Collagen - positive trading update sparks shares

Published 13 hours ago

Collagen Solutions (COS) has announced growth “driven by an increase in the number of customers, higher volumes from key customers and an increase in new development agreements”, sparking the shares higher…

Optibiotix - 'news management', whatever - still a buy

Published 13 hours ago

The A-Grade A'holes at Walbrook PR who charge Optibiotix (OPTI) thousands of quid a month for "news management" probably thought putting out two announcements on one day was part of a clever strategy. Whatever. If Optibiotix wants to save a few quid we have a suggestion....

TODAY: Patience, patience, patience and yet more patience - that is the key to making money from shares

Published 1 day ago

Making money from shares is simple. Well it should be. Buy cheap. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hold, and finally sell when the shares have delivered you big gains. Where so many folks go wrong is getting impatient and not being prepared to hold, hold, hold. Let us tell you about Symphony Environmental (SYM) which we tipped at a 6.75p offer just over three years ago. It did nothing for ages....

Metal Tiger – slightly delayed fundraising completes, shares recovering - buy

Published 4 days ago

On tipping shares in Metal Tiger (MTR) earlier this month, we noted an oversubscribed (initially £3 million, but then £4.29 million) fundraising through well-known North American natural resources name Sprott. Tiger has now announced the closing of the funding…

More Red Flags at BNN Technology

Published 4 days ago

BNN Technology (BNN) published its Annual Report last week along with an update on its current cash position and the appointment of a new Non-Exec Chairman. The share price has rallied 6% but is still shy of the 80p at which broker Mirabaud recently raised £25 million - and, looking through the bluster, there are some serious issues that holders might care to consider.

Symphony Environmental - share tip further higher on Saudi Arabia developments

Published 5 days ago

Shares in Symphony Environmental (SYM) were a 6.75p offer price, September 2013, addition to the Penny Shares portfolio of our Nifty Fifty website. We recently updated with them heading towards doubling…

Alliance Pharma - once again a buy

Published 7 days ago

Specialty pharmaceutical company, Alliance Pharma (APH) is a previous successful share tip for us - recommended at 31p, with gains banked at 43p in 2015. However, there has since been positive development which looks inadequately reflected in a current sub 50p offer price and, noting also the continued presence of famed investors Nigel Wray and Slater Investments as major shareholders…

Veltyco - fundraise and proposed acquisitions. Hmmm...but BUY

Published 7 days ago

Veltyco (VLTY) has announced a €2.55 million subscription for new shares to fund two acquisitions which it argues represent “an exciting opportunity… to grow its business by building on existing online betting brands, using its expertise in online marketing combined with award winning sportsbook technology”

Norcros - full-year trading update boosts shares: BUY

Published 9 days ago

Supplier of branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives, Norcros (NXR) has updated that year ended 31st March 2017 adjusted operating profit “is expected to be in line with the board's expectations” and that “the board is confident that the group is well placed to make further progress”

Chamberlin - positive trading update, a good share tip prospers

Published 11 days ago

Recent 105p offer price Nifty Fifty share tip, Chamberlin (CMH) has updated on trading – including that, following “a strengthened performance in the second half” of its year ended 31st March 2017, underlying profitability will be ahead of the prior year and “in line” with current market forecasts…

Big Sofa - another deal, piss poor PR but shares will zoom in the end

Published 12 days ago

Big Sofa (BST) is signing major deals but the clowns who manage its PR seem unable to communicate why this is so important to the market. In due course despite the manifest incompetency of Vigo Communications, a firm too cowardly and inept to answer basic questions posed by email, the truth will out and the shares will zoom. But pro tem this is frustrating.

Photo Update: Union Jack Oil - Wressle news unlikely to please the naked protestors

Published 14 days ago

Union Jack Oil (UJO) has noted an “Appeal & New Planning Application” announcement on the Wressle oil field (Union Jack: 15%, including 3.33% subject to approval from the Oil and Gas Authority) from operator Egdon Resources (EDR).

OptiBiotix – good news: successful SkinBioTherapeutics demerger onto AIM

Published 20 days ago

OptiBiotix (OPTI) skin health-focused subsidiary, SkinBioTherapeutics, has successfully listed its shares on AIM. Good news as OptiBiotix still has a near 42% stake…

K3 Results - no further nasties: Buy

Published 23 days ago

Updating previously on K3 Business Technology (KBT) in January, we noted a most disappointing profits warning. This is now reflected in announced results for the company’s half-year ended 31st December 2016 – about which we have now spoken to management…

Obtala - great update and great placing! We are more than 100% ahead - more to come

Published 27 days ago

We tipped this stock at 8.5p (offer) so are 100% ahead but there is far more to come. Obtala (OBT) has followed a quarterly business update with news that it has entered into a conditional subscription agreement to issue £4 million of new shares at 20p each - with also the same amount of warrants convertible at the same price.

Falanx - MidGard launch and massive name tie ups

Published 29 days ago

You would not have thought that Falanx (FLX) had, yesterday,  served up some cracking news but it has. The shares rose just a fraction tpo 6.5p-7p. The market is missing what is going on for now, here but the import will sink in. We are well ahead on our 4.5p offer share tip but there is plenty more to go for.

Big Sofa: US expansion - things looking very good! More big share price gains to come

Published 32 days ago

We are already well ahead on this share tip. But we can still see it doubling from here!

Minoan - a Final Nai! Yes! Buy!

Published 32 days ago

We wake up to discover reports across the Greek press that the appeals against the Presidential Decree granting land use approval, for its cave Sidero Project in Crete have been rejected by the Greek Supreme Court. Minoan (MIN) says that it has not yet seen an announcement from the Greek Supreme Court but that it will update the market once one is issued.

ECR Minerals - New Aussie Gold license, things are starting to bubble

Published 33 days ago

With funds replenished by the recent placing the new management team at ECR Minerals (ECR) is - as predicted - not hanging around. The shares are well up on our share tip  at a 1.7p offer, at 1.9p-2.05p. If you can get stock at 1.9p you should do so - our target to sell remains 2.5p+ and we expect to be there soon. The newsflow is only just starting.

Saffron Energy Bezzecca update - all good news

Published 34 days ago

Saffron (SRON) has confirmed that it has completed the logistics for a tie up of its Bezzecca natural gas project outside Milan within budget and on schedule. Certificates for mechanical and instrumentation completion have been issued and safety and performance testing is underway.

Optibiotix - Skinbiotherapeutics demerger: Mr Market does not fully realise what good news this is!

Published 35 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced - not before time we might note- that the demerger of its 52% unit Skinbiotherapeutics and its own AIM listing is underway. I should cocoa. Book building is cracking ahead on the Skinbiotix IPO. Optibiotix currently has an adjusted 52% of Skinbiotherapeutics.

About bloody time ...good news from Petropavlovsk: buy

Published 40 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on its pressure oxidation hub development, with construction activities having fully resumed following bank debt refinancing.

Saffron Energy - Shell News: good but largely expected, shares will re-rate

Published 42 days ago

Saffron Energy (SRON) has announced the extension of the natural gas offtake contract between its Italian subsidiary Northsun and Shell. The contract has been extended to 1 October 2018, with an option to extend for a further year to 1 October 2019, and provides for offtake of gas supply for all of the Group's Italian gas fields.

Interquest Results - still a recovery buy

Published 42 days ago

Technology sectors-focused recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results from a “challenging” 2016 year of“transformation” following a change in executive management, though is “cautiously optimistic about 2017”.

Bank your gains in LGO Energy

Published 43 days ago

Yesterday we advised our readers to bank gains in LGO Energy (LGO) at a 3.9p bid - that would be a 77% gain on an offer to bid basis made in 14 days. Not bad eh? All those idiots who questioned why we tipped LGO have their answer: to make money for our readers. And that we did. The shares are now 3.7p offer. Paying customers (just £5) come first so got out at higher levels. The rationale for the take profits advice is clear - our article from behind the paywall reads:

Falanx - new CFO, check out that CV

Published 45 days ago

At 6.25p-6.5p cyber security group Falanx (FLX) is capitalised at just £8.2 million. We think it will go higher. It is well up on our share tip  at a 4.25p offer so the stance is hold but this should be trading at well over 8p to sell ( our target) post the year end trading statement in a few weeks. But pro tem we were told last week that it has appointed Craig Dawson as Chief Finance Officer with immediate effect - check out his CV.

Buy ECR Minerals at up to 1.9p - target to sell 2.5p+

Published 45 days ago

We tipped this stock last week at a 1.7p offer. The target to sell is 2.5p + . The shares are a buy at up 1.9p. The tip reads:

Red Flags Still Fluttering at Mayair Group

Published 45 days ago

Back in August I suggested that Mayair Group (MAYA), which purports to provide clean air solutions in China might not be so different from other AIM listed China plays.

Symphony Environmental Results - more good news

Published 47 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for the 2016 calendar year and that “we expect to build on the positive momentum and are optimistic for a successful year ahead”.

Why did we tip LGO Energy? Let me explain and here is that tip

Published 47 days ago

Certain folks wonder why we, on HotStockRockets, we tipped shares in LGO Energy (LGO) as a buy? Well the reason of course is that we thought they were going to go up and we want our readers to make money. On 28 February when we tipped the shares they were 0.115p offer ( that is 2.3p in today's post consolidation money). They are now 3.35p bid so our readers are very much in the money after just 11 days!  But why tip this stock. The best expanation is the original tip which is below. Remember the 20 for 1 consolidation when reading it.

Optibiotix - P&G deal not brown bread: Boss Steve O'Hara explains

Published 47 days ago

If Optibiotix (OPTI) said that 2 +2 =4 then some folks would start banging on about how that means it cant equal three. There is no pleasing them. Thus after the cracking deal with Sacco announced earlier this week all some folks wanted to talk about was P&G.

Vela - at last! Disposals to validate strategy and real value: BUY

Published 47 days ago

Investment Company Vela (VELA) has this week announced the sale of some of its shares in TSX.V listed BTL Group generating proceeds of C$277,910 for the Company (equivalent to approximately £169,530 at the prevailing exchange rates). To date Vela has invested a total of approximately £214,300 in BTL.

Begbies Trading Statement - downgrade stance but sure don't sell!

Published 48 days ago

Business recovery and property services group, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on its third quarter (to end January), including that “we are encouraged to see some (insolvency) market stability”.

Optibiotix - you wanted a big name deal - here you go: Sacco. Rejoice! Buy!

Published 48 days ago

Oh ye of little faith! Ye who panicked that Optibiotix (OPTI) has not publicly announced that the big name party in the last deal was Tata. Fear not it will and there will be exciting news on that soon. Ye who thought there were no more deals. You were wrong and that is why we have been urging you to buy the shares at up to 80p again and again. The shares are now 71p-74p.

Our last share tip is 70% up in 11 days - our next hot tip is at NOON Wednesday - catch it & 2 more for just £5

Published 49 days ago

That 70% gain is at the bid by the way - what you could sell the shares for! We have no need to bodge our satistics our tips are just good tips. And we are not advising readers to sell yet - we expect them to be banking gains of 100% plus on that one within weeks. That is what we like - share tips that deliver big gains fast!

Union Jack Oil - Placing Explained ( as we predicted) - BUY

Published 49 days ago

Now we know the reason for the £1.4 million placing at 0.135p by Union Jack Oil (UJO) a week ago. As we predicted at the time the acquisition it was targeting was at Wressle in Lincolnshire. Today we are told that Union has spent £600,000 to buy from Celtique Energie Petroleum Limited a further 3.33% interest in PEDL180 and PEDL182. Union Jack currently holds an 11.67% interest in both licences so its stake now goes to 15%.

Amryt Pharma - good news completes talks with FDA and EMA: BUY

Published 51 days ago

Amryt (AMYT) has announced that it has completed of discussions with the Food and Drug Administration, the US FDA,  and European Medicines Agency regarding the design of its pivotal phase 3 clinical trial for AP101 as a potential treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa. The global market for a treatment for EB is, according to Amryt, worth £1.3 billion.

Two ways to play Avanti Coms insanity as the shares head for zero

Published 52 days ago

Poster child for the dogs on AIM heading for zero is Avanti Communications (AVN) which plumbed new lows this week with a dreadful H1 statement. For a supposedly maturing business to have interest expenses more than turnover is astounding. This is a product of its recent insane more-debt-for-debt swap.

Lonmin offers a leveraged play on platinum prices

Published 52 days ago

Lonmin PLC (LMI) was one of my best performing share tips during 2016, and following the recent pullback I think it is well worth another look.

Close the Cobham short

Published 53 days ago

The unbelievably benign state of the market was underlined this week by its generous reaction to bad news from Cobham (COB). On good news shares go up big time. On bad news, these days, shares just go up.

Buy Saffron Energy at up to 7p - target to sell 12p within months (or weeks)

Published 54 days ago

We should declare that certain team members have invested in this IPO at 5p The IPO was last week and we tipped the stock on its first day of dealings. The shares are now 7p-7.5p - we do not expect any retracement but if there is and you can buy at 7p or less do so big time. We expect to be advising folks to be banking profits at 12p within weeks. Our tip as of last week reads:

Union Jack Placing, Hmmmm - Buy

Published 55 days ago

So another keep the lights on placing eh? As it happens no although the market has (wrongly) taken it that way. Union Jack Oil (UJO) already had a comfortable cash balance. So why raise a gross £1.4 million at 0.135p?

Optibiotix - product launch and dumbf**k email

Published 56 days ago

An early contender for the most idiotic email of the day has just arrived. It compared an RNS out this morning from Optibiotix (OPTI) about launching new products and pushing existing ones to the sort of RNS that the recently suspended fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) used to issue. It is hard to know what to say in the face of such stupidity. There is a clear difference.

Premaitha - More Good News: BUY

Published 58 days ago

We have a new share tip out at 2PM today but here is one which has not dazzled yet. We tipped it an an 18p offer, the shares are now 11.75p-12.5p but we hope readers took our advice and averaged down at as low as 7.5p But the stock is now on a roll and is still cheap. You can catch our new hot tip for just £5 HERE but pro tem back to Premaitha (NIPT).

Cobham Profit Warning Number Five: The Jaguar and the Tree - sell at 115p

Published 67 days ago

The legendary bear Robert W Wilson once mused about his modus operandi: “I’m not interested in climbing into a tree and wrestling the jaguar out of the tree. I am interested in someone shooting the jaguar out of the tree and then I will go and cut the thing apart

Falanx: New business unit - so what? Grrrrr - still a buy (or hold at worst)

Published 68 days ago

In a very strong contender for non news of the week Falanx (FLX) has announced the creation of a new business unit, Falanx Cyber Technologies. Right. 

Kefi Minerals Fund Raise - grit your teeth and buy

Published 69 days ago

This Kefi Minerals (KEFI) share tip at a 0.58p offer has not been a good one so far. We apologise and as shareholders share your pain. The shares are now 0.34p-0.36p. We took more shares in this fundraise at 0.33p on the view that the underlying value is c1p per share. So what has happened?

Collagen Placing and Open Offer - go for it!

Published 69 days ago

On recommending shares in Collagen Solutions (COS) at the end of 2016 we noted that the company is understood to be investigating the possible use of debt financing, though this is a risk here.  It has now announced a financing potentially to provide “sufficient working capital to fund the group until it achieves cash flow positive operations”

It’s Better to Travel than Arrive and Premier Oil has Arrived

Published 75 days ago

I resisted the temptation to short Premier Oil (PMO) a year ago, along with Afren, Gulf Keystone and Petroceltic as it was never in the same basket case league as that lot. I even hitched a brief ride North as it became clear that a wipe out was not going to happen. (In case I come across as arrogant or smug I should declare that I was short Hurricane Energy at the time which more than did for the Premier rise) 

Concepta - adds to product with Stress Test deal

Published 75 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced a deal that will enhance its fertility product MyLotus with an added stress test. Being stressed out can be a real issue when a chap is trying to get his Mrs up the duff.

Amryt - Good News for rats and also for shareholders: buy

Published 77 days ago

No news for six weeks and then two pieces of good news in two days, such is the way of life for we shareholders in Amryt (AMYT). Let us start with the rats.

Fox Marble - Oh Ye of little faith, stunning new Indian deal: Buy

Published 77 days ago

There were many who worried and sold. Oh ye of little faith, at long last Fox Marble (FOX) is starting to deliver real sales. We had news last week of a $300,000 order in the UK and Australia now there is a really big deal that has been announced.

Union Jack Oil - appeals against Guardian reading Council jobsworths over Wressle: Buy

Published 77 days ago

Union Jack Oil (UJO) and its partner on the Wressle field, Egdon, have appealed against a planning set back on the Wressle field in North Lincolnshire. In the end it will win and at 0.17p (offer) the shares are undervalued and the stance is buy with a target of c0.3p at least.

Avocet is a testament to the powers of denial of mug punters - its a short

Published 80 days ago

I explained last week why I thought that shares in Avocet Mining (AVM) were worthless. That was without the knowledge that its Inata gold mine only has a shelf life of three years at the current gold price. The company stated as much on Thursday with the painful admission that cashflow from this period is “unlikely to result in full repayment of creditors”

Short sell Beowulf Mining

Published 82 days ago

And now I turn my eyes upon Beowulf Mining (BEM) whose shares ran up from 6p to 15p in January on hopes of an imminent greenlight from the local County Administrative Board (CAB) for permission to mine iron in its Kallak North project in Sweden.

Good News from Fox Marble - it makes a pleasant change

Published 82 days ago

Just a quick note following a “New Orders and Specifications” announcement from Fox Marble(FOX). Yes this is an upbeat statement. It had to happen one day!

We kid ye not! Cracking trading statement from Symphony Environmental: Buy

Published 84 days ago

Symphony Environmental (SYM) has updated that 2016 performance was ahead of expectations and announced the launch and UK listing in Wilko stores of d2p antimicrobial household gloves…

A hat-trick of announcements from Falanx, hold very tight

Published 84 days ago

Like London buses in days gone by, announcements from Falanx (FLX) do not happen for what seems like an eternity then three arrive on one day.

Petropavlovsk Trading update - buy

Published 85 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on 2016 production in-line with its revised guidance  (just) – and that it expects better in a 2017 year which should also see some transformative development. Good news, it is about time too.

Avocet Mining is a cracking short

Published 86 days ago

I wrote a while back about Avocet (AVM), suggesting that the share price fluctuations, which were linked to the fortunes of 1392 ounces of gold seized by workers at its Inata mine in Burkina Faso, ignored the fact that the company was essentially insolvent.

Union Jack - Wressle knockback, market over-reacts: buy

Published 87 days ago

Union Jack (UJO) announced a couple of weeks ago that the planning committee at North Lincolnshire County Council had served up an adverse ruling in respect of the development of the Wressle Oil Field in North Lincolnshire licences PEDL180 and PEDL182. Union Jack holds an 11.67% stake in both licenses.

Buy Veltyco

Published 88 days ago

In the current market environment, it is rare to find an ‘ahead of expectations’, growing company on a low prospective near-term rating. However, that is the case with Veltyco Group (VLTY)

Our October share tip of the month has almost doubled, our next tip of the month is out TODAY - grab it for just £5

Published 89 days ago

Our October share tip of the month was Sula Iron & Gold (SULA). The Bulletin Board Morons thought we were daft and the shares were 0.18p offer. Today they trade at 0.33p-0.34p so were are heading fora 100% gain and some brokers think we are mad. Broker VSA says the shares are still cheap and reckons fair value is 2.5p. we kid you not.

Obtala Q4 Trading statement - goodie, goodie gum drops from this cracking share tip

Published 89 days ago

We tipped African Agriculture play Obtala (OBT) at an 8p offer and suggested averaging down at as low as 5p. The shares are now 19.25p-20p after a Q4 trading update yesterday. Goodie goodie.

Optibiotix - warrants extended thanks to Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater: BUY

Published 90 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) held an EGM of warrant holders earlier this week to vote on extending the date at which we must exercise out to 2022 from week. There are really very few warrant holders left.

With Barbarians at the Gate Bowleven's useless board blathers about jam tomorrow (again)

Published 90 days ago

Facing a shareholder revolt which will - as explained HERE - see a grossly overpaid and under-achieving board kicked into the long grass and new directors put in charge to realise shareholder value, the old directors of Bowleven (BLVN)have issued a statement which is covered in jam tomorrow. Plus ca change.

Falanx - share option awards, the structure is bloody good news: another winning share tip

Published 91 days ago

Normally we do not like share options for management. They are one way bets and are not structured to incentivise but merely to reward the board by diluting those who actually have to put cash up front, mug punters, ordinary investors such as you and us.

Reach4Entertainment - very good trading statement indeed!

Published 91 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that it “expects to produce a trading performance slightly ahead of market expectations for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 at the EBITDA and profit before tax levels”, confirmed the appointments of two non-executive directors and added Finance Director, Linzi Allen, to the board.

Vela - Busy bees: buy

Published 94 days ago

There are three bits of news from investment company Vela (VELA) and on balance all are good.

Mitie Warns Again - A compelling Sell.

Published 94 days ago

I predicted in November that Mitie (MTO) would soon be issuing its third profit warning and that new boss Phil Bentley had every incentive to clear the decks and start afresh, demystifying the opaque balance sheet bequeathed to him by his prickly and defenestrated predecessor Ruby McGregor-Smith.

Buy Bowleven ahead of palace coup

Published 94 days ago

Oil and gas company Bowleven (BLVN) is the latest in the sights of shareholder activist ‘flip flop’ Ben Turney – who, is organising small shareholders. But Flip Flop is the Monkey, the Organ grinder - we believe - is an activist hedge fund and this will unlock value. With the shares at a current 24.5p offer price, there is cash, asset (and currently wider industry sentiment) support, whilst we reckon success for the hedge fund in ousting a hated management would see the shares rise smartly in short order.

Notes from Underground: May and Trump be with us

Published 95 days ago

Well, this is awkward.. Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting newly minted US President Donald Trump next week and hopes to initiate some sort of trade deal, a mere 48 hours after Trump told the world of his plans: “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.” But I am sure that he'll make an exception for us. TW Note - Does Darren actually bother to check what Trump says on Trade deals? More fake news from remoaning liberal losers...

FDM great trading update but we say take profits

Published 96 days ago

Provider of IT consultants, FDM Group (FDM) has updated that a strong trading performance and favourable exchange rate movements see it now anticipating “full-year results ahead of its expectations” – and the shares have responded more than 9% higher to a current 624p ‘bid’ price. So not a bad tip from us...

PureCircle - sell the rally

Published 100 days ago

Purecircle (PURE), the purveyor of stevia products (plant based sugar substitutes) warned on January 5th that first half results for the six months to 31 Dec 2016 were likely to crash into a loss from last years $5 million profit.

Andrew Monk's third share tip of the year - the best lottery ticket you will ever buy

Published 101 days ago

Top stockbroker Andrew Monk of VSA has today served up his third share tip of the year (following from his win with Sula HERE) and it is a real "hell or glory play". it is right now TSX.V listed but there is an AIM listed way to play it. Over to the Monkey...

Shoe Zone - buy on results

Published 102 days ago

UK value footwear retailer, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its year ended 1st October 2016, that it has made a “solid start” to its current year and that “the board remains positive for the outlook of the group”.

Red Rock Shoats Creek Disappoints but market gets it all wrong - buy

Published 102 days ago

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has seen its shares slide back to 0.5-0.55p ( we tipped this at a 0.5p offer in November and the shares were 0.7p+) after admittedly disappointing news from Shoats Creek, its US oil asset. But the market has over-reacted big time.

We've brought our next hot share tip forward as it is so hot - catch it for just £5 TODAY

Published 103 days ago

We were not planning to serve up our next share tip until the end of the month. But shares can move fast on AIM and we have identified a stock where something really is bubbling. And so our next hot share tip is out TODAY (Friday 13th) at 2 PM. we are working hard on it now.

Concepta gets EU ISO13485 accreditation for MyLotus shares at 18p set to hit 28p+ by easter

Published 103 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has secured ISO13485 accreditation which is a key step in attaining its CE marking for its 'myLotus' product for unexplained infertility.

Optibiotix - 2 announcements, this is tidying up ahead of big news: buy

Published 108 days ago

There are some announcements that an AIM listed company has to make as they are material but in terms of excitement we are talking paint dry. So you just clear the decks and announce them and when all the news is out you - hopefully - have something to announce which will get folks interested. And so it is with Optibiotix (OPTI).

Buy Collagen

Published 109 days ago

Having exceeded 9p in July and been comfortably above 6p ahead of 19th December-announced results (for the six months ended 30th September 2016), shares in medical collagen-focused Collagen Solutions (COS) fell to recently sub 5p (a sub £9 million market cap). However, behind the numbers, new leadership look to have an exciting growth strategy - something we expect to become clearer in 2017. The shares are a buy at a 6.25p offer.

Writing to NOMADs. A New Year Resolution. First Off is Harvest Minerals.

Published 109 days ago

I have often grumbled about the inadequacies of the AIM NOMAD system which has always seemed to me to be an inherent conflict of interest. That is to say that NOMADs are expected to ensure that their client companies adhere to the AIM rules and given that they are paid by these companies, the temptation to ignore transgressions is irresistible, particularly given the reputation for inaction by the regulatory authorities.

Notes from Underground: People are making money on AIM, thanks to this one old weird trick

Published 109 days ago

One of the comments made by bulletin board/Twitter morons that I always find mystifying is: "Oh, you guys are just trying to get page views."

And now for Sula - why am I tipping it as a potential ten bagger: Andrew Monk

Published 111 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was today explaining in his private daily email why Sula Iron & Gold (SULA) was his second nap share tip of the year. Now bear in mind VSA acts for Sula but Monk is a principled sort of fellow and if he says he believes in something he really does.  As such it is over to the Monkey who writes:

Stanley Gibbons - dire interims but...

Published 111 days ago

This is one of our worst share tips and also one of my (TW) worst investments of recent years. Collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced further dire results - this time for the six months ended 30th September 2016 - though “is optimistic that the trading of the group is now beginning to reflect the giant strides made through the restructuring plan in a year of substantial transition” (including a completely new board of directors).

Buy RedT Energy says Andrew Monk - one of his 3 share tips of the year

Published 112 days ago

Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was today explaining in his private daily email why RedT Energy (RED) was his nap share tip of the year. Now bear in mind VSA acts for Red T but Monk is a principled sort of fellow and if he says he believes in something he really does.  As such it is over to the Monkey who writes:

Buy Character Group

Published 114 days ago

Following positive results at the start of December, shares in Character Group (CCT) went on to exceed 530p. However, following news of director share sales they slid to a 495p offer price at which point in December we tipped them to our readers on the Nifty Fifty website we run with Lucian Miers. The shares are now 510p and still a buy.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 22 - sell Plus 500 says Lucian Miers

Published 114 days ago

Lucian is still on his grand tour of Eastern Europe but before he left he told me his two sell tips of the year for 2017. The first, natch, was Cloudtag (CTAG) HERE. The second, at 384.5p, is Plus 500 (PLUS).

ShareProphets share tips of the year Number 21 - Buy Minoan says Tom Winnifrith

Published 115 days ago

Minoan (MIN) has been something of an AIM uber-dog for many years. It is a stock that I have tipped with success once and with lack of success more than once. Its failure to deliver on gaining planning consent on its Cave Sidero site in Crete over more than a decade is perhaps why its shares languish at 6.25-6.5p. But 2017 will be THE year.

REACT - ghastly statement but market over-reacts: BUY

Published 115 days ago

REACT (REAT) served up a ghastly trading statement just before Christmas, but in marking the shares down to 0.7p ( market cap £2 million) traders over-reacted.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 17 - Sell Eden Research says Tom Winnifrith

Published 118 days ago

In the long run buying shares in companies that break accounting rules, commit fraud and which are running out of, other people's, money is a recipe for poverty and thus AIM listed fraud Eden Research is my second share tip of the year, like my first (Cloudtag HERE) it is as a sell. The shares are now xxp but this is a sell at any price down to 0p. Frauds are always worthless in the end.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 18 - buy Wishbone Gold says Tom Winnifrith

Published 118 days ago

You want your share tip of the year to have the potential to double or treble. You will not get that with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Equally it is incredibly unlikely that you might lose 75% of your cash on Glaxo. Elephants do not gallop eith forwards or backwards. My third tip of the year is a stock that could lose 75% and become a cash shell. But it is also one that could easily treble and I think he odds are on the treble not the collapse. I refer to Wishbone Gold (WSBN)

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 15 Buy Centamin says Malcolm Stacey

Published 119 days ago

Hello Share Hopers. Gold prices are not as high as they might be, given the shakiness of the major currencies over this year. These currencies may be come even more unstable in 2017 - the dollar, euro and pound.

ShareProphets share tip of the year Number 14: Cynical Bear says sell Nektan

Published 119 days ago

I wasn’t writing for Shareprophets a year ago but I called Nektan (NKTN) as my bear pick of the year on 14 January and it has played out as I envisaged with the share price dropping from its 31 December 2015 price of 130p to 32p today – a drop of 75%; but I think there’s still some way to go as I sense matters are coming to a head.

Vela Interims - These admin expenses we like

Published 119 days ago

Tired of AIM boards who take the piss, bigging it up at the expense of shareholders? Yes we are too. So before going any further we note with some pleasure that half year admin expenses at Vela PLC (VELA) were just £62,000. That is good. Well done.

ShareProphets share tips of the year number 13, sell Cloudtag says Lucian Miers

Published 120 days ago

Lucian is off on a tour of Eastern Euroland but when asked what his top sell tip for 2017 was he was in little doubt - at almost any price the answer is Cloudtag (CTAG) with a target price of nil. Actually Lucian does not see the shares hitting zero. However...

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 12 Steve Moore says sell Tungsten

Published 120 days ago

Recent half-year results from Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) sought to emphasise “statutory loss after tax £4.5 million, a £15.5 million improvement over H1-FY16”. However, not included in this comparison is that the prior period loss included £6.8 million of non-cash impairment and £2.3 million of finance cost foreign exchange losses against, respectively, none and a £5.2 million gain this time around. Capitalised, at a current 53.75p bid price, at approaching £68 million and it looking like there is further prodigious cash burn ahoy, the shares are a sell…

Shareprophets Share tips of the year Number 11 - Cynical Bear says sell Challenger Acquisitions

Published 120 days ago

Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) has a been a common target for me this year and it doesn’t surprise me that its share price has collapsed from 37.5p when I first wrote on the subject back in January to 11.875p today – a drop of 68%. However, I think there’s plenty more to go and would actually be surprised if it still existed by this time next year.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 number 10: Steve Moore says Buy Interquest

Published 120 days ago

Following another profit warning recently, InterQuest (ITQ) has been a disastrous tip for 2016 from myself (though, thankfully, outweighed by my other one, Avesco Group, delivering a more than 180% return). But the current 36p offer price for the shares looks to me much too harsh an appraisal…

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 Number 9 Gary Newman says Sell Sound Energy

Published 121 days ago

Sound Energy (SOU) has performed better than I expected in 2016 and the share price has held up at higher levels than I anticipated, yet I still think the current market valuation is totally crazy at this stage!

Optibiotix - warrant news a flat end to the year. We really do expect fireworks in Q1 2017

Published 121 days ago

We cannot hide our disappointment that we go into Christmas with shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) trading at just 61-63p. They really should be far higher and we do expect an exciting re-rate in Q1 2017. We had expected it earlier but were wrong. We won't be this time!

Harvest Minerals: If it Looks too Good to Be True……..

Published 121 days ago

On the face of it, Harvest Minerals (HMI), whose shares have quadrupled since they switched horses from the ASX to the AIM Casino a year ago, seem like a cracking good investment.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 Number 8 Steve Moore says Sell Sabien Technology

Published 121 days ago

With prodigious cash burn the focus of my other sell tip of the year, the focus on this one is the balance sheet in conjunction with current trading…

ShareProphets Share Tips of the Year Number 7 - Buy Randgold Resources says Gary Newman

Published 121 days ago

When it comes to picking a company which is going to perform well over the course of a year, I believe that you need to consider the macro-economic factors that are likely to affect the sector in which it operates.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 5 Buy Swallowfield says Steve Moore

Published 123 days ago

A recent share tip on the Nifty Fifty website at a 250p offer price, shares in developer, formulator and supplier of personal care and beauty products, Swallowfield (SWL) are already ahead to a current 270p offer price. However, this is still down from 290p reached in October - and I believe there could be much more to come and so it is my first tip of the year.

Zytronic serves up good results - buy

Published 126 days ago

Recent share tip of ours Zytronic (ZYT) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2016 and that its new “year has started well with orders, revenue and current trading ahead of the same period last year”.

Our Monday share tip is up by 26% so far but it will double from here - catch it and 4 more tips for just £5 NOW!

Published 127 days ago

Our Monday share tip is up by 26% in 1 day but it will double from here - catch it and 4 more tips for just £5 NOW!

San Leon bid approach - Hold pro tem - any bid must be at c70p +

Published 127 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) has announced an early stage bid approach. Its shares are up to 49.5p on the news just down on our tip price but we hope you've followed our advice since and averaged down so are in the money. San states:

Falanx - very cheering AGM Statement Indeed

Published 128 days ago

The AGM of Falanx (FLX) on Thursday was a cheerful affair. We tipped these shares at a 4.25p offer in May. They are now 6.75p-7.5p. ot only were all the usual tedious resolutions passed but there was an upbeat trading statement.

Five hot share tips for just £5 - starts Monday 7.45 AM (TODAY!): Don't miss out!

Published 129 days ago

On Friday we published an update on a tip from a few months ago. We tipped the shares at a 4.25p offer, they are now 6.75p to sell so that is not a bad return for 5 months work. BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH! The shares are still cheap and we won't be advising selling till they are 8p or more which they will be very soon.

UPDATED: Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: was it Cloudtag fined £75,000 by AIM Regulation - a dark day of shame for the Casino

Published 129 days ago

Update. I have it on good authority that it was NOT Cloudtag fined. Hpefully uit will be. The share tip I mention at 7.45 can be accessed for £5 HERE. The notice of the £75,000 fine by AIM Regulation on an un-named company, levied last Thursday is HERE. That company not Cloudtag (CTAG) - it should be. Whoever it is should fess up. This is a dark day for AIM as it has fined the wrong party (the shareholders not the board) and in not naming the company it also screws the shareholders again. Regulators have form with private censures that let everyone down. I compare this to the 3DM scandal.

Begbies Results - still a buy

Published 129 days ago

Business recovery and property services group Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st October 2016 and that “for the year as a whole, we anticipate growth in earnings, in line with expectations”.

Petropavlovsk and that global warming update - buy

Published 131 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results of its adverse weather-induced (are you reading Al Gore?) impact assessment at Andreevskaya East  – with both negative and positive outcomes.

Optibiotix - big news and validation from India: Buy

Published 132 days ago

On 29 November Optibiotix (OPTI) stated: "OptiBiotix reports that it has reached late stage commercial discussions with six commercial partners across its technology and product platforms.". The knockers said "jam tomorrow won't happen". This week the first of the six deals was announced and it is massive. More will follow as Adam Reynolds made clear yesterday exclusively HERE. The news is:

Amryt Pharma finally roars into life: last chance buy

Published 132 days ago

We tipped Amryt Pharma (AMYT) pre-consolidation at an effective 18.4p earlier this year and until last week it all went quiet. Now it has roared into life and the shares are 18.5p-20.5p. So what happened? And what next?

Fox Marble warns again but we really do think this is the nadir

Published 132 days ago

Another day, another disappointing update from Balkans region quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) – with “the conversion of orders into delivered sales has taken longer than anticipated… leaving our estimated sales number for full year 2016 lower than expected”. We’ve now spoken to CEO Chris Gilbert.

Red Rock small disposal, small beer: still a buy

Published 134 days ago

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has announced that it has sold 1,350,000 shares in AIM listed Goldstone Resources (GRL) for net proceeds of £15,625. Following these disposals, Red Rock's holding in Goldstone consists of 8,113,986 shares or 7.93% of Goldstone's issued share capital.

Thoughts on the rout of the spreadbetting firms -a pair trade: buy IG sell Plus

Published 135 days ago

The Market reaction to last Tuesday’s news that the FCA was proposing stricter rules for CFD products was predictably savage. What surprised me was that IG Group (IGG) led the way with a 40% fall whereas Plus 500 (PLUS) fell “only” 27%. Since then IG has continued to weaken ( 470p at the time of writing) whereas Plus has rallied a little (373p ditto).

Interquest another warning and another company chat

Published 142 days ago

A latest “Trading update” announcement from recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) saw the shares fall to to circa 30p although with Jim Mellon upping his stake they are now 35p. We have had a long chat with the company’s Chairman Gary Ashworth.

Sanderson: results and company chat - buy

Published 144 days ago

Recent share tip, Sanderson Group (SND) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2016 and, chatting to management, they remain conscious of macroeconomic risk but doesn’t currently detect any loss of confidence in the company’s areas of focus and are confident of making further progress.

Red Rock Resources Results: The Dog is no longer

Published 144 days ago

We tipped Red Rock (RRR) just a week or so ago at a 0.50p offer. it is now 0.7p bid so the gain is 40% so far. Results for the year to June 30th were out on Friday and start with a comment from marmite Andrew Bell:

Purecircle. Moving in the Right Direction - DOWN!

Published 145 days ago

I have never been a fan of Purecircle (PURE), particularly in 2012/13 when its shares rose six-fold from £1 to £6 on hugely overblown dreams of the potential of its plant based sweetener product to replace sugar and cure America of its obesity problem.

Obtala - shares more than 100% up on our share tip but Forestry news makes them look cheap!

Published 145 days ago

We tipped Obtala (OBT) at an 8p offer and the shares are now 19p bid which values the company at c$60 million - we use dollars for the sake of convenience. But news after hours yesterday makes the shares still cheap! we spoke to chairman Miles Pelham on Thursday night and this is exciting.

4 cracking shares to buy for just £5 - bargain!

Published 145 days ago

Five pounds for four cracking share tips - stocks to buy and make you money by the New Year. What could be better than that?

Petropavlovsk - very good news on debt: buy

Published 146 days ago

An easing of debt risk for Petropavlovsk (POG) has moved a significant step closer – with it announced that the company has received approvals for the refinancing of its entire bank debt of $529.8 million from its lending banks, Sberbank and VTB.

Optibiotix a magnificent Trading Update: Buy

Published 147 days ago

We Optibiotix (OPTI) shareholders have been feeling a bit under the cosh of late as the shares weakened on a lack of news. It was just ennui among those of an impatient disposition but still it was annoying. This week's trading statement should reassure the doubters.

Petropavlovsk: Al Gore made it all up about global warming - buy

Published 148 days ago

As a climate change "denier" I have written elsewhere about how global temperatures are plunging not, as the BBC might lead you to believe, heading higher. You can see a recent article on that matter HERE. And thus Petropavlovsk (POG) serves up news from Russia which does not surprise me, but which might shock your average Guardian reader.

Norcros Interims - buy

Published 150 days ago

Supplier of showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives with operations primarily in the UK and South Africa, Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2016 and that “with our strong brands, leading market positions and continued self-help initiatives focused on market share gain the group is well positioned to make further progress”.

Mitie Group is poised to go much lower

Published 151 days ago

There are few shrewder analysts of the Business Services sector than Matthew Earl, the man who called the demise of Connaught way before the herd, and more recently questioned the value of Mitie (MTO), suggesting a profits warning was on the way.

K3 - very strong trading update, we are more than 100% ahead but still a buy

Published 151 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that “trading in the first four months of the new financial year is ahead of last year” – this in advance of a key selling period of the forthcoming weeks to the end of December.

A hot share tip TODAY at 2.30PM for just a fiver... surely you have 500p to spare?

Published 152 days ago

Our share tip of the month is out TODAY at 2.30PM. Our last tip of the month was 30% ahead within weeks. We reckon this one is at least as good!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Red Flags come home to roost for the Sheriff's fave AIM Turkeys

Published 152 days ago

How is that for a Thanksgiving mixed metaphor of a title? In this podcast I look at denial, red flags and bending the rules on the Casino. Among the companies covered today are:  Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Cloudtag (CTAG), African Potash (AFPO), Fastjet (FJET) and the insider dealing, Mkango Resources (MKA), London Capital (LCG), Audioboom (BOOM), Milestone Group (MSG) and I flag up that Steve & I have a hot share tip you can access for just £5 coming up very soon HERE

Premaitha - good news from out East: Buy

Published 153 days ago

Premaitha (NIPT) has announced that its Thai distributor. Geneplus, has formally signed an agreement to offer the Company's IONA test in the Center for Medical Genomics (CMG), Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, partnering with the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences.

Avocet Mining: A Rollercoaster Ride to Zero

Published 154 days ago

Gold miner Avocet Mining (AVM) has always been a bit of a rollercoaster of an investment since its 1 for 10 share consolidation in June, the shares have doubled, halved and then doubled again as punters have reacted skittishly to news from darkest Africa.

Sula - take up open offer

Published 155 days ago

Sula Iron & Gold (SULA) had an active last week. Cracking news on the ground (the pump) followed guessed it: the dump. A placing. But. hang on...

Avanti hurtles towards the trap door

Published 163 days ago

Having seen Cloudtag (CTAG) demonstrate one of the golden rules of share trading here is another: run for the hills when a company starts messing with its creditors. Step forward Avanti Communications (AVN). 

Cloudtag - Do what Bruce says and run to the hills

Published 164 days ago

Any lingering doubts that may have been harboured by bears of Cloudtag (CTAG) were dispelled last week by its tacit admission that it had misled the market earlier in the year when it boated of a firm $5.2 million sale to be completed this year, which has now turned out to be a phantom as predicted.

Sula - renews exploration license: our tip 30% up in 2 weeks but more to come

Published 164 days ago

Sula Iron & Gold  (SULA), has announced the renewal of the mineral Exploration Licence held by Sula's 100% owned Sierra Leone subsidiary, Blue Horizon Limited, covering all of the Company's historic, existing and planned exploration activities and sites, which are all in Sierra Leone. 

Concepta signs lease on new factory in Doncaster - hang on, hang on tight

Published 168 days ago

Fresh from opening manufacturing facilities in China in late September, Concepta (CPTA) has announced that it has taken on a 10 year lease on a site in Doncaster in the grim North of England to manufacture in the UK. It will be cheap up there.

Why I stay short of Avocet

Published 174 days ago

I see that Avocet Mining (AVM) which I warned in May and August this year imploded the other day as it admitted that insolvency could be looming. If, like Xcite (XEL), about which I wrote the other day, it does enter administration, the shares are still a compelling sell. This, I believe is by far the most likely outcome and I stay short. The company's words in the recent statement are explicit:

Falanx interims - looking good for material re-rate by Christmas

Published 174 days ago

Intelligence, security and cyber defence group Falanx (FLX) has announced results for its half year to 30th September 2016 and a “continued drive to positive cash flow from operations next year”.

Free Iona tests on NHS - good news for Premaitha: Buy

Published 175 days ago

The Government has announced that as of 2018 it will offer free Non Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT) for Downs to women deemed to be at high risk - that is those over 38 years old. Right now it costs you £180 to have an NIPT test rather than an invasive one which has a 1% chance of killing your baby.

Petropavlovsk: Debt refinancing (good) news - Buy

Published 176 days ago

Updating last month on Petropavlovsk (POG), we noted debt risk but reassurance that “key terms have been agreed in principle for the rebalancing of the group’s debt maturities with its production profile”. The company has now further updated – including that it“expects to be in a position to confirm details of the refinancing shortly”.

Punters Get Punished in Tern - I stay short

Published 177 days ago

As a rule, as I have pointed out before, the stocks most talked about on bulletin boards make appalling investments. Gulf Keystone (GKP) is a good example of this and Tern (TERN) the pretender to the Gulf throne is also a case in point.

Premaitha - upbeat AGM Statement: buy

Published 178 days ago

And now to what has not, to date, been a good share tip. But it will be and at 9p-9.25p you should average down in Premaitha (NIPT) and buy. The AGM statement this week from chairman Adam Reynolds was upbeat.

Optibiotix - a series of updates but not the fireworks folks wanted, BUT!

Published 179 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has served up an update which is good but not the sort of fireworks investors were hoping for. As a result the shares closed at 61.5p-63p on the day which is, to say the least, disappointing. They are now 63p-66p which is better but still both disappointing and far too low.

A hot share tip TODAY at 2.30PM for just a fiver... every dog has its day

Published 180 days ago

Our share tip of the month is out on Friday at 2.30PM and some people who are close to the action reckon it could be a ten bagger. We do not make such claims and historically it has been a right old dog but we really do expect the shares to race ahead. You can catch that tip for just £5 HERE.

Obtala - stance upgrade though we are almost 100% ahead on this share tip

Published 181 days ago

We first tipped this one at an 8.25p offer. But shares in Obtala (OBT) now trade at 15.5p-15.75p on the back of yet more evidence that new boss Miles Pelham really is delivering.

Falanx Upgrade - canny share buyer takes stock up to 6.875p: more to come

Published 181 days ago

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have "melted up" to 6.75p-7p. The spread used to be enormous but has narrowed pleasantly and the trend is clear. You may have spotted that one investor, Steven Myers, has been buying aggressively and now holds 12,701,000 shares, 10.17% of the equity. Who is he?

Reach4Entertainment - placing at 1.5p: I am livid

Published 181 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced a share placing raising £2 million pre expenses at 1.5p. I am utterly livid for reasons that I shall explain.

Charlatan stock Cloudtag remains a compelling short

Published 184 days ago

It wasa mixed week for the leading charlatan stocks on AIM. Shares in Cloudtag (CTAG) have come off the boil on an absence of news but there is worse to come for the bulls. These shares are set to collapse.

1Spatial Interims - disappointing but now more than discounted

Published 185 days ago

Geospatial and cloud services company 1Spatial (SPA) has announced self-admitted "disappointing"results for its half-year to 31stJuly 2016, though that “management believes the group is still on track to meet full year expectations which is an overall increase on the prior year revenues and adjusted EBITDA”.

K3 - New CFO, we won't hold his MBA against him ( now 133% ahead on share tip)

Published 185 days ago

Orderly business succession is what we like as investors. Folks get old, folks move on and want fresh challenges but well run companies plan for this and do not make a drama out of what does not need to be a crisis.

TODAY 2 PM... Don't miss out says Tom Winnifrith - or perhaps you like losing money on shares?

Published 187 days ago

Steve Moore and I have not tipped a stock on our Nifty Fifty Website for a good while. We are nervous of the stockmarket as whole and as a result we have been advising readers to liquidate existing share tips, mostly banking big gains as they do. But we now have a stock we want to tip irrespective of the wider market as its shares are just cheap. That share tip goes out Friday 21st October at 2PM - tomorrow

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - can you monetise a twitter Troll & Belfort, Bushveld & the AIM Cesspit

Published 187 days ago

A late bearcast. Sorry. I was working on the new share tip. Away from that I look at just two stocks: twitter and how you monetise a troll? So what does that make the shares worth? Then onto Bushveld Minerals (BMN) and its placing today done by Belfort Securities. What does that tell you about AIM. There is a lot of PR horseshit flying about that placing as I point out. Warning: this bearcast contains bad language right from the start.

Reach4Entertainment: Buy after share price slide

Published 188 days ago

For reasons that seem entirely related to illiquidity on AIM and nothing to do with fundamentals, shares in Reach4Entertainment (R4E) have ratted back to 1.25-1.4p. It is crackers.

Vela - Investments Update - hang on/average down

Published 189 days ago

Since its loan note fundraising at 0.15p Vela (VELA) has been busy. Firstly it has invested £200,000 in THEVIBE. It trades as Vibe tickets and allows fans to buy and sell tickets for events at face value. It cuts out scalps and so is a good business and has been endorsed by Which. Whether it makes any money for investors is yet to be proved.

Interquest - share price slippage: Buy

Published 190 days ago

Shares in Interquest (ITQ) slipped to 32p last week although they are now 33p-34p. I swapped emails with a rather glum chairman Gary Ashworth. Of course Gary is glum, as the largest shareholder his net wealth has been materially dented.

Falanx - so much news and its all good

Published 190 days ago

So much news so where to start? At the top perhaps? Falanx (FLX) has appointed a new CEO Stuart Bladen. He will work alongside John Blamire who stays as an executive director which is good news.

San Leon - Polish Court Decision: BUY

Published 192 days ago

After hours announcements are poor form and in that regard we are not wowed by San Leon (SLE) sneaking this out at close to 6 PM earlier this week. On the other hand an adverse Polish court ruling was a) well flagged and b) just not material. San Leon states:

Xcite Energy PLC:  Still more than twice Overvalued at 1.5p

Published 192 days ago

I have had rather a soft spot for the management of Xcite Energy (XEL) ever since it responded to a rise in its share price by effectively warning over exuberant retail punters that its shares were close to worthless.

Kefi unfazed by events in Ethiopia - BUY

Published 195 days ago

The value in Kefi (KEFI) lies largely in its Tulu Kapi gold prospect in Ethiopia. Sadly there seems to be a spot of bother on the ground with the President of that Country declaring a six month state of emergency as it appears that some of the natives are revolting.

Falanx shares starting to motor - hang on, price target increased

Published 196 days ago

Back in May, we tipped Falanx (FLX) at a 4.25p offer and a 6.625p limit buying price with a target to sell at 6.5p by August. There have been a few delays caused by a stock overhang and the placing needed to clear a death spiral. But the shares are now starting to motor ahead. They now stand at 6p-6.25p. Do not sell. In fact...

Concepta: how would you like a free £70,000? No thanks said AIM Investors - morons

Published 197 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has issued 464,674 shares following the exercise of warrants - something we warned you about last week. That brings in £34,851 which is frankly neither here not there. Around 10% of that cash came from the exercise of warrants by FIML and my pension fund. Neither are selling at anything like this price although the shares are well up on a 14p offer share tip.

Waterman says it is optimistic, up to a point we suppose ( One we got wrong)

Published 197 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons never get it wrong. That is why despite being multi-millionaires they spend their days imparting wisdom to others on the LSE Asylum. We however are mortal. Here is a share tip Steve and I got wrong. It happens. 

Union Jack - picks up new acreage: good but no fat cigar: BUY

Published 200 days ago

The UK's 14th onshore licensing round came to a close today with the final awards of new acreage and Union Jack (UJO) gets a win from the process. Egdon Resources has formally been awarded license PEDL 339 in the East Midlands and if Union Jack pays 20% of the cost of the first well - which it will - it gets a 10% interest.

Premaitha - FY Results: numbers academic its the statement that counts: Buy

Published 200 days ago

Premaitha (NIPT) announced late last week its results for the year to March 31 2016. Given the pace of events here these historic numbers do not mean that much but for the record:

Optibiotix - another step forward to the Skinbiotix demerger: buy/average down

Published 200 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced the appointment of Martin Hunt as Chairman and Director of its majority owned subsidiary SkinBiotix Limited. Why does this matter? Because this unit will be spun off with a separate AIM listing well before Christmas. This is one of the last box ticking to do before formal confirmation of the process.

Kefi interims - the numbers are academic, the progress is clear: Buy

Published 201 days ago

KEFI Minerals (KEFI), the gold exploration and development company has published its unaudited interim results for the half-year ended 30 June 2016. The numbers are pretty irrelevant but for what it is worth...

Cloudtag. Don’t Blame the Insiders When it Blows Up

Published 201 days ago

When Cloudtag (CTAG) blows up, which it clearly will, it will be easy to blame the insiders: the original founder Andrew Regan, the current CEO Amit Ben Haim and his associates, Golden Bridge Services Ltd and Preciousbluedot, owners both of large amounts of well -in-the-money warrants. That is what invariably happens. But it would be wrong.

New Fox Marble JV - still a buy

Published 202 days ago

Kosovo and the Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has announced participation in a “landmark venture formed with the Kosovo Government” aiming at “a world class new stone industry for Kosovo” and “a much wider marketing, sales and distribution platform” for Fox…

Buy Union Jack Oil - c40% short term upside

Published 202 days ago

The world still hates small oil stocks. We are not sure when that will change but given how many of the mid caps are collapsing either entirely (Afren) or surviving only via schemes that see shareholders almost wiped out ( XCite, Gulfsands, Gulf Keystone, IGAS, LGO, etc, etc) we feel we could be at a Burmah Castrol moment. Do a google search if you are too young to understand the reference!

Falanx Placing - Death Spiral loan notes cleared: here we go

Published 203 days ago

Falanx Group (FLX) has raised £750,000 at 4p in a placing organised by new broker Turner Pope. It was Turner Pope that approached Falanx and we know most of those who put up the cash and they are firm-ish holders not flippers. Turner Pope will get its commission and also 468,750 shares with a six month lock-in.

Avesco non core disposal good news but we say bank a 180% gain

Published 204 days ago

Avesco (AVS) has announced that it had sold its broadcast hire subsidiary, Presteigne Limited to the unit's CEO, Mike Ransome and a private equity backer. This is good news.

Concepta - manufacturing deal signed in China: launch now very close: URGENT warrant deadline

Published 206 days ago

We tipped these shares at a 12p offer - they are now 19.5p-21p but hang on tight. We aim to be selling at 25p+ very soon. But before then an urgent reminder for long term holders: warrants! Deadline 6 October.

Obtala: Interims, Q3 statement and Director buys - look at discount to NAV

Published 206 days ago

A busy day for followers of Obtala (OBT) on Friday started with interim numbers which really did not look very good. In fact bad is the word that springs to mind. In the 6 months to June 30th sales were £264,000 versus £2.16 million a year earlier and there was a loss of £2.63 million versus a profit of c£3 million. But here's the thing.

Avingtrans - £9 million New Order and results: buy

Published 206 days ago

Our June tip of the month Avingtrans (AVG) has announced a new £9 million order over 10 years from China. years the agreement will see Metalcraft, part of Avingtrans PLC's energy and medical division, produce high integrity cryostat components for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance systems (NMR). This is good news.

Petropavlovsk Interims - buy

Published 207 days ago

Half-year results from Petropavlovsk (POG) emphasise a return to profitability, though also reiterate that for the full year “expectations to be at the lower end of our original guidance of c.460,000-500,000oz” and net debt of $598 million.

Tungsten still a stonking short

Published 207 days ago

Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) shares have had a good run since July, rising over 50% to hit 70p this week. At today’s 67p the market cap is £86 million. That is way too high for a company forecast to lose £12-14 million on sales of £30 million in the year to April 2017.

A hot share tip Friday at 2PM for just a fiver... and its not Deutsche Bank

Published 208 days ago

Well as it happens Germany's largest bank is a stock where we have a clear view: SELL! It is in dire straights but its shares still look hugely overvalued. So that is a free tip from us: short Deutsche.  But that uncertainty has created other opportunities in the market and we have one such opportunity for you coming up on Friday 30th September (tomorrow) at 2 PM sharp.

Symphony Environmental Interims - Buy

Published 209 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and that “we look forward to the future with increased confidence”.

Universe interims, minor glitch but still a buy

Published 209 days ago

Universe Group (UNG) has announced results for the first half of 2016 showing increased earnings, but noting full-year performance “will be slightly below management expectations”.

Premaitha - new loan facility - this is the start of more good news: Buy

Published 211 days ago

Apologies for the delay in commenting on this RNS which landed on Friday. We wanted to speak to Adam Reynolds and we have now done so. This is just the start of the good news and ahead of results tomorrow Premaitha (NIPT) shares are a buy.

Concepta - manufacturing deal signed in China: launch now very close

Published 211 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has signed a deal with a Chinese company, Huanzhong Biotech Limited ( HZ) to to assemble and package Concepta's 'My Lotus' fertility product. My Lotus already has regulatory clearance and so this paves the way for a launch very soon indeed.

Obtala - sells Retail operation for just $100 - that is a great deal

Published 213 days ago

It is hard for a management team to admit to errors. It is so much easier for a new management team to admit that an old one goofed and thus Miles Pelham the new boss at Obtala (OBT) has done just that.

K3 Business Technology - Orderly Management succession, That's the way to do it

Published 213 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced that Adalsteinn Valdimarsson, who joined as a NED on 11 July, is to become CEO. Chief Executive Officer, David Bolton will step up to assume the role of Executive Chairman and Lars-Olaf Norell will return to the position of Non-executive Director, as previously announced. This is orderly. It shows K3 is well run. Perhaps that is why we are 133% ahead on this share tip.

Gulf Keystone: the Final Chapter.

Published 214 days ago

On Thursday, as expected, the bond holders in Gulf Keystone (GKP) agreed to the restructuring which will give them 85.5% of the company. All that remains is for the scheme to be sanctioned in court next Friday, a formality. Within five working days of that date just shy of 20 billion shares will be dispatched to noteholders.

Begbies Traynor trading update - good but not great, but the shares are a buy

Published 214 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on “satisfactory” trading in the first quarter of its current financial year and emphasised that “we continue to be confident of the prospects for the group”. And that makes the shares look cheap.

Minoan - when will we get a decision on Cave Sidero?

Published 214 days ago

On Friday 16th September Minoan (MIN) confirmed that the final court hearing had taken place. So when will we get a decision?

Fox Marble Interims - getting there: Buy

Published 216 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2016 – including admitted “disappointing” revenue of €0.262 million, but that the “board is positive about the outlook for the company for the remainder of this year and into 2017”.

Berkeley LOI - look at the proposed pricing!

Published 217 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced it has signed a Letter of Intent relating to the sale of the first million pounds of production from its Salamanca uranium project – with an average contemplated price of above $41 per pound comparing with the current spot price of around $25 per pound. Way to go!. No wonder we are c150% up on this share tip!

Safestyle Interims - on track with this share tip

Published 217 days ago

Safestyle UK (SFE) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and that it“remains confident of making further progress and delivering a full year outturn in line with management expectations”.

Jubilee Platinum Dilokong Update - buy

Published 219 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has provided an update on production from its Dilokong tailings project and construction of its Hernic project. 

Avanti Communications Shafts its Bondholders

Published 220 days ago

A few years ago when listed high street retailers were going down like ninepins they would invariably have the decency to inform shareholders that their equity was worthless shortly before implosion. “Little or no value” was the usual phrase.

Vela - Fundraise - interesting investor Scott Fletcher, Company Chat

Published 220 days ago

This is a tad frustrating. Good news on the 2nd about an investment it has made. Then on September 5 came results for the year to March 31 for Vela Technologies (VELA). half way through September the numbers were pretty meaningless.

Kefi - Operational Update and share price slide - what gives?

Published 220 days ago

The news has been good but the shares have slid. Conclusion? Average down at 0.46p to buy. First to the news from 5 September, an operational update. We will get another next month.

Reach4 Entertainment Interims - a curate's egg

Published 221 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results for the first half of 2016, noting “we are pleased to report a strong first six months”, though that “the second half is expected to be more challenging”.

Action Hotels Interims - Buy

Published 223 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and, noting “increasing demand for quality, internationally branded economy and mid-market hotels” in its Middle East and Australia areas of operation, “remains optimistic about the future as the group continues to deliver the pipeline”.

K3 Business Technology - more than decent prelims, leaves us c130% up on share tip but more to go!

Published 224 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30thJune 2016 and we’ve had a chat with management. The shares are ahead on the news to 343-352p. Not bad given we tipped this at a 149p offer

Minoan - good news and bad, on balance...

Published 224 days ago

First the bad news from Minoan (MIN) - a profits warning on the Travel & Leisure side. What is shocking here is the speed at which things have gone awry. Bear in mind that half year numbers were released on 14 July. So in that vein the company states well under two months later:

A rather underwhelming RNS from Optibiotix - it is the demerger we want to hear about

Published 225 days ago

The good news is that a 1.5 million share overhang in Optibiotix (OPTI) has now been cleared. So the shares should soar on good news. The bad news is that we have to wait a bit longer for that good news... Instead we get an RNS that was never going to set the share price on fire. Optibiotix has announced the results of a survey of customers of its GoFigure slimming shakes and bars. 30 lard buckets took part in the survey.

Interquest Interims - not as bad as they appear ( company chat)

Published 229 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced disappointing results for the first half of 2016, but we’ve had a reassuring catch-up with early this year commenced CEO here, Chris Eldridge…

Obtala - this is non dilutive funding to grow, good news

Published 231 days ago

Rather than issue shares like confetti as most AIM Companies do and, indeed, as under its former management Obtala (OBT) used to do, this company is raising capital to expand in a non dilutive way.

Berkeley Energia - more great drilling results but does it matter?

Published 232 days ago

We already know that Berkeley Energia's (BKY) Salamanca uranium resource in Spain is commercial so does it really matter if it serves up more good drill grades?

Cloudtag the new Fitbug

Published 233 days ago

Readers might remember the astonishing rise and fall of Fitbug (FITB) back in 2014. Riding the fitness wearables craze to perfection, it went from sub a penny to 20p in a matter of weeks before crashing and burning in short order. The shares trade at 0.23p today.

Avesco Trading Update - all looks good on this cracking share tip

Published 235 days ago

A strangely timed “Trading Update” announcement is usually a cause for concern – but not a 12:46pm effort Thursday from media equipment and services group Avesco (AVS), though still why release at this time?

Red24 - bid now worth 26.3p - good news on this quick win share tip

Published 237 days ago

Having previously announced that it was “engaged in discussions” following a 24p per share possible offer,  Red24 (REDT) has now further updated as an initial Takeover Panel deadline came into play. the shares are now 24p mid which is not bad as we tipped it just about six weeks ago at a 19.75p offer.

New share tip out at 3.15 PM today - 20% upside in a month, don't miss out on our next winner

Published 239 days ago

At 3 PM this Tuesday afternoon HotStockRockets will publish its August share tip of the month. As our last but one tip of the month races ahead by 24% today (so far) what have we next?. Today's tip is not quite as exciting but we reckon that it is a very low risk play with upside of 20% in the next month. So what is the tip?

1Spatial and that CEO share sale

Published 242 days ago

It was announced on 12 July that 1Spatial (SPA) CEO Marcus Hanke had sold 5 million shares at 4.45p - netting him roughly £220,000. A director share sale never goes down well and the shares have flatlined since - they are now 4.25p-4.75p.

Avocet is bust

Published 243 days ago

The indiscriminate buying in the market recently has been something to behold and suggests we could soon be due a reality check. The mad monetary policy of central banks everywhere has for some time been forcing institutions into hunting down yield wherever they can find it and this has caused the equity markets and the junk bond markets to soar.

Optibiotix Interims: Very pleasing but not orgasmic

Published 243 days ago

Results from the half calendar year from Optibiotix (OPTI) were very pleasing indeed but not orgasmic and that is why the shares are a tad weaker at 69p-72p. They are cheap but punters need to see more. They will not have to wait too long.

Jubilee Platinum update - mostly very good news: on track: buy

Published 245 days ago

The latest trading update from Jubilee Platinum (JLP) is nearly all good news. The update covers the Dilokong Chrome mine tailings project (DCM) and the Hernic PGM-bearing chrome tailings project.

Action Hotels Trading update - buy

Published 245 days ago

With eleven completed hotels with 2,032 rooms across the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has updated on performance for the first half of the year – noting it “was positive… with both the group's Middle East and Australian hotels contributing strong average occupancies”.

The Chairman's Blog 5: Sir Benjamin Dover of Global Mining Endeavours writes (preparing for interviews)

Published 246 days ago

Following the example set by Paul Warwick the chairman of worthless penny stock Andalas (ADL) in starting a blog, Sir Benjamin Dover of AIM listed Global Mining Endeavours has decided to follow suit and like Paul promises to be Candid in his approach. Day 5

Mayair: if it looks like a China Norfolk & walks like a China Norfolk

Published 247 days ago

Such is the current febrile state of the markets that even China scams are being bid up with gusto. Take Mayair (MAYA), which purports to sell clean air filters in China and floated on AIM in May last year at 130p. Its shares, having gone down in a straight line to 40p (as insider selling outweighed the constant barrage of good news that these companies always come out with) have doubled to 84p in the last month as summer madness takes hold. The company itself was forced yesterday to say there is no reason for the rise. Indeed.

Obtala Resources - round up and company chat, all good news!

Published 247 days ago

You may remember that Tom Winnifrith had a chat with the new chairman of Obtala Resources (OBT), Miles Pelham back in late April. Tom caught up with Miles again today for a detailed phone catch up. The key take-aways are:

Fox Marble - more good news than bad, master Yoda controls my anger

Published 248 days ago

The Star Wars imagery should tell you that this is Tom writing not Steve. The series of movies will be my specialist subject if I ever go on Mastermind. Enough geekery, you want to know about marble not that I am losing my marbles.Another day and another operational update from Fox Marble (FOX) sees, on balance, more good news than bad. We will get full interims for the half calendar year by the end of September but the trading update is full. Let's start with the bad.

Berkeley Energia - we are now almost 150% ahead on this share tip - what next?

Published 249 days ago

We tipped Berkeley Energia (BKY) at a 20p offer - the shares are now 48p-49p so I hope there are no complaints out there on this tip. What next? The most recent news of note was the Quarterlies. The actually numbers are academic but the only paragraph that matters states:

Concepta Interims - barely relevant but catch the Reynolds Q&A! Buy

Published 250 days ago

Concepta (CPT) the latest Adam Reynolds healthcare RTO on AIM has announced interim result which are pretty academic. The company is a developer of a platform and suite of products targeted at the personalised mobile health market with a primary focus on women's fertility and specifically unexplained infertility.

Avanti kicks off the silly Season - still a sell

Published 254 days ago

They don’t call this the silly season for nothing. Shortly after Inmarsat (ISAT)  announced on August 1st that it was not interested in Avanti (AVN), a story appeared in the FT saying that it had in fact been willing to pay “at least” 140p per share (subject to due diligence) right up until the end of July, around five times the price at the time.

Sound Energy, another sell from the silly season

Published 254 days ago

While we are working our way through the silly season when all sorts of rubbish zooms ahead, I see that Sound Energy (SOU) is nudging an insane market cap of £300 million while I write. It could well soon take the place of the soon to be departed Gulf Keystone as the oil stock of choice for the retail loonies.

Optibiotix products on sale - small start but big potential: BUY

Published 256 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced that its GoFigure® meal replacement shakes and natural snack bars products are now available for sale in UK stores of the Whole Foods Market Inc, a large ($15 billion turnover in 2015) American supermarket chain exclusively featuring healthy foods. That sounds big but in fact it means being on the shelves in just eight stores although Optibiotix says there are " opportunities for further expansion".

Buy Concepta at 12p and at up to 17.5p - target to sell 28p

Published 262 days ago

Investment Case: The AIM admission of Concepta (CPT) a couple of weeks ago was through a reverse takeover of shellmeister (Adam Reynolds)-saved Frontier Resources International (FRI). We backed Reynolds when he became involved in Frontier, but despite his track-record, then was clearly somewhat speculative as we awaited a deal to be delivered. Now it has and it looks like Reynolds has delivered another promising one…

Optibiotix - We did notice!!! Buy

Published 265 days ago

Okay, okay we did notice! In response to several reader emails we had seen that Optibiotix (OPTI) had yesterday appointed Luis Gosalbez as Director of Business Development, effective immediately. we are sure that Luis is a charming chappie and his CV looks awesome but it is not even a board appointment so its no great fuss. However....

When August is in fact July - you can take advantage TODAY

Published 269 days ago

Sometimes it is good to wait... on Friday we were meant to have published our July tip of the month. But we still had a few things to check. It is better to be late and 100% sure than to rush and get it wrong. Especially when your money is at stake.

Gulf Keystone PLC More Retail Madness - sell

Published 271 days ago

When I last wrote about Gulf Keystone (GKP) I said it would be my final word on the subject but that was before Friday’s news of a $300 million bid from the Norwegian Oil company DNO, the details of which are on its website.

Frontier Resources becomes Concepta as RTO completes - Buy

Published 274 days ago

Frontier Resources (FRI) is no more. It is now Concepta (CPT), new shares for the RTO, open offer and placing have been issued and the shares have undergone a 250-1 consolidation.

Purecircle gets Curiouser and Curiouser

Published 278 days ago

Last year Purecircle (PURE) earned $4 million. Since then it has lost its finance director, its chief operating officer, its broker and its auditor. There has also been no shortage of insider selling. Its market capitalization? £555 million. Welcome to the whacky world of Purecircle, purveyors of stevia, a plant-based sugar substitute.

Safestyle, sod Brexit scaremongering, cracking trading update

Published 278 days ago

Brexit vote fallout saw shares in retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors, Safestyle UK (SFE) decline from more than 260p towards 200p, before recovering towards 240p. The recovery has now been further aided by a half year trading update.

Petropavlovsk: Trading statement and company chat

Published 279 days ago

Most gold shares have soared over the past few months. Petropavlovsk (POG) shares, which we own, have not. At C7p we are ahead of our tip but not by much. It is disappointing and we apologise. But we have not lost faith. There are reasons for the lacklustre showing which came through in a first half trading statement and in a long chat with CEO Pavel Maslovskiy and chairman Peter Hambro.

Minoan Interims - buy

Published 279 days ago

At this stage financials are not the key driver but for what it is worth Minoan (MIN) published its results for the six months to 30 April on Bastille Day claiming to be making progress in both divisions: Greek property at Cave Sidero and Travel & Leisure.

Falanx Group - Dismal Results but that is no shock - future bright: Buy

Published 280 days ago

Falanx Group (FLX) says that its results for the year to 31 March 2016 were in line with expectation. Put another way, they were predictably dire with sales coming in at £1.81 million, down from £1.92 million) and the loss before taxation hitting £2.65 million, up from £2.20 million. However...

Stanley Gibbons: Good news and Bad

Published 282 days ago

In a detailed update there is good news and bad from Stanley Gibbons (SGI). Let's start with the good news as it has been rare in coming from this company of late.

Berkeley Energia: we are now almost 100% up on this share tip after DFS - more to come

Published 283 days ago

We tipped Berkeley Energia (BKY) at a 20p offer - the shares are now 39p-41p after the publication of a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) confirming that its Salamanca project in Spain will be one of the world’s lowest cost producers capable of generating strong after tax cash flow, even during the current low point in the uranium price cycle.

OptiBiotix New patent filing, Good but SO WHAT?

Published 284 days ago

This is more good news from Optibiotix (OPTI) but it is not the dramatic news that will see the shares soaring. The company says that it has announced that it has filed a new patent to protect the combination of OptiBiotix's Lactobacillus plantarum strain along with other ingredients identified by scientific key opinion leaders which, it states, act synergistically to reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

K3 Business Technology - Trading Update, our share tip 100%+ ahead but stance upgraded to buy

Published 284 days ago

Drat. There is that phrase again. Results for the year to June 30th 2016 are expected to be "broadly" in line. That is stockmarket speak for "a near miss". No wonder the shares fell a tad on the announcement to 310-333p. We are well ahead of our 148p offer share tip but down on a few months ago.

Jubilee Platinum Confident update and chat with Colin Bird

Published 286 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has updated investors on the performance of its subsidiary, Jubilee Tailings Treatment Company Pty Ltd in the three-months' ended 30 June 2016, of its chrome recovery section of the Dilokong Chrome mine tailings project and a progress update on the Hernic PGM-bearing chrome tailings project. After this Tom Winnifrith had a good chat with the chairman Colin Bird.

Frontier Resources - RTO placing and name changed announced

Published 290 days ago

Another bust company becomes a healthcare player thanks to an Adam Reynolds RTO. Let us hope that Frontier Resources (FRI) becomes another Optibiotix (OPTI). The reversal is of a company called Concepta Diagnostics Ltd into Frontier and the PLC will change its name to Concepta.

Premaitha - God Bless the EU: Buy

Published 290 days ago

After 44 years of membership, at last one good thing has come out of the EU for Britain. God bless the Evil Empire. Premaitha (NIPT) has provided an update on its legal battles with US bully boys Illumina.

IGAS PLC Hot on the Heels of Gulf Keystone. Sell at 12.5p

Published 292 days ago

As Gulf Keystone (GKP) sputters toward its inevitable fate, the hunt is on to spot the next equity wipeout in this space. There are quite a few runners and riders. I mentioned Xcite (XEL) a while back and Premier Oil (PMO) is also in the frame.  My nap however is Igas Plc (IGAS) as the next for the chop.

Optibiotix: it Might be what the doctor ordered but not what the patient (investor) wanted

Published 294 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) has this week served up news which should help make we shareholders richer in the medium term. But it is NOT the news punters wanted and the shares trade at 79p-80p.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - now trading arm is working and we can reveal it is dealing with Glencore - Buy!

Published 297 days ago

Earlier last week there was cracking news on the Batangas gold mine which - on its own justifies a multiple of the current share price. But now we have confirmation that Bluebird's (BMV) copper concentrate trading operation has banked its first cheque. More will flow and quickly.

FDM Group shares plunge - here is why you should buy

Published 297 days ago

Post the Brexit vote and the profits warning from Interquest (0ITQ) shares in FDM (FDM) stood at 550p. They are now 450p. I have a private email from a top City analyst which explains the fall but also why the shares are cheap and a buy. It reads:

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 301 days ago

Writing earlier this month, I remained optimistic on both of my share tips of the year. Post recent developments and amidst current market volatility, I now update…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - its ready to race ahead: buy

Published 301 days ago

We have had nothing but good news from Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) since its IPO yet the shares have fallen. But we know why and we tell you now you must buy.

Challenge to Robert Price of Highlands Natural Resources

Published 303 days ago

Tom Winnifrith and I have covered Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) in some detail as the list of disgraceful shenanigans gets longer by the day - the latest revelations at the weekend were a killer and anyone holding after reading THIS is now demonstrably insane.

Prime People results - check out that yield

Published 305 days ago

Recruiter Prime People (PRP) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and that“current activity is resilient across the group”. The results show a pre-tax profit of £2.15 million on net fee income more than 20% higher than in the prior year, at £12.28 million, generating earnings per share of 13.84p, up from 9.28p. The dividend per share was maintained at 8.84p.

Norcros strong results - buy

Published 311 days ago

Supplier of branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives, Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and that “with our leading market positions, portfolio of strong brands, continued new product investment and self-help initiatives focused on market share gain, the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2017”.

Optibiotix back at 76p ( now 79-82p) - BUY: Company Chat

Published 312 days ago

Shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) have drifted on a lack of newsflow back to 76p to buy. Well they had when this article came out yesterday. After its appearance they jumped to 79-92p. That is the advantage paying subscribers get. If you can buy at up to 80p next week do so. We really do see 100p+ happening very soon. Why: we have just swapped emails with the company and what CEO Stephen O'Hara says in response to the question "all a bit quiet is all on track?" seems very positive indeed. O' Hara says:

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 313 days ago

Since I last updated, there has not been much share price cheer from my two tips of the year for 2016, but has this been in contrast to the news flow? …

Shoe Zone - no slip up with results

Published 314 days ago

Value footwear retailer with 518 stores across the UK and Ireland, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its half year ended 2nd April 2016 and that “the group has traded in line with management's expectations since the period end and the board continues to look to the future with confidence”. Its another solid share tip from us but there is more to come.

Fusionex What’s Wrong with the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange?

Published 318 days ago

Many years ago, in order to close a short position in Leeds United after it had gone bust, I bought stock for a nominal sum off Leeds City Council, and remember thinking it a little strange that it had invested tax payers hard earned cash in such a dodgy enterprise.

Vela - Update on investment in Revolve Performance, Ummmmm

Published 318 days ago

Vela (VELA) has updated us all on the performance of Revolve which it punted £50,000 on in June 2015. Revolve is an automotive engineering business that also owns a leading performance parts brand, Mountune. Mountune's products are used by consumers and racing teams to enhance engine performance. The company has exclusive rights to supply branded and warranted performance parts through the Ford Dealership networks in the UK and US.

Avesco - very strong results still a buy

Published 320 days ago

Avesco Group (AVS) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2016 and that “with net debt now at historically low levels and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to come over the summer, the outlook for the group remains very positive”.

Distil, FY results good now watch operational gearing kick in big time!

Published 320 days ago

Distil (DIS), the owner of premium drinks brands including Blackwoods Gin and Vodka, RedLeg Spiced Rum, Blavod Black Vodka, Diva Vodka and Jago's Vanilla Cream Liqueur, has announced results for its year ended 31stMarch 2016 and that “we look forward to further growing revenues and expanding the reach of our brands over the coming year”.

Minoan - very good news from Greece: BUY

Published 322 days ago

Most recently updating on Minoan (MIN), we noted the lodging of appeals following the issue of a Presidential Decree granting land use approval for the company’s leisure resort project in Crete. It has now updated on the appeals hearing date.

React Interims: buy

Published 322 days ago

Specialist cleaning and decontamination group REACT (REAT) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2016 and that “since the period end the group has traded well”.

More Positive News from Jubilee Platinum

Published 322 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has updated that its “Dilokong chrome mine tailings team and chrome plant continue to outperform the original design numbers as the project starts to generate revenues and earnings from chrome concentrate sales”.

Buy Falanx at a 4.5p offer to sell at 6.5p by August

Published 324 days ago

The shares were 4.25p offer when we tipped this but they are still cheap. Naturally our paying customers got in at lower levels that you can today. However the thesis stands. Falanx (FLX) has not covered itself in glory since its AIM admission just under three years ago. There have been a couple of profits warnings and, just over a year ago, there was a change of strategy, a shift from profitable but dull traditional security to dealing with cyber security. It sounded sexy but it meant huge losses and the shares have slumped to 4p-4.5p. But they are now a buy. Why?

Begbies Traynor - good bolt on: buy

Published 325 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced an initial £2 million, and up to £4.625 million, acquisition of Pugh & Co, the largest firm of commercial property auctioneers operating outside of London, with regular auctions held in Leeds and Manchester.

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

Published 325 days ago

Having previously warned, calendar year 2015 results from Fox Marble (FOX) are unsurprisingly “disappointing”, though the Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier emphasises that it is now“seeing the results of our efforts in establishing our product in key marketplaces throughout the world and the benefit or having our marble actually installed in developments”.

Good news indeed from IRC for Petropavlovsk - buy

Published 326 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has welcomed latest news from its Hong Kong-listed associate company, IRC, as “a significant step forward in bringing K&S into full commercial production during Q3 2016”.

Highlands Natural Resources begs to be shorted

Published 333 days ago

Every once in a while a share price goes ballistic for no discernable reason other than retail investors firmly grasping the wrong end of the stick. Invariably reality soon sets in, and although timing is a bit hit and miss, shorting such situations almost always pays off.

Vela, update on BTL - still a buy

Published 333 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has followed an announcement that it has completed a follow-on investment in luggage transfer business Portr Ltd, with an announcement of “Further investment in BTL Group Ltd”.

Reach4Entertainment - results: buy

Published 334 days ago

New York and London theatre and entertainment media company, Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results from a “milestone” 2015 and is now “confident that the company has a solid platform from which to progress in the coming years”.

Our January tip banked our readers 100% + in 64 days, March was 50% banked within weeks - catch our next hot tip of the month for £5 TODAY

Published 334 days ago

Some of our tips do not work out well. We cut losses on Armadale Capital last week. That hurt. But our winners more than make up for that. A couple of months ago we banked a 170% gain on our June 2015 tip of the month. Our January 2016 tip of the month received a bid approach allowing our readers to bank a 100%+ gain in 64 days. We banked a 50% gain on our March tip even sooner....

Distil - US clearance received for RedLeg spiced rum which means...

Published 334 days ago

I am not a great lover of rum but the US market is much bigger in both absolute and relative to population terms than the British one. It matters. Thus it is good news that Distil's (DIS) RedLeg spiced rum has been approved for sale in the USA by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the TTB.

Safestyle motoring ahead on our share tip after great AGM update

Published 339 days ago

Shares in Safestyle UK (SFE) are heading further higher on the back of an AGM update including that “the group's new financial year has begun very well” and that it is “confident that the group will deliver excellent results for 2016”.

Avanti Communications PLC: Circling the Drain

Published 340 days ago

At the UK Investor show last month, during a discussion of Avanti (AVN), I listed a random sample of the many instances where the company has made statements which later prove to be wildly optimistic, or are contradictory to earlier ones. Last week’s 3rd quarter update, 16 May, provides another gem: It states:

Waterman - a cracking trading update: BUY!

Published 340 days ago

Engineering and environmental consultancy group Waterman (WTM) has updated that revenue during the first nine months of its year (to end June 2016) is up 10%, that it continues to anticipate “a significant increase” in adjusted operating margin and that it now expects year-end net cash will be above the current market forecast.

Bluebird Merchant Ventures - update on Batangas: shares very cheap: BUY

Published 340 days ago

We now have evidence that some of those who invested in Bluebird (BMV) at the IPO are ignoring lock-ins. That is seeing the shares slip when they should be racing on more good news. We expect this matter to be resolved very shortly indeed and the re-rate to then start and to be dramatic. That makes the shares a buy now.

Optibiotix, new patent filed: so what?

Published 340 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced that it has filed a new patent to protect advances made in its skin division in identifying microbial proteins which have the potential to prevent Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) caused by antimicrobial resistant (AMR) superbugs such as MRSA. The company says HCAIs lead to higher morbidity and mortality, and cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion per year. This represents a global market opportunity of $82 billion.

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

Published 340 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that its “order book has increased to €3.9 million for the year” and developments offering further potential.

R4E - Hon up to 17%, no make that 18%, shares up to 2.2-2.25p, still cheap

Published 341 days ago

Shares in R4E (R4E) have raced ahead to 2,2-2.25p on news that Gate Ventures, the vehicle of controversial entrepreneur Johnny Hon has taken its holding up to 17%.  No make that 18%, the TR1's come thick and fast.

Good news from Leon at Jubilee Platinum - buy

Published 346 days ago

Shares in Jubilee Platinum (JLP) are on the rise on the back of an announcement of outperformance of original design numbers at its tailings processing project on the Dilokong chrome mine.

Fox Marble placing - we take part: the shares are a buy

Published 347 days ago

Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) has announced financing developments – including a conditional £2 million gross placing at 10p per share and we took part in a small way. The funding is:

Minoan, a setback but only a temporary one: buy

Published 348 days ago

Minoan (MIN) disappointingly announced after hours Tuesday that two appeals have been lodged following the issue of the Presidential Decree granting land use approval for its project in Crete.

Buy BlueBird Merchant Ventures - shares could easily double from here

Published 349 days ago

BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a stock that has not flourished since gaining a Standard Listing on the LSE on April 20th. Listed at 5.75p the shares now trade at 3.5p - 4p but that makes them look very cheap. They could double from here, easily.

Berkeley Energia - spectacular fund raise news - we upgrade big time

Published 350 days ago

In that rarest of moves for an AIM-listed company, Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced new financing from a major shareholder which includes new equity at a premium to the currently prevailing share price. Following several months of due diligence, mining-focused private equity firm Resource Capital Funds is to provide $5 million through a 0.375% net smelter royalty and a further $5 million for new shares at 32p each. The latter compares to a closing high share price since 2013 of 31.75p earlier this month and a pre placing close of 30.25p – these up from 26p at the start of the year and more than 50% on our share tip.

Update from Armadale - we disagree with Mr Market: BUY

Published 353 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has updated on work to develop and add further value to its Mpokoto gold project, alongside funding discussions.

Avocet Mining, A Gold Plated Version of Petroceltic

Published 355 days ago

Shares in troubled gold miner Avocet Mining (AVM) more than doubled the other day as its first quarter production update showed an increase of 3,149 oz at a cash cost of $925 per oz, $169 lower than the preceding period.

1Spatial, Results and Confident Statement: Buy

Published 356 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2016 and that it “looks forward to the future with confidence”.

Petropavlovsk: very busy bees indeed..

Published 357 days ago

There’s been news aplenty from Petropavlovsk (POG) in recent days and the bull case remains very much intact.

For just £5 a hot share tip at 3.45 PM today Tuesday - Dont miss out

Published 358 days ago

Our March share tip of the Month was a scorcher. We banked gains of almost 50% within a month. That is the way to do it. our April share tip of the month has been delayed by a few days and it too is going to be a scorcher and it is out TODAY. We hope to be banking gains of 30%+ within three months. But what is it?

Obtala Resources - Forestry Update & New Chairman Meeting: Buy

Published 359 days ago

First up, just a note that Obtala Resources (OBT) has confirmed that it has received the cash for selling a small part of its forestry portfolio. That is to say $900,000 is now in the kitty,a third of it two months ahead of schedule. That an AIM Company has to announce that money has arrived as per contract tells us everything you need to know about the state of AIM. Anyhow it is good news.

R4E - In line trading statement: hang on and hold tight

Published 362 days ago

In announcing that calendar 2015 results will be published on May 25, R4E (R4E) has issued a pleasing, if brief, trading statement. Chairman David Stoller is quoted as saying:

Optibiotix - past results & future sales, the only question

Published 362 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) will be presenting on both the main stage and in a breakout room at UK Investor today!. The mood in the camp is incredibly upbeat and we hope you grab a chance to chat to CEO O'Hara to see why.

React - Good acquisition: buy

Published 362 days ago

REACT Group (REAT) has announced a third small acquisition since listing in August  – believing this latest move further “will help us to win substantial amounts of new business from various ‘Blue Chip’ facilities management groups”.

FDM Group - very strong trading update

Published 362 days ago

FDM Group (FDM) has updated on “a strong operational and financial performance for the first quarter of 2016”, seeing that “the board remains confident of meeting its expectations for the full year”.

Obtala Resources very positive strategy update

Published 363 days ago

Following the appointment earlier this week of Miles Pelham as Chairman, Obtala Resources (OBT) has updated on its strategy and outlook, with Pelham emphasising “I am strongly committed to enhancing shareholder value by monetising the substantial capital investment made into our African ventures in recent years”.

Berkeley Energia - good news from Spain sees us 40% up on this share tip

Published 363 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has updated that a definitive feasibility study on its Salamanca uranium project “is well advanced and is due to be published in June”, with the company’s confidence emphasised by the commencement already of initial infrastructure work at the project.

Obtala Management Change - it is positive: Buy

Published 364 days ago

Updating earlier this month on Obtala Resources (OBT) with the shares then at 6.375p, we noted the valuation looked to fail to reflect the asset backing and likely news flow but a disappointing share price performance from a now long-running recommendation.  It is now boardroom change ahoy.

K3 - Acquisition & Placing: we are 130% up on this share tip but more to come

Published 364 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced an agreement to acquire Retail Support International ApS (known as DdD Retail), a fashion retail-focused provider of proprietary 'point of sale' technology, as well as a placing to raise £13.5 million gross (£12.8 million net) at 330p per share to fund the acquisition (an initial approx. £7 million) and for additional product enhancement opportunities and working capital.

Ariana Resources - great news but we are taking profits

Published 365 days ago

Our site is about short term movements and so oddly - having tipped Ariana (AAU) at a 0.9p offer we advised banking gains at 1.55p to sell. An almost 70% offer to bid gain is not too shabby is it?

Symphony Results -patchy but the shares are a buy

Published 368 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for a 2015 year in which“revenues remained disappointingly static”, but that it “has sufficient working capital to execute its strategy and… as an operationally geared business, now running with a significantly lower cost base, the board looks forward to a financially more successful year in 2016”.

Premaitha - good news on patent dispute, the shares should double

Published 370 days ago

Although the twit who handles PR for Premaitha (NIPT) has again contrived to confuse the issue with some garbled press releases this morning there is actually some good news. Fire the idiot PR man and investors could get excited as they discover what is really going on.

Watchstone Group, Thoughts on a Daft Proposal from Edi Truell’s Tantalum Corporation

Published 370 days ago

I was amused to see my suspicions confirmed today by the Telegraph (TW Note only 24 hours after me in bearcast) that the “draft proposal” received by Watchstone Group PLC (WTG) did indeed emanate from Edi Truell and Tantalum, his telematics vehicle. I shorted some Watchstone at 230p as, all things being equal, the shares should revert to where they were before the announcement once it is confirmed that the blundering Truell has nothing to offer.

Jubilee Platinum Operations update - buy

Published 370 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has announced “increased throughput capacity together with operational control of the ASA project” and updated on “satisfactory” progress across its chrome processing development and operations.

Petropavlovsk - very good news from IRC - BUY (target 19p)

Published 371 days ago

Petropavlovsk(POG) has highlighted an announcement from Hong Kong-listed associate company IRC that waivers in respect of IRC's project finance facility with ICBC have been conditionally granted – including for obligations for Petropavlovsk to comply with certain financial covenants.

Action Hotels 2015 Results - Buy

Published 371 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year – with it“pleased” with “another year of growth… as we continue to execute and deliver our pipeline of three and four star hotels across the Gulf Cooperation Council and Australia into our profitable operating portfolio”.

Wishbone shares jump 20% - TW Trust buys more, what's new pussycat?

Published 372 days ago

We guess everyone is hearing the same sort of gossip. The word on the street is that Wishbone Gold (WSBN) is making good progress on securing the debt facilities needed to start trading in gold bullion. and that should lead to a massive ramp up in profits very quickly indeed. As such any RNS confirming debt is in place will see the shares race ahead. Bring it on.

Norcros trading statement - says will beat forecasts: buy

Published 375 days ago

Branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives group Norcros (NXR) has updated that “underlying operating profit for the year is expected to be marginally ahead of market expectations” and that it looks “well positioned to continue to make further progress”.

Universe Results & Company chat - buy

Published 376 days ago

Point of sale, payment and loyalty systems group Universe (UNG) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “a combination of customer expansion and a broadening product portfolio means that we are confident that the pleasing progress that the group has been made so far can be continued”. The following updates post a chat with management.

Ariana serves up more good news - we are getting there

Published 376 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated on an “increasingly active” rate of mine construction and its target for production in the second half of 2016.

Another look at HSS Hire Group PLC - I stay short

Published 382 days ago

As I have pointed out before, it is a very good discipline for investors, when looking at a company, to ask themselves what they would pay for the business before looking at what value the market ascribes to it.

Optibiotix - more details on cholesterol study - so far amazing

Published 382 days ago

A bloke in the City said that although results from Optibiotix's (OPTI) trials of its capsular supplement to reduce cholesterol looked great he was so fat that he was beyond redemption. Maybe. But for others results were startling. There is a caveat:

Obtala Quarterly Update - buy

Published 386 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced a quarterly update, including that the “period has been very much focused on business development ahead of harvesting in April on both the timber and the agribusiness as both businesses move from project phase to operational… The sales pipeline is growing and the forthcoming months present themselves as an exciting period for the progress and expansion of our agriculture and timber divisions”.

Fastnet - a cracking RTO completed, we are well up on this share tip - more to go

Published 390 days ago

Fastnet (FAST) has announced details of a proposed reverse acquisition of Amryt Pharmaceuticals, a £10 million share placing and capital reorganisation and the readmission of its shares to trading.

SpaceandPeople Results - buy (despite rude CEO)

Published 392 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and its management“believes that SpaceandPeople is creating a solid platform for growth and a sustainable future”. We agree and think this is not discounted in the share price.

Our January tip of the month just banked our readers 100% + in 64 days - catch our next tip for £5 TODAY

Published 393 days ago

On Thursday 24th March our readers banked a 170% (offer to bid) gain on our June 2015 share tip of the month. As a bonus our January 2016 tip of the month received a bid approach and our readers got to bank a 100%+ gain. That is Easter come early for readers of HotStockRockets a third present we have a new tip on the way TODAY.

Ascent Resources - what happens next?

Published 395 days ago

Heck was that a cracking pre Easter treat! The day before the holidays shares in Ascent Resources (AST) raced ahead prompting the company to admit that it had received a bid approach from Cadogan Petroleum (CAD). Ascent shares gained 111% on the day to close at 1.95p valuing it at £3.1 million.

React Group results and trading update - buy

Published 397 days ago

REACT Group (REAT), the specialist provider of rapid response deep cleaning and emergency decontamination services, has announced results and that “since the year end the company has traded very well” and “opportunities to acquire niche businesses that add a further offering to our ever expanding client base”.

Plus 500 : Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Published 397 days ago

The weakness in Plus 500’s (PLUS) share price in the last couple of days which has seen it fall a pound from 666p is probably explained by the excellent Times of Israel investigative piece on binary options which appeared on Thursday.

Ariana - bullish update on Red Rabbit, shares starting to move - hang on

Published 397 days ago

The patient are now being rewarded. Shares in Ariana Resources (AAU) are now 1.1p-1.25p so well up on our tip price but there is no rush to sell, this is only just starting to get going. There was news Thursday.

Optibiotix Not the news we hoped for that will be the late Easter present

Published 398 days ago

Shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) slipped back to 66.5p - albeit in thin volumes - two days ago as it announced news which was really not very exciting at all. The news we want we now expect very shortly after Easter. The shares are now 70p. Hang on for what comes next!

K3 Results, Company Chat and where next? Up!

Published 399 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for the six months ended 31stDecember 2015 and the following updates on these following a post-announcement chat with management.

Jubilee Platinum cracking funding news but...

Published 399 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has announced “full project funding” in the form of debt and equity for its two surface platinum-processing projects.

Action Hotels new opening - buy

Published 400 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced the official opening of the largest hotel in its portfolio – the 368-room, new-build, ibis Styles Brisbane Elizabeth Street, bringing its operating portfolio to 10 hotels with 1,928 rooms.

Lighthouse gets a bid - goody goody lets bank gains

Published 401 days ago

Lighthouse Group (LGT) on Friday noted an offer approach announcement from fellow AIM-listed financial services group AFH Financial and responded that it “believes that the indicative offer from AFH fundamentally undervalues the group and its prospects, especially in the context of the group's net cash position of £7.9 million as at 31 December 2015”.

I am Deadly Sirius - I have gone short

Published 402 days ago

Those who listened to Australian fund manager John Hempton speak at the Gold and Bears show last November will know that attention to detail is very much his thing. They will have heard him mutter that he believed US Pharmaceutical giant Valeant, based in Canada, to be worthless. This has been a bold call with ranks of hedge fund royalty (the most prominent being the unbelievably arrogant Bill Ackman) lined up against him.

More good news from Ariana

Published 404 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has followed a recent announcement of a doubling of the resource estimate for its Kizilcukur project with news that a “recent drilling programme at Kepez West has confirmed the presence of a significant mineralised system”.

Safestyle - solid results and the shares march on

Published 404 days ago

Leading retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors to the UK homeowner market, Safestyle (SFE) has announced results from a“record” 2015 and that so far this year “order intake has been significantly ahead of the same period in 2015 and the board looks forward to further progress in 2016”.

Berkeley Energia Interims and more - buy

Published 406 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced half year results, that contractors have been selected for power line and road works and that “with all major approvals in place and with the strong support and backing of the authorities, activities on the ground will commence shortly”.

Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy

Published 406 days ago

Shares in marble quarry company Fox Marble (FOX) are continuing something of a recovery having fallen towards 10p early this month, with some further momentum now being provided by an update including that commissioning and opening of the company’s factory in Kosovo “is anticipated by the middle of the year”.

Jubilee Platinum - good news from Dilokong: Buy

Published 407 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has updated that, having previously commenced with the commissioning of a processing plant at the Dilokong mine of ASA Metals thereby qualifying for offered incentives, the plant is now fully commissioned and operational and that its commissioning and ramp-up has reached 85% of design throughput.

Can anyone help me get borrow on UK Oil & Gas?

Published 407 days ago

With Petroceltic (PCI) put to bed I am looking for borrow in UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) which seems crazily valued at £51 million and represents cracking value to short at 2.43p Any suggestions are welcome. I am not short but would like to be.

Final Thoughts on Petroceltic

Published 407 days ago

I think it is probably fair to say that Petroceltic (PCI) Chairman Robert Adair and CEO Brian O Cathain do not feature on the Christmas card list of Worldview’s Angelo Moskov who now, finally controls the company, having snapped up 70% of the company’s debt at a substantial discount to face value.

Distil, bullish trading update, premium placing - last chance saloon to buy

Published 409 days ago

Shares in Distil plc (DIS) traded more than 20% higher, at just over 1p on Friday, on the back of an update that “we remain confident for the fourth quarter of the financial year and expect full year performance to be in line with the board's expectations” and a rare placing at a premium.

Begbies Traynor Trading Statement - on track: buy

Published 410 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated that its third quarter ended 31st January saw performance “as anticipated” and that it “is well placed to deliver the board's expectations for the financial year as a whole”.

Minoan - Told you so: shares double as bubbles come good

Published 410 days ago

We hope you took our advice to average down and FYB with Minoan (MIN) at a 6.5p offer a couple of weeks ago. The shares are now 12.75p to 13.25p because as we predicted here the bubbles have come good. Minoan on Friday announced:

Premaitha - it is all happening - share weakness explained

Published 411 days ago

Tom Winnifrith was an insider which restricted him from explaining why shares in Premaitha (NIPT) have been weak of late. Now you can see. The company's largest shareholder Rupert Lywood is a total 100% prat

FDM Group - strong results, confident: buy

Published 412 days ago

FDM Group (FDM) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “2016 has started well for the group and we are confident that we are well placed to deliver another year of good progress”.

Armadale - annoying placing, but...

Published 412 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has announced an exploration programme targeting an increased life-of-mine and improved project economics for the Mpokoto gold project and has raised a further £0.21 million of new equity “to progress the commencement of this exploration programme ahead of anticipated initial gold production”. Hmmmm.

Interquest results more than decent - buy

Published 413 days ago

Specialist recruiter InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “the new financial year has started positively”. Good News.

Vela Placing is annoying but

Published 413 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced that it has raised a gross £0.22 million at 0.16p per new share in particular to further invest in luggage transfer business Portr Ltd.

DS Smith: weird name, great stock

Published 413 days ago

Back at the turn of the year I chose DS Smith (SMDS) as my second share tip of the year noting that the corrugated board and packaging company was:

Fox Marble some cash in - we want to see more

Published 413 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that a payment of €390,000 from Eboracum Limited will shortly be sent to the company as part payment of the €2 million order announced last year. This is good news and bad.

Obtala - forestry cash in: buy

Published 416 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced receipt of further monies from its approximately $3 million forestry investment agreement. Good News

Frontier Resources - it is dumping its oil assets, good news, off you go Adam

Published 416 days ago

We now have official conformation that Frontier Resources (FRI) is dumping its oil assets. Great news.

InternetQ Red face but I'll make it up on Avanti, PureCircle and PetroCeltic ALL crashing

Published 417 days ago

One of the benefits of being a short seller is the joy and happiness that one engenders in others when being sandbagged by a short call that goes wrong. I have closed out my position in InternetQ (INTQ) at a substantial loss,

Minoan - Our Report confirmed - hang on or buy: news from Greece on its way

Published 417 days ago

On 24 February we reported here that Minoan (MIN) was on the verge of getting final sign off on its Cave Sidero project in Greece urging you to buy the shares at 6.5p. We hope you did as...

1Spatial solid trading update - buy

Published 418 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has updated that “the group has made good progress in the second half of the year” to 31st January 2016, that it “ended the period with a strong order book and pipeline of opportunities for the coming year”and that it has exercised its call option to acquire a further 26% of its US distributor Laser Scan.

Buy Frontier Resources at up to 0.075p

Published 420 days ago

This is very simple indeed. Remember Optibiotix (OPTI) which started life at 8p. It is now just over 70p and will regain the 100p level within weeks on the back of some pretty stunning newsflow. It might make sense to top up on Optibiotix while you can at these prices. But Frontier Resources (FRI) at 0.07p is Optibiotix at 8p before the fireworks. Let us explain.

Waterman Interims - all good news: buy

Published 420 days ago

Waterman Group (WTM) has announced results for its half year ended 31stDecember 2015 and that it “looks forward to the remainder of the financial year and beyond with confidence”.

Reach4Entertainment - very promising trading statement: buy

Published 422 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that “trading has continued well in the last quarter of the year, with the expected seasonal uptick in revenues” and that it “therefore expects to report revenue, EBITDA and statutory profit before tax for the full year in line with market expectations”. Good news all round.

Petroceltic - The End is Nigh

Published 422 days ago

At first I thought that Angelo Moskov of Worldview must have gone crazy to bid 3p per share for the 70% of Petroceltic (PCI) that he doesn’t already own. But I see now that there is method in his madness and that he is merely trying to remove the current management from ongoing discussions with the banks before they lose patience and pull the plug on the company. 

Amara - really bullish claims on Yaoure: buy

Published 424 days ago

Amara Mining*(AMA) has announced results of an optimised pre-feasibility study, re-emphasising that “we expect Yaoure to be among one of the lowest cost, largest new gold mines in Africa”.

New HotStockRockets share tip of month TODAY at THREE PM for £5

Published 425 days ago

Yes it is the time of the month again and so we will be publishing our share tip of the month TODAY at THREE PM and you can access it for as little as £5 HERE

Ascent - great news but more to come soon - buy!

Published 426 days ago

Ascent Resources (AST) has delivered an “update to the market on further progress towards its goal of producing gas from the Petišovci field in 2016”. It is really great news but only the start.

Stanley Gibbons - where to start?

Published 426 days ago

We start with an apology - this has been an awful share tip. If only we were Wildes or Bulletin Board Morons and got every tip 100% right. But we are human. So apologise. Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced that it “now believes that for the year to 31 March 2016 the group will report an adjusted loss before tax of between £1 million and £2 million”, that it“is in the process of raising approximately £10 million of new equity” and the appointments of a new nominated adviser & broker (finnCap) and new auditor (BDO). Hmmm.

Minoan - Gets Approval in Greece - source: BUY!

Published 427 days ago

It has only been waiting for this for about 24 years but the word on the street is that Minoan (MIN) now has all bar one signature needed for go ahead for its company breaking Cave Sidero development in Crete. And that last signature is a formality.

Jubilee Platinum - good progress update: buy

Published 427 days ago

Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has updated on progress from selling its smelting and power plant operations towards becoming a from-surface producer.

Lighthouse: good results, confident outlook, last chance to buy

Published 428 days ago

IFA network, The Lighthouse Group (LGT) has announced results for 2015 and that it “is well positioned to deliver future growth”. We are ahead on this share tip but there is more to come.

A letter to Penta & Martin Hughes at Tosca re InternetQ

Published 430 days ago

I have sent this letter. I don't expect a response on the matter of InternetQ (INTQ).

Vela, positive BTL update - Buy

Published 430 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has noted an announcement from BTL, the Canada-listed technology group in which it has a 700,000 shares (circa 5% of the current fully diluted equity) interest, that BTL has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire Xapcash Technologies Inc.

Obtala Resources - forestry update, Mr Market is wrong

Published 432 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced it has entered into agreements to secure an investment of approximately $3 million for its forestry division in return for minority interests and certain off-take rights over specified forest concessions in Mozambique.

More Salamanca news from Berkeley: the shares still a buy

Published 433 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced the commencement of a major exploration programme at its Salamanca project following an extensive geological review. The shares are a buy.

Buy Safestyle at 256p

Published 437 days ago

Investment Case: Safestyle UK (SFE) listed on AIM in December 2013 at 100p per share and has since performed well, the shares soaring to over 270p early this year. They are now however back to a current 256p offer price and a recent positive trading update suggests that they offer, particularly Income, value here - and so this is our latest Nifty Fifty share tip.

Buy Wishbone Gold at 0.31p - target 0.6p to sell

Published 437 days ago

"Oh no" you say, "not that old dog again". Yes it is that old dog with a Wishbone (WSBN) but everything changed two weeks ago with a quite transformational deal. The  market has not twigged just how transformational this deal is. The shares are a buy at 0.31p with a (cautious) target price to sell of 0.6p.

Premaitha Company chat - those 2 sets of forecasts and more: buy

Published 438 days ago

The wider market is taking a bath and Premaitha (NIPT) shares are not immune to this now at 14.5p-15p. But there are also a couple of points which are company specific and in that vein we have had a detailed chat with the company on Friday.

InternetQ, Still betting on Common Sense Over Pride.

Published 438 days ago

On Dec 14th last year I pointed out that if Toscafund and its partner Penta Capital were still happy with their madcap €104 million valuation for Akazoo, the music streaming business they bought in to last year, they could buy out the whole of InternetQ (INTQ), their majority partners, for less than half of that amount and still have the rest of its business thrown in for free.

Armadale - DFS arrives but what is needed is the funding

Published 438 days ago

At long last Armadale (ACP) has published the DFS on Mpokoto. The market seems unimpressed and the shares trade at 2.75-3.25p. A number of things stand out.

Reach4Entertainment - the Hon Put in play (again)

Published 439 days ago

It was announced this week that Gate Ventures, the totally dodgy company owned by Johnny Hon who is a total charlatan, has increased its stake in *Reach4Entertainment (R4E) by 5 million shares to 57.5 million shares - 12.12% of the equity. We think Hon is a total chancer - and that is being kind - but have noted before that him hoovering up loose stock will only accelerate the re-rating.

Berkeley Energia general update - all on track, buy at up to 25p

Published 445 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced a new company presentation and a quarterly report for the period to the end of 2015. All is on track.

Optibiotix - PR own goal, £1 million placing but still a buy

Published 445 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) yesterday announced that it had raised £1 million at 78p. It saw this as a triumph in that the investor is an EIS fund which approached it. So the shares will be held for three years and not flipped.

Better late than never.. new hot share tip on HotStockRockets TODAY for just £5

Published 446 days ago

It is February. So today we publish our January share tip of the month. You what?

Avesco Group – share tip of the year update

Published 446 days ago

Having earlier updated on my first of two tips for 2016 HERE, I now update on the second – this being international media services group Avesco (AVS) at a 227p offer price...

InterQuest Group – share tip of the year update

Published 446 days ago

Following an overall positive 2015 (see HERE), my first of two tips for 2016 was shares in specialist recruiter in technology, analytics and digital markets, InterQuest Group (ITQ) at an 82p offer price. What’s happened here so far this year? …

Strong trading update from Waterman - still a buy

Published 446 days ago

Waterman Group (WTM) has updated on “a successful interim trading period”ahead of results scheduled for 29th February.

Premaitha - good Leads from Leeds, buy

Published 448 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced a partnering with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - one of the largest in England - to provide a private non-invasive prenatal screening service for pregnant women in the region.

Ariana drilling results - getting there: buy

Published 448 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced drilling results supporting the potential for further mineralisation in the Arzu vein system of the Kiziltepe part of its Red Rabbit gold project joint venture and helping inform advanced scheduling before “open-pit mining currently planned to commence ahead of the summer”.

Entu results - look to the yield & Buy

Published 448 days ago

Provider of home improvement and energy saving & insulation products and services, Entu (UK) plc (ENTU) has announced results for its year ended 31st October 2015 - these impacted by the closure of its solar business, though with some confidence looking ahead.

Spaceandpeople strong trading update - buy

Published 449 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has updated that “trading in the second half of 2015 was in line with management expectations”, that it intends to propose a 10% increased dividend per share of 2.2p and that with an “announcement of a new relationship with British Land we have had a positive start to 2016”

Purecircle, A Mad Valuation for an Unsuccessful Commodity Play with an Awful Track Record - sell

Published 451 days ago

Readers may recall that my nap bear for 2014 was Purecircle (PURE), the natural sweetener company, at 610p. It ended the year at 510p and was also my main bear tip for 2015. It finished last year at 410p for a 33% decline in two years. Not bad but nothing spectacular.

(Good) Yaoure News from Amara - buy

Published 451 days ago

Following a mineral resource update for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire in November and capital and cost estimates generated in a pre-feasibility study announced in May,  Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced an increase in the portion of higher confidence (‘Measured’ and ‘Indicated’) resources which fall within a designed project pit (‘mineral reserve’ and here based on an optimised pit shell corresponding to a gold price of $880 per ounce).

Very impressive drilling news from Berkeley - buy

Published 452 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced results from a three hole drilling programme at its Zona 7 deposit – which have highlighted “a possible extension to the mineralisation at depth”

We dont publish share tips often but we publish at 2.30 PM TODAY

Published 453 days ago

I was asked the other day how, on the Nifty Fifty website, we managed to deliver such impressive returns when most AIM shares have done so dreadfully? It is a fair questi

Petropavlovsk - Q4 Trading update: Buy

Published 455 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on its fourth quarter and full-year 2015 performance and what its strategy, “focused on the group deleveraging and on cash cost optimisation”, means for 2016.

Interquest Trading update - buy

Published 457 days ago

InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that “trading for the financial year ended 31 December 2015 was in line with market expectations” and that it is “encouraged by the continued growth we are experiencing and the exciting initiatives of our new executive management team”

Sell Petroceltic at 15p - Equity Worth Nothing like £27m

Published 457 days ago

As I learned last year to my cost on three occasions, it is better to short a share after rather than before it is subject to a takeover bid. For this reason, I goodly waited until Friday’s announcement by Worldview Capital before selling Petroceltic short.

Plexus Holdings – kudos to Lucian Miers, "very significant" profit warning…

Published 457 days ago

Kudos to Lucian Miers – as Plexus Holdings (POS), recently identified by him HERE as, due to the current climate, looking to have hit a brick wall has announced that it “has seen a significant slowdown in planned activity by its customers… the company's financial results for the year to 30 June 2016… will be very significantly below market expectations”. The shares are down as a result from the 125p of Lucian’s piece and a prior close of 122.75p to currently struggling above 70p…

Petropavlovsk - IRC update: we remain buyers

Published 458 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has notified UK Investors of a further announcement from IRC Ltd, the Hong Kong-listed industrial commodities company in which it is a significant shareholder.

Distil - very pleasing trading update, still a buy

Published 459 days ago

Distil plc (DIS) has announced, despite a reduction in sales of Blavod Black Vodka in Eastern Europe, strong overall volume and sales performance in its third (October–December) quarter.

Fox Marble Trading update - buy

Published 460 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that 2015 reported sales are expected to be around a self-declared “disappointing” €230,000, but that the outlook for 2016 is much more promising indeed. And that is why the shares are a buy. This has been a poor share tip to date but now is a time to average down big time.

Reach4Entertainment - I reveal that the Hon Put was in play today

Published 461 days ago

One of the reasons I'm so happy we hold Reach4Entertainment (R4E) shares and in having this as a share tip (HERE) is the Hon Put which came into play today.

Very pleasing trading update from K3 Business where we are well over 100% ahead - more to come

Published 461 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that “profitability for the first half is expected to show a significant increase year-on-year in line with management expectations” and that it“remains well positioned to attain market forecasts for the financial year, with high levels of recurring revenues as well as a strong pipeline of prospects”

New hot share tip on HotStockRockets Today at 2PM - are we crazy?

Published 462 days ago

The stockmarket has been heading only one way so far this year, RBS says you should sell everthing and it is tempting to just bury one's head in the sand. So maybe we are crazy? No we are not - the time to buy is when there is blood on the streets and everyone is panicking. And right now that seems to sum up the stockmarket. And that is why we will be publishing a new hot share tip at 2 PM on TODAY, 20th January and you can access that share tip for as little as £5 HERE

Ariana Resources drill news, good news

Published 462 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced drilling results “which demonstrate the potential of the Kizilcukur project to contain a resource that may become a higher-grade satellite operation to the Kiziltepe mine, which is in construction”

Solid but upbeat trading update from FDM, buy case intact

Published 463 days ago

Our most recent share tip, FDM Group (FDM) has updated that it maintained its strong performance in the second half of 2015 and expects to deliver full-year results slightly ahead of the board's expectations” as well as that “we enter 2016 with good momentum and I am confident that the year will see further progress for the group”

Premaitha - good news from the NHS

Published 463 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has welcomed the UK National Screening Committee recommendation to routinely offer non-invasive prenatal testing on the NHS to high-risk pregnant women, noting “this is the first time that non-invasive prenatal testing will be routinely available to high risk pregnant women on the NHS and sets a precedent that we expect other countries to follow in the near future” and that“Premaitha is uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of non-invasive prenatal testing to the NHS”

Minoan off on what appears false report - buy

Published 463 days ago

Shares in Minoan (MIN) fell to 6.5p yesterday on the back of a Greek press report whch appears to be false. It reads:

Begbies Red Flag Report, no shocks - reinforces buy case

Published 464 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on research (which chimes with our current view) of “a difficult 2016” ahead for UK companies. This follows the ‘Red Flag Alert research’ of this, the UK's leading independent insolvency firm, showing businesses ending 2015 in a challenging financial state and noting a difficult combination of factors for 2016.

Optibiotix - major news out, folks not twigging this is Slimfast! - buy ahead of next news

Published 465 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) last week announced a potentially massive deal with Slimfast. But no-one seems to have noticed as the deal anounced is with KSF Acquisition Ltd. Investors appear to be saying KSF who? 

Plexus at 125p has much further to fall

Published 465 days ago

Celebrations must have been somewhat muted last month at oil services group Plexus PLC (POS) as it celebrated its tenth birthday on AIM. Things have got worse since then and unfortunately there is little sign of relief. 

Avesco cracking results, we are 100% + ahead but still a buy at up to 240p

Published 469 days ago

Avesco (AVS) has announced results from a “record breaking year for the group with operating profit even higher than in 2012 when we had the benefit of the London Olympics in our home territory”, that it “has exchanged contracts for the sale of the freehold land and buildings at its television studios in Wembley” and that “we expect to be able to continue our drive to increase profitability, to generate cash and to grow dividends”.

1Spatial deal with HERE - Buy.

Published 469 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced “a strategic partnership with HERE, a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences to deliver high grade map content to the enterprise market”

Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Bacanora Minerals, Polo Resources, Sainsbury

Published 469 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Bacanora Minerals (BCN), Polo Resources (POL) and J Sainsbury (SBRY) setting share price targets for all three stocks.

Life Science Developments we say bank gains (63% for us) and sell

Published 472 days ago

We recommended shares in Life Science Developments (LIFE) in October at 2.15p and up to 2.25p, with a 3p target to sell by Christmas. It took a tiny bit longer for them to reach the target but still...

HSS the risk reward favours the bears

Published 472 days ago

Next week will mark the first anniversary of the announcement by private equity owned HSS Hire Group (HSS) of its intention to float on the London Stock Exchange.

Premaitha - Illumina are pests but the stance is buy

Published 473 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has noted an announcement from Illumina, Inc. of patent infringement suits against Premaitha's customer in Poland and Ariosa Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Roche, and their customer, The Doctors Laboratory, in the UK, while reiterating that it “continues to make a robust defence against earlier claims by Illumina and the board is confident that the IONA test does not infringe the patents as claimed in the earlier cases or in relation to today's announcement”

Buy FDM Group at a 530p offer

Published 474 days ago

Investment Case: Despite in its current form only listing last year, principally IT personnel provider FDM Group (FDM) is a company we have have previously followed – its shares having previously been on AIM before the group was taken private in 2010. The shares were re-listed, this time on the main market, in June 2014 at 287p and exceeded 575p a couple of months ago before slipping back to a current 530p offer price. This makes its operational growth momentum and (growing) dividend interesting and sees the shares now rated as a buy.

Minoan news from Crete is good - buy

Published 476 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has updated that on its proposed leisure & tourism project in Crete it “has been advised that the process for approving the presidential decree, which resembles an outline planning consent, is now reaching its final stages” and that joint venture and some share option terms have been amended.

Why Not Get Totalled? This Zippy Post Hospital Care Firm may Cure My Losses After All.

Published 478 days ago

Hello Share Smackers. About years ago, I invested in a little health care contractor, called Totally (TLY). It was on a share tip from Uncle Tom.

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year No 7 - Buy Premaitha at 18.5p - target 30p

Published 479 days ago

Ok this was one of my less successful share tips of the year for 2015 but this time it really will come good. That will be the prompt for guffaws of laughter from Wildes, who is currently sitting on a sinking lifeboat from the doomed SS LGO Energy. But he who laughs last... 

Tom Winnifrith's sixth share tip of the year - sell Afriag at 0.15p - target 0p

Published 479 days ago

Throughout the Christmas period one of the two principals of AIM listed Afriag (AFRI) has trolled me on twitter, sending me almost 150 tweets accusing me of extortion, taking bribes, of being a coke addict, a drunk, having no qualifications other than serving pizza, of being mad - based on the fact that my mother killed herself- , etc. Yusuf also offered me a bribe to buy shares in Afriag. He has failed to answer critical questions about Afriag (AFRI) and today came up with the most lamentable excuse yet for not answering.

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 5 - sell LGO Energy at 0.265p

Published 480 days ago

This company is on the precipice. It needs to raise £5-6 million in emergency equity to keep going and everything is going against it. The best case for LGO Energy (LGO) is mega dilution from whatever is a confetti issuing machine, but an equally plausible outcome is insolvency.

Lucian Miers 2nd share tip of the year - sell Avanti Communications at 171p offer - target as low as 0p

Published 482 days ago

On December 17 Avanti Communications (AVN) served up a quarterly update. From its bombastic CEO David Williams, a man who not only admits to, but boasts of, misleading erarly stage investors with a fake demonstration, there was the usual mix of bluster and misleading metrics. The only thing that commends Avanti is that it never fails to miss operating targets - it is, in this respect, the most consistent company on AIM.

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 4 - Sell Fast Forward Innovations at 17p

Published 482 days ago

A reader posted on our comments section: "Ive also just bought into FFWD. Tom why can't you tip this for 2016 instead of repeat tips on OPTI and NIPT?" Hmmm well I am sure that Optiobiotix shares will race ahead ( 100p + within weeks after the next deal is announced) and that Premaitha will announce new contracts and that it is passed the inflexion point of cash breakeven soon and that its shares will head to 30p+. That is why I tip them as buys. You want me to tip shares that will go up ,right? But your wish is my command and so I will also tip FastForward Innovations. But as a sell at 17p.

Malcolm Stacey's share tips of the year Number 2 - buy Royal & Sun Alliance

Published 482 days ago

Let me confess. The main reason I choose the old Royal Insurance, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) as my second New Year tip is that it has a good chance of being taken over in the next twelve months. 

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 3 - Buy Reach4Entertainment at 1.5p

Published 482 days ago

There is no doubt that Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has been a total dog of an investment for many a year. But it goes into 2016 in great shape. We have bought shares in the market at 1.4p and 1.45p. I reckon the shares are going to 3.5-4.5p within two years and as such this is my 3rd tip of the year.

Lucian Miers share tips of the year Number 1: Sell InternetQ at 61.25p, target price 0p

Published 483 days ago

In the end it all comes down to cash. Good companies generate it. Bad companies run out and in the end go bust. The shares go to 0p. And that brings me to Greece based InternetQ (INTQ) which - as a sell - is my first share tip of the year.

Gary Newman's share tip of the year Number 2 - Buy Distil

Published 484 days ago

My first share tip for 2016 was a large FTSE250 oil and mining company, but my second one is at the other end of the shares scale and in a less volatile sector.

Zak Mir's share tips of the year Number 2 - Buy Egdon Resources

Published 485 days ago

2015 was the year when (at least for now), I had to swallow my disappointment regarding there possibly not being 1 billion barrels of oil under Gatwick airport. But it was the year when the long awaited shale gas / fracking revolution looked to be finally getting underway. While there are doubts about the possible environmental effects, poisoning aquifers, and of course the not in my back yard syndrome, the fact is that The Treasury needs the money to fund money guzzling organisations such as the NHS.

HotStockRockets share tip now out 8.30 AM Tuesday

Published 485 days ago

I had overlooked that today was another lazy Britain day - that is to say a Bank Holiday. Thus the HotStockRockets share tip scheduled for 3 PM today is postponed lest one of our readers feels the need to blab to the Bulletin Boards. It will go live instead at 8.30 AM Tuesday so paying readers get to buy first. You can access the website for as little as £5 ahead of that share tip HERE

Zak Mir's share tips of the year Number 1 - Buy Bacanora Minerals

Published 485 days ago

Firstly, as it is the season of goodwill and to celebrate the fact I managed to get to December 23rd without buying anyone a present, Bacanora Minerals is my stock to revisit. This is partly a tribute to the late, great David Lenigas, formerly the King of Aim. His abdication from the throne last week

Gary Newman's share tips of the year Number 1 - Buy Vedanta

Published 485 days ago

Vedanta (VED) is a company that I have been consistently wrong about over the past year or so, but which I still like! Like pretty much any resource stock its shares have been slaughtered over the past 12 months, having traded in the mid 550s at the start of the year, as opposed to the current share price in the 280p range. That means its market cap has taken a hit of in the region of £770 million.

Tom Winnifrith's share tip of the year Number 2 - Sell Rare Earth Minerals at 0.7p

Published 486 days ago

There are number of reasons why Rare Earth Minerals (REM) is a slam dunk sell. So many that it is hard to know where to begin. But we might as well start with the macro scene and a very important article that appeared on this website a few minutes ago.

Nigel Somerville's share tips of the year Number 1 - Sell Igas

Published 487 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Igas (IGAS) have been heading south for almost two years. First we had the oil price coming off sharply. Then we had the Equities First scandal involving the former CEO selling shares when the market was told he was buying. And then the oil price slid some more. In early 2014 the shares peaked at 160p and it has been downhill all the way since then. The Christmas Eve close at 18.5p values the company at £55.3 million (source: ADVFN). But there is much further to go. Here are ten reasons why.

Doc Holiday's share tip of the year Number 1 - buy New World Oil & Gas

Published 487 days ago

After an annus horribilis for New World Oil (NEW) in 2015 which (to put it midly) has been engulfed by shady business, things now appear to be looking up for shareholders as Adam Reynolds '' front man supremo '' and corporate sanitiser Nick Lee join the board to help clean up and vend in a more attractive proposition.

Chris Bailey's share tip of the year number 2 - Buy DS Smith

Published 487 days ago

Unless you want to stop the conversation dead one tip for a smooth running social gathering event is never to mention corrugated board or packaging. Nevertheless in the ever more consumer convenience world we all live in such products become intimately aligned with ecommerce and retailer brand differentiator trends and that’s why corrugated board and packaging are growing faster than underlying GDP.

Steve Moore's share tip of the year number 2 - buy Avesco

Published 488 days ago

On 11th June 2015 it was announced that the Chairman of international media services group Avesco (AVS), Richard Murray, had sold 540,000 shares in the company at 175p each

Malcolm Stacey's share tip of the year No 1 - buy Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 488 days ago

I can’t exactly remember which New Year shares I tipped last year. But I recall that one of them Zytronic (ZYT) which does wonders with touch technology, was a cracking performer - I got a gold star for it in the performance table!

Chris Bailey's share tip of the year No 1 - Buy BHP Billiton

Published 488 days ago

My first tip of the year has to come attached with a mea culpa.  I tipped BHP Billiton (BLT) at 1000p a share a few months ago and after a suitable disclosure delay bought stock.  Since then I have also bought shares below 900p, below 800p and reasonably recently below 700p per share.  The clock does not completely reset with a new year but for those investors who joined me in investing at around the 1000p a share level I offer my apologies…but also my advice to double up now. 

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year No 1 - Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.7p offer

Published 489 days ago

You have, by now, read my macro calls for 2016 which you may or may not have dismissed as complete mumbo jumbo but I hope they make sense. You will see that I expect the gold price to pick up during the next 12 months. Not to rocket but to improve and that makes Petropavlovsk (POG) at a 6.7p offer a very obvious first tip of the year.

Steve Moore's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Interquest at 82p

Published 489 days ago

Specialist recruiter in technology, analytics and digital markets, InterQuest Group (ITQ) was a Tom Winnifrith tip for 2015 where, despite the company last month updating that “trading has continued to be strong and in line with management expectations”, the shares haven’t performed as hoped (TW don't rub it in or its a P45 for January). However, with the valuation now looking much too harsh, a new Chief Financial Officer now in position and a new CEO appointed (to start on 4th January), this is my first tip for 2016. 

Robert Tyerman's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Kefi Minerals at 0.32p

Published 489 days ago

For an out-and-out counter-cyclical punt, one company that commends itself is bombed-out Kefi Minerals (KEFI), which has been assembling investors' support for developing its Tulu Kapi gold project, holding an estimated 1.7 million oz. in western Ethiopia. At 0.32p, the shares have plunged from 2006's AIM float price of 3p and a 12-month high of 1.32p, reflecting the fact that gold itself at $1,069 an ounce is not far from 50-% off its historic peaks, while the company, steered by seasoned Australian mining player, Harry Anagnastoras-Adams, former boss of fellow AIM  counter EMED Mining, now renamed Atalaya, will need around $120 million (£80 million) to bring Tulu KapiI, not perhaps in the safest part of the world, into production by its targeted start date in the first quarter of 2017. 

Waterman AGM update - its good news: buy

Published 494 days ago

A stock we tipped the other day on our Nifty Fifty site, Waterman Group (WTM) has updated in conjunction with its AGM that “we have experienced continued growth in our markets during the first five months of the current financial year. The board looks forward to announcing further progress when our half year results are issued in February 2016”

Premaitha - interims and more: buy at up to 24p

Published 494 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2015, that “we have a good pipeline of prospects and we are confident that we will continue to build our revenues throughout the forthcoming period” and an up to £5 million loan facility from $17 billion revenue science company Thermo Fisher.

Armadale Capital fund raise: disappointing but Buy ( we have)

Published 494 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has announced a 3p per share placing to raise gross proceeds of £0.42 million to support the next steps in the development of the company’s Mpokoto gold project, “including completion of the definitive feasibility study, continued ground works at the site, as well as providing general working capital”

GLI Finance fund raise and new dividend policy: average down & buy

Published 504 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) last week announced fundraising proposals and a dividend policy for going forward. We recently noted the possibility of new funding being raised, and the company has now published a prospectus for a new class of zero dividend preference shares at an issue price of 100p each and noted that it is also considering a possible issue of convertible unsecured bonds.

Buy Fastnet Equity at 2.25p

Published 506 days ago

This is really the simplest share tip we will ever make. And it is something of a nil brainer. The trade is to buy shares in Fastnet Equity (FAST) at a 2.25p offer and at up to 2.5p with a target to sell at 3p.

Premaitha - 3 year vote of confidence from France: buy

Published 510 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced Adgenix as its exclusive distributor in France and that Adgenix has already signed up its first laboratory customer - with a “contract for a minimum of three years to supply LaboSud with the IONA test”

Berkeley Energia - upgrade

Published 511 days ago

The now-named Berkeley Energia (BKY) has updated that “optimisation studies have commenced on the Salamanca project which are expected to reduce the operating costs making it amongst the world's lowest cost uranium producers once developed”

GLI Finance NAV update - buy

Published 513 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated on its net asset value per share performance – reporting it to be 52.30p as at 30th September 2015. This represents a slight decrease of 0.34% from 52.48p as at 30th June, though compares to a current share price of 44.5p.

Tungsten heading for Penny Share status. Sell at 39p

Published 514 days ago

Since Tungsten Corporation’s  (TUNG) share price peaked around 400p just over a year ago, prompting its then boss, Edi Truell to brag about the £400 millionn Market cap at the AGM, the market retribution has been savage and unrelenting. The shares are down over ninety percent and that’s after raising a further £30mn in the markets. (Memo to CEOs out there: Never brag about your shareprice)

Obtala - good news from the farm: the shares are a buy

Published 514 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced the signing of heads of terms for a venture in which it will have a 70% interest to develop a commercial farming operation over an additional 1,265 hectares in Tanzania.

IS Solutions, cracking interims but so big is the profit on this share tip that...

Published 517 days ago

IS Solutions (ISL) has announced results for the six months ended 30th September 2015, together with some boardroom changes and that “the board remains very encouraged and expects the company to deliver results comfortably in line with current market expectations for the year ending 31 March 2016”. But...

Armadale Capital...a very good rumble from the jungle

Published 517 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has updated on progress at its primary project Mpokoto, “which remains on track to commence production in H1 2016”

React - bolt ons, good news: another Adam Reynolds stock to buy

Published 519 days ago

Having, since August AIM admission, looked at “a number” of potential bolt-on acquisitions to broaden its product offering, REACT Group  (REAT) has announced “the expansion of its service offerings into Licensed Asbestos Removal and Occupational Hygiene Services”.

Interquest - management issues sorted: buy

Published 521 days ago

Following the summer resignations of its CEO and CFO, we maintained faith in technology specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ). It has now followed a recent announcement of an appointment of a new CEO, with news that it has also reached agreement with a new CFO.

African Potash – when’s the placing?

Published 521 days ago

Things have gone a bit quiet at cash strapped African Potash (AFPO) since a raft of bullish announcements lifted the shares tenfold a couple of months ago.

R4E - placing and refinancing and chat with Nigel Wray ( we buy shares)

Published 528 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) announced on Friday the terms of a conditional, including on 2nd December General Meeting approval, placing and bank refinancing. We have this morning made a chunky (for us) investment in the shares (ie we bought in the market).

Avanti Communications offers salvation for Globo Shareholders

Published 530 days ago

Of the many lessons to be learned from the Globo (GBO) fiasco, perhaps the most salient is the danger of deriving comfort from institutional purchases. In the final days, as an obscure  German fund named Forum was hoovering up stock (the founder’s stock, as it later transpired) a lot of impressionable punters were doubtless persuaded not to sell and maybe even “average down” on the basis that these guys are professionals and therefore “must have done due diligence” 

Victoria PLC A Carpet Maker Overdue for a Shagging?

Published 534 days ago

Of the many odd fish that swim in the murky waters of AIM, they don’t come a lot odder than Victoria PLC (VCP).

Shoe Zone - director sales, hmmmmm

Published 535 days ago

Following a recent positive trading update, Shoe Zone (SHOE) announced a £4.74 million sale of shares by CEO Anthony Smith and COO Charles Smith, with a purchase of rather less by the wife of CFO Nick Davis.

K3 Business Technology – share tip of the year update, where now?

Published 538 days ago

Towards the end of last year, I wrote that my first tip of the year for 2015 was K3 Business Technology (KBT) at a 225p offer price (for my most recent updates on my other two see HERE and HERE), with I concluding that I sensed that 2015 is the year when everything really falls into place at K3 – see HERE. I now update with the shares currently at around 350p…

Berkeley Energy - cracking news from Salamanca: target price raised

Published 539 days ago

In an announcement entitled “Zona 7 transforms Salamanca project economics”, Berkeley Energy (BKY) has announced the results of a pre-feasibility study which shows “the project now has a Net Present Value of $871.3 million (£580.9 million) with an internal rate of return of 93% based on a discount rate of 8% and a long term uranium price of $65 per pound”

APR Energy Mea Culpa and more drivel from African Potash

Published 541 days ago

I am abroad at the moment and the London Stock market doesn’t kick off until 3PM my time. This has its drawbacks as I have recently found myself reading twitter and bulletin boards while I await the open.  Although I am not a particularly sensitive soul I do feel rather cross when I read the perfectly beastly things being said about me.

Distil Interims, on track just be patient

Published 542 days ago

Distil plc (DIS) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2015 and “that a leading group of supermarkets has listed RedLeg Spiced Rum for 700 of its largest stores throughout the UK in time for the Christmas period”

The Best £5 you will spend this week… Hot share tip out 1.45PM TODAY

Published 545 days ago

Some folks never make mistakes with shares. They are the heroes of the Bulletin Boards.  You read their boasts all the time. So that is why they are still living in Council Houses trading parcels of £500 worth of shares. Yes they are making it all up. In the real world everyone gets it wrong some time. The hard thing is admitting it and acting on it fast.

Petropavlovsk Trading statement - all on track: buy

Published 549 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated that it “successfully achieved its Q3 production levels” and “is confidently following its repayment schedule and expects to stay within its financial covenants at the year-end results” - good news!

Minoan - good news from Greece

Published 549 days ago

With no operational news flow since we last updated in July,  shares in Minoan Group (MIN) slid back recently towards 6p. However, they are now again moving ahead, with the company understanding that the process of the draft presidential decree for its Cave Sidero resort project in Crete being endorsed by the relevant Ministers prior to being issued by the President “is now under way”

1Spatial contract win, on track: buy

Published 549 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a “strategic contract win” with its associate Laser Scan Inc to provide geospatial solutions to a US Federal Government Agency.

Obtala - demerger update: good news

Published 549 days ago

Commenting on last month’s interim results from Obtala Resources (OBT),  we noted a potentially further and major catalyst in the company’s Mozambique timber business and it has now announced that, having reviewed how best to crystallise and maximise the inherent value of this business, it has commenced a process to list it as a separately quoted company on AIM during the first quarter of 2016.

Teathers Financial punts £100,000 on Lenigas Cuba, hmmmmm

Published 554 days ago

Teathers Financial (TEA) has announced it has made a £100,000 investment at 2p per share in Leni Gas Cuba Ltd. Hmmm…

African Potash. Another Non Profit Organisation for Chris Cleverly to run - sell

Published 555 days ago

Last week, when writing about joke silver prospect Arian (AGQ), I promised to highlight another miner with almost ten times the market cap and even lowlier prospects.

Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.47p - target price to sell within 3 years 19p

Published 556 days ago

Investment Case: As noted last month with Berkeley Energy, it is not a surprise to see eye-watering share price declines over previous years for stocks with sector: “Mining”. Shares in *Petropavlovsk plc, formerly Peter Hambro Mining, (POG) have particularly suffered – they down from more than 400p at the commencement of 2011 and more than 100p at the commencement of 2013 to a current 6.47p offer price – amidst a combination of sector-wide and company-specific challenges, the latter including a vast debt pile. However, a recent refinancing and refocusing – with production now being optimised from a cash generation point of view – now offer the promise of a decent recovery from current levels and the shares are a buy…the target price to sell is 19p within three years.

Premaitha - average down - buy

Published 563 days ago

Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced an agreement with the leading distributor of scientific products in Greece (Antisel SA) to provide its IONA test to clinical laboratories in the region and that it has been informed that American company Illumina, Inc. has added a third patent to its suit against it. Buy, sell or hold?

APR Energy: I am inconvenienced but not out of the game

Published 563 days ago

As a timely reminder that short selling is not all plain sailing right now, I have been somewhat inconvenienced by the sharp rise in the shares of APR Energy (APR) on the news that 18% shareholder Fairfax Financial along with 11% owner Albright Capital Management and an entity named ACON Investments may make an offer.

Berkeley Energy - updated JORC resource: very good news!

Published 563 days ago

Berkeley Energy (BKY) has announced an updated JORC compliant mineral resource and reiterated that “the inclusion of the important Zona 7 deposit is expected to fundamentally improve the economics of the Salamanca project, even at current uranium prices, by significantly increasing the mine life, the production rates and by reducing the operating costs”

Arian Silver - always bet against a company with a death spiral

Published 564 days ago

I was all set to recommend selling Arian Silver (AGQ) when it popped to 12p the other day for no apparent reason. It’s now 8p to sell and despite a lowly market cap of £2.8 million  the shares are likely to trade much lower.

Optibiotix - funny old day, wait for the next news

Published 567 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced the registration of five new microbial strains under the Budapest Treaty, increasing the number of registrations to eight, to protect the “recent advances” the company notes to have made.

New hot share tip out today – this can’t wait – catch it for a fiver

Published 568 days ago

This was not in our schedule but there is a new hot tip out on HotStockRockets today. It just cant wait.  The aim is to bag a very quick 30% so we are not hanging around. You can access that tip for just a fiver HERE

We are going to tip a gold share TODAY for the first time in 2 years, don’t miss out

Published 569 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore write: Owning gold shares for the past three years has been investment hara-kiri. Portfolios have been slaughtered and with Glencore shares collapsing there really is blood on the mining streets right now. That’s our cue. On our Nifty Fifty website we are tipping a gold share TODAY and we see the shares trebling within two years.

Optiobiotix – Human Study Results – Buy - NEAR TERM target towards 60p

Published 570 days ago

Optiobiotix (OPTI) last weekreleased the much awaited results of the human trials. Or rather it has not. Mr Market has not twigged this at all. The shares are a buy at 42p or below as we expect them to be heading towards 60p VERY quickly.

Symphony Interims - buy

Published 570 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that “with a growing pipeline of customer-led development projects together with a global need to resolve plastic pollution and everyday contamination from bacteria, infestation etc., the group is well placed to benefit although, and as previously reported, we remain cautious with the timing of revenue growth”

Buy Lighthouse at a 9.5p offer

Published 570 days ago

Investment Case: Shares in UK financial adviser Lighthouse Group plc (LGT) are only now returning to levels of 2011 with its industry having faced a period of unprecedented change in recent years from the likes of the Retail Distribution Review. However, resulting challenges look to now be giving way to opportunities – and though the share price has already risen strongly this year, to a current 9.5p offer, there looks decent growth and income upside still to come.

Buy Armadale Capital at a 4p offer - shares to double by Christmas

Published 571 days ago

Armadale Capital (ACP) has a dog of a stockmarket history, it is a AIM listed mining junior and its shares have slumped by 25% since it published a trading update a week or so ago. So that makes it..... a stonking buy ahead of a cracking three months of newsflow and because the numbers are so compelling.

Universe Group - cracking contract win - still upside in the shares

Published 571 days ago

Updating on interim results from Universe Group (UNG) a few days ago,  we noted that a second half weighting does mean elevated risk to forecasts, though management’s quiet confidence reassured. On Friday the company has announced “a major contract with Conviviality Retail Plc, the UK's largest franchised off-licence and convenience store chain with the Bargain Booze fascia”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 October - plagued by Zak Mir, a fuckwit PR Girl & Paragon owning twitter morons

Published 572 days ago

I had sme great news just now but cannot share it with you. On the other hand my day has been cursed. PR girl fuckwits calling during bearcast, Paragon Diamonds (PRG) owning morons on twitter and above all - since flip flop is on holiday - I have to sub Zak Mir's copy. Please God what have I done to deserve this? I comment on Paragon, Churchill Mining (CHL), Forte Energy (FTE), LGO Energy (LGO), Golden Saint Resources (GSR), Horizonte Minerals (HZM) and the loons who love CEB Resources (CEB) and why they are loons. I am now off to work on a cracking new mining share tip for Monday on the Nifty Fifty.

China Fraud Camkids goes onto AIM Casino Death Row – Nomad quits, shares suspended

Published 576 days ago

And it is another kill for the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff of AIM – China fraud Camkids (CAMK) is now on death row with its shares suspended as Allenby this morning quit as Nomad with immediate effect. The lying tossers at Camkids could not even tell that straight – the RNS stated “Change of adviser”. It meant, the adviser had quit as it finally accepted this was a nailed down slam dunk fraud. It gets worse.

SpaceandPeople Interims, French news and all on track

Published 577 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and a pilot contract for its Mobile Promotional Kiosk with one of the largest retail owners in the French market.

The Best £5 you will spend this week… we screwed up on our last share tip

Published 579 days ago

Some folks never make mistakes with shares. They are the heroes of the Bulletin Boards.  You read their boasts all the time. So that is why they are still living in Council Houses trading parcels of £500 worth of shares. Yes they are making it all up. In the real world everyone gets it wrong some time. The hard thing is admitting it and acting on it fast.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 25 September - hot gossip on Andrew "piggy" Austin ex IGAS

Published 579 days ago

In this podcast I have hot gossip concerning ex IGAS (IGAS) boss Andrew "Piggy" Austin - I know that Wildes will be shouting karma!  I also look at Ultima Networks (UTN), Jiasen (JSI) and Bagir (BAGR) and have a snippet of information on Sefton (SER) regarding Jimmyliar Ellerton and foxy Carol

Tungsten AGM and Q1 Trading Statement. No Sign of Encouragement - still a short

Published 579 days ago

As predicted recently, this week's Tungsten (TUNG)  AGM statement and first quarter trading statement did nothing to suggest that there is a viable business there and underlined the difficult predicament facing hapless CEO, Richard Hurwitz, who has been tasked with clearing up the mess left by  former boss, the wannabe disrupter and visionary, Edi Truell.

GLI Finance - launches closed end fund - shares are a buy (yield 9.5%)

Published 582 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced that “it has successfully launched GLI Alternative Finance plc, a closed end fund focusing on a loan portfolio diversified by geography, asset class, duration and security”

K3 Business Technology – tip of the year & research updates

Published 583 days ago

Having more recently updated on tips of the year Vislink plc HERE and Impellam Group HERE, I now update on my other selection following some recent announcements and research updates…

Buy Berkeley Energy at a 21p offer

Published 585 days ago

Investment Case: Sector: “Mining”. Therefore, it is not a surprise that, having been above 100p just over 4½ years ago and 30p 2½ years ago, shares in what was Berkeley Resources, now Berkeley Energy (BKY), traded down towards 11p earlier this year. However, the last few months have seen a recovery to a current 21p offer price

Buy Premaitha Health at a 20p offer, 
says Tom Winnifrith

Published 586 days ago

This was not going to be my tip in the recently published book "The Magnificent 7" which you can download for free HERE. I was set to tip Optibiotix (OPTI) at c40p. Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me since we own shares in the company) the share price has raced ahead to a 48p offer. I still think that they could head much higher and Zak Mir reckons that Optibiotix shares will be 60p by October. I think, that is what a chartist terms a long term view.

Distil - very positive trading update, shares still a buy

Published 586 days ago

Owner of premium drinks brands, Distil plc (DIS) has updated on “a continuation” of the positive trend from its AGM update in July.

K3 Results, company chat - all looking good, we are 100% ahead on our share tip - more to come

Published 587 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2015 and what it describes as“a major contract win for its ‘ax l is fashion’ solution”. The following updates post a chat with the management of a company where we are c100% ahead on our share tip. There is more to come...

Globo – look at the small print: I stay short

Published 589 days ago

Monday’s statement from Globo (GBO) was clearly designed to put the best possible gloss on the fact that its attempt, signalled in June, to raise $180 million in the junk bond market is foundering.

APR Energy - look at the small print: I stay short

Published 589 days ago

It is always worth looking at the small print, the notes at the back of an annual report. The following gem appears in the (unaudited) interim statement prepared by APR Energy’s (APR) auditors, Deloitte, stating that:

After five years it is time to nibble at mining stocks once more – new hot tip from Tom Winnifrith TODAY

Published 589 days ago

For the past five years owning shares in mining companies has been investment suicide. And in three years on the Nifty Fifty website Steve Moore and I have tipped just three mining stocks and now follow just one. Avoiding the sector has helped us deliver returns averaging more than 20% per annum. But now we are planning to tip a mining stock TODAY.

New World Oil & Gas – enter Adam Reynolds, salvation awaits

Published 592 days ago

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has yet to comment but the New World Oil & Gas action Group (NWOG) announced that it had proposed that company rescuer Adam Reynolds and 2 pals join the board at the AGM later this month while 2 existing directors step down.

Tern and Tungsten. The Penny has Further to Drop

Published 592 days ago

Last week I warned about overvalued AIM listed Tech promotion Tern (TERN) PLC at 26p. The shares are currently 19p so it does look as is sentiment and momentum has finally turned (excuse the pun)

Fox Marble Interims - buy

Published 592 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that, whilst frustrated by operational setbacks experienced, remains “confident of fulfilling our plans”.

InterQuest Interims - Very much on track: buy

Published 596 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that “we enter the second half of 2015 with positive momentum, positioned well to capitalise on the opportunities in the second half of the year and beyond”.

Faroe Petroleum looks a good North Sea bet

Published 597 days ago

North Sea oil is hardly something that I would generally be rushing to put money into at the moment. The collapse in the price of Brent has led to lots of job cuts recently and cutbacks in the development of new assets – some of which are no longer viable at current oil prices. But some companies might be, including possibly Faroe Petroleum (FPM).

SpaceandPeople great contract win - another share tip looking good

Published 598 days ago

Having announced in June its selection by Network Rail as preferred bidder for the Concourse Exhibitions, Events & Distributions contract, 71.5p per share July share tip SpaceandPeople (SAL) has now announced the signing of the five year contract, sending its shares currently more than 12% higher on the news to 86.5p.

Asiamet Interims - buy

Published 598 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS), the former Kalimantan Gold, has announced results for the first half of 2015 emphasising that “the near surface nature of the copper mineralization at the Beruang Kanan Main deposit, coupled together with a recently discovered high grade zone and positive results from initial copper leaching test work demonstrate excellent potential for the development of a low strip ratio open pit, heap leach copper mine on the property”.

Vela results are good and we are well up on this share tip but there is more to go for

Published 599 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and reiterated that “based either on valuation events or the market value of portfolio investments, the board of Vela believes the value of the underlying portfolio is significantly higher than the value attributed by the market to Vela at this current time”

Sell Tern at 26.5p

Published 600 days ago

Mug punters in search of get rich quick opportunities on the seedy AIM casino seem to have abandoned resource stocks  for the moment which is no surprise given the price of gold, oil and the general slump in commodities. China Frauds also seem to have lost their lustre.

IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap

Published 600 days ago

Noting a little changed share price in 2015 despite continuing positive progress, we tipped shares in IS Solutions (ISL) on our Nifty Fifty website at a 56p offer price in May.  They had since been little changed, but a trading update has now changed that – with they currently approaching 35% higher on its back at 69p-71p. So far so good...

New World Oil & Gas interims - buy at 0.07p

Published 600 days ago

New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has announced interim results – noting “as a result of the Placing and Open Offer that concluded in July 2015, the company's cash position (as at closing of business on 28 August 2015), stands at approximately US$4,479,266”. This equates to a current £2.93 million.

Oscar Wilde Was Dead Right - But Only for Big Established Companies. Ref. RBS

Published 602 days ago

Hello Share Fans. As most shares seem to be falling these days most of the time, it’s probably not the time to bring you any red-hot tips. Even the best of companies wobble when the tide goes out.

Interquest - another management change, don't panic buy!

Published 605 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced that Chief Financial Officer Michael Joyce has tendered his resignation in order to take up a role at a private business, though reassured that “trading has continued to be strong since the half year”.

Asiamet Resources great drilling news

Published 606 days ago

Asiamet Resources (ARS) has announced that recent drilling has identified a high grade copper zone “that has the potential to significantly enhance project economics” of its flagship Beruang Kanan copper project .

Optiobiotix Interims – text upbeat: read it carefully and Buy ( target raised)

Published 606 days ago

The numbers for the six months to May 31 from Optibiotix (OPTI), the AIM listed developer of compounds to tackle obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes matter far less than the supporting text. If you can buy at 40.5p or below (the spread is now 39-40.5p) do so as we see a September whoosh for the shares.

Be Greedy when others are fearful – after the stockmarket slumps, we have a total bargain for you TODAY

Published 607 days ago

A lot of people are panicking about shares. You can’t blame them. It was just a few months ago that the FTSE 100 was trading at 7000. Now it is well below 6,000. Many AIM listed shares have done even worse. And so some people are just selling everything in a blind panic. That is YOUR opportunity.

Vela Technologies: Placing and Investment, we are 25% ahead on share tip, shares still a buy at up to 0.2p

Published 608 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has announced that it has conditionally (including on General Meeting approval) raised a gross £0.25 million at 0.2p per share for further investment and additional working capital, along with a proposed new £0.175 million investment.

Mattioli Woods - Good news but bank gains and sell the shares

Published 613 days ago

Mattioli Woods (MTW) has announced an agreement, expected to cost £14.6 million, for the development of a new 60,000 square foot office on the site of the former city council headquarters in central Leicester. This should bring long-term benefits, but...

Amara Mining Interims - still a buy

Published 619 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced results for the first half of 2015 as it continues to advance its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire.

Coca-Cola Hellenic’s shares go…pop!

Published 622 days ago

Greece may only be a handful of percent of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling’s (CCH) sales and profits but the malaise from the Eurozone’s most indebted member has overhung the share with its Greek heritage and shareholder base. 

More good news on the Vela NAV - Buy

Published 623 days ago

Vela Technologies (VELA) has updated on another substantial valuation uplift in one of its investments, this time in ‘social commerce’ platform The Social Superstore Ltd.

Randgold: the world’s best gold company (and reiterating my tip of the year)

Published 626 days ago

“Toast”.  I nearly spat out my breakfast when I heard the CEO of Randgold Resources (RRS) use that word to describe the majority of his competitors in the gold mining space at prevailing commodity prices. 

Tips of the year update #1: Aviva

Published 629 days ago

Early August: whilst most think about upcoming or just passed holidays, the last couple of Ashes tests or – for the real geeks amongst you – the finer points of the Bank of England’s big data dump, my mind muses about the 2015 tips I published at the turn of the year.  Amusingly enough – as often these things fall – both my main tips reported yesterday: Aviva (AV/) and Randgold Resources (RRS).  I will come back on the world’s leading larger cap gold miner later after their conference call but first…the dull world of insurance.

Buy SpaceandPeople

Published 633 days ago

Investment Case: From around 140p, shares in SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) fell swiftly towards 60p last year following a profit warning on slower than anticipated sales. However, the final results statement for 2014 noted that “the cost base of the business at all levels has been lowered, the effectiveness of the sales team improved and a new mobile promotions kiosk product and service launched successfully. As a result, trading in the latter part of the year stabilised and also showed promising signs of growth”. This has since been followed by a positive AGM update and contract news and, at a current 80p offer price, the shares are a buy - we tipped this at 71.5p offer two weeks ago.

Minoan Interims - Numbers not the key

Published 634 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015 and that it is looking forward to building on progress made.

Monetise and Concha to fill the void left by Afren and Gate Ventures as prime shorts

Published 634 days ago

I note that Afren (AFR) shareholders have finally been put out of their misery today as the company is put into administration. It had been apparent for some time that the shares were worth either an absolute top of 1p, the proposed restructuring price, or zero if the deal fell through. This did not stop punters paying 2p shortly before the shares were suspended. As bears in Afren we owe these people a big and heartfelt thank you.

Hot Stock Rockets tip of the month out at 3 PM TODAY - Join for just £5

Published 635 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY (Friday) at 3PM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Teathers Financial Interims - the shares are a buy at 3p

Published 635 days ago

Teathers Financial (TEA) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015, a period which it states has seen the business transformed.

Optibiotix: Good News - the shares are a buy at up to 40p

Published 637 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced completion of clinical studies on its capsular food supplement to reduce cholesterol with no compliance or safety concerns raised. This is good news.

Ariana, another positive update from Turkey

Published 640 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated investors that further exploration work at the Red Rabbit project in western Turkey is continuing to identify new zones of resource potential.

Entu Interims - look at the yield and buy

Published 641 days ago

Entu (ENTU) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015 and that “we have seen and continue to see increased activity levels in the second half, and we remain on track to meet market expectations for the full year”.

Buy Norcross at a 20.25p offer

Published 644 days ago

We tipped Norcros shares a few weeks ago at a 20p offer. The offer is now 20.25p. Suffice to say they are still cheap. Our next hot share tip is out this afternoon on the Nifty Fifty and we hope to beat our current average gain per tip ( 23% average holding period less than a year) with that one. To access that tip click HERE

Resisting the Temptation to Gloat. Who is Next? Avanti Communications?

Published 648 days ago

I am not a great one for gloating, but as I head off for the summer holiday, it is with a certain satisfaction that I note that four of the stocks that I have covered extensively here over the last year are currently suspended.

Impellam Group – a tip of the year update

Published 650 days ago

Having updated on my other two share tips for 2015 earlier HERE and HERE, the following updates on my final one - Impellam Group (IPEL), which was recommended at a 510p offer price HERE

Vislink plc – a tip of the year update & 5 reasons why the new management incentive policy is disgraceful

Published 651 days ago

I named shares in Vislink plc (VLK) as one of my three tips for 2015 at a 38.5p offer price in December HERE and previously updated that there looked to be continued value at 49.5p in March HERE. However, a new “incentive policy” for executive directors and senior management has raised shareholder ire (see HERE) and the following details five specific reasons why this is justified and my view now…

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a pig? A Vislink Director. Bank gains and sell

Published 652 days ago

A new “incentive policy” for executive directors and senior management at Vislink plc (VLK) has led to a shareholder action campaign - which looks 100% justified

Mirada Results - newsflow soon we believe

Published 654 days ago

Mirada plc (MIRA) has announced results from “a critical period for the company” during which it has secured and deployed its first ‘tier one’ contract

Ariana Resources: Red Rabbit, another big hop forward

Published 654 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced “particularly significant progress on the critical path to construction” of the Red Rabbit joint venture mine at Kiziltepe, including more than 95% of the surface rights for the project now secured and as “other project development work is continuing at pace”.

Plastics Capital Results - a buy for yield

Published 654 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “trading in the current year is in line with management's expectations” - we note those numbers had already been shaved some months ago. However

Optiobiotix new deal - shares a buy

Published 655 days ago

Last time we tipped these shares we made 200% plus. So far this time we are a shade down. But that presents a new buying opportunity created by general market weakness.  

Avanti Communications Group - Keep Selling

Published 655 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) came out with a fourth quarter trading update on Monday and followed that up yesterday with news of a contract win in Spain. The shares have edged higher to 210p, valuing the company at £306 million representing a good shorting opportunity for those who can see through the usual Avanti bluster.

Adept Telecom - bank nine month 45% gain on the shares - another great share tip!

Published 657 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015, with it “winning direct new business with larger customers, particularly in the public sector, and complementing this with earnings enhancing acquisitions”. It is all good stuff.

APR Energy. Resist the Temptation to Close the Short.

Published 659 days ago

wrote about APR Energy (APR) two weeks ago after the shares had crashed from 360p to around 200p on a terrible trading statement and warned of the dangers of bottom fishing.

Join the Paper Chase for Profits with your Office Friend, Communisis.

Published 659 days ago

Hello Share Scrunchers. Nobody likes getting junk mail. Except me, who rather likes a big dollop of mail every morning and no longer gets it from friends and family. They’re not dead; they’ve just gone onto email. Lazy beggars! But one firm which does junk post - they prefer to call it direct mail - is Communisis (CMS).

Buy Bowleven at 30p; FREE sneak peak at one of six tips in our latest guide

Published 660 days ago

Has the oil market genuinely bottomed? This is the crucial question facing investors in the oil & gas sector, this summer. The Saudi-led price war on the United States’ “Fracking Boom” has been most disruptive. The collapse in the price of oil has played havoc across the industry. Globally, billions of dollars worth of projects and planned capital expenditure have been shelved or pulled entirely. Sentiment has been badly affected and worries persist about the long-term structural challenges still facing oil & gas companies. This is especially true for those listed on AIM, but if I had to pick one from the bunch my choice would be Bowleven (BLVN).

Not Every share tip can be a winner like Optiobiotix - we are sure the next one is

Published 670 days ago

AIM listed Optibiotix (OPTI) has been a massive winner for us as a share tip already on HotStockRockets - we banked a 200% + gain back in March the first time we tipped the shares and we tipped them at 39p a month ago. Right now they are up a smidgeon% but we expect a big move very shortly... Let us explain

Madagascar Oil – our share tip is ahead but more to come soon, buy at up to 10p

Published 671 days ago

Madagascar Oil (MOIL) had a busy week and that sees its shares now trading at 9.25p-10p, up on our tip at 9.25p (offer), but there is far more to come. Here’s why.

Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day: Iomart: Dynamic Reversal Targets 320p

Published 674 days ago

What is interesting about the daily chart of Iomart (IOM) is that the way that the September gap to the downside still influences the price action some nine months later. 

Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Rurelec: Risk Of Further Losses Towards 2p

Published 675 days ago

I was intrigued with the latest article on Shareprophets regarding Rurelec (RUR), from a fundamental perspective. The rationale behind the technical lowdown here is whether we can demystify the prospects for shares of this company. 

Is APR the new AFR?

Published 676 days ago

When a share price collapses it is often tempting to go bottom fishing on the basis that the fall is overdone. Some people use this as an investment strategy: look for the biggest fallers of the day and buy them: hoping that the bigger the fall, the bigger the bounce will be. Sometimes this works but it’s usually down to luck rather than judgement and more often than not ends in tears.

1Spatial snaps up Enables IT - its a cute deal

Published 676 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a recommended £2.08 million all-share offer for fellow AIM-listed Enables IT Group (based on a value of 6.75p per 1Spatial Share. Its a cute deal.

New share tip from Tom Winnifrith this afternoon at 3.15 PM

Published 679 days ago

The average gain per share tip on the Nifty Fifty website run by Tom Winnifrith is now 23% on an offer to bid basis. The average holding period is one year. Okay that is only after two and a half years but given the dire performance of the AIM Index in that period it is not bad going is it? And Tom has a new tip out this afternoon, you can access it HERE

Avesco interims - bang on track, no its better! tip going very well

Published 682 days ago

International media services group, Avesco (AVS) has announced results for the six months ended 31st March 2015 and that “the full year results are again likely to exceed the board's prior expectations”

Still Short Plus 500. Risk Reward attractive at 370p

Published 684 days ago

I don’t know much about Playtech or its “colourful” founder Teddy Sagi (briefly imprisoned as a lad for grave deceit, bribery and insider trading) but they have certainly done no favours to bulls and bears alike in bidding 400p per share in cash for Plus 500 (PLUS).

Distil Results - it is about looking forward

Published 685 days ago

Owner of premium drinks brands including Blackwoods Gin and Vodka, RedLeg Spiced Rum, Blavod Black Vodka, Diva Vodka and Jago's Vanilla Cream Liqueur, Distil plc (DIS) the other day announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “we are optimistic for the coming year”

Reach4Entertainment - deal done with bank

Published 686 days ago

Reach4Entertainment* (R4E) has announced it has entered into a conditional agreement to restructure its existing £14.785 million loan facility. This would see £5.155 million of debt converted into new shares equivalent to 12.5% of the fully diluted share capital on completion of the restructuring and a put option granted by R4E, the exercise of which would see it buy back the shares in five years for £2 million. The remainder of the facility is to be repaid in cash, with the agreement giving R4E until 30th September to secure the funding.

Plunge Into Ashtead Before Its Results Next Week.

Published 688 days ago

Hi Share Sorters. A firm I’m often promoting to your attention is Ashtead (AHT). It’s a very big outfit -on both sides of the Big Pond. It hires out tools and plant, mostly to the building trade.

Premaitha - NHS testing IONA - this is potentially enormous

Published 689 days ago

The Daily Mail & BBC this weekend ran stories about how the NHS was doing trials which would see all pregnant women getting a non invasive pre-natal test for down's syndrome. The Mail piece sums it up HERE

Might Be Worth Chancing Your Arm Again.

Published 689 days ago

Hello Share Perishers. When choosing a company which you really want to pay its way then you need one that is very, very likely to make more money year by year. Just one year when profits are not as happy as the one before is a warning sign. One British success story that is expected to accelerate profits from now in is Arm Holdings (ARM).

Amino - good statement but time to bank gains on a very good share tip

Published 689 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has updated investors that “the return to revenue growth, as announced at the time of the Amino's full year results in February 2015, has continued and for the half-year expects to report year-on-year growth in both revenue and profit before tax” and that it “expects the traditional second half seasonal weighting in revenues to continue and is confident that results for the full year ending 30 November 2015 will be in line with current market expectations.”

Ariana Forestry Permit Received - all systems go

Published 691 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced that it has received confirmation that the Prime Ministry in Turkey has formally approved its application for the Red Rabbit gold project and that the Department of Forestry & Water Affairs has approved permits subject to the payment of statutory fees.

Buy Premaitha at a 26.75p offer - target 35p to sell by September

Published 691 days ago

We have tipped Premaitha (NIPT) before and our readers have banked big gains on it Now the time is right for re-entry and so this Adam Reynolds biotech play was our second May share tip of the month. 

Buy IS Solutions

Published 693 days ago

Investment Case: Having reached more than 70p in March 2014, shares in IT systems integrator, IS Solutions (LSE:ISL) have fallen back to a current 60p offer price, capitalising the company at £21 million. The shares rose from 46p on the back of a December announcement of the successful conclusion of negotiations for “a major Analytics contract” and that “the business also has a number of exciting opportunities within its pipeline; this together with recent business wins and a number of projects coming back on stream bodes well for the future”, but are thus far little changed in 2015 having commenced the year at 54.25p. This looks to fail to reflect continuing positive progress and the shares are a buy.

GLI Finance - positive trading update

Published 694 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated its loyal investors on a 7.1% increase in net asset value per share in the first quarter of 2014 and that the finance platforms in which it has invested are all performing well, many are ahead of our expectations and we expect significant developments in the second half of this year”

Daniel Stewart : Valuation Insane.

Published 695 days ago

Google Zainab Binte Mohamed Omar and not a lot comes up other than his ownership of 29% of troubled stockbroker Daniel Stewart (DAN) via a Singapore registered vehicle named Epsilon Investments.

Reach4Entertainment Results - worth a flutter for the brave

Published 697 days ago

Owner of London and New York-based theatre and live entertainment marketing businesses, Dewynters and SpotCo respectively, together with London-based signage and fascia business, Newman Displays, Reach4Entertainment(R4E) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that it is “continuing positive discussions with our main lender to create a future financial base which will support our ability to maintain and extend our position as market leaders in promoting theatre, film and live entertainment events”

Alliance Pharma - bank gains & sell

Published 697 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated investors that “trading in the first four months of 2015 has been satisfactory” and that“we look forward to the remainder of 2015 with confidence.”

Prime People - very impressive results, another winning share tip

Published 698 days ago

Prime People (PRP), the recruitment business specialising in the real estate & built environment, energy & environmental and insight & analytics sectors has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “levels of activity are currently steady providing confidence for a good outcome for 2016”.

We banked a 350% gain on our last tip in seven days - but it is not always that way!

Published 698 days ago

We wish life was that easy. Yes our last tip was a winner - it was the infamous New World Oil & Gas - we got in and out at the right time and made a killing for our readers. It happens now and again in the world of penny shares. Even we did not think that tip would work out quite as well - our targetted gain was just 50%!

Jubilee Platinum - we are 16% ahead in a month more to come, still a buy

Published 698 days ago

This week Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has announced a 1.6p per share placing to raise £600,000 “to ensure that no momentum is lost in current business development activities with particular attention to the simultaneous execution of the company's platinum surface processing projects”. We are aware that it was offered more but took enough for its needs and no more. For that we applaud it. The shares now trade at 1.8-1.9 - that is on an offer to bid basis more than 15% up on our tip price of amonth ago. But there is more to come.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 29th May

Published 698 days ago

In today's bearcast I can't help but look back as the Evil Empire's 2014 accounts come to light. Then I move on to a few other favourites Quindell ( vindicated), Coms (vindicated) and Sefton (vindicated). A hat-trick of wins on a day when I deposited cash in a Greek Bank. More on that later.


Odey’s Prophecy proved Bang on the Money for Two of his AIM Positions: Tungsten Corporation and Plus 500

Published 700 days ago

Cripin Odey made headlines back in January when he predicted that we were on the cusp of a market meltdown so savage that would be talked about in 100 years’ time. Odey is smart and presumably has taken out a hedging strategy that will protect his fund from such an outcome.

Amino Technologies, more good news from this Nifty Fifty winning share tip

Published 705 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has announced an initial €7.9 million, and up to €10.5 million, acquisition of Booxmedia Oy, a Finland-based Software-as-a-Service cloud TV platform provider, extending its IP entertainment delivery offering beyond its current connected-home focus.

Empresaria Good news but a 133% gain is to be banked

Published 706 days ago

Empresaria (EMR) has updated that it “has made a good start to the year, delivering like for like growth against this period in 2014” and that it “remains on course to meet market expectations for the full year.”

A mistake we made as share tipsters that cost our readers money: we confess ahead of new Tip TODAY

Published 708 days ago

As we prepare to publish a new hot share tip on Tuesday, here is a lesson on a mistake that Steve Moore and I made on the Nifty Fifty website we run. It cost our readers a few quid but we are unapologetic and would do exactly the same again. Let me tell you about Restore PLC.

1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come

Published 708 days ago

Spatial ‘big-data’ software and services company, 1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2015 and that, despite a current “crucial development phase”, it “is encouraged by the progress made during the start of the current financial year and looks forward to the future with confidence”. A chat with CEO Marcus Hanke left us confident that this is more than words. This has been a good share tip from us on our Nifty Fifty website but there is more to come. 

A tale of two updates: Avanti and Tungsten

Published 709 days ago

Both Avanti Communications (AVN) and Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) had trading updates last week. The knee jerk response to both was to mark the shares higher before slamming into reverse, in the case of Tungsten within minutes and with brutal consequences, whereas Avanti has experienced a gentle drift to just below the pre update level of 230p.

Advanced Oncotherapy – a Note from Malcolm Stacey.

Published 711 days ago

I have not done this before but I want to add a note about my recent Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) share tip

Amara Mining - Yaoure PFS News

Published 712 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced the results of a pre-feasibility study for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire. The shares are currently 5% lower, at 15p, on the announcement as a net present value, at a 10% discount rate and $1,250 gold, of $228 million compares to $566 million in a 2014 preliminary economic assessment.

Action Hotels maiden profit - buy

Published 714 days ago

Owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced a maiden profit for 2014 and that “the first four months of 2015 have been encouraging”

K3 Business Technology – acquisition & share tip of the year update

Published 714 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) was my first tip of the year for 2015 and, post a recent acquisition and research update, the following updates…

Tungsten Trading Statement Preview - I stay short big time.

Published 716 days ago

The recent slide in the shares of Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) accelerated on Friday despite a massive post-election relief rally in the broader market.  It would appear that investors are nervous ahead of a trading update due on Thursday. In theory there should be no surprises as the company stated in its interim statement in January:

GLI Finance - another acquisition ticks the right boxes - really a rather good share tip

Published 718 days ago

Having updated at its end of April AGM that it continues to monitor opportunities to further develop its range of platforms, “but given the potential size of origination capability of our existing platforms, we are only pursuing significant opportunities that can add material and differentiated origination”, GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced a £1.25 million investment in Funding Options Ltd.

Begbies Traynor profits warning but yield attractive and looks safe

Published 724 days ago

Having announced in March that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board’s expectations for the year as a whole”, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has now disappointingly updated that it “now anticipates that the outturn for the full year will be below market expectations” - pointing to a further decline in the insolvency market in the UK…

More China fraud thoughts post the LSE AGM & Good news on Afren

Published 725 days ago

Attending the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM on Wednesday was a profoundly depressing experience. It was like what one imagines a Communist Party Plenum in some third world country might be like, packed with muscular security and unsmiling jobsworths. Extremely un-British in all respects. A photocopy of a letter from my broker confirming my holding in the company was not deemed acceptable and I had to take a cab ride up the road to get the original.

AdEPT Telecom – material acquisition looks good

Published 725 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced an agreement to acquire Centrix Ltd, a provider of complex unified communications and managed services, for up to £10.5 million – it looks a canny deal.

The HotStockRockets tip of the month out today at 3.30 – catch it for a fiver

Published 726 days ago

Actually this is the April tip of the month so in May you will get two tips of the month and you can join the UK’s fastest growing share tips website for one month for just £5 – so that is £2.50 a share tip. Or

Video of K3 Business Technology Presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 727 days ago

Steve Moore and I have been big fans of K3 (KBT) for a while on the Nifty Fifty and the share tip has done us proud. Our confidence was bolstered by this confident presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015.

AdEPT new banking facility - good news

Published 730 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced a new bigger, longer and cheaper banking facility as it reports that it continues to identify earnings enhancing acquisition opportunities

Lombard Risk Management - now for some good news

Published 731 days ago

Having disappointingly updated last month that earnings would be “materially lower” than expectations “as the result of regulatory delay leading to deferrals in the signing of certain contracts and delays in achieving revenues from certain of the alliance partnerships”,  Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has now more positively updated that its collateral management, clearing, inventory management and optimisation solution, COLLINE, “has recorded a significant number of sales and 'go-lives' in the past few months”

Video of Net Dimensions Presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 734 days ago

Steve Moore and I have followed NetDimensions (NETD) for a while although it is not a current share tip - we banked profits. Anyhow, here is a video of its presentation from the UK Investor Show 2015

Video: Geoff Miller of GLI Finance presents at UK Investor Show

Published 735 days ago

Steve Moore and I have done well with our share tip on GLI Finance (GLIF) and we still see upside. Here is its CEO Geoff Miller - a diehard West Ham Supporter - presenting at the UK Investor Show to explain what might seem a hard story, in words clear enough for all to understand.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 22 April

Published 735 days ago

I start this podcast with the awesome power of Malcolm Stacey to move markets as per his share tip today. All hail Comrade Stacey. Next up is a joke statement from joke company ValiRX, Eurasia Mining, Westminster Group, Coms and then another good kicking for poor Phorm.

Creston plc – a former share tip of the year back on track?

Published 735 days ago

Marketing communications group, Creston (CRE) has announced that “following a positive second half, the group's preliminary results (for its year ended 31st March 2015) are expected to be in line with consensus” and an up to £15.7 million acquisition of 51% of How Splendid Ltd, a London-based digital design and development consultancy with clients including Barclaycard, Boots and eBay. Having previously suggested taking profits on what was a 2014 tip of the year, where now?

Minoan - good news from Crete

Published 736 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has announced that the draft new Regional Plan for Crete includes, for the first time, its proposed resort project among the planned significant investments in Crete…Good News!

Universe Group - 2014 numbers: all on track: buy!

Published 741 days ago

Developer and supplier of point of sale, payment and loyalty systems, Universe Group (UNG) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we look forward to 2015 and beyond with confidence”. The following updates post a chat with Chairman Robert Goddard and CEO Jeremy Lewis.

Is This the Greatest Share Show in the World?

Published 741 days ago

Hello Share Swillers. Well, it's almost time. The zappy UK Investor Show 2015 is only one day away.La st year's event was a really happy affair. And yet shares were not doing that well at the time, as I recall (though the old memory is starting to go).

Adept Telecom - very pleasing trading update...but

Published 746 days ago

Another winning share tip! AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has updated that profit for its year ended 31st March 2015 is expected to be in line with market consensus expectation, with cash flow ahead – enabling a more than 58% increase in total dividends for the year.

Fox Marble..this sounds much better

Published 746 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced further sales to Berkeley Homes plc and initial small scale orders for its red, Rosso Cait, marble for customers in Egypt.

Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 3 – Stanley Gibbons

Published 751 days ago

Yes I know that it has just had a profits warning and that the old adage is that warnings come in threes. But I do not expect that to be the case with Stanley Gibbons (SGI) and so it is my third share tip for Easter at 249p.

Malcolm Stacey’s Easter share tips No 3 - Avacta

Published 751 days ago

A year ago, I had three beautiful cats. Now I have only one. In between, came some agonising trips to the vets to try and save two lives. It was not possible in the end, though of course my family did everything they could to postpone the inevitable.

Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 2 – Vislink at 51p

Published 752 days ago

My second share tip for Easter is a tech stock but not one of those that has zero revenues or uses the dreaded EBITDA metric to justify its lack of real profits. This is a real company making real profits. Tip two is Vislink (VLK) at 51p.

Tom Winnifrith Easter share tips (buys) No 1 – InterQuest at 100p

Published 752 days ago

It has been a poor six months for shareholders in Interquest (ITQ). The stock zoomed to 130p as it put itself up for sale but no offers came in at the right price so the shares tanked to 88p. That was a big over-reaction as the company is going great guns. That is why Interquest at 100p is my first Easter share tip (buy).

Teathers Financial: busy but will get busier.

Published 752 days ago

The past two weeks have seen good newsflow from Teathers Financial (TEA) but this is just tidying up, we expect the real action to start soon.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Disagreeing with today's Stacey share tip

Published 752 days ago

Just a little podcast on the matter of Good Energy (GOOD) - Malcolm Stacey's share tip for today. I am not - as you know - a fan of all this Green shite and for that reason but also because the maths looks all wrong to me I explain on why I would pass on Comtrade Stacey's share tip earlier (HERE)

Malcom Stacey’s Share tips for Easter No 2 – Good Energy

Published 753 days ago

Wind farms and solar energy are achieving a much higher profile these days. The rather beautiful white giants are springing up in windy corners everywhere. Vast banks of solar cells are beginning to spread. And even though the present government is cutting back on subsidies for solar energy suppliers, it still looks a reasonable bet.

Buy Vela Technologies

Published 754 days ago

At the bottom end of AIM there are a raft of investment companies most of which are absolute POS lifestyle companies. It is all too easy to write the lot off as vehicles to allow useless directors and City parasites to milk the gravy train, if that is not mixing metaphors. But there is the odd nugget of value and that brings us to this month’s share tip of the month, Vela Technologies (VELA).

Stanley Gibbons profits warning - buying op?

Published 754 days ago

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has disappointingly announced that “because a number of anticipated high value sales within the group's retail business were not completed in the run up to the (31st March) year end… it is expected that results will be materially below current market expectations”. The following updates with the shares now 8.5% lower in response at 241p-246p…

Minoan - results irrelevant look at what it is hinting at!

Published 756 days ago

Minoan Group (MIN) has announced results for its year ended 31st October 2014 and that“the coming months promise to be very exciting”. Indeed they will be. Greece!

Hotel Corp - the time is right to buy

Published 757 days ago

November-recommended The Hotel Corp (HCP) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that it is “in talks with several parties”… The results statement added that “the board expects a positive future outcome from these discussions” and thus “believe that there is value in the company as a quoted cash shell company”.

Vislink plc – a research update & a director buying

Published 758 days ago

Commenting on results from Vislink plc (VLK) last week we concluded that the share price recovery in recent months looked well merited and to have further to go. The following updates post a research update and director share dealing…

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Extra - explaining the difference between a ramp and a share tip

Published 759 days ago

For the benefit of one reader in particular this podcast explains the difference between a share tip and a ramp, it explains pump and dump, it looks back to historic cases such as the City Slickers and explains why Bulletin Board Morons use the words differently to normal human beings.

GLI Finance - 2014 numbers more than ok - 5p dividend looks good

Published 760 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has been a good share tip for us and has just announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “there is every sign that 2015 with be a breakthrough year for the company following the investments made during 2014”.

Catch the HotStockRockets share tip of the Month TODAY at 1.30 PM for just £5

Published 761 days ago

The next hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY (Friday) at 1.30 PM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Alliance Pharma 2014 results okay, 2015 will be better: Buy!

Published 761 days ago

Speciality pharmaceuticals company Alliance Pharma (APH) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we enter 2015 well placed for resumed growth”. That is not discounted in the current share price.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 March

Published 761 days ago

In today's podcast I urge you all to book your seats for UK Investor now as there are fewer than 100 of the 2000 tickets for the big day (April 18) still going. All tickets will be posted early next week. You can book HERE. In terms of companies I cover Quindell, Coms, Teathers Financial, Tower Resources, Gulfsands, JQW ( rapidly looking like my fave China Norfolk) and a POS called Messaging International.

Vislink - results are encouraging: buy

Published 761 days ago

Vislink (VLK) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that its “markets continue to be challenging”but that it is buoyed by its expanding higher-margin software offering and more efficient integrated communication division under new leadership.

EMED Mining – enough is enough. We apologise. Sell.

Published 762 days ago

This has been a bad share tip. The macro scene has been unhelpful but whichever management team has been in charge EMED Mining (EMED) has not prospered. The latest revelation prompts us to apologise sincerely but to advise selling at 3.25p. Enough is enough.

When Will The LSE Shut The Gate on China Fraud on AIM? A Job for the Sheriff

Published 763 days ago

I recently had a rant about AIM fraud Naibu (NBU), pointing out the profoundly depressing fact that it is only when the monthly retainers paid by the fraudsters to the UK non-executives,(in this case Giles Elliott and David Thomas: remember the names) dry up as the last of the money is stolen, that any action is taken: in this case the suspension of the shares and an admission that the CEO has disappeared (apparently he is in prison)

Share Tip of the year updates: Impellam & Vislink

Published 768 days ago

Having yesterday updated on my first share tip of the year for 2015 HERE, the following updates on my other two selections – for which it is a case of so far, so good…

K3 - solid results, bullish outlook

Published 770 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced what it emphasises are “very encouraging” results for its half year to 31st December 2014 and that “we continue to be confident of the exciting growth prospects available to us”. The following updates post a chat with management...

Begbies has good news: more folks are going bust

Published 773 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board's expectations for the year as a whole”.

Gulf Keystone still a storming short

Published 774 days ago

Gulf Keystone (GKP) reminded potential suitors on Thursday why there was no reason to pay top dollar for it with the news that permission was needed from the 13% bondholders to avert the exercise of a put option which has been triggered by a fall in its asset value.

Jubilee Platinum - bullish update on Middleburg

Published 775 days ago

Recently-recommended Jubilee Platinum (JLP) has updated on the performance of its Middelburg smelter operations and power plant and that it “has made good progress in securing funding of the construction and commissioning of the (platinum surface) projects expected to commence in H2 2015”.

Cineworld - bank a c60% profit

Published 775 days ago

Following its February 2014 combination with Cinema City to create the second largest cinema chain in Europe, Cineworld (CINE) has announced results for the year to 1st January 2015 and that “the prospects for the group in 2015 are good. There is a strong film release programme and we are currently on track to open a further 20 cinemas during the year”.

Tom Winnifrith bonus podcast - banking profits

Published 776 days ago

We banked a big gain on a Nifty Fifty share tip earlier today. And in this podcast I look at all the issues of how you should deal with banking profits or indeed talking losses on shares you own.

Interquest - cracking results

Published 777 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “early trading in 2015 has been in line with management's expectations and the benefits of a bigger contractor book are being seen”.

Share Tips for 2015 update – Core VCT Update: good news – full winding up.

Published 777 days ago

I didn’t exactly cover myself in glory when it came to the fine details of my second suggestion in the ShareProphets Christmas tip-fest HERE , but as explained HERE I think that statements from the company were materially misleading. Happily, the basic case was pretty much unchanged in that there was – as I saw it – a decent looking return to be had with a strong margin of safety. That, even though this was a VCT investment, and therefore by most readings classified as high risk. We’ve had some good news.

GLI Finance - more action from busy bees

Published 778 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced a $1.25 million investment in, and the granting of a $5 million loan facility to, Open Energy Group, a financing platform for US commercial and small utility-scale solar projects.

Impellam - Results very much on track

Published 779 days ago

Provider of managed services and specialist staffing primarily based in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has released its results statement for the 53 weeks ended 2nd January 2015. This has helped the shares surge to 662.5p, comparing favourably  to a 485p offer price at which this was a share tip on the Nifty Fifty in November 2014

Avesco - more than pleasing trading update

Published 779 days ago

Provider of rental equipment and services for broadcasting, Avesco Group (AVS) has updated that “trading in the first few months of the financial year has continued the positive trends seen during last year”, that “the outlook for the summer period also looks promising” and that “the directors anticipate that results for the year to 30 September 2015 will be comfortably ahead of their previous expectations”.

Empresaria - pretty dam good results, we are almost 100% ahead on share tip - more to come

Published 781 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we see exciting opportunities for growth across our network, particularly from the investments made in 2014, and look forward to the year ahead with confidence”. We are heading for 100% up on this share tip but there’s more to come.

Adept Telecom is a buy at up to 150p

Published 786 days ago

Steve Moore and I tipped shares in Adept Telecom (LSE:ADT) at a 143p ofer price last week on the Nifty Fifty. The shares are now 150p mid and if you can buy at 150p or less you should and here is why.

Two new hot share tips out at 3.30 PM on the dot today

Published 789 days ago

It is a double share tip day today with both new share tips appearing at 3.30 PM today.

Tungsten, You Don't Know What You're Doing. Wake Up Chaps And Smell The Coffee!

Published 790 days ago

Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) was founded in 2012 by financiers Edmund and Danny Truell to buy something with potential in the Financial Services industry. After an attempt to float that year was aborted owing to market wobbles they finally got it away in October 2013 raising an impressive £160 million.It is unlikely that many people bothered to read the Admission Document.

Mirada launch down Mexico way - shares cheap

Published 793 days ago

Creator and manager of services for digital tv, Mirada plc (MIRA) last week announced the commercial launch of “the first of the cable network deployments agreed as part of the announcement dated May 19th 2014”.

Optibiotix - heavy hitter appointed and broker comment

Published 795 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced the appointment of a Commercial Director – Jim Laird – who has worked in commercial and corporate roles for some of the world's leading food companies and should enable OptiBiotix to develop a wider range of product and partnering opportunities.

Plastics Capital Trading Statement – I’m a bit flummoxed

Published 804 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has done itself no favours at all with a trading statement which for word analysers is a bit of a puzzle. The good news is that it states baldly that it is on track to hit forecasts for the full year after a Q3 which was strong.

Entu – what’s not to like? Very strong maiden results

Published 804 days ago

Tipping a recent IPO is always a tad nerve-wracking as some companies just take their eye off the ball as they head to AIM, regarding it as the end of a journey not the start.  And so I am rather chuffed with Entu (ENTU) which listed in the autumn at 100p, we tipped at a 107p offer and which is now 120p-124p. Well done to young Steve for it was he who spotted this. Results out this week vindicate the lad.

Avanti: Back to the trough again as operating losses continue: Sell at 225p

Published 805 days ago

Last week, Avanti Communications (AVN), the cash guzzling satellite operator accompanied its interim statement with news that it had raised $91.5 million in a placing, This was an equity cushion demanded by bondholders before they stumped up more money to fund the Hylas 4 satellite so the coast is now clear for another $115 million debt to be added to the $520 million it already has, giving the company an annual interest bill of $60 million plus. Not bad for a company that has an operating cash outflow.

Randgold Resources – confirming that it is the gold standard

Published 805 days ago

A very pleasing set of numbers from Randgold Resources (RRS) earlier this week confirmed that it is clearly the best larger cap gold company in the world. The Q4/FY update reinforced its consistent achievement of the gold sector’s holy trinity of rising production/grade, all in cost control way under spot gold prices and a solid balance sheet (in its case now with net cash on it). 

Premaitha launches Iona test as it gets CE mark ..shares up but more to come

Published 808 days ago

A few weeks earlier than we had expected, Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced that it has received CE-mark approval for its Iona test and will therefore launch it commercially at once. This is good news and the shares are now 23.5p – 24.5p.

Afren a stonking short trade for Valentine at 10p

Published 808 days ago

Afren's (AFR) recent woes put it right up there with Quindell (QPP) as the must do short for February.  Where Quindell has one deadline this month, Afren has two:

Creston – bank gains after weak trading statement

Published 809 days ago

Marketing communications group Creston (CRE) posted up what can only be described as a rather weak trading statement for the period from 1 October to December 31. Sales grew by 5% in H1 but that slowed to just 1% in Q3.

Hutchison China Meditech – Take Profits

Published 811 days ago

The boy Moore and I do not want to seem like total spivs - we are long term investors. But....

Scancell – my 2015 share tip of the year update and company chat

Published 813 days ago

Having put forward Scancell plc (SCLP) as my first suggestion in the ShareProphets  new year tipfest HERE  I had a chat with joint CEO Dr Richard Goodfellow following a clinical trials update RNS HERE .

Premaitha - good news but not quite the sealed deal yet

Published 816 days ago

Premaitha (NIPT) has announced that it is almost there on getting the crucial CE-mark for its IONA test. It has passed two key milestones including ISO 13485:2003 certification  which confirms that Premaitha's quality management system has been approved as applicable to the design, development and manufacture of in vitro diagnostic reagents and associated software for non-invasive assessment of genetic abnormalities.

Catch the HotStockRockets share tip of the Month TODAY at 3.30 PM for just £5

Published 817 days ago

The next hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY (Friday) at 3.30 PM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Mattioli Woods - Interims leave us well ahead on this share tip

Published 818 days ago

Specialist wealth management and employee benefits business, Mattioli Woods (MTW) has announced results for the six months ended 30th November 2014, that “current trading remains in line with the board's expectations” and that “we believe our blend of wealth management and employee benefits positions us well to secure further profitable growth going forward”

Stratmin Placing – Not Acceptable

Published 819 days ago

In late October Stratmin (STGR) stated that after a placing then that there would be no need for another placing. On Monday it announced that it had raised £900,000 at 4.75p in an oversubscribed placing. 

Falcon Oil & Gas – Not Good so far on my share tip of the year but not unexpected

Published 821 days ago

Falcon Oil & Gas (FOG) has today said that its shallow drilling programme in Hungary is basically over after its partner failed to drill the third of the three wells it had promised. The shares have fallen to 5.5p on the news having been a tip of the year from me at a 5.75p offer HERE

Restore good trading statement but...

Published 822 days ago

Restore plc (RST) has updated “that trading for the year ended 31 December 2014 was in line with expectations”and that “we have an excellent platform for further profitable growth with strong visibility of earnings”

K3 - solid trading update, on track - 35% more share price upside on this tip

Published 823 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated on trading in the first half of its year to 30th June “in line with management expectations, supported by an increase in sales of approximately 20% against the same period last year”

Mirada – another small delay in contract, directors BOTD, follow them

Published 823 days ago

This is a pain in the neck. But view it as an opportunity. Mirada (MIRA) says that the major contract announced on May 19 and first scheduled for delivery in December will now not launch in January as planned but next month. 

EMED a Turning Point

Published 823 days ago

Having earlier in the day announced that a delegation from the regional authorities would be visiting the Rio Tinto mine site, EMED Mining (EMED) yesterday morning announced that during a meeting it has received formal communication of the granting of a mining permit – “the last significant regulatory approvals… before normal mining and processing operations can commence”

Empresaria very strong trading update - at least 25% share price upside

Published 824 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has updated investors that calendar 2014 “profitability will be slightly ahead of market expectations” and that “we see exciting growth opportunities ahead and are confident in our ability to continue to deliver profitable growth”

OptiBiotix – we told you so! Nizo deal and Much More to come and soon

Published 824 days ago

We told you on Wednesday that hot news was on the way. On Thursday OptiBiotix (OPTI) announced that it had agreed a 50/50 jv deal with Nizo – the Dutch company that tested its products in yoghurts and found them safe non taste altering. 

Action Hotels – Expect a “No Reason” statement soon

Published 826 days ago

Shares in Action Hotels (AHCG) are now off 12% today at 54.5p. I have spoken to the company and it is not aware of any reason for the share price fall.

Universe Group a Penny Share tip at a 7.5p offer

Published 827 days ago

Investment Case: September-announced interim results from Universe Group plc (UNG) saw the company report “delays in getting customer go-ahead for planned projects… (but) significant progress in establishing our refreshed product set in our chosen markets… We look forward to strong trading in the second half of the year”. The shares subsequently fell towards 5p having been 7.5p early in the year. However, there is clear evidence that trading momentum has indeed since been positive and with the shares still now available at a 7.5p offer price, they are a penny share buy.

Fox Marble Trading statement: penny share buy

Published 829 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that, with much of the 2014 order book having been pushed into H1 2015, 2014 reported sales are expected to be only around €150K, though that it is “encouraged by the strong finish to the year in terms of deferred income, signed offtakes and sales agency agreements” , with “confirmed orders to date for 2015 currently stand at €1.5m of block and slab marble”.

Cineworld Strong Trading Update leaves us well ahead on this share tip

Published 830 days ago

Cineworld Group (CINE) has announced that “we anticipate that group profitability for the year ended 1 January 2015 will be towards the top end of market consensus”. This follows its UK & Ireland business having continued to outperform the wider market and stronger box office growth elsewhere.

Avesco results, nothing at all to grumble about: buy

Published 831 days ago

Provider of rental equipment and services for broadcasting, Avesco Group (AVS) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2014 which reflect both restructuring and even year events (Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup) benefits. The company though added that “the first quarter of the current financial year has continued the positive momentum from last year”.

A happy birthday present from me to you on January 12th

Published 835 days ago

Cripes, I sometimes think that I am a sad git. Here I am preparing for my birthday on Monday and what am I doing? I’m talking to Steve Moore about the next share tip we are publishing on the Nifty Fifty website. Sad or what?

Action Hotels - more good news (not in the price)

Published 837 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced the completion of two new hotels in the Middle East and updated that it “is in discussions in relation to a number of opportunities across the Middle East”.

Buy Entu at 107p

Published 837 days ago

Investment Case: Provider of energy efficiency products and services to homeowners in the UK, entu (UK) plc (ENTU) listed on AIM at 100p per share on 30th October. However, unlike most IPO’s, the prospective ratings – a price/earnings multiple of 8.4x and forward dividend yield of 8% – suggested this one potentially attractive. This has been reinforced by a trading update earlier this month noting that the company “has seen robust trading in the year across all its divisions” and that it is seeing a positive combination of increasing brand awareness and increasing public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient home improvements. Still though, at a current 107p offer price – only a little above the IPO price – the shares are a buy.

The end of squalid China fraud Naibu - who is next?

Published 837 days ago

As predicted just days ago, I see that the non-executive directors at the squalid China Fraud Naibu (NBU), “experienced” accountant Giles Elliot and “experienced” lawyer David Thomas have extracted their heads from their arses and had the shares suspended. 

InterQuest - positive ( as expected) trading update: buy

Published 838 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that it expects a “slightly ahead of consensus” outturn for 2014 and that it considers it has “a strong and sustainable platform for continued growth in 2015”.

EEEK: a London-listed Greek stock you should seek out (if you are not a meek investor)

Published 842 days ago

How many share tickers can you remember?  Of the hundreds that are floating around my head one of my favourites used to be ‘EEEK’ which stood for the eastern / central European focused soft drinks beverage producer/distributor Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling on the Greek stock market.  I have to say ‘used to be’ because in a rare display of austerity the ticker today is a truncated ‘EEE’ which is much less memorable. 

Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p

Published 843 days ago

This is the closest I am going to get to tipping a mining stock in a hurry – Fox Marble (FOX) might own mines but it is essentially a building materials stock. This should be a boring and dull business. To date it as not been.

Chris Oil’s share tips of the year 2015, No 2 – Buy Rockhopper

Published 843 days ago

After its interim update the other day Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) has to be my top share tip of the year for 2015. 

Tom Winnifrith’s ninth share tip of the year – sell Volex

Published 843 days ago

To lose one director in December is unfortunate but to lose two looks like carelessness but that is what Volex (VLX) managed, parting company with its FD after just 18 months in the job and with a well-respected NED – with immediate effect - on New Year’s eve. The truth is that this is just not a very good company - my pal Paul Scott put it more succinctly the other day in an enthusiastic daily Stockopedia report. At 70.5p, capitalised at £64 million it is a slam dunk sell.

Chris Oil’s share tips of the year 2015, No 1 - Buy Falcon Oil & Gas at a 5.75p offer

Published 844 days ago

Following the investor excitement surrounding UK onshore plays in 2014, followed by the damp squib at Horse Hill and then a plunging oil price, my first 2015 tip of the year is a fully funded low cost play - . Falcon Oil & Gas (FOG) at a 5.75p offer. 

Tom Winnifrith’s seventh share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Stanley Gibbons

Published 844 days ago

As I explained in my Christmas Day 10 macro themes for 2015 I generally cautious on UK equities – hence my decision to run with 5 buys and 5 sells in my NY selection (three more to come by Sunday night). As such my seventh tip is one you may deem cautious but I see 35% capital upside in it plus dividends and very limited downside. I refer to Stanley Gibbons (SGI), a buy at a 290p offer and at up to 300p with a target of 400p.

HotStockRockets share tip of the year No 2 – Insetco

Published 845 days ago

This is our most recent share tip for paying subscribers and although up on that tip it is still a buy and is our second tip of the year. Insetco (INC) has been one of those horrid little stocks that curse the bottom end of AIM. Always promising jam tomorrow, always raising money and never delivering. However over the past six months it has gained a new management team, sorted out its balance sheet, started to win big business and it could well be THE recovery play of 2015. It is our second tip of the year at a 0.17p offer with an initial target price to sell of 0.32p.

Chris Bailey’s share tips for 2015 No 2 - Aviva

Published 846 days ago

Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate on the observation that the global economy has a few problems otherwise at this stage of the economic ‘rebound’ from the dark days of 2007-9 interest rates would be going up.  This warped environment favours a different sort of share and – sorry to say for any current employees who will be impacted – but Aviva’s (AV.) cost cutting heavy takeover of Friends Life (FLG) is just the sort of story that has a strong chance of working next year. 

Lucian Miers share tips for 2015, No 2 – Sell Avanti Communications

Published 846 days ago

Shares in Avanti (AVN) have managed to head higher in recent months thanks to a rumour that Facebook was about to bid. Now Facebook might just co-operate with Avanti to bring the internet to Bongo Bongo land but that will not earn Avanti a fortune and there is no way that a bid is on the way. So I am very happily short on fundamentals.

Mark Howitt’s share tips of the year No2 – GlaxoSmithKline

Published 846 days ago

After some careful thought I have selected GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as one of just two of my Prime Share Selections for 2015. Being honest, I find it difficult to pick two which really should be the best of all shares, but I am fairly confident GlaxoSmithKline will perform well in 2015.

Tom Winnifrith’s sixth share tip of the year 2015, buy Premaitha at a 19.5p offer

Published 846 days ago

One of the reasons that capitalism works while the alternative is doomed to fail is that failing companies can reinvent themselves.

Gary Newman’s share tips of the year 2015, No 2 – BHP Billiton

Published 847 days ago

Miners have had a very bad time of late, but that can also lead to some long term bargains like BHP Billiton (BLT) cropping up. 

HotStockRockets share tips of the year 2015 No 1 – Buy Minoan at 10.25p

Published 848 days ago

Minoan (MIN) shares have taken a Christmas beating thanks to Greece where the buffoons in charge have contrived to ensure that the country faces another General election in late January. The market has over-reacted and that makes the shares at 10.25p (a market cap of £17 million) the first HotStockRockets share tip of the year 2015. 

Robert Sutherland Smith’s share tips of the year 2015 No 2 – Buy Rolls Royce

Published 848 days ago

My second choice for the traditional Christmas share consideration and selection game has the following merits. It is a share that has performed well over the long term but having underperformed the market this year. It looks attractive on a technical interpretation of the share price chart and is well supported by fundamentals on low estimated measures of value. It is of course, Rolls Royce (RR.) which I last visited in October when the shares were 800p and looking, I thought, particularly bombed out. 

Robert Tyerman’s share tips for 2015 No 2 – Buy Randgold Resources

Published 848 days ago

Gold has been the despair of its fans ever since hitting $1,900 an ounce three years ago. Instead of soaring above $2,000 and on into the stratosphere, amid international political and economic turbulence, the perverse yellow metal has slithered back to below $1,180 an ounce, as the US economy and dollar have proved unexpectedly strong and oil has lately taken a spectacular tumble.

How to get THE sizzling hot share tip for 2015 for just £5 TOMORROW (31/12) 9 AM

Published 848 days ago

You want a hot share tip for 2015? A Penny stock where there is going to be cracking newsflow over the next couple of months? A stock you can trade and which we expect to double or more in just a couple of months? We believe that we have found that stock for you.

Tom Winnifrith’s Share Tips for 2015, No 5 – Sell Quindell, target 0p

Published 848 days ago

Some of you may regard this as boring. There is after all, ALMOST, nothing written below that I have not written before. But I promised my top 5 shorts as part of my 10 tips of the year and Quindell (QPP) is my top short. Quite simply these shares are worthless. And so selling at 42p or whatever you can get is a sure fire 100% win. This is a “niller” at so many levels. Where do we start?

Thierry Laduguie’s share tip of the year – sell Glencore

Published 849 days ago

I tipped this stock as a sell last year based on fundamental and technical factors. After an uneventful start to the year 2014, the stock rallied during the summer and peaked at 379p on 28 July.

Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit's share tips for 2015 No 1 - Reloading on Randgold Resources

Published 849 days ago

A year ago I tipped Randgold Resources (RRS) as my ‘FTSE-100 tip of the year’ and despite the volatility in the underlying gold price and desperate performance of the average gold miner the tip has done well and has nicely outperformed the UK’s leading share index. 

We do not tip shares very often but on Monday... That is today at 3.30 PM

Published 849 days ago

Steve Moore and I have been cautious on shares and especially AIM shares for a year. We have not touched some sectors like oil at all. And we have been vindicated. We are value investors and thus caution is the name of the game. The skills we use in detecting frauds like Quindell are the same skills we use in unearthing value buys. But it is Christmas and we have a new share tip underway. Like the Tailor of Gloucester we are still hard at work on it as the big day approaches.

Tom Winnifrith’s Tip of the Year No 4 – Buy Optibiotix

Published 850 days ago

As I noted in my ten macro themes for 2015 article (HERE) the analysis that Steve Moore and I serve up is bottom up – that is to say company specific – not so much macro driven. But the odd macro think session establishes useful tramlines for the investment process. My firstsecond and third share tips for 2015 are already live and so onto Number 4.

Robert Sutherland Smith’s shares tips for 2015, No 1 – BP at 416p

Published 850 days ago

I tipped BP (BP.) last year at 484p on the basis that the shares looked good value and without the foresight of knowing that the price of crude oil would fall so far and so fast, particularly given the recovery of the US economy and the eternal problems of the Middle East. Not a good call in hindsight. 

Mark Howitt’s share tips for 2015 – No 1: HSBC

Published 850 days ago

What first attracted me to HSBC (HSBA) as a tip of the year? The fact that I knew how cold and ruthless it could be. I have a certain amount of ‘inside information’ on this. When you look at HSBC... there is often something quite clinical about it. My sister has a bank account with HSBC... you would be hard pressed to easily find that it pays no interest at all. “This account pays no credit interest” it says in the small print. However, if she went overdrawn she’d be charged around 18% every year.

Robert Tyerman’s share tips of the year No 1 – Paragon Diamonds

Published 850 days ago

Diamonds seem to have escaped the worst of the carnage that has afflicted other commodities, from gold to iron ore and participants in the sector, perhaps unsurprisingly, claim to see a widening of interest in the dazzling gemstones, from China to the Middle East, with a new emphasis on their potential merits as investments as well as adornments. One such enthusiast is Philip Manduca, former hedge fund pioneer, brother of the head of the Prudential insurance giant and chairman of AIM-quoted Paragon Diamonds (PRG).

Nigel Somerville’s share tips for 2015 – No 2 Core VCT (CR3) and Core IV VCT (CR4)

Published 850 days ago

If my first idea for 2015 of Scancell (SCLP) which you can read HERE seemed high risk then this one will look – at first glance – off the scale. But there is method in my madness. Core VCT (CR3) is an arbitrage buy with what looks to be limited downside. Here is why.

Gary Newman’s 2015 share tips of the year – No 1 buy Genel Energy

Published 850 days ago

My first ‘tip for 2015’ has to be Genel Energy (GENL) which has the potential for big returns and is better positioned than some of its peers. 

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 2 – sell Igas at 39.5p – target cut to 10p

Published 851 days ago

In my macro themes for 2015 article HERE I stated that I was fundamentally bearish on equities and as such half of my ten tips of the year would be shorts. Another theme for 2015 (as it was for 2014) was an extreme aversion to oil stocks. In that vein I return to Igas (IGAS) which I first suggested shorting at 56p a month or so ago HERE but where I am now halving my target price to 10p making this my second top short for 2015.

Nigel Somerville’s 2015 share tips of the year – No 1: Scancell

Published 851 days ago

Scancell (SCLP) is a biotech stock I’ve been keen on for some four or five years. The statistics on getting new treatments through clinical trials and regulatory approvals are terrible, so we are certainly at the high-risk end of the spectrum, but I believe the risk/reward is favourable and I like the company, management, the way it behaves (important!) and the products currently being developed. Here is why.

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips of the year 2015 – No 1 Buy InterQuest at a 102p offer

Published 852 days ago

One of my highlights of Christmas was a gathering of the friends of the woman I once referred to as the deluded lefty, that is to say the Mrs. I was ill so, having cooked for them, I retreated to bed with the cats, but coming down for a cup of tea I heard the most deluded of the lot of them (they are nearly all sociology lecturers) opine that she had “applied for research funding to study how black women are suffering in the recession.” Where does one start?

Lucian Miers share tips of the year Number 1 – Short Purecircle

Published 853 days ago

I last wrote about Purecircle (PURE) in March and predicted that 2014 would be the year for the big collapse.  I was wrong: the permascam that is Purecircle has remained rock solid while all around it our favourite bear trades have borne fruit.  Indeed, for the price of Purecircle  (£940 million) you could now buy Quindell. Gulf Keystone Petroleum, and Globo combined and still have change left for Iofina.

Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 1 K3 Business Technology

Published 853 days ago

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015 and so here is my first tip of the year…cue drumroll

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 2 – Buy Zytronic at 302p

Published 853 days ago

I always like a niche company. A niche you'll remember is a useful hole in a wall. The niche is useful, yet is small and discreet enough to be overlooked.

Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 1: Buy Lloyds Banking Group at 77p

Published 854 days ago

Lloyds (LLOY) is a bank which deserves a better share price. Its shares reached 86p in 2014, which was a huge improvement on its best performance in the year before.

InterQuest Bid Talks off but Trading going Great Guns

Published 854 days ago

InterQuest (ITQ) has announced that talks with a potential purchaser are off. In fact it held talks with a number of parties and one was serious but not at a price that Gary Ashworth and his team found acceptable. Gary is the largest shareholder, he has a great track record and I back his judgement 100%.

Empresaria - Acquisition, we are well ahead on this share tip more to come

Published 858 days ago

International specialist staffing group Empresaria (EMR) has announced an initial £1 million, and up to £1.5 million, acquisition of 75% of Ball & Hoolahan Ltd, a UK-based recruiter serving the marketing industry.  Good news for all those who followed this impressive share tip.

Avesco Upbeat Trading Statement

Published 859 days ago

Avesco Group (AVS) has updated that it anticipates profit for its year ended 30thSeptember 2014 “will be ahead of current expectations” following “stronger and quicker than anticipated” cost savings and an “extremely busy” final quarter. 

Begbies Traynor, results, placing & acquisition

Published 863 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its half year ended 31st October 2014, an up to £8.5 million (initial £5 million) acquisition and a placing to raise £5.3 million.  This is not a great share tip so far but we remain buyers.

Amino - cracking Trading Statement ( a cracking share tip)

Published 873 days ago

Technology enabling digital programming and interactivity over IP networks-focused Amino (AMO) has updated that“profit before tax for the year ended 30 November 2014 is expected to be above market expectations” on the back of a return to revenue growth in the second half.  Good news for those who followed our tip of just a few weeks ago – we are massively ahead already.

Creston, Empresaria & IQE – share tip of the year updates

Published 873 days ago

Post recent interim results from one of my tips of the year, Creston plc (CRE), the following updates on how my three selections have performed to date.

Hang onto Fastnet Oil and Gas

Published 873 days ago

Today I take a look at one of the tips that has not gone so well to say the least. With the crude oil price cratering, so too has the share price of Fastnet (FAST), but it did not shed the majority on the back of the oil fall. Instead it decided to tank on the back of a comment by Chairman Cathal Friel to the press where he said that a return of cash and move into the medical sector could happen because of the oil price. The share price slumped 40% on that announcement which is an over-reaction and here is why. 

Mirada Results & Peru Contract: Buy

Published 877 days ago

Mirada plc (MIRA) has announced interim results and “a big step following the company's successful rollout of our iris SDP modules in Peru”. It is all good news.

Optibiotix is flying & there is more to come

Published 880 days ago

Shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) are now trading at 22p -22.5p – it was only a few months ago that we tipped them at a 9p offer. There is news today but the fun is only just beginning. The announcement today is not exactly concrete but shows momentum. It reads:

So the market is nearly back to all-time highs, everything is okay?

Published 880 days ago

Hmmmm. Lots of low grade Aim stocks are flying, the FTSE 100 is nearly at all-time highs, there is a lot of rubbish being spouted about a Santa Rally coming early and I am stuck in Greece preparing to start the olive harvest tomorrow when I should be punting rubbish on AIM making a killing. Right? Wrong.

Advanced Computer Software takeover bid – another winning share tip from Steve & me

Published 882 days ago

Vin Murria has delivered for our readers again – with Advanced Computer Software (ASW) announcing a recommended 140p per share cash takeover by US-based Vista Equity Partners. 

Obtala – good news on Paragon and our share tip is ahead – more to come

Published 886 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced that a call option for 60 million shares it currently holds in Paragon Diamonds (PRG) has been exercised. This follows earlier agreements reached with private equity investment group Titanium Capital to put “new impetus” into Paragon and has helped shares in Obtala more than 10% higher – to 10.75p-11p, capitalising the company at just below £29 million. 

Cineworld Trading Update, its good news

Published 886 days ago

Cineworld Group (CINE) has updated on trading for the 46 weeks ended 13th November 2014 “in line with our expectations” and “remains confident of delivering results in line with market expectations for the full year”.  Good News

Optiobiotix – a share tip that is flying (gain to date 120%) – more to come

Published 887 days ago

We tipped shares in Optiobiotix (LSE:OPTI) just a few months ago at a 9p offer. Knock me down with a feather they closed Friday at 20.75p-21.25p. But the fun is not over yet. We urged you strongly a week ago to buy at up to our limit buy price of 15p as the last chance to get in cheap. We hope that advice was taken even if you ignored the original tip.

Salamander Energy End Game

Published 887 days ago

Today’s announcement of Ophir’s bid for Salamander Energy (SMDR)  comes with a price tag (115.9p a share) which is less than one hoped for however given the curse which is upon this company at present and the new 30% collapse in oil prices post my original tip (HERE) I believe this is the best outcome possible. The ofer is 2% ahead of my original tip, no disaster but this is clearly a disappointment. 

Symphony - placing at a premium! Ahead on this share tip its still a buy

Published 888 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced it has raised £1.28 million from issuing new shares at 10p, a more than 20% PREMIUM to the prior share price and, conditional on 19th December General Meeting approval, the raising of a further £0.295 million at the same share price and a possible further more than £1 million – the latter at a more than 80% premium to the 8.25p closing mid-price of the shares before the transaction was announced.  This good share tip is looking even better!

Stanley Gibbons, very strong interims - buy

Published 890 days ago

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2014 and that “the board look forward to the second half of the financial year with confidence”. Good News fr our readers at the Nifty Fifty but there is more to come!

Is AIM Uninvestable? No. But….

Published 890 days ago

The AIM Index has underperformed all comers by a handsome margin in 2014 just as it did in 2013. The Equities First Holdings LLC scandal has added to the sense that this is a crony capitalist market where the many (mug punters) put up cash to have it transferred to the few (City advisers and greedy and often dishonest directors). The looming collapse of Quindell, a firm once valued at almost £3 billion, will only add to the stench.  And yet the LSE – which owns and regulates AIM – acts as if nothing is wrong. As each week goes by and another scandal emerges, another company is shown to have lied, another one goes tits up this position becomes all the more indefensible. No wonder some folks are just giving up on the casino altogether.

Minoan - Efharisto Hellas

Published 894 days ago

Having had a full legal translation, Minoan Group (MIN) has announced that “the committee of the General Secretaries of the relevant Greek Government ministries has approved the draft of the Presidential Decree in respect of Minoan's project in Crete. This approval is the pre-cursor for the final approval of the Presidential Decree”

1Spatial – we are well ahead on the share tip but post interims more to come

Published 905 days ago

Provider of software and services to manage spatial ‘big data’, 1Spatial plc (SPA) has announced results for the six months ended 31st July 2014 and that it “is encouraged by current trading and looks forward to the future with confidence”.

Stratmin Placing – This is the last one: buy

Published 907 days ago

Company A on AIM issues good news. The shares go up as private investors buy. Company A then issues shares at a sharp discount to a bunch of coked up City spivs who forward sell and flip the rest post placing so making a quick killing. It is coke and hookers all round in the Square Mile and the poor private investors are back on the cabbage soup. It seems a familiar tale and so after its shares spiked on an offtake deal (great news)…. Stratmin (STGR) duly raised £800,000 at 7p. Bastards. Or maybe not.

Obtala Resources: cracking retail deal - buy

Published 908 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has announced it is to pay just over $1 million for a controlling 72.69% shareholding in five departmental retail outlets within Lesotho in order to advance its vertically integrated strategy. The stores operate as Life’s Comfort Solutions Ltd.  This is a cracking deal.

Inspirit Energy – waffle from the boiler room but a good long chat with CEO John Gunn

Published 908 days ago

Where is the Inspirit (INSP) newsflow we were lead to expect? A good question and the main reason the share price has drifted back to 1.2p. Ennui. Boredom. A couple of days ago there was an attempt at news. The company said:

Catch the next HotStockRockets tip of the month TODAY at 2.30PM for as little as £5

Published 909 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY at 2PM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Stratmin More Good News but still cheap

Published 913 days ago

Following its announcing it has entered into an offtake agreement and rebound in share price last week, shares in StratMin Global Resources (LSE:STGR) got a second boost on the back of a further positive announcement.  Two in a week – it all helps!

Amino is already a winning tip from Steve & I but there is still c40% upside

Published 913 days ago

Young Steve Moore and I tipped Amino at an 82p offer on our Nifty Fifty website on October 15 2014 - the shares are now 95p to 96p. You see we can write BUY share tips and when we do we are good at it! But there is still upside. We reckon fair value for the shares is 133p and here’s why.

InterQuest - ching ching!

Published 917 days ago

Shares in specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) have jumped by a net 8% in the past two days to 116.5p on the back of an announcement that “it is launching a review of options open to the company to maximise value for shareholders including a potential sale of the company”.  Ching Ching.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Guscio at 9p offer – nibble at up to 10p

Published 920 days ago

This is a speculative share tip. It is one to nibble at and only at 10p or less. But it could just fly. Guscio (GUSC) is a company we bet you have never heard of. However…

Lombard Risk Management – Interims: Buy

Published 920 days ago

Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has announced results from “a busy six months” to 30th September 2014 as financial services industry regulatory change continues apace. 

The market is plunging and we are about to do what?

Published 924 days ago

Steve Moore and I are pretty proud of NOT having published a new tip for several months on our pemium Nifty Fifty website  There are commercial pressures to write tips – folks do not renew if you see no tips! – but we could not have acted differently and felt good about ourselves. Instead we have advised the selling of a number of older tips some at a profit others not so and we hope our readers are now fairly heavily cash weighted as a result.

Restore – well ahead of my June share tip – far more to come

Published 924 days ago

I tipped Restore (RST) at a 181p (offer) share price on June 10 this year. Its shares are now 228p but there is still plenty of upside.  My next hot tip – which I really like goes live at 3.30 PM today on my Nifty Fifty website. You can get immediate access HERE.  Now back to Restore.

ShareProphets Share Tip of the week: Leyshon Energy

Published 941 days ago

Yes we know this company operates in China but it is not a Chinese company but it is valued as if it is one. At 3.25p to buy Leyshon Energy (LEN) is the ShareProphets share tip of the week.

ShareProphets Share Tip of the Week: Buy Chapel Down at 28p or 19p if you hurry

Published 949 days ago

English wines and beer maker, Chapel Down Group (CDGP) will within the next week complete a £1 million crowdfunding fundraise at 28p per share. But it is EIS eligible so if you are a higher rate taxpayer you effectively pay 19p and – ok – you have to hold for 3 years – but you will pay no CGT. Frankly this is a nil brainer.

Tip of the week update: Premaitha 40% ahead after 2 weeks – to double from here by Christmas

Published 949 days ago

AIM listed Premaitha (NIPT)  was our share tip of the week two weeks ago at 10.75p – the shares are now 15.75p but are still a buy from here – we expect them to double by Christmas.

Cello Group – interims, more to come from this big share tip winner to date?

Published 951 days ago

Healthcare and consumer strategic marketing group, Cello (CLL) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and that it “is confident that current full year expectations will be met”. Having identified value HERE at 54p, the following reviews with the shares currently at 93.5p.

IQE Results, a bad share tip so far but now a good recovery play

Published 952 days ago

Leading global supplier of advanced wafer products and services to the semiconductor industry, IQE (IQE) has announced results for a first half of the 2014 calendar year impacted by “a significant inventory correction in the wireless industry and the translational effect of a strengthening of the sterling exchange rate against the US Dollar”, though adding that “destocking was concluded during Q2 and customers are forecasting an upbeat second half”

Action Hotels Interims – Steady Build, this share tip WILL come good

Published 952 days ago

Owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced its results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and that it is “in advanced discussions on a number of potential new hotel opportunities”

Black Wednesday, stockmarket crash will it happen by Friday?

Published 953 days ago

I have been getting very worried during the last week that a stockmarket crash is looming. As a result all of my current buy recommendations are moved to HOLD bar French Connection, my most recent share tip HERE

Reach4Entertainment Interims - buy at up to 6p

Published 953 days ago

Reach4entertainment (R4E) has announced results for the first six months of the 2014 calendar year and that it is “confident that we will, at the very least, meet market expectations for the full year”. Good. We are well on track with this share tip but there is more to come.

I Hope You Heeded My Hadron Collider Share Tip.

Published 954 days ago

Readers of this smasheroo website just get luckier and luckier – if you’ve been following my tips. Sorry, that sounds very immodest – but the only fault I have is over-modesty. Please forgive me, but I’m so excited about that anti-cancer outfit I recommended to you – Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO).

ShareProphets Tip of the Week – Mirada at 13.75p offer – target 24p

Published 955 days ago

This is the second time we have made this or tip of the week. First time around was at 15.75p but the sods round at Arden then organised a placing which rather kyboshed sentiment, However…

Restore – 26% up on this share tip since June but more to come

Published 956 days ago

We are 26% up on this share tip in less than three months but there is more to come. Restore (RST) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and stated that “we remain confident of making further progress in the second half of the year and our full year expectations are unchanged”

InterQuest – Cracking Interims, has to be a corporate play

Published 958 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year, noting “strong performance in both our contract and permanent recruitment business” and that “we are confident of further success in the second half of the year and beyond”.  This all looks good. What next?

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Premaitha at 10.75p

Published 962 days ago

AIM listed Vialogy (VIY) was a perennial dog. That was all meant to change following the reversal of Premaitha into the business at 11p in July. So far the now renamed Premaitha Group (NIPT) has failed to sparkle. The shares are now 10.75p. But after a summer lull we reckon that is all about to change. Big time and soon. Hence it is our share tip of the week.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week Update: Inspirit well up in 2 weeks still a buy

Published 962 days ago

A quick update on our share tip of the week from a fortnight ago Inspirit Energy (INSP) which we recommended at a 1.25p offer – the shares are now 1.55p-1.7p. They are still a buy and here’s why.

Amara Mining: Great Drilling Results and the Loathsome Peter Hain MP buys shares

Published 962 days ago

We are well ahead on our tip to buy shares in Amara Mining (AMA) We told Nifty Fifty readers to buy at a 15.75p offer – the stock is now 23.75-24p. But there was interesting news last week implying that there is more upside still.

Empresaria interims good - but more to come on this share tip

Published 964 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and that “based on performance to date, we are confident that earnings for the full year will be in line with market expectations and look forward to delivering further growth”.  This has been a great share tip from me but what now?

Amara Mining – we are 50% up on this gold share tip but certainly not selling: Interims comment

Published 970 days ago

We are c50% ahead on this share tip after interims last week. But there is more to come.

Catch the HotStockRockets share tip of the Month TODAY at 12.15 PM for just £5

Published 971 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY (Friday) at 12.15 PM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Kentz – goodbye to a stellar share tip

Published 977 days ago

Kentz (KENZ) has announced that its acquisition by SNC-Lavalin Group Inc has become effective following the delivery of the Scheme Court Order to the Registrar of Companies. The following updates on what has been a stock we have successfully followed here and on what today’s news means is coming up for shareholders.

Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

Published 984 days ago

Jim Slater, father of UK Investor Show speaker Mark, is the controversial fellow who created the PEG (Price Earnings Growth) method of investment analysis. Using PEG analysis e has today served up two AIM listed stocks he reckons as buys in today’s Daily Telegraph. One of the, as it happens, is a stock Steve Moore and I have tipped on our Nifty Fifty website.

Horse Hill; ramp, rumour, place!

Published 987 days ago

Ever the showman, this morning’s RNS from David Lenigas’ UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is a perfect pump primer for the soon to spud Horse Hill exploration well. UK Oil & Gas has just upped its direct stake in Horse Hill Development Ltd, which has a 65% participating interest in the Horse Hill Field, to 20%, for a £750,000 commitment. Apparently this purchase is “being funded from UKOG's existing cash balances”, which is probably the Australian for “expect a placement tomorrow”. But I’m not very good at foreign languages, so what do I know?

Buy Prime People at a 95p offer

Published 991 days ago

Investment Case: Noting that a large proportion of its cash looked surplus to what is needed in its ongoing business and for its current growth plans, Prime People plc (PRP) recently returned 15p per share (£1.82 million) to shareholders. This, together with an attractive ordinary dividend, shows a regard for shareholders that few other AIM-listed companies do. This is perhaps because the directors' interests are via their shareholdings to a rare extent aligned with other investors. We tipped this at a 90p offer a couple of weeks ago but at 95p to buy this is still a good share tip and here’s why.

ShareProphets Share tip of the week – Buy Amara Mining at 20.875p

Published 991 days ago

Shares in Amara Mining (AMA) dipped last week to 20.875p on the back of announcements that its Kalsaka/Sega gold mine is to be put into early liquidation and that “as a consequence of the company's transition from producer to developer status, Peter Spivey has resigned from his position as CEO”. There is also a drilling update from the company's Yaoure project which serves to "further underline the potential to expand its 6.3 million ounce resource base“.  View this as a buying opportunity.

Buy Shell

Published 994 days ago

It’s hard to look like a genius in a bear market. This is exactly where we are today.  Bear markets don’t last forever and nor, sadly, do bull markets. You look like a fool in a bear market and like a professor in a bull market, the trick is to not do too badly when markets slump and to do really well when they rally.

Creston – 19% ahead on this share tip but far more to go for

Published 996 days ago

Last week marketing communications group, Creston (CRE) announced that “current trading is in line with its expectations for the full year” (to 31stMarch 2015) – with, in the three months to 30th June 2014, like-for-like revenue 2% higher than in the corresponding 2013 period (overall revenue: +3%).  That helped the shares and we are now 19% ahead on this share tip but there is more to go for.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Ariana Resources at a 1.25p offer

Published 997 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) was our ShareProphets share tip of the week at a 0.85p offer on 29th June. We predicted a 30% gain within weeks. The shares are now 1.1p bid which is a gain of 29%. Not bad eh? But we see upside of at least 25% more in the near term and so at a 1.25p offer we once again make it our share tip of the week. It is not too late to get on board.

Share tip: Buy Ducat Ventures at 0.05p

Published 999 days ago

A member of the HotStockRockets team owns shares in Ducat Ventures (DUC) and will not sell until we have advised you to sell. But for the avoidance of doubt when the shares hit 0.09p to sell do not wait for our call, just bank the gain.

Ariana – Already up on our 0.85p tip at 1.13p after one month – watch this and understand the real upside

Published 999 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) was our ShareProphets share tip of the week at a 0.85p offer on 29th June - HERE. Today the shares are at 1.05-1.20 – not bad for a month. As we predicted it would the company now has full, non-dilutive, funding for its Red Rabbit gold project in Turkey – that was announced yesterday. To understand how far this share will go watch this video of CEO Kerim Sener in action at the UK Investor Show.

Stanley Gibbons – we are 40% ahead on this share tip but more to come

Published 1000 days ago

We tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at a 225p offer price on the Nifty Fifty and with the shares now at 310p we are – dividends included more than 40% ahead but following yesterday’s AGM statement we still see material upside in the shares.

Looking forward to the last day of the month

Published 1001 days ago

Well it is payday. That is one reason to celebrate of course. But there are a few other things bubbling away in the world of shares.

July’s Stock-Ping - Research TEG Group

Published 1001 days ago

Back to the ‘T’s and mother nature for this month’s Stockping however far removed from wireless technology and infection control, the company this month operate on the old adage ‘where there’s muck, there’s money’ and possibly in increasing amounts in years to come. TEG Group PLC (TEG) with its wholly owned subsidiaries, TEG Environmental , TEG Energy  and Simpro  along with 50% stakes in TEG Biogas (Perth)  and TEG Biogas (London) provides state of the art technology for handling organic wastes with abbreviations such as: ‘IVC’ – in vessel composting, ‘ABP’ – animal by product and ‘AD’ anaerobic digestion, gardeners will know, the latter is rather smelly, but this shouldn’t put you off the share!!!

Buy cuddly "new" Ryanair at 7.02 Euro

Published 1001 days ago

So, with the 152 % increase in Q1 profitability and – more fundamentally important the reported 4% in passenger numbers – is the curse of O’Leary be lifted for Ryanair; transformed into something more endearing and cuddly than the hard bitten reputation of past times? The thing that makes equity investing the dynamic thing it is – for good or ill – is the fact that companies are managed by people and people can adapt to change and challenge, as Mr. O’ Leary is clearly attempting to do now. The fact that 4% more passengers have elected to go Ryanair suggests that he has won through; or at least is not still on the back foot in terms of public appreciation of Ryanair Holdings (RYA).

Hutchison China Meditech – I’m well ahead on this China share tip but more to come

Published 1001 days ago

Never buy Chinese stocks listed in London is a golden rule of mine. But I broke it last month tipping Hutchison China MediTech (HCM) at an 870p offer. They are now 960p bid after interims yesterday. So why break a golden rule and is there more to come for the shares?

Under starters orders; a final look at the form of the Horse Hill runners

Published 1002 days ago

Over the last couple of weeks the share prices of the six listed companies participating in the Horse Hill oil exploration project have pulled back. Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) have both placed. Solo Oil (SOLO) has been treading water since it placed in mid June. Regency Mines (RGM) looks almost certain to place imminently, despite having raised money in May and the same can probably be said for Doriemus (DOR), though the latter’s financial position is certainly better. This leaves Stellar Resources (STG), which of the six is probably the best funded and might not need a Horse Hill cash injection. Time will tell if this view is correct, but with the spud only days away, now might be the time to place your bets if you fancy a gamble on the madness of crowds. Below I take a look at the runners.

Argos Resource offers an alternative Falklands play

Published 1002 days ago

Excitement is starting to build about the forthcoming drilling in the Falkland Islands, given what was discovered previously. Even though the rig won’t arrive until spring 2015, interest is already returning to Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) and Falklands Oil and Gas (FOGL), and I would expect both to be at a higher price by the time drilling commences. But if you fancy a different play to the two main companies, then Argos Resources (ARG) is well worth a look and seems to have been largely forgotten about.

K3 Business Technology – we are 45% up on or share tip but still upside

Published 1002 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) yesterday announced a £0.61 million “strategic infill” acquisition of Retail Technology Ltd, a ‘Microsoft Dynamics’-based electronic point of sale provider to smaller retailers.  That is more good news for a share where we are already 45% ahead on our tip – there is more to come.

GlaxoSmithKline good value at 1428p

Published 1002 days ago

The fall in the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) share price to1428p is a story in its self.  Not only is it back to where it approximately was in 2013 but it now stands on what I perceive to be a three year support level. (Have a look for yourselves.) If so, will the share price hold there and is it a reason to buy the shares as cheap at 1428p on an historic dividend yield of 5.4% and on the basis that “there will always be a Glaxo”; an approach that has generally speaking been a good point to buy the shares when the news looks bleakest?

The Lenigas Series Part Two; Buy Inspirit Energy

Published 1003 days ago

Brushing away a torrent of crazy abuse after calling sells on Afriag (AFRI) and Rare Earth Minerals (REM), I turn my attention to another Lenigas stock, Inspirit Energy (INSP). Inspirit is a technology stock that is looking to commercialise micro combined heat and power (mCHP) boiler. The boiler has been developed for a long time under the company's stewardship and the technology has come on leaps and bounds.

Kirkland Lake heads back into the black

Published 1003 days ago

After two years of losses, Canadian miner Kirkland Lake Gold (KGI) is poised to start making money again from its high-grade Macassa and South Mine complex, holding potentially three million ounces or more of the yellow metal in Western Ontario’s south Abitibi greenstone belt. The company, quoted on AIM and in Toronto, lost a quadrupled £8.5 million on a reduced £94 million turnover in the year to April, but expects the first quarter of the current year to show dramatic improvements in costs, grades and production. The company’s turnaround strategy, initiated in January by incoming chief executive officer George Ogilvie, looks like it is beginning to bear fruit.

ShareProphets tip of the week (Alba Mineral Resources) Update – Placing announced

Published 1003 days ago

In a sense this makes our share tip of the week yesterday – Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) even better. We said buy this morning at 0.6p and, as per the tip, were fully aware that sooner or later it would use Horse  Hill excitement to get a placing away. 

Doc Holiday: Rapid Cloud – a speculative buy

Published 1003 days ago

Rapid Cloud (RCI) came to market back in 2013 and IPO'd at 54p. The business was formed back in 1999 so was hardly a start up and therefore a punt operation. Specialising in web development services, I explain below why I view this company as a speculative buy.

RBS: interim results - a hold at worst

Published 1003 days ago

On Friday we had the preliminary interim results from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS.) Whereas one might have might have expected something slow and vaporous, they were instead robust and tangible enough to push the share price to rise not so much like the slowly rising ghost from the deep grave of its former self but more like a rocket on Guy Fawke's night.  The numbers which lit the touch paper of the market’s hopes and best expectations were the reported figures for profits before tax and the operating profits during the first half. 

Bank an 84% gain in Rose Petroleum

Published 1004 days ago

Today I update my call on Rose Petroleum (ROSE) made in early July where I expected 3.5p to be hit within 5 months. It has been less than 1 month and that point was smashed through last week. Rose now stands at 4.15p against my share tip of 2.25p so there has been a whopping 84% gain.

The Fight to Zap Cancer with the Hadron Collider.

Published 1005 days ago

Hello Share Mates: Sadly, cancer is on the march in Britain and around the world. I'm sure we all know quite a few people who are affected. It's because we're getting older and the condition has a longer period to strike. But I also don't have to tell you that children and teenagers are at risk, too.

Good value in Royal Mail with its €500million bond issue

Published 1006 days ago

Royal Mail (RMG) has just reported that it has launched its first commercial bond issue for Euros 500 million. Is that a good thing? Certainly, since part of logic of the business being floated was to get it out of the National Accounts and most particularly, out of the clutches of Her Majesty’s Treasury and its cost cutting acolytes. The fact that the Treasury has failed to meet earlier targets as promised, to get the Nations’ finances in sufficiently good order to win an election, the cutting goes on. There is little doubt that the Royal Mail would have had a hard time of it competing with the NHS and education for funds. So at least it can now raise cash for the kind of investment needed to build future revenue, profit and earnings flows.

Westminster Group has huge growth potential

Published 1006 days ago

Westminster Group (WSG) is one of those companies that is yet to live up to its potential, but the right piece of news could change all of that. The company provides security services to various governments and private organisations across the world and is currently represented in 48 countries.

Goldstone hails Stratex backing

Published 1006 days ago

As boss of an AIM mine exploration company which has lost 97 per cent of its stock market value since floating 10 years ago, Jurie Wessels, chief executive of South Africa-based Goldstone Resources (GRL) is determinedly upbeat about its proposed new deal with fellow AIM company Stratex International (STI). Stratex, which has gold interests not far from Goldstone’s projects in West Africa, has agreed to pay £1.25 million for 33.4 per cent of Goldstone at a discounted 6p (after a tenfold share consolidation) -- provided the City Takeover Panel agrees to waive what would otherwise be its obligation to bid for the entire company.

Inmarsat Is No Waste of Space.

Published 1006 days ago

Hello Share Mashers: Inmarsat (ISAT) is a great British space-age techno company – but not as we know it, Jim. You may recall lots in the news about Inmarsat earlier this year. They were the ones who were looking for bits of wrecked plane in that big missing aircraft tragedy.

Enables It May Enable Me to Get Some Money Back

Published 1007 days ago

Hello Share Riders: I have a few shares at the moment which are not doing that well. I should have sold them after a 10% drop on the purchase price. That's my usual rule.

RTZ; still good value at 3,336p

Published 1008 days ago

As a generalist watcher of shares and their performance, I am often intimidated by the intimate and esoteric knowledge of experts; particularly in the mining sector. They seem to understand, or at least explain, every nook cranny of company performance in exquisite technology speak. However, as always in life, particularly in share spotting - that very unpredictable business - there are alternatives. My own approach as a generalist contrarian, with an eye on the fundamentals, as well as the technical analysis, is the combination of pedestrian observation and hopefully common sense evaluation; that has certainly been a helpful approach in the case of RTZ (RI0).

Sirius Petroleum; nearly there (at last!!!)

Published 1008 days ago

Since it came to market in March 2011, Sirius Petroleum (SRSP) isn’t exactly a share that has set the market on fire. Over the last three years the stock has traded in a tight range between 2.5p and 5.5p. All that has been remarkable about this Nigerian oil exploration play is how regular the pattern of its share price has been. This morning Sirius announced a $20million placement, priced at 3p. This money will go towards the estimated $25.1million cost of drilling the first well in the Ororo off-shore field. For a stock with a market cap of £32.9million, and with a c.$5.1 funding gap to fill before September 15th, this might sound like an incredibly risky place to put your money. Betting on an oil exploration company, which will likely just about be able to scrape together the money for one shot at the big time, is usually a recipe for disaster on AIM. However, in the case of Sirius, previous testing work completed by Chevron in 1986 at the Ororo field suggests the company could be onto a winner.

Ophir Energy; set for a reversal in fortunes?

Published 1009 days ago

A look at the chart for Ophir Energy (OPHR) would hardly inspire you with confidence, but it is true that looks can be deceiving. Recent exploration drilling in Gabon failed to produce anything of note, other than data to re-assess the licenses for possible future work. More than a third has been wiped off of the company’s market cap during the three well exploration programme, despite Ophir pretty much having a free carry for these drills from OMV, plus being paid past costs associated with them. The question now is can the company’s valuation recover from the disappointment?

Shanta Gold on expansion trail

Published 1009 days ago

Mike Houston, boss of Guernsey-based Shanta Gold (SHG), is preparing for a busy autumn as the AIM-quoted company works to lift annual gold production at its Tanzanian gold project from a forecast 80,000 oz. this year to 100,000 oz. in two years time. Shanta, which produced 63,000 oz. in 2013 and lost a much-reduced £2.6 million on £40 million turnover, is expecting two feasibility studies in September or October on its currently producing New Luika mine in south-west Tanzania’s Lupa goldfield and its Singida project in the centre of this East African country. But how might the market react to this potentially positive newsflow?

British American Tobacco at 3500p: clock the dividend yield but check the balance sheet.

Published 1009 days ago

It was culling through the morning paper, with a fortifying cup of strong coffee in hand, when I came across a report that R.J.Reynolds the US tobacco company was being sued for $23.6 billion - or £13.8 billion in the real currency of George Osborne’s Britannia. I took a slow long sip of the coffee and read on. It told me little definitive but did reveal yet again the extraordinary freewheeling of the US justice system in which is hard to relate to the way things are done in here. If this sum related to British American Tobacco (BATS) in the UK and not to R.J.Reynolds, the shares at today’s price would be selling on a multiple of 4.7 times that claim. Or to put it another way – a way that tells you something useful - the claim represents at today’s British American share price of 3500p, one fifth of British American’s current market equity capitalization.; or looking at it from another perspective, half the Group’s total assets.

Orosur still on the prowl

Published 1009 days ago

Fresh from clinching the all-paper takeover of fellow South American gold play, Toronto Venture Exchange-listed Waymar Resources, AIM-quoted Orosur Mining (OMI) is still looking to expand further by acquiring ‘short-term production assets’. So says Ignacio Salazar, chief executive officer of Orosur, which produced an above-forecast 60,271/oz of gold in the year to May from its San Gregorio mine in Uruguay. The company hopes that Waymar’s exploration targets, notably Anza in Colombia, will provide promising additions to its own exploration and development projects at Anillo and Pantanillo in Chile.

How to Cash in On Emerging Markets – With City of London Investment Group.

Published 1009 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers: Let's have another look at the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). I've brought them to your attention before, but they've rocketed ahead quite nicely since then. Despite their name, they are not concerned with buying up London properties to make capital gains or rent out homes, offices and shops. This is a pity, as they would, given the present price boom in the capital, be doing even better than they are now.

Goldstone Resources; Stratex to the rescue, a strong speculative buy

Published 1010 days ago

Stratex’s (STI) investment into Goldstone Resources (GRL) looks like a smart bit of business. After Randgold terminated its exploration Joint Venture in eastern Senegal with Goldstone, at the start of April, the future looked pretty bleak for Goldstone’s shareholders. Their company was running on fumes and there seemed little prospect of an imminent commercial deal for the Homase/Akrokerri project in Ghana. There were serious questions whether or not Goldstone would survive. Although the price of today’s deal is pretty disastrous for any long term holders of this stock, they should, at least, retain half of the potential value in the business (assuming the deal completes and Stratex exercises its warrants over the next eighteen months). Even though the immediate market response to this proposed deal has been muted, if it does go through then a rerate could be on the cards for Goldstone’s share price.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Symphony Environmental at an 11p offer

Published 1011 days ago

AIM listed Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has not covered itself in glory over the years in terms of revenue and earnings visibility. Its d2W and d2p compounds seem exciting but one year sales are up and a big breakthrough is promised the next year they fall and dreams turn to dust. But a trading statement last week was great and the shares are our share tip of the week at 11p. Here’s why.

Footsie Favourite Compass Shows the Way.

Published 1012 days ago

Hello Share Fanciers: I've sung the praises before of the catering giant Compass Group (CPG). I've held their shares since they split with Granada Television. Remember them?

Bowleven; getting ready to bounce?

Published 1013 days ago

So my dastardly plan worked! About a month ago, when Bowleven (BLVN) announced its proposed Etinde farm-out, I penned a piece suggesting the stock had run into headwinds at 45p and it looked a good spot to take profits. Knowing how much influence I hold over markets, I instructed my cabal of skulking shorters to sell Bowleven’s stock aggressively, as this was a guaranteed opportunity to make a quick killing. Our goal always was to make a heap of money, as we beat up poor old Bowleven’s stock to such an extent that our corrupt little group of pals would gain a much better entry price to go long. We are so amazing at what we do, we profit all the way up and all the way down. Now, I’m back to ramp this stock to high heaven with one article, which is bound to send the share price to 100p. While I continue to pull the strings of Bowleven’s share price at will, I only have one question running through the back of my mind – do some of you really have no idea how ridiculous your comments sound?!

Central Rand hopes to be back on track

Published 1013 days ago

Water, though vital for life, can present formidable problems in mining, as Central Rand Gold (CNRD) has recently found to its cost. However, chief executive Johan du Toit sounds confident the company is surmounting the threat posed by surging underground water levels to mining a gold resource of potentially more than 30 million oz. in South Africa’s Central Rand goldfields.

Gulf Keystone; buy the new beginning

Published 1014 days ago

It is always extremely difficult to pass comment on companies from the outside, without really knowing what has happened behind closed boardroom doors. Even so, I am as certain as I can be that my call last month, that M&G Investment Management was preparing to dump Todd Kozel from Gulf Keystone’s (GKP) board at today’s AGM, has come to pass. We’ve just heard that Mr Kozel has withdrawn his bid for re-election to Gulf’s board, but with this announcement coming immediately before the AGM, I think we can all be fairly safe in assuming it was a case of his jumping before being pushed. Even though Mr Kozel is going to remain as an officer of the company, his departure from the board is a welcome step in the right direction and I am more bullish on Gulf’s prospects as a result.

Should you put Morrisons shares in your shopping trolley?

Published 1014 days ago

At the start of the year a Morrisons’ (MRW) share was worth about 270p, whereas today you can own a stake in the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain at a share price in the 170s.  So much for supermarkets being defensive businesses, but is there any hope for this chain?  

Big risks & Big Rewards in Petropavlovsk

Published 1014 days ago

If you are bullish on gold prices in the near future and like risk then Petropavlovsk (POG) is well worth a look. This is by no means a safe bet, and if you’re not prepared for the remote possibility of losing the lot then this certainly isn’t for you – but then the same can be said of many companies!

Indigo, Indigo, Indigo – Sung to the Football Chant 'Here We Go.'

Published 1014 days ago

Hello Share Twisters: I've been a holder of IndigoVision Group (IND) for so long I was watching a Viking raid when I first bought the shares. And over those many years, they have done rather nicely, thank you. Before the Credit Crunch they rocketed ahead in a thrilling fashion. Since then, the stocks have done ok. But the share price is due for steady progress I fancy for the rest of the year.

Buy 1Spatial (even though I am already almost 75% up)

Published 1015 days ago

I am still almost 75% up on this share tip but 1Spatial (SPA) shares have drifted in line with the tech sector of late and that should be a buying opportunity at 6.75p

Cluff scouting for Coal-to-gas deals

Published 1015 days ago

Algy Cluff, the veteran resources entrepreneur and former owner of the Spectator magazine, is on the look-out for deals to propel Cluff Natural Resources (CLNR) into the business of turning off-shore coal deposits into gas-producing assets in a way he and the company’s backers claim will be able to provide cheap and environmentally acceptable fuel supplies for years to come. Speculation has suggested potential partners could include German engineering and electronics giant Siemens or Swiss-based chemicals group Ineos, active at the Grangemouth oil refinery in the Firth of Forth, but AIM-quoted Cluff Natural remains tight-lipped.

K3 Business Technology is a buy at 216.5p

Published 1015 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced that for its year ended 30th June 2014 “trading in the second half of the financial year across the group has been good and, accordingly, the board expects results for the year to be in line with market expectations”.  The shares are, at 216.5p, way up on my share tip on the Nifty Fifty at a 148p offer but still have further to go.

Anglo American 1514p: a third look, and the prospects still look encouraging if not guaranteed.

Published 1015 days ago

As a general follower of companies and shares – a “generalist” - I base my opinions (right or wrong) not on specialisation of interest and information, but on what is called fundamentals; those measures of value in the here and now. The future is always unknown; the here and now is not - subject to interpretation of course. When I look at Anglo American (AAL) for example I do not do so a mining sector expert, but as the generalist value hunter.

Symphony Environmental Trading Statement - we are not yet 100% up but soon will be!

Published 1016 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (LSE:SYM) has issued a trading statement updating we loyal followers that “revenues are expected to be approximately £3.3 million for the first half with administrative expenses significantly reduced following the cost reductions undertaken during 2013” and on various business progress made.  We are well ahead on this share tip but there is more to come…

Invest just £5 TODAY to get access to a scorching share tip, no make that FIVE tips TODAY!

Published 1017 days ago

Let’s not mess about. You want a hot share tip TODAY? In fact how do you fancy five stock tips TODAY? For just £5. Or less. Read on…

Kibo Mining – could the horribly priced placement pay for entry into the Promised Land?

Published 1017 days ago

Rumours have abounded for a while that Kibo Mining (KIBO) has been the target of a coordinated shorting campaign. Although I’ve noticed it has been problematic buying Kibo stock in volume at times, so far I haven’t seen any firm evidence to confirm whether or not there is truth to the whispers. They could just be the sour grapes of investors who put money into a cash hungry business, during the severe sectoral downturn. Long term holders are bound to feel extremely disillusioned with how this company has developed, but after today’s RNS I am going to stick my neck on the line and say the worst could be over.

Restore - would I buy?

Published 1017 days ago

Previously updating on this website on Restore plc (RST) I concluded that the share price – then 182p - looked to have largely caught up with events after a very strong run in recent years. The following updates my view following a first half year trading update last week.

Aviva at 490p: Not cutting cost enough and not yielding enough, further downside likely

Published 1017 days ago

Aviva (AV.) is 8.6% or so down from its high point of 536p last May. Some in the market have been slightly underwhelmed by the recovery plan thinking that more cost cutting needs to be done; that is to say, doing the right things but not to a great enough extent.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Restore at a 176p offer

Published 1018 days ago

Restore (RST) is a share tipped by Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore at 30p back in 2010. They both still like it and see meaningful upside at a 176p offer. This is not a blow your socks off buy but a solid “sleep soundly” investment to make you market beating returns without worrying. It is a dull and predictable generator of great cashflows…what is wrong with that?

Tesco at 279p ‘cum’ a new finance director: a buy?

Published 1019 days ago

The news that Alan Stewart was to depart Marks & Spencer (MKS) as it Finance Director saw the next day’s M&S share price increase a little. In the case of Tesco (TSCO) the price was down 1%.  Stewart has a tough job to do at Tesco but as one might imagine, logically - and from his new Tesco pay packet - that he is up to the job.

Mwana to survey payout prospects

Published 1020 days ago

Kalaa Mpinga, the Congolese founder and chief executive officer of AIM-quoted Mwana Africa (MWA), says the company will consider starting to pay dividends this time next year, following a turnaround in the year to March from annual losses of $32 million (£19 million) to $44 million profits. This figure was swollen by a $27 million past impairment loss write-back and turnover 30.5 per cent ahead to $142.5 million. Mwana, which is involved in nickel, gold, diamonds and copper and is primarily focused on Zimbabwe though also with interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa, has scored from a full year’s resumption of production and sales from Zimbabwe’s Trojan nickel mine. This happened to coincide with major producer Indonesia’s price-boosting export ban on the metal.

Software Radio Technology – update on a company showing a rare example of openness to ALL investors and potential investors

Published 1020 days ago

AIM-listed developer and provider of offerings based on the ‘Automatic Identification System’ maritime domain awareness technology, Software Radio Technology plc (SRT) has followed recent results and a placing by welcoming “both shareholders and non-shareholders” to attend its AGM and open day on 15th July (an approach in stark contrast to another (still) AIM-listed company - see HERE). The following update looks at the recent news flow.

Carnival at 2117p looks interesting as a potential buy

Published 1020 days ago

If you are looking for underperforming shares which might undergo a change of market perception then have a look at Carnival (CCL), the holiday cruise company. I understand that one major investment bank has taken it off their “underperforming” list.

Gold Fields assets deal boosts Hummingbird

Published 1020 days ago

West African gold play Hummingbird Resources (HUM) is celebrating the conclusion of a transformational $20 million (£11.75 million) all-share acquisition which, says founder and chief executive Dan Betts, will set the AIM-quoted company on the road to becoming a 200,000 oz.-a-year gold producer. With estimated gold resources of six million oz. Hummingbird, which lost £2.2 million in the year to May 2013, ‘will be profitable in 18 months,’ declares Betts, as he extols the merits of securing South African mining colossus Gold Fields’ assets in Mali for shares giving Gold Fields a 26.3 per cent stake in the company.

Solgold; director options with genuinely positive performance targets

Published 1021 days ago

I get periodic requests to take a look at Solgold (SOLG). It’s not normally a stock I would consider buying. Too many people follow it. Even so, I have taken a bit of a look through the numbers and reports. From a fundamental perspective, I can’t see much to tempt me. With a £50.4million market cap this looks on the high side, for a company at this stage of development. I don’t say this to wind up Solgold’s shareholders, but we know that taking a company from exploration to mining is extremely expensive. While funding conditions remain tight and metal prices recover slowly there just isn’t much to get too excited about. However, I noted this morning’s announcement of options awarded to Solgold’s directors and now wonder whether or not this stock might be one to trade in the coming months.

Providence Resources is at a crazy price and could be a takeover target

Published 1021 days ago

Often it can pay to take a very long term approach with certain companies and I feel that will be true with Providence Resources (PVR). For many on AIM these days the definition of ‘long term’ seems to be holding for more than a few days, but with this one you’re going to need far more patience and there is a fair chance it will fall lower.

Wishbone Gold scans the scene

Published 1022 days ago

Richard Poulden, the barrister and entrepreneur who built potash play Sirius Minerals by acquisitions around the world into a company with a stock market value of more than £200 million, confesses to one particular enthusiasm: gold. He argues the stage is set for a major increase in the price of bullion, largely attributable to the machinations of the People’s Republic of China, and, as executive chairman and key shareholder of AIM-quoted Wishbone Gold (WSBN), he is seeking to grasp opportunities among newly producing or soon to be producing gold projects.

Production in sight for Aureus Mining

Published 1022 days ago

Swimming against the tide could pay off for West Africa-focused Aureus Mining (AUE), as it prepares to take its one million oz.-plus New Liberty gold project in Liberia’s Bea Mountain area into production early next year. It will also test likely prospects elsewhere in the country, such as nearby Ndablama, which chief executive officer David Reading hints could be in the same league. The AIM-quoted company claims New Liberty will be virtually the only new mine to open in West Africa at that time and should be able to produce 100,000 oz. of gold in its first year, rising to an annual 120,000oz. for at least six years, with foreshadowed all-in cash costs of $850/oz, against a current price of $1,315.80/oz.

President Energy; quietly, yet publicly, confident of a big oil find?

Published 1024 days ago

I last covered President Energy (PPC) about seven weeks ago and suggested this could be one to follow the chairman, Peter Levine, in buying at 30.75p (the then mid-price). Since writing, President’s stock has risen to 37p, but not in a straight trajectory

Support Big Boys from the Black Stuff

Published 1024 days ago

Hello Share Chompers: I'm awash in oil. Not literally, you understand, but still investing big time in oil companies. I hold far too many shares for my own good.

Another look at Dixons after the figures

Published 1024 days ago

In May, I judged Dixons to be a rational speculation on a year’s view, pointing to the weak balance sheet with balance sheet equity assets were geared 2.47 times by debt and the lack of dividend. The shares were 44p and have since moved up 12.5% to 49.5p last seen. Clearly it has to pay down costs to increase profits. That is still my view and the question is can the company achieve this?

African Potash offers large upside potential

Published 1024 days ago

Potash isn’t exactly up there with more glamorous natural resources, like diamonds and gold, but is still valuable. Which is partly why African Potash (AFPO) has caught my eye recently with its operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is targeting this key component of potassium fertiliser.

ShareProphets tip of the week: Buy CA Sperati at a 4.25p offer

Published 1025 days ago

We spoke to the main man at CA Sperati (SPR) a couple of weeks ago and sense that after months of waiting, the summer could be action packed.  This a 156 year old company making buttons and trimmings in a factory in Greenwich London. It recently transferred from the Full list to AIM. The Button business is massively sub scale and not a high growth market – we do not care about buttons.

Buy Total Produce at 89p

Published 1025 days ago

I am 47% ahead on this tip already but shares in Total Produce (TOT) are, at 89p, still cheap. I see 50% more upside and here is why.

Kentz Corp – update on, and lessons from, a stellar share tip

Published 1026 days ago

Having first noted on this website in May 2013 that shares in Kentz Corp (KENZ), then at 411.5p, looked to offer value and provided frequent updates since – including in March that at 738p the rating continued to look not overly aggressive, the company has now announced a recommended takeover offer of 935p per share in cash. Below is my response to this news.

Bill Gates on headlines (and why it is good news for Serco):

Published 1027 days ago

Even Bill Gates has not been immune to a few bad headlines in his wildly successful corporate life. His point is well made, however, and is deeply applicable to the stock market.  One of the hardest aspects for anyone – beginner or experienced investor – to fully appreciate is the role of expectations or to put it more simply: what is factored in already. One of the best ways to gauge what is factored into a share price currently is to look at the reaction to what – at first glance – is a good or bad news headline. And this brings us to Serco (SRP).

Tangiers Petroleum - worth a trade

Published 1027 days ago

The AIM market finally seems to be showing some appetite for oil and gas stocks and I’d expect some of that to spread to Tangiers Petroleum (TPET). A lot has happened since I tipped this company here at 12p back in January, including the deal with Jacka Resources falling through, suspension of trading for a couple of months after the resignation of some of the board members, and the raising of $9 million through equity issues.

Persimmon - sell down to 1000p

Published 1028 days ago

Persimmon (PSN) reported a surge in revenues boosted by rising house prices. The UK house builder sold 30 per cent more houses this year as it continues to benefit from the UK housing market recovery. With the introduction of government incentives like Help to Buy the housing market is showing no sign of losing momentum.

IMI: expect more downside, before considering buying

Published 1028 days ago

IMI (IMI) is that rare and wonderful thing a British Engineering company. In modern parlance it provides “solution” for control of fluids. The country used to have hundreds of such companies. I note that its down 7% ; not a lot but enough to be of interest; particularly since it appears to have bounced of what looks like an upward sloping trend support line.

Decision time for Kalimantan Gold

Published 1029 days ago

Indonesia, one of the largest economies in south-east Asia, is rich in minerals and the most populous Muslim country in the world. It has not proved a happy hunting ground for foreign investors of late, as the travails of Bumi (now Asia Resource Minerals) and Churchill Mining can attest. Kalimantan Gold (KRG), floated eight years ago on AIM to tap copper, gold and silver prospects in Kalimantan (Indonesia’s half of the island of Borneo), might appear to be another example, but it is hoping to repair the damage caused by recent setbacks.

You’ve Let Me Down Too Often, BG.

Published 1029 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: My biggest holding by far is BG (BG.) It is counted as an oiler, but its biggest seller is natural gas. I hold far too many of these blighters for comfort. They are risky.

Gulf Keystone; Kurds make a move for independence

Published 1030 days ago

It looks like little old Scotland’s referendum on independence is proving to be a catalyst for similar movements around the world. The Scottish precedent has the potential to cause a great deal of upheaval, as previously recognised international borders (often rooted in the imperialist past) melt away and fledgling nation states spring up. As a good old fashioned liberal, I view this as a good thing. Why shouldn’t people be able to vote on who governs them? I’ll admit I don’t hold too much interest in the vote for Scottish independence, other than the provocative view if they are allowed to vote on remaining part of the Union, shouldn’t we English also be granted the opportunity to decide whether or not to allow them (and their tax subsidies) to stay?!  But before I unleash another wave of Twitter abuse against our site, let’s move swiftly on to events in Kurdistan.

Ariana welcomes Turkish tax help

Published 1030 days ago

Dr. Kerim Sener, the mild-spoken geologist who runs Turkish gold hopeful Ariana Resources (AAU), is a patient man -- and the performance of his company’s shares since its AIM float in 2005 has tried the patience of many of its investors. He is now celebrating the award by the Ankara government of a range of fiscal incentives, estimated by Ariana to be worth more than $2 million (£1.2 million), as the company heads towards the long-awaited start of production in 2015 at a targeted annual rate of 21,000 oz. a year at Kiziltepe, a key part of its Red Rabbit gold and silver project in western Turkey.

The Admirable Creightons Is Set to Get all My Dough Back.

Published 1030 days ago

Hello Share Nudgers: Many, many years ago I was persuaded by a good friend to invest in Creightons (CRL). You probably haven't heard of them – they're so small and usually moribund.They have a market cap of just £2m. They make soaps, fragrances and toiletries, such as things you put in cars to make them smell a bit better.

Our last tip is 22% ahead in NINE days – catch our next winner on Monday at 11 AM for £5

Published 1031 days ago

Our last share tip was published nine days ago. On an offer to bid basis it is already 22% ahead. And we think it offers 50% more upside from here and will get there within weeks. That I what we look for – shares that are cheap and moving fast. 20% ahead after nine days is not bad but just wait for our next winner – our tip of the month which is out on Monday! You can catch it for just £5 HERE

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Ariana Resources at a 0.85p offer

Published 1032 days ago

Like most gold juniors Ariana Resources (AAU) has suffered a terrible few years in share price terms. The share price is down from 6.5p less than three years ago but a lot is changing. Now is the time to buy in. Why

Stanley Gibbons – well ahead on this tip far more to come

Published 1032 days ago

I tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at 225p back in November 2012 on my Nifty Fifty Website. We have picked up a 3% yield along the way and the shares closed Friday at 290p. So not a bad share tip so far. But there is a long way to go. The stock is still a buy.

Transformation drives on at Amara Mining

Published 1034 days ago

Not many mining shares at present have doubled from their 12-month lows, but one that has is West African gold play Amara Mining (AMA). Last year it boosted its estimated gold resource at Yaoure in Cote d’Ivoire from 200,000 oz. to more than six million oz. and expects soon to shift more of the 5.5 million oz. which is now in the mining industry’s tentative ‘inferred’ category into the firmer ‘measured and indicated’ classification. AIM-quoted Amara, which raised £22 million in May at 17p, is engaged in a £10 million 80,000-metre drill campaign, one of the largest ever in Africa. This is to fill in gaps left by previous efforts, upgrade the resource at Yaoure, which currently averages a modest 1.4grams of gold per tonne of ore, and, suggests executive chairman John McGloin, possibly add another 500,000 to one million oz. to the project’s resource.

More Croda at 2106p.

Published 1034 days ago

The best laid plans of mice and men will often go astray. That’s another way of saying that investment portfolios need the diversity of about twenty shares to take account of the unexpected; both bearish and bullish. I note, with a heavy heart, the dismal performance of Croda International, a share that I last gazed upon in December 2013, after it had undergone a 15% decline in its share price to 2430p. To be kind to my bruised discernment, the share price did subsequently gain 7% to above 2600p by May 2014 (a decent rate of capital gain in five months), when all seemed to be going to expectations. Since then the share price has collapsed; last seen, the shares were 2106p 20% below last month’s peak and 14% below the last December price. 

Nicaraguan prospects cheer Condor Gold

Published 1034 days ago

Mark Child, the former corporate financier who steers Central America-focused AIM company Condor Gold (CNR), draws encouragement from latest trenching results at the company’s La India mine re-launch project in the east of Nicaragua. He and his fellow directors now await the completion of a pre-feasibility study, expected in September. Condor, where Child and the Hong Kong-based Regent Pacific mining group hold around 10 per cent each, says a preliminary economic assessment last year suggested La India, an epithermal gold deposit from which US miner Noranda produced up to 40,000 oz. a year until 1956, still held 2.33 million oz. This is with an average 3.8grams of gold per tonne of ore, of which the firmer ‘indicated’ category was 1.1 million oz. with 3grams a tonne. Child argues the trenching has confirmed previous work done by the Americans and high-grade artisanal miners’ workings.

Banks, Houses and Jobs – All Badly Handled and Dire for Shares.

Published 1034 days ago

These British banks are a bummer, aren’t they? Why can’t they do something positive for shareholders like us? The price just won’t rise. Even though they seemed to be out of the mire now. The trouble is nobody trusts them. So, though their price to earnings ratios are very low now, the big buyers are staying away.

My New TSB Shares Will Have To Go.

Published 1035 days ago

Hello Share Folks. A week or so ago, we were all considering whether to invest in the TSB (TSB) float. In fact, the sale was a massive 10 times over-subscribed

Chemring – second bite at the cherry

Published 1036 days ago

With events in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine continuing to rumble on, you would have thought that a defence company would be an ideal investment – especially one with strong global market positions in pyrotechnics and countermeasures plus developing exposure in the growing sensors/electronics areas.  Chemring (CHG) has been a volatile investment, however, and at the time of writing is once again below 200p a share having been at 285p as recent as March.  I noted an opportunity in Chemring shares back in January and enjoyed the sharp rise, but now the shares are back to the multi-year low levels of last November.

Afcon braced for cash cliff hanger

Published 1036 days ago

Roy Pitchford, veteran of the central African mining scene, is relishing the challenge that awaits him on 4 July, when shareholders in Zimbabwe-focused African Consolidated Resources (AFCR) will vote on proposals to raise $18 million (£10.6 million) to accelerate the country’s Pickstone Peerless 3.5 million-oz. gold project in Mashonaland. ‘This will be a company maker’, insists Pitchford, Afcon’s chief executive officer only since May, who suggests the decision will hinge on 28.6 per cent shareholder, the Gulf emirate of Ras Al Kaimah (RAK) -- if RAK votes yes or abstains, all will be well.

IAG at 386p: a trading idea as this company’s share price flies lower.

Published 1036 days ago

It would appear that inside the callousness and murderous propensities of the latest Islamic terrorist group ISIS, there seems to be some kind of business like brain. We were first alerted to that by the FT, when it published its last annual report for its financial donors and backers evidently in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia. But could a surprise beneficiary of the militants’ entrepreneurialism be International Airline Group (IAG)?

Shares Slide – But Not for Long as Growth Won't be Denied.

Published 1036 days ago

Hello Shares Peekers: I'm beginning to wonder if that old cliché about 'Going away in May and coming back on Leger day' is true, after all. For the last few months, we've been given a few false dawns in the long awaited bid to blast the old record of 6,900 or thereabouts. Now it seems shares are really retreating.

Blinkx; set for recovery with great upside potential

Published 1037 days ago

Blinkx (BLNX) is a company that I’ve followed for a while now and I think that it has finally found bottom. Its share price has taken a massive tumble over the past year off of the highs of 235p it hit last November to the present day level in the low 60s.

Croda – why I've doubled my position

Published 1037 days ago

Was it really 187 days ago when I wrote about Croda International (CRDA) and Vedanta (VED) exiting the FTSE-100 and maybe providing a buying opportunity?  Vedanta has worked well enough (and I have been taking some profits but, of course, do your own work and come to your own conclusions) but Croda has returned to the c. £22 share price level today it was in mid-December after a short Q2 pre-close statement.

Bowleven and the art of taking profits

Published 1037 days ago

If you’ve ever played poker you will know the worst thing that can happen to a bad player, who doesn’t understand the mechanics or maths of the game, is to win a reasonably large amount early in his or her playing days. Invariably such people convince themselves they have unlocked the secrets of the game and are invincible, rather than recognise the luck of the draw. Our lucky winner invariably ends up giving back his or her winnings to the table and a whole load more to boot. Bust and demoralised, such people often have trouble understanding what’s gone wrong, having made such a profitable start. They remain obstinately unaware of the importance of playing the long term odds, certain in the knowledge they must be right, even though they’ve lost all their money. Exactly the same principle applies to gamblers on AIM stocks, especially those in the resource sector.

Commune with Communisis – I'm Banking on Growth.

Published 1037 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: Not too long ago - which could be years, given my failing memory – I commended to you a little share called Communisis (CMS). At the risk of turning down the corners of your mouth by telling you that they include junk mail in their services, I think they are an even better bet these days.

Buy Arcontech at 0.2p

Published 1038 days ago

My value investing newsletter is proving rather popular which is very gratifying. It might be because we made about 25% in the first year or so while building a portfolio of 18 shares even after paying tons of brokerage/spread and stamp duty costs. And it might be because I put my money where my mouth is and so here is a stock I have been buying of late and am trying to buy more of: Arcontech (ARC). Here’s why.

Vodafone at 194p: a very unpopular share. Excellent!

Published 1038 days ago

The Vodafone (VOD) share price has been heading south in recent times; like a lemming heading for a cliff edge. Looking at the chart there seems little to stop it plunging further. Is it telling us something above and beyond what the market seems to expect? Probably not! The Markit short selling market activity coverage has it on a “low” rating. But it is a veritable “falling knife” that investors - according to timeless market tradition - should never grasp. To quote the great Horace Rumpole, Heaven forefend that one should disobey that timeless rule! But nevertheless, there are good rational reasons saying that one should. 

ShareProphets tip of the week – buy UK Oil & Gas at 0.8p – target up to 2p by August

Published 1040 days ago

This is a short term trading play as the newsflow here will start within ten days and will continue at a rate of knots until early August. The shares are a buy at a 0.8p offer with an early August target of up to 2p.

I Told You TSB Was Worth Stagging Didn't I?

Published 1040 days ago

​Hello Share Mates: It's gratifying to find that my view expressed on this magnificent website that it was worth stagging TSB shares turns out to be on the button.

Good News from Avesco - still a buy

Published 1041 days ago

Avesco Group (AVS), the international provider of services to the corporate presentation, entertainment and broadcast markets, has announced results for the six months ended 31st March 2014 and that “full year results are likely to exceed the board's prior expectations”

Royal Dutch Shell at 2430p: an income stock with brighter prospects of dividend growth.

Published 1041 days ago

There is a bit of current interest in Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) that is worth some comment. The shares now priced 2430p (last seen) have not only broken out from a recent sideways moving trading range (approximately 2340p -2370p) but have also reached new territory; not only that, they also reached at 2433p, their highest point  in five years.. The share price has climbed by 15% this year; handsomely beating the All Share Index, which only managed a rise of 7%. Over the last month, when the FTSE 100 hardly budged, Royal Dutch Shares clocked a 3% increase which has taken them to this peak.

Worried About Oilers in the Middle East and Ukraine? – Try South America.

Published 1041 days ago

Hello Share Paddlers: There’s a plucky oil company called Amerisur Resources (AMER). I found the tip on this punchy website and put some money into it. It’s since put on another 33% But I don’t think the fun is over yet.

Xaar - buy the overreaction to Tuesday's update

Published 1042 days ago

Good buying opportunities often come soon after an over-reaction to bad news, and I believe that to be the case with Xaar (XAR). As long as the news itself doesn’t pinpoint any fundamental problems with the business model, and therefore future of the company, these overdone drops can create fantastic value-for-money opportunities, both in the short and long term.

Unrest in Iraq and Ukraine Will Affect UK Oil Giants.

Published 1042 days ago

Hello Share Shakers: I am heavily invested in oil companies. This is partly due to laziness. They are fairly easy to research. I check how much they hold in reserve first.

Picking Ruspetro?! Have I lost my mind?! We'll see...

Published 1043 days ago

A cursory glance at Ruspetro (RPO) would probably be enough to put off a lot of people. The share price has performed badly since the middle of 2012, and although a lot of AIM oil shares have suffered similar fates, Ruspetro has shed over 90 per cent of it value in those two years.

Obtala Forestry Revaluation - cracking news

Published 1044 days ago

Obtala Resources (OBT) has been a cracking share tip from us but there is far more to come. The market seems to have totally failed to pick up the import of news yesterday. It will.

Petroceltic resolves its issues with Worldview – reasonable buy at 157p

Published 1045 days ago

There was a hint, a week ago, that Petroceltic International (PCI) was going to resolve issues over its proposed $100million placement, with its unhappy shareholder Worldview Capital Management, when the EGM was postponed until today. An hour or so ago Petroceltic once more adjourned the EGM (this time until June 26th), but was now “pleased to announce” it had reached an agreement with Worldview. In short Petroceltic’s fund raising is going to go ahead, as Worldview, with its 20.04% is going to vote in favour of the deal, but there some important changes in the governance of the company. 

Invest just £5 TODAY to get access to a scorching penny stock tip on Monday Morning

Published 1045 days ago

Let’s not mess about. You want a hot share tip on Monday? A Penny stock where there is going to be cracking newsflow over the next couple of months? A stock you can trade and which we expect to double or more in just a few weeks? We believe that we have found that stock for you.

Mirada – we are well ahead on this share tip but still cheap at a 15.25p offer

Published 1046 days ago

The HotStockRockets team tipped AIM listed provider of products and services to deliver interactive TV, Video-on-Demand, digital marketing and payment services, Mirada (MIRA) at an 11.75p offer price on February 28. The shares are now 14.75-15.25p but are still cheap. A meeting with management last week made us more confident than ever. Buy.

ShareProphets Share Tip of the Week: Buy Hutchison China Meditech at an 870p offer

Published 1046 days ago

Investment Case: Majority owned by Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-listed renowned multinational infrastructure, property, retail and telecommunications conglomerate including the likes of the ‘3’ mobile business, Hutchison China MediTech (HCM) is the holding company of a primarily China-based healthcare and drug development group. This includes growing businesses selling already established products and a drug research & development business which has developed strongly and looks to offer vast upside potential. This combination makes the shares a buy at an 870p offer price.

Mosman – was I wrong?

Published 1046 days ago

Today folk I want to start by congratulating everyone who is in profit with Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN). The shares ballooned higher last week, just like a number of Wayne Rooney's shots yesterday. The returns some of you are sitting on are phenomenal so well done

Gulf Keystone – a positive end to a difficult week

Published 1047 days ago

A difficult week for Gulf Keystone’s (GKP) shareholders finished off with what looks like a positive production update concerning the company’s prolific Shaikan license in Kurdistan. Yesterday, I spoke with the company to confirm a few facts surrounding the latest RNS. In particular I wanted to seek clarification concerning the issues I raised a month ago about the discrepancy between Gulf’s CPR production target for 2014 and the targets the company has since provided, after a few months of operations. In short there has been a reduction in expectations, but this isn’t necessarily bad news, as I explain below. The main point I took away from my conversation was that the company genuinely believes it is on course to deliver its 40,000bopd production target by the end of this year.

Premier Foods has plenty of upside potential

Published 1048 days ago

Premier Foods (PFD) has had a very rocky ride over the last few months, since announcing a re-financing package. However, I believe that the share price has hit bottom and that it represents a good longer term buy at these levels. Even in the shorter term it could yield a nice profit with a trade from here if it can break through 62p.

GLI Finance - Asset Transfer: Good News, from a winning share tip

Published 1048 days ago

AIM Listed GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced that it has transferred its remaining Collateralised Loan Obligation investments to Fair Oaks Income Fund following the latter’s completion of a fundraising and admission to trading on the LSE Specialist Fund Market. 

Go to the beach if you want but don’t buy an index fund (part 2)

Published 1048 days ago

In part 1 of these articles I talked about the need to avoid index funds and the importance of stock picking focusing on growth or ‘proper returns to shareholders’.  Now, in part 2, I focus on the second of these two investment themes.

Idox plc – interims, a good year so far but more to come?

Published 1049 days ago

I highlighted shares in Idox plc (IDOX) as a potential recovery punt in the low 30p’s early this year. The following updates with them currently at 43p on the back of a results announcement for the six months ended 30th April 2014. A good share tip so far but what next?

Gulf Keystone at 75p – fears of a repeat of Syria seem misplaced

Published 1049 days ago

I probably shouldn’t write this piece. Making personal judgement on geopolitical events inevitably results in oversimplification and, almost certainly, misunderstanding. I’ve never been to Kurdistan, so the truth is I can’t really have any real insight to what on earth is happening over there. However, my money is mine to do with as I please, and I suspect that the current pullback in Gulf Keystone (GKP) will present an excellent buying opportunity.

Sainsbury at 337p; still good value in a sea of competition

Published 1049 days ago

Last month, I gave my reasons why I thought Sainsbury’s equity was attractive at the then share price of 340p. I described the company as “impressive fundamental value in a sea of intense competition”. In essence, that was based on an estimated prospective dividend yield of 4.8%, backed by a strong balance sheet net asset value of an estimated 317p a share. The share price continued a slide down to about 326p before bouncing; last seen, Sainsbury shares were back up to 337p almost back to where we came in about a month ago. 

Advanced Computer Software - still time to sensibly back Vin

Published 1049 days ago

I previously wrote on this website about Advanced Computer Software Group (ASW), a provider of software and IT services to the UK health, care and business sectors, in February – suggesting that it was worth continuing to back CEO Vin Murria with the shares then at a 113.5p offer price. With the shares currently at 122p, after recent results and analyst updates, it is time to rexamine this stock.

Sell Leni Gas & Oil, by Doc Holliday

Published 1050 days ago

I see my old sparring partner ''David'' Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) has released yet another RNS, which means not only are we at a baker’s dozen plus in little over a month now (!!!), but also that each one creates less and less impact. A lot of the news is surely already priced in and is even, arguably, overpriced into today’s share price. 

Placement Watch – Kefi Minerals, an attractive buy at 1.5p

Published 1050 days ago

This morning, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) announced a £2.125million placement to fund its final takeover of the Tulu Kapi gold project, from Nyota Minerals (NYO). The company then followed this with an update concerning director purchases of 4.8million shares, worth roughly £72,000. With a clearly defined plan for the rest of 2014, which incorporates Kefi’s existing cash balance of £2million, does this presenting a buying opportunity for resource speculators on AIM?

Exclusive: Berkeley Minerals – Zambia Decision Deferred? Sell

Published 1050 days ago

The much waited news for Berkeley Minerals (BMR) - would it get ZEMA approval for Kabwe? - is out (albeit not yet via RNS - we are ahead of the game) and it is the second worst outcome possible. Deferral. 

Buy 1Spatial at a 7p offer

Published 1051 days ago

I tipped this stock on my Nifty Fifty website at a 4p offer in November 2012 and so it has been a good share tip. The stock was trading at c9p before a stock overhang saw a recent sell-off but astute fund manager Hargreave Hale seems to have cleared that and I reckon that the shares will now head North at a fair old rate towards 12p.  Here’s why.

Drax shares have just bounced off a trend support line and look attractive at 632p.

Published 1051 days ago

It looks as if the share price of Drax (DRX) - one of our big electrical energy power suppliers - has reached its three year trend support line. Indeed bounced off it just above 600p.  The share price, having had its little bounce, is now 632p last seen. What fundamental grounds exist to support belief in that technical position?

Falkland Islands Holdings – a great play on success in the Falklands

Published 1052 days ago

This morning, Falkland Islands Holdings (FKL) delivered a robust set of results. The market has responded fairly positively, with the share trading up 10.5p at 363p, last seen. This builds on a successful few months for the company, as its stock has risen nearly 20% since the start of April. How much scope there is for further gains in the near term is questionable, but as a long term buy and hold, on the basis of further commercial oil and gas finds in the Falklands, this has to be a stock well worth looking at.

Time to bank profit in Leni Oil & Gas

Published 1052 days ago

After the recent big rises on Leni Gas and Oil (LGO), banking at least some profit looks to be the sensible move. When you consider that the share price was a little over 0.7p as recently as April and has now risen to close to 4p, adding nearly £75 million to the company’s market cap, this one looks a little on the ripe side.

Shareprophets Tip of the Week - R4E at 4.75p

Published 1053 days ago

Transatlantic media and entertainment company, reach4entertainment (R4E) formerly the dog known as First Artist has one big issue – it owes £14.6 million to the banks. But it has refinanced that debt so it will not have the plug pulled. And it is trading very strongly indeed. That is not in the price – 4.75p and so this is our tip of the week.

Max Property - Good News from St Katherine's Dock

Published 1054 days ago

With a 140,000 sq ft refurbishment at St Katharine Docks in London nearing completion, Max Property (MAX) has announced a pre-let of 75,780 sq ft of office accommodation on a 15 year lease to Clarksons Plc, the world's leading provider of integrated shipping services. More good news for this share tip from me.

Ferrum Crescent – is it time to ditch the Ferret?

Published 1055 days ago

Ferrum Crescent (FCR) is an iron ore company in South Africa with a tasty measured resource. I covered the company in January – this was a share tip (see HERE) at 1.75p and initially all seemed well.

Buy Bushveld Minerals – bank gains in Nostra Terra and Petro Matad

Published 1055 days ago

Today folk I update you on several fronts. First of all I will bring an end to two trades that I started in January. I said to sell Petro Matad (MATD) at 10.25p. It is now 3.75p. I said to buy Nostra Terra (NTOG) at 0.25p. It is now 0.34p. Well done to anyone who followed in and made stonking gains of 64% and 36%. Close out both now and take the cash.

Empresaria Group – tip of the year update

Published 1056 days ago

International staffing group Empresaria (EMR) was a 2014 share tip of the year from me on this website at 38p. Since my previous ‘tip of the year update’ on it, the company has announced results for the 2013 calendar year and some detail of “a promising start” to the current year. With the shares currently at 46.5p, the following updates my view.

Buy Promethean World at 32.75p

Published 1056 days ago

As a value investor, buying and selling is not about time, it’s about price. This means that while you can appear a trading genius and buy moments before a share rockets, other times it can take weeks, months or years to come good.

Compass Shares Will Continue to Travel North.

Published 1057 days ago

Hello Share Shiners: There are some companies that shout success at you. The share price continues to rise in a slow steady progression and the divis tick up, too.

Advanced Computer Software - Cracking Results

Published 1057 days ago

Advanced Computer Software (ASW) has announced results for its year ended 28th February 2014 and flagged that “we have started the current year in line with our expectations. With double digit growth in the order book to £209m, a growing recurring revenue stream, and more customers taking our Software as a Service, we have excellent forward visibility and are increasingly confident about another strong year”.  I am due to meet up with CEO Vin Murria in a couple of weeks and will report back then on the Nifty Fifty website.

Lansdowne Oil & Gas looks close to the bottom

Published 1057 days ago

Lansdowne Oil and Gas (LOGP) is yet another AIM oil company that has been forgotten by many, but often that is the time to buy in. It was only a couple of years ago when there was a huge amount of interest in this Irish explorer off the back of the Barryroe appraisal drill and subsequent increases to resources there.

Spread betting volume; harbinger of market doom or prophet of salvation

Published 1058 days ago

Two profit warnings by spread betting companies last month caught my eye. First, London Capital Group (LCG) blamed poor trading activity in March as being responsible for an 11% drop in spread betting and CFD trades compared to the year prior. Next, IG Group Holdings (IGG) blamed relative weakness since mid-March’s Interim Management Statement for “generally subdued” trading. IG Group noted that “the relative weakness [was] most evident in May”. But what do these warnings say about general conditions?

Bank those 198% 2 month Leni Gas & Oil Gains!

Published 1058 days ago

Today I close out what has been one of ShareProphets best tips over the last few months. In March I made a call on Leni Gas and Oil (LGO) as a stonking buy even though the board had royally cocked up with the court case. The share price was 0.69p and people called me bonkers, an idiot, and a fool.

Imagination Technologies: At 233p, the bloodied bears are driven off

Published 1058 days ago

I return to the subject of Imagination Technologies (IMG) pointing out that the shares broke out from their recent downtrend when they went through 225p. They stand, last seen at 233p. I last wrote them up in April when the shares were 202p, as a follow up to an appraisal I had penned last December when the share price was at 178p. The stock had been driven down by some pretty big short selling. After a 30% gain since December, what next?

Join the Royal Family – the Frog May Become a Prince.

Published 1058 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers: Royal Insurance, or RSA Insurance (RSA) as they're known these days, has been a loser in my bag. I've held them ever since I dated Boudicea. But they've done nothing big for me.

Even in the biggest companies who your leader is does matter ref. Serco & RSA

Published 1059 days ago

Which two recent managerial appointments for companies in or close to the FTSE-100 have the scope to really surprise? Serco (SRP) and RSA Insurance Group (RSA) look like the most likely candidates to me, as I explain below.

Northcote Energy - low risk play on rapid expansion

Published 1059 days ago

Northcote Energy (NCT) looks undervalued when compared to its peers with similar operations in the US. It has been rapidly expanding its onshore oil and gas operations, announcing further acquisitions even since the last set of interims up to June 2013 showed a 500% increase in its acreage.

ShareProphets tip of the Week: Mirada at 15.25p – target 30p

Published 1060 days ago

A director tipping out 400,000 shares rarely does anything good for the share price. The chap may not be central to the operation, he may retain the vast majority of his holding but investors rarely read it well. That happened last week at Mirada (MIRA), the shares have slipped back to 15.25p and it is a chance for you to buy.

New dawn for Stratmin

Published 1060 days ago

Manoli Yannaghas, onetime debt recovery expert and former operations chief at the now-unloved Red Rock Resources (RRR), is celebrating his first year as managing director of graphite play Stratmin Global Resources (STGR). The company is on the cusp of the long-awaited move to commercial production in the south-east African island state of Madagascar. This could prove the catalyst for a positive move higher from this beleaguered stock.

Why Five Firms Are Not Enough ref.BT

Published 1061 days ago

Hello Share Fans: How many different companies do have in your share bag? Have you nabbed so many that your chances of really striking it big are diluted?

Obtala Resources – we are well ahead on this share tip at 11.125p but more to come! Target Increased

Published 1062 days ago

We tipped AIM listed Obtala Resources (OBT) at an 8.25p offer price on January 6 this year with a 12p to sell target price. Today – following conversations with management – we have increased that target to 15p. Here’s why.

Ariana Resources: genuinely building value? At 0.9p looks tempting...

Published 1062 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) is not a company well known for its ability to keep deadlines. First scheduled production at the company’s Red Rabbit gold-silver project in western Turkey has been delayed several times over the years, but Ariana now claims it expects to reach this goal in H1 2015. Patience is bound to be wearing thin among long term shareholders, as they’ve watched the stock drift lower. The share price has been further restrained since last summer, after Ariana entered into an Equity Swap with Lanstead Capital. However, with new drilling exploration targets defined at Kiziltepe (part of Red Rabbit) and the mine commissioning process plodding along, is it time look at this stock as a medium term buy?

Mariana Resources enters an incredibly busy period, but doesn't need to place

Published 1062 days ago

Glen Parsons, the mining financier running Mariana Resources (MARL.), is a very busy man at the moment. He is currently relishing first drilling results from the Sydney-based company’s Soledad venture in central Peru. In southern Argentina, he has recently clinched a $2 million (£1.25 million) five-year option for 60 per cent of the Los Cisnes gold and silver project in the Santa Cruz Province. Finally, back in Peru, he awaits further drilling information in June from another Peruvian project, Condor de Oro. This really is an incredibly busy time for the company.

Build on Your Builder Shares, Now We've a Right to Buy- Ref. Kingfisher

Published 1062 days ago

Hello Share Shufflers: There's been some interesting news about the government's house buying scheme. Apparently 28,000 families have been able to buy their own homes under the Right to Buy plan.

Baobab Resources; set to become a major generator of cash?

Published 1062 days ago

Jeremy Dowler, energetic chairman of AIM-quoted Baobab Resources (BAO), is preparing for some key developments that will shape prospects for the company’s future. He hopes to turn the company’s pig iron and vanadium project in Mozambique’s Tete province in south-east Africa from a 750 million-tonne aspiration into a long-term supplier to the steel industry there and abroad. If he can achieve this then Baobab stands to become a major generator of cash.

Catch the Hot Stock Rockets share tip of the Month TODAY at 11.30 AM for just £5!

Published 1062 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the new HotStockRockets website (our tip of the month) will go live TODAY (Friday) at 11.30 AM. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!).

Short Term Trading Buy: Enables IT at a 27p offer – 3 week target to sell at c33p

Published 1063 days ago

This share tip was published last week on HotStockRockets when the offer price was just 25p. Our paying customers always get in first and will be told to sell first. But this is still a good short term trading buy at a 27p offer. Our corking share tip of the month goes live at 11 AM Friday – to access that for as little as £5 click HERE

Call us spivs – but bank gains on the Weekend Trading share tip Leni Gas & Oil

Published 1063 days ago

At the weekend we served up a trading tip – buy Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at 1.17p – as you can see HERE. Call us spivs if you wish but…

Buy the dips on Rare Earth Minerals

Published 1063 days ago

If you’re looking for a share that is exciting to watch, then AIM-listed Rare Earth Minerals (REM) certainly fits the bill. This small miner with interests in Mexico, Greenland and Australia, hit the headlines last August with a meteoric rise from a low of 0.04p to a peak of nearly 2.5p in the space of just a few weeks.

Edge Resources – bank a 100% two month gain

Published 1064 days ago

Some people fall in love with shares and want to hold them forever. That is not the way to make money. The way to get rich is to buy when the share price fails to reflect fair value and to sell when the good news is in the price. That brings me to a recent share tip Edge Resources (EDG).

Sainsbury shares at 340p, a fundamentally attractive buy

Published 1064 days ago

The results from Sainsbury (SBRY) for the year to 15 March were far from being a disaster; which was good news given the cloud the food retail sector has been under from those drat German price discounters, who seem to have learnt how to compete on both price and perceived quality. Sales were up by 2.8% - not bad even if the ‘like for like’ sales from the stores that had been open a year or more, were up by a mere wisp at plus 0.2%. The company retained its market share in the year to March 2014.

African Potash poised to drill

Published 1065 days ago

Potash, the potassium-bearing material used to make fertiliser, may be arousing controversy in Yorkshire. Its price may also have slipped from $500 a tonne before the 2007 financial crash to nearer $325 today, thanks to the actions of Russian and other key cartel producers. However, AIM-quoted African Potash (AFPO), which the other day raised $1.7 million (£1.06 million) at a lowly 1.9p, will sign contracts imminently to start drilling at its Lac Dinga potash project in West Africa’s Republic of Congo; not the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo!

Royal Mail at 526p: money in the post.

Published 1068 days ago

I didn’t comment on Royal Mail (RMG) on flotation because there was plenty of coverage. Now we have had a moment’s hesitation after the first annual results, I have had a look.The shares are not attractive on the basis of the valuation of these first annual results; with a PER of 21.4 and an annual dividend yield of 2.4%. 

Leni Gas & Oil – The Shareprophets Trading tip of the week

Published 1068 days ago

The solid tip of the week went up earlier HERE, now for a bit of fun and a trading share tip of the week. Run by the marmite character that is David Lenigas, AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) trades at 1.17p valuing it at £28 million but ahead of a potential game changer week in Trinidad, that may well be far too low: the shares are a trading buy.

Let's Get Bizzy with the Fizzy and Other Hot Opportunities - ref. Diageo & Britvic

Published 1068 days ago

Hello Share Movers: We all had a wet winter. Round here, May has not been much better. But I have seen a few long-range weather predictions, which say that nature will make up for the damp spells by giving us a long hot summer.

The ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Plastics Capital at a 135p offer – target 180p

Published 1069 days ago

We continue our new weekly feature of the Shareprophets share tip of the week with AIM listed Plastics Capital (PLA) which is a buy at a 135p offer price with a 12 month target price of 180p.

Alliance Pharma AGM - Good News

Published 1069 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated investors attending its AGM that “trading in the first four months of 2014 has been in line with expectations” and that “we continue to work towards delivering further earnings enhancing acquisitions to outperform those plans”

Could the Mediterranean Oil & Gas takeover get Rockhopper’s share price moving again?

Published 1069 days ago

This morning’s announcement by Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), to take over Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG), is a very interesting move. Shareholders in Rockhopper had readied themselves to sit back and wait for the commercialisation of the Sea Lion field, north of the Falklands Islands, hopefully by 2018. Meanwhile, shareholders in Mediterranean, flush with the recent legal victory over Leni Gas & Oil (LGO), still had a nervous wait on the outcome of the  soon to spud Hagar Qim exploration well, off the coast of Malta. Today’s deal delivers a significant shake-up to the status quo of both companies and could present a buying opportunity.

Cello Group – a cracking share tip, more to come?

Published 1069 days ago

Shares in research and marketing services group Cello (CLL) – now at 90p - have performed excellently since I first highlighted on this website the potential value they offered at this time last year – see HERE. However, having recently announced an acquisition which “is expected to be immediately earnings enhancing” and that it “is confident that the group will deliver half year results in excess of the prior year and that full year expectations will be met”, is there more to come here?

Empresaria – we are 58% ahead on this share tip after AGM but more to come

Published 1069 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has updated at its AGM that it “has made a promising start to the year” and “remains on course to meet market expectations for the full year”. Jolly good. We are now 58% ahead on an offer to bid basis on this share tip but there is more to come.

A new hot share tip on HotStockRockets Friday 23rd May - join NOW for just £5

Published 1069 days ago

The next sizzling hot share tip from the HotStockRockets website will go live tomorrow (Friday) during market hours. Our readers will get to know about it for as little as £5 a month ( or less!). 

Signet – Jewel in the High Street Crown.

Published 1069 days ago

Hello Share Swingers: I've held our Signet (SIG) shares for many years. You know, the big jewellery stores. I've always thought that engagement rings, wedding bands, presents to girl friends and glittering watches, together with all bangles and beads, will always be in demand.

Xcite Energy: more and more attractive

Published 1070 days ago

My recent commentary on Xcite Energy (XEL) has put me at odds with some of my colleagues here at ShareProphets. Despite what many of our faceless critics have to say, one thing I love about working with this company is that we support genuine debate. We don’t impose myopic, rigid editorial positions and we recognise it takes opposing views to make a market. Above all, we encourage our contributors to write what they genuinely believe. In the case of Xcite, the more I read about and research the path this company is now on, the more bullish I feel about its future. 

Balfour Beatty - the drop is overdone

Published 1070 days ago

Profit warnings are never good for a company, but they also often cause an over-reaction and give investors a chance to buy at a bargain price. This may well prove to be the case with infrastructure services company Balfour Beatty (BBY). The company issued just such a warning a couple of weeks back and saw its share price drop from around 285p, before settling at the current level of 223p. Is now the time to swoop on this weakness?

Dixons - a speculative play on GDP recovery

Published 1072 days ago

I have no previous notes on Dixons Retailing (DXNS): it seems it has never appealed to me enough to investigate it as an investment: unsurprisingly to judge from recent annual margins. Even so, I decided to take a look at this potentially speculative play and can see why some might decide to take the gamble on this stock.

Mirada: 38% up on this share tip in 2 months – much more to come

Published 1072 days ago

Provider of products and services to deliver interactive TV, Video-on-Demand, digital marketing and payment services, Mirada plc (MIRA) has announced that, following a successful trial, “it has secured a major contract for its multiscreen product, iris, with a large established Latin American digital TV operator”. There is also news in a separate update that for the year ended 31st March 2014 the company “expects to improve the EBITDA and net results” but it is the potential of the contract it has secured which is the major news today and the following updates our stance on this winning share tip after a chat with CEO Jose Luis Vazquez. 

AFC Energy; well positioned for pending boom in UK Fuel Cell market

Published 1073 days ago

Fuel cells are already big business in some parts of the world, which is good news for the companies that make and supply them, such as AFC Energy (AFC).

Obtala – we are well ahead on this tip at 9.375p but far more to come and soon!

Published 1074 days ago

Natural resource investment and development company, Obtala (OBT) has updated investors that work on its forestry business “continues to progress well” as further orders continue to be agreed. that is good news for our readers who bought on this share tip.

Shareprophets Tip of the Week: Buy Interquest at 119p

Published 1075 days ago

A new feature – our share tip of the week (end) and we kick off with specialist IT recruitment group Interquest (ITQ) at a 119p share price where we target a total return of 25% in one year. And here is why.

A Delay in results is nearly ALWAYS bad News

Published 1075 days ago

I compare and contrast two companies here: Totally (TLY) and Greka Drilling (GDL). The matter is the question of a delay in results.

Totally Results - look forward not back and buy

Published 1075 days ago

Healthcare services company Totally plc (TLY) has announced its results for the 2013 calendar year and we have subsequently spoken to CEO Wendy Lawrence. 

Dot Digital's impressive growth will continue

Published 1076 days ago

Dot Digital Group (DOTD) has enjoyed fantastic growth over the past year and that looks set to continue. The technology company provides products to the digital marketing sector and has seen its share price increase from around 15p, twelve months ago, to a recent high of 37.75p. It is now sat at 34p to buy.

Stratmin: Buy – target price 16p

Published 1076 days ago

On May 6th Stratmin (STGR) announced that its Lohorano plant in Madagascar had produced 107 tonnes of large flake ( i.e. high quality) graphite in April – and that was managed in just 21 days since output started on the 9th. There is more good news on the way...

Lombard Risk Management - full-year results, reasons to buy?

Published 1077 days ago

Tech firm focused on risk management and regulatory compliance for the financial services industry, Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2014 and that it has “entered the new financial year with recurrent revenues at another all-time high of around £8.6m, our highest ever year end level of order book at £5.2m, and with a good sales pipeline”.

Winning the Arm Race - Shares Still Cheap

Published 1077 days ago

Hello Share Freaks. I brought Arm Holdings (ARM) to your attention recently. I opined that while the price to earnings ratio is horrendous, the company's future prospects seem amazingly good.

1Spatial – Good Numbers – we are almost 100% up but more to come on this share tip

Published 1078 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2014 and that it considers that it “is well placed to capitalise on opportunities in the spatial Big Data market and Smart Cities markets”. We tipped this stock at a 4p offer price. It is now 7.5p but there is far more to come.

Fox Marble – I remain a buyer after AGM

Published 1078 days ago

Kosovo and Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has updated investors attending its AGM that it continues to believe that “2014 will be a pivotal year in establishing Fox Marble in the market”, though “as a result of the unexpected weather conditions and one quarry site being extended to acquire the premium quality resource, production has been set back and thus booked revenues will be more strongly second half weighted”.

Paragon Diamonds - could it become a takeover target?

Published 1078 days ago

Diamond miners, especially the smaller ones, have been out of favour for the last few years but I expect that to change and I like the look of Paragon Diamonds (PRG).

Restore - a cracking share tip revisited: what next?

Published 1080 days ago

Restore plc (RST) has announced a £0.4 million acquisition of Filebase Ltd, a provider of records management and secure shredding services, predominantly in the north-east of England. Following the £4.6 million acquisition of a similarly focused company - Magnum Secure Ltd – last month, the following updates on a company that has been highly successful since Tom and myself started covering it some years ago.

Doc Holiday interviews African Potash

Published 1080 days ago

ShareProphets' old pal Doc Holiday has today recorded an interview with Ed Marlow of African Potash (AFPO) - a stock he owns.

Straight – lessons from a, good, old and recent recommendation

Published 1080 days ago

Waste and recycling products manufacturer and supplier, Straight plc (STT) has announced that it is recommending a 78p per share offer from Dublin-headquartered investment holding company, One51. The following updates with Straight a company Tom and I have followed successfully in the t1ps days and more recently on the Nifty Fifty.

BSkyB goes all European – and it is good news

Published 1080 days ago

I got two regulatory disclosure news alerts in my inbox this morning from BSkyB.  The first was the regular share buyback announcement and the second concerned some of the rumours that appeared in the weekend press.  As the statement by the company to the market today notes:

Why on earth should you join successful investors at the Nifty Fifty TODAY BEFORE 11? Here’s why.

Published 1080 days ago

You probably get loads of promotions telling you about “the one share you must buy” or “how to make 100% a day with this and that trading platform or training course.” Of course it is all total rubbish. If only life were that simple? We’d all be as rich as Buffett. The truth is that investing is hard work.

Mosman Oil and Gas - a speculative buy

Published 1080 days ago

Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) recently caught my eye when it listed on AIM and its share price doubled a month or so later. At its peak of over 15p ten days or so ago I’d have been very wary of buying, especially as it had risen so fast and only has a market cap of circa £6 million, with just 61 million odd shares in issue.

Get to grips with sentiment to improve your stock picking

Published 1080 days ago

Hello Share Fans: Let's get sentimental. This is nothing to do with adding a measure of love to ordinary things, usually from the past. This is all about judging sentiment in the financial markets.

Capitalism works…even in Greece

Published 1082 days ago

As you know I have been in Greece for three weeks or more. And I come away in no doubt that the economy is picking up. Athens was almost buzzing whereas last year at the same time it was distinctly un-buzzing. Out in the boonies there has been less change.

Alliance Pharma - a rare AIM stock with the right prescription?

Published 1468 days ago

A new stock, of which star fund manager Mark Slater is a fan, has just been added to the Growth Portfolio on the 'Nifty Fifty' website which I write with Tom Winnifrith.

Telecom Plus - the positive message already communicated in the share price?

Published 1471 days ago

Telecom Plus plc (TEP), which trades as ‘Utility Warehouse’, was a stock Tom Winnifrith initially spotted value in at sub 200p in 2008. Shares in this sole fully integrated UK provider of a wide range of communications and energy utility services have been strong performers almost ever since – currently trading at 1155p and meaning the company is now a FTSE 250 constituent capitalised at more than £815 million.

Free share tip of the week: Buy Alliance Pharma at 36.5p

Published 1476 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH), the speciality pharmaceutical company which acquires and licenses established products in niche areas, announced its calendar 2012 results a couple of weeks ago. The numbers contained no nasty shocks. That is no surprise, one of the great attractions of Alliance is that there is a real visibility of revenues. I tipped the shares on my premium Nifty Fifty service at 31p (offer price) in December and they now trade at 36-37p but are still a buy.

Minoan: Godawful tip starting to come right big time

Published 1652 days ago

I need little reminding that I tipped AIM listed Minoan (MIN) at 87p back in January 2007. The shares are now 10.5p (even after some interesting news today). This has been a stinker but is now starting to come right and the shares really are very cheap indeed. And here is why.

Shanta Gold – New Loan – What is going On? Still Dirt Cheap

Published 1663 days ago

AIM Listed gold producer Shanta (SHG) is in production and should be generating cash from its New Luika mine in Tanzania At June 30th it had $21 million in the kitty yet on October 5th it announced that it had secured a new $4 million loan facility from a director and was “in discussions with additional providers of working capital financing facilities to meet its short term working capital requirements during the ramp up phase of the New Luika Gold Mine.” What on earth is going on?

Norseman Gold – A total Disaster But NOT a write off although in Administrator (at subsidiary level)

Published 1666 days ago

AIM and ASX listed gold Miner Norseman Gold ( NGL) has been a truly disastrous tip from me (37p in July 2009). The shares are now suspended and will remain suspended for a good while as it has just put its operating unit into administration. It sounds as if it is end game but it is not. I cannot say it is good news but do not give up the ghost yet. This is why.

Vatukoula Gold Mines – Down but far from out

Published 1673 days ago

AIM listed Vatukoula Gold Mines (VGM) is not a tip that has covered me in glory. Yet. I tipped it at 46.5p in November 2008 and although it zoomed ahead thereafter, the shares now trade at 41p valuing it at £40 million.  All gold juniors have taken a hammering in the past 18 months but Vatukoula has also failed to hit production targets and so has taken a stock specific hammering as well. But it has cash, is profitable and the current valuation is just crazy.  This is a stock that could well double within a year and still be cheap. And this is why.

Ortac Resources – Bid Speculation: The papers are always wrong

Published 1693 days ago

The Daily Telegraph reports that shares in AIM listed gold exploration company Ortac Resources (OTC) rose yesterday on the back of bid speculation. Yeah right.

Lunch with Paul Atherley of Leyshon Resources – valuation is just wrong

Published 1702 days ago

Wednesday saw me enjoy lunch with Paul Atherley, the CEO and largest shareholder in AIM listed Leyshon Resources ( LRL) which at 11.5p is capitalised at £27.76 million. That is simply the wrong price.  Other than the value in Leyshon, and the fact that Atherley is a Man United supporter who actually hails from the grim North rather than Esher, a number of other matters struck me.


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