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Amigo – pass the sick bucket

2019-05-28 10:56:04

It has already been established that I am not a do-gooder when I invest. My personal lifestyle is really quite boring but buying tobacco, alcoholic beverage, defence or gambling stocks - among other demerit areas - is really not an issue for me at all. Frankly, I would rather be this way around than some charlatan who sticks out the well-worn 'do as I say not as I do' line. However there are listed companies out there that I just take an immediate dislike to...and this brings me to Amigo Holdings (AMGO)...


I hope Amigo investors are loving their teeny tiny dividend

2018-11-28 05:16:22

Back in late August I wrote an article about Amigo (AMGO) following the IPO of the 'pioneer of the guarantor loan concept for the non-standard market'. Having concluded last time that 'Amigo is no friend of mine, neither as a user, an underlying lender or a potential share investor', how did yesterday's first half numbers look?


Amigo is no friend of mine

2018-08-30 07:47:18

I know somebody who regularly trots out the line 'all that matters is how much money you make'. I am a big supporter of capitalism and laissez-faire thought but this is such a naive statement to make. Economists would talk about the need to factor in externalities and additionally I would cite that life is a trade-off problem...and a single minded pursuit of money, to the detriment of absolutely everything else, tends to bite you where it hurts at some point. Now before I convince myself that Jezza is the red saviour of our proud country...time to talk about Amigo (AMGO).

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