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ShareProphets AIM-China 'Filthy Forty' – another one bites the dust, just 8 left (& another on its way)

2018-01-17 08:27:18

This morning it was announced that Alpha Returns Group (ARGP) has been unable to replace Roland Fatty Cornish as Nomad and that it is off to the AIM Execution Chamber over the weekend. With Haike Chemical (HAIK) having announced yesterday that it is considering (ie certain to) delist, that will be the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty down to just seven companies. They are still dropping like flies, then.


Filthy Forty Alpha Returns Group – Nomad problems, shares suspended

2017-12-19 04:30:22

AIM-listed Alpha Returns Group (ARGP) is not only a member of our Filthy Forty, but also has an interesting past as the disaster that was Digital Learning Marketplace (DLM) under Angus Forrest (recently departed from Tern plc). Its Nomad, until 18 October, was ZAI Corporate Finance but ZAI lost its Nomad licence. So Alpha Returns turned (or, rather, returned) to Beaumont Cornish.


ZAI and Ray Zimmerman – more issues of (lack of) due diligence and supervision by the worst Nomad on AIM

2015-03-20 04:10:31

Yesterday’s shock revelation by Tom Winnifrith HERE  that Ray Zimmerman’s ZAI Corporate Finance had been on the receiving end of an 80-page reprimand for its failures as a Nomad in due diligence and monitoring of its clients was stunning.


Alpha Returns Group and the subsidiary with TWO conflicting sets of accounts: now they want to go for voluntary strike off.

2015-03-18 03:45:08

You read that correctly: as discussed HERE one of the two subsidiaries of Alpha Returns (ARGP), Shidu Investments Ltd, filed two conflicting sets of full year accounts for the same period to April 2013. The first set says it raised £50k in cash by issuing shares and turned it into £102k of cash, but ran up £122k of payables over the year. The second set of accounts says the company was dormant and the only asset was £50k of UNPAID share capital.


Alpha Returns Group – Companies House Filings and Orwellian Doublethink

2015-02-14 03:44:48

The Deputy Sheriff’s Office is in a state of perplexed confusion. Quite what to make of what follows is, well, stretching sanity. It concerns a subsidiary company of Alpha Returns Group plc (ARGP) called Shidu Investments Ltd, which was formed in Apr 2012 and by Apr 2013 was wholly owned by the plc. As such, it had to file full annual accounts, but only filed abbreviated accounts to Companies House. Hang on to your hats, this is not an easy read – but it is shocking. Oh, the stench….


Alpha Returns gets a prod from Companies House – but this is a symptom of ANOTHER AIM Casino scandal breaking

2014-11-22 03:05:25

I noted in my article HERE  that the company formerly known as Digital Learning Marketplace plc (DLM), then Shidu Capital plc (SDC) and is now called Alpha Returns Group plc (ARGP) has a subsidiary called Shidu Investments Ltd, which filed just an abbreviated balance sheet as its annual accounts to April 2013 under a smaller companies exemption. But as part of a group of companies containing a plc this exemption does not apply. I wondered why the board of Shidu Investments had seemingly broken the rules: was there something to hide?


Same AIM casino shit, different company – Quindell & Shidu

2014-10-13 06:33:14

Tom Winnifrith has described in detail how Ingenie, a subsidiary of Quenron (QPP) filed an abbreviated set of numbers for its 2013 Accounts to Companies House, claiming a smaller company exemption when it was not entitled to as it was part of a group of companies which included a listed plc – and, indeed its business was in insurance. Tom wonders why – is somebody trying to hide something? But is is not just Quindell which seems to be playing this game….


Alpha Returns and the murky world of Shidu – this stinks

2014-09-21 11:14:56

In 2012 Digital Learning Marketplace plc (DLM) was in financial trouble which eventually saw the company restructured into a cash shell. I’ve already written on a placing of shares in Aug 2012 which contravened the Placing Letters, untrue RNS releases, the issue of unannounced loans - in particular a £50k convertible loan issued 1st Oct 2012 which mysteriously survived a CVA which was part of the restructuring and a whole lot more besides.


The shocking Cesspit take of woe at Digital Learning Part 4 - it gets more shocking

2014-06-04 06:53:06

Mild mannered music teacher turned forensic corporate investigator Nigel Somerville continues his series into events at Digital Learning marketplace (DLM) now Alpha Returns (ARGP) – the noose is tightening on a number of City folk, careers are set to be terminated by these shocking revelations.


The sordid tale of AIM Cesspit listed Digital Learning. Now Alpha Returns Part 3

2014-05-31 13:49:53

TW writes: This five part series of how private investors were lied to and ripped off on the AIM Cesspit is already making waves. Make no mistake heads will be rolling, folks will be getting fired and the regulators will be acting as a result of the dynamite revelations of Nigel Somerville. The story continues in part 3…


AIM Regulation formally asked to investigate Beaumont Cornish & "Fatty"

2014-05-30 11:53:40

We seem to be having a bit of a run in with Roland "Fatty" Cornish of Nominated Advisor Beaumont Cornish. First there was the little matter of New World Oil & Gas – see HERE.  Now we come to events at what is now Alpha Returns (ARGP) and matters from 2012 revealed by Nigel Somerville earlier today HERE


Part Two of a Five Part tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit: DLM now Alpha Returns

2014-05-30 06:50:26

We continue our 5 part series on the tale of Digital Learning Marketplace, now Alpha Returns (ARGP). This is a simple tale of crony capitalism, the transfer of wealth from the many to the few. But was it all legal? Were investors lied to? The plot thickens as we meet Angus Forrest.


A 5 part tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit - DLM, now Alpha Returns

2014-05-29 11:03:31

A cautionary tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit, a new five part series begins today...

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