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Strat Aero – a tacit admission that it will be out of cash within months

2018-08-21 13:32:44

AIM Cesspit poster boy Strat Aero (AERO) has today announced that it has upped its stake in Gyrometric Systems Limited from 36.9% to 57.7% by issuing £273,000 “worth” of worthless pieces of confetti ( 23.8 million shares). Whoopie do.


Strat Aero, chairman, CEO and Chairman & founder walk plank, training unit canned just six weeks after open offer

2018-01-29 03:18:54

Surely this is putting the cart before the horse. On 13 December long term,, AIM uber dog Strat Aero (AERO) launched an open offer to raise up to £510,000 at 0.035p ( to complement a £590,000 placing at the same amount. The offer was 81% taken up. Today came the bad news...


Strat Aero placing and open offer - but in best case it is still bust by February!

2017-12-05 02:33:21

Cometh the day cometh the broker who will raise cash for any old shite even if it is bust both before and not long after the exercise, as long as it can hand stock at a huge discount to its mates so they can flip and earn lots of lovely jubbly commission as well. Peterhouse Corporate Finance meet Strat Aero (AERO).


Strat Aero signs "Significant commercial agreement" - really? But what about the looming insolvency?

2017-11-21 04:47:19

Today's pre-placing ramp is for serial offender in this regard, Strat Aero (AERO). The totally insolvent AIM dog boasts that it has signed a "significant" Commercial Agreement with Alnahdi Aviation Technology , experts in aviation technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to collaborate on establishing a UAV Training Centre in the KSA." Fab. So how much will this bring in? Er...


Strat Aero - pathetic pre-bailout placing ramp attempted - FFS this company is bust

2017-11-07 01:59:25

Strat Aero (AERO) is quite clearly insolvent. That its shares have not been suspended pending clarification is just another badge of shame for the world's most successful growth market, that is to say the AIM Casino. Today sees another pathetic attempt to sucker in mug punters to try to pump this worthless stock ahead of another bailout placing. 


Strat Aero shares collapsing - time to come clean? The company is 100% fecked after all

2017-11-06 02:04:13

Shares in Strat Aero (AERO) have slumped by 30% in early trade to just 0.04p-0.05p - the question is what will the next RNS say: shares suspended pending clarification or confetti blizzard in hugely discounted share placing?


Strat Aero - as GM looms will a refinancing be possible at all?

2017-10-10 03:32:00

On 17th October long suffering shareholders in Strat Aero (AERO) will be asked to approve a 1 for 10 subdivision of their shares in order to get a refinancing away. But the maths now look so bleak that one asks if the fat lady should pitch up to the GM as she could well be called on to sing very soon indeed. As a reminder...


Strat Aero - reality setting in - do not BUY!

2017-06-27 00:13:47

I warned you in explicit terms yesterday that the doubling of the Strat Aero (AERO) share price to 0.14p on the back of results which can best be described as a shit sandwich with dollops of jam tomorrow on top, was not justified. The shares have now slumped back to 0.09p-0.11p (TW 7, BBMs 0 once again) but do not BUY now for there are still deluded fools abroad.


Strat Aero - shares double on results but the company is almost bust - placing ahoy!

2017-06-26 03:20:22

Shares in Strat Aero (AERO) have almost doubled today to 0.14p which amazing as the final results for calendar 2016 are out and are utterly crap. Okay they are less crap than 2015 but they are crap and indicate that the company must be as near as damn it, bust. Yes we are promised more jam tomorrow but before we get there surely it is placing ahoy?


Strat Aero - announcing a contract worth £20,000 suggests sales pitiful - when's next rescue placing?

2017-05-24 05:00:46

Strat Aero (AERO) the AIM casino listed company that under a former management team repeatedly lied to investors is still a joke. In January and February of this year it raised $1.23 million gross (call it $1.1 million net) promising that 2017 would be a turnaround year. One would hope so - in 2016 it lost c$3.5million. So how is it going? Not well I suggest, judging by a joke RNS today.


Strat Aero – “Trading Update”, what’s the real balance sheet picture though?

2017-04-03 08:35:25

Strat Aero (AERO) “announces a trading update ahead of its full year results for the year ended 31 December 2016”. Hmmm – it’s already April 2017 though. I’d suggest this doesn’t bode well…


Strat Aero - what is it hiding now? What do you think?

2017-01-25 04:31:32

Cash guzzling, litigation embroiled, lying Strat Aero (AERO) today announced by RNS that it was to hold a General Meeting. FFS does it do this once a month? The last one ( to authorise the issue of 380 million new shares) was just five weeks ago.


Strat Aero - bailout placing at 0.1p - shares implode: worse to come

2017-01-24 02:31:00

Last night it was announced that Hulsey Smith, the American who exposed the fraud at the heart of Strat Aero (AERO) using Winnileaks last year, dumped the last of his shares that he received for dropping a legal claim. But look at his statement in the TR1 carefully. Before then , the rescue bailout.


Strat Aero - so when will Hulsey Smith launch his legal bombshell that forces a share suspension? More shares dumped

2017-01-21 04:34:01

After hours yesterday there was another announcement from Strat Aero (AERO), the AIM listed company that has committed fraud and is now just 25 days from running out of cash and going bust with debts of £300,000. It seems that Hulsey Smith, the US businessman who exposed the fraud at the heart of Strat last spring, has dumped another 11 million shares and now has just 7.5 million left.


Exclusive: Hulsey Smith to sue Strat Aero AGAIN - The final nail in the coffin

2017-01-20 01:13:27

For shareholders in Strat Aero (AERO) who thought it could not get any worse as the company hurtles towards bankruptcy in less than four week's time, we have bad news: it is about to get even worse.

Last year Strat was sued by American Hulsey Smith who demonstrated clearly that the company had lied to investors. Strat said it would fight all the way but then issued 38 million shares and handed over a wodge of cash to settle with Hulsey. Yesterday it emerged that Smith was dumping as fast as he can - so expect his last 18 million shares to be lobbed out within days. But it gets worse.


Strat Aero: Hulsey Smith dumps more shares despite last RNS and the excuse is 100% horseshit

2017-01-19 04:26:20

Whatever you say about Strat Aero (AERO) as it hurtles towards insolvency in a few weeks time it is al least the source of true comedy with RNS statements which are such complete and utter bullshit that they should win awards. welcome to the latest chapter in the tale of Hulsey Smith, the yank who litigated against Strat, showed that it had committed fraud, and ended up owning 11% of its equity as part of a settlement. Owning 11% of a company you have proved committed fraud is not an ideal place to be.


Strat Aero Hulsey Smith dumps shares again - but now says he will hold fire? Really?

2016-12-22 04:05:49

As you may remember, by February 14 AIM listed Strat Aero - a company that has committed fraud - will be both out of cash and £300,000 in debt to a loan shark. As it munches its way through a hundred grand a month the outlook looks bleak, in fact it looks terminal. This has 0p written all over it. The man who exposed the frauds we know about is a chap called Hulsey Smith who was given a stack of cash and 12% of the equity to settle a legal case and shut up. And so today we learn that Hulsey has been dumping more shares.


Strat Aero - the Hulsey Smith share dump is on - Timber! 0p Target!

2016-12-02 01:15:02

Hulsey Smith was the chap whose Court filings demonstrated wholesale fraud at Strat Aero (AERO) - filings we published HERE despite Aero's legal attempts to hush them up. So when he settled his claims with a cash and shares payoff - weeks after Strat promised to fight him all the way - you kind of knew he'd dump sooner or later. Why hold shares in a company that commits fraud?


Strat Aero - Credit card rate loan to keep the lights on at the fraud for just 12 weeks

2016-11-24 03:30:12

Shares in Strat Aero (AER) have jumped today in relief that the company is not going bust before Christmas. Instead it looks set to go bust around St Valentine's day. Today's statement from a company which has committed securities fraud is just ghastly.


Strat Aero - shares sliding - it is placing ahoy

2016-11-14 04:47:51

By my maths Strat Aero (AERO) now has cash of er...about...roughly...sweet FA. It is completely out of cash and continues to burn cash and indeed when publishing results that were drowning in red ink on September 30th the management were reported as admitting that it needed to place before Christmas. I should cocoa. You don't need the brains of Cheryl Cole to work that one out.


Strat Aero Interims - it is bust, plain and simple

2016-09-30 03:46:04

Lying to your investors is bad. I suppose committing fraud is even worse. But advisers without morals such as Nomad SP Angel and broker Beaufort Securities do not care about such matters as long as they get paid. But that may pose a problem as interims today from Strat Aero (AERO) show that it is completely bust. That SP Angel and Belfort will sign off on an RNS like this says everything you need to know about them. The only thing they should be signing is a resignation letter as Strat is bankrupt both morally and financially.


Strat Aero caves into Hulsey Smith having again lied to its investors

2016-09-29 03:35:09

Someone who invested in its last bailout placing told me that he did so because Strat Aero (AERO)'s lawyers had convinced him that it would wipe the floor with litigant Hulsey Smith who had accused Strat of serial fraud. He reckoned the shares would zoom when Strat won the case. Sucker!!!!!! But he is not alone. Strat told all investors via RNS that Smith had no case at all and that it was to counter sue. So today, as the trial loomed, it has caved completely. Er yes. Another lie from a company that is clearly run by pathological liars;. 


Strat Aero - misleads with RNS today compounding a lie of yesteryear

2016-09-08 07:12:46

Naughty naughty St Brides PR. We know that it publishes lies on behalf of the fraudsters African Potash (AFPO) both via RNS and when smearing me to moronic shareholders but its efforts on behalf of Strat Aero (AERO) today really are not very impressive. Naughty Susie Geliher who works on both accounts it really is time you had your bottom spanked.


Strat Aero - after the pump the dump, bailout placing & misleading but dire trading update

2016-08-25 05:28:30

Shares in AIM dog Strat Aero (AERO) zoomed ahead by 140% on Monday on the back of a total piece of non news. There was more non news on Tuesday but the shares started slipping back from 1.1p and they fell again today becuase after the pump there was the dump a placing to raise £370,000 pre expenses at just 0.5p. Oooh you bought into the pump at 1.1p - sore bottom time.  The shares are now 0.6p to sell. It gets worse.


Bulletin Board Ramper of the Week sponsored by Strat Aero PR man sayitlikeitis

2016-08-14 00:29:25

Over the weekend we revealed how Strat Aero's PR man boasted of pretending to be a Bulletin Board Moron, sayitlikeitis, to post rampatstic nonsense on the LSE & ADVFN asylums. He was paid to ramp the stock with ludicrous claims and comments but some folks do it for free!. Please nominate your BB ramper of the week posting the most ludicrous claims you can find on boards or on twitter (so Big Gob tweet ramps are eligible) in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight Sunday 15th August. Ramps on any stock are eligible.


BREAKING: Strat Aero tries to gag Hulsey Smith & a free press with legal injunction: fails

2016-08-11 00:21:55

Oh dear. Oh dear. AIM Casino bad boy Strat Aero (AERO) does not like seeing emails which show clear evidence of industrial scale fraud and market abuse appearing in public. That is the emails you can see HERE in the $20 million legal claim filed against by proud Texan Hulsey Smith. And so on Monday it went to court to stop the flow of information and to get existing articles pulled.


Strat Aero - what did it not understand about timely disclosure & obscene boardroom greed

2016-08-07 07:57:14

I am not kidding you but there really is an AIM Rulebook for the Casino. But I guess round at Strat Aero no-one has bothered to read it. Sadly ignorance is no defence. Having declared war on this worthless piece of crap yesterday I now bring to its disgusting breaches of rule 11 and also obscene corporate greed. 


Beaufort Securities lending cash to Strat Aero boss for bogus share purchase to ramp shares pre placing - Market abuse and Fraud

2016-08-07 06:54:48

The more one reads of the explosive legal dossier packed with damning emails, filed by Hulsey Smith in the Texas Courts against Strat Aero (AERO), the more one sees the massive implications for the whole of AIM. In yesterday's bearcast I discussed the massive conflict of interests at Strat's broker Beaufort Securities. Now let's take that further...if you are a Beaufort client this should concern you.


The Scoundrels at FRAUD Strat Aero offer patronising and weedy response to ShareProphets expose: I declare war part 1

2016-08-06 07:41:30

Yesterday I exposed the scoundrels at AIM dog Strat Aero with the publication of a 338 page Texas legal disposition containing emails and other evidence that is damning. Not only does this show that Strat is up to no good and thus faces a very real chance of losing the $20 million claim against it and its officers, but it also casts a light on the sordid goings on on the AIM Cesspit. The Strat response is so offensively bad that it merits a declaration of war from the Sheriff of AIM on this piece of Turkish. Strat, as a PLC, you are a dead man are toast.


BREAKING: Strat Aero - damning court papers and secret emails emerge from Texas: FRAUD?

2016-08-05 00:03:02

A detailed dossier posted by Hulsey Smith as part of his legal claims against AIM Casino listed Strat Aero (AERO) is in our possession and can be accessed below. It contains numerous internal emails appearing to show clear fraud by Strat as it raised money time and time again on AIM, the payment of a poster to ramp on Bulletin Boards and that the business model was just not viable. It will be humiliating both for Strat and for its broker Beaufort Securities which raised all that cash and which is involved in many of the email exchanges. Shares in Aero, appear to be utterly worthless in light of what appears here and the potential for regulatory fall out and thus must be suspended at once and the FCA must step in.


Strat Aero - taking the piss: placing ahoy

2016-07-17 11:17:30

Sometimes I wonder if certain AIM Casino listed companies think that we are all stupid. Maybe I am being harsh, after chatting to the morons who populate certain Bulletin Boards, one can understand how a company might leap to that conclusion. And that brings us to Strat Aero (AERO) which really is taking the piss as it calls an AGM and asks for permission for a sub-division of its shares, before then spouting horseshit.


Strat Aero – announcement of “Board Change” after Hulsey Smith bombshell letter, but...

2016-07-08 00:08:51

Strat Aero (AERO) has announced that “Greg Kuenzel, non-executive director of the company, is stepping down from the board with immediate effect”. This follows just a day after W. Hulsey Smith released a third open shareholder letter to the board. But...


Strat Aero: Litigant W. Hulsey Smith Releases New Bombshell letter

2016-07-07 00:02:50

Texan W Hulsey Smith is suing AIM listed Strat Aero (AERO) and vice versa in legal action that has the potential to derail the company for good. Smith has today released a third letter calling for "Transparency with Shareholders" and arguing that "Something Just Does Not Add Up"...


Strat Aero – 2015 results at the last minute & after AGM, I wonder why? …

2016-06-30 23:50:24

Drone company Strat Aero (AERO) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year ridiculously late and after its AGM earlier on 30th June. I wonder why? …


EXCLUSIVE: Hulsey Smith knocks Strat Aero for 6 with counterclaim - shares must be suspended

2016-04-22 05:34:11

Oh dear. Hulsey Smith filed a counter claim  against Strat Aero (AERO) and four of its directors and we have obtained a copy. It is damning and until these allegations are refuted the stock is 100% uninvestable. Some of them are so severe that AIM Regulation needs to step in, suspend the shares and order a formal investigation. Did, for instance, the board give the CEO a "bonus" to allow him to make share purchases to "bolster the share price", This document begs for an immediate share suspension.


Strat Aero – another fundraising = natch, shares a top faller again

2016-04-20 03:51:07

Despite claiming that a gross £400,000 of funds raised last week “will help us deliver on our objective to establish Strat Aero (AERO) as the go-to-provider of UAV enabled technology to the commercial, educational and military sectors”I noted continuing concerns on funding as the shares slid from approaching 2p to 1.5p. Today the company “is pleased to announce… it has raised a further £477,250 (before expenses) by way of an additional placing”. Hmmm…


Strat Aero - W. Hulsey Smith again hits back as his counterclaims are filed

2016-04-19 03:50:43

I previously updated on drone company Strat Aero (AERO) post a £400,000 placing and it announcing that it had “received a defence and counterclaim from W. Hulsey Smith” but “intends to vigorously pursue its claims against Mr. Smith and believe his counterclaims and purported defence to be without merit” - see HERE. Smith has now again hit back…


Strat Aero – litigation now flying, receives defence and counterclaim from Hulsey Smith

2016-04-15 06:59:39

Previously commenting in February on drone company Strat Aero (AERO) with its shares at 3.75p, I noted a somewhat rampy tone and that the latest developments were possibly a precursor to fundraising ahoy - see HERE. Much has happened since - and a further development today sees the shares currently more than 13% lower...


Want to throw rotten apples ( sorry quiz) Strat Aero & the Sith Lord Zak "Judas"Mir? Here's your chance

2016-04-14 02:41:42

Do you have any questions for the new management team at Strat Aero (AERO)? I do and they are below. Would you like to quiz whoever is in charge well thanks to the Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir you can. You can also ask Judas a few questions and, to get the ball rolling, I have one regarding David Lenigas.


Strat Aero - placing raises £400,000 at 1.125p - questions, questions

2016-04-12 05:50:55

In the he said she said fraud allegation filled pantomime at Strat Aero (AERO) we have a minor distraction today in the form of a placing to raise £400,000 at 1.125p. Hmmmm. Questions, questions.


Strat Aero – Look out, he’s behind you!

2016-04-06 23:43:04

As Tom noted on yesterday’s Bearcast (HERE), Strat Aero has moved into full-on panto mode with a second letter from Mr Hulsey Smith and a response from Strat Aero. Fun aside though, I wanted to take a closer look at the insolvency question and dig into the numbers.


Strat Aero – Hulsey Smith fights back: an incendiary response

2016-04-05 00:34:19

Having written on Sunday (HERE) about Strat Aero’s (AERO) late night shocker of an RNS on Friday, I wasn’t expecting to comment again so soon but Hulsey Smith, the Texan accused of fraud in that RNS, has fought back publicly with an incredible response littered with accusations.


Strat Aero – surprise, surprise, a late Friday shocker of an RNS; if only it was an April Fool

2016-04-03 03:27:38

At 4pm on Friday, Strat Aero (AERO) issued an RNS announcing “Corporate Update and Board Changes”. It was never going to be good news was it? It wasn’t – it was an absolute shocker.


Strat Aero – announces “Secures First UAV Wind Turbine Inspection Contract”, but is it a warm-up for fundraising ahoy?

2016-02-20 01:29:12

Strat Aero (AERO) has announced what it describes as “a significant milestone” in its positioning as a full service provider; its “first wind inspection and data analysis contract utilising its UAVs and proprietary software… with the largest electricity provider in the state of Kansas, USA” (Westar Energy). Sounds good, I’ll read on…


Strat Aero – trading update, fundraising needed ahoy!

2016-02-11 07:27:40

Shares in drone company Strat Aero (AERO) currently trade more than 11% lower today, at 3.875p, despite a trading update including that “the directors are extremely encouraged by the securing of its first orders in the wind sector and also by the willingness of clients across its targeted areas of flood defences & quarries (UK), wind turbines (US & UK), cell towers (Ireland) and education (China) to pay for trials, which if successful, are expected to lead to much larger and longer term revenue streams later in 2016”. The following reviews…


Video: Strat Aero presents at Gold & Bears November 2015

2015-12-17 03:13:10

Not a mining company droning on but a drone company with a mine of information - CEO Tony Dunleavy of Strat Aero (AERO) presents at Gold & Bears. Enjoy...


Zak Mir Bulletin Board Heroes: Strat Aero, Beowulf Mining, Feedback, Reach4Entertainment, Sula Iron & Gold, Tethys Petroleum

2015-11-24 06:21:51

Featuring shares in Strat Aero (AERO), Beowulf Mining (BEM), Feedback FSBK), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Sula Iron & Gold (SULA) and Tethys Petroleum (TPL) with share price targets set for all six stocks.


Free Drinks at Jim Mellon’s pub on Wednesday as Zak Mir and Strat Aero hold court

2015-10-04 10:22:36

My good friend Jim Mellon owns a pub in Notting Hill, West London, The Commander, and if you want free booze c/o Jim roll up roll up on Wednesday at 6.30 PM.  Now here’s the catch.


Strat Aero – CEO meeting – bloody hell an AIM boss keeps his word

2015-10-02 06:38:54

One of the joys of being in London (okay the only joy) is that there is a constant stream of folks popping in to see me all the time and amongst those who wandered by last week was Tony Dunleavy, the recently appointed CEO of AIM casino listed Strat Aero (AERO). Now you may find this hard to believe but Mr Dunleavy said something to me and has actually kept his word. 


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