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Loads of Good Days at BlackRock and its Sparkling European Fund Could Rise Even Higher

2021-04-30 08:07:58

By now, BlackRock is possibly the biggest asset manager in the world. And though size is no guarantee of success, a large presence makes it more difficult to fail. BlackRock does a lot of different funds. But my favourite, and one I’ve commended to you before, is the BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE). Of late, it seems to rise fairly consistently and my tiny original holding is now getting on the hefty side.


Another Good Day at BlackRock Greater Europe as Heartening NAV is Revealed

2021-02-12 08:17:16

Hello, Share Traders. From time to time I review the progress of one of BlackRock’s most successful funds. It’s the BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE). There seems to be no holding this share back. It’s now reached yet another all-time high. As dedicated share shifters you will, like myself, prefer to pick our own babies. But in this case, perhaps not. I mean who knows much about stocks in far-flung corners of the continent?...


A Bad Day at BlackRock Greater Europe - But Only Very Slightly and its Record-Breaking Run Should Soon Continue

2020-12-09 08:16:44

Hello, Share Packers. My fellow investors in BlackRock’s Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE) may have noticed the share fell slightly yesterday. This is unusual these days as this seemingly Covid-proof investment vehicle keeps on breaking its old highs. BlackRock is, of course, one of the biggest financial investors in the world and has many funds. But the Greater Europe trust seems to be one of its more successful...


Want an Investment Trust that's Kept Piling on Share Value? Take a Look at this Success Story...

2020-10-22 08:10:55

Hello, Share Masters. I’m not the only one on this beloved website who’s opined that it's often the more boring of stocks that produce the best rewards. And you probably can't get more mundane in the sense of a lack of frequent news than the BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE). Nothing much happens here – except that the share price rises on a regular basis. Once again, it has busted through its all-time record and I see no reason why it cannot continue to motor north...


Choosing an Obscure Word to Write About a Fund Thriving despite the Pandemic

2020-07-03 08:15:46

Hello, Share Swatters. For a bit of fun to lift these dreary lockdown days, I’m introducing a new feature in my modest daily view of shares you might consider. Every article will contain a word you may not know. You might do, but let’s see. And now for today’s commendation, it’s BlackRock’s Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE). Now where nearly all other share funds have been hit by the virus, this share has hit new highs...


A Good Day (and Year) for BlackRock Makes Me Glad I Hold Its Greater Europe Shares

2020-01-22 08:15:50

Hello Share Twiddlers. The great thing about a Footsie tinkering with record highs is that most boats float with a rising tide. This means that you can check on the share price of a sleeper in your portfolio and probably earn a nice surprise. This has happened to me with the BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust (BRGE)...


One of the World's Top Funds Warns About Investing in Carbon Fuels. But Should We Take Notice?

2020-01-18 09:50:47

Hello, Share Pickers. As a shareholder in Black Rock’s Greater European Fund (BRGE), I take account of what the company’s supremo has to say about the future. And the interestingly-named Larry Fink says climate change worries will cause a "fundamental re-shaping of finance”. And that it’ll come a lot sooner than expected.


A BlackRock Trust that May Be Steady as a, well, Rock for Investors in Europe

2017-06-15 00:05:54

Hello Share Scramblers. In the early nineties, I bought some shares in a trust investing in Europe. It was known as the Mercury Europe Privatisation Investment Trust. I seem to recall it was the time of various British insurance companies and utilities going private for the first time.

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