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Argo Blockchain US fundraise is at just 109p - no wonder ELEVEN brokers managed to get it away

2021-09-23 13:06:49

Yes, you read that correctly, the US ADR placing of Argo Blockchain (ARB) involved ELEVEN different brokers. Jefferies, Barclays, Canaccord Genuity, Stifel, GMP, Compass Point, D.A. Davidson & Co, Ladenburg Thalmann, Roth Capital Partners, finnCap and Tennyson Securities are the team batting for Argo and will no doubt boast that they raised £82.4 million having targeted just £75 million. But…


Argo Blockchain – the bitcoin price goes up so it borrows more money, this makes no sense at all

2021-09-10 14:24:10

The cash crisis at Argo Blockchain (ARB) becomes more evident by the day which is why, though this company is heavily operational and financially geared to the price of 21st century tulip bulbs, its shares have massively underperformed bitcoin during its recent sharp rally. Today’s news is that Argo has taken advantage of the bitcoin spike to borrow even more dollars.


Times when it is best to retire to the pavilion

2021-08-28 14:34:39

I have been a critic of Argo Blockchain (ARB) for an awfully long time. It is run by sharp promoters and backed by some nasty spivs. And it seems to me that it has failed woefully to address the issues flagged up a few weeks ago in the recent Boatman bear dossier HERE.


Argo Blockchain spouts green shite but still will not answer fundamental questions so here is another!

2021-08-17 12:28:43

Another day and another announcement from Argo Blockchain (ARB) the company that is spending $17.5 million buying some Texas scrub land worth $168,000. It is more green hype which might impress some of the ESG loving millennial fund managers who Chris Bailey is keen on, but cash guzzling Argo refuses to address the herds of elephants in the room.


BREAKING: Here is another multi million dollar lawsuit Argo Blockchain neglected to tell you about

2021-08-10 08:34:59

There was no RNS when the papers below were filed on April 7. There is no mention in the annual report which came out 22 days later. That is a bit odd given that the cost of this case could run into millions of dollars. Who would have thought after yesterday’s shock revelations HERE that the fine chaps at Argo Blockchain (ARB) would either (again) stand accused of being such rotters and also not tell investors about price sensitive data?


Video: Argo CEO/Chairman Peter Wall fails to deal with Boatman report - 3 out of 10 for artistic interpretation, nil for technical merit

2021-08-10 08:16:38

The proper way to respond to the Boatman dossier was via RNS but that needs regulatory sign off so the fellow who dumped millions of dollars worth of shares at 243p just a couple of weeks before Argo Blockchain (ARB) did a major placing at 200p recorded a video which you can see below. He covers the "report" but does not name it just in case folks actually are encouraged to go read it. It is a poor rebuttal.


BREAKING: Truly Explosive Bear Dossier on Argo Blockchain from Boatman - anyone owning this stock is bonkers, short it if you can

2021-08-09 08:04:01

This 17 page dossier from Boatman Capital of Babcock (BAB) fame is just out this very second and is dynamite. I have repeatedly warned folks that Argo Blockchain (ARB) failed the smell test on a number of counts and that its valuation was insane but even I did not dream that things could be this bad. What is not alleged, but proved, in this dossier is dynamite and the shares should be suspended at once with heads forced to roll over what we now know. Of coursemillenial  ESG freak fund managers are still drooling over the company appointing 3 women to the board the other day. To them that is far more important than a Texas land deal that stinks to high heaven and a legal dispute which suggests the company has not a shred of corporate integrity.  The FCA may well consider a share suspension, ahead of that the shares are a nil brainer slam dunk sell/short This is superb research. Enjoy! 


Argo Blockchain – takes out bitcoin backed loan – where has all the money gone?

2021-06-29 09:41:46

On 8 March 2021, a couple of weeks after directors dumped millions of pounds worth of shares at 243p, Argo Blockchain (ARB) raised £26.8 million at 200p. So where has all the money gone?


EXPLOSIVE: Argo Blockchain – why did it hide bad news allowing director share dumping and £27m share placing?

2021-06-03 09:58:52

Surely the FCA has to come down on Main Market listed Argo Blockchain (ARB) like a ton of bricks because it has today admitted that it suppressed and hid from investors bad news so that its shares could be pumped allowing directors to dump millions of pounds worth of stock and then, a few days later to do a £27 million placement. How can this not be a criminal breach of the rules by a £610 million capitalised company? Here is the shocking timeline.


ShareProphets readers tips for 2021 competition – Easter update

2021-04-05 10:01:04

Having asked for readers tips for 2021 for the prize of 1/2 litre of Tom Winnifrith's Greek Hovel olive oil (2021 harvest) HERE, the following is an update on performance as at Easter (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a once per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE or AIM casino and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2021)...


Argo Blockchain placing & director share dumping – surely this is the wrong way round?

2021-03-09 14:26:14

Last night, Argo Blockchain (ARB) announced a bookbuild and Primary Bid offer to raise £26.8 million at 200p. It was hugely oversubscribed. This sector is hot and both retail and institutional investors could not get enough. Good luck to them all.


Is it time to bank a more than 450% profit on Argo Blockchain?

2020-12-29 12:25:21

Just over a year ago I covered a ‘mining’ share as a speculative buy, and it was very different to the natural resources companies that I normally cover, as it was mining Bitcoin rather than any metal or other commodity.


I don't pretend to understand the technical side of Argo Blockchain, but I can see plenty of upside potential - speculative buy

2019-12-01 12:47:38

At first glance Argo Blockchain (ARB) seems to be very different to the type of companies that I normally cover within the natural resources sector, but the actual economics of the business isn’t all that dissimilar.


Argo Blockchain – disingenuity ahead of sack-the-board General Meeting

2019-05-10 08:13:07

Argo Blockchain (ARB) has updated including that it “reiterates that it expects to be operating cash breakeven during May… expects to turn EBITDA break-even in the second half of this year” but also that it “has recently contracted to purchase 1,000 S17's for a total consideration of £1.7m to be put into production in early July”


Richard Jennings is 100% right (on this) - sack the board at Argo Blockchain at the EGM

2019-04-28 16:03:01

Richard Jennings is wrong about a good few things. Very wrong. But on certain matters (cats, Greece, donating money to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks) he cannot be faulted. And his logic in arguing to sack the board at Argo Blockchain (ARB) is 100% correct. We will be casting FIML votes in favour of the resolution to do so and we urge all others to do the same. Over to the Align Research boss to explain why:


Argo Blockchain – full-year results, what for the cash-backing? BUY

2019-04-20 08:12:00

Argo Blockchain (ARB) has announced results for the period from its incorporation on 7th December 2017 to 31st December 2018, including “the group expects to turn EBITDA break-even in the second half of this year”


Argo Blockchain – Sack the board EGM called, very odd events... but a buy

2019-04-03 06:45:49

Argo Blockchain (ARB) has announced that it has received a shareholder requisition notice from Lynchwood Nominees Limited, which owns 14% of the company's voting capital, to convene a general meeting at which resolutions would be proposed to remove Jonathan Bixby and Mike Edwards (and any other director appointed on or after 15 March) as directors of the company and to appoint an as-yet unidentified person to the board as a director. The board understands that First Investments Holding Limited is the beneficial owner of the shares held and referred to by Lynchwood...


Argo Blockchain - now a buy?

2019-03-20 03:50:28

Recently Argo Blockchain (ARB) announced a “Strategy Update” including “as a result of the challenging conditions, the company has ceased accepting new mining subscriptions and will terminate all existing mining-as-a-service contracts by 1st April 2019”. Particularly not good as the company only listed in August 2018! – that at 16p in an IPO our own Tom Winnifrith stagged (unsuccessfully); by the time of the noted announcement the shares had fallen to around 3p – but they have now recovered a bit and there looks a good chance of more to come…


Argo Blockchain: Richard Jennings says it is like being paid £10 to hand over a fiver but I think he's talking bollocks

2019-02-15 04:19:55

I am a shareholder in the disaster that is Argo Blockchain (ARB) thanks, I think, to Richard Jennings of Align who suggested I back the IPO. Richard is a bull after today's news but as I explain in bearcast HERE I am not and think he is talking bollocks. But in the interests of balance here is what Richard has to say:


Argo Blockchain - 195% upside in share price claims Gollum

2018-08-07 07:15:23

We had the bear case on Argo Blockchain (ARB) from Cynical Bear over the weekend, I corrected a few points in bearcast yesterday but admit that I am clueless about my first blockchain stag. Now we have the bull case, 195% upside from 12.5p. The shares are now 13p. I should caveat that the detailed research report below was penned by the dribbling refugee from the Northern slums, the widely despised Richard "Gollum" Gill but if you are interested...


Argo Blockchain: Congrats to Adrian Beeston, the Golden Fleece has been well and truly found

2018-08-05 09:11:18

I have a grudging admiration for the stock promoters that inhabit the lower reaches of AIM or the Standard List playing around with cash shells and investment vehicles looking for the next big thing such as Chris Akers, Peter Redmond, Geoffrey Dart etc. Just sometimes it goes spectacularly right and I take my hat off to Adrian Beeston who has pulled off a fabulous heist at Argo Blockchain (ARB).


Stagging a Blockchain IPO – Argo

2018-08-03 07:40:20

No, I still do not understand this blockchain malarkey but FWIW we have stagged the IPO of Argo Blockchain (ARB) on the standard list today at 16p. The fund raise was just so impressive. Argo set out to raise just £6 million.

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