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Home Maker Berkeley Builds Hopes of a Rising Share Price As Buy-Backs and Rising Dividends offer Good Foundations

2021-03-15 08:10:36

Hello, Share Stringers. Perhaps my current favourite house builder - and I own shares in more than one - has made some reassuring noises. Berkeley Group (BKG) reiterated its annual profit forecast as it benefits from pent-up demand and tax breaks for homebuyers. As previously expected, profits at are expected to be about £504 million.


When the Bank of England Is Bullish There's Probably No Need to Worry About Our Shares.

2020-12-12 10:30:03

At first blush, we have a lot to worry about when it comes to our shares. Covid cases rising in many areas, a Brexit deal not arrived at, rising unemployment and bank and oil shares still wallowing in the depths. But this old punter has seen it all before. And he knows that the sun will come shining through. Yes, you probably think the arch bull is being overbullish again. But the fact is that I have never sold fewer shares and that state of affairs will continue.


With Bigger Ticket Homes in Demand, Berkeley the Builder should Fix It for Shareholders

2020-12-10 08:14:42

Hello, Share Seekers. My favourite housebuilder, Berkeley Group (BKG) isn’t doing too badly given the disrupted year all builders have experienced thanks to the virus. It’s announced that first-half revenue was only down by 3.8%, to £895.9 million. It could have been much worse, but the virus has, rather perversely, caused house prices to rise which offset most of the damage.


Nightingales Should Soon Be Singing Again in Berkeley's squares

2020-06-18 08:17:00

Hello, Share Twiddlers. Though I’m a supporter of most housebuilders, my favourite is probably Berkeley Group (BKG). Its latest numbers for the year ended April are out and at first blush seem discouraging. However, though revenue and profits are reduced by 35% on the last time there are a couple of good reasons for that...


Berkeley Squares up to CashBack Policy and Is a Better Builder Which Deserves a Look

2020-03-06 08:11:00

Hello, Share Fanciers. This family has just been informed of a large cash handout coming our way. And, as is the way with these cashback bonanzas, we’d forgotten it was coming. Which makes a nice surprise. The dough is from Berkeley Group (BKG), the big Footsie builder...


Nightingales Sing for Berkeley Group as the Cash Mounts Up

2020-01-28 08:20:12

Hello Share Players. My favourite housebuilder operates mostly in the Smoke and the South East. Which, given the recent record of house prices in this neck of the woods, is a bit of a brave choice. But things are going so well that the company says it will return a billion oncers to us in the next 24 months...


My Favourite Builder Takes a Profit Knock, but Not for Long, I Fancy

2019-12-09 08:35:24

Hello Share Slakers. At first blush, the results for its half year ended 31 October from my favourite builder Berkeley Group (BKG) seemed discouraging. Profit before tax come in at £276.7 million, down by 31% compared to last time...


Low Interest Rate, Falling Pound, Cheap British Shares. You Could Be Better Off with Shares than Cash.

2019-08-31 09:19:15

Hello, Share Trotters. I believe those who say Britain is facing the biggest constitutional crisis since World War 2. But I don't think shares will suffer much. That’s because the problem has already been factored into the Footsie. Probably by far too much. You can’t get away from the fact that, compared to most of the world, many British shares are cheap.


London House Prices May Falter, but Berkeley Group Should Continue to Build Share Value

2019-08-30 08:10:44

Hello Share Topplers. Since I last commended my favourite builder to you, its share price has marched ahead. But there could be further to go for Berkeley Group (BKG). The company has done what we all seek to do, but rarely succeed. That is: it has worked out the best timing...


How Boris's New Job Will Affect Our Shares And How to Exploit it.

2019-07-27 07:55:28

Hello Share Takers. The victory of our new prime minister caused the stock market to take its biggest leap for some months. And though it did retrace the next day, the Footsie is bounding up again, as I write. It may be the noisy optimism of the bloke, but there are other reasons why the Boris effect is energising the market.


And a Nightingale Might Soon Be Singing in Berkeley's Square

2019-06-24 08:11:56

Hello Share Rattlers. Despite the fact that I’ve written in recent times in support of housebuilders, I hold few building shares in my portfolio. That’s because of laziness, rather than caution. But one of the few companies I’ve invested in is Berkeley Group (BKG). Many house builders have reported disappointing figures recently, as fears about Brexit, founded or not, have bit into the sector...


Nightingales Keep Singing in Berkeley Shares

2018-05-14 00:10:06

Hello, Share Smashers. With the price of homes retreating, you might be tempted to stay away from house builders. But one company I think might continue to do well is Berkeley Group (BKG). I’ve covered this sprightly builder a few times over the last year or so and the trend has always been up. Other builders have struggled, but not this one.


And a Nightingale Sang In Berkeley's Share

2017-12-13 01:21:11

Hello, Share Crunchers. As my mum and dad told me to be a modest chap, I rarely blow my own trumpet on this hallowed website. However, when my critics derided a previous tip, it has to be recorded when said recommendation goes on to rise like a rocket.


Britain’s top House builder calls top on his market and history suggests you would be wise to take note

2017-09-11 03:08:33

Nobody rings a bell at the top or bottom of the notoriously cyclical UK housing market, but one operator who has shown impeccable timing over decades was busy selling stock last week. Famously near the top of the last cycle he sold out and left his company only to re-join when it was in the doldrums. This is why it is very important to take note of his actions. Last week Berkeley (BKG) founder Tony Pidgley, sold 750,000 shares to make £26.8m as bosses at Berkeley cashed in more than £40 million of shares as they reached record highs. As the stock hit 3575p, the luxury housing developer’s founder Tony Pidgley, who left school at 15, sold 750,000 to make £26.8 million, while chief executive Rob Perrins sold 500,000 to make £17.8 million.


Everything is apparently why are Barratt and Berkeley shares down?

2017-09-06 02:40:51

If you look at the FTSE-350 names reporting today there is something of a thematic bias with names like Barratt Developments (BDEV) and Berkeley Group (BKG) updating investors with their latest.


If You Agree the Building Trade Will Boom, Here Are Three Firms to Look At

2017-03-10 01:08:19

Hello Share Trenders. I’m about 10% in cash at the mo. It’s out of the ordinary for me to have so much money not in shares, but even raving optimists have to take a bit of notice of the gloomsters who heavily outnumber me - many of which write on this glittering website. However, I have spent some of my cash reserve recently on shares in three companies in the house building game. You’ve probably read me being boringly bullish about this sector over the last year.


Berkeley Profits Build, but Future Orders Fall. Chose Your Builder Carefully.

2016-12-02 20:53:11

Hello Share Swipers. You may recall that I’ve been saying most house builders are worth your attention these days. I base it on the rules of supply and demand and wheezes, both new and old, by the government to boost new homes. I’ve been right so far. Just one example is that Berkeley has announced a leap in profits by a third on the half year to the end of October.


Will Berkeley Square House Price Worries in the South East? I Think They Just Might.

2016-03-11 01:48:37

Hello Share Twiddlers. I've long advocated a low p/e ratio as a good sign that a share might be worth buying. Though sometimes a high number is not always a discouragment, as we also have to consider the chances of the company under review really taking off in the future.


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