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BREAKING: Now Roger Lawson & his lawyers bully Audioboom to get another bearcast taken down

2017-07-29 04:35:02

Are there no depths to which Roger Lawson of ShareSoc, Globo and blinkx fame will not go in order to silence me as part of a free press? The latest trick from Roger and his bully boy lawyers Keystone is to have a go at Audioboom.


blinkx – massive FY2016 loss, but now reckons set “to fuel high quality organic growth”. Hmmm…

2016-05-17 04:25:35

Internet media company blinkx (BLNX) headlines its results for its year ended 31st March 2016; “Company records 68% growth in Core programmatic revenues while simultaneously reducing annualized operating expenses by $40M, during a year of rapid Industry evolution and reaffirms its expectation to return to full year profitability1 in Financial Year 2017”. All good then? Er, not quite…


blinkx – financials poor (natch), so claims “year of integration and investment”. Hmmm...

2016-04-05 03:50:50

Internet media company blinkx (BLNX) has updated on “a year of integration and investment” i.e. a year in which financial performance was poor so we’ll claim to have laid the foundations for future growth instead...


blinkx plc – trading update talks of ‘profitability ahead of expectations’, but then suggests no profit at all…

2016-01-14 05:00:05

Internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has updated that “profitability in Q3 2016 was ahead of management expectations”. Good, good… “achieving break-even on an adjusted EBITDA basis during the period”. Oh, so not making a profit at all then! Hmmm…


Table of shorted AIM shares - 27/11/2015

2015-12-03 07:40:35

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE


blinkx plc – $79.5 million half year loss, though reckons “strategy is aligned with market shifts and growth trends” Hmmm…

2015-11-17 06:15:50

blinkx plc (BLNX) has, for the six months ended 30th September 2015, announced a loss of $79.5 million on revenue down approaching 14% on the corresponding 2014 period, at $91.4 million, though reckons that now its “strategy is aligned with market shifts and growth trends”. Hmmm…


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: ASOS, Blinkx, Lonmin

2015-10-31 04:01:19

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in ASOS, Blinkx, Lonmin setting share price targets for all three stocks.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show 2: Blinkx, Centamin, Iofina

2015-10-17 04:10:25

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Blinkx (BLNX), Centamin (CEY), Iofina (IOF) and setting share price targets for all three stocks


blinkx plc – “in line” trading update no reason for shareholders to celebrate…sell

2015-10-10 00:49:18

Blinkx plc (BLNX) has updated that “performance for H12016 is anticipated to be in line with expectations” – unfortunately for shareholders this follows a profit warning as recently as 24th August and means an anticipated “adjusted* EBITDA loss of approximately ($7 million)”


Blinkx AGM – even Roger Lawson of ShareSoc gives up on CEO Brian Mukherjee, when is his P45 due?

2015-08-26 01:36:16

That blinkx (BLNX) is a total dog is now beyond doubt. Steve Moore and I called it right and we are still bearish (see HERE) but now it seems that shareholders are waking up and that for CEO Brian Mukherjee the “black bag” day may be looming. Even Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is on his case.


blinkx plc – another warning which was hopefully heeded as blinkx's “Business Update” = Profit Warning

2015-08-24 04:25:53

Having consistently been bearish since the days of a comfortably above 100p share price and most recently at 35p in May HERE, I note with interest the “Business Update” from blinkx plc (BLNX) today – this including that “early second quarter (to end September) trading has been below expectations to date and the company now expects an operating loss in H12016”. “Business Update”? The shysters mean 'Profit Warning' then...


Zak Mir's Bear Call Of The Day: Blinkx: “Final” Leg Down Towards 20p?

2015-07-02 00:50:03

The story of Blinkx (BLNX) in the recent past, has been a story of bear attacks that not only took a bite out of the market capitalisation, but kept on sticking the knife in. 


blinkx – full-year results “comfortably in line with guidance”, Oh wait…

2015-05-18 04:50:09

blinkx plc (BLNX) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 which it describes as “comfortably in line with guidance, despite significant changes in the industry”. Congratulations. Oh wait… a pre-tax loss of $24.80 million on revenue of $215 million, down from a profit of $17.61 million on revenue of $247.2 million in the prior year! Was that really what management were aiming for as they announced the prior year’s results?...


Explosive Ben Edelman UK Investor show video - he nails blinkx Again!

2015-04-21 01:56:20

Once again Professor Ben Edelman nailed the awful business practices of blinkx (BLNX) at the Uk Investor show. The Web Sheriff was on gine form as the video below demonstrates.


Blinkx – are you braced for some more fun? Ben Edelman was on cracking form, ho ho ho

2015-04-19 06:32:41

Ben Edelman promised new material on blinkx (BLNX) at the 2015 UK Investor show and he did not disappoint.  I am working hard to get the full video of the Web Sheriff up as soon as possible but it is pretty explosive stuff.


blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

2015-04-08 03:07:54

Today’s trading statement from blinkx (BLNX) must be making even Roger Lawson from ShareSoc splutter into his cornflakes as it is truly dire. No wonder that the shares, 90p a year ago as Lawson said the bears did not know what they were talking about, are just 28.5p and falling. And worse is to come for this POS as a 100% vindicated Ben Edelman will be having another go at on April 18 in Westminster.


Reader Post of the Day – Blinkx

2015-02-27 01:14:34

We flagged up early yesterday that a change of auditor is always worth looking into especially when the firm is one link blinkx (BLNX) which has issued profits warnings, attacked its critics with lawyer’s letters and was spun out of Autonomy whose accounts have been questioned a tad. And thus hat tip to Tempress for pointing this out picking up a very perceptive post on ADVFN. Over to temptress


Hey Roger Lawson: Mr blinkx “expert” how are your shares doing?

2015-01-11 04:53:46

I have not picked a fight with anyone for a week or so but as its my Birthday tomorrow I thought I’d treat myself and have a go at Roger Lawson from ShareSoc as he has written a piece today that is mean spirited in omission if not content. Journalists like fights and I have been goaded.


A Diary date for blinkx and its Bully Boy lawyers – April 18 2015

2015-01-06 08:30:37

Oh coooeeee! blinkx (BLNX) and your bully boy lawyers – make sure you have pencilled in April 18 into your diary because Ben is coming back and he has more to say. Oh yes… it is time for round 2 with the Web Sheriff and we all know who won last time don’t we?


Tom Winnifrith BearCast - blinkx Special

2014-12-19 04:35:26

I look at the past year, at Ben Edelman, today's acquisition (AdKarma), the way blinkx (BLNX) presents numbers, cashflows and valuation in this podcast special


Table of changes in net short positions - week to 11/11/2014

2014-11-14 01:17:42

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details changes to net short positions in the last week (red if short increased, green if reduced)...


blinkx plc – interims: statement highlights the positives, but au contraire...

2014-11-12 00:59:25

The latest results statement from blinkx plc (BLNX) emphasises “a transformational period” and that “the company remained profitable on an adjusted EBITDA basis and delivered over $100 million in revenue during the period”. Sounds great, but au contraire…


blinkx plc - interims: the key numbers

2014-11-11 05:39:32

I previously updated on internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) a month ago concluding, at 31.75p, that the shares looked a speculation on the company’s ability to deliver a sustainable cash generative recovery, rather than a solid, value investment - see HERE. Currently at 29p, today released interim numbers support that view (as summarised below, red highlighting key negative factors, green key positive contributors), with further analysis to follow. There a lot of red ink here as befits a company that tried to bully the Sheriff of AIM with lawyers letters. That tells you everything.


blinkx - well known investor Richard Griffiths further increases stake, but its still a sell

2014-10-10 07:41:48

Internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has announced that Richard Griffiths (a former director of Evolution Group, which would progress to the FTSE-250, and well known smaller companies investor) has increased his interest in the company’s shares to 4.62% of the issued share capital. This follows an increase to a 3.50% interest a few weeks before the earlier-this-month profit warning which saw the shares fall from more than 35p to briefly sub 30p. With them currently at 31.75p, is Griffiths’ latest move a wiser one?


blinkx – another (lack of) profits warning & forward guidance baloney

2014-10-01 11:15:21

Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation of blinkx plc (BLNX) since the shares were 93p in April 2013 – previously updating last month that at 43p precious little forward visibility meant being long continued to look more speculation than investment – the following updates on a further profit warning today which has sent the shares down to around 30p.


blinkx plc – investor increases stake, but is it sound investment to follow suit?

2014-09-11 11:05:14

Shares in internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) have recovered somewhat from near 30p lows to a current 43p. Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation here since the shares were 93p in April 2013, I update in the following.


blinkx & Skyrocket – it has not learned its Edelman lesson: just not investment grade material: sell

2014-08-09 06:28:57

Earlier this year blinkx (BLNX) shares took one hell of a beating when my good friend Ben Edelman exposed them for engaging in business practices which were illegal. Blinkx huffed and puffed and employed bully boy lawyers but has not managed to refute Edelman’s charges which you can see him outline HERE. You would have thought it would have learned its lesson…au contraire.


blinkx plc – new product announcement, but how effectively can it be monetised?

2014-08-07 11:00:07

Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation of internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) since April 2013, I previously updated last month following a profits warning which had seen the shares fall from 65.75p to 33.25p. I now return to this stock as it delivers a new product launch announcement today, which has caused the shares to nudge higher, although only to 31.25p (last seen).


Buy blinkx

2014-07-08 08:02:20

OK so I’m a contrarian and as such I am now long blinkx (BLNX). I bought three times on the day of the crash in my mad punting account. (I have this to remind myself of the pain of self-immolation in trading, so I don’t lose track of my customers.) I bought at 40p, 33p and 29p averaging out at 34.1p. Basically, this is where it sits right now. I think it is going up.


ShareProphets disagrees with itself you have zero credibility says the Bulletin Board Moron

2014-07-07 09:40:49

So posted some utter moron in the comments section of this website at the weekend. In fact we get a post a week in that vein. I guess Bulletin Board Morons just do not get it so let me explain once again.


Blinkx – questions for the Sunday Times and for Numis Securities

2014-07-06 16:17:11

I read with interest a puff piece for blinkx (BLNX) in the Money section of The Sunday Times. For the avoidance of doubt, despite receiving two lawyers’ letters from this company, I have always been a bear and remain so after last week’s dire profits alert as you can see HERE. But what makes newspapers print this shit other, perhaps, than that the journalists might get a cushy job on “the dark side” if they such enough PR cock for long enough.


Reality setting in on Naibu, blinkx and New World Resources and will do with Mothercare

2014-07-05 09:53:23

I am glad to say that the steely glare of reality has alighted on a few stocks this week that should be familiar to readers of this site.


blinkx plc – profit warning vindicates consistent bearishness, but what of the valuation now?

2014-07-03 10:44:19

I first warned on this website on the dangers of the valuation of blinkx plc (BLNX) in April 2013 HERE and have consistently reiterated the view since – most recently in May HERE. After yesterday's profit warning, which has seen the shares fall from 65.75p to a current 33.25p, the following updates.


That Ben Edelman Video from April Again – why no sane person would have held blinkx

2014-07-02 11:05:10

We faced down the bully boy lawyers from blinkx (BLNX) & threats from Bulletin Board Morons to bring you Ben Edelman at UK Investor 2014. At the time the blinkx fan club (step forward Citi– Buy target price 175p, have you guys adjusted that yet?) Bryce Eldercock at the FT, dimwit Harriet Denys at The Telegraph and Roger Lawson of ShareSoc dismissed Ben as saying nothing. You guys all so sure now? 


blinkx – This Stinks! Dire Profits warning

2014-07-02 08:17:37

"S. Brian Mukherjee, Ed Bridges at FTI, ultra-thick hackette Harriet Denys, Citi Group, Numis Securities, Richard Eaton of bullyboy lawyer Twobirds, Roger Lawson--we have beaten them all. We have beaten them all. S. Brian Mukherjee can you hear me? S. Brian Mukherjee, I have a message for you in the middle of the share price collapse. I have a message for you: We have been 100% vindicated on your POS stock. S. Brian Mukherjee, as they say in your language in the boxing bars around Madison Square Garden in New York: Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating."  Yes blinkx (BLNX) has served up a disastrous profits warning.


blinkx – I disagree with Gary as it is a sell & my top three stocks to short on AIM

2014-06-25 09:48:22

Yesterday my colleague Gary Newman argued HERE that at 66p shares in blinkx (BLNX) were a buy. I respect Gary but disagree with him, this company is not worth £264 million. The shares remain a sell.


Blinkx; set for recovery with great upside potential

2014-06-24 12:52:12

Blinkx (BLNX) is a company that I’ve followed for a while now and I think that it has finally found bottom. Its share price has taken a massive tumble over the past year off of the highs of 235p it hit last November to the present day level in the low 60s.


Blinkx and BlackRock – what is going on?

2014-05-13 11:32:35

BlackRock Investment Management is one of the biggest  and most respected names in fund management and it seems to be dumping blinkx (BLNX) shares at almost any price but it still has a stack more to dump. What is going on?


blinkx plc - response to comments on view that ‘darker side’ questions remain

2014-05-08 08:46:31

My piece earlier this week following results from blinkx plc (BLNX) has attracted some ‘interesting’ comments – see HERE. The shares were down meaningfully on the day and the following updates with them continuing to fall.


Blinkx – a City Broker’s buy note target price 175p – and a question or eight

2014-05-07 07:26:52

In the interests of balance I report to you the pre-results “buy” note on blinkx (BLNX) from its house broker Citi. It has a target price of 175p.. The shares are now 86p. However…. 


blinkx plc – full-year results, ‘darker side’ questions remain

2014-05-06 14:15:15

Internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has announced adjusted basic earnings per share of $cents 7.05 (4.15p at current exchange rates) for its year ended 31st March 2014, from a prior year 6.98 cents. Whilst seeing “many growth opportunities”, it announced that “we are taking steps to reallocate resources to emerging channels, including mobile and connected TV. We expect this shift to incur a marginal incremental operating cost”. The following updates with the shares currently trading more than 8% lower on the day, at 85p.


blinkx: Just watch out Ben (Edelman) watch out!

2014-04-24 18:39:20

Not only has Tom Winnifrith received a death threat over his Gulf Keystone (GKP) musings, but it seems that if the nemesis of blinkx (BLNX), Ben Edelman, is also attracting attention. So which Bulletin Board Moron left the following message on Ben’s office voicemail?



Blinkx, Roger Lawson & ShareSoc – Time to come clean?

2014-04-22 06:24:43

ShareSoc does great work campaigning for private investors, for greater boardroom accountability and transparency. But right now with regard to blinkx (BLNX) it is ShareSoc and its deputy chairman Roger Lawson who have the questions to answer*. 


Blinkx – the diminishing power of spurious releases as the bubble pops and the Edelman firework of April 5 spelled out for two thick journalists

2014-04-16 06:22:39

When a stock is “hot” it can announce news of no import whatsoever and its shares zoom. When the “believers” start to ask about the Emperor’s new clothes in detail, when faith clashes with uncomfortable reality the reaction to such PR fluffery is negative. Blinkx (BLNX) is now in that phase as it refuses to deal with the fireworks delivered by Ben Edelman on April 5 at the UK Investor Show.


blinkx plc – partnership for action sports highlights, view with the shares down again

2014-04-15 11:52:11

Apparently “pulse-poundings clips of the world's most extreme athletes in action, from insane skating stunts to the wildest surfing wipeouts, are now available at”. This is as per an announcement today from the internet media company and, with it the first stockmarket announcement from blinkx (BLNX) since Ben Edelman published further critical analysis of blinkx adware - see HERE, the following updates.


Blinkx – is Harriet Denys of the Telegraph the stupidest woman on Fleet Street or does she just print PR hogwash

2014-04-11 15:18:12

Harriet Denys of the Telegraph has run a piece today HERE on Ben Edelman and blinkx which is so bad that it begs the question: did she print it because she will print anything blinkc PR man Ed Bridges of FTI Consulting tells her to do or just because she is thick as two short planks? I really do not know. 


blinkx plc – Edelman critics continuing to play ‘the man’, as the PR machine struggles to play ‘the ball’?

2014-04-11 13:07:03

In a pathetic piece today, with no comment on the actual content of the work, The Telegraph’s City Diary claims “Ben Edelman left red-faced over taking cash to bash Blinkx”. Following his UK Investor Show presentation, the Harvard Business School associate professor has published some further analysis on Blinkx plc (BLNX), noting “my testing of Blinkx ex-Zango adware began in 2004 with unpaid writing on my web site, and has grown to include paid and unpaid work for advertisers, ad networks, publishers, investors, and regulators. However, none of these requested or funded this article or any portion of the research presented in this article”. The following looks at this latest article in conjunction with some blogging by Zango co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer, Ken Smith.


Ben Edelman – THE blinkx Video from UK Investor Show

2014-04-10 07:25:39

For those unwise enough to not attend the UK Investor Show 2014 here is the full video of Ben Edelman’s presentation and the Q&A that followed. I found it compelling watching.


Doc Holiday Audio Interview with Ben Edelman - the blinkx destroyer

2014-04-08 15:13:16

Our good friend Doc Holiday has just recorded a five minute phone interview with professor Ben Edelman the man whose analysis of blinkx (BLNX) has attracted so much interest.  Ben's full UK Investor Show Presentation was videod and is scheduled to go live later today.


Blinkx plc – Steve Moore view following the UK Investor Show

2014-04-08 13:25:36

Following Ben Edelman’s presentation at the UK Investor Show at the weekend, ShareSoc Deputy Chairman Roger Lawson has published a blog entitled ‘Impressions of a self-publicist, and Blinkx’. I’d concur with Doc Holiday that it is the quality of the work rather than whether the writer is perceived to be someone ‘of modesty’ or not that is of relevance. 


Would I rather be long or short of blinkx? Dunno!

2014-04-07 08:14:22

Steve Moore and I have been bearish on blinkx  (BLNX) from well into the BE (Before Edelman) era. Our concern was simply that the rating was too high. We were right to be bearish although it won us no fans on the Bulletin Boards. But now that the shares have slumped to 90p would I rather be long or short? To be honest I just don’t know. I do not have a Scooby. Here’s why.


So which company’s lawyers are bullying Tom Winnifrith & which are after Evil Knievil?

2014-04-04 11:19:18

Yesterday I got a bullying letter from lawyers to a listed company. So too did Evil Knievil. Different companies same sort of threats. To Evil first. 


blinkx plc - how detailed is its "detailed response" to Benjamin Edelman?

2014-03-31 13:19:10

Two months after seemingly feeling it satisfactory to merely note that it “strongly refutes the assertions made and conclusions drawn in the blog post”, internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has today published what it describes as “a detailed response” (see HERE) to Harvard associate professor and UK Investor Show speaker, Benjamin Edelman’s analysis. Is this change of tact perhaps related to a share price which has failed to really recover since Edelman’s publication?


blinkx Statement Re its arch critic Ben Edelman: Ben promises full response on Saturday in London

2014-03-31 09:37:52

Controversial AIM listed blinkx (BLNX) has today issued a trading statement and an attempted rebuttal of the criticisms made by star internet guru Ben Edelman two months ago.  But Edelman is not bowed and promises a full response in five days’ time in London.


blinkx plc - a leap of faith required given 'black box' uncertainties?

2014-03-07 16:30:41

Whilst on the corporate website of internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) to access the annual report for my previous piece on the company HERE, I noted that it had published discussion from its attendance at a Goldman Sachs technology and internet conference last month. This saw the company’s CEO “happy to answer” a question on what have been the recent controversies around blinkx and what is your response? The following reviews.


blinkx plc – seeking to further reassure on its alleged ‘darker side’

2014-03-04 12:57:49

At around 100p, shares in internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) remain depressed relative to the more than 200p at which they started 2014. As we all know, the heavy fall came after analysis from Benjamin Edelman, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School. But is there value here now?


blinkx plc – why a director share purchase doesn’t exactly inspire confidence

2014-02-21 12:30:32

The currently under scrutiny internet media company, blinkx plc (BLNX) has announced that its CEO Subhransu Mukherjee has acquired £9,100 of shares in the company at 91p each. This follows the shares falling from more than 175p after analysis last month (see HERE) from Benjamin Edelman, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School, and the following reviews.


Ben Edelman, the Blinkx Destroyer confirmed at the latest headline speaker at UK Investor Show - book your seat now

2014-02-20 14:01:20

The UKInvestor Show already now has 44 big name speakers having just announced its biggest and hottest name speaker yet. Flying in from the US just for the show this man will set the cat amongst the pigeons. Yes, our latest speaker is Ben Edelman.


BlinkX: Speculative Buy - Wide Range Consolidation Just Favours Upside Argument

2014-02-14 09:16:13

To say that the share price of BlinkX (BLNX) has been on something of a roller coaster ride is British understatement at its best. What has happened here is also a timely reminder that penny stocks can often turn on a dime. Hysteria prompted by a certain infamous blogger regarding the company, caused the stock to plunge to plunge to 85p - effectively halving the market cap overnight.


The Top 6 stocks to buy on AIM this week: 3 & 4 – Blinkx & Coms

2014-02-05 13:46:01

In the second instalment of this week’s Top 6 AIM stocks to buy, the Closet Chartist recommends Blinkx and Coms.


blinkx plc – is information on the ‘Kitten Bowl’ anything more than PR fluff?

2014-02-04 07:27:36

Currently embattled (see HERE) internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) has announced with great fanfare a partnership with Crown Media Family Networks, home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. But is information like “Hallmark Channel and blinkx will deliver highlights of the cutest competition around with all the adorable action of the first ever ‘Kitten Bowl’” what investors currently need to be hearing here?


blinkx plc – brokers able to shed any more light?

2014-01-31 17:40:05

Following a blog post (see HERE) blinkx plc (BLNX) yesterday noted was “by a Consultant paid by unnamed third parties, in which he discloses, ‘I prepared a portion of this article at the request of a client that prefers not to be listed by name’”, brokers to blinkx, Citigroup (“Citigroup Global Markets Inc. or an affiliate received compensation in the past 12 months from Blinkx Plc”) and Numis (“Blinkx is or has been during the 12-month period preceding the date of this research report, a client of Numis”) have reiterated positive stances on the internet video and advertising company. The following reviews.


Trading Blinkx? Evil Knievil, Paul Scott & Lucian Miers – the expert views.

2014-01-31 09:43:45

After the storm who is trading Blinkx (BLNX) now. Three experts - three views. Paul Scott, Lucian Miers and Evil Knievil


blinkx plc – a ‘dark side’ or ‘a significant buying opportunity’?

2014-01-30 16:55:20

Shares in internet video and advertising company blinkx plc (BLNX) were down from a 186.75p close two days ago to as low as 85p today, before closing at 118.75p, after noting “a recent blog post by a Consultant paid by unnamed third parties” (see HERE) and that it “strongly refutes the assertions made and conclusions drawn in the blog post”. Is this thus, as house broker to blinkx, Citigroup, considers, “a significant buying opportunity”?


Blinkx: Nightmare Scenario Target At 80p Missed By 5p – So Far

2014-01-30 16:47:44

Apparently some blogger has been on the warpath regarding Blinkx, (BLNX) and even though his arguments are too complex for me (or I guess most people) to understand the shares have tanked. The stock is on a PE in the stratosphere and most retail investors do not even know what the company does but an injustice feels like it has been done today.


Blinkx Statement does not wash

2014-01-30 15:53:27

At 2.54 PM today Blinkx (BLNX) finally put out a statement in response to its share price collapse. I am not sure that I find it terribly convincing. The company says there is no reason for its shares to slump (as we described earlier), but says:


The darker Side of Blinkx?

2014-01-30 14:00:32

Shares in Blinkx (BLNX) were off by 50% at one point today. As things stand the shares are down by 35%, 62p at 113.5p. The reason appears to be a fairly venemous bear piece which has appeared: The darker Side of Blinkx.


Blinkx: Buy at 214.25p - Accelerating Uptrend Targets 260p Plus

2014-01-06 08:53:39

Blinkx (BLNX) has been and remains one of the finer examples of an AIM stock where the fundamentals and technicals and the overall feelgood factor in terms of getting on the back of a company which is hot, all intermingle.


Blinx – Even Paid supporter Edison admits valuation is high

2013-11-12 10:26:59

Edison is commissioned by companies to produce reports so when it admits that a valuation is high that is some admission. But it has done just that in a report out today on Blinkx (BLNX).


Buy Blinkx (BLNX): Backed From 60p To 160p

2013-05-22 04:11:56

Ever since the Autonomy link scare buy opportunity for Blinkx in the autumn, it would appear that everyone and their mother has been backing this stock as one of the best AIM stock buys around, both on a fundamental and a technical basis.


Blinkx plc - how do strong full-year results render the valuation?

2013-05-16 07:11:10

I concluded a piece last month on AIM-listed internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) that, with the shares then up to 93p, ‘there may still exist a bit of upside scope here, but the valuation now looks to leave little room for the years ahead not turning out as bullishly as currently envisaged’.


Buy Blinkx (BLNX): Stunning Prospects Towards 180p

2013-05-08 11:05:38

While it is always tempting to go over the top after a minnow has had a good day as video search engine group Blinkx has had today, it has had stunning technical for a number of months and therefore what we are seeing is no flash in the pan.


Blinkx plc - how does today's 20% share price rise render the valuation?

2013-04-24 13:51:15

Shares in blinkx plc (BLNXM), the AIM-listed internet media company boasting “the world’s most advanced video engine”, trade 20% higher today, at 93p, on the back of an announcement that it “expects to report full year revenue and profits ahead of expectations”.


Blinkx (BLNX): Momentum Could Stretch To 100p Plus

2013-04-24 09:17:23

The latest sharp gap higher for Blinkx shares suggests the long awaited move to 100p plus could be about to become a reality.


Blinx: KoldCast TV deal announced – Speculative Buy

2013-01-08 18:04:08

AIM-listed blinkx plc (BLNX), which describes itself as “the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine” , has today announced a further partnership deal – this with KoldCast TV, an international television network of original entertainment programming.

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