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26 July 2017, 08:07 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Watchstone shares plunge to just 97p (bad news for Evil) - but should you bottom fish? No!

Oh dear. Poor old Evil Knievil who has been a perma bull of Watchstone (WTG), the former Quenron (QPP), loftily dismissing claims by Slater & Gordon for £637 million and my analysis as not worth the paper they were writen on. Oh how bullish was the great man, at 141p, just a few weeks ago as he posted his bon mots on a Bulletin Board. The shares have duly plunged to just 97.5p so costing EK and his fellow BB Morons a good packet. Poor Evil. Poor BB Morons.

26 July 2017, 08:05 | By Steve Moore |

Time Out Group – argues “well positioned”, so why are the shares muted?

Time Out (TMO) has updated on the first half of 2017, arguing “we are well positioned to drive further growth, transactional traffic and monetisation of our unique content”. The shares though, at 138p, remain below the 150p June of last year AIM listing price…

26 July 2017, 08:03 | By Malcolm Stacey |

You Might Not Want This Share Suggestion Returned to Sender

Hello Share Shedders. When I invested in Royal Mail (RMG) on the golden day it went public, I made an instant paper profit. I sold the shares soon afterwards at an even bigger gain. However, others in my family, hung onto their shares. And since July 2016 there has been a slough of despond.

25 July 2017, 15:40 | By Steve Moore |

Augean – the time for a routine half-year trading update? Er…

With a calendar financial year and no updates on trading since 21st March-announced results for 2016, a “Trading Update” announcement from waste management company Augean (AUG) seems routine. However, the shares are currently circa 14% lower, at below 55p…

25 July 2017, 15:06 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Glenwick - the whole farce unravels so let the recriminations begin....

Oh dear, this really is a clusterfuck even by the lowly standards of the AIM Casino. You will remember that AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK), linked via Peterhouse Corporate Finance and Amanda Van Dyke to fellow AIM dog Paternoster Resources (PRS) in a related party snakefest, has had its shares suspended an RTO but there have been a few problemos. Oh dear. Oh dear.

25 July 2017, 14:20 | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

F40 Origo – disposals: how’s the NAV doing?

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo (OPP) has announced a couple of disposals. With the share price still languishing on a 2-2.25p spread, compared to the last quoted NAV in the FY16 accounts of 13c (US) – call that 10p per share. After a series of scandals over massive payments to the fund manager what now for the company with scheduled redeemable/convertible prefs after the dispute with Brooks MacDonald was finally resolved?

25 July 2017, 13:33 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

i3 Energy - a $50m fund raise becomes zero fund raise and £14m market cap (oops make that £11m) - disastrous IPO

It was only a couple of months ago, on May 10 - 6 months behind schedule - when wannabee North Sea oil developer i3 Energy (I3E) announced it was to raise up to $50 million as it joined AIM. Since then, as we have noted before, there have been numerous false starts and it was obvious to all concerned - bar Amanda Van Dyke's related party snakefest Glenwick (GWIK) - that the fundraise was in deep merde. Oh yes. Party on bear dudes. This IPO has bombed and the business model is mega-fucked.

25 July 2017, 12:33 | By Steve Moore |

Goals Soccer Centres – trading update warns, but a joint venture “transformational”?

“Trading Update” announcement from Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) includes a “full year outturn being around £0.8m less than expected”, but the shares are currently slightly higher above 100p with there also a “Joint Venture” announcement…

25 July 2017, 11:37 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Take that you bastards No 1 - Disgraced Roger "Ramper" Lawson of ShareSoc - see you in Court bitchez!

Disgraced share ramper Roger Lawson of Globo, blinkx, Monitise and ShareSoc (until he "was resigned") infamy, threatened me, Tom Winnifrith, two weeks ago with a libel action and also a claim for harassment demanding damages, an apology dictated by the ramper, the withdrawal of ALL articles about his nefarious deeds and an agreement never to expose him again. You can see his attempt to gag a free press covering matters of public interest HERE. I am responding in two parts. First up is the harassment claim...

25 July 2017, 09:50 | By Steve Moore |

Earthport – “not cash flow breakeven in FY 2017”, so it's next year then? Er…

Having declined from more than 45p in September 2015 to sub 13p less than a year ago, shares in Earthport (EPO) approached 30p earlier this year – before declining again in recent months. We now have a “Full Year Trading Statement”

25 July 2017, 08:56 | By Cynical Bear |

Totally: Um, anything you want to tell us about your CFO?

It must be exciting times at NHS supplier Totally (TLY) at the moment with the buy-and-build strategy taking shape and an RTO in progress and a busy time, particularly for the CFO, Don Baladasan, who also has the interims to prepare but, er, has he just left to join CentralNic (CNIC)?

25 July 2017, 08:17 | By Malcolm Stacey |

Why I Disregarded Tom's and Steve's Advice On Zytronic

Hello, Share Mashers. It is not often that my good self and my more intelligent colleagues Uncle Tom and Steve Moore commend the same share. There are, after all, zillions of choices to be made in the markets. But we did agree on Zytronic (ZYT), the successful niche company that specialises in the very fashionable area of touch sensors.

24 July 2017, 14:17 | By Steve Moore |

Proxama – claims now “well positioned”… but has to scramble around to reach even minimum requirement of fundraising

Last writing on Proxama (PROX) I noted new agreement announcements now being seen through – and the shares are currently lower today on the back of “Result of Open Offer” and General Meeting updates…

24 July 2017, 13:12 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Is the City of London Corporation bent and why won't the press investigate?

The City of London Corporation is unlike any other local authority. It is democratic in the loosest sense of the word. It is hugely rich and very powerful and, as such,  it is rare that anyone in the Square Mile is stupid enough to stick his or her head above the parapet and ask what is going on. But today Andrew Monk of VSA Resources aks for trouble and writes...

24 July 2017, 11:50 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Sefton Resources - shares in issue balloon but what is the cash position?

On 23rd October 2015 as the old board of Sefton Resources (SER) handed over power to Clem Chambers, Mike Hodges as directors and Daniel Levi as a consultant it stated that the cash position was $504,300. The new board claimed that it was in fact materially lower. What is it now? That is unclear but what we do know is that the number of shares in issue has rocketed from 4,796,618,397 to 8,949,299,416 as that was announced at the weekend.

24 July 2017, 11:45 | By David Scott |

Buckle up for the turbulence ahead. My most important note ever

The reset is now seven days closer than it was last week. There are times when normality moves out of reach and I believe we are rapidly approaching such a time. I have lived through a number of recessions and bear markets and they don’t come out of nowhere; there are always warning signs. Many investors may choose to ignore those signs; I choose not to. I hope you make the same choice.

24 July 2017, 11:20 | By Lucian Miers |

Sell the Carillion HS2 rally at 63p

The accepted market wisdom that one should never be a bear in company throws up a lot of exceptions. Carillion (CLLN), for some time now top of the leaderboard of the most shorted shares on the LSE, is a good example.

24 July 2017, 11:20 | By Steve Moore |

Biome Technologies – trading update uses bullshit earnings, but becoming more interesting?

Shares in Biome Technologies (BIOM) are currently approaching 12% higher, heading towards 200p, on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement...

24 July 2017, 10:55 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Well done Brokerman Dan - Sefton nails disgraced Jimmyliar Ellerton in Court again

Of course Brokerman Dan (Dan Levi) is not perfect. He publishes outright lies about me on a regular basis but credit where credit is due, he has nailed Jimmyliar Ellerton, the disgraced boss of Sefton Resources (SER) in court again.

24 July 2017, 10:32 | By Tom Winnifrith |

EasyJet 2 big takeaways and one is SELL

Before he became a resource guru, Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was a transport analyst for many years. As such his comments today about Easyjet (EZJ). The point about executive greed, oops I meant incentivisation, is a very valid general one. The other point is ...SELL. Over to the Monkey who writes...  

21 August 2017, 10:05 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith: Sign up now for new free share tip service

Following complaints from shamed share ramper Roger Lawson, ADVFN has insisted on a raft of new editorial controls on I did not re-start my life five years ago to be told what I could or could not write. I said no and ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has just said that the website will be shut down. So...our hand is forced ... Welcome to - we hope you join NOW HERE.

20 August 2017, 18:24 | By Pizza Hardman & Hackney Marxist Darren Atwater |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by some scooter courier shop in Vietnam, #1 distributer for Telit

As seen here, Telit's (TCM) distributers are a, um, diverse lot, including a distributer in Vietnam that appears to be a scooter courier firm. Which is nice, and thank you for sponsoring this week's Bulletin Board Moron search.

14 August 2017, 11:30 | By Steve Moore |

LightwaveRF – another ramptastic Apple-linked announcement. Discounted placing ahoy?

LightwaveRF (LWRF) has announced what CEO Andrew Pearson emphasises as “a further exciting development” in that its “next generation Apple HomeKit certified product range, for controlling smart devices with iOS apps and Siri voice commands, will be released on 3 October 2017… will be on sale in Apple retail stores in the UK and the UAE, online via and at other selected retail outlets”. Ramptastic!...

15 August 2017, 08:14 | By Malcolm Stacey |

As the Greggs Bandwagon Rolls on, You Might Care to Bite into the Shares

Hello, Share Takers. I’m not a great fan of Greggs (GRG) the baker. I rather disapprove of the sugary confections you see in its shop windows. This may be because of my dodgy teeth. But they do a very wholesome seeded loaf which is a mainstay of this family’s kitchen.

14 August 2017, 14:28 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the Great British house price crash of 2017 - its now underway

Okay I have called the top before but the house price crash is underway. I explain why and it involves cutting off the supply of dodgy foreign buyers in London, changes in Buy to Let Tax and new costs for landlords, it involves external shocks and an over-borrowed British consumer. It is already underway and this crash will be brutal. I look at what to invest in and what to short. I do a short section on Purplebricks (PURP) which is one of THE top stocks to short in the UK.

14 August 2017, 14:24 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Egdon a buy at 9.25p - worth 35.5p claims house broker VSA after operational update

I have no axe to grind here and the caveat is that the house broker is paid by the client to write research so it is not impartial. But the upside predicted here for Egdon Resources (EDR) seems enormous and VSA is more honest than most brokers (okay there is a low bar in that contest) and as a lower risk play on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) ramping this may be of interest. Today's note reads:

14 August 2017, 14:25 | By Steve Moore |

DCD Media – delighted to announce a contract win... but what about the financials?

DCD Media (DCD) is “delighted to announce” a contract win with American female network WE tv. The stockmarket reaction isn’t delighted…

15 August 2017, 08:22 | By Steve Moore |

DX Group – “strong strategic logic” & “opportunity to deliver significant value” reverse takeover discussions… terminated

Having on 31st March announced “strong strategic logic for all stakeholders” and “opportunity to deliver significant value” DX Group (DX.) reverse takeover discussions for John Menzies' Distribution division – and on 5th June “agreed revised terms”, there are now “Termination of Discussions” announcements…

15 August 2017, 08:23 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Meet the Fund Manager buying into Telit - also Rob Terry's biggest fan at Quindell

Relief for Telit (TCM) bulls came at 4.05 PM Monday with news that Davide Serra had bought 1.6 million shares in Telit last week taking his holding from sub 3 to 4%. He only submitted his TR1 after the weekend but paying 160p-180p AFTER we exposed the, then, CEO Oozi cats as the Boston fraudster he clearly knew better than we did. But where did that name Davide Sella ring a bell?

15 August 2017, 08:23 | By Gary Newman |

Ferrum Crescent - still burning through cash and achieving little of note!

With any AIM listed natural resources company it is always interesting to look at where the company is at this point in time when compared to the accumulated losses of the business since it started.

15 August 2017, 08:23 | By Steve Moore |

Tracsis – “considerably stronger” second half & “well positioned” trading update, so why are the shares unmoved?

Rail and traffic-focused technology and services company Tracsis (TRCS) has updated on a second half of its financial year ended 31st July 2017 “considerably stronger than the first half” and that “initiatives, our continued diversification, a good pipeline of M&A prospects, and anticipated industry momentum leaves the group well positioned as we enter the new financial year”. The shares have though currently responded unchanged at 440p. Hmmm…

15 August 2017, 08:24 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Telit: US Court Papers published on NED Ram Zeevi - a man who reckons Telit is clean.

We have already seen that a former Telit (TCM) chairman got sent to the slammer in Israel for fraud. Yesterday it was admitted that - as we revealed a week earlier - the founder, CEO and largest shareholder Oozi cats was also a fraudster and when IPO'ing Telit a fugutive from US justice. But despite compelling evidence from us HERE the rest of the board say Telit is not a fraud. And the folks at the bicycle repair store HERE which it claims to be its Vietnamese distributor agree. So the rest of the board, all appointed by Oozi are squeaky clean right? Er...

15 August 2017, 08:22 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Andalas Energy you are scum - a day of shame for AIM from this worthless crap

Andalas Energy (ADL) and its loathsome boss Dave "the rule breaker" Whitby represent all is worst about the AIM Casino. The company is worthless and its sole achievement has been an industrial scale transfer of wealth from the many to the few. Even by its own tawdry standards yesterday was a low point and it is a matter that I shall now be asking the authoriies to investigate as, blatant, market abuse. But first we must rewind to August 8.

15 August 2017, 10:39 | By Cynical Bear |

Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations: Details finally come out of the Schoold merger horror show – shareholders look away now!

After months of promises and delays, Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations (FFWD) finally provided further details of the potential merger of investee company Schoold with Lingo Media this morning. I can see why it was reticent about making the announcement as it doesn’t make pretty reading.

15 August 2017, 11:20 | By Steve Moore |

CAP-XX – “First high-volume order for Thinline”. Sounds exciting, but is it?

Having reached above 12p in February before falling back, including post a trading update in June, shares in CAP-XX (CPX) have currently returned to those prior highs on the back of a “First high-volume order for Thinline” announcement. Why “high-volume” though rather than an actual number? Ramptastic?...

15 August 2017, 13:14 | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Nyota – last chance to get out

Anyone still holding shares in Nyota Minerals (NYO) is staring down the barrel as suspension looms at the close of trading tomorrow, in the absence of the appointment of a new Nomad and Broker.

15 August 2017, 14:00 | By Steve Moore |

Oooo Err MRS – “Trading Update” from Management Resource Solutions at 08:19. Uh oh…

Previously described as an A-grade howler HERE, there is now a strange-time “Trading Update” announcement from Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Strangely timed such announcements are very seldom good news and, combined with the track record here, I’m guessing there’s only one scenario…

21 August 2017, 10:58 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith: Sign up now for new free share tip service

Following complaints from shamed share ramper Roger Lawson, ADVFN has insisted on a raft of new editorial controls on I did not re-start my life five years ago to be told what I could or could not write. I said no and ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has just said that the website will be shut down. So...our hand is forced ... Welcome to - we hope you join NOW HERE.

20 August 2017, 18:24 | By Pizza Hardman & Hackney Marxist Darren Atwater |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by some scooter courier shop in Vietnam, #1 distributer for Telit

As seen here, Telit's (TCM) distributers are a, um, diverse lot, including a distributer in Vietnam that appears to be a scooter courier firm. Which is nice, and thank you for sponsoring this week's Bulletin Board Moron search.

20 August 2017, 18:13 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Naked women on Twitter, China and the UK property crash and how you can buy the next ASOS

The bit about naked women explains itself but is of course a cue to link to the photo articles on Quindell's & Cloudtag's daftest shareholders, semi naked sisters Kate & Hayley. China and the UK property crash elaborates on the points I made in the property crash bearcast HERE. And then we turn to the question of can you find a thousand bagger, the new ASOS (ASC) . I ask this because of Malcolm's words on IQE (IQE) HERE and because I am just about to make a large new investment - could it be the next ASOS? It won't be but I explain why that does not mean I am not excited.

20 August 2017, 16:53 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

New revelations: Yosi Fait, Telit's new CEO & friend of the "IDF warrior" must go too

Today's Sunday Times carries new shocking revelations about the shocking lack of corporate governance at AIM fraud du jour Telit (TCM) - surely now the former FD, now CEO Yosi Fait must follow his predecessor the Boston fraudster Oozi Cats/Uzi Katz and be resigned at once

20 August 2017, 14:16 | By HotStockRockets |

Falanx share price decline - not warranted: BUY and watch this space (soon)

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have slipped and slipped most of the summer. The reality is - as we noted with Optibiotix (OPTI) the other day  - that sensible folks are sitting on beaches and this means that there is a bit of an absence of buyers. Well let us clarify there is certainly an absence of buyers for small cap stocks where there has been no news and Falanx fits that bill.

20 August 2017, 17:18 | By Evil Banksta |

EVR Holdings: Zero Market Presence, no play of Coldplay - sell

Thursday night’s Coldplay concert in Chicago was VR live streamed across the globe.  But guess which heavily ramped warrant exercise vehicle played no role in the event?  If you guessed EVR Holdings (ticker EVRH) then go straight to the top of the class, it’s VR subsidiary, MelodyVR, was nowhere to be seen! 

20 August 2017, 11:25 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Goldman Sachs Portfolio Manager Says All Time Highs for Gold Coming Fast

Ali Zamani argues that gold has been in a bull market since the end of last year. The start of bull markets often go unnoticed; it’s a grind. However, we are making higher highs and higher lows. He looks at the most successful macro investors and many have come out recently with breakout calls. The ground is fertile, the charts look good, and the base is in, gold will rise quicker than most people think. Indeed he explains why gold will hit new record highs ssoner than most folks think.

21 August 2017, 10:05 | By Tom Winnifrith |

New Telit Boss macho Yosi Fait in Leather Man action - caption contest

Do you think Yosi got the machine below from Telit's (TCM) Vietnamese distributor of Internet products? In light of today's article on the former FD of the AIM fraud du jour, now its CEO, perhaps you can supply a suitable caption in the comments section below - deadline midnight Monday 21st. If you want more photos of burly men in leather check out Yosi's facebook page.

20 August 2017, 11:24 | By Cynical Bear |

YOLO: Well, it worked so well for CloudTag I guess…..

I had to laugh this week when I witnessed the marketing genius of one of the key investments of YOLO Leisure and Technology (YOLO) which came straight out of the CloudTag playbook and would be well known to most readers here. How could it possibly go wrong?

20 August 2017, 11:23 | By Pizza Hardman & Hackney Marxist Darren Atwater |

Notes from Underground: Telit to the hand

I had an oniine conversation with an FT reporter about the Telit affair over how the FT would rather credit some Italian newspaper than your obd't one stop source for free breaking news, expert analysis, and videos on AIM and LSE listed shares. They had to credit somebody given that the FT did not break the story themselves. How convenient for them. CityAM and other publications went with credititing nobody at all. The story broke itself!

20 August 2017, 11:29 | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Stuttard’s Septic Seven – August update and news from African Potash

It is August and Marcus Stuttard, the head of AIM, sees his portfolio of AIM stocks selected for him get to within 40 days of a full year. Out of the seven three have been booted off the market, one is suspended (no accounts) and the other was booted off AIM but got listed on the NEX lobster pot until it was suspended on that market as well. But Mr Stuttard is completely happy with the regulatory environment of the world’s most successful growth market.

21 August 2017, 08:42 | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Three critical days in June & 3 more in July - why acting CEO at Telit Yosi Fait must be fired NOW!

Yesterday there were more revelations about Telit (TCM) which, as I noted, made the position of former FD now CEO Yosi Fait all the more tricky. Now I want to revisit three days in June and three in July - events then make Yosi's position utterly untenable and explain why he must be fired at once. He is guilty of either extreme and sackable levels of incompetence and of lying to shareholders and insider dealing or of just insider dealing. It is one or the other - there is no third way. So there is no way out for Telit, Yosi must be sacked at once.

20 August 2017, 11:36 | By Nigel Somerville |

China fraud news: American PCAOB revokes auditor Crowe Horwath HK registration

It seems that some regulators have more teeth than others. The PCAOB – a US regulator – has revoked the registration of Hong Kong audit firm Crowe Horwath HK and censured it for refusing to cooperate with an investigation of the firm’s audits of a China-based issuer. Crowe Horwath is part of the same network of audit firms that contains our very own Crowe Clark Whitehill, which audited a large number of AIM-China Filthy Forty companies before they disappeared into the ether (see HERE).

21 August 2017, 08:10 | By Malcolm Stacey |

This Concrete and Clay King is Paving the Way to A Bigger Share Price

Hello, Share Trundlers. Once again, I take the liberty of bringing before you a share you may not have come across before. Though Marshalls (MSLH) is a Footsie 250 stock, so it does have its fans. And those fans have been making good money recently.

21 August 2017, 09:47 | By ShareProphets |

Winner of the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by some scooter courier shop in Vietnam, #1 distributer for Telit

There were some good nominations this week, but our winner is a new face. I'll let FormationOfDamnation explain his nominee, TaffEvans on the CHAL board on the LSE Asylum He notes:  The gold medal has to go to TaffEvans though, for this intraday Damascene conversion on Tuesday...

21 August 2017, 10:45 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Bushveld - here's why your 27% stake in Vametco won't generate a cent of cash for the PLC this year and next - placing ahoy

.Bushveld Minerals (BMN) shareholders, aka the dumbest fucks on AIM, are still largely in denial about the fact that a major placing is imminent. This is because they do not understand the difference between profit and cashflow or indeed much else about basic accounts. I will try again. Owning 27% of a company with modest EBITDA (bullshit earnings) is not the same as having a source of cashflow. In fact I bet you an ounce of Vanadium that Vametco will not generate a free cent for Bushveld this year or next.

21 August 2017, 09:42 | By HotStockRockets |

Bluebird Merchant good news from the land of the dog eaters: buy

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced that work is now underway to open up three entrances to the mine at Gubong in South Korea. The target entrances were found using Ground Penetrating Radar, chatting to the locals and from historical information on what was once the country's second biggest gold mine.