Is National Grid Undervalued, As Power Prices Rise in the USA?

Published 4 days ago

Hello Share Finders. One of the more stable shares in my bag is becoming even more favourable to this old punter, given the current uncertainties of the world economy and that it has not really kept up with the rising Footsie.

Look at the Techno Wizard which Kicks 'Don't Touch' Signs into Touch

Published 17 days ago

You’ve probably guessed already that I mostly prefer future prospects to past performance when assessing if a share should attract my hard-earned. Thus a balance sheet is of interest to me - but not quite as much as a bit of old-fashioned imagination when trying to second guess if a service or product will fly in the next few years.

As Insurance Shares Boom, Why Not Look At Legal and General

Published 29 days ago

Hello Share Smashers. With the Footsie once again pushing into a new all-time record, it is perhaps time to re-visit an old favourite of mine.

Rightmove Might Not Be the Right Move for Share-Shifters at the Mo

Published 30 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. Though I think house sales will remain sturdy, despite the doubters, I am not so sure about internet estate agents. Rightmove (RMV) is one of those companies which you expect to do well for shareholders as internet house-selling seems to be gaining in popularity. But a popular service is not automatically such a good investment.

Picture Giant's Share Price Frames Itself Again. Now for some More Northerly Action

Published 42 days ago

Hello Share Squirmers. There was a rather unnerving fall for shares in Photo-Me (PHTM) in the middle of last month. It was based on a scare story that the quality needed for official id photos could be provided by mobile phones and so could be something of a challenge in the future for automatic photo machines.

This Share Has Got Life, Jim - but Not as Tom Knows it

Published 45 days ago

Hello Share Puddlers. I’ve previously commended to you the outer space firm of Inmarsat (ISAT). It sends satellites up there to help with mobile phone signals in difficult places, like Everest. It also provides navigation for ships and planes.

With Advertisers Viewing the Economies of Scale, ITV's Shares Should Continue to Light your Screen

Published 50 days ago

Hello Share Pluggers. I’ve held my ITV (ITV) shares since Noah went to youth club. And though I’ve seen a horrible dive or two, the shares had been climbing back strongly for at least five years now.

Look at This Big Supply Firm Which Likes to Get Bigger

Published 57 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. Already this week, I’ve brought to your notice DCC (DCC), a Footsie distribution giant. I’m so cheerful about the sector, I bring you another one which is also in the big 100 club.

Drink, Drink, Drink to Diageo Shares

Published 59 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. I’m going to suggest again you look at Diageo (DGE), one of the world’s biggest drinks companies. If you look at your FaceBook pages, you’ll see snaps of loads of friends and relatives, leering with a drink in their hands.

A Possible Way to Cash in on the Word of the Year - 'Infrastructure'

Published 64 days ago

Hello Share Switchers. The big word of the moment is ‘infrastructure’. Part of Big Donald’s election victory was his promise to make zillions of new American jobs by launching a big infrastructure improvement programme.

The Great Divi Hunt Continues with Phoenix Group

Published 70 days ago

Hello Share Snafflers. Well, it seems the old Footsie has called a halt to its record-breaking run into ground-breaking highs. Does this surprise anyone? Of course not. What keeps on going up has to come down. So it’s possibly time to pause in our headlong rush to find shares which put on capital value. Let’s instead turn once again to an ever-important part of the armchair tycoon’s income - the dividend.

Robin Hood, the Eleven Plus and the Chance of a Better Picture for ITV

Published 74 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. Though it horrifies me to think of it, I first watched independent television when I was cramming for my eleven plus. It was at my uncle’s house, as we couldn’t afford a new telly to take the second channel and it must have been sixty years ago. Robin Hood was on.

Not a Famous Frog - But a Firm Whose Share Price Might Leap

Published 87 days ago

With the oil price rising nicely, it’s a reasonable time to look at a company which always reminds me of that famous frog in Beatrix Potter. You remember Jeremy Fisher? Well, today’s company is also involved in water: James Fisher (FSJ), a marine engineering giant with interests in the oil and gas world.

Santa Could Come Early to This Glittering Store as Its Shares Might Fly

Published 101 days ago

Hello Share Scramblers. While its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, B&M (BME) the cheapie store is beginning to look like a reasonable punt to me. The full name is B&M European Retail, by the way.

How Aggreko Could Electrify the Power Game

Published 102 days ago

Ho Ho Ho, Share Packers Aggreko (AGK) is a company which I’ve featured recently. And since then, I think the story has got a little better.

The Big Grid Could Light Up its Shares on Electric Cars, a Cold Winter and Other Power Guzzlers

Published 107 days ago

Hello Share Geeks. In a very recent survey of the most popular companies in which people are currently buying shares, National Grid (NG.) came in the top ten. 

Here Comes Diageo, Riding Down Santa Rally Lane

Published 112 days ago

Hello Share Sprinters. Are you ready for Christmas? Thought not. Even more important: are you geared up for the Santa rally?

Why I'm Not Getting Busy with the Fizzy

Published 115 days ago

Hello Share Casters. Being rather proud of my stick-like figure, I’ve entered the habit of avoiding fizzy drinks. This was hard as I have a passion for dandelion and burdock and ginger beer. It’s the government’s attitude to sugary drinks that has put me off an old favourite share of mine, Britvic (BVIC). Normally I would commend this share to your attention.

Dixon Carphone Merger Pays Off, So Could the Shares Rise by a Third?

Published 119 days ago

Hello Share Bashers. Selling computers and phones and big screen television sets has not been easy. In recent years, quite a few stores have disappeared from our high streets and out of town shopping centres.

Talk Talk Share May Not Rise Rise

Published 128 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. The broadband and phone company TalkTalk (TALK) is not a share I would buy at the moment. And that’s a pity because I think someone needs to break the dominance BT (BT.A) seems to have on the market. Strong competition has always kept fees for broadband from being extortionate, and we can’t afford a shrinking market.

Aggreko Could Generate a More Electrifying Share Price

Published 144 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. I’ve made an awful lot of gelt out of a firm which is mainly known for hiring out electricity generators. But it is a few years since I decided that the share price of Aggreko (AGK) had motored beyond its prospects, and I dumped the lot.

Computing Computacenter Prospects, the Share Has a Good Chance of Going Up

Published 161 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers. I don’t much like the name of the firm Computacenter (CCC). This is because of a prejudice I have against titles based on misspellings and particularly companies which use ‘center' instead of ‘centre.’ But that is just little old pedantic me.

Super Investors Might Find a Super Investment in

Published 163 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers. I’ve been having fun lately trying to get cheaper car insurance. You know how it is - the renewal quote is always a heck of a lot more than your current policy. Though they always forget to remind you what you first paid.

Up the United! The Big Utility Shares Should Float Back Up

Published 165 days ago

Hello Share Troopers. United Utilities Group (UU.) is Britain’s biggest water supplier. But the shares have fared worse than most this month. And while many Footsie giants have recovered after the Brexit vote, this stock which rose sharply after the vote is now dragging its feet. Yet there is no important reason to single it out as a loser, in my humble opinion.

Prefer Emerging Markets to the Developed World? Ashmore Could Give You More

Published 168 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. I’m quite a fan of investment in emerging markets. My main reason is that they have room to grow as poverty-prone populations become, well, a bit less poverty-prone. I suppose I’m mainly thinking about India and China. Together with many African countries which are not doing at all badly, despite common perceptions to the contrary.

Up and Away with British Airways (International Consolidated)? Perhaps Not.

Published 193 days ago

Hello Share Hammerers. I cashed in my British Airways shares before the price of aviation fuel crashed. This timing error cost me a lot of money. And you probably agree with me that selling just before a share price leap is probably the nastiest feeling a share shifter can experience.

Thanks to Greed, Our Shares Should Continue to Blossom.

Published 223 days ago

Hello Share Masters. There is so much gloomy comment among the City ‘experts’ these days that I really think it’s reasonable to again put the other side. The Footsie continues to push towards all time highs, so it’s all too obvious that the market is not in step with the pundits. 

Metering May Be Boring - But There's an Electrifying Market Out There for SMS

Published 225 days ago

Hello Share Pitchers. Some interesting plays can be in the field of new technology which tends to take a back seat. I’m not talking about high profile improvements in mobile phones and computers, but the grey areas, like helping firms do their admin work, such as billing, more efficiently. A company which really has a big market to go at here is Smart Metering Systems (SMS). It owns and supplies new-fangled, money-saving electricity and gas meters. A million of them, to be exact.

Aldermore Seems Oversold and Could Give You More

Published 228 days ago

Hello Share Chimps. If you are a saver, the latest drop in interest rates is a bummer. How can you achieve anything like decent returns for your cash? Spend it on shares, of course. While you get nothing from your ordinary savings, you can still get up to 6% and even more by holding the right stock.

A Few Reasons Why Smith and his Nephew Might Cure our Share Blues.

Published 231 days ago

Hello Share Touchers. The medical world is going to keep on expanding as new cures and treatments come on the market in the wake of huge scientific advances these days. I once wrote articles for a big global company on efforts to defeat the common cold. I also wrote a popular book on the subject, called Attishoo.

War is No Game - But This One Is, and You Could Win. At Least in the Short Term.

Published 234 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. Games Workshop (GAW) make tiny figures for the war gaming industry. The name Warhammer might be familiar to you. The very imaginative little warriors can be found in specialist shops in many a high street. The firm also makes Hobbit figures. To say that the Hobbit is popular with our young folk is an understatement.

If You Return Some Shares to Sender, You Might Post Lower Profits

Published 242 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. There are folk who think investing in Royal Mail (RMG) is doomed to failure. They point to falling numbers of letters coming through our doors and the possibility of big companies like Amazon to arrange their own deliveries.

Uncle Tom Thinks I'm Wrong. But He's Not Right.

Published 249 days ago

Hello Share Twiners. If I am an optimistic bull as far as shares are concerned, then at least I am sometimes right. The current elevation of the Footsie, as it approaches 7,000 again, bears me out. Those who predicted a suicidal Footsie after Brexit were wrong. Many shares are simply blistering ahead, and show no reals signs of fizzling out. Yet Uncle Tom has just said in his bearcast that I am plain wrong to be so bullish.

Might Be Worth Chancing Your Arm Again.

Published 662 days ago

Hello Share Perishers. When choosing a company which you really want to pay its way then you need one that is very, very likely to make more money year by year. Just one year when profits are not as happy as the one before is a warning sign. One British success story that is expected to accelerate profits from now in is Arm Holdings (ARM).

Ben Turney’s share tip for 2015 - sell Just Eat @ 319p

Published 822 days ago

I first covered Just Eat (JE.) at the start of December. Three of the company’s founding investors had just sold £139million worth of their holdings, through a discounted placement. This looked like a not so tacit admission that they saw limited further upside for the stock and were very keen to reduce their exposure.

Idox plc – do broker’s numbers support my view?

Published 934 days ago

Following an announcement from provider of software and services to the public sector and asset intensive industries, Idox plc (IDOX) that it has signed a $4.08 million contract with “an American multinational energy corporation”, the company's broker, N+1 Singer, has updated its view on the company. Does this support mine?

Xaar plc – profit warning drives lower, Edison updates its view

Published 940 days ago

Following another profit warning last week, shares in inkjet printing technology company Xaar plc (XAR) continued to fall – closing the week at 420p. I update in the following with them now having nudged slightly higher towards 423p and on the back of an update from researcher Edison.

Try Impellam 1-2-3. The Jobs Train Is On the Move Again.

Published 951 days ago

Hello Share Shunters: Let me see if I can interest you in a firm called Impellam Group (IPEL). They are in the job recruitment game. This was not a booming business in the long, dark period after the Credit Crunch. With no jobs going how could you make a crust when nobody was taking on anybody? But things are better now, with many more spare jobs, even if many of them are not paying quite as well as they used to.

SpreadBet Pick: what next for the FTSE100?

Published 953 days ago

My recent call on buying the rising FTSE100 at 6,644 has been a very good one. Although the German and American markets didn’t fall far enough to trigger my entry targets for the DAX or Dow, within the space of a fortnight, Britain’s main index rose through its target and jumped over 100 points. Once again the MIDAS Method has proved itself to be a superb indicator. However, with the FTSE100 now trading at 6,759, the question is can it make a push on that obstinate all time record? Better yet, can it finally break through 7,000?

More Croda at 2106p.

Published 1007 days ago

The best laid plans of mice and men will often go astray. That’s another way of saying that investment portfolios need the diversity of about twenty shares to take account of the unexpected; both bearish and bullish. I note, with a heavy heart, the dismal performance of Croda International, a share that I last gazed upon in December 2013, after it had undergone a 15% decline in its share price to 2430p. To be kind to my bruised discernment, the share price did subsequently gain 7% to above 2600p by May 2014 (a decent rate of capital gain in five months), when all seemed to be going to expectations. Since then the share price has collapsed; last seen, the shares were 2106p 20% below last month’s peak and 14% below the last December price. 


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