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Take a Peek at this Progressive Medical Pioneer Which Plans a New Trial in the Fight Against Cancer

2019-06-04 08:17:54

Hello Share Makers. A company which I often return to because I think the potential is enormous is Avacta (AVCT). This is a Leeds-based medical pioneer which is developing artificial antibodies in the treatment of many serious conditions. The shares have just jumped on plans for a major study...


The Man at the Global Group UK Investor Show Encourages Me to Stick with Avacta

2019-04-03 00:06:42

Hello Share Turners. There were loads of small companies hoping to attract your attention at the legendary Global Group UK Investor Show at the weekend. And it’s likely they wouldn't expose themselves to your criticism if they were not confident in their future. One of a phalanx of medical pioneers which takes a stand every year is Avacta (AVCT)...


More Good News for this Medical Pioneer Which Makes War on Three of our Most Common Cancers

2019-02-08 01:05:46

Hello Share Twiddlers. There are few times I’m moved to revisit shares I’ve only recently commended. But occasionally the case for a company’s rosy prospects is so interesting that there’s justification for looking at the latest news. Avacta (AVCT) is a medical pioneer which I chose as a tip for 2019 on this wonderful website over Christmas. So much has happened for this Yorkshire firm lately that it’s hard to keep up with events...


I Can't See Why New Deals Won't Be Struck by Avacta - and if they Are, Expect a Perky Share Price

2019-01-22 01:10:25

Hello Share Charmers. So far, one of my pair of 2019 official tips on this magnificent website, Avacta (AVCT) has been charging ahead. But I think the success story could only just be starting. A trading update just released is firmly positive...


Good News Keeps On Flowing for this Yorkshire Medical Pioneer

2018-12-13 01:16:46

Hello Share Swashers. This may be the first time I’ve written three wall-to-wall articles about any company. But yet more positive news has broken from Avacta (AVCT), the medical pioneer. And I think it makes considering this interesting share even more compelling...


Avacta - Part Two: the Korean Connection

2018-12-12 01:16:39

Hello, Share Pickers. Occasionally, limits of space curb doing justice to a share I’ve high hopes of. This was the case with Avacta (AVCT), which I dragged to your attention this week. Allow me to add two further aspects to my view of this thrilling share...


Big Funding from Korea Could Mean a Sizzling Future for this Modest Medical Pioneer

2018-12-11 01:15:24

Hello, Share Bouncers. As the big shares continue to topple on the Brexit mess to end all messes, I still find myself in decent shape. And that’s because penny shares have a mind of their own, not usually affected by dodgy events of the day. Yes, I’m a big believer in the cheapos. My jumbo winner so far this week surged 32% in a day...


Medical Marriage of Ideas Could Speed Avacta to Greater Glory - at Last

2018-07-25 07:23:31

Hello, Share Dollies. One of those shares which never does much, despite what seems on paper to be a promising future is Avacta (AVCT). It's a maker of vet's stuff and also has a big interest in affimers, which are a substitute for antibodies for human medical research and diagnostics.


Medical Pioneer Avacta and Some Finnish Boffins Show these Shares are Worth A Look

2018-05-23 00:20:31

Hello, Share Planners. It’s been a while since I’ve revisited Avacta (AVCT), the firm looking at substitutes for antibodies in the great war against disease. But I’ve had two imperatives to look again at this interesting share. The first is that Avacta is also interested in treatment for animals and I had a sad journey to the vets today.


Avacta Seems Stuck, but if its Antibody Substitutes Really Take Off, Well, Hang onto Your Stethoscope

2017-08-24 00:14:16

Hello, Share Squashers. As the usual boring summer for share shifters drags on, with hardly any exciting action on the Footsie front and most penny shares at a standstill, we all struggle to find spare value in any stocks at the moment. I’m keeping faith with most of my old faithfuls, even if some of them, like Photo-Me (PHTM) and Feedback (FDBK) seem to dither around without adding any value. This is possibly due to the time of year, as many traders are away for the school holidays. 


A Green Light From China Could Cure a Lacklustre Share Price for this 'Sticky Things' Developer

2017-05-11 00:03:44

Hello Share Takers. It’s ironical to call Avacta (AVCT) one of my favourite shares when it has only made a modest profit for me so far. And it’s taken a long time to do that. But it does seem to me that this medical pioneer is onto something. And a little talk with a couple of its big cheeses at last month’s stunning UK Investor Show strengthened that feeling.


This Medical Pioneer Deserves a Higher Share Price as More Good News Comes In

2017-04-05 00:30:05

Hello Share Screamers. We all know that investing in medical pioneers is a risky area. I’m still smarting from my losses with Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) whose woes are under constant critical surveillance by Uncle Tom. But I believe that all share players have a bit of a duty to support selected medical pioneers. Think how much real suffering you will alleviate if the products being tried really do come off.


How the May Plan Will Benefit Our Shares - If It Ever Happens

2017-01-25 01:14:19

If the Prime Minister does a fraction of what she promised in her big speech this week, we can see shares soar like a stone from a ballista. But talk is cheap. However, as I’m not a cynical soul, there was the odd thing said which gave me hope - and I’m talking about my personal share portfolio. But I expect we hold a lot of sectors in common.


Fancy a Medical Pioneer that May Get Better in 2017? Look In Avacta

2017-01-10 01:10:25

Hello Share Raisers. One share which I bracket among my stronger tips for 2017 is a company which provides diagnostic tools for vets. But its real potential, I believe, is in something called affimers. These are rather a mystery to me, but seem to be a substitute for antibodies. These, as we all know, fight disease.


Big Grant Helps Avacta Sort Sheep From Goats - and Up Goes the Share Price

2016-08-10 23:55:12

Hello Share Twirlers. I’m indulging myself lately by featuring a few of my picks that are doing rather well at the moment. The last one we looked at was IQE, the electronics pioneer, which has been rattling ahead after a rather poor period, when I’m glad to say, I managed to hold my nerve. Now the share seems pretty perky. Today’s success story is Avacta (AVCT).


The Yorkshire Firm with An Important Tool in the Fight Against the Zika Virus.

2016-06-23 00:09:46

On the day of the big Brexit vote, the best shares for me to bring to your notice are the ones which staying in or coming  should make no difference. One company which fits this bill and which has just made an exciting announcement is Avacta (AVCT). I have brought this life science outfit to your attention before. And so far not much has happened to the share price.


One of My Favourite Life Science Bunnies is Still Boldly Growing Where It’s Share Price Has Never Gone Before. - Avacta

2015-08-04 23:48:27

As you know, if we mention shares on here we cannot trade for a few days. That’s in case we get all enthusiastic over a company and then sell it during the supposed rush to buy, such as Avacta (AVCT).


My Pennies Are on the Rise. Especially Avacta the Mighty.

2015-06-18 23:32:39

As the big shares all decay, as I write, due to the Greek woes, the penny shares are, as usual, largely unaffected. And some of my large stable of cheapie are doing well enough to offset the disappointment in my Footsie collection.


Malcolm Stacey’s Easter share tips No 3 - Avacta

2015-04-06 03:11:34

A year ago, I had three beautiful cats. Now I have only one. In between, came some agonising trips to the vets to try and save two lives. It was not possible in the end, though of course my family did everything they could to postpone the inevitable.


Time for Avactar to Show Animal Magic.

2014-03-13 07:45:07

Hello Share Shakers: Sadly, we've had to put to sleep our loving cat, Tumble. Aside from missing him badly, this set-back depresses me because I do not hold with euthanasia.


Make Allowances for Slow Fallers – ref Avacta

2013-11-29 09:44:08

Hello Share Animals: I have a holding in a company called Avacta (AVCT). No they don't make films about blue people fighting for survival in 3D.


A Cosy Feeling Going On – ref Avacta and Advanced Oncotherapy

2013-09-18 11:33:46

Hello Gang: There is a warm feeling to be had from investing in certain companies. Because you know that even if you lose a bit of money, you will still be doing some good. 


Hot Money buys Avacta at 0.91p reckons 2p on the cards

2013-09-16 09:31:49

Shares in Avacta (AVCT) are up 11% today 0.91p but the hot money is heading in and reckons that the shares could be heading for 2p before too long.

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