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ADVFN – Clem Chambers running scared of a putsch & possibly the biggest joke in the history of awards

2021-04-30 10:11:14

Yesterday I speculated at great length about the possibility that Israeli brain box Yair Tauman with a just sub 19% stake in ADVFN (AFN) might be able to call an EGM to oust the board led by Clem Chambers. It seems that King Clem agrees with my analysis and is running scared. Today he announced that he had exercised 411,473 options at 14p taking his stake up to 1.014 million shares or 3.88%.


Time Travel with Clem Chambers and ADVFN - Party on Dudes!

2021-03-08 08:11:47

This part of the website has been up at ADVFN (AFN) since 2014 so the big question is "have any folks from the year 3,000 been in touch with Clem Chambers yet?" And, if so, what did they say?


BREAKING: The double standard of ADVFN, it's okay to call someone a nonce but Evil Knievil banned

2020-02-21 11:46:46

On a daily basis, shareholders in Versarien (VRS) continue to make the most defamatory of allegations against myself and other critics. ADVFN (AFN) occasionally removes a post but seems reluctant to ban these halfwits defaming in defence of a fraud, so they just reoffend.


Breaking: The advice Roland “Fatty” Cornish gave to his client ADVFN to break AIM Rules

2020-01-23 13:23:29

Thanks to Winnileaks I now have in my possession a damning email sent by London’s worst Nomad, the restauranteurs saviour, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish to his client ADVFN (AFN) advising it to take a course of action in direct breach of AIM Rules. I do not blame ADVFN for this at all but surely Fatty needs to be given an almighty bollocking by AIM Regulation for his latest crime?


The Biggest Clown on AIM: Roland Fatty Cornish warns Brian Basham who quit last week that ADVFN might now have to sack him

2020-01-22 11:49:46

It may well be that London’s worst Nomad, the Cambridge educated gourmand, Roland “Fatty” Cornish has, in between meals, invented a time machine. Or perhaps he is just not very bright but that the tutors at Pembroke College thought he was a jolly good fellow who had been to the right school and that the College VIII needed a bit of ballast in the middle? I shall leave you to decide.


EXPLOSIVE: Brian Basham quits ADVFN but why is the company not telling you why?

2020-01-20 09:00:44

Shareholders have a right to know exactly why the Fleet Street legend Brian Basham quite as a Non Executive director of ADVFN (AFN) on Friday but despite Basham ensuring that Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish was kept in the loop, ADVFN has refused to come clean. Luckily, thanks to Winnileaks, I have BOTH resignation letter sent by Basham and what they say is utterly shocking.


The 10 most followed stocks on ADVFN – proof of where the morons roam

2020-01-14 13:35:26

The only shock here is that Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) don’t make the list. But I kind of bet they are in the top 20. However the top 10 are in order:


Brokerman Dan literally robbed in new ADVFN awards - surely he had a hat-trick in the bank?

2018-03-14 02:13:22

ADVFN (AFN) has today published its list of big advertisers on its website, oops I meant to say its awards for outstanding contributions to financial services. As ever I take the list of winners with the gravity that is merited. They really are the cornerstone of the financial calendar these days. But one fact screams out at me: BrokerMan Dan Levi was on a hat-trick as share blogger of the year - surely he had the title in the bank. But he's been robbed. 


Roger Lawson slates ADVFN - surely if Lawson is right the company must have broken the rules

2017-12-17 12:23:29

I hold no candle for either Roger Lawson of ShareSoc or ADVFN (AFN) but Lawson has made the most serious of allegations about ADVFN's AGM of last week which surely the company needs to answer and thus I bring Lawson's words to a wider audience. While he is at it Lawson has a go at ADVFN's business model and its blockchain spoofery. 


On Line: The Spoof continues thanks to the ADVFN Share blogger of the year

2017-10-27 03:57:01

Want to know why shares in On Line (ONL) the company with no realisable assets and a small overdraft so NO CASH TO INVEST but which is run by ADVFN boss Clem Chambers - soared from c19p to 81.5p today? Natch go to the man twice recognised as the share blogger of the year by ADVFN, Brokerman Dan. The great man opined on his blog:


ADVFN does not want to take money from neo paedophiles - well done

2017-07-18 05:00:53

I flagged up a while back how some neo-nonce made inappropriate comments on the ADVFN Bulletin Board about my daughter turning 16 - see HERE. What amazed me were the comments that appeared elsewhere suggesting that - as with death threats received - "while there is no excuse for this , you do ask for it." Truly some folks are morally bankrupt. But not ADVFN.


ADVFN - are you happy making money from neo-paedophiles or those who think Lolita was a guide to dating?

2017-07-03 01:41:56

Sometimes in business you have a moral choice. Do you accept the custom of an individual or not. As a libertarian I do not thing it should be for the state to tell me who I can or cannot choose to serve. 


And this another reason why folks just can't take ADVFN seriously...its joke awards are announced

2017-03-21 01:29:10

The joke awards from ADVFN (AFN) are here again and yet again Brokerman Dan is honoured as the share blogger of the year. Two wins in three years. Nothing to do with him being on the board of delisted & shamed Sefton Resources together with his pals the ADVFN bosses, running an online tipsheet with the ADVFN Chairman this is all down to merit. Oh yes it is. Stop sniggering at the back! Actually it is not the most "interesting" award.


ADVFN – full Annual Report finally released: struck by cupid's arrow?

2016-11-02 03:56:03

I rather like the ADVFN service, and having met its CEO briefly a few times I rather liked him too. And as a house matter, there was much to commend about the staunch resistance to pressure being applied on ADVFN to put clear water between it and ShareProphets was over the way in which, for example,  the Quindell fraud was being systematically unpicked in these parts. That was not just an issue of free speech, it was a matter of exposing bad people and trying to save the shirts of our readers. So I have an awful lot of time for Clem Chambers, the CEO of ADVFN.


ADVFN - 3 questions

2016-03-26 01:14:45

ADVFN (AFN) owns 20% of this website but that cannot mean that both as a public company but also a website many of us use daily, we can avoid asking a couple of questions after it snuck out interims at 5.45 PM the day before the bank holiday weekend - no'one is watching O'Clock. Moreover I am being berated by many folks for not flagging this up. I will now get bashed for flagging it up. I cant win so make no comment but just ask three questions.


Dear Clem Chambers – why are you pissing away ADVFN shareholder cash on a PR person who attacks ADVFN investments?

2015-09-20 09:02:34

ADVFN (AFN) PLC spends £35,000 a year employing a genius called Stefania to do its PR. This genius also works for market abuser Chris Oil, the POS Golden Saint Resources (when’s the next bailout placing luv?) and one of Big Dave Lenigas’ many enterprises. What a portfolio of doom. But what is most amazing is that this genius retweets tweet after tweet attacking ShareProphets (20% owned by ADVFN) and me (a business partner on UK Investor show and an ADVFN columnist). Clem a question or two?


Get it down dickhead - texted Brokerman Dan Levi

2015-07-17 06:56:01

Foxy PR bird Stefania tweeted a photo of Brokerman Dan (Levi) setting up a desk in the offices of ADVFN. Foxy Steffi is the PR spinner for ADVFN.  We used that photo tweeted to the whole world in an article yesterday HERE


ADVFN – what sort of person takes over the LSE Asylum?

2015-06-29 04:28:06

This morning, ADVFN (AFN) confirmed speculation that it has entered into a heads of agreement with the directors of London South East about a possible takeover. Although this deal is still subject to “certain conditions” being met, it has piqued our interest - why would anyone wish to buy the LSE Asylum, a website noted for publishing duff reports of broker notes and for providng a platform for the countrys looniest Bulletin Board morons?


Video from UK Investor Show 2015 - ADVFN explains how to use level 2 data

2015-05-07 08:33:34

In this video from UK Investor Show ADVFN hosts a presentation explaining how to use level 2 data.


Video: Clem Chambers, CEO of ADFVN PLC presents at UK Investor Show 2015

2015-04-22 01:13:03

Clem Chambers has just seen off an attempt to oust him and fellow directors from the board of ADVFN (AFN). Here in this video from UK Investor Show 2015 he presents the investment case for his company.


ADVFN – sees off EGM Request but what next?

2015-04-07 07:35:05

ADVFN (AFN) has today stated that it has rejected a request from folks owning 25% of its shares for an EGM to change the entire board and it has accused those seeking an EGM of all sorts of naughty things. Words like “criminal” and “bullying” appear in the release. So what next?


ADVFN – Should the board be sacked? I write – potentially – my own P45

2015-03-10 02:46:53

Yesterday it was announced that shareholders owning c22% of ADVFN had demanded an EGM to vote on sacking the entire board. They cocked up the paperwork according to ADVFN but that will be rectified so there is going to be a vote. Obviously I am not entirely a disinterested party.


Praise for ADVFN.

2014-07-29 06:45:04

Hello Stock Pickers: There are some websites, which are truly beneficial for sharesmiths like us. This one is a case in point – especially for warning us what shares to avoid or sell. Its 'buy' tips are extremely tasty, too. Except mine, mayhap. Ok, I'm highly biased.


Service Announcements – Comments Section now live on Shareprophets

2013-10-14 07:11:44

As part of the ongoing improvements to the website since our link up with ADVFN (AFN) we have now added a comments section. The rules:


Service Announcement – ADVFN link up

2013-09-25 07:27:21

Just to flag that you will soon start to notice as the www works its wonders that page endings on start to end .ADVFN – our site has today moved to the servers of the UK’s largest financial website. This is part of a rather complex set of arrangements which we cannot disclose. But... 

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