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BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back.

2015-11-25 05:25:32

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading.


BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back - the mega merger moves forward

2015-11-20 00:37:48

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading. It was  nearly a year ago, or seems like it, that Shell said it wanted to take over BG. (We are not talking about British Gas here, which is really Centrica (CNA). Confused? You will be.)


A Word in Your Shell-like. I’m Sticking with BG.

2015-11-04 00:15:45

Hello share Mates. Those of us who have big holdings, or even small ones, in BG (BG.) have been on pins for most of a year now. That’s since Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) announced it was to merge with the big oil and natural gas giant. The $70billion offer was in cash and shares and made BG shares worth about £13.


The Ebony Nectar Rides Again. Recent Share Rallies Point to More.

2015-10-10 00:40:55

In my humble opinion - and I know this will bring a deluge of detractions - oil prices will now recover. And with this happy circumstance, of course, so will the very depressed share prices of some of our old favourites.


BG’s Back in Favour as Shell Cracks Down on Costs Again.

2015-07-30 23:50:11

Hi Share Shapers. New life has been breathed into BG (BG.) the big British natural gas combine. The share has been gradually falling away in value even though Shell (RDSA) has bid for the company and had been accepted by the BG board as a goodly lot of fellows who would do a splendid job for we shareholders.


BG Group is a cheap way of buying Shell Shares

2015-06-19 01:01:17

Anyone kicking themselves for missing out on the takeover bid for BG Group (BG.) looks to have another chance to benefit from any deal.


The Present Bull Run Could Defy Gravity Till the Year's End at Least.

2015-06-06 00:35:11

Hello Share Scoffers. Uncle Tom believes that the present bull market is ‘ridiculous’. There are some other very perceptive and experienced writers on this scintillating website who agree with him. Including the morose, but sharply intelligent Frenchman and Amanda the Golden.


Take-over Bonanzas and Other Things Ain’t Wot They Used To Be

2015-05-22 09:19:57

Hello Share Chinkers. There are some strange things going on in the world of mergers and take-overs. It ain’t right, mister.


What God Said to the Armchair Trader.

2015-05-17 23:52:17

Hello Share Chuckers. An armchair trader asked God if it was true that a minute to Him was like a million years.And also if a million pounds was like a penny.‘Both perceptions are true,’ agreed the Lord.


BG’s Share Price is Still Bogged Down – But Not for Long, I Fancy.

2015-05-12 00:13:08

Hello Share Swingers. There’s still no proper upward movement on BG (BG.) And yet Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has put in a bid which has been estimated at being worth £13.50 in cash and shares


As Hanging Onto Thrashed Oilers Begins to Pay Off, Is It Time to Buy Even More?

2015-05-06 00:10:51

Hello Share Spikers. There are a lot of us still awash in oil shares. Remember that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA)is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies on the biggest of all British share clubs, the Footsie.


Why Shelling Out for BG Shares Could be a Gas, Gas, Gas.

2015-05-01 00:57:41

Hello Share Swillers. I happen to know there are a lot of BG (BG.) shareholders reading this splendiferous website. That’s because we get a lot of interest every time the natural gas giant is mentioned.


What We'll All Talk About in the Blogger's Cafe.

2015-04-12 23:57:42

Hello Share Pickers. The fabulous UK Investor Show is coming up. Just a few days to go, now. It will be great to meet you in the Blogger's Cafe. I did time there last year and really enjoyed it. Picked up a few tips, too – like City of London Investment Group (CLIG) and Galliford Try (GFRD). And shares on both are still doing well.


Buying BG Means a Tasty Profit When the Shell Marriage Goes Through.

2015-04-10 00:19:53

Hello Share Tweakers. The BG (BG.) takeover story started very well with a rise of 40% on the share price of a few days earlier. That was because Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), one of the biggest companies in the Footsie, seek a juicy merger.


I've Been Feeling a Bit of a Fraud – ref BG Group.

2015-04-09 00:05:15

Hello Share Chippers. For the last few months, I've felt a bit of a fraud. I've been telling you about some companies I thought were good investments. Some have gone onto to new all-time highs. Inmarsat (ISAT). Legal and General (LGEN) Compass (CPG) Arm Holdings (ARM) have all done really well.


Shell’s late Easter present for BG shareholders

2015-04-08 05:04:10

Dissatisfied with your chocolate haul at Easter?  Well if you are a BG Group (BG.) shareholder than industry behemoth Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) has been kind enough to offer you a late Easter present.  Today’s bid may only value BG shares back to a level seen in the middle of last year but at a theoretical near 50% premium to the previously prevailing share price.


You’ve Let Me Down Too Often, BG.

2014-07-02 07:12:03

Hello Share Shakers: My biggest holding by far is BG (BG.) It is counted as an oiler, but its biggest seller is natural gas. I hold far too many of these blighters for comfort. They are risky.


Pattern – Lust for Glory: ref BG Group

2013-11-12 07:33:47

Hello Share Fans: One of my biggest holdings BG (BG.) shot up the pole this week. The big natural gas gatherers and sellers sold a huge field to somebody else and that pleased the City It delighted me, too, because I am always gladdened when one of my babies gathers some more cash, rather than spending it.


Too Many Eggs in One Basket – ref BG Group

2013-11-01 08:02:38

Hello Share Shovers: Rather stupidly, I hold far too much of my money in just one share. The stock in question is BG (BG.) This is the liquid gas company which used to be British Gas a long time ago, That company split into several bits, one of which is Centrica.

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