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David Lenigas pot play – a shameless ramper doesn’t change his spots

2019-06-29 09:52:24

Ok, so Horse Hill is now shown to have been a great big 100 billion barrel piss take. David Lenigas does not mind. He is no longer involved with any of the Horse Hill stable of related party companies he helped to create. He’s probably sold his shares. He’s almost certainly made millions of pounds and so he needs a new game,a new crock of shite to ramp. Step forward AfriAg (AFRI) on the NEX lobster pot and the tweet below.


Afriag moves into medicinal cannabis: has the board been on it already?

2018-06-26 00:34:44

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of NEX-listed (and ex-AIM) Afriag (AFRI). Last night at no-one-is-watching o’clock (5.37pm) a very strange missive emanated from the company, which seems to have left a funny smell lingering in its wake. What’ve they been smoking?


Exclusive: David Lenigas run Afriag Global under formal investigation in South Africa

2018-01-28 11:49:47

I have been shown emails which confirm that NEX Markets listed AIM refugee Afriag Global (AFRI), founded and run by David Lenigas is now under a formal investigation by South Africa's Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC). Given the allegations about Yusuf Kajee and Paul de Robillard, the key players in Afriag earlier today, the company and those involved are now likely to come under inense scrutiny from regulators in London.


Lenigas pal Yusuf Kajee of Afriag Infamy - Turn to pages 97,125,182 - ooh you are awful

2018-01-28 04:32:01

This is not the bombshell revelation about a high profile AIM promoter I promise for today. That will be later. But just for fun....Have you read the new book by South African investigative journalist Jacques Pauw? "The President's Keepers." 


Afriag Global – after-hours placing….or was it Doriemus?

2017-09-13 05:53:24

NEX-lobster pot listed Afriag (AFRI) slipped out a 4.45pm placing announcement last night – a no-one-is-watching o’clock special, raising enough to keep the lights on but not much more. But there seems to have been a spot of confusion over which company was issuing the RNS. Was it Afriag or fellow David Lenigas company Doriemus (DOR) – also of the NEX province?


Afriag rescues baby elephant - aaaaaagh, very sweet photo

2017-03-01 06:21:35

I have not been terribly complimentary about NEX listed Afriag (AFRI) but you need a heart of stone not to go aaaaaagh at this photo and act of kindness below. Over to the SA press which reports:


AfriAg – annual report shows what a spoof Lenigas director buying was

2016-05-31 02:51:57

Delisted from AIM and so now only listed on the ISDX lobster-pot AfriAg (AFRI) published its FY15 Annual Report the other day. You can read it HERE. There remain plenty of unanswered questions (see HERE) but on one point the Annual Report reveals an extraordinary cynicism in the boardroom as it was before former Exec Chairman David Lenigas departed the scene.


Good luck to my pal Yusuf Kajee of Afriag - back in court on fraud charges tomorrow

2016-03-16 02:32:09

Naturally it would be un-Christian of me not to send my best wishes to Mr Yusuf Kajee one of the two tobacco smugglers who together with David Lenigas put together Afriag PLC (AFRI), a company Jabba listed on the AIM Casino but was forced to move to the ISDX lobster pot.


The David Lenigas ISDX liquidity LIE exposed in full - Afriag tanks on Friday

2016-02-27 04:29:31

Throughout the last few months of last year David Lenigas tweeted again and again how an ISDX listing was the answer to all the liquidity nightmares at the bottom end of AIM. Big Dave misled his folowers for reasons I shall explain below but the proof of that lie came on what for me was a good Friday with Afriag. For Jabba The Hutt with yet another lie laid bar this is a disaster.


Afriag & its Tobacco smuggling issues - a Dynamite Letter from SARS emerges

2016-02-26 06:52:17

The tobacco factory at Pietermaritsburg operated by CK Tobacco was at the hear of the Lonrho empire of David Lenigas which found itself emeshed in tobacco smuggling activities some years ago. Ownership of the site passed from Delta Tobacco to CK Tobacco but control remained with Afriag SA principal Yusuf Kajee who in 2011 applied for a new license for his operation from the South African Revenue Service, SARS. An explosive letter that has fallen into my possession shows why that application was refused.


So David Lenigas what is your Afriag pal Yusuf Kajee doing on March 17?

2016-02-26 03:21:21

There has been a deafening silence from Afriag (AFRI) as its shares have moved from the AIM Casino to the ISDX lobster pot. It has repeatedly refused to comment on the problems its key players at its main operating subsidiary, Afriag SA, continues to face. Later today I shall publish documents I have obtained from South Africa which show exactly what those players get up to and as a is illegal. But for now I ask David Lenigas who is at best a keen promoter of this POS if not a shadow director, what his pal - and fellow despicable smearer of critics -  Yusuf Kajee is up to on March 17?


Afriag - you have until 4.30 today to SELL or you are stuck in the lobster pot - the MMs are your guide

2016-02-23 03:26:15

Shameless liar, share ramper and owner of a 100 foot yacht in the Monaco tax haven where he lives, David Lenigas has persistently spun the canard that ISDX is a more liquid market than AIM. We all know this is a lie. Investors in Lenigas Cuba know this is a lie. And tomorrow when Afriag (AFRI) leaves the AIM Casino and trades only on ISDX, its victims ( oops I meant shareholders) will discover that Lenigas is lying. Folks - you have just a few hours to sell - look at the spread!


Afriag - in case you missed the dire news at no-one is watching O'Clock

2016-02-17 01:14:30

At 5.44 PM yesterday Afriag (AFRI) put out the news we sort of expected but now it's official - the shares are uninvestable and must be sold before 23rd February or you will be stuck in the lobster pot.


Afriag and the Real Reason it is to quit AIM

2016-02-04 02:04:06

When announcing that it was to quit AIM and go to the ISDX lobster pot David Lenigas creation Afriag (AFRI) served up all sorts of horseshit to justify the move (see HERE). But it was horeshit (should that be horseshit or is horeshit more appropriate?) and the real reason is...


Afriag to quit the Dodgey City of AIM, BIG WIN for the Sheriff

2016-01-25 06:24:38

"David Lenigas, Yusuf Kajee, Paul de Robillard, Spin Doctor David Bick, Nomad Cairn Financial we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all! Jabba The Hutt, can you hear me? Jabba The Hutt... your Afriag boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!" Yes, Afriag PLC (AFRI) has just announced that it is leaving the AIM Casino and will now only be listed on the ISDX lobster pot and its shares are collapsing. It's ouzo O'Clock for the Sheriff of AIM once again as more bad guys are driven out of town.


Afriag - working hard on rebuilding the Lonrho fraud, another old boy is back

2016-01-20 04:31:49

Our thoughts this morning are, naturally, with Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) as he stands trial in the Pretoria Commercial Crimes Court on fraud charges totalling more than 100 million Rand. Of course Yusuf was one of the players in David Lenigas run LonRho which was sold five years ago only for the new owner to find that its accounts were grotesquely overstated.


Wishing Yusuf Kajee of Afriag the best of luck in Court tomorrow as he faces massive fraud charges

2016-01-19 07:02:37

Don't tell anyone, this, as I have a reputation of being a complete and utter bastard which I am keen to preserve. But the truth is that I am just a nice guy and so feel it my duty to wish Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) the very best of luck tomorrow as he appears in the Pretoria Commercial Crime Court charged with numerous frauds totalling more than 100 million Rand.


Afriag - Yusuf Kajee fraud trial moved to Pretoria next week

2016-01-15 07:38:28

Since he is in Dubai right now, Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) may not have been told that the venue of his fraud trial on 20 January has been moved. I'm always happy to help the old smearer out so...


Do not stigmatise mental health open letter to Cairn Financial re Afriag

2016-01-14 00:51:41

My Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) is aware that my mother killed herself. That has encouraged him on a number of occassions to question my sanity and smear me in a variety of ways on twitter while refusing to answer basic questions about his business activities. He has today stooped to a new low which is truly beneath contempt. This prompts a letter to his Nomad, Cairn Financial. We do live in a civilised 21st century do we not?


Yusuf Kajee of Afriag descends to a new lows in smear campaign as he prepares for Court

2016-01-13 08:05:32

For almost ten days Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) infamy has left me alone, having directed 150 (mostly smearing) tweets at me over Christmas and refused to answer my questions about his company. But today's revelations that he is heading to Court on fraud charges have brought a furious response seeing the man to sink to a new low.


Breaking: Yusuf Kajee of Afriag in Court on 20 January on multi million rand fraud charges

2016-01-13 04:07:33

Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) has yet to answer any of the questions I sent him over Christmas. Now here is another for him: "When were you going to tell us about your Court case in South Africa on 20 January?"


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Afriag, ImageScan, Kefi, Management Res Solutions, Physiomics & Wishbone

2016-01-13 03:43:03

Featuring shares in Afriag (AFRI), Image Scan (IGE), Kefi Minerals (KEFI), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Physiomics (PYC) and Wishbone Gold (WSBN) with share price targets set for all six stocks.


Tom Winnifrith's sixth share tip of the year - sell Afriag at 0.15p - target 0p

2016-01-03 10:49:21

Throughout the Christmas period one of the two principals of AIM listed Afriag (AFRI) has trolled me on twitter, sending me almost 150 tweets accusing me of extortion, taking bribes, of being a coke addict, a drunk, having no qualifications other than serving pizza, of being mad - based on the fact that my mother killed herself- , etc. Yusuf also offered me a bribe to buy shares in Afriag. He has failed to answer critical questions about Afriag (AFRI) and today came up with the most lamentable excuse yet for not answering.


Yusuf Kajee of Afriag refuses to answer questions goes back to TW mother suicide smear

2016-01-02 07:40:37

David Lenigas associate Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI) has spent the festive season smearing and trying to bribe me. He asked that I email questions. I did just that HERE. He has not answered. Instead he has again taken to twitter explicitly accusing me of having psychiatric issues caused by my mothers suicide. He tweeted just now:


Tired of smearing and attempting to bribe Tom Winnifrith, Afriag's Yusuf Kajee demands questions - ok, part 1

2016-01-01 08:05:49

AIM Listed Afriag PLC (AFRI) shares should be suspended on Monday because of the mass of questions I have flagged up on this website HERE. One of the two principal players in the business, Yusuf Kajee, has spent the holidays sending me more than 130 tweets smearing me in the most repugnant manner possible (HERE) and also trying to bribe me (HERE). Now he asks for questions.


Afriag the smears continue and now Yousuf Kajee tries to bribe Tom Winnifrith

2015-12-30 09:14:03

Yousuf Kajee, the man who with tobacco smuggler Paul de Robillard, are the principal players in David Lenigas creation (AFRI) sent another 30 tweets overnight with some classic smears but also a bribe. Does Nomad Cairn really feel happy about its clients offering to bribe journalists?


Yusaf Kajee of Afriag plays man not ball accuses Tom Winnifrith of mental illness, cocaine addiction and worse

2015-12-29 06:26:04

He learned from the master of twitter abuse David Lenigas. Do not answer mammoth questions raised over Christmas about tobacco smuggling & criminal enquiries underway (HERE) or why shares in Afriag MUST be suspended (HERE), instead Mr Yusuf Kajee has sent me more than one hundred abusive tweets making the most lurid of (unfounded) allegations. You can see some below.


Afriag - why its shares must be suspended now: part 2

2015-12-26 00:53:37

On Christmas Day I demonstrated clearly that the two main principals of Afriag (AFRI) had a serial record of being involved with companies engaged in tobacco smuggling in South Africa. That they are now running a logistics business in South Africa is the AIM Casino equivalent of putting a fox in charge of the hen house. But there is also a technical reason why the shares must be suspended at once. And will then never come back.


Afriag - why this company is not fit to be on AIM: Yusuf Kajee, Paul de Robillard and the criminal activities

2015-12-24 12:31:18

AIM Listed Afriag (AFRI) the brainchild of David Lenigas purports to be in investment company. This is a smokescreen. Sure it has small investments in five itty bitty AIM stocks connected to African Agriculture but its main business, which dwarfs everything else, is s 40% stake in Afriag SA which is 60% owned by DRK a British company jointly owned by Paul de Robillard and Yusuf Kajee.


On the First Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...something from the Lenigas tree

2015-12-21 07:15:08

The attempts of David Lenigas et al to hide the Afriag Magazine from investors have been foiled. Now you can read about Yusuf, Paul of Rollex infamy, rebranded tobacco factories from the Lonrho days and so much more thanks to ShareProphets and kind readers who assisted us... Dave, what exactly are you trying to hide?


Afriag - why has "that magazine" disappeared - what are you hiding?

2015-12-21 07:00:43

Even before the shock resignation of fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas today, Afriag (AFRI) was a slam dunk sell. It is almost out of cash, is burning cash and its major asset is a 40% stake in a a Zim South business run by "colourful " Yusuf Kajee & Paul de Robillard, a man accused by Lonrho when run by David Lenigas of being a tobacco smuggler and whose company before Afriag is the subject of a live criminal investigation in South Africa. Paul & Yusuf featured heavily in a ramptastic Afriag Magazine published two weeks ago on the Afriag website.  But...


Afriag - More questions for Jabba The Hutt: this stinks

2015-12-17 08:07:59

With a hat tip to Duck and Dive on the comments section on this website, I now revisit the shadowy group that brought AfriAg plc (AFRI) into existence an exercise that throws up yet more questions for Jabba the Hutt, useless Nomad Cairn and the chocolate teapots round at AIM Regulation. 


Afriag - David Lenigas caught lying in another RNS and hello again to an old friend from Lonrho

2015-12-17 02:36:29

Does anyone at AIM actually care whether David Lenigas tells the truth in any RNS statements any more? It appears that Nomad Cairn and AIM regulation do not give a FF. I shall now demonstrate to you a slam dunk and material untruth in an Afriag (AFRI) RNS.


David Lenigas - please explain why you have not got a problem with the Takover Panel re AfriAg

2015-12-17 00:48:45

I refer readers to THIS PIECE a few minutes ago from Tom Winnifrith. It asks whether an entity called Marsden Resources Limited is, in fact, an indirect interest of David Lenigas. Now then, let's turn back to THIS RNS released by AIM-listed AfriAg plc (AFRI) in its former name of 3D Resources plc on 10 Dec 2012. It details a big issue of shares and various major shareholders.


David Lenigas - tell us about Marsden Resources Ltd NOW!

2015-12-17 00:48:30

This is very very simple. I shall state the known facts about Marsden Resources Ltd. And then Jabba The Hutt can explian this all away either by twitter or with an RNS for Afriag (AFRI) or direct to AIM Regulation. Big Dave it is your call.


AfriAg plc and the acquisition where the official records don’t stack up

2015-12-16 08:19:04

We have already shown some anomalies regarding the acquisition of 40% of AfriAg (Pty) Limited (which we refer to as AfriAg SA) by AIM-listed AfriAg plc (AFRI). But there are more and so, just to help Big Dave Lenigas answer the questions – which he no doubt will with full and convincing explanations – here they are. Naturally we wish to help Mr Lenigas clear the air and remove any inkling of suspicion. We are nice guys, and we simply want to help Big Dave clear things up for everyone.


Afriag wants to fly me to South Africa - - why that is not needed

2015-12-16 03:07:26

Clearly the twitter addiction of David Lenigas is contagious as his Afriag (AFRI) colleague Yusuf Ismail Kajee is plaguing me on twitter with dozens of tweets, he is emailing and posting here in ShareProphets an invitation to South Africa. Where Yusuf fitted in at Lonrho and at Afriag in the world of tobacco is explained HERE. The original message reads:


Anatomy of a pump and dump - Afriag & the de Robillards

2015-12-15 09:03:25

The birth of AfriAg (AFRI) saw the hand of Jabba The Hutt's old mucker Paul de Robillard present, almost right from the start.  Lenigas and Mr de Robillard appear to have worked together on this AfriAG (SA/plc/UK/whatever) venture almost right from the beginning. 


Afriag - More questions for Paul de Robillard - tell us about the criminal investigation into Doltek Enterprises

2015-12-15 06:06:00

We have already seen that when Lonrho ( then chairman Jabba The Hutt) subsidiary Rollex was caught tobacco smuggling, it said that the company was blameless but this was merely PA activity by Paul de Robillard (HERE). Notwithstanding this David Lenigas vehicle Afriag's (AFRI) biggest investment is a 40% stake in another Robillard company (Afriag SA) involved in logistics. But here's a third Robillard company, Doltek.


David Lenigas panics over Afriag revelations and signs its AIM death warrant on twitter

2015-12-14 09:28:01

Sometimes when the bad guys come under pressure it all gets too much for them and they panic and make a silly mistake. The Quindell "response to a blogger" statement actually gave proof of certain frauds. It was a blunder made in panic. And that brings us to David Lenigas who was so panicked by yesterday's Afriag (AFRI) bombshells and so effectively signed the AIM death warrant of the company with one single panicked tweet.


SHOCKER: AfriAg plc – Er…about that investment in AfriAg PTY Ltd?

2015-12-14 08:19:51

Lots of questions are being asked about AIM-listed AfriAg plc (AFRI) at the moment, notably HERE. A few more arise out of the company’s Annual Report for 2013 which lead back to the acquisition of 40% of the South African entity called AfriAg (Pty) Limited. We’ll call that AfriAg SA. It seems to open something of a can of worms, as shall become clear in what follows.


AfriAg - is Jabba The Hutt sure about the balance sheet?

2015-12-14 07:29:03

The real elephants in the room for AfriAg (AFRI) are the bombshell issues flagged on Sunday and another few matters that I shall be raising during the next couple of hours. But there is also the matter of whether its (cash light) balance sheet has been reported in a somewhat optimistic manner.


David Lenigas tries a pre-emptive twitter smear as the Afriag construct is laid bare

2015-12-13 05:43:41

Jabba The Hutt knew I was running a piece today on Afriag (AFRI) so braced the lemmings, the few peasants who still believe him, with a twitter smear callimg me a drunken twirp (sic) and predicting I would produce a whole new set of "unfounded lies". I have never penned one lie on Jabba, all my damning criticisms are valid and today's Afriag article is no different in that respect, it is a bombshell. Just in case the former Lonrho chairman wants something else to tweet about here is some more.


Tobacco smuggling and a tale of two AfriAgs - the ghost of LonRho with David Lenigas

2015-12-12 16:00:16

Fridays focus of ramping for David Lenigas was AIM listed AfriAg (AFRI) But what is this company and who is involved? I sense the ghost of LonRho, what follows makes this an uber-bargepole stock


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Afriag, Cloudbuy, Patagonia Gold, Strategic Minerals, Surgical Innovations

2015-12-11 21:11:00

Featuring shares in Afriag (AFRI), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Patagonia Gold (PGD), Strategic Minerals (SML) and Surgical Innovations (SUN) with share price targets set for all five stocks.


David Lenigas and his Afriag share purchases - there is only one explanation

2015-12-03 01:00:30

David Lenigas, made great play some weeks ago of how he had spent £60,000 buying 15 million shares in AfriAg (AFRI) at 0.4p and 0.45p. With the shares now at 0.24p to sell it was not Jabba The Hutt's greatest trade but the question is why did he do it all?


Afriag - when's the placing Mr Jabba The Hutt

2015-12-02 08:05:18

Shares in Afriag (AFRI) continue to slide despite token share purchases by fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas, aka Jabba The Hutt. They now trade at just 0.24p valuing the company at £3.3 million. It ain't worth it. The last placing, 13 months ago ( unlucky for some, like those who participated) was at 0.4p. In absolute terms that was a poor investment, relative to most Jabba stocks it is quite a good result.


Afriag – C’mon Big David Lenigas: when’s the placing?

2015-10-09 02:02:44

No doubt Big Dave will tweet that he does not read my material but that I am 100% wrong. Just like he did when I said LGO Energy (LGO) was going to do a placing. Then it did one. So shall we double up Big Dave? When is Afriag (AFRI) going to do a placing? Methinks VERY SOON.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Afriag, Falkland Oil & Gas, Sirius Minerals

2015-09-25 04:20:51

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Afriag (AFRI), Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL), Sirius Minerals (SXX) and offer some share price targets.


At 0.36p, is Afriag worth a gamble?

2015-09-16 02:54:10

A seemingly innocuous Tweet from David Lenigas on Monday, distancing himself from the looming Sefton Resources (SER) catastrophe, might be an indicator of good things to come for shares of Afriag (AFRI). At 0.36p last seen, Afriag is worth a touch under £5million. There has been little to no market interest in this stock for most of this year. In the last 54 trading session, Afriag has recorded 22 zero volume days and the share price has flat lined. So why might Lenigas feel so committed to this apparent dead duck of a stock?


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Afriag, President Energy, Sound Oil

2015-06-17 01:07:17

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Afriag (AFRI), President Energy (PPC), Sound Oil (SOU)


AfriaAg - a cute Africa play or just another David Lenigas promote: watch the video and you decide

2014-08-03 09:42:15

Is Afriag (AFRI) the cute way to get investment exposure to Africa? Or do you want any exposure to that continent at all? Is it just another David Lenigas shares promote? Watch a video of the .man himself explaining the investment case at the UK Investor Show and you decide.


The Lenigas Series Part One: Sell Afriag & Sell Rare Earth Minerals

2014-07-15 07:39:01

Today I start a new side column for ShareProphets in which I plan to go through the swathes of David Lenigas companies on AIM. Naturally David says all his companies are cheap and uses flamboyant language to capture the attention of retail punters. I have looked at Leni Gas (LGO) before so I begin by sharing my thoughts on Afriag (AFRI) and Rare Earth Minerals (REM). 


UK Investor Show 2014 video - David Lenigas of AfriAg

2014-04-17 22:25:52

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by David Lenigas of Afriag (AFRI).


Doc Holiday’s tips of the year 2014, Number 1 – Buy Afriag at 1.14p

2013-12-29 19:06:50

Season’s greetings to one and all. Today I embark on the future vision of what I hope to be the shares to buy for 2014.  


Afriag –Overhang cleared: buy

2013-12-04 18:06:16

A few days ago I covered Afriag (AFRI) and today came the first bit of news that I wanted to hear. The shares are up to 1.23p but are still a buy.


Buy AfriAg at 1.15p

2013-12-02 11:34:13

Back in the summer I covered Afriag (AFRI) at 1.3p after interviewing David Lenigas. I suggested the 1.3p stock would sharpishly become 2p. Fortune favoured the brave and there was a stack of reasons why investors would miss the rise then as they might now. 


AfriAg Q&A with its chairman David Lenigas

2013-07-26 00:54:19

Shareprophets quizzes serial entrepreneur David Lenigas about his latest AIM listed vehicle - Afriag (AFRI) which is a relatrive newcomer, via reversal into a shell, onto AIM.


Afriag – Something Brewing?

2013-07-23 01:56:17

This company is only two months old. It was formed out of an old AIM listed vehicle 3D Resources (3DR) and is now an investing company. But unlike most investing companies on AIM AfriAg ( AFRI) does seem to have a plan other than fees all round for the advisors and directors.

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