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Wishing the incoming British Land CEO the best of luck...he'll need it!

2020-11-18 10:12:30

It is always an interesting moment when an outgoing CEO of a troubled business writes their final set of results thoughts. We have this today in commercial property name British Land (BLND), a company which back in July I observed had an office business which 'remains a slower car crash'...


Offices and Shops May Seem Obvious Virus Victims But British Land's Share Price Still Seems Too Low

2020-10-12 08:27:24

Hello, Share Takers. You might think it odd that I commend to your further inquiry a company that relies on office rents and town centre commerce for its income. But it seems to me that the British Land (BLND) share price is too low. Especially if you bear in mind that the virus won’t last forever. It will disappear with an effective vaccine, if not sooner from a natural death. And British Land is doing better than expected in the virus’s unpleasant reign...


Cuddly and optimistic British Land ain't fooling no one

2020-05-27 10:11:25

According to my pocket calculator, British Land (BLND) is sitting at just under a 45% discount to NAV. That is better than the dog days of mid-March but still reflects a sharp discount expansion from the start of the year or versus longer-term norms. No surprises there, but it would like to tell you that today's full year numbers (to the end of March) are naturally a game of two periods, pre the pandemic and post the start of the pandemic…but I think the evidence is somewhat different...


With the High Street Under Siege, British Land May Not Be the Best Share Out There

2019-11-19 08:18:20

Hello Share Twiddlers. I think I've commended British Land (BLND) to your further inquiry in the past. But stories change and I’ve modified my optimistic view. I feel the latest set of - half-year - numbers isn't too encouraging. The company lets out property to retailers. And we all know the High Street has been beset by closures and liquidations recently. For British Land, net rental income fell by nearly a tenth to £243 million...


British Land is Going Strong, but a Few Possible Headwinds In the Future Make Me Cautious

2018-07-19 07:10:06

Hello Share Trudgers. British Land (BLND) is not a company I might invest in at the moment. It rents space to retailers for one thing. And as stores struggle with higher business rates and the fact that many more of us choose to do our shopping online, the high street store is under fire.


British Land Seems Undervalued and Might Be Worth Building On

2017-07-19 00:11:52

Hello, Share Cinchers. It’s been a while since I last commended British Land (BLND) to you. I don’t regret that, though the share was falling at the time and has yet to really rebound. The company deals in what they are not making any more of and it owns it around the UK, including where it’s most costly: London.


Here's Another Over-Sold Brexit Beauty Which Could Rally fast.

2016-07-26 00:10:20

Hello Share Swashers. We all know that shares in Britain took a tumble on June 24 when the Brexit vote was announced. But then many shares recovered. Most property and building stocks, however, did not. So in my view, as the results of Brexit will become clearer later on and will be favourable, property shares are probably now one of the biggest bargains out there. Though of course, if you still fear the exit from Europe, then you won’t agree with me.


You May Land Yourself a Winner with British Land.

2016-01-06 02:18:11

Hello Share Shunters. British Land (BLND) share owners have had a lacklustre three months. The share price was £8.76 in November. Now it’s fallen to £7.84 and that is only after the shares put on about 2% this week. 


British Land at 785p: revisiting this share after a year of gains

2015-01-14 06:28:56

I last had a look at British Land (BLND) a year ago. The share price was then 621p. Since then it has increased by 26% to 785p last seen. The chart looks perky and it is to be noted that the share price has just climbed into new territory, which looks encouraging, giving potential leg room for more upward momentum in the share price trend. 


British Land – attractive at 621p

2014-01-07 17:56:26

British Land (BLND) shares are attractive at 621p with longer term, lower cost borrowing, solidly supported by property assets beckon investors as QE wanes, property price rise and fears of asset inflation increases.  

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