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Bidstack Interims – the true horror emerges (the broker lied)

2021-09-02 12:25:15

Back in April and May of this year, I suggested that serial dog Bidstack (BIDS) was running on vapours. One investor I know put this to the company’s broker who assured him that the company did not need to raise for many, many months and that I was talking shite. Today Bidstack has published its results for the six months to June 30 and guess what?


The human misery caused by the failure of Bidstack

2021-06-23 08:14:10

As you can see below this Bulletin Board Moron put all his eggs in one basket, Bidstack (BIDS).I wonder if in days gone by he mocked the dire warnings of a "failed fund manager and pizza maker." Now he has lost almost all of his savings, those of his daughter and mother. 


Bidstack still to confess to slumping trade, placing needed within weeks or its bankrupt but mad conspiracists blame Israel & Tom Winnifrith

2021-06-22 11:27:02

Shares in Bidstack (BIDS) have slumped to just 2.95p today. There are two reasons for that but mad Jew-hating loons on the Bulletin Boards think there is a third. Of course, blame the wicked Jews for everything. Just why does this company attract such total lunatics? Do you remember cross-dressing IT freak Mike Turner from Northants? 


Letter to AIM Regulation Re Bidstack PLC as it teeters on the brink of insolvency

2021-06-18 11:37:06

The staff at Bidstack (BIDS) should get paid next week, assuming that their employer can delay paying other bills. But it is unlikely to be able to meet next month’s payroll so calamitous has been the shortfall in trading vs expectations. Unless Nomad and Broker Stifel can get away a rescue placing within weeks, Bidstack staff should be brushing off their CVs as a matter of urgency. I have written to AIM Regulation as a statement is needed asap.


Bidstack – another question for Lyin' James Draper – how can the December 2019 RNS’s not be a £10 million Deceit?

2021-05-27 14:17:27

Lyin’ James Draper, the CEO of almost insolvent Bidstack (BIDS), is a proven liar. We knew that already but here is another monstrous £10 million quid deceit from December 2019 for you to consider. How Nomad Stifel signed off on this is baffling. You might almost think Stifel was morally bankrupt!


Letter to AIM Regulation – Bidstack must come clean on its dire financial position

2021-05-27 11:26:57

This is my second letter this month to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation about Bidstack (BIDS) where some investors have been made aware that trading is way behind budget but others live in blissful ignorance. I demonstrated earlier that Bidstack is now within days of going bust unless it undertakes a bailout placing so AIM Regulation MUST force it to come clean. The letter reads:


Bidstack: now days away from being out of cash, bailout placing needed ASAP but when’s the dire trading warning?

2021-05-27 10:00:55

Surely, before undertaking a bailout-discounted placing with bucket shops, a company has to come clean and admit that trading is way below what had been forecast? Those are the AIM Rules but Lyin’ James Draper and Bidstack (BIDS) do not give a rat’s arse about rules and neither, it seems, do the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation. On 22 April, house broker & Nomad Stifel slashed its 2021 and 2022 sales forecasts and upped its forecast losses for Bidstack but the company is yet to admit that trading has fallen off a cliff. But today with cash down to almost nothing and staring down the barrel of insolvency, surely it must be made to ‘fess up?  Here are the maths:


Letter to AIM Regulation – Bidstack, an official warning must be forced

2021-05-07 09:31:19

Three sorts of investors know that trading at Bidstack (BIDS) is far worse than the company had hoped for and that it now faces a gargantuan cash crisis putting its very survival in doubt: clients of Stifel, those who can afford a Bloomberg terminal and readers of this website. Thanks to the company ignoring AIM Rules 10 & 11, most investors are seeing their savings die of ignorance. I have again written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation urging them to force an immediate statement.


BREAKING: Bidstack – Confirmation of Stifel forecast slash & breach of AIM Rules 10 & 11

2021-05-06 10:24:51

Needless to say, the morally bankrupt PR firm of Buchanan has still not replied to an email from Tuesday night regarding forecasts for its technically insolvent client Bidstack (BIDS). Presumably it is working hard finding a journalist to smear and that is its priority. When Steph Watson says she will reply to an email, what she clearly means is "I am a lying PR harpy and will do nothing of the sort." But, without the assistance of mendacious Steph, I now have confirmation that house broker Stifel has indeed slashed forecasts which appears to be a clear breach of AIM Rules 10 and 11.


Letter to AIM Regulation – why has Bidstack apparently breached AIM Rules 10 & 11 with impunity?

2021-05-05 11:06:35

Earlier today, I reported on market speculation that Stifel, the house broker to Bidstack (BIDS), had slashed its sales forecasts and materially increased its loss forecasts for Bidstack (BIDS). This cannot have happened without a company chat so why has there been no official lack of sales/increased loss warning. Is CEO Lying James Draper again in breach of AIM Rules? I have written to the Oxymorons at  AIM Regulation, as you can see below


Has Bidstack issued a horrible warning but only for clients of Stifel – does AIM Regulation give a feck as insolvency looms?

2021-05-05 10:06:29

If there is a material change in your trading outlook, as an AIM Company you have a duty to inform the market at once, as per AIM Rules 10 and 11. But if you are Lyin’ James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS) you do not give a flying fuck about the rules. So has he issued a horrible lack of sales/increased losses warning by simply speaking to the analyst at house broker Stifel who slashes forecasts? Is it the case that as of Friday clients of Stifel heard the bad news, other morons who owned the stock did not. And the news, is rumoured to be dire. Cretinous low grade PR firm Buchanan, employers of the journalist smearing fraudsters PR of choice Henry Harrison-Topham, are failing to answer emails or calls on this matter but should get off its fat collective arse and issue an RNS or at least say this is not true if it is not true.


Lying’ James Draper on cracking form as the very bad news from Bidstack buried at the bottom

2021-03-26 10:09:44

How on earth is Lyin’ James Draper still in charge of Bidstack (BIDS)?  Dumping shares at almost four times the current price after lying to investors on a Justin the Clown podcast and while sitting on a lack of profits warning, issuing misleading RNS statements that had to be corrected and missing every financial target going is a piss poor CV even by the low standards of the AIM sewer. The man is a disgrace and is not fit to run a public lavatory let alone a public company. So to calendar 2020 results out today and the looming cash crisis.


ShareProphets translation service – Bidstack ramp ahead of placing

2021-02-12 14:02:11

Following its shocking lack of 2020 AND 2021 profits and disappearing cash warning on February 1, Bidstack (BIDS) is close to running on vapours with net current assets set to go negative by the end of May and cash set to run out before then. Oh dear. What to do? Ramp the shares ahead of a discounted placing from the Nomad and broker which signed off on the grossly misleading pre-Christmas trading statement, Stifel.


Letter to AIM Regulation re Bidstack PLC and Stifel Europe – Possible Breach of Rule 10

2021-02-02 10:56:27

On December 17 Bidstack PLC (BIDS) and its Nomad Stifel Europe, fully cogniscent of the likely outcome for calendar 2020, issued a trading statement which I believe, in light of a confessional and disastrous statement on February 1 2021 was a clear breach of AIM Rule 10. I have written to AIM Regulation demanding an urgent enquiry and that sanctions be taken if appropriate.


Bidstack admits to pre Christmas deceit, warns on 2021 – has to be rescue placing ahoy

2021-02-01 09:51:38

The first of a number of triumphs today for the Sheriff of AIM is AIM bad boy Bidstack (BIDS). After repeated pressure from this website it has, finally, admitted that its pre-Christmas trading statement was a deceit and, better still, has issued a shock warning about 2021. Oh dear, its moronic followers, including Mike Turner, that cross-dressing IT freak from Northants, will be cacking themselves as a cash crisis looms. Let’s start with the false market created on 17 December with the misleading RNS signed off by shameless Nomad Stifel.


Bidstack – The share price tells you that Stifel has an urgently needed bailout placing underway

2021-01-14 14:50:23

Bidstack (BIDS) managed to ramp its shares up to 13p the other day thanks to the follow on from a trading statement which was long on ramp but short on critical detail. That AIM Regulation allowed a company with a history of deceiving investors to issue such bollocks is another mark of infamy on its already soiled record. After the pump, you know what comes next and it looks to be underway.


Lying James Draper and Bidstack – it is what is NOT said in today’s pre-placing ramptastic trading statement

2020-12-17 11:50:31

Sales are vanity. Profit is a matter of opinion. Cash is reality. But if you are trying to ramp your shares ahead of a bailout placing you do not want to talk about cash ( or rather lack of it) or even profits (or rather losses) so you just bang on about sales. That brings us to Bidstack (BIDS).


Bidstack – do the maths as a lack of sales warning is about due!

2020-11-23 15:56:24

As at June 30, thanks to a grubby fund raise organised by Nomad and broker Stifel, Bidstack (BIDS) sat on £5.9 million of cash and bet current assets were only a tad lower. But as we approach Advent and the year end, that position has got much worse. When, I wonder, is the warning and official admission of that?


Bidstack – the worrying thing is what it does not say in today's dirty ramp

2020-09-15 09:44:54

Shares in Bidstack (BIDS) are the biggest risers on the AIM Casino today, up 25% at 6.3p thanks to news that it has an exclusive contract to deliver native in-game advertising for Hyper Scape - a futuristic, free-to-play, urban battle royale game that was officially launched by Ubisoft on 11 August 2020.


Bidstack – interims argue “healthy cash position” & “making material progress”. Er...

2020-08-18 17:07:30

Bidstack Group (BIDS) has updated including emphasising “following our oversubscribed placing in June 2020, Bidstack has a healthy cash position and is making material progress in its approach to building a strong foundation on which to grow and create value for shareholders”. Hmmm – “healthy cash position” and “making material progress” hey?...


Bidstack trading update highlights continuing high cash burn and limited revenue

2020-07-21 12:16:25

The Bidstack (BIDS) saga is one which I have watched unfold but have made little comment on myself, other than thinking that the valuation that it reached was bonkers and writing as much in an article on ShareProphets last May.


Lyin' James Draper puts up not a cent as Bidstack raises bailout cash at just 4p

2020-06-05 10:08:51

Having flogged £300,000 of shares at 20p last October 9 while sitting on a lack of sales and profits warning) Lyin’ James Draper, the CEO of Bidstack (BIDS) put not a cent into today’s £5.7 million bailout at just 4p. That tells you everything. Perhaps he is saving his cash for the next bailout due around Christmas?


Bidstack AGM statement – utterly deceptive, how on earth did Nomad SPARK sign off on this?

2020-05-28 11:02:42

Bidstack (BIDS) a company that is on the brink of insolvency with almost no cash has today issued an AGM statement that is so thoroughly deceptive in failing to explain the crisis the company faces that its Nomad Mark "the poltroon" Brady at SPARK should be censored for signing off on it.


Bidstack – surely statement needed NOW as its 4 days from tits up time

2020-05-26 11:34:10

AIM listed POS Bidstack (BIDS) ended 2019 with £3.1 million cash but burning it at a rate of almost £750,000 a month. It has already admitted that its revenues in H1 2010 will be as they were in GH2 2019 minimal. Even its lame paid for researcher admits that it will be out of cash by the end of May. Well chaps, it is now May 26. You have 4 days…


Letter to AIM Regulation: The Time to suspend Bidstack shares is NOW pending clarification

2020-05-15 12:56:21

Despite incteasingly desperate attempts to ramp its share price, AIM dog Bidstack (BIDS)  sees its stock marooned at 6p. Interestingly, the spread is wide enough to drive a bus through, indicating market makers are aware that either one last ramp but also that a deeply discounted bailout placing may be imminent. But the bare fact is that the company cannot both meet May payroll and satisfy short term liabilities. As such, its shares should surely be suspended pending clarification of its financial position. I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation today making this request.


Bidstack : Broker Stifel is ‘avin’ a Turkish with one of the crappiest notes in history

2020-05-05 15:30:59

The key phrase in today’s research report on Bidstack (BIDS) from broker Stifel is “Stifel does and seeks to do business with companies covered in its research reports. As a result, investors should be aware that the firm may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this report. Investors should consider this report as only a single factor in making their investment decision.” Put another way, Bidstack runs out of cash in a few weeks, needs to get a bailout placing away with Stifel which will earn 5% commission on that. The report is truly dire.


On Results day I misquote Mark Twain: Bidstack – a hole in the balance sheet run by a liar

2020-05-04 11:08:51

Calendar 2019 results from Bidstack (BIDS) are predictably dismal but what screams out as the most massive sell signal on earth is not what is said but what the company and its boss Lyin’ James Draper does NOT tell you.


After 4 letters from myself to the regulator, disgraced Bidstack is Forced to admit to lying again

2020-04-28 08:30:26

Since April 17 I have written to AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Mark Brady of SPARK four times about the latest big lie to investors told by Bidstack (BIDS). At 4.20 PM on 27th April came an RNS ‘fess up but I smell no contrition. This is a company with a culture of deception. But without ShareProphets it would have got away with it.


An open letter to Mark Brady of Nomad SPARK about disgraced Bidstack, the hit job and CEO Lyin' James Draper

2020-04-27 15:52:30

I have today written to Mark Brady of Nomad SPARK Advisory urging him to take immediate action with relation to the weekend's exatraordinary events, the involvement or otherwise of CEO Lyin' James Draper and other matters from the week before. Natch I cc in my good pals at AIM Regulation. The letter is below.


BREAKING: The Bidstack smearer of Tom Winnifrith exposed as a gender fluid contact of James Draper

2020-04-26 12:38:47

Yesterday, ShareProphets discussed a defamatory website about, myself, Tom Winnifrith that was put online on Friday and appeared to be the work of a supporter of Bidstack (BIDS), the AIM listed company run by Lyin' James Draper.  We rebutted its clearly spurious allegations and condemned is appeal to anti-semitism. The author of the website claims to be a female investigative journalist. We can reveal that this is a,lie, who the real author is and how he (not she) is trying to hide his links to Lyin' James. 


Tom Winnifrith: Is Bidstack PLC involved with latest smear campaign against me? I report myself to FCA

2020-04-25 07:33:15

I have today reported myself to the FCA, on the basis of a smear campaign initiated by someone who appears to be close to Bidstack PLC (BIDS). I have asked the FCA to investigate in full the, demonstrably untrue accusations made against me, and also the extent, if any, of the involvement of Bidstack and its officers in this poorly constructed hit job.


A personal letter to the head of AIM Regulation Marcus Stuttard re Bidstack and investor deception

2020-04-23 09:21:41

I have now written not once but twice to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation regarding the misleading RNS Reach issued by Bidstack PLC (BIDS) on Friday 17 April. The Oxymorons and indeed hapless Mark Brady at Nomad SPARK have yet to respond. So enough of monkeys, I have written directly to Marcus Stuttard, head of AIM Regulation, as you can see below.


Another letter to AIM Regulation re Bidstack - time to suspend the shares

2020-04-21 11:18:57

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Mark Brady at SPARK have yet to reply to my letter of Saturday about Bidstack (BIDS), the almost bankrupt company led by Lyin' James Draper which, I believe, (again) deceived investors last Friday. so I have penned a follow up missive. Surely the time has come to suspend the shares. The letter is below.


Did Bidstack deceive investors – letter to AIM Regulation, statement needed

2020-04-18 12:37:39

Bidstack really should be clarifying its financial position. By my calculations it can meet payroll this month but will not be able to pay its bloated wage bill at the end of May. Its financial position is certainly perilous and that means that this company, run by a proven liar, Lyin’ James Draper, needs an urgent bailout placing ASAP. That is one issue it should clarify via RNS. The second is to clarify whether a statement it issued via RNS Reach yesterday was misleading. I believe it was, as explained HERE, and have now written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation suggesting that they force a follow up RNS. The letter is below.


Bidstack: Covid 19 trading statement bluster less than 5 weeks from bankruptcy

2020-03-30 10:56:55

The only metric you need to know about Bidstack (BIDS)  is how much cash it has left. Based on the likely run rate at the year end, on the fact that it has not laid off staff but has hired it is almost certain that by the end of April the number will be nothing at all and that, barring a bailout placing, it will be crash landing in Tits Up Alley. A trading statement today more or less confirmed that in what it did NOT say. Naturally CEO Lyin’ James Draper tries to spoof gullible investors.


Want to work for a liar running a company 6 weeks from going tits up? Here is your dream job!

2020-03-15 12:47:26

Sure, Bidstack (BIDS) is going to run out of cash in six weeks time and, with the stockmarket in meltdown, a bailout fund raise will be a nightmare. But if you fancy throwing in your current job and going down with the ship captained by Lyin' James Draper here is your chance.


Are you a Bidstack owning moron seeking the company of like minded morons?

2020-02-15 11:32:44

Tired of Bulletin Boards where, just now and again, someone dares to point out inconvenient truths like the fact that CEO James Draper is a liar and the fact that the company needs a bailout placing within months? Would you rather discuss with like minded souls whether you will invest your Bidstack (BIDS) derived millions in a fleet of Porsches orf a fleet of Ferraris? Fear not! Here is the answer, a bear free paradise for you and your fellow morons to tell lies to each other and say how wonderful the latest podcast with Justin the Clown Waite was.  Fear not, bears will not be permitted to join and spoil your paradise. Fabbo.Hat tip BC.


Bidstack car crash interview with Justin the Clown – Lyin' James Draper you cannot be serious

2020-02-13 12:00:31

To come out of a paid for Vox Markets interview with Justin the Clown looking like you are utterly clueless takes some doing but Lyin’ James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS) managed just that yesterday. His refusal to deny the looming placing and cash crunch is just one highlight.


Bidstack: after yesterday’s insider dealing a dreadful trading statement today – bailout placing inevitable

2020-02-11 08:47:06

This is a total omnishambles clusterfuck and it is hard to know where to start. So let’s just note the strange coincidence that yesterday shares in Bidstack (BIDS) were marked sharply lower and today the company has served up the most godawful of trading statements. But this is AIM, supervised by those stormtroopers of propriety, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation with assistance from the chocolate teapots at the FCA so there cannot have been any insider dealing.  No really. Stop sniggering at the back please.


Twitter Moron of the decade - and yes he owns Bidstack & hates @tomWinnifrith and @ShareProphets

2020-01-09 12:03:51

Folks at the FCA say they love my work, the FRC commends me for exposing fraud, even the BBC reccognises the heroic fight we engage in against white collar crime, but there will always be critics who somehow thing the team at Shareprophets and me in particular are the bad guys. Meet one of the bigger morons on twitter....


Letter to AIM Regulation: Formal Request to investigate Bidstack PLC and Nomad Spark for clear breaches of Rule 10 & 11

2019-12-20 11:03:21

Bidstack(BIDS)  has a CEO who is prepared to lieu to investors as he demonstrated on August 8. That the company’s Nomad SPARK Advisory and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation have not ensured that Mr James Draper is fired shows you what a joke the Casino has become. Now we have clear evidence of a double breach of AIM Rules. I have written to the Regulators today, demanding a full investigation. My letter follows:


Bidstack Spoooooooof!

2019-12-19 09:24:53

After yesterday’s shock lack of profits warning from Bidstack (BIDS) the next question is when will a bailout placing be needed. To that end the company has announced today what appears to be an almighty spoof designed to ramp the stock ahead of the placing. Even the company’s PR Buchannan has just admitted to me that the release is not clear. This is your £10 million spoof of the day.


Bidstack: New Video the shame of Justin the Clown and Vox Markets

2019-12-18 11:14:37

A kind reader sends me a video Justin Waite, aka the Clown, posted on December 8. I say kind but having had to watch it that is probably the wrong word as it is sheer torture. None the less it is below and I advise scrolling through to 21 minutes 30 seconds where the Clown discusses Bidstack (BIDS) and incriminates him and Vox in the process.


Bidstack finally fesses to dire trading up but this shows CEO James Draper to be a crook as well as a liar, shares worthless

2019-12-18 09:44:01

I ramped up the pressure at the weekend and today Bidstack (BIDS) has finally issued a dire lack of sales warning. This admission shows that share selling CEO James Draper is a crook as well as a liar and the next bad news will be a bailout placing. For the morons who own these shares (40p+ just a few month ago and now sub 9p) the pain is far from over.


As Bidstack shares continue to tank CEO Lyin’ James Draper takes to LinkedIn for an unofficial trading statement

2019-11-06 09:08:00

Of course what Bidstack (BIDS) should be doing is issuing a trading statement via RNS. Does it still expect to have 24 games live by December 31 as forecast by Peterhouse. Or to have FY revenues of £5.75 million (having managed £26,000 in H1) or to achieve FY losses of just £500,000 (having lost £1.5 million in H1). The answer of course is No, No and No which is why the company should be issuing a formal profits warning and if Nomad Mark Brady at SPARK was not such an utter poltroon he’d be forcing the issue. Instead Lyin’ James Draper has issued a trading statement on LinkedIn. My guess is that his nose is just that bit longer as a result.


Bidstack doles out options like confetti – this is not a cost-free exercise it’s a distraction

2019-11-04 12:19:08

I remember long ago doing a seminar with some CEO or other. I cannot remember who it was but it was one of the slugs operating at the lower end of the AIM Cesspit. I pondered whether his interests were aligned with those of ordinary shareholders: how many shares do you own? I asked.


Bidstack: Still sitting on a lack of profits warning, the CEO who lied to investors sells shares

2019-10-28 12:37:11

As if those folks who do not mind that CEO James Draper lied to them on August 8 about H1 results do not need another reason to sell their shares in Bidstack, Draper has provided it by dumping stock himself. Smart move.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest Result – no-one could beat aidenabettin

2019-10-14 10:01:52

I asked you a week ago to nominate your Bulletin Board Moron of the week from the iii, LSE and ADVFN Asylums or from twitter. There were some great entries which, in a normal week, would have won, as you can see HERE.  But..


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – surely this Bidstack loon cannot be beaten

2019-10-13 19:45:24

Juicin can thank me later, but I am inspired by the most insane post I have seen in ages to bring back this contest for one week only. Surely no-one can beat the post below from the ADVFN Bidstack (BIDS) thread. If you find a better example of lunacy on twitter on on the iii, LSE or ADVFN Asylums post it in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 13 October. Enjoy this treat...


Letter to AIM regulation and FCA re Bidstack – request for investigation into market abuse & more

2019-10-07 09:50:57

My comrade Evil Banksta has today exposed how AIM listed Bulletin Board darling Bidstack (BIDS) has misled investors and is also clearly sitting on a lack of profits and sales warning. For the former naughtiness the FCA should open an enquiry at once into possible market abuse, for the latter AIM regulation must force a statement. Being a fine upstanding citizen I have today written to the regulators. My missive follows:


Bulletin Board darling Bidstack flouts AIM rules, it sitting on a profits warning & is grossly overvalued

2019-10-07 08:46:11

Let us be clear: bulletin board darling Bidstack (BIDS) has flouted AIM rules, it sitting on a profits warning & is grossly overvalued.


Who do you think you are kidding Mr Bidstack?

2019-09-30 15:43:57

Sometimes I wonder if those running and advising companies and stupid or if they just think investors are? I guess in the case of Bidstack (BIDS) it might be fair to assume the latter, as it served up interims today.


Bidstack – I can't see value at this price

2019-05-30 08:35:41

I don’t generally invest in earlier stage tech companies due to the risk of failure, but I have been following the Bidstack Group (BIDS) story with interest. I’m fully aware that early stage companies in this sector often trade at a large premium to their valuation on paper, as the value is all about future potential and growth and there are examples out there of outfits that started out as small companies before seeing their technology really take off and are now worth a fortune. But this is rare and far more fail and ultimately end up worthless.


Gotcha – Bidstack completes placing at just 12.5p: feel that cashburn

2019-05-07 08:24:37

Finally, after almost three weeks of trying, and after I forced them to ‘fess with a scoop HERE, Bidstack (BIDS) and tawdry broker Optiva have managed to complete a placing. They were aiming to raise £5 million at 15p. Then it became 13.25p. The placing was completed at just 12.5p.


EXPOSE: Bidstack: Placing underway and struggling after nine days

2019-04-26 07:16:11

I have suggested in a number of recent bearcasts that Bidstack (BIDS) was the most over-ramped and overvalued stock on the AIM Casino and also that it would have to do a placing within six months to keep the show on the road. A City source has now provided me with more specific information, an offering is already underway but it is struggling.

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