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13 February 2014, 12:35 | By Staff Writer |

San Leon Energy at 4.2p – NAV is 22p says Fox Davies

EPIC code: SLE

13 February 2014, 12:35 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Paragon Diamonds – Perfect Timing for a Quick Trading Buy?

EPIC code: PRG

13 February 2014, 10:15 | By Staff Writer |

Cenkos increases price target for Empyrean from 20p to 25p and at 12.25p says Buy!

EPIC code: EME

13 February 2014, 09:45 | By The Closet Chartist |

Rio Tinto: Slow Burn Recovery Points To 2013 Resistance Retest

EPIC code: RIO

13 February 2014, 09:37 | By The Closet Chartist |

Quindell Portfolio - Buy: Best Case Scenario Suggests Above 40p Targets 50p

EPIC code: QPP

13 February 2014, 09:04 | By Staff Writer |

Management needs “skin in the game” for success – Sprott

13 February 2014, 08:45 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

William Morrison: Buy the assets at 238p a share and get the earnings free - or almost free. BOGOF!

EPIC code: MRW

13 February 2014, 07:50 | By Doc Holiday |

Great Western Mining – The Bull Case


13 February 2014, 07:47 | By Steve Moore |

Volex plc - early signs of recovery, though already (more than) priced-in?

EPIC code: VLX

13 February 2014, 07:43 | By Malcolm Stacey |

Bank of England and the Footsie

12 February 2014, 13:34 | By The Closet Chartist |

Avanti Communications: Above 220p, and only above 220p, points to 260p

EPIC code: AVN

12 February 2014, 13:22 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

The Vodafone, Verizon CDI problem.

EPIC code: VOD

12 February 2014, 11:57 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Matt Earl (The Dark Destroyer) says Avanti will miss full year forecasts and warns on numerous red flags

EPIC code: AVN

12 February 2014, 11:57 | By Steve Moore |

Cape plc - refinancing, but so what?

EPIC code: CIU

12 February 2014, 11:05 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Straight – Solid Trading Update & we are well ahead on tip – more to come?

EPIC code: STT

12 February 2014, 10:34 | By Ben Turney |

Summit Corporation: No complaints here


12 February 2014, 09:46 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Feonic – lying to its shareholders and now leaving ISDX and screwing its shareholders (again) big time

12 February 2014, 09:43 | By The Closet Chartist |

Empyrean Energy: Positive Flag Consolidation Above 12p Targets Towards 15p

EPIC code: EME

12 February 2014, 09:38 | By The Closet Chartist |

San Leon Energy: V Shaped Bull Flag Above 50 Day Moving Average Targets 6p Plus

EPIC code: SLE

12 February 2014, 09:28 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Get hundreds or thousands of pounds to trade for free with at ETX Capital NOW

6 days ago | By Nigel Somerville |

Bowleven – tip update


7 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Its not that I don't believe Rob Proctor means what he says, but...

6 days ago | By Lucian Miers |

Telit & that disposal - still a sell

EPIC code: TCM

6 days ago | By Darren Atwater |

Notes from Underground: Steve O'Hara v Kylie Jenner

6 days ago | By HotStockRockets |

Optibiotix chairman share purchase - £150,000 not to be ignored: STRONG BUY


6 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - learning all the wrong lessons from Carillion

5 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Such a High PE Suggests Caution for a Slowing Share Which Once Meant Massive Gains

EPIC code: ASC

5 days ago | By Gary Newman |

Block Energy has interesting assets and is funded - speculative buy


5 days ago | By HotStockRockets |

Minoan – loan facility extension as expected, real action imminent? YES!

EPIC code: MIN

5 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Plant Health Care – “on track to achieve full year revenue expectations”… so why a share price slump?

EPIC code: PHC

5 days ago | By David Scott |

Don’t confuse easy money with your own financial brilliance - Easy Is Over

5 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Integumen – argues agreement with “a compelling strategic and financial rationale”, but is the (discounted) placing enough?


5 days ago | By Steve Moore |

CyanConnode – “pleased to announce” a latest order. Hmmm - how’s that balance sheet?


5 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast, Amur, Pantheon, Comrade Corbyn and the Brexit farce imponderable

5 days ago | By Steve Moore |

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ monthly update - Tom still the leader?

4 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Image Scan – “pleased to announce” acquisition… but accompanying placing is far less pleasing!

EPIC code: IGE

4 days ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Two Treatments for Rare Conditions Could Cure Amryt's Unfairly Low Share Price


2 days ago | By Cynical Bear |

Initiating coverage of Versarien: SELL

EPIC code: VRS

2 days ago | By Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley |

Gold - blood in the streets?

16 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

A third rogue blogger joins the 32 mile Woodlarks Charity walk – now get donating!

20 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ahead of his next helping of Reynolds humble pie,. Cynical Bear sticks his todger in the Versarien hornet's nest - FWIW

2 days ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The £172k court case Safestyle is keeping quiet about & why Chris Bailey's City pal is wrong

21 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Easyjet and the nasty food currency scam it inflicts on its customers

EPIC code: EZJ

23 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith |

Video: Optibiotix chairman Neil Davidson - I've bought £250,000 of shares far!


23 hours ago | By HotStockRockets |

Falanx – another itty bitty acquisition don’t impress me or Shania much ...but

EPIC code: FLX

2 days ago | By Chris Bailey |

SSE - hot air from the FTSE 100's most boring company!

EPIC code: SSE

2 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Be Heard – 15% like for like revenue growth, so why leading the fallers today?


2 days ago | By Steve Moore |

Audioboom – half-year results, “fully funded through to expected cash break even”. You sure?


17 hours ago | By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM |

Frontera Resources: Dismal operational update, cash crisis, Waseem & Zac stick in the knife

EPIC code: FRR

2 days ago | By Nigel Somerville |

Haydale – another RNS Reach……when’s the placing?


24 hours ago | By Malcolm Stacey |

Why EasyJet May Not Find It Quite As Easy in the Future

EPIC code: EZJ

20 hours ago | By Steve Moore |

Bango – argues ‘positioned well’… but it’s a current year forecast reduction

EPIC code: BGO

16 hours ago | By Steve Moore |

AO World – “expectations for the full year remain unchanged”, but reason for concern?

EPIC code: AO

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