ONLY SIX days to go to THE event for anyone interested in making money from shares - BOOK NOW

Published 13 hours ago

After yesterday's debacle in Islington, there is clearly just 1 major event to go to for those who want to make money from shares - UK Investor Show. To meet more than 120 growth companies and to hear the most amazing cast of speakers you have to be there on April 1 at the QE2 Centre in London. There is just one show to go to so BOOK NOW and join 3,000 other people who want to make money from shares.

The March edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - with why we fight fraud

Published 14 hours ago

The March edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring 7 share tips, company profiles, interview with Richard Poulden of PCGE, why we fight fraud & fake news on Channel 4, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, a look at the banksters and much more.

Ariana – landmark first gold/silver pour at Kiziltepe

Published 14 hours ago

AIM-listed gold and silver in Turkey play Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced the first gold/silver pour at its new joint venture Kiziltepe plant in Turkey. It has been a long road but this marks the moment when Ariana completes the transition from explorer to producer – cracking news for head honcho Kerim Sener and his team. So what now?

Notes from Underground: Bon Vivant

Published 15 hours ago

The picture below is of my ticket to yesterday's Master Investor show, the show that specialises in crank theories like living forever and making everything from 3D printers just like in Star Trek.

Tom Winnifrith: The Top short sellers, bears and fraudbusters all together on April 1 - don't miss out

Published 1 day ago

You might hate bear raiders. You might think that short selling is unethical. But what you cannot argue with is that ignoring men such as Evil Knievil when they sniff out a fraud or accounting malpractice will cost you a packet. At last year's UK Investor Show the Country's top bears did a detailed presention on AIM darling Avanti Communications, one of the AIM companies most beloved by professional fund managers. Since that warning Avanti shares have collapsed by more than 90%. This year the bears have new targets.

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: Ouzo time as asset strippers crash & burn, MRS scandal and FastForward Joke

Published 1 day ago

Next week may be disrupted by events in Warwick as I discuss at the end of this podcast but I shall be at UK Investor Show come what may and really hope you join me and 3,000 others there - book now for tickets to be sent on Monday HERE. In this podcast I look at Management Resource Solutions (MRS), why its RNS statements just do not add up at all and why I hope for bankruptcy. I also look at the latest news from FastForward (FFWD) which - if you do a bit of digging is a 100% rum and coke. Finally five years after certain folks turned down cash offers for Rivington assets preferring to asset strip them I bring you photos of a Master Investor show hall promising 5,000 attendees but in fact almost empty.  Photo one shows c500 folks in the main hall, the stands at the same time are almost empty! Ouzo time for me, a cup of cold sick for the asset strippers. It is hard to resist the temptation to gloat and indeed I found it just too hard. It is ouzo O'clock.

Check this Compass - A Company that Knows Where It's Going.

Published 2 days ago

Hello Share Takers. Compass Group  (CPS) is one of my all time favourites, but it is not a fast mover. We have here more of a slow steady profitable company that rarely sees huge jumps, and even rare falls in its share price.

The video that will nail Amit Ben Haim as a 100% liar when the fraud Cloudtag goes Bust

Published 4 days ago

Well fraud fans, the first day of reckoning for the shabby fraud that is Cloudtag (CTAG) looms. If it has no Nomad in place by Monday night next week then its shares will be booted off AIM. Unable then to raise even death spiral funding and with no sales it will go bust pretty quickly. If it was not already close to going tits up it would not have attempted that last gasp discount placing with broker Novum. So, as no Nomad will sign up to act for an obvious fraud the Fat Lady is waiting in the wings. When this does go bust the video below, recorded with morally bankrupt rampers for hire Proactive, should be examined very closely by the Serious Fraud Office as it is damning..

A One Off: Meet and talk 1-2-1 with Nigel Wray, the man dubbed Britain's Buffett only at UK Investor on April 1

Published 5 days ago

Normally Nigel Wray turns up at UK Investor, talks and leaves. This year - our 15th anniversary party - is different. He will be there from start to finish and when not on stage that opens up a unique opportunity for those attending on April 1. For more than 40 years, Nigel , the man dubbed Britain's Buffett, has been a stockmarket legend for his ability to generate stellar returns not by wild gambling on mining punts or biotech start ups but by rigid value investing. Like the Original Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, Wray is a bottom up value investor who buys and holds. Would you like to know what he thinks is the cheapest share in London? Would you like a one to one chat with Nigel?

Tom Winnifrith: I think this is my best bearcast for months: Redcentric, the FCA, arrogant dickhead fund managers, Independent Resources & Mkango

Published 6 days ago

I hope this does not sound conceited but I think this is possibly my best bearcast for some time. I really enjoyed this from start to finish. Maybe I shall not go into retirement just yet, after all. Or maybe I still will. Anyhow, on the agenda: Redcentric (RCN), MX Capital (MXCP), the FCA, Mkango Resources (MKA), Independent Resources (IRG), arrogant dickhead fund managers and the UK Investor Show.

Rates Up - Gold Up - Why ??

Published 11 days ago

To observers of financial markets it must seem odd that they often behave exactly the opposite to what is expected. Explaining it is also a strange thing too.

UK Investor Show on April 1, now officially our biggest event in 15 years

Published 11 days ago

I have been putting on annual Investor Shows for 15 years now and working with my friend Nigel Wray on all of them. The names may change but the stars are always there - Nigel himself, Evil, my friend Mark Slater and there are always surprises too. Perhaps I will have more on that front shortly - talks are ongoing. But yesterday we hit a milestone. A massive one.

Buy your "See You in Court Bitchez!" T Shirt now for Monday dispatch ahead of UK Investor Show offer

Published 12 days ago

I was going to have some of the staff at UK Investor Show weariing these T shirts but that idea has been over-ruled. But I shall be wearing mine on the day. And I hope you will too! We want your support as we face legal threats to our very existence from some teribly naughty boys. So we would like you to buy a Sheriff of AIM 'See you in court, Bitchez' t-shirts for only £25 - the shirts will be posted from Monday. But we have a special offer for those attending UK Investor Show on April 1.

Lucy Wray: UK Investor ticket update just 400 of 3000 left for April 1 - grab your free one NOW

Published 13 days ago

Time really is running out if you want to attend what is the country's biggest and most exciting one day event for those who are serious about making money from shares. UK Investor Show will be having a 15th birthday party on April 1 (no kidding) in Westminster, London. But as of today fewer than 400 of the 3,000 tickets are unallocated. So if you want to attend book one NOW!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Treating White Van man & the JAM's with Contempt - Chancellor Hammond Sucks

Published 14 days ago

I start with the tale of Concha (CHA) and Ve Interactive from earlier - see HERE. What does that tell us about bubbles, especially in tech. Watch out for similar catastrophes at companies such as Allied Minds (ALM) and FastForward (FFWD). I then move onto the Budget and Chancellor Hammond's betrayal of the self employed which gives a lie to the idea that this Government wants to reach out to those Just About Managing and to those who are prepared to risk all to do what this country needs and become an entrepreneur.

Notes from Underground: Show of Shows

Published 14 days ago

It's with a sharp sense of horror that I realise that it's only three weeks until the the UK's most interesting investing event, the UK Investor Show. Not that the show will be a horror - it'll be terrific - but I'm suddenly jolted into all the last minute things that need to be done on my part and, well, general horror.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: An ethical fight as I Prepare for a day of nappy changing

Published 17 days ago

On the agenda today, I start with a twitter spat with Hugo Rifkind a man who is where he is today thanks to who is Daddy is not his innate lack of talent and who is tweeting nonsense about a matter he has no experience of. After that thrill there is news on UK Investor Show, nappy changing, the ethical dimension in investing in pharma companies, Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), W Resources (WRES),Domino's Pizza (DOM) and a discussion about residential property and non resident speculators.

There's No Business Like this Show's Business - but Your Time is Running Out

Published 21 days ago

Hello Share Riders. I’d been playing the markets for many years before I went to my first investment show in London. Like everyone else in this golden game, I thought I knew it all anyway. Nor did I want to be bored to death by grim-faced grey-suits, all younger than I. But Uncle Tom told me his show was different and I attended my first UK Investor Show four years ago.

The February edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - with stocks to fall in love with

Published 22 days ago

The February edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring 7 share tips, company profiles, and stocks to fall in love with plus much more.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Paul Scott vs Tom Winnifrith - the bearcast rumble in the AIM Jungle is scheduled

Published 22 days ago

Yes, I shall be recording my first ever joint bearcast - if one excludes ones where Oakley has chipped in. The date is April 1, my opponent is Paul Scott. Will it be TrakM8 or checkmate? The venue London in a new bonus session at UK Investor Show. I explain more about this total one-off in today's podcast. It is 4 weeks to the day to UK Investor and tickets are 85% booked out so if you are not booked in book NOW! On this podcast I also look at Brave Bison (BBSN) and TrakM8 (TRAK) and how cost cutting can itself prompt a cash crisis. I look at Audioboom (BOOM) with a more generous eye. I look at Glenwick (GWIK), now booted off AIM, which stinks. And I look at the idea of investing in shite companies to make money, ref Red Leopard (RLH) and Cynical Bear. This also brings me to ECR (ECR) where we own shares and I now see arch ramper Big Gib is on board. Over to you Big Gob do not let me stop you!

See you in Court Bitchez T-shirt on sale - special one off offer for UK Investor guests

Published 26 days ago

We want your support as we face legal threats to our very existence from some teribly naughty boys. So we would like you to buy a Sheriff of AIM 'See you in court, Bitchez' t-shirts for only £25. But we have a special offer for those attending UK Investor Show on April 1.

Tom Winnifrith: More than 150 reasons to attend the 15th Birthday Party at UK Investor Show on April 1: Book NOW!

Published 32 days ago

April 1 really is the date for the UK Investor Show which is now the 15th time that Nigel Wray, aka Britain's Buffett, and I have been involved in staging such an event. So it is a birthday party as well. And with MBN, the incredibly well regarded events management firm owned by Nigel's daughter Lucy, now in charge this will be a knockout event. Indeed here are more than 150 reasons why anyone serious about making money from shares must be there!

Cloudtag – have punters backed the wrong brother?

Published 40 days ago

For many Bulletin Board Morons their unswerving belief in the fraud that is Cloudtag (CTAG) is partly rooted in the belief that CEO Mr Ben Haim is a man with the midas touch. I agree, Mr Shlomo Ben-Haim based on numerous media reports is a self-made billionaire from the medical related companies he founded or co-founded and then sold. Has his younger brother, Amit Ben Haim got the same Midas touch?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: don't be like Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater & Forget St Valentine's Day

Published 40 days ago

Don't be like the Hardman - treat your better half to something special like a Golden Ticket to the UK Investor Show and Saracens cabaret. Natch My Mrs is getting one of these but more besides. Now to stocks, I talk Strat Aero (AERO), Altitude (ALT), Galantas (GAL) and Sunrise Resources (SRES) and history repeats itself as a devout Christian threatens legal action again at a point when I am out of the country. The Foxy Legals are standing by having kicked his arse last time.

Avanti Communications now just 18.75p to sell - but bonds tell you that it is still 100% too high! S&P alert.

Published 44 days ago

I am still boondoggled by the way that Avanti Communications (AVN) managed to get a refinancing away. You will remember that the cash guzzling satellites business which misses every operational target going was set to run out of what little cash it had left. Amazingly it persuaded its bond holders to agree to accept stacks of interest on its bonds in new ( equally worthless) bonds. And it got the institutional mugs to sign up for more bonds.

What is the 1 share that Britain's Buffett says you must own? Find out ONLY on April 1

Published 44 days ago

If you had to bet the ranch on one share listed in London what would it be? I guess most of us would go for a FTSE 100 stock: Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline or maybe Shell. For the man known as Britain's Buffett, Nigel Wray, the answer is not a blue chip but a small cap. For that is how Wray has made his fortune taking large stakes in smaller companies such as Domino's Pizza when no-one had heard of them. 

FRAUD Cloudtag's Amit Ben Haim's got no balls - IT's OFFICIAL!

Published 44 days ago

There will be no bearcast today as I am fully engaged on Vlach hunting in the Pindus mountains. One tearful reunion is complete but the big one will happen soon. The internet is not fast enough to transmit back to the UK from the little village of Anelion but I shall try to post a podcast tomorrow before I travel the length of Greece down to the Mani. Pro tem I guess you were wondering if Cloudtag (CTAG) CEO Amit Ben Haim has got any balls.

AIM FRAUD Cloudtag - a challenge to CEO Amit Ben Haim: debate me in public & Ill give you a gift worth £5k

Published 47 days ago

I have stated repeatedly that AIM Bulletin Board darling Cloudtag (CTAG) is a fraud. It has repeatedly lied to investors to help it raise cash. But I have an offer and a challenge to its CEO Amit Ben Haim which is worth £5000 to Cloudtag.

Cloudtag Inc – Post 2017 CES feedback – The Silence is deafening

Published 56 days ago

On the LSE Asylum Cloudtag (CTAG) Board, some punters were excited that their new product, the Onitor has now finally received some reviews based on this website . What a joke, the site had a total review feedback of 9 user reviews and also states under market status about the product “Unreleased”. I put it to you that a review of a product not released has got to be "fake news" - you can't review something you cannot use.

December edition of the UK Investor Magazine - featuring 7 tips, what our writers want for Christmas, Interviews with Conroy Gold and ECR minerals and much more

Published 56 days ago

The December edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is live featuring 7 tips, plus 5 our writers hope that they will find in their stocking. Interviews with Conroy Gold and ECR Minerals, the bonfire of the charities lots on Cloudtag, Advanced Onco and much more.

Nigel Wray & Tom Winnifrith: Join us on April 1 at UK Investor - our fifteen year party

Published 60 days ago

It is now fifteen years since Nigel Wray & Tom Winnifrith started doing one day investor shows together. The first was in a snow covered Westminster now they celebrate a decade and a half of working together with what will be the most spectacular event yet. It will be the biggest with 121 companies exhibiting on the day. There is the strongest ever speaker line up and a raft of free prize draws as well as a gift worth £18 for everyone attending. So with 50% of the 2,500 tickets already reserved hurry up and grab yours today!

New sessions at UK Investor with Tom Winnifrith on Cloudtag and David Lenigas on Africa and UK Oil - new ticket offer

Published 68 days ago

We are delighted to announce that UK Investor Show will be running two new sessions covering two companies of massive investor interest. The show takes place on April 1 (no joke) in London and already boasts a top panel of keynote speakers including Britain's Buffett Nigel Wray, top fund manager Mark Slater, the Queen of Tech Vin Murria, the UK's top share blogger Paul Scott and the UK's oldest fund manager as well as top bears Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and from New York Gabriel Grego and the Sheriff of AIM, Tom Winnifrith.

"Champagne" Reader Contest - Guess the share price of Cloudtag on April 1 with a Kate & Hayley picture tie-breaker

Published 73 days ago

Here is an easy contest and the prize for winning is a bottle of Chapel Down English Champagne which I shall present on stage to the winner at UK Investor Show. It is easy to enter and the rules are simple.

Photo Bulletin Board Moron Semi naked twins Hayley & Kate - Full Year Contest : £180 prize

Published 85 days ago

Cloudtag and Quindell owning twins Kate and Hayley are determined that their privacy be respected by us not posting pictures of them getting their kit off which appreared on a website they themselves put up. So here's a picture for you, of them getting their kit off, as we start our 2016 Full Year BB Moron of the week contest with a prize worth £180.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No3 Sell Wolseley says Chris Bailey

Published 93 days ago

Best FTSE-100 short for 2017?  After musing about the property stocks I chanced upon Wolseley’s (WOS) epic push towards a 50 quid share price.  First congratulations to anyone who picked up shares in the plumbing and building industry supplier at the time of the Brexit referendum vote for around 36 quid.  My advice though for 2017 is to sell the shares. 

United Cacao may go tits up in February - awful statement: sell

Published 94 days ago

We picked up some of these shares at the Dragon's Den pitch at the UK Investor Show. We sold this morning at a loss and in disgust at 91p. The order was just to sell after United Cacao (CHOC) served up the most god-awful trading statement on a day when most folks are just not around but are off doing Christmas shite. Sadly for Cacao Scrooge's biggest fan is at his desk and my comments on this horror are in bold.

Video of convicted criminal Aidan Earley on Faith & Money

Published 98 days ago

Convicted felon Aidan Earley who is banned from being a company director last week fessed up to intimate involvement in Worthington (WRN), the fraud now being run by an administrator. He also libelled me suggesting, inter alia, that I may have been involved in a £40 million insurance scam and fire even though CCTV and other documentary evidence shows that was not the case. So what makes Aidan tick. Watch him in action at a UK Investor show and judge for yourself...

And the winner of the ShareProphets Cloudtag rebranding contest is...

Published 104 days ago

Steve Moore has passed on the task of judging this contest since we had 96 entries including my own. As you can see HERE there were many splended suggestions as to what Cloudtag should rebrand its product as. But there can only be one winner of a golden ticket to the UK Investor Show incorporating a night at the Saracens cabaret.

October UK Investor Show Magazine - Shares to beat ASOS, When the Bubbles Pop, Scotland can't afford to leave

Published 109 days ago

The October edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is live features 7 buy tips, including 5 our writers believe will  beat ASOS. Plus a feature on why the Bubbles are About to Pop, in Trump vs Clinton - who is the biggest loser from this contest, and why Scotland can't afford to leave the UK.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - Comparing Nigel Wray with Cloudtag morons on the LSE

Published 129 days ago

Yes i am still in the Motorway Service Station Premier Inn and had a shocking experience this morning. In this podcast I look at the seven stages of grief and compare Nigel Wray (aka Britain's Buffett) with moron investors in the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG), especially those on the LSE Asylum. The promo code to get 20 free tickets to UK INvestor Show as mentioned with reference to the Wray golden share is NOVUKSP

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: can someone teach Welsh git Justin the Clown how to read?

Published 143 days ago

Poor old Justin the Clown is still talking cobblers about Andalas (ADL). Perhapds it is the strain of now having to live in a cardboard box but the poor fellow now seems unable to read so I put him straight. Then it is onto Halosource (HALO) where Neil Woodford is taking another big hit which reminds me that Nigel Somerville and I are doing a special session on Woodford disasters at UK Investor Show on April 1 2017. To celebrate this we have 20 complimentary investor class seats to hand out today. Just go to and book using the promotional code NOVUKSP - book now!  Elsewhere on bearcast I discuss Xtract Resources (XTR) and Gattaca (GATC). 

UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ Picks update - Gary Newman facing P45

Published 158 days ago

At UK Investor Show there were five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where five CEOs each gave a five minute pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock in which FIML invested £1,000 via our most excellent broker J Herbert Esq at European Wealth. And so £15,000 was invested, how has it fared?

Hey Jim Mellon about those overdue accounts for Master Investor - has it gone tits up yet?

Published 161 days ago

You know that I always like to keep close tabs on how my good pal Jim Mellon is doing with those businesses he asset stripped from Rivington Street, the firm I set up. History might have been different had RSH accepted large cash offers for them but Jim wanted them for himself. So lets go to what was the owner of a range of websites and the increasingly badly attended and irrelevant Master Investor Show. Its accounts for calendar 2014 were approved on April 24 2015. Its calendar 2015 accounts were due by September 30th but....

September UK Investor Show Magazine - TW's top 7 holdings, 5 AIM frauds named & shamed and more

Published 163 days ago

The September edition of the UK Investor Show magazine is live and as its two lead features reveals the top seven shareholdings of my family trusts, names and shames 5 AIM listed frauds and contains a raft of share tips and 3 sells (to zero) plus an exclusive interview with Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold (WSBN), a challenge to PM Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn involving Keith Vaz and much more. You can access the magazine now and at no cost below. I, Tom Winnifrith, am now on leave, Steve Moore will be editing the next issue.

8 share tips, Adam Reynolds, a Golden Night at Saracens RFC - UK Investor Mag - download now!

Published 195 days ago

The August 2016 edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is out now. Access your free copy below for 8 share tips, the 7 reasons Crooked Hillary Clinton MUST lose, a Golden Night at Saracens RFC, an exclusive Q&A with the Shellmeister Adam Reynolds of Concepta and Optibiotix fame and much more.

FINAL DAY TODAY (Sept1) of CHEAP BOOKING: Not an April Fool: Save 33% on a UK Investor show and Saracens cabaret ticket by ordering before Midnight

Published 206 days ago

The UK's top one day investor show is now jointly owned by the family of the man known as Britain's Buffett, Nigel Wray and this is the LAST DAY to bag a ticket for the show and an all star cabaret at Saracens at a 33% discounted rate. Book TODAY for what promises to be two magical events. The 2017 conference is going to be a blockbuster!

June edition of the UK Investor magazine: Should we stay or should we go? + 7 share tips

Published 252 days ago

The June edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring Sainsbury v Tesco, Brexit or in, Tom Winnifrith vs Darren Atwater, 4 buy share tips and 3 sells to 0p from Tom Winnifrith, Q&A with Alexander Mining and more. You can download your free copy below.

Avanti Communications announces strategic review - aka - "we are fecked"

Published 258 days ago

Oh dear, this is the end for you my friend....Avanti Communications (AVN) has announced a "strategic review". In other words it has admitted that it s well and truly fecked. Shareholders should, whatever the weasel words of the RNS, prepare for wipeout. This is - as we pointed out in a 25 minute presentation at UK Investor Show, a zero. The statement is typical King of the Bombast David Williams horseshit.

Avanti Communications - existing debt now yields 30%: that says shares toast

Published 262 days ago

Yesterday Avanti Communications (AVN) issued a dire lack of profits warning. Having warned folks in a special 25 minute session at UK INvestor (HERE) that this one was heading for the knacker's yard, the bear community is vindicated. Our big call is looking good. But have you seen how the existing debt ( in which Avantis drowning) responded. It says the shares - down 60% to 24p yesterday - are near as damn it toast. The target here is 0p or very close to that.

Avanti Communications PLC: Circling the Drain

Published 309 days ago

At the UK Investor show last month, during a discussion of Avanti (AVN), I listed a random sample of the many instances where the company has made statements which later prove to be wildly optimistic, or are contradictory to earlier ones. Last week’s 3rd quarter update, 16 May, provides another gem: It states:

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

Published 310 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that its “order book has increased to €3.9 million for the year” and developments offering further potential.

Video: Jerry Randall of Venture Life at UK Investor Show

Published 312 days ago

Venture Life (VLG) has a deal with Optibiotix (OPTI) so its management must be good chaps! Here is the head honcho in action at UK Investor Show. Enjoy.

Video of Martin Gannon of React at UK Investor Show - an Adam Reynolds stock

Published 312 days ago

As we follow Adam Reynolds we have shares in React Group (REAT). Here is its boss Martin Gannon presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy.

Video Louis Coetzee of Kibo at UK Investor Show

Published 312 days ago

A past winner of the post show pro-celeb pizza making contest, Louis Coetzee here presents for Kibo Mining (KIBO). Enjoy.

Video: Obtala Resources new chairman Miles Pelham at UK Investor Show

Published 313 days ago

Miles Pelham had only been in the job a few minutes but pitched up at UK Investor to present on behalf of Obtala resources (OBT). Enjoy

Video: Dragon's Den 3 from UK Investor Show - Premaitha, Asiamet et al

Published 314 days ago

In the third Dragon's Den session at UK Investor Show the Dragons were myself (Tom Winnifrith) Steve Moore and Brian Kinane. The companies pitching were United Cacao (CHOC), Premaitha (NIPT), ECR Minerals (ECR), Forbidden Technology (FBT) and Asiamet Resources (ARS)

Video: Ed Croft of Stockopedia main stage presentation at UK Investor Show

Published 314 days ago

Ed's talk to a packed room was interactive and went down incredibly well. Enjoy..

Video: Dragon's Den Session 2 at UK Investor with Berkeley Energia, Xtract Resources & BMR

Published 314 days ago

The second Dragon's Den session at UK Investor saw myself, Steve Moore & Gary Newman invest £1000 each. Our choice was Xtract Resources (XTR), Berkeley Energia (BKY) and BMR Mining (BMR). Watch for the claim made by Jan Nelson of Xtract.

Video: Amanda Van Dyke, Peter Hambro et al - the Mining Session at UK Investor

Published 314 days ago

The afternoon at UK investor Show kicked off with the mining session chaired by Amanda van Dyke. Gold was the main focus and on stage with Amanda were Dominic Frisby, John McGloin of Amara (AMA), Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG), Tony Manini of Asiamet (ARS) and Ross Norman, the very sharp boss of bullion dealer Sharps Pixley

Video: Tom Winnifrith grills Johnny Hon at UK Investor Show

Published 315 days ago

In this interview I put controversial Mr Hon of Gate Ventures (GATE) fame on the spot about the Gate fiasco on AIM, the Chinese economy ( a bubble?) and about China fraud on AIM. Enjoy

Video: Tom Winnifrith on why David Lenigas should be drummed off AIM from UK Investor show

Published 315 days ago

This was recorded before the summer truce and so that really is it from me on Big Dave. He can site on his luxury yacht checking out the birds in Monaco, I shall sit in my Greek Hovel, clocking the snakes and rats and not having to meet another human all day. I think we can safely say that neither of us would want to swap! I hope we both have a relaxing and stress free summer. Anyhow here's the video from the show. Enjoy.

Video: The Balloon Debate from UK Investor Show - now this was fun

Published 315 days ago

This was meant to be just a fun debate to start the day with a few laughs. Girly swat Chris Bailey took it really seriously but other competitors myself, Malcolm Stacey, Colin Bird, Dominic Frisby were more relaxed. Speaking for gold Andrew Bell was so relaxed he forgot to turn up but Jan Nelson stood in at the last minute. I explain what a balloon debate is in the video. Enjoy.

Video Dragon's Den 1 at UK investor Show: Nostra Terra, Eurasia Mining, Noricum & Fox Marble

Published 315 days ago

The first Dragon's Den session at UK Investor Show saw myself, Gary Newman and Steve Moore each invest £1000 via our broker European Wealth in 3 stocks. Our choice of pitching CEOs were from Noricum Gold (NMG), Fox Marble (FOX), Nostra Terra (NTOG) and Eurasia Mining (EUA)

Video: Tom Winnifrith Introductory Remarks at UK Investor Show

Published 315 days ago

I cant remember if I said anything of any interest whatsoever in this short introduction so this is possibly the most boring video of all from UK Investor Show. But, as in that 2014 classic from the UK's most talented chanteuse and original creative mind, "I don't care".

Video: Nigel Wray, TW, Chris Bailey & Paul Jourdan at UK Investor Show - value investing

Published 315 days ago

After Saracens European triumph on Saturday I imagine that Nigel Wray will be a happy man. He was at the centre of the value investing panel at UK Investor Show with Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit, Paul Jourdan of Amati and myself, Tom Winnifrith. Enjoy

Video: The Mark Slater presentation from the UK Investor Show

Published 316 days ago

As ever, my friend Mark Slater provided one of the highlights of the UK Investor Show although I am starting to worry that as we approach fifty he is showing a few alarming signs of political correctness. You will really enjoy this presentation.

Video: Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble at UK Investor Show

Published 316 days ago

This presentation has been somewhat overtaken by events - something Steve & I cover HERE - but Chris Gilbert gives a good explanation of the investment case none the less. Enjoy.

Video: Thomas Wagenhofer of Westport Energy at UK Investor Show

Published 316 days ago

Westport is listed on the US OTC market but came over to present at UK Investor Show for reasons that you will see explplained in this video.

Video: Cathal Friel of Amyrt Pharma (formerly Fastnet) at UK Investor Show

Published 316 days ago

Cathal Friel did the right thing in turning Fastnet (an oil company) into Amryt (AMYT) a pharmaceuticals play. We bought into the RTO placing. Here is Cathal explaining the story at UK Investor Show. Enjoy

Video: Andrew Bell of Regency Mines at UK Investor Show

Published 317 days ago

Where were all the folks who threatened to heckle Andrew Bell? All mouth no trousers or whatever the phrase is. This is his presentation on behalf of Regency Mines (RGM) from the UK's leading investor event.

Video: David Stoller of R4E presents at UK Investor Show

Published 317 days ago

With Nigel Wray, aka Britain's Buffett, as its largest shareholder and we also having a decent though nowhere near disclosable , stake we take a keen interest in R4E (R4E) whose boss David Stoller flew in from New York to present at UK Investor show. Enjoy.

Video: Jan Nelson of Xtract Resources at UK Investor Show

Published 317 days ago

Post one of the Dragon's Den session we appear to be the owner of shares in Xtract Resources (XTR), I blame Steve Moore & Gary Newman. Anyhow, here is Jan Nelson presenting at UK Investor Show.

Video: Eddy Travia of Coinsilium at the UK Investor Show

Published 317 days ago

And now a presentation at UK Investor Show by Eddy Travia of ISDX lobster pot listed Coinsilium (COIN). Enjoy.

Video: Dragons Den Session 4 from UK Investor: Ariana, ValiRx,Kibo & Jubilee Platinum

Published 317 days ago

The fourth Dragon's Den session at UK Investor show saw myself (Tom Winnifrith), Brian Kinane and Steve Moore each invest £1,000 in shares. Our choice of where to invest was ValiRx (VAL), Jubilee Platinum (JLP), Kibo Mining (KIBO) or Ariana Resources (AAU). Enjoy.

Video: Stephen Clayson of ECR Minerals at UK Investor Show

Published 318 days ago

When you think CEOs do not look old enough to be CEOs maybe you are getting old. And that brings me to the presentation at UK Investor Show by Stephen Clayson of ECR Minerals (ECR)

Video: Uber bear economics from David Scott at UK Investor Show

Published 318 days ago

This s why so many of us on this website are so bearish at a macro level. David Scott of Andrews Gwynne articulates the bear economics case very clearly. Enjoy!

Video: Paul Atherley of Berkeley Energia at UK Investor Show

Published 318 days ago

Post the Dragon's Den sessions we found ourselves owning shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY). Steve and I reckon these shares are worth at least 45p, watch the video to see why we are so excited. Incidentally when we first tipped them at 20p, Brokerman Dan Levi said this was a rotten tip and stuck the knife in. Time for an apology Mr ex bank robber?

Video: Don Goulding of Distil presents at UK Investor Show

Published 318 days ago

Steve Moore and I like Distil (DIS). Indeed, thanks to Steve, we now own the shares following a Dragon's Den pitch at UK Investor Show. Here is head honcho Don Goulding to tell you more.

Nigel Somerville & the pensioners WH Ireland mugged, the Bagot's, shocking UK Investor video

Published 319 days ago

This short presentation by Nigel Somerville and Mr & Mrs Bagot went ahead in the face of fascistic legal threats from the disgraced pensioner mugging broker WH Ireland (WHI). This fight goes on. You will be shocked by this video.

Video: Dragons Den session 5 at UK Investor starring Optibiotix, Red Rock, Boohoo et al

Published 319 days ago

At UK Investor Show on five occasions CEOs appeared on the main stage to pitch to the Dragons (myself, Gary Newman, Steve Moore and Brian Kinane). We invested £15,000 after all these sessions. Enjoy session 5.

Video: Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources at UK Investor Show

Published 319 days ago

I believe shares in Ariana Resources (AAU) are cheap and am happy to hold. Indeed we bought more after the UK Investor show. See what you think as Kerim Sener presents.

Video: Bitcoin & Blockchain session from UK Investor Show with Coinsilium & Dom Frisby

Published 319 days ago

Do you understand bitcoin and blockchain? No. Neither do I. At UK Investor Show a panel organised by Coinsilium (COIN) including Dominic Frisby tried to explain the excitement and the investment opportunity.

Another video of Ed Croft of Stockopedia at UK Investor Show

Published 319 days ago

Busy boy Ed Croft of Stockopedia did two breakout sessions at UK Investor Show and this is his second. His main stage gig will follow later. Meanwhile enjoy the appetiser

Video of Tony Manini of Asiamet Resources at UK Investor Show

Published 319 days ago

I have a lot of time for Tony Manini of Asiamet Resources (ARS) and caught the end of this presentation at UK Investor Show as I was appearing in the same room afterwards. Enjoy.

Video: Norman Ling of Kefi Minerals at UK Investor Show

Published 320 days ago

Norman Ling is a NED at Kefi Minerals (KEFI) another gold play presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy,

Video Adam Reynolds with Tom Winnifrith at UK Investor Show

Published 320 days ago

In this session Adam Reynolds and I discussed how to value shells and when to invest, issues of management, AIM investment companies and of course Optibiotix (OPTI), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Frontier (FRI), and Premaitha (NIPT). Enjoy.

Video: TW, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl - the Bears Avanti special at UK Investor Show

Published 320 days ago

And so the four bears wandered onto stage for the final presentation at UK Investor Show. We majored in on why Avanti Communications (AVN) was a 0p stock but we covered many other stocks besides. Enjoy

Video from UK Investor Show: Satu Vainikka of Valirx

Published 320 days ago

And now for a video from the biotech boss who I have sworn to be nice to, Dr Satu Vainikka of ValiRx (VAL) presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy.

Video: Martin Luke of Vox Markets at UK Investor Show on Money Management

Published 321 days ago

He may be a sheep shagger but Martin Luke of Vox Markets is not a bad bloke and at UK Investor Show he gave a talk on money management or portfolio management which is far less dull than it sounds. Enjoy.

Video: Forbidden Technology CEO Aziz Musa at UK Investor Show

Published 321 days ago

Aziz Musa is the relatively new CEO at Forbidden Technology (FBT) and his presentation at UK Investor is below. Enjoy.

Video: Leon Coetzer of Jubilee Platinum at UK Investor Show

Published 321 days ago

Following the Dragon's Den pitches it appears that we are now shareholders in Jubilee Platinum (JLP). And in that vein I invite you to watch its boss Leon Coetzer presenting at UK Investor show. Enjoy

Video: Paul Scott presents in the Stockopedia breakout session at UK Investor

Published 321 days ago

Well this was not on the agenda but in a surprise move Paul Scott pitched up to do a breakout room presentation at UK Investor Show. Enjoy

Video: Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk presents at UK Investor Show

Published 321 days ago

We own shares in Petropavlovsk (POG) and wont be selling at anything like the current share price. Our target to sell is 19p. I hope this presentation from the head honcho Peter Hambro explains why we are able to be so bullish.

Video: Ed Croft of Stockopedia breakout session One at UK Investor Show

Published 321 days ago

Ed Croft was a busy boy at UK Investor Show doing a main stage slot as well as a couple of breakout room presentations and below is a video of the first of these.

UK Investor Show Video - Tom Winnifrith explains market study Chris Oil

Published 322 days ago

In this presentation I explained how laws on insider dealing and market abuse worked and what they were exactly. I used Chris Oil as a case study showing why the little twerp should be facing a mega fine and a jail term.

Video: Steve O'Hara of Optibiotix presents at UK Investor Show

Published 322 days ago

We bought this stock and tipped it at 8p. The shares are now c80p and we still hold more than half our holding and won't be selling them for anything less than 100p. we are bullish and after this presentation by Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O'Hara I hope you can see why. Enjoy.

UK Investor Show video: Amanda Van Dyke why to back small gold shares & how to value them

Published 322 days ago

This was - not surprisingly - a well attended breakout session at UK Investor. My friend Amanda Van Dyke explains why you should invest in gold shares and how to value them. Enjoy.

Video: Dave Mutton of Primary Bid at UK Investor Show

Published 322 days ago

I'm a big supporter of Primary Bid and as such fully back Dave Mutton, the CEO who was among those presenting at UK Investor Show. Enjoy the video!

Video: Alex Borrelli of BMR Group at UK Investor Show

Published 322 days ago

Alex Borrelli has brought BMR Group (BMR) back from the dead.As such he is one AIM CEO I am not going out to bash. At UK Investor Show he explained the past and future of his company.

Video: Colin Bird & Ed Slowey of Orogen Gold at UK Investor Show

Published 322 days ago

The arrival of Colin Bird at Orogen Gold (ORE) has, given the company a new lease of life something Colin and technical director Ed Slowey explain below.

Avanti - keep selling

Published 323 days ago

I note that Avanti’ Communicvations' (LSE:AVN) share price has fallen back since it was covered in detail by Tom, myself, Matt Earl and Evil at last week’s UK Investor Show.

Video: Clive Sinclair-Poulton of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

Published 323 days ago

No offence intended but I would rather that Aidan Bishop who is the man behind Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) had presented at UK Investor Show not Clive Sinclair-Poulton. Aidan is a class act and next year I hope he is around. We own these shares and are excited aboout what will happen. Enjoy

Video: Ian Bristow of Symphony Environmental at UK Investor Show

Published 324 days ago

I have faith in this company although I know that many do not. It needs to start delivering but I believe it will and that makes its shares cheap. The video below is of Symphony Environmental (SYM) FD Ian Bristow presenting at UK Investor Show.

Video: Claire Milverton of 1Spatial at UK Investor Show

Published 324 days ago

Steve Moore and I think shares in 1Spatial (SPA) are cheap as we explained here the other day. Meanwhile here is the company's FD Claire Milverton in action at UK Investor show. Enjoy.

Video of Dennis Melka of United Cacao at UK Investor Show

Published 324 days ago

If low life NGOs bash a company it must be doing something right. Dennis Melka of United Cacao (CHOC) explains what in his presentation at UK Investor Show. Enjoy.

Video of Christian Schaffalitzky of Eurasia Mining presenting at UK Investor Show

Published 325 days ago

We are shareholders in Eurasia Mining (EUA) in a pretty decent way and so we are biased as to the investment case. But you can make your own mind up by watching its boss Christian Schaffalitzky, presenting below.

Video: Angus Forrest of Tern presents at UK Investor Show

Published 325 days ago

Nigel Somerville resisted the urge to heckle his "good friend" Angus Forrest of Tern (TERN) who - to his very real credit - bravely attended the UK Investor Show and even popped in to hear me present on why Chris Oil should go to jail. To see why Angus believes Tern shares are cheap, watch the video below

Video: Paul McMichael of Wishbone Gold presents at UK Investor Show

Published 325 days ago

Notwithstanding the lies put about by a former bank robber regarding Wishbone Gold (WSBN), its shares have raced ahead in recent weeks and, as a happy holder, I see more upside. Watch the presentation from the show (something a certain ex bank robber did not do) and you will see why.

Video of Greg Kuenzel from Noricum Gold at UK Investor Show

Published 325 days ago

Tipped here by Amanda Van Dyke a few days ago, shares more than doubling so far this year,  does Greg Kuenzel of Noricum Gold (NMG) really have the Midas touch? Find out what all the fuss is about in this video of his presentation at UK Investor Show

Video: Global Film Investment presents at UK Investor Show

Published 325 days ago

Most of those presenting in the breakout rooms at UK Investor Show were PLCs but there were a view others, notably the chaps from Global Film Investment.

UK Investor Show Video: Andrew Whelan of GLI Finance

Published 325 days ago

Next up is Andrew Whelan, the new head guy at GLI Finance (GLIF). His presentation was captured on video below.

Video from UK Investor Show: K3 Business Technolgy - David Bolton

Published 326 days ago

Steve Moore and I tipped K3 (KBT) at a 149p offer on our Nifty Fifty website and the shares are now 350p bid. Not bad eh? But we are still not selling and to see why listen to David Bolton give a most excellent presentation at the UK Investor Show

Video - Wayne Thornhill of Arria presents at Uk Investor Show

Published 326 days ago

The latest video from UK Investor Show is of Wayne Thornhill of Arria NLG (NLG). Enjoy.

Video: Gary Ashworth of Interquest presents at UK Investor Show

Published 326 days ago

Gary Ashworth is the founder and Chairman of Interquest (ITQ). Gary has a great track record on AIM and I regard shares in his company as being cheap. I hope that his presentation at UK Investor Show demonstrates why. Enjoy.

Video UK Investor Show 2016 - Colin Bird of Galileo Resources

Published 326 days ago

Veteran mining CEO Colin Bird's main ship is Jubilee Platinum (JLP) but he is also leading Galileo Resources (GLR) and explains its investment case in the video below from UK Investor Show 2016

UK Investor Show Video 2016 - Scott Kaintz presents for Red Rock Resources

Published 326 days ago

The first video to emerge from UK INvestor Show 2016 is of a presentation by Scott Kaintz of Red Rock Resources (RRR). Enjoy.

The Dragon's Den £15,000 - what 10 AIM stocks were bought and at what price

Published 326 days ago

At UK Investor Show we ran five Dragon's Den sessions where five CEOs each gave a five minute pitch and three Dragon's each picked one stock in which FIML invested £1,000 via our most excellent broker J Herbert Esq at European Wealth. And so £15,000 was invested on Tuesday Morning. Steve will track this portfolio over the year with each Dragon at liberty to place a sell order at any time. And so this is what we bought.

The FOUR shares to buy on Tuesday from UK Investor show - deadline 10 PM Monday

Published 328 days ago

Galvan Securities worked with the editorial team here to produce a guide "the four shares to buy from UK Investor Show." This will be sent out first thing on Tuesday 3rd May.

Special UK Investor Show edition of the UK Investor Magazine

Published 329 days ago

The April edition of UK Investor magazine, our show edition, is now live. It features 3 buy tips, 3 sell tips plus full details of the show and much more. This publication will be available in ard copy to attendees on April 30 at the show of the year.  You can read your free e-copy below.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 1 May - I feel like Leicester City

Published 329 days ago

In this podcast I look back to yesterday's quite amazing UK Investor show. I explain why I feel like Leicester City and then reflect on some of the themes of the show, discussing some of the companies and some of the investment ideas running through my mind, twenty four hours later. Thank you to all who attended and especially to the many fplks who came up to say really nice things. It was appreciated.

WH Ireland - It seems Mr Bagot is not alone - is the dam breaking on scamming customers?

Published 329 days ago

As you know disgraced broker WH Ireland (WHI) used fascist bully boy lawyers to stop the penioners it mugged ( the Bagots) and Nigel Somerville from exposing the AIM listed firm at UK Investor. We went ahead and what we served up was shocking. WH Ireland has to date insisted that the Bagots were a one off. That now appears to be demonstrable fiction.

Notes from Underground - Colour Me Interested

Published 329 days ago

You will all be pleased to know that nobody escorted me out of yesterday's UK Investor Show, but then again, Tom was pretty occupied.

A Few Top Lessons from Top Speakers at the Bumper UK Investor Show.

Published 329 days ago

Hello Share Fans. Well, that was some show and no mistake. I refer to the UK Investor Show at Westminster on Saturday. The dodgy uncertainty of the share world at the mo had no detrimental effect on the attendance. The auditorium was full and the many trade stands were bristling with ordinary investors like us. But if you weren't there , let me give you a quick idea of the best general pieces of advice I picked up, especially for the state of the markets as they are now.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast live from UK Investorshow

Published 330 days ago

Recorded live from UK Investor Show, today's bearcast. Plenty of bad language and of course Lenigas is a 4 letter word

Optibiotix - past results & future sales, the only question

Published 331 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) will be presenting on both the main stage and in a breakout room at UK Investor today!. The mood in the camp is incredibly upbeat and we hope you grab a chance to chat to CEO O'Hara to see why.

Teathers Financial - today's RNS means shareholders MUST SACK THE BOARD NOW!

Published 331 days ago

Tomorrow at UK Investor Show the Teathers shareholder action group will be manning a stand all day wanting to make contact with anyone owning any shares in Teathers Financial (TEA). Make sure you go and make contact as this company's board must be sacked NOW after another disgraceful RNS.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 24 hours of hell to go

Published 332 days ago

24 hours to go to UK Investor and I am screaming at all comers, I really hate the days in the run up to the show. Anyhow (it will all be over tomorrow and I hope you have a great time. Can someone bring me a bottle of ouzo to dull the pain afterwards? On today's podcast I look at the Restaurant Group (RTN) and what its profits warning says about the economy and consumer behaviour. I look at David Lenigas associated shite Octagonal (OCT) and its rum and coke statement, Nighthawk (HAWK), London Capital (LCG), Igas (IGAS) and make a general observation about oil prices and oil stocks.

From lies to smears, David Lenigas is a disgrace - new tweet, what a tool

Published 332 days ago

Earlier this week I ran an article which David Lenigas responded to by accusing me of getting my facts wrong and thus been a pathetic sad person and poor journalist. It is at least better than tweeting about my mother's suicide 40 years ago. I demonstrated HERE that Lenigas was 100% wrong, my facts were 100% right and that he was a smearing, liar, happy once again to mislead his investors. Tomorrow at UK Investor Show I shall demonstrate he is much much worse. Lenigas has responded to his impending downfall with a  new tweet. 

Obtala Resources very positive strategy update

Published 332 days ago

Following the appointment earlier this week of Miles Pelham as Chairman, Obtala Resources (OBT) has updated on its strategy and outlook, with Pelham emphasising “I am strongly committed to enhancing shareholder value by monetising the substantial capital investment made into our African ventures in recent years”.

Hostels Are the Cheap Way to Travel - and Safestay Should Go Places.

Published 332 days ago

Hello Share Grubbers. I’m packing my bags for the big UK Investor Show On Saturday time and I hope the organisers are not embarrassed about where I’m staying. I chose the Penn Club which is something to do with excellent Quaker religion, because it is a lovely peaceful place, handy for Uncle Tom’s former pizza parlour. But another reason I stay there is because it is very cheap. In comparison to nearly all the rest of London hotels.

My top three gold shares to buy - Amanda Van Goddess

Published 332 days ago

In anticipation of the UK Investor Show this Saturday, where I am speaking on both the main stage and in a breakout session, Tom has asked me what is my all-time favourite UK gold stock is, and I have to admit I was a bit pressed for choice so I have decided to cheat a little and give you my top 3. 

Teathers Financial - piss poor update, apologies but this looks grim

Published 333 days ago

Tom Note: This article appeared under the HotStockRockets name but I wrote it and would not want anyone thinking this was not my view.  Off we go...Shares in Teathers Financial (TEA) remain suspended and will be booted off AIM on 4 June if no RTO takes place or if it cannot convince AIM that it has implemented its investing policy ( which it won't). It looks grim. The latest update states:

Obtala Management Change - it is positive: Buy

Published 333 days ago

Updating earlier this month on Obtala Resources (OBT) with the shares then at 6.375p, we noted the valuation looked to fail to reflect the asset backing and likely news flow but a disappointing share price performance from a now long-running recommendation.  It is now boardroom change ahoy.

And the POS AIM Company that sent a fascist "you are being watched" lawyers letter re UK Investor is..

Published 334 days ago

In yesterday's reader poll we asked you which AIM listed company you thought had sent us a lawyers letter regarding the UK INvestor Show. We print the letter below but 79% of you guessed wrong!

Reader Poll: Which PLC has sent a fascist lawyers letter warning UK Investor speakers - we are being watched

Published 335 days ago

This is becoming a bit of an annual ritual. And it is always a kiss of death for an PLC that tries to bully UK Investor Show speakers with fascist lawyers letters. Like it really worked out well for blinkx (BLNX) did it not? So which PLC has made its shares a slam dunk sell with a fascist lawyers letter last night reminding us that they have bought a ticket and we are being watched and threatening awful things. You vote in our latest poll - deadline midnight tonight. Is it:

You want one gold stock to buy but what? Ten experts say it should be...

Published 335 days ago

Gold seems to be in an uptrend so maybe it is time to get a bit of exposure to the gold sector once more? But how? We adsked ten writers connected to this site and/or speaking at UK Investor show on Saturday if they had to bet the ranch on one stock what would it be?

Is Current Monetary Policy Sowing-the-Seeds to Crisis?

Published 336 days ago

"Clumsy interventions" by some of the world's central banker will "destroy" the economy and usher in political chaos, a notoriously bearish Societe Generale strategist has claimed. In a note published Friday, Edwards once again slammed loose monetary policy, pointing fingers at central bankers for failing to recognize the consequences of low interest rates and quantitative easing. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi attends a news conference at the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, March 10, 2016."When in the last few weeks I have heard that Janet Yellen sees no bubbles in the U.S., when Ben Bernanke hones and restates his helicopter money speech, and when Mario Draghi says that the ECB's policy of printing money and negative interest rates was working,

Treat Yourself to Saturday's UK Investor Show - and Possibly Save Thousands of Pounds.

Published 336 days ago

Hello Share Mates. If you don’t plan to go to our UK Investor Show this Saturday (April 30), then may I humbly suggest that you should give it a go. And may I quickly say that I have no percentage stake in the event, so the numbers attending make no difference to me. But I hope you grab a free ticket HERE and let me explain why you'd be mad not to.

FINAL CHANCE - Dont forget to hear the Real master investors on Saturday April 30 in London

Published 336 days ago

This weekend is all about the London Marathon but in just SIX DAYS time a galaxy of legendary investors will be speaking at UK Investor Show. This is not a platform for share rampers based in dodgy offshore tax havens but a chance to hear men and woman who are simply the best. Make sure you have the date in your diary - Saturday April 30 and this is the LAST CHANCE to grab a complimentary ticket.

Notes from Underground: The Farce Awakens

Published 337 days ago

Some readers may roll their eyes at Tom's Rebel Alliance vs the Empire meme that he has adopted the past few years. My adventure at yesterday's Master Investor show demonstrates that Tom isn't just bloviating. 

Ashtead: taking advantage of shabby peers

Published 337 days ago

What characteristics do you like to see in an equity?  How about revenue and profit growth, free cash flow generation, relatively modest debt levels, an experienced and sensible management team, taking market share against peers and a good capability this could continue over the next few years?  And how about for the icing on the cake: a low valuation and increasing dividend capability?

PHOTO: Jim Mellon's bully boy security guards march Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater out of minor trade show marked by empty seats

Published 338 days ago

Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater responded to a piece of spam email and ordered a ticket legitimately to attend Jim Mellon's minor trade show in islington today. The show claimed that 10,000 tickets had been booked although capacity in the rooms booked is sub 3,000. Whatever. Atwater attended this morning and saw plenty of empty space. He estimates that, including suits manning stands, there were perhaps 2,000 in the hall. Again, whatever.

David Lenigas thinks the world centers on him & demands I publish his abusive emails to me. Ok

Published 342 days ago

Jabba The Hutt has taken to twitter last night complaining that I have not published his latest abusive email sent to me at 7.07 PM after yesterday's expose. Apparently I have to drop everything to respond and publicise this journalist bullying and smearing fat Aussie share ramper. Needless to say, the email from David Lenigas is pathetic but just to bring a smile to his face as he gazes down to the marina in the Monaco tax haven, where lives, to look at his 36 foot yacht....

March edition of the UK Investor Show magazine - Beware the coming crash + 5 share tips

Published 350 days ago

The March edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring Tom's interview with Peter Hambro, chairman of Petropavlovsk, five tips, company profile on SafeStyle, how to make money from EIS shares, 5 share tips and more. You can download your free copy below.

David Lenigas ramps up the smears and threats: Tom Winnifrith I shall not be silenced

Published 355 days ago

By email and by twitter last night David Lenigas sank to new depths in an attempt to bully me into not speaking out at UK Investor Show on April 30 explaining why the fat Aussie share ramper has no place on AIM. Mr Lenigas should be truly ashamed as he wakes up this morning to what he posted last night. I doubt he will be. Mr Lenigas and his associate the tobacco smuggler Yusuf Kajee have both in the past tweeted references to my mental health and the death (by suicide) of my mother. And so one of Jabba's offerings last night was

Inspirit Energy Holdings - David Lenigas repolishes this turd from the boiler room

Published 355 days ago

It has all gone a bit quiet in the boiler room but in the absence of any real news who better to step up to the plate and pretend that there is good news than fat Aussie share ramper Jabba The Hutt? With just 25 days to go until he is 100% exposed at UK Investor Show by myself (SEE HERE), today David Lenigas tweeted:

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: Donald Trump & the Panama Papers

Published 356 days ago

I am spendng the day stuffing tickets for UK Investor show into envelopes and so am a bit distracted from the main task of writing. This is a bonus bearcast covering why Donald Trump is right about the stockmarket unlike any other Western politician and also the fun and games that are the Panama papers.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3rd April - The Looting Machine & another AIM Board who need to go to prison

Published 357 days ago

Firstly there is news on UK Investor Show. I am heading up to London first thing to sort out a bit of a cock-up. That means that by close of play tomorrow all tickets ordered before March 25 will be in the post. All those ordered since will be posted by cop Wedesday. The emailing out of all tickets starts tomorrow. I am not happy about having to make this trip. If you have not booked your seat and like bearcast you will love the show so BOOK NOW (details in podcast). Elsewhere I review an amazing book - The Looting Machine by Tom Burgis - which you must read, it is fantastic. Then I refer to Gary Newman's excellent piece HERE and demand jail time for some AIM directors who have committed fraud.

David Lenigas on twitter: Lying, insider dealing or what?

Published 359 days ago

Due to the huge interest in my UK INvestor Show session "Why David Lenigas should be drummed off AIM forever" we are now miving this session to the main auditorium on April 30 2016. I would not want anyone to miss out. And if you needed further evidence of why the case is such a slam dunk here is a tweet from 48 hours ago:

The lords of finance are losing their touch: the world is a mess

Published 363 days ago

Hungary has become the latest European economy to slash its main interest rate into negative territory as it attempts to revive growth and stoke inflation. The National Bank of Hungary made the surprise move to trim its deposit rate to a record low of -0.05pc from 0.1pc, becoming the world's sixth monetary authority to take rates below zero. Hungary has joined Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan and the Eurozone, which have all ventured into sub-zero territory and Norway has indicated that it could become the next European economy to venture into negative territory.  

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 March - Red Flags on Green Shite Edition

Published 367 days ago

I shall deal with willie obsessed holiday ruining Easyjet (EZJ) later. And also with Fastjet (FJET) but suffice to say its shares are a sell. A reminder SPUKI - book your seats today to hear me expose the fat share ramper Lenigas in full plus much more at UK Investor on April 30. Thanks to Intelligent Energy (IEH) for clarifying what net cash means ( please note D&D) I cover its woes today plus also Plus500 (PLUS), RedX Pharma (REDX), Next (NXT) and Sareum (SAR)

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 23 March - I'm coming for YOU Lenigas , but first its bed time

Published 368 days ago

I am off to bed thanks to the PC imbeciles at EasyJet but first three announcements about UK Investor Show on April 30th. We send tickets out this weekend so if you have not booked go now to NOW and use the promotional code SPUKI to get a free investor class seat. At a company level I cover Lighthouse (LGT), Snacktime (SNAK), William Hill (WMH), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Solo (SOLO), MX Oil (MXO) and Tungsten (TUNG)

The End of Alchemy - Gold's got your back

Published 385 days ago

The Brexit vote is a distraction and we are in danger of the distraction of reorganising the pebbles on the beach whilst a great tsunami bears down behind us. Rather than focusing on whether or not we should remain in Europe, the decision should be more about how we participate and ultimately shape the economic grouping that will come after the Euro single currency breaks up and the European community has to become more accountable and economically functional.

February edition of UK Investor Magazine -Making Money in a Bear Market

Published 391 days ago

The February edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring company interviews with Kefi Minerals and Coinsilium, three sells (from myself, Tom Winnifrith), gold (caveat emptor), how to make money in a bear market and more. You can download your free copy below.

January edition of UK Investor Show Magazine now live packed with share tips

Published 416 days ago

The January edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring an astounding 79 share tips, three sells (from TW), company profile on Avesco, buys from Zak and Chris Bailey, an interview with Zafar Karim, CEO Legendary Investments and more. You can download your free copy below.

Reviewed: Performance of the most shorted London-listed shares as at the start of 2015

Published 437 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, we recently detailed the most shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2016 - see HERE. Is this worth paying some attention to? The following reviews the 2015 performance of the most shorted such shares as at the start of that year (those in bold also on the 2016 list), completing our review of 2015 (which has included of the ShareProphets writers share tips of the year HERE, the China AIM 'Filthy Forty' HERE, the AIM shares shorted HERE and the 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls HERE)...

End 2015 Performance Update: 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls & investor short positions

Published 440 days ago

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced. As noted HERE, we're monitoring progress of those also having been identified as shorts by significant investment companies...

Liar and criminal Chris Oil calls for boycott of UK Investor Show says TW to go bankrupt - book a free seat today

Published 446 days ago

The insider dealer, market abuser, liar and fantastist Chris Oil does not appear to have enjoyed folks reading my three part Christmas Carol series HERE (1), Here (2) and HERE (finale) - we ask that you share the links with anyone you know, use the tweet button to tweet them to the world and post links on any Bulletin Boards of stocks where the little twerp is involved. Chris really does not want you sharing these articles so you know what to do...

December edition of UK Investor Magazine 7 share tips, Adam Reynolds & More

Published 456 days ago

The December edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring seven buy share tips,  company profiles on InterQuest, an interview with Adam Reynolds, and what ShareProphets writers would like to find in their stocking. You can download your free copy below.

Malcolm Stacey's share tip of the year No 1 - buy Advanced Oncotherapy

Published 457 days ago

I can’t exactly remember which New Year shares I tipped last year. But I recall that one of them Zytronic (ZYT) which does wonders with touch technology, was a cracking performer - I got a gold star for it in the performance table!

Christmas comes early - another Slater & Gordon profits warning - bankruptcy a cert for 2016

Published 466 days ago

Thank you Santa for this early present. Aussie poltroons Slater & Gordon (SGH) have issued another profits warning with its UK businesses, notably those bought from Quenron (QPP), blamed. Bankruptcy in 2016 now looks a slam dunk cert.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 December - boy these new painkillers are good

Published 468 days ago

Heck if you are a shareholder in a Jabba The Hutt company they might even work for you. I am on new prescription pills and flying. In today's podcast I cover LGO Energy (LGO), tiouch on Afriag (AFRI) and then InternetQ (INTQ) more on that tomorrow, target price 0p. There is a detailed look at Audioboom (BOOM) and a look at Circle Oil (COP) and Tribal (TRB) which have a lot in common with 3 big name zeros I call out in the latest UK Investor Show magazine out today HERE . Finally a look at Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and Concha (CHA)

A Show tradition continues with Richard "Gollum" Gill

Published 483 days ago

Traditions continue at the Gold & Bears show.Every year, the Master Investor show sends a free ticket to ShareProphet's Darren Atwater, a legacy of the old days when Atwater worked at Rivington Street Holdings and managed

Jim Mellon, 7 share tips, Rob Terry jail update and much more – UK Investor Show Magazine Sept now out

Published 541 days ago

Issue 4 of the UK Investor Show Magazine is now out and can be accessed below. Jim Mellon, Rob Terry (prison update), the stockmarket crash (a buying opportunity?), Advanced Oncotherapy, 6 other share tips, accounting for Geeks from myself and Chris Bailey. There is something for everyone.

Miners sell off push FTSE 100 to oversold

Published 545 days ago

Once again the BTI, a sentiment indicator, changed direction as the stock market is unable to close up or down for two consecutive days. Sentiment is bearish but the timing indicators are oversold and the wave count is nearly complete. Overall it’s bullish.

Why Rob Terry should & will go to prison, 7 share tips & 6 shares to bet the ranch on

Published 573 days ago

The August Edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is now live and the cover story explains why the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy should, and will, go to prison. There are seven share tips from Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir and Steve Moore and the ShareProphets writers answer the question "if you had to what stock would you bet the ranch on". Amanda van Dyke explains why she is still a gold bull and there's more..

Performance Update: 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls & investor short positions

Published 580 days ago

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced. As noted HERE, we're monitoring progress of those also having been identified as shorts by significant investment companies...

Quindell: the biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, it 'fesses up - Tom Winnifrith Bearcast part 1

Published 599 days ago

In this part of the bearcast I go through all the frauds admitted to by Quindell today, the bungs, the lies, the non disclosures, the revenue recognition issues, the panama pumps. Most of this has been revealed on this website already but today Quindell fessed up. What we said abut Himex, TMC, Jon Stretton Knowles, the fraudster Rob was all true. And that means that Rob Terry WILL go to prison for this. And so will others.

Quindell Results Out - Bearcast from Tom Winnifrith part 2: what next for Quindell & Slater & Gordon Shares

Published 599 days ago

You have to end on a high and so that is it for a while from me. Full stop. Unless Rob Terry is arrested (whch will happen at some stage), I am not filing here any more. Because it does not get much better than today. Quindell has just released its 2014 results and I am 100% vindicted now. And so there is a two part Bearcast. In part 2 (this one), I explain what next for shares in Quindell and Slater & Gordon. One more bearcast and it is ouzo o'clock.


Tom Winnifrith BearCast 2nd August - a dying and snearing deadwood press, interest rates and Wandisco

Published 603 days ago

My father is at Church and the the pub and so I am able to record a quick podcast covering three themes. First the snearing and dying deadwood press - something prompted by THIS. Then interest rates. And then Wandisco. For more on Wandisco, as mentioned in the bearcast, and on many other matters including why Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy will go to prison, read the latest Uk Investor Show magazine out this weekend HERE

The 10 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares.

Published 603 days ago

This article by Malcolm Stacey appeared in the July issue of UK Investor Show Magazine. The August edition was published yesterday and can be accessed HERE. Now to the 10 Golden Rules

The House View - The General Election mattered not a jot

Published 652 days ago

Crack out the champagne, the Tories have won and can govern unhindered by those pesky Liberal Democrats! That seemed to be very much the view on 8th May but five weeks later what has really changed for Britain?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7th June

Published 659 days ago

As my father spends an hour in Church I explain why filial devotion does not stretch far enough for me to join him - I despair for the Church of England. Then I add to the points raised by Nigel Somerville in his earlier piece on another Geoff Morrow - of Gate infamy - China joke stock (HERE) and to Steve Moore's comments on Audioboom (made HERE) and make general points about companies that update on KPIs. Finally I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey on his market view of Saturday HERE

Tom Winnifrith: I'm on sabbatical - "flip Flop" Ben Turney is in charge

Published 666 days ago

As of midnight "flip flop" Ben "pitchfork" Turney will be editing this website as I am on leave for the next six to nine months. Let me explain.

Sefton - The Smears start again for those who dare to question

Published 667 days ago

You may well remember the dirty tricks camoaign that Sefton Resources (SER) under Jimmyliar Ellerton waged against myself and Dan Levi when we exposed his lies and fraud. One smear was to plant a suggestion/lie with a "friendly journalist" - or scab as I would call her - in the Daily Telegraph suggesting that Dan was short of the stock. Now it seems as if New Sefton is waging the same campaign against me.

Odey’s Prophecy proved Bang on the Money for Two of his AIM Positions: Tungsten Corporation and Plus 500

Published 669 days ago

Cripin Odey made headlines back in January when he predicted that we were on the cusp of a market meltdown so savage that would be talked about in 100 years’ time. Odey is smart and presumably has taken out a hedging strategy that will protect his fund from such an outcome.

I won’t tip any share this year because in my view, the rally in 2015 is done

Published 675 days ago

At the UK Investor Show I made a bearish statement; I won’t tip any share this year because in my view, the rally in 2015 is done. I expect a large correction sometime in the not too distant future. The FTSE 100 could go down by as much as 10%.

Andrew Bell of Regency Mines video from Uk Investor Show 2015

Published 676 days ago

This might be the last video from UK Investor Show 2015 and it is Andrew Bell of Regency Mines (RGM) in action.

Not all Death Spirals are death spirals - Yorkville video from UK Investor Show

Published 678 days ago

Not all death spirals are death spirals - that was the theme by the presentation of my pal Brian Kinane of Yorkville at the UK Investor Show 2015.

Video Sakib Arain Crude Oil Trader at JN Financial from UK Investor Show

Published 681 days ago

Another video from the UK Investor Show 2015 vaults emerges - this time it is Sakib Arain, a crude oil trader explaining trading oil.

As Spare Shares Are Mopped Up, Advanced Oncotherapy Should Set Sail for the Stars.

Published 682 days ago

Hello Share Munchkins. It’s not been so long ago that I was trumpeting Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). But the fashionable biotech firm is beginning to get interesting again.

Video of the Alternative Investing Specialists session at UK Investor Show

Published 684 days ago

As you know I like alternatives as an asset class with my alternative portfolio being Wisdens. We held a session on the analysts floor at UK Investor Show 2015 on alternatives and here it is.

Video of presentation by Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra at UK Investor Show

Published 685 days ago

I like Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) and regard him as a good and decent guy doing his best for shareholders. He was among the CEO's presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015

Video of China NonFerrous Gold (formerly Kryso) presenting at UK Investor Show

Published 685 days ago

China Nonferrous Gold (CNG) used to be known as Kryso Resources and was among the most interesting of the companies presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015 - the video is below. It is not a current tip for Steve Moore and myself but we track it. It is "on the radar"

Video from UK Investor Show - how to value Mining Shares by Amanda Van Dyke

Published 685 days ago

Again another session that I regret missing from UK Investor Show 2015 - from the analysts floor mining guru Amanda Van Dyke (with guests) on how to value mining stocks.

Video - what makes an entrepreneur? Luke Johnson at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 686 days ago

I am really sorry that I missed this session from the analysts floor at UK Investor Show 2015. Luke Johnson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of my generation starting real businesses employig thousands of folks. In this session he discussed who are entrepreneurs and why they matter so much.

Notes from underground - The Great Chris Oil

Published 686 days ago

This week's No-prize for services to ShareProphets goes to the mighty Chris Oil whose efforts to become a dandy David Lenigas gave us nine of this week's top-ten most-read stories. And it was across all our mediums: web, podcast, and video. That's a triple-play that we've never seen before.

Sajid Javid MP front runner to replace crazy Vince Cable – what delightful Quindell irony

Published 687 days ago

The highlight of the election was seeing Vince Cable, the man who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions lose his seat. What joy that brought. My cheers could be heard across Kalamata Bay as crazy old Vince was soundly thrashed in Twickenham. Of course it is personal.

Video of Equity crowdfunding Presentation at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 687 days ago

The latest presentation from the analysts floor at UK Investor Show 2015 to be captured on video covers the subject of equity crowdfunding.

Video of the healthcare and biotech masterclass at Uk Investor 2015

Published 688 days ago

Amiong those presenting in the healthcare and biotech master class were John Dawson of Alliance Pharma, Steve Moore, Adam Reynolds of Premaitha and Optibiotix, Venn Life and Collagen. Enjoy

Beauties and beasts, picking small cap winners - Barry Gibb of Beaufort at UK Investor Show

Published 688 days ago

Beaufort Securities was a sponsor of UK Investor Show and has already signed up as a sponsor of UK Investor Show 2016 and the November 2015 Gold, Bears & Traders conference of which more later. Its small cap analyst Barry Gibb did a presentation on how to pick small cap winners at the 2015 show - a video of which is below.

Video: SwissQuote explains Currency Wars at UK Investor Show

Published 688 days ago

I do not have a scooby about forex trading I just feel happy to see the Euro go down against Sterling and look forward to a day when the drachma sinks even faster. SwissQuote was the main sponsor of UK Investor Show 2015 and held a session to explain what is happening in forex to the attendees. Watch & learn.

Video of Interview with share blogger Gary Newman at UK Investor Show

Published 689 days ago

One of the stars of the bloggers cafe at the 2015 UK Investor Show was Gary Newman, an increasingly well read writer on this website. A video of an interview with Gary is below. Enjoy...

Video of Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging, interview at UK Investor Show

Published 689 days ago

It was a great day when Malcolm Stacey parted company with the Evil Empire and joined the team at ShareProphets. I was really thrilled to have my old pal on board even if he is a bit of a money tree worshipping leftie. Malcolm hosted the Bloggers Cafe at UK Investor Show 2015 and will do the same again at UK Investor 2016 on April 16 and I know that many of you had a good chat with Comrade S on the day. He did find time to do this short interview as well

Advanced Oncotherapy looks great value

Published 689 days ago

Bio-tech companies are a long way from my usual area of interest in oil, but given my view that we are likely to see lower oil prices in the near term, I’ve been looking elsewhere. An AIM company called Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has caught my eye recently – I know that fellow ShareProphets writer Malcolm Stacey is a big fan as well, and I was having a chat with him about it at the recent UK Investor Show.

Telecity, Randgold, Aviva: UK Investor Show share tips newsfest frenzy

Published 689 days ago

I am not sure if we should all be thinking about the General Election today or not but hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some time to vote given the newsfest frenzy on shares I am interested in around the world. Last month at the epic UK Investor Show I mentioned four UK stocks to the assembled audience (as you can watch here).  Three of them usefully gave interesting updates today.

Video of Chris Bailey interview at the Bloggers Cafe at UK Investor Show

Published 689 days ago

Also at the bloggers cafe at UK Investor Show 2015 was Chris Bailey, City whizz kid turned editor of Financial Orbit

Video of mining guru Amanda Van Dyke at UK Investor Show

Published 689 days ago

The latest bloggers cafe video interview from the UK Investor Show 2015 to go live is with the mining guru Amanda Van Dyke

Video from UK Investor Show 2015 - ADVFN explains how to use level 2 data

Published 689 days ago

In this video from UK Investor Show ADVFN hosts a presentation explaining how to use level 2 data.

How to Judge share tipsters: Video of Paul Roberts of Stockomendation at UK Investor Show

Published 690 days ago

Paul Roberts of Stockomendation reckons that he knows how to judge share tipsters and so can help you to pick which shares to buy. All is explained in his presentation from UK Investor Show 2015

Video of UK Investor show masterclass on shells with Adam Reynolds of Premaitha & Optiobiotix fame

Published 690 days ago

Adam Reynolds is the shellmeister, the company rescurer (see HERE) and he gave a masterclass presentation at the UK Investor Show on how to make money from shells and how they work. Enjoy

Video from the Blogger's Cafe at UK Investor Show: The Great Chris Oil

Published 691 days ago

The man of the moment Chris Oil was interviewed at the bloggers cafe at the UK Investor Show. Gosh he is prescient as he discusses how he worries about getting a call from the Takeover Panel. Mr Oil is on cracking form.

Video interview from the UK Investor Show Blogger's Cafe: the UK's leading bear Lucian Miers

Published 691 days ago

Lucian Miers is now widely recognised as the most astute bear in Britain giving his enormous attention to detail and meticulous research. He puts the forensics into short selling. At the UK Investor Show as well as dominating the main stage bears session, Lucian recorded a short video interview. He can be followed on twitter @Lucianmiers and writes a weekly short letter on the Nifty Fifty website

Video Interview at UK Investor Show Blogger's cafe: Ben "pitchfork" Turney

Published 691 days ago

In the days before he was organising marches for torchbearing and pitchfork clasping lunatics from the LSE Asylum, Ben "pitchfork" Turney attended the UK Investor Show where he popped into the bloggers cafe to record a few thoughts on video.

Video of Blogger's Cafe interview from UK Investor Show: David Thomas

Published 691 days ago

One of the features of UK Investor Show is the Bloggers cafe where anyone can chat to writers both from this website and from other websites. Among the bloggers who popped in and was interviewed was David Thomas ( crazy new beard BTW Dave). You can follow him on twitter @djthomas

Breaking: Free Speech & Liberty buys a gold mine

Published 691 days ago

This might surprise you but, as of a few weeks ago, Free Speech & Liberty Pizza took ownership of a gold mine. You think I am kidding? I am not. Okay it is a virtual gold mine but anyone who wants to take a turn mining it can actually extract real gold as of this summer. To find out how this works watch this video I recorded at the UK Investor Show 2015 with Project Miner

Being idiosyncratic (and why that includes having some HSBC in your portfolio)

Published 691 days ago

In my youth I used to come back from overseas investment research trips brimming with new ideas and insights.  Having spent much of the period since the superlative UK Investor Show in the US of A I would hope to be able to say that opportunities are a-plenty.  But they are not.  Here’s a few of my notes from speaking with global investors far cleverer / richer than me at a conference in California a few days ago:

Video: Amanda Van Dyke Interview with Vassilios Carellas of Ortac Resources froim UK Investor Show

Published 692 days ago

The second video interview by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke from UK Investor Show is now live. In the hot seat this time is Vasilios Carellas - a good chap - and the CEO of AIM listed Ortac Resources (OTC).

Video: Amanda Van Dyke Interviews Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk at UK Investor Show

Published 692 days ago

And now for something a little different from UK Investor Show, a video of a face to face interview by mining guru Amanda Van Dyke with Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG)

Video of presentation by Rightster at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 693 days ago

I have called this one correctly as a bear but fair dues to Rightster (RSTR) for still having the balls to turn up and present at UK Investor Show.

Video of Presentation by Greg Kuenzel of Noricum Gold at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 693 days ago

The latest presentation from UK Investor Show 2015 is from the very likeable Greg Kuenzel of Noricum Gold (NMG) - enjoy

Video of Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 693 days ago

Having been the star of the explosive Horse Hill or Horse Shit forum at UK Investor Show (see HERE), Andrew Bell also presented on behalf of Red Rock Resources (RRR) as you can see in the video below.

Video of Fortune Mojapelo of Bushveld Minerals presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 694 days ago

Fortune Mojapelo of Bushveld Minerals (BMN) strikes me as a decent fellow and his presentation at UK Investor Show seemed more than competent. Enjoy..

Video of presentation by Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil & Gas at UK Investor Show

Published 694 days ago

The next presentation from UK Investor Show 2015 is by Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) who also appeared on the main stage oil panel.

Video of Presentation by Andrew Monk of Anglo-African Agriculture at UK Investor Show

Published 695 days ago

Okay, Mr Monk is a stockbroker but he is not a bad fellow and he can present well. Here he is at the UK Investor Show talking about Anglo Africa Agriculture (AAA).

How to Find the Punter’s Return and its Mysterious Links with Hyperspace.

Published 695 days ago

Hello Share Monkeys. The most common question I was asked in the Blogger’s Café at the legendary UK Investor Show was: where exactly is the Punter’s Return?

Video of presentation by Ian Strafford-Taylor of FairFX at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 695 days ago

Another video of a presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015 and again I have met the CEO, Ian Strafford-Taylor, and have some time for him. This is FairFX (FFX).

Buy Ariana Resources at 0.95p – target 1.3p to sell PDQ

Published 695 days ago

Like all small gold explorers Ariana Resources (AAU) has been a complete dog of an investment but at 0.95p to buy we think it will bounce and is a very attractive trade. And there are three reasons why.

Video of presentation by Stewart White of Collagen at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 695 days ago

Another CEO who seems a sensible chap and I have some time for - Stewart White of Collagen (COS). This is a video of his presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

Video of Challenger Acquistions Presentation at UK Investor Show

Published 696 days ago

I met up with Mark Gustafson of main market listed Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) before UK Investor Show 2015 and he seemed very switched on indeed. His presentation and the show was captured on video so see what you think.

Video of Venture Life presentation at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 696 days ago

Venture Life (VLG) is an AIM listed play on the ageing of the population. Its presentation at the UK Investor Show explains how it will profit from this and can be seen below.

Video of K3 Business Technology Presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 697 days ago

Steve Moore and I have been big fans of K3 (KBT) for a while on the Nifty Fifty and the share tip has done us proud. Our confidence was bolstered by this confident presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015.

Video of Mirada Presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 697 days ago

I think that shares in Mirada (MIRA) are cheap as it finally starts to deliver. Its CEO Jose is a good fellow and here he is presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015.

Video of Forbidden Technologies presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 697 days ago

And now another company presentation from the UK Investor Show captured on video. This time it is Stephen Streater of Forbidden Technologies (FBT)

Sefton Changes its name but carries on smearing its critics

Published 698 days ago

Old Sefton run by Jimmyliar Ellerton responded to criticism from myself and Brokerman Dan – in the days when he was a journalist not a crony capitalist – with a smear campaign sanctioned by its still current lawyers Pinsent Masons ( as you can see HERE). Sefton may be changing its name to Stryker but the own goals and old habits continue.

Lenigas says he is to sue Andrew Bell & calls him a liar - another big Dave twitter threat

Published 698 days ago

Over the weekend Big Dave Lenigas of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and numerous other companies took to twitter with a series of evening tweets threatening to sue some Bulletin Board Moron from the Grim Northern welfare safaris who had questioned Horse Hill. Has Big Dave actually launched proceedings?  We know not. But next up is Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) who Lenigas accuses of “being a liar”

Video: UK Investor Show Tech session with Paul Kavanagh, Lorne Daniel, Jason Drummond, John Wisbey, Marcus Hanke, Stephen Streater

Published 699 days ago

The main stage tech session at UK Investor Show 2015 was hosted by my old pal Paul Kavanagh. On the panel were Jason Drummond (Teathers Financial), Marcus Hanke (1Spatial), John Wisbey (Lombard Risk), Stephen Streater (Forbidden Technology) and Lorne Daniel, a star analyst from FinnCap. The video below captures the whole session.

The bears not alone in a number of their 2015 UK Investor Show top short selections...

Published 699 days ago

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced - watch the video HERE. As shown below (from the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it), a number of their top selections have also been identified as shorts by significant investment companies. We'll monitor progress, but, as noted previously, investors may at least want to double check if they are on the other side of the trades...

Video of the No 1 presentation at UK Investor Show - Mark Slater

Published 700 days ago

Mark Slater is a class act. His presentation at UK Investor Show was riveting - my old friend never lets us down. For anyone interested in stock picking and looking for ideas as well as method this is a must watch. And it is having speakers like this that marks out UK Investor Show as the country's top one day event in the world of shares. Enjoy

Video of John McGloin of Amara Mining presenting at UK Investor Show

Published 700 days ago

John McGloin, the CEO of Amara Mining, was among those manning a stand at UK Investor Show 2015 and also doing a 20 minute presentation. In case you missed John in action, here is the video.

Notes from underground - Kill your darlings

Published 700 days ago

In the week since the UK Investor Show, what have we learned a number of things - meanwhile this website continues to draw in the crowds and this is what you were reading last week

Video of Presentation by PCG Entertainment at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 700 days ago

AIM listed PGC Entertainment (PGCE) might well be the only "straight" China play on the AIM casino. It presented at the UK Investor Show and the video is below...

Video of UK Investor Presentation by soon to IPO Bitcoin play Coinsilium

Published 701 days ago

Coinsilium is planning an IPO within weeks on AIM and it seems to be attracting some interesting backers as a bitcoin play. It presented at UK Investor Show 2015 and here is the video.

Video of UK Investor Show Presentation by Rare Earth Minerals

Published 701 days ago

They are flooding in now. Unlike some trade shows where you see rows of stands from financial services pond life like Darren Winters and Nasdaq listed and privately held UK companies of zero interest, UK Investor has stands manned by 100+ PLCs listed on AIM in which you can invest. One of them was Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and here is the video of its presentation from 2015.

UK Investor Show Video: Picking stocks with Ed Croft, Chris Bailey & Thierry Laduguie

Published 701 days ago

Stockpicking - that is what you all wanted to hear about at the UK Investor Show 2015 and as such a packed out presentation with more than 800 folks crammed into a 700 person theatre came from Ed Croft of Stockopedia, Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit and "the miserable froggie" the great Thierry Laduguie.

Eurasia Mining - shares still look a speculative buy

Published 701 days ago

Eurasia Mining (EUA) is a company that I tipped here at just below the current level nearly a year ago, and I still see it as a speculative buy. I had a chance to have a chat with the company at the UK Investor Show last weekend, and everything seems to be progressing as planned with its platinum projects in Russia.

Video of Colin Bird of Jubilee Platinum presenting at UK Investor Show

Published 702 days ago

Next up in the videos of presentations from UK Investor Show is Colin Bird of AIM listed Jubilee Platinum (JLP). Enjoy.

Video from UK Investor: Tom Winnifrith Head to head with Peter Hambro

Published 702 days ago

I have bashed Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk (POG) over the years but all credit to the man in that he appeared on the main stage at UK Investor to take questions and stand up to me. Respect! Enjoy.

Video Presentation by Jason Drummond of Teathers Financial at UK Investor Show

Published 702 days ago

And now the company presentation videos start to flood in from UK Investor Show. In the early batches we find Jason Drummond speaking on behalf of Teathers Financial (TEA). Enjoy

Video: The Three Bears at Uk Investor - Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl

Published 702 days ago

The last minute intervention of free speech deniers and Nomad to POS Coms and Tungsten, Charles Stanley, deprived us of the great Kevin Ashton but the bear pit at UK Investor Show still went with a bang thanks to Lucian Miers, Matt Early, Evil Knievil and myself, Tom Winnifrith. Enjoy the video.

Video of the Mining Session at UK Investor starring Amanda Van Dyke, Poulden, McGloin & Bell

Published 703 days ago

Once again this main stage panel at UK Investor Show 2015 was chaired by scruffbum Ben Turney. On the panel were Amanda Van Dyke, John McGloin of Amara Mining, Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources and Richard Poulden of Wishbone Gold.

Video: Nigel Wray, Paul Scott, Paul Jourdan, Clem and TW - value investing at UK Investor Show

Published 703 days ago

And now we turn to value investing with Paul Scott ( the UK's top share blogger), Clem Chambers, Paul Jourdan of Amati (top fund manager, BTW), Nigel Wray (Britain's Buffett) and myself. All five of us are already booked in for the 2016 show albeit in different combinations and bringing in a new guest

Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

Published 703 days ago

The oil experts main stage session at the UK Investor Show was hosted by scruffbum Ben Turney and featured Cathal Friel, Matt Lofgran, Kevin Foo and myself with a cameo appearance by Derek Musgrove when it came to Horse Hill. But the discussion was wide ranging. Oil prices to Africa to shares as you can see in the video below.

Video of Luke Johnson giving a star main stage speech at UK Investor

Published 703 days ago

Luke Johnson was on cracking form at UK Investor with two presentations. The first will go up later but this is his main stage talk which included a "lively" Q&A afterwards. Enjoy the video below.

Video: Tom Winnifrith jokes & Sajid Javid MP speech from Uk Investor show

Published 703 days ago

The latest video from UK Investor Show contains a couple of my little jokes, a few words from Charlotte Argyle plus the opening speech given by a man I respect for his commitment to free speech, Sajid Javid MP

Video of Net Dimensions Presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 703 days ago

Steve Moore and I have followed NetDimensions (NETD) for a while although it is not a current share tip - we banked profits. Anyhow, here is a video of its presentation from the UK Investor Show 2015

Video of Louis Coetzee of Kibo Mining presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 704 days ago

And here is Louis Coetzee, CEO of Kibo Mining (KIBO) presenting at Uk Investor Show. He seems to get the message across clearly in the video below. And he was also a star contestant in the pro-celeb pizza making contest at the after show party.

Oil, Building and Life Sciences – That’s the Way to Do it!

Published 704 days ago

Hello Share Breakers. Well, the strain was too much for me. I said earlier that I had turned a lot of my shares into cash. It seemed I had moved overnight from being a bull to a bear.

Video: Geoff Miller of GLI Finance presents at UK Investor Show

Published 704 days ago

Steve Moore and I have done well with our share tip on GLI Finance (GLIF) and we still see upside. Here is its CEO Geoff Miller - a diehard West Ham Supporter - presenting at the UK Investor Show to explain what might seem a hard story, in words clear enough for all to understand.

The Truth behind the Sefton case & its dirty tricks - Tom Winnifrith video from UK Investor 2015

Published 704 days ago

Brace yourself Pinsent Masons, Jim Ellerton and others as your dirty tricks and scumbag activities are revealed in full. I explain how I got onto Sefton, who were the good guys and who were the bad guys and how I nailed the latter in the end. Some folks have serious questions to answer. This video is of a session from UK Investor 2015.

Video: Clem Chambers, CEO of ADFVN PLC presents at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 705 days ago

Clem Chambers has just seen off an attempt to oust him and fellow directors from the board of ADVFN (AFN). Here in this video from UK Investor Show 2015 he presents the investment case for his company.

This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election - UK Investor debate video

Published 705 days ago

To the cockney boyz 4-3, To the cockney boyz 4 -3! After a resounding victory this year, I am now one ahead in my annual show debates against my very good friend Richard Poulden. The motion this year was "This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election". Comrade Poulden won the toss and elected to speak in favour of the motion, I opposed

IS this Beauty the next Advanced Oncotherapy? – That’s What I Heard at the Big UK Investor Show.

Published 705 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. I told you I usually pick up some decent tips from the UK Investor Show which we were all treated to on Saturday. I’ve now had time to research a few of these diamonds and the first one I’ve bought is Feedback (FDBK).

Thanks for attending UK Investor Show – 2016 Half Price tickets now on offer & Photos from 2015

Published 705 days ago

I hope that you had a great day yesterday at Uk Investor Show.  I certainly had fun although I should confess to having a bit of a sore head today.  Before we go on, I take my hat off to Audioboom PLC for showing an incredibly sense of humour. We had a bit of a spat a few months ago. They thought I was a bad Bear. I thought they should apologise and send over a large bag of coke to say sorry. And so Audioboom pitched up at the show with a present for me as you can see below.  

Explosive Ben Edelman UK Investor show video - he nails blinkx Again!

Published 706 days ago

Once again Professor Ben Edelman nailed the awful business practices of blinkx (BLNX) at the Uk Investor show. The Web Sheriff was on gine form as the video below demonstrates.

Two share tips from Tom Winnifrith today – at c3.30 PM

Published 706 days ago

As well as working on UK Investor Show last week, Steve Moore and I were also working hard on two new share tips and both will go live this afternoon just after 3 PM.

The fourth & final short tip from the World's No 1 tech analyst Kevin Ashton - sell FusionEx

Published 706 days ago

At the last minute free speech denying broker Charles Stanley, (Nomad to POS companies such as Tungsten and Coms) forced the world’s top tech analyst Kevin Ashton not to speak at UK Investor. Luckily I have his notes sent to me earlier in the week and so here is why I think FusionEx (FXI) is such a stonking sell at 332.5p. Kevin was said to describe it as “one of the most overvalued stocks in the UK.”

Phorm - The 3rd shorting idea from the Great Kevin Ashton at the UK Investor Show

Published 707 days ago

At the last minute free speech denying broker Charles Stanley, (Nomad to POS companies such as Tungsten and Coms) forced the world’s top tech analyst Kevin Ashton not to speak at UK Investor. Luckily I have his notes sent to me earlier in the week and so here is why I think Phorm (PHRM) is such a stonking sell. 

Explosive Uk Investor Seminar - Horse Hill or Horse Shit

Published 707 days ago

This was a last minute special for UK Investor but it contained some pretty explosive stuff. On the panel were Andrew Bell, Derek Musgrove, Andrew Monk of VSA and Ben Turney. All four men have a special unique angle and insight on this project and it is explosive stuff at times. Watchthe video and enjoy.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Farewell Peter Landau edition

Published 707 days ago

He sent me a string of lawyers letters but today Peter Landau lost his last AIM directorship as Black Mountain was booted off the casino. Hooray. Coke & Hookers for myself and Oakley tonight.  I look at three other companies that may well go the same way, Insetco, Daniel Stewart and Gate Ventures and how the issue of Nomad resignation works. I also look at Advanced Oncotherapy, Torotrak and discuss when Uk Investor Show videos will start to appear - we will start very soon with a Horse Hill treat.PS You still have until 4.30 PM TODAY to enter the UK Investor Greek Hovel prize draw HERE

The Loneliness of a Long Distance Share Trader – and the Happy Panacea of the UK Investor Show

Published 707 days ago

Hello Share Turners. Well, that was some share extravaganza at the weekend. The UK Investor Show was full to bursting with share shifters and company stands. A magic atmosphere. The main stage was buzzing and side events were sparkling. Lots of folk came to swap ideas with Shareprophets writers, too, in the Blogger’s Café.

The 2nd Shorting Idea of the Great Kevin Ashton from UK Investor show – sell Monitise at 13.75p

Published 707 days ago

At the last minute free speech denying broker Charles Stanley, (Nomad to POS companies such as Tungsten and Coms) forced the world’s top tech analyst Kevin Ashton not to speak at UK Investor. Luckily I have his notes sent to me earlier in the week and so here is why I think Monitise (MONI) is such a stonking sell. 

Blinkx – are you braced for some more fun? Ben Edelman was on cracking form, ho ho ho

Published 707 days ago

Ben Edelman promised new material on blinkx (BLNX) at the 2015 UK Investor show and he did not disappoint.  I am working hard to get the full video of the Web Sheriff up as soon as possible but it is pretty explosive stuff.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Highlights of UK Investor Show

Published 707 days ago

In this podcast I look back at some of the themes and highlights (for me) of UK Investor Show 2015. The hall was packed and I hope that folks all had fun. There are some pictures of the day HERE and to order tickets on an early bird 50% discount for April 16 2016 click HERE and there is a last chance to win a holday at the Greek Hovel HERE.  Among the highlights for me were the Horse Hill panel, Ben Edelman on blinkx which was damming, the bears on Tungsten which was also pretty damming but the buy ideas from Mark Slater, Paul Scott and Paul Jourdan. Luke Johnson was a cracking performer and I think I wasnot too bad either. Anyhow, I reflect on yesterday

Telecom Plus – the No 1 bear pick of the great Kevin Ashton, a sell at 803p

Published 707 days ago

At the last minute free speech denying broker Charles Stanley, (Nomad to POS companies such as Tungsten and Coms) forced the world’s top tech analyst Kevin Ashton not to speak at UK Investor. Luckily I have his notes sent to me earlier in the week and so here is why I think Telecom Plus (TEP) is such a stonking sell.

Tom Winnifrith UK Investor BearCast - Let's be angry

Published 709 days ago

I have spent a good night with bloggers and Bulletin Board posters at Free Speech & Liberty. Now to UK Investor show. As investors we should be very angry. I discuss how that anger must be channelled with reference to Berkeley Minerals, Quindell and other cases.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Working with no trousers edition

Published 710 days ago

I explain the trouser predicament I face at the end of the podcast. It is all to do with UK Investor Show on Saturday and I look forward to seeing you there. Before we get to my issue today I look at Ultrasis (toast), Daniel Stewart, Sefton Resources, Kromek, Igas, Horse Hill nonsense and Optimal Payments

Come & Meet New Sefton Resources at Free Speech & Liberty Friday night

Published 710 days ago

If you are up in London for UK Investor show on Saturday and fancy a quiet and relaxing evening beforehand do not bother reading on. But if you fancy a drink and a pizza with new Sefton (SER), aka “mancslumboy” Brokerman Dan, Clem Chambers of ADVFN and their uber-foxy PR bird plus a sprinkling of ShareProphets writers and other CEOs attending the show, all will be gathering from 6 PM

Is This the Greatest Share Show in the World?

Published 710 days ago

Hello Share Swillers. Well, it's almost time. The zappy UK Investor Show 2015 is only one day away.La st year's event was a really happy affair. And yet shares were not doing that well at the time, as I recall (though the old memory is starting to go).

Westminster Group will benefit from reduction in Ebola cases

Published 711 days ago

Just when it looked like Westminster Group (WSG) was finally about to start living up to expectations it was hit by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The AIM-listed company provides security services to governments and private companies around the world, so often the exact nature of its contracts are rather vague. 

If you own shares you should vote Labour: The Poulden vs Winnifrith debate on Saturday

Published 711 days ago

Some last minute changes to the schedule for UK Investor this Saturday the 18th include the annual Richard Poulden vs Tom Winnifrith debate which this year is in a 100 person room on the 3rd floor (the stands floor) not on the main stage. The Motion is “This house believes that if you own shares you should vote Labour in the General Election.”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 April - can I shout at Darren for you?

Published 712 days ago

Has your ticket arrived for UK Investor Show yet? If not email me on and I will shout at Darren for you. If you have not ordered yet, well you have an hour or so. we are all bar a couple of tickets sold out so will stop selling any tickets at 4PM today and put a sold out sign up at www.ukinvestor - so to book: hurry up. Enough of Saturday's fun. In this podcast I look at Horse Hill (read Steve Brown's piece today!), Ascent Resources, Red Emperor, Northbridge Industrial, market madness and Sefton Resources.

Fancy free pizza and a few beers this Wednesday?

Published 713 days ago

There is a catch. You have to do a bit of work in return but if you are bored and have nothing else to do on Wednesday from 6 PM feel free to join myself, pizza hardman Darren Atwater, his Mrs, Maribelle and I don't know who else at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House, 91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5BX. All you need to help us do is..

What We'll All Talk About in the Blogger's Cafe.

Published 714 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. The fabulous UK Investor Show is coming up. Just a few days to go, now. It will be great to meet you in the Blogger's Cafe. I did time there last year and really enjoyed it. Picked up a few tips, too – like City of London Investment Group (CLIG) and Galliford Try (GFRD). And shares on both are still doing well.

Ask Luke Johnson about Entrepreneurship at #UKInvestorShow on April 18

Published 714 days ago

I am delighted that my old pal Luke Johnson is back at UK Investor Show and this year he will be giving two talks. On the main stage he will discuss the poverty of sell side research, why bears are the new regulators and why a free and critical financial press is needed. But on the analysts floor ( second floor) in an 80 person room Luke is talking about something he is better qualified than most to discuss – entrepreneurship.

Ask Tom Winnifrith any question and win a special prize in one week's time

Published 714 days ago

One of the main stage talks at the UK Investor show on 18th April ( yes one week away) is an “ask Tom Winnifrith” session where the Sheriff will be interviewed on the main stage by Malcolm Stacey, Nigel Somerville and Amanda Van Dyke The topics will be wide ranging: Quindell (with new material), frauds past and what Tom is looking at next to “go after”, coping with death threats, what changes AIM must make to stop investors getting screwed, his ancestor the pirate, where he sees value, free speech and a bit of personal stuff from three years ago to set the record straight. Do you have a question for Tom?

Notes from underground - Horses of Courses

Published 714 days ago

Posting nearly 2,000 UK Investor Show tickets over the past week, I have marvelled at the wondeful place names that populate the UK. Names like Beehive Yard, Smock Alley West, Egg Pie Lane, Ynysmeudwy, and 123 Fake Street. 

Where's Malcolm at #UKInvestorShow & do you want to tweet from the show?

Published 714 days ago

You want to know where at the UK Investor Show, you'll find Malcolm Stacey? We know he is one of our most read columnists and - unlike some of our writers - he seems almost universally liked. Well for most of the day, Malcolm is "mein host" at The Punters Return, that is to say the Bloggers Cafe. Most but not all.

UK Investor Show – come chat to us at the Bloggers Café: tickets start landing today

Published 716 days ago

To save me answering a few emails, tickets for the UK Investor Show should start landing today. By tomorrow all bar 40 of the 2000 tickets should have landed so if you have booked and not got a ticket by Thursday PM email me on and I will sort it out. The show is now just 10 days away and there are still 40 tickets available so if you want one book NOW at – there are many reasons to book but one is “The bloggers café”

The Bears Move on: Quindell short becomes a Slater & Gordon short

Published 717 days ago

Slater & Gordon overpaid grotesquely for the Quindell (QPP) legal business but the Aussie company is now beginning to pick up the tab as the bears move in. Two of the bear pit panel at UK Investor Show are already short of Slater & Gordon as is well known Aussie bear raider John Hempton of Bronte Capital. Lucian Miers opens the batting for the UK bears.

blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

Published 719 days ago

Today’s trading statement from blinkx must be making even disgraced share ramper Roger Lawson from ShareSoc splutter into his cornflakes as it is truly dire. No wonder that the shares, 90p a year ago as sleazeball Lawson said the bears did not know what they were talking about, are just 28.5p and falling. And worse is to come for this POS as a 100% vindicated Ben Edelman will be having another go at on April 18 in Westminster.

UK Investor Show: New Speaker – Peter Hambro of Petropavlovsk head to head with TW

Published 719 days ago

I have given Peter Hambro and Petropavlovsk (POG) some almighty stick over the years and been proved right. Now Peter reckons it is time to hit back so he and I will debate on the main stage at UK Investor show in a quick fire 10 minute Vinnik vs Santos head to head.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Quindell bribes, Mosman & Kenmare bashing

Published 723 days ago

Happy Easter to you all. All except Rob Terry that is. In this podcast I end up discussing evidence I have of bribes at Quindell and what I shall be doing with it. I start with a demolition of both Mosman Oil & Gas and also the troughers at Kenmare Resources.

Fewer than 100 seats left (of 2000) for UK Investor on April 18 – book now

Published 724 days ago

News of new speakers at the UK Investor Show including legendary fund manager Mark Slater has seen a surge in demand for seats for the show of the year on April 18. There are now fewer than 100 of the 2000 seats left for grabs so if you want to attend book your seat now at

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - April 1

Published 725 days ago

I start with Aiden Earley and Worthington - Gotcha! It was NOT an April Fool, he really is speaking on "faith & money" at UK Investor Show on April 18. Then on to Quindell, Daniel Stewart, the criminal Rob Terry, Coms, Hunter Resources (sorry bad language in that section but the tools deserve it), Real Good Food, China Chaintek and the other Fujian frauds, Afren, The Innovation Group and then West African Minerals, Mwana, my good friend Jim Mellon and the issue of shareholder democracy.

Breaking: Aiden Earley of Worthington to speak at UK Investor on Faith & Money

Published 726 days ago

The news breaking this morning is that Aiden Earley of Worthington (WRN) is the latest speaker to be announced for UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster.  If you have not yet got your tickets you can do so HERE.  The talk will last for 40 minutes and Mr Earley will then take questions.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 March

Published 730 days ago

In today's podcast I urge you all to book your seats for UK Investor now as there are fewer than 100 of the 2000 tickets for the big day (April 18) still going. All tickets will be posted early next week. You can book HERE. In terms of companies I cover Quindell, Coms, Teathers Financial, Tower Resources, Gulfsands, JQW ( rapidly looking like my fave China Norfolk) and a POS called Messaging International.

Following a Slater surge UK Investor NOW 90% booked out – reserve your seat now!

Published 733 days ago

Following confirmation that superstar fund manager Mark Slater is to headline the 2015 UK Investor Show on April 18 more than 85% of the 2000 tickets have now been booked so to make sure you get a seat book HERE NOW!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 21 March

Published 736 days ago

In this podcast I look at the Gate Ventures farce and have some very very serious questions for its low-life Nomad Roland "fatty" Cornish about events last week and his warrant. I look at the fall out from the demise of Hume Capital and the questions that raises and then also talk about my chat with the FCA last week

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the Disgrace and Omnishambles that is Gulfsands Petroleum

Published 738 days ago

As a long term bear from more than 100p down I note with grim satisfaction that following its latest admissions Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) sees its shares at just 25p. I warned you. This is a tale of disgraceful boardroom antics as well as a cash crisis. I name the guilty men and have kind advice for both the new board and those investors who ignored me and listened to others and stayed on the shareholder list.

Odd One Out Result & the 9 villains for UK Investor Show explained

Published 739 days ago

Okay now we can put you out of your suspense. Let’s start with the nine villains  - let me explain. Thank you for all your suggestions, I can see that there is a ground swell of support for including Roland “Fatty” Cornish in the nine and who am I to object? The final 9 will be revealed on April 18 at UK Investor Show and you can see photos of them all at a special stand.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18th March

Published 739 days ago

A belated happy St Patrick's day and in this podcast I look at Synety - what a horrible POS - Wandisco, Hunter Resources, Imagination Technologies, Gate Ventures and LGO Energy

Nominate your NINE stockmarket villains or buffoons of the past 12 months – its for UK Investor Show

Published 740 days ago

All will be revealed in due course but this is going to raise money for Woodlarks, will be a lot of fun at UK Investor Show and I ask for your help. Simply nominate your top nine stockmarket knaves or buffoons of the past 12 months – all must be from different companies or organisations. For starters here is mine:

April 18, Westminster, The Investor show of the year 75% sold out – book your seats today!

Published 751 days ago

The final gold tickets went last week. There are now fewer than 500 of the 2000 £12 investor class seats left for the show of the year and at current rates they will be gone within weeks so book your seats TODAY for UK Investor Show 2015 and here are 5 reasons why – you can book HERE.

Reader Post of the Day – Blinkx

Published 759 days ago

We flagged up early yesterday that a change of auditor is always worth looking into especially when the firm is one link blinkx (BLNX) which has issued profits warnings, attacked its critics with lawyer’s letters and was spun out of Autonomy whose accounts have been questioned a tad. And thus hat tip to Tempress for pointing this out picking up a very perceptive post on ADVFN. Over to temptress

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 25 February

Published 760 days ago

Sorry for late filing, a combination of Greek telecoms and several calls on the dynamite story referred to in the podcast. Today I cover Coms, Quindell, Gulf Keystone, AO World, Ithaca, Driver and the dog Sareum.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - A very special double Greek Hovel Prize Edition

Published 761 days ago

I spent the morning starting fires at the Greek Hovel burning off some of the frigana I cut last summer. Photos of myself and George in action will be on later - but that brings me to a very good reason to attend the UK Investor Show - there are stacks of reasons - as I explian in the podcast. The show is now 75% sold out but you can book your tickets today HERE. Meanwhile I look at Quindell, the shoddy outfit that is Cenkos, Sefton Resources, New World Oil & Gas, Tungsten and Fitbug.

Tungsten ... it's a small world part II

Published 761 days ago

A principal reason why I have a bearish stance on Tungsten (TUNG) is down to the the forward curve for Bank of England (or for that matter that the FED or ECB) policy rate expectations.

Ashtead... United Rentals downgrades appear ominous

Published 767 days ago

Pursuant to a series of downgrades over recent months to United Rentals (URI US, market cap $8.7 billion), I shorted a little Ashtead (AHT) - with a market cap of £5.5 billion. After all, one would imagine that those closer to home know the score.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - No Valentine's day Love for the bad folks

Published 772 days ago

This podcast mentions stocks enpasant though natch there is a swipe or two at Fitbug and Quenron. A bit of bad language fear but I try to be calm as I cover two very important matters.

Exclusive: Nigel Wray (Britain’s Buffett) takes 8% stake in Guscio

Published 774 days ago

Two days ago AIM listed Guscio (GUSC) announced that it had raised £610,000 (before expenses for the crony capitalist broker and nomad) at 8p. The placing was only intended to raise £500,000 but done at just below the offer it was oversubscribed.

Tom Winnifrith: Will you support ShareProphets Investigative campaigns against AIM Fraud?

Published 775 days ago

Last week we learned that the Bulletin Board jihadists had lied to Etihad airlines in order to persuade it not to advertise on this website. It joins Tesco, Waitrose, Hargreaves Lansdown and John Lewis in caving in to the free speech deniers. Speakers at UK Investor Show have also been pressured into pulling out by those who do not support a free press. We will not back down but ask for your support.

Book Now for the UK’s top Investor show – 50 speakers, 110 companies – one day, April 18

Published 778 days ago

The UK Investor Show is the UK’s top investor show and takes place on April 18th in Westminster. To grab your ticket you can book now HERE. The keynote talks include:

The PLC Roll of Shame – Qui n’est ce pas Charlie

Published 780 days ago

First the Bulletin Board jihadists tried to silence myself and this website with death threats. That failed. Then they tried to get ADVFN to stop working in partnership with us. That failed. Then there was an attempt to put our restaurant out of business with bogus reviews. That failed. Then they tried to bully speakers to pull out of UK Investor Show. That failed. And so now the jihadists are trying to persuade companies to stop advertising with us. And some PLCs are caving.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

Published 787 days ago

I start on the matter of free speech and attempts by the Jihadists of the QPPSAG to deny that. We won a big victory over the morons yesterday. In that vein I urge those who enjoy Bearcasts and who support free speech to book their seats for UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster now HERE. In the podcast I cover Mosman Oil & Gas, Rambler Metals, Red Leopard, Beacon Hill Resources, Management Resources and then go in big time on Asian Citrus but more especially on Camkids - target price 0p.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 28 January

Published 788 days ago

I am in full flow today! I start with Kevin Ashton and why you should all buy a ticket for UK INvestor Show on April 18 NOW (HERE) and give thus guy a standing ovation. He is a total 100% hero. I then move onto Gowin New, and then to Mosman en passant (more detail HERE) and then to Bagir ( what i a "good" company, hint - not bagir, and why), Sopheon, TXO and Golden Saint Resources. There is a bit of a discussion about the lack of AIM Regulation and ZAI Corporate Finance.

49 Red Flags dedicated to Rob Terry of Quindell - order a FREE copy for immediate delivery

Published 789 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's new book, 49 Red Flags is dedicated to Mr Robert Simon Terry of that fine British Company Quindell (QPP) and it wa finally published on Sunday. It is a guide to how to avoid over-promoted and fraudulent companies on AIM and the LSE. Order today for immediate delivery of a FREE copy.

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 27 January

Published 790 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Afren and the next Afren (Igas) and also at Tern and a zillion reasons to sell its shares. I have some pressing questions for Nyota Minerals and look at Quindell and comment on the great news about Kevin Ashton and the UK Investor Show. And I chat about Ocean Wilsons, Mark Slater and the perils of small cap investing.

BREAKING: New UK Investor speaker announced: Kevin Ashton of Quindell fame

Published 790 days ago

Kevin Ashton was the analyst at Canaccord tasked with covering Quindell. When he handed in a note refusing to say buy or set a price target Rob Terry told Canaccord it would be fired as joint broker if it published it. So Ashston was fired. He is a feared analyst with a forensic mind and great integrity and he will now be speaking at the UK Investor show on April 18.

Hey Roger Lawson: Mr blinkx “expert” how are your shares doing?

Published 805 days ago

I have not picked a fight with anyone for a week or so but as its my Birthday tomorrow I thought I’d treat myself and have a go at Roger Lawson the pompous shit from the ShareSoc as he has written a piece today that is mean spirited in omission if not content. Journalists like fights and I have been goaded.

49 Red Flags – how to avoid investing in shares that will plunge by Tom Winnifrith - pre-order FREE copy for weekend delivery now!

Published 807 days ago

ShareProphets Press' first book of 2015 is by Tom Winnifrith, The Man who exposed the fraud at Quindell. In it, Winnifrith demonstrates the forensic accounting techniques that he uses to expose the secrets that companies are trying to hide. No investor should be without it. The first 100 people to receive the book will be offered a free ticket to the 2015 UK Investor Show on April 18. Don't delay - this will go fast.

A Diary date for blinkx and its Bully Boy lawyers – April 18 2015

Published 810 days ago

Oh coooeeee! blinkx (BLNX) and your bully boy lawyers – make sure you have pencilled in April 18 into your diary because Ben is coming back and he has more to say. Oh yes… it is time for round 2 with the Web Sheriff and we all know who won last time don’t we?

Tom Winnifrith, talking Death Threats, Red Flags, Forensic Accounting, Quindell & More at UK Investor on April 18

Published 845 days ago

Quindell is unravelling at a rate of knots. Once the biggest stock on AIM probably will not exist by the time of UK Investor on April 18 2015. And the man who exposed the lies and fraud was Tom Winnifrith. For his efforts he received bullying lawyers letters from Quindell and death threats from its shareholders. And that has spurred a special new session at UK Investor 2015.

IGas piggy Andrew Austin at the trough and worse, far worse

Published 848 days ago

It is hat-tip time once again to Jason. He’s understandably a bit miffed  - he feels that Dart Shareholders were not given full disclosure of the true picture with IGas (IGAS) ahead of the recommended takeover of Dart in relation to the shareholding of IGas CEO Andrew Austin. He thought that Mr Austin actually HELD almost 11m shares in the company offering its own paper to buy Dart, but it seems that in fact he held fewer than 3,500,000 shares, with the rest in the form of an option. I would feel the same in his shoes. And so I thought it time to get to the truth about Mr Austin’s director interests and director holdings.

Attending the Albion VCT Seminar Series Part One

Published 858 days ago

On Monday 10th November I attended the Albion Venture Capital Trust seminar in Harrogate.  I also attended last year but I do not know that much about Venture Capital trusts. I’m set to inherit shares in one eventually though so I have to learn about them at some point. I also thought that it could give some insight into the competition some of my other shares will face. For example, Albion is quite into renewable energy, and both Centrica (CNA) and SSE (SSE) produce this. 

Hear Tom Winnifrith on Quindell in a Red Flags MasterClass at UK Investor Show

Published 858 days ago

In light of recent events we have scheduled in a new session at the UK Investor Show on April 18 2015 – Tom Winnifrith, Quindell, being the Sheriff & a Red Flags Master Class and Tom will be joined on stage by a celebrity guest. More on that later but if you book seats for the show now using the promotional code SP25 you can get a discount of 25% - this offer ends on December 1st – book HERE

Its Time to book in for UK Investor Show on 18th April 2015 – 25% discount offer

Published 886 days ago

As the leaves start to turn brown you may not be thinking about next April but we are as we plan the biggest and best UK Investor Show ever. The speaker line-up gets more impressive by the day and already 90 of the 110 Growth companies attending have booked in – and I am delighted that there are a raft of new PLCs attending, and almost as delighted that some of those who attend every show are NOT attending!

Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

Published 953 days ago

Jim Slater, father of UK Investor Show speaker Mark, is the controversial fellow who created the PEG (Price Earnings Growth) method of investment analysis. Using PEG analysis e has today served up two AIM listed stocks he reckons as buys in today’s Daily Telegraph. One of the, as it happens, is a stock Steve Moore and I have tipped on our Nifty Fifty website.

Regency Mines and Andrew Bell on video - make your own mind up

Published 960 days ago

Andrew Bell of Regency Mines (RGM) is clearly a bit of an AIM Marmite figue. Are his critics right? Since this video Regency has got itself involved in Horse Hill where we might just see spudding next week. Anyhow listen to Bell speaking at the UK Investor Show and judge for yourself

Lombard Risk Management - I think the shares are cheap: watch the video and decide for yourself

Published 965 days ago

I think that at 13p shares in Lombard Risk Management (LRM) are cheap. 20p seems fair to me. Bt do you agree? Watch CEO John Wisbey in video action from the UK Investor show and decide for yourself.

AfriaAg - a cute Africa play or just another David Lenigas promote: watch the video and you decide

Published 966 days ago

Is Afriag (AFRI) the cute way to get investment exposure to Africa? Or do you want any exposure to that continent at all? Is it just another David Lenigas shares promote? Watch a video of the .man himself explaining the investment case at the UK Investor Show and you decide.

Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources - is he delivering: watch the video and decide

Published 967 days ago

Along with David Lenigas, Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) is one of the true marmite characters of AIM. In a sector that has been a nightmare for three years Red Rock has survived but is he delivering for shareholders?  And can he deliver more? Watch this video from UK Investor Show and decide for yourself. 

Ariana – Already up on our 0.85p tip at 1.13p after one month – watch this and understand the real upside

Published 968 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) was our ShareProphets share tip of the week at a 0.85p offer on 29th June - HERE. Today the shares are at 1.05-1.20 – not bad for a month. As we predicted it would the company now has full, non-dilutive, funding for its Red Rabbit gold project in Turkey – that was announced yesterday. To understand how far this share will go watch this video of CEO Kerim Sener in action at the UK Investor Show.

Forbidden Technologies - is the valuation justified? Check out the Video

Published 969 days ago

Our friend Paul Scott is uncinvinced that AIM listed Forbidden Technologies (FBT) can justify its valuation. But some well known tech heads disagree. And CEO Stephen Streater has a cracking track record in tech. Jusge for yourself by watching this video of Mr Streater presenting at the UK INvestor Show.

Fastnet Oil & Gas - a bumpy ride but is the story good? Watch the video and decide for yourself

Published 970 days ago

It has been a bumpy ride over the past few months for Fastnet (FAST) but its CEO Cathal Friel is an impressive chap and with oil stocks back in vogue is he worth backing? Watch this video from the UK Investor show and decide for yourself.

Sound Oil: All Bulletin Board froth or a very cheap share: video presentation judge for yourself

Published 971 days ago

The Bulletin Boards are frothing, AIM listed Sound Oil (SOU) seems to be the latest private investor darling. But is it all froth or is the shares really very cheap? Judge for yourself by waching this video of  Luca Madeddu presenting at the UK Investor Show

David Lenigas Company Rare Earth Minerals - raging buy or stonking sell - watch THIS video and you decide

Published 972 days ago

Rare Earth Minerals (REM) is another David Lenigas company which divides opinion. Some think that its shares are a stonking sell - see HERE - while others think they offer real value - see HERE Why not watch its CEO Kiran Morzaria in video action at the UK Investor Show and decide for yourself...

A Good Guy from the Oil Sector - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra in video action

Published 973 days ago

Following my revelations HERE earlier about US Oil & Gas (USOP) you might want to run a mile from this sector. But there are some CEOs who I judge to be good honest folk and among them is Matt Lofgran of AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)

Westminster Group Video - cheap as chips or another AIM loser - you decide

Published 974 days ago

Westminster Group (WSG) seems to divide opinion. There are some folk who think it is yet another loss making jam tomorrow AIM stock. Others (see HERE) love it and think the shares are cheap as chips. To help you decide here are the CEO and FD Peter Fowler and Ian Selby ( a good libertarian) in video action at the UK Investor Show.

David Lenigas in video action explaining why UK Oil & Gas is so exciting

Published 976 days ago

The deal of the day for today was undoubtedly the purchase by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) of the UK assets of cash desparate Northern Petroleum (NOP). The man behind that deal was David Lenigas.

Victoria Oil & Gas Kevin Foo video - understanding why Evil Knievil is buying greedily

Published 977 days ago

Famed bear raider Evil Knievil has been greedily buying more shares in AIM listed Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) in recent days. Greed and Evil are two words that are often found together. To understand why Evil is buying have a look at this video of CEO Kevin Foo presenting at the UK Investor show a couple of months ago.

25 UK Investor Show Tickets – 40% Discount Offer

Published 979 days ago

We have 25 tickets for the UK’s top one day investor show on offer at a 40% discount  for ShareProphets readers – that is either gold (normally £60) or investor class (normally £12) tickets. The show is of course UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18 in Westminster. And you need to book TODAY.

Watch Fortune Mojapelo of Bushveld Minerals in video action

Published 979 days ago

James Parter has tipped shares in Bushveld Minerals (BMN) to gain 150% today HERE so what is all the excitement about? To get a clie watch its CEO Fortune Mojapelo in video action.

Ref Avanti Communications, Globo, Quindell, blinkx etc LISTEN to Vin Murria in this video

Published 982 days ago

And so Avanti Communications (AVN) has served up a duff trading statement as we warned you 9 days ago in our top 10 stocks to short feature HERE.  Which tech dud will be next? Globo (GBO), Quindell (QPP) - ref Himex or perhaps blinkx (BLNX)? Again! To understand how to make money from tech stocks listen to the maestros in the video below from UK Investor Show, notably Vin Murria, the Queen of tech who is on top (outspoken) form.

Valuing Mining stocks Explained by An Expert - Amanda van Dyke: Yes Ref REM

Published 983 days ago

Gosh I am bored of the Rare Earth Minerals (REM) valuation debate. How about you listen to a real expert on mining stocks explain how to value them and make up your own mind. Here is Amanda Van Dyke at the UK Investor Show 2014. She is not just a pretty face she knows her stuff.

Stephen Grimmer of Paragon Diamonds in video action...we sense things are about to hot up

Published 987 days ago

From the 2014 UK Investor Show a video featuring a presentation by Stephen Grimmer of Paragon Diamonds (PRG) where we sense that theaction is about to hot up...

Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Tom Winnifrith – the top 10 stocks in London to short for summer

Published 991 days ago

Anyone who was at UK Investor 2014 knows that the Bears session (HERE) saw some great calls. And so ahead of a long sweaty summer I asked Evil Knievil, Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer) and Lucian Miers for their top 5 shorts of the summer and for good measure I add in my own. Between us we have thus compiled the top ten stocks to short in London!

Small Cap Oil & Gas CEOS: Lenigas, Lofgran, Friel, Foo and Rankine in Video Action

Published 992 days ago

Now that small cap oil stocks are back in fashion if you are searching for a few ideas of where to put your money have a butchers at this video of FIVE CEOs from AIM enjoying a friendly banter about what is hot and what is not in the sector and what will be hot. This was recorded just three months ago at the UK INvestor Show and it is amazing how many good calls were made then The CEO stars are Matt Lofgran (Nostra Terra), David Lenigas (Leni Oil & Gas), Kevin Foo (Victoria Oil & Gas), Paul Rankine (Tomco) and Cathal Friel (Fastnet)

Deadline for Early Bird 2015 UK Investor Tickets extended until midnight TONIGHT (Friday)

Published 996 days ago

2014 UK Investor Attendees have this week received their copy of the disc with my interview with Mark Slater – he could not make the 2014 show but will be there in 2015. Because of the delays in getting that mailing out, for which we apologise, we have extended the deadline for booking early bird (50% off) tickets to the 2015 UK Investor Show until midnight TODAY (Friday). You can book your cheap seats HERE.

Nigel Wray, Chris Bailey, Paul Kavanagh and Ed Croft – value investing 2014 on video

Published 997 days ago

Britain’s Buffett, Nigel Wray led the value investing session at UK Investor 2014 and what an educational and sparky session it was as you can see in the video below. Wray was as humble as ever but Britain’s Buffett did not pick up that nickname by chance.

That Ben Edelman Video from April Again – why no sane person would have held blinkx

Published 998 days ago

We faced down the bully boy lawyers from blinkx (BLNX) & threats from Bulletin Board Morons to bring you Ben Edelman at UK Investor 2014. At the time the blinkx fan club (step forward Citi– Buy target price 175p, have you guys adjusted that yet?) Bryce Eldercock at the FT, dimwit Harriet Denys at The Telegraph and pompous arse and blinkx shareholder Roger Lawson of ShareSoc dismissed Ben as saying nothing. You guys all so sure now? 

The Sherrif of AIM and Deputy Sheriff respond to Angus Forrest of Tern and call for the noose

Published 999 days ago

We are pleased that Angus Forrest has given his side of the story with regard to what went on at DLM in 2012 - HERE. Whilst we believe his explanations fall short of satisfactory, at least he has taken the time and trouble to respond to some of the questions raised but we still call for the noose. Answering his points in turn…

Vin Murria leads the tech stars on video – watch her sparkle!

Published 1000 days ago

Vin Murria of Advanced Computer Software (ASW) is rightly regarded as the Queen of UK Tech and headed up the all star panel in our tech session at UK Investor 2014. Listen to her sage words before you consider investing in the next loss making, high flying, tech IPO. She is on blistering form in this video.

Watch Evil Knievil, Matt Earl and Lucian Miers on video at the UK Investor Show 2014 – how right they were

Published 1001 days ago

You may not like short sellers but the bear raider panel at the UK Investor Show 2014 called things right on a range of stocks from blinkx (BLNX), to Globo (GBO), to Quindell (QPP) as you can see in the video below. Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers and Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer) have all promised to return for another main stage masterclass at UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18.

LAST CHANCE - Cheap tickets to the UK’s leading one day investor show, UK Investor – offer ends TONIGHT

Published 1001 days ago

Tickets for UK Investor Show 2015 on April 18 normally cost £12 but if you book before midnight tonight it is just £6.  A Golden Ticket giving access to the after show party with speakers and CEOs is £30 before midnight – RRP is £60. You can book HERE.

Mining Guru & City Goddess Amanda Van Dyke in Video Action – Less than 72 hours to get cheap tickets to see her in 2015

Published 1003 days ago

Mining guru Amanda Van Dyke is one of the 35 BIG name speakers already signed up for the 2015 UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster – if you have forgotten her 2014 tour de force appearance it can be found below. Among the other 50 investment superstars speaking are Ed Croft of Stockopedia, Nigel Wray, Vin Murria, Mark Slater, Ben Edelman, Tom Winnifrith, Brokerman Dan, Matt Earl, Lucian Miers, Evil Knievil and Dominic Frisby. Buy your ticket before midnight on Monday and you can do so at a 50% discount.

Ed Croft of Stockopedia to headline at UK Investor 2015 - watch his 2014 video

Published 1004 days ago

Ed Croft of Stockopedia is the latest big name to sign up to speak at the UK's leading one day investor show, UK Investor. Ed will be doing a main stage presentation with a top chartist on fundamentals versus technicals, looking at the wider debate plus analysing key stock picks of Nigel Wray and Mark Slater plus some audience suggestions. Ed will also be doing a solo lunchtime session in a 250 seater breakout room. Remember the 50% off early bird ticket offer ends at Midnight on Monday 30th June. Do you remember Ed's star turn from 2014?

blinkx – I disagree with Gary as it is a sell & my top three stocks to short on AIM

Published 1005 days ago

Yesterday my colleague Gary Newman argued HERE that at 66p shares in blinkx (BLNX) were a buy. I respect Gary but disagree with him, this company is not worth £264 million. The shares remain a sell.

Just 26 Days to Act… Mark Slater and UK Investor Show 2015

Published 1026 days ago

For once I am looking reasonably smart as I head up to London to meet with Mark Slater later this week and record a detailed video interview based on the presentation he prepared for, but was unable to deliver at the UK Investor Show 2014. That video will be put onto discs and mailed out to all those with tickets for the 2014 UK Investor Show on April 5.

Adam Reynolds, the Company Rescuer, Speaker No. 28 at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 1037 days ago

Following the mammoth success of UK Investor Show 2014 we are moving into overdrive for the 2015 show on April 18 and one new feature will be a series of 14 one hour masterclasses with an audience limited to 80 – we are taking on an additional floor in Westminster.

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil and Gas

Published 1066 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Kevin Foo  of Victoria Oil and Gas (VOG)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Peter Fowler & Ian Selby of Westminster Group

Published 1068 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Peter Fowler / Ian Selby of Westminster Group (WSG)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra

Published 1068 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Matt Lofgran of Nosta Terra (NTOG)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Tech Investing with Murria, Streater, Hanke & Wisbey

Published 1068 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Stephen Streater, Marcus Hanke, John Wisbey, and Vin Murria

UK Investor Show 2014 video - John Wisbey of Lombard Risk

Published 1069 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by John Wisbey of Lombard Risk (LRM)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Andrew Bell of Regency Mines

Published 1069 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Andrew Bell of Regency Mines (RGM)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources

Published 1070 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR)


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Stephen Streater of Forbidden Technologies

Published 1071 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Stephen Streater of Forbidden Technologies (FBT)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Cathal Friel of Fastnet

Published 1072 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Cathal Friel of Fastnet (FAST)

UK Investor Show 2014 video of Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources

Published 1072 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Kerim Sener of gold company Ariana Resources (AAU)

UK Investor Show 2014 video- David Lenigas of UK Oil & Gas

Published 1074 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by David Lenigas of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG)

UK Investor Show 2014 video- Ed Croft of Stockopedia

Published 1074 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation featuring Ed Croft of Stockopedia

UK Investor Show 2014 video - David Lenigas of AfriAg

Published 1074 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by David Lenigas of Afriag (AFRI).

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Gold gurus Frisby, Van Dyke, Poulden et al session

Published 1074 days ago

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation featuring Dominic Frisby, Amanda van Dyke, Richard Polden, Matt Sutcliffe, Andrew Bell and John McGloin

Nigel Wray & Ed Croft keynote speakers on Value Investing - UK Investor Show video 2014

Published 1074 days ago

Direct from the main stage at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, featuring Nigel Wray, Ed Croft, Chris Bailey, and Paul Kavanagh - the topic is value investing man vs machine

Buy Entertainment One at 184p

Published 1428 days ago

I tipped this stock at 175p to buy the other day on my Nifty Fifty premium web site but now at 184p in the middle it is still cheap – target price at least 250p.

The Traders Forum at the UK Investor Show

Published 1430 days ago

Clem Chambers, Zak Mir, Evil Knievil, and John Piper in discussion with Tom Winnifrith at the UK Investor Show

Dominic Frisby on gold at the UK Investor Show 2013

Published 1434 days ago

Dominic Frisby owns gold. He is a gold guru and he is also a professional comedian. You need something to laugh about if you have been long of gold in the past two weeks.

Mark Slater – His UK Investor Show 2013 Slides in Full

Published 1434 days ago

Mark Slater was a keynote speaker at UK Investor Show 2013 and is noted for two things: one preparing incredibly detailed slides to accompany his presentation. And two...

Mark Slater at the UK Investor Show 2013 - The Video

Published 1435 days ago

Mark Slater on the markets, the stocks he'd pick, and a dirty joke.

Buy Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at 0.51p

Published 1440 days ago

I moseyed down to the UK Investor show at the weekend sneaking around "incognito." A jolly good time I had. My first port of call was of course Leyshon Resources (LRL) who promptly disappeared out of sight leaving its stand unattended for the next 20 minutes or so. I gave up & headed over to the Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) stand where believe it or not CEO Matt Lofgran was being told by the Lothbury PR Guy, Gary Middleton,  “Not to leave the stand unattended"

Short Term Sell ASOS: Reversal Pattern Based At 3,100p

Published 1441 days ago

It was a strange Traders’ Session at the UK Investor Show, and not only because I was seated next to Evil Knievil on stage. Apart from a gravitational attraction – the great bear is approximately twice my weight, I was rather pulled into the idea of online retailer ASOS (ASC) being a possible sell.

Lunch with Paul Atherley of Leyshon Resources

Published 1442 days ago

I know that it is Sunday but no day of rest for me. Well, sort of rest. I like cooking and so opened up the kitchens at Real Man Pizza to cook lunch for Paul Atherley and Lily Cong of China gas play Leyshon Resources.


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