now. But stick with Fastnet which is at 7p when I tipped it the shares were 5.75p. That's a stonking 22% in THREE trading days but I am calling this one higher. Much higher. 

Bravo Fastnet Oil & Gas!

Published 1012 days ago

This morning, Fastnet Oil & Gas (FAST) announced it had awarded 5,000,000 options to its Chief Financial Officer, Will Holland. There might be some complaints about the size of this award, especially as Mr Holland currently holds no Fastnet stock, but the vesting conditions of the options are worth paying attention to. Rather than grant Mr Holland a free ride on Fastnet’s share price recovering from its all time lows, the board has set some stretching, yet possibly achievable, targets over the next few years. Long-term holders might not be overly enamoured with these, but for anyone new to the stock (including Mr. Holland!!!) this could prove to be a positive alignment of director and shareholder interests.

Exposed: Professional Ramping Services - ref Tangiers Petroleum

Published 1104 days ago

Today I wish to enlighten ShareProphets’ readers with the truth. Not all tipping websites out there are remotely interested in making you money. They are more interested in lining their own fat pockets. Here is a case study of an example from yesterday and why the culprit website is not to be trusted.


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