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14 November 2012, 20:16 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Kryso Resources: 134% ahead – time to sell?

I initially recommended shares in AIM-listed Kryso Resources (KYS) at 13.25p in December 2007 on the site I founded 12 years ago and edited until this September. Today shares in the company - which is currently developing its Pakrut gold project in Tajikistan towards production – trade at 31p so we are 134% ahead. Not bad. With exploration work continuing at Pakrut and other nearby targets, is it time to bank a gain? 

14 November 2012, 20:11 | By Tom Winnifrith |

EMED Mining $50 million financing secured – Very Good News Indeed

EMED Mining (EMED) the AIM  and TSX listed developer of a large copper mine in Spain has today announced that it has secured a $50 million financing and an offtake deal from commodities giant Red Kite. This is a monumental step forward for EMED and really is very good news indeed.

13 November 2012, 20:14 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Adept Telecom: Up on my share tip but still cheap?

Shares in AdEPT Telecom (ADT), a leading independent provider of telecommunications voice and data services in the UK, were recommended on at 46p earlier this year, before my departure 12 years after founding the website. The shares currently trade at 53.5p

13 November 2012, 20:13 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Ariana Resources: Drilling Update Good but not Good enough

I recommended AIM listed Turkey based gold mine developer Ariana Resources (AAU) on in August 2011 at 4.5p. The shares are now 1.425p and so clearly I have not exactly covered myself in glory.  The company announced a detailed exploration update yesterday

13 November 2012, 20:05 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Orusur Mining: Bank a 66% gain or double up?

I recommended shares in AIM and Canada listed Orosur Mining (OMI) – which operates the only producing gold mine in Uruguay (San Gregorio) and has additional exploration acreage in Uruguay and Chile – in May 2010 at 24.25p on, the website I left in September 12 years after I founded it . The shares currently trade at 40.5p

13 November 2012, 20:01 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Hibu Interims: Still a sell at 0.25p target price still 0p

I warned you here back on 25th October that shares in hibu (HIBU) the online directories group formerly known as Yell were worthless and a stonking sell at 0.37p with a 0p target. Interim results out today do not change that analysis, indeed even the company seems to agree with me. The shares are now 0.25p.

12 November 2012, 19:59 | By Tom Winnifrith |

InterQuest - More positive News

I wrote a bullish update last week on specialist IT recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) with the shares at 44p. It is thus pleasing to see them currently 3.4% ahead today at 45.5p following an announcement of an out of court settlement with the vendors of Contract Connections Ltd, which InterQuest acquired in June 2011 for £4 million. The following explains the situation and why shares in InterQuest continue to look to represent a decent long-term play.

9 November 2012, 19:57 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Northern Petroleum Board Upgrade – A Step in the Right Direction

I tipped oil and gas producer and explorer Northern Petroleum on, the site I founded in 2000 and edited until this September at 13.75p. The shares raced ahead to almost 150p but have since declined to just 64.75p. But news out today suggests that the company is making a step in addressing one issue it has, next up we await drilling news from Guyane.

8 November 2012, 19:49 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Minera IRL: a gold stock to buy or sell?

I first recommended shares in AIM listed Latin America gold miner Minera IRL (MIRL) at 69p in May 2010 on, the site I founded in 2000 and left this September. Despite having the safety net of current production, the shares have unfortunately not escaped the negative sentiment towards the sector in recent times – and traded at 41p as recently as early September this year. They have recovered somewhat to currently trade at 50.25p but is there more to come? 

7 November 2012, 19:51 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Greggs – buy or sell?

I recommended shares in the UK’s leading bakery retailer, fully listed Greggs (GRG) at 508p on the website I founded in 2000. The share tip came out just two months before my departure in September of this year. The shares traded above 520p as recently as 8th October but, following an 11th October trading update, currently trade at 470p. The following takes a look at that trading update and what it means for the investment case.

6 November 2012, 19:55 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Ceres Power – Do Not Get too Excited by RNS Today – Still almost certaintly worthless

On October 6th I explained why at 2.205p AIM listed fuel cell company Ceres Power (CWR) was almost certainly worthless. My target price then was 0p and although the shares are up by 54% today at 2.5p the target price remains 0p. The issue is cash. Or rather lack of it. I think the Bulletin Board loons and assorted green investors are well ahead of themselves and here is why.

6 November 2012, 19:53 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Caza Oil & Gas: Share spike on drill success but buy or sell?

Shares in AIM and TSX listed Caza Oil & Gas (CAZA) have spiked 28.6% higher today to 18p valuing the company at £29.61 million. Supporters urge me to look at Caza claiming that it will hit 25p before Christmas. But I am always nervous about oil companies operating in the US but listed here. So buy or sell – which is it? I had a long chat with the company this afternoon and came to a conclusion

6 November 2012, 19:04 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Evil Knievil’s Biggest Short is ASOS: is he Right?

A good chat with bear raider Evil Knievil today throws up the fact that his biggest short position right now is online celebrity driven retailer ASOS (ASC) but also that he is looking at another stock that I have already written up as a slam dunk short – more on that later. Those who have followed the great bear will remember that Evil has consistently shorted ASOS ( betting against the lure of Stella McCartney, Kate Moss etc) and consistently got it wrong. His losses over the years on this one must be well into seven figures by now but undeterred he is at it again. But is he right?

5 November 2012, 19:06 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Centamin – Another day and a Better RNS – Still Far More attractive Bets in Gold

And now for the latest news from Centamin (CEY) vs the Islamofascist Peoples Court in Cairo – the fully listed gold miner has issued another statement (its third) on the ruling of last Tuesday which appeared to take away its key flagship asset, the Sukari gold mine. This is the most convincing statement yet from Centamin and the shares have rallied to 74p. That is another opportunity to sell and switch into a safer play. And here is why.

5 November 2012, 19:03 | By Tom Winnifrith |

1Spatial Confirms Contract Win – biggest in its history

AIM listed tech play 1Spatial (SPA)  has today confirmed that it has won a new contract with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) to provide it with a Geospatial Management Solution – the company had said that it had preferred bidder status on 17th October. But what is this worth? Rather annoyingly 1Spatial declines to put anything on the release. But I have had a brief chat with CEO Marcus Hanke on the matter.

5 November 2012, 19:01 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Shanta Gold – Company Reaffirms Production Targets: Buy

Good news today from AIM Listed gold miner Shanta Gold (SHG) – it confirms that it is on track to hit production targets both for the fourth quarter of calendar 2012 but, far more importantly, for calendar 2013 and that will make it a hugely undervalued cash cow. At 18.875p the shares could, in my view, easily double over the next year – even without a surge in the gold price, which I still expect, and here is why.

2 November 2012, 18:59 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Hambledon – Partial Cash offer at 2p

Clearly my advice to cut losses on  struggling AIM listed gold miner Hambledon (HMB) was a tad premature. Today you have a chance to sell at 2p as a cash offer for 60% of the equity has been announced from African Resources. African is not African but Russian but take the offer anyway.

2 November 2012, 18:57 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Aureus Mining Flushed Out - $80 million fund raise underway

Yesterday I warned here that AIM listed gold mine developer Aureus Mining (AUE) was going to have to raise stacks of cash. The deluge of upbeat RNS announcements told you as much. And I advised selling at 57.5p. This was met with stacks of Bulletin Board abuse from folks insistent that I did not know what I was talking about. I suggest scores on doors after 24 hours: TW 1 BB Morons Nil. As today the company has ‘fessed up saying it plans to raise $80 million via issuing new shares. For a company capitalised at £60 million ($95 million) that is a huge ask and there seem to be all sorts of risks here. I would almost be tempted to go short here. If I own the stock I would sell. Here is why.

1 November 2012, 18:55 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Aureus Mining – A winner or a loser in the gold stakes?

AIM listed Aureus Mining (AUE) is a gold development and exploration company, currently mainly focused on progressing its New Liberty project – which it is targeting to become the first commercial gold mine in Liberia. I apologise for having timed my recommendation poorly here – recommending the shares at 84.5p in August 2011 on, during my 12 year stint there. Now trading at 57.25p, I review the investment case based on the informed view of where the best place to currently be in the gold sector is…

1 November 2012, 18:53 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Vatukoula – New China Placing: is it time to junk?

Another day and another placing from AIM listed gold miner Vatukoula (VGM). The shares are down to 35p and given the convoluted circumstances of this placing I can understand why some are tempted to sell and move on. Having recommended the shares at 46.5p on, the site I founded 12 years ago and edited until September I am not best pleased. However I would not be selling, I’d be buying and here is why.

6 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

MySQUAR: Finally, house broker Beaufort confirms “operating break-even” actually means “still heavily loss-making”

I always take house broker notes with a heavy pinch of salt as they will paint as optimistic a picture as possible so this morning’s effort from Beaufort Securities on its client, MySQUAR (MYSQ), surprised me somewhat with its honesty but it’s good to finally put the nonsense about “operating break-even” to bed.

6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 3 resignations: Telit (Nomad) & Avanti Coms & Redcentric CEOs - can I claim scalps?

That Telit (TCM) is going to zero is a given as I explained yesterday HERE. But now we need to know why Canaccord quit on May 26 as Nomad. I suggest the reason in this podcast and call for a wider AIM Casino rule change on Nomad resignations. Then it is on to 2 CEO resignations. The bombastic prick David Williams has gone from drowning in debt Avanti Communications (AVN). Avanti is toast but I run through the red flags pertaining to Williams himself and ask a question about his payoff for failure. As for Redcentric (RCN) can I claim this as a scalp? Frazer  Fisher must have known about the mega payroll fraud of March 31 2016 as I revealed HERE. Yet he trousered a big 2016 bonus and sold stacks of shares just after publishing the 2016 number which he KNEW WERE CROOK. This departure is to avoid him being in situe when the FCA, FRC and SFO announce their findings. Actually can the Sheriff claim a scalp on the bombastic prick Williams too? I got the FRC to pan his company and exposed all sorts of Avanti red flags and naughtiness. Two scalps in a day - ouzo time?

10 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith: Sign up now for new free share tip service

Following complaints from shamed share ramper Roger Lawson, ADVFN has insisted on a raft of new editorial controls on I did not re-start my life five years ago to be told what I could or could not write. I said no and ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has just said that the website will be shut down. So...our hand is forced ... Welcome to - we hope you join NOW HERE.

3 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by the fund managers who knew so much better than the dirty plebs on Telit

Just three months ago some of Britain's top fund managers ploughed more than 50 million dollars into a placing organised by AIM dog Telit Communications despite numerous warnings from ourselves and others. But they knew better and anyhow it was other people's money. The shares have collapsed today to less than half the placing price after the most awful set of interims. But the fund managers will still earn Inter City salaries + ( more than 125) and fat bonuses so who cares? Are there any folks in the share world dumber than those fund managers? Er.... 

7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Telit Communications Odd cat Out Contest

This is a very simple contest. Heck Oozi Cats, formerly of Telit Communications (RCM), you have time on your hands right now so why not enter! "don't talk about time" Mr Sheriff please!" said Uzi, Sorry Oozi. I digress. Please look at the four images below and tell us which is the odd one out and why. I have added a musical hint on the fourth one. Post your entries in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight Thursday

7 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Surface Transforms – “pleased to announce” result of open offer excess. Hmmm…

With its shares having been above 20p at the start of 2017 and still above 19p in June as it attempted to mitigate “we continue to look forward with confidence”, Surface Transforms (SCE) has announced the final result of a fundraising which it has emphasised has seen a “most encouraging response from shareholders”. At what price per share again?...

7 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Generally and Legally, this Financial Magician Is on a Roll and Should Conjure Up a Higher Share Price

Hello Share Creepers. We really do love it, don’t we, when one of our babies boosts its profits? Not its revenues, which oft mislead, but the real, honest to goodness, operating profits.

7 days ago | By Steve Moore |

InterQuest – independent director hits back as management-buyout attempted robber barons announce unconditional offer now closed

An “Offer Closed” announcement from the attempted robber barons of the InterQuest (ITQ) management buyout team (at Chisbridge Ltd) has been met by a firm response from InterQuest’s independent director…

7 days ago | By David Scott |

Ten years on from the 2008 financial crisis - it is all about the show rather than the reality

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the start of the Great Financial Crisis, the banking implosion that changed the world as it did the way we think about economics, finance and money. Have we learned the right lessons from this earthquake, such that we can prevent variant forms of it happening again, and if we can’t prevent them, are we at least better equipped to mitigate their crippling costs? On both counts, I sadly say a resounding no.

7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Telit - any chance of an update on the BAMES 16m Euro criminal investigation in Italy?

You might have thought that the 1991 Boston Real Estate fraud was the only brush Telit Communications (TCM) boos Oozi Cats/ Uzi Katz had enjoyed with the law. Think again. Though there has been no RNS from Telit on the matter of the BAMES bankruptcy which saw 1400 Italians lose their jobs and a massive criminal investigation, perhaps it might give us an update now.

7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

UK Oil & Gas - is there something ( quite a lot actually) you are hiding at Broadford Bridge

Little Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is a slimy little git. Do you remember the BBC expose where he was caught on camera making claims about Horse Hill which he then denied making? If you have forgotten about that shameful eipisode here is a reminder. Now the Weald Basin circus moves on to Broadford Bridge and this time it is more about what oily little Steve is NOT saying. Natch it is bad news he hides. Here is the timeline:

7 days ago | By Steve Moore |

St. Ives – results expected to be at “top end” – but that is of previously heavily reduced expectations...

Marketing services group St. Ives (SIV) has announced results for its year ended 28th July 2017 “are expected to be at the top end of the range of current market expectations”. Sounds promising, but what are those expectations and their context?...

7 days ago | By Chris Bailey |

Glencore - imminent M&A splurge suggests you should go bye bye

Who remembers the infamous zero pence share price target established by one 'teenage scribbler' broker on Glencore (GLEN) the thick end of a couple of years ago? Funnily enough, via a decent commodity marketing/trading business, a cute money raising and some decent tier 1 mining assets, Glencore shares did not trouble the scorers below even 50p and over the last 20 months have recovered back to levels seen four or five years back. Today's first half numbers continue that renaissance.

6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Snoozebox Holdings – when will the lender pull the plug?

Snoozebox(ZZZ) interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2017 out yesterday showed a reduced loss of £1,006,000 down from £2,126,000 in the prior period. Worryingly for long suffering shareholders, the contribution to overheads was only £176,000 down from £986,000. 

6 days ago | By Steve Moore |

DFS Furniture – earnings “at the low end” of a range given less than two months ago...

Following a June profit warning which saw them down to 200p, shares in DFS Furniture (DFS) had recovered to above 230p. They are currently though back below 220p on a “Post-Close Trading Update”

6 days ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

RedX – Administration proposals raise awkward going concern questions

The administrators to (suspended) AIM-listed RedX Pharma (RED) have published their proposals for the rescue of the group. The good news is that something will indeed be salvaged, but details of what went wrong look to raise serious questions of the company and its Nomad – none other than Cantor Fitzgerald. You might remember that name with reference to the African Potash (AFPO) fraud where it is to be sued for its negligence.

6 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Echo Energy: How insiders made over £3 million in less than a month – shocking non-disclosure

My last piece on Echo Energy (ECHO) looked at how connected party Greenberry was making a fortune out of the ramp and also looked at rather odd TR-1s. Well history is repeating itself and, as always expected, yesterday’s TR-1 shows how the other connected “institutional investor” here, Pegasus, has also made a very quick buck - not that it told anyone when it was doing so!

10 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith: Sign up now for new free share tip service

Following complaints from shamed share ramper Roger Lawson, ADVFN has insisted on a raft of new editorial controls on I did not re-start my life five years ago to be told what I could or could not write. I said no and ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has just said that the website will be shut down. So...our hand is forced ... Welcome to - we hope you join NOW HERE.

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Meet the Fund Manager buying into Telit - also Rob Terry's biggest fan at Quindell

Relief for Telit (TCM) bulls came at 4.05 PM Monday with news that Davide Serra had bought 1.6 million shares in Telit last week taking his holding from sub 3 to 4%. He only submitted his TR1 after the weekend but paying 160p-180p AFTER we exposed the, then, CEO Oozi cats as the Boston fraudster he clearly knew better than we did. But where did that name Davide Sella ring a bell?

16 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

The Love that Dare not Speak its email from FinnCap CEO Sam Smith

On the morning of 15 August 2017 Sam Smith the curvaceous founder and CEO of Nomad FinnCap sent an email to all her crony capitalist pals across the City boasting about her new bestest friends. That was a mistake methinks. This is all a tad embarrassing as you can see below.

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Telit: US Court Papers published on NED Ram Zeevi - a man who reckons Telit is clean.

We have already seen that a former Telit (TCM) chairman got sent to the slammer in Israel for fraud. Yesterday it was admitted that - as we revealed a week earlier - the founder, CEO and largest shareholder Oozi cats was also a fraudster and when IPO'ing Telit a fugutive from US justice. But despite compelling evidence from us HERE the rest of the board say Telit is not a fraud. And the folks at the bicycle repair store HERE which it claims to be its Vietnamese distribotor agree. So the rest of the board, all appointed by Oozi are squeaky clean right? Er...

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Andalas Energy you are scum - a day of shame for AIM from this worthless crap

Andalas Energy (ADL) and its loathsome boss Dave "the rule breaker" Whitby represent all is worst about the AIM Casino. The company is worthless and its sole achievement has been an industrial scale transfer of wealth from the many to the few. Even by its own tawdry standards yesterday was a low point and it is a matter that I shall now be asking the authoriies to investigate as, blatant, market abuse. But first we must rewind to August 8.

10 hours ago | By Pizza Hardman & Hackney Marxist Darren Atwater |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by some scooter courier shop in Vietnam, #1 distributer for Telit

As seen here, Telit's (TCM) distributers are a, um, diverse lot, including a distributer in Vietnam that appears to be a scooter courier firm. Which is nice, and thank you for sponsoring this week's Bulletin Board Moron search.

12 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Telit - now here is another fine upstanding chap with a senior post: Eran Edri

The board of Telit (TCM) the fraud whose CEO until last week was an undeclared fugitive from justice sure has some colourful chappies in senior posts. There was Uzi Katz, the Boston fraudster himself. Then we had former chairman Avigdor Kelner who has only recently emerged from a stretch in the slammer in Israel. Yesterday we met "colourful" NED Ram Zeevi as I published some US Court papers concerning him. Now meet Eran Edri.

1 day ago | By Steve Moore |

Oooo Err MRS – “Trading Update” from Management Resource Solutions at 08:19. Uh oh…

Previously described as an A-grade howler HERE, there is now a strange-time “Trading Update” announcement from Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Strangely timed such announcements are very seldom good news and, combined with the track record here, I’m guessing there’s only one scenario…

10 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

It has form, shoddy ramping with grossly misleading RNS from Bushveld - placing ahoy + Cheerleader photo: SELL

This is not the first time that Buishveld Minerals (BMN) has engaged in truly sordid and shoddy ramping to get a placing away. Perhaps you remember this expose HERE which allowed me to crack a massively tasteless joke about blow jobs. The point is that pre-placing ramping back last fall left those suckered in with a really bad taste in the mouth. Wind forward to yesterday.

2 days ago | By Steve Moore |

CAP-XX – “First high-volume order for Thinline”. Sounds exciting, but is it?

Having reached above 12p in February before falling back, including post a trading update in June, shares in CAP-XX (CPX) have currently returned to those prior highs on the back of a “First high-volume order for Thinline” announcement. Why “high-volume” though rather than an actual number? Ramptastic?...

2 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations: Details finally come out of the Schoold merger horror show – shareholders look away now!

After months of promises and delays, Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations (FFWD) finally provided further details of the potential merger of investee company Schoold with Lingo Media this morning. I can see why it was reticent about making the announcement as it doesn’t make pretty reading.

11 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

The FRC has got it right as it slams PWC with £6 million fine but also names, shames & fines individual - Nicholas Boden

Back before the world went crazy in the nineties when folks committed or abetted financial wrongdoing they were named, shamed and punished as individuals. That was a real deterrent to crime. Then the world changed and we started fining corporations, banks, accountants and other advisers. The regulators announce seemingly large fines which meant they got newspaper headlines and seemed smart. But the banks and other advisers just treated the fines as a cost of business and so were not deterred from breaking the rules going forward. At least my very good friends at the Financial Reporting Council seems to appreciate that. The FRC is, as such, the UK's best regulator.

1 day ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Nyota – last chance to get out

Anyone still holding shares in Nyota Minerals (NYO) is staring down the barrel as suspension looms at the close of trading tomorrow, in the absence of the appointment of a new Nomad and Broker.

16 hours ago | By Steve Moore |

Laura Ashley – a 1:30pm “Notice of Results & Trading Update”. Routine, right? Er…

A 1:30pm “Notice of Results & Trading Update” announcement from Laura Ashley (ALY). With the time of it and “Notice of Results” stated first, surely just a routine announcement? Right?...

10 hours ago | By Steve Moore |

16 hours ago | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Nyota – no-one is watching o’clock update: no Nomad, Peterhouse back in the frame and placing at a “substantial discount” if a Nomad can be found

AIM-listed Nyota Minerals (NYO) announced a company update last night at no-one-is-watching o’clock. The good news is that we were watching, the bad news for anyone left holding the stock is that Peterhouse is planning to “unresign” itself if the company can attract a Nomad before it is kicked off AIM altogether, with a potential placing at a “substantial discount” to last night’s closing price.

2 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

As the Greggs Bandwagon Rolls on, You Might Care to Bite into the Shares

Hello, Share Takers. I’m not a great fan of Greggs (GRG) the baker. I rather disapprove of the sugary confections you see in its shop windows. This may be because of my dodgy teeth. But they do a very wholesome seeded loaf which is a mainstay of this family’s kitchen.