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Big Sofa April Update

2021-04-21 15:45:13

Overall, I suppose, things are going the right way for now delisted Big Sofa (BST) but just a bit more slowly than we might have hpoed. Will we loyal shareholders get a takeover within 18 months? I still hope so. But I am not going to count any chickens just yet. Anyhow as I can't sell my shares I have no choice but to wait. Here is the April update from CEO Kirsty Fuller.


Big Sofa is this Light at the end of the tunnel or another express train heading towards my portfolio

2021-01-08 14:19:11

I am asked for where we are with Big Sofa (BST). As you may know, it delisted last April saying PLC costs were not worth it. It then raised £1 million at 3p a share in October so how is it doing?  I hope that it is making its way towards profitability and a trade sale. Just as I hope that Cheryl Cole has something special for me for my birthday next week. But in both cases I think it is sensible to plan for the the outcome not being entirely as one might have wished. Anyhow Big Sofa has sent a missive to some of its shareholders, some folks being more equal than others. So for those of you plebs who did not receive an update on trading, here it is.


Big Sofa - to leave AIM, is it game over? 3 End Games

2020-03-31 11:06:20

There are three scenarios here of which one is that Big Sofa (BST) goes bust and we shareholders lose everything. If that happens I will apologise again for a bad tip as I apologise now for what has happened. I am sorry. If it is any consolation, if this goes to zero I am kissing goodbye to £37,000. But that is not a given...


Big Sofa shares suspended after pulled placing- is it game over? I sense no but was there insider dealing?

2020-03-18 15:18:27

Tom Winnifrith writes: I apologise for a bad share tip. If it is any consolation if this goes tits up I shall be waiving goodbye to a sum well into five figures. That however is the risk of owning shares. And it is not game over.


Tip of the year update Big Sofa - corporate action on the Streets of San Francisco

2020-02-21 12:13:08

I fear that many readers will be too young and will not remember the Streets of San Francisco with Michael Douglas and Karl Malden. Please look it up on google, it was fabulous. But my reference is not to an era when cops could beat a confession out of a suspect rather than spend their working lives undergoing diversity training, but to one of my tips of the year, Big Sofa (BST).


Big Sofa Technologies – R&D tax credit, it all helps…

2019-11-06 15:20:24

Big Sofa Technologies (BST) has updated on “R&D and receipt of £250,000 tax credit”…


Big Sofa – ‘global systems partner’ win further evidence of progress: STRONG BUY

2019-11-03 13:33:55

Video analytics technologies company Big Sofa (BST) has announced it has been selected as ‘global systems partner’ to “one of the world's largest food and beverage companies” and an “immediate revenue commitment of more than $400,000”


Big Sofa Technologies – new agreement a further step towards targets, strong buy

2019-10-12 10:12:48

Video analytics technologies company Big Sofa(LSE:BST) has announced a new agreement with Ipsos, with CEO Kirsty Fuller emphasising “this minimum purchase agreement deepens a mutually beneficial partnership. Strengthening our integration with Ipsos is part of Big Sofa Technologies' strategic roadmap which includes the launch of jointly developed products and embedding Big Sofa Technologies in Ipsos' workflows and processes”


Big Sofa Interims and Placing: STRONG BUY at up to 4.5p

2019-09-28 09:46:16

Okay, another placing from Big Sofa (BST). Cynics and bears can laugh at we shareholders but they will not be having the last laugh. At 3.8-4.2p the stance, at up to 4.5p is STRONG BUY with a target to sell of 6p+ achievable within weeks.


Big Sofa – another service agreement with a US-based global technology company…

2019-07-18 09:17:52

“Service agreement from a global technology company” announcement from Big Sofa Technologies (BST)…


Big Sofa – positive trading update… but haven’t we already heard it quite recently?

2019-07-13 17:05:11

Big Sofa Technologies (BST) has updated investors with news including that it “announces H1 revenues of £1.1 million as the business gathers momentum and delivers revenue growth of more than 70% over the same period last year”“this progress has been achieved on a materially lower cost base compared to 2018” and “we now enter the second half of the year with confidence and momentum… fully expect to deepen the Ipsos relationship further whilst securing new revenue streams with strategic client wins”. Sounds good, but haven’t we already heard this quite recently?...


Big Sofa Trading Statement – Recovery full steam ahead

2019-06-15 12:36:19

We tipped Big Sofa (BST) just a few weeks ago at a 4p offer. The shares, of which we own a good few, are now 4.5p-5.25p following an upbeat trading statement. But hang on tight as there is far more to come.


Big Sofa, Results, placing, tip of the year looking very good indeed: BUY ( I have)

2019-03-08 01:46:18

Cynical Bear is yet to comment ”told y’all” but being a drearily predictable fellow, it cannot be long now. Big Sofa (BST) has had another placing. But this one is different. I was made an insider on Wednesday and opted to take part and expect my 4p investment to double in pretty short order and to be well ahead of that by Christmas.


Big Sofa – collapseroonie: Cynical Bear was right all along & I was wrong

2018-10-02 08:14:09

Like Tom Winnifrith I am licking my wounds, after AIM-listed Big Sofa (BST) announced awful interims (after the deadline, but escaped being suspended by releasing the numbers first thing this morning before AIM announced today’s suspensions) and a placing so heavily discounted that it made the interims look like the company had won the lottery. It has been a bad couple of weeks. Having been keen I suggested that readers pile in when IPSOS bought at a big premium yet the shares hardly moved. If it looks too good to be true…..lesson learnt.


Big Sofa – dismal results and placing at just 3p. Roll call of shame

2018-10-02 07:30:00

Tom Winnifrith writes: Firstly an apology from us. Big Sofa (BST) has been a very poor tip - as big investors in the IPO we share your pain and - justifiable - anger.  We apologise for believing numerous things said by CEO Simon Liddington. I have just emailed him and called him, to his face rather than behind his back, a “corporate wanker” for reasons I shall explain below. He should resign at once allowing newly appointed CCO Kirsty Fuller to take charge. Liddington is not fit for purpose and I am sorely tempted to go to the forthcoming EGM and tell him that, once again, to his face and demand he goes.


Big Sofa and PepsiCo – too little too late but we are not selling

2018-09-22 06:48:16

Big Sofa (BST) proudly announces a deal with Pepsico. The folks who run this company really do know how to piss off their long-suffering investors don’t they?  You will remember how we shareholders were guided that the company would be announcing multiple deals worth seven figures per annum with big names. They simply have not arrived.


Big Sofa - new CCO with a cracking CV but...

2018-09-11 08:30:51

Big Sofa (BST) has appointed to its board Kirsty Fuller as Chief Commercial Officer, with effect from 1 October 2018. Kirsty has a cracking CV but...


Big Sofa Technologies – I have not changed my view, still cynical, still a bear

2018-07-12 07:20:23

Just in case anyone thought I was getting less cynical with age following my earlier piece, I thought I would also update my thoughts on Big Sofa Technologies (BST) following all the recent news. In short, I remain as bearish as ever and think a cash crunch will be soon upon us.


Big Sofa upbeat AGM – BUY

2018-07-04 13:01:57

Nick Mustoe served up an upbeat statement at the Big Sofa (BST) AGM. Not quite as many hard numbers as one would have liked but the tone was bullish enough.


Big Sofa - AIM Rule 13, cripes this is all such a bore; the shares are still a strong buy

2018-06-25 01:10:57

AIM Rule 13 deals with related party transactions. Given that IPSOS now owns 20% of Big Sofa Technologies (BST) and has a seat on its board, all sales to IPSOS are viewed as related party deals. And since there are a lot of small Purchase Orders (POs), Nomad Spark and AIM have agreed a way to work around this.


Big Sofa Technologies: Beware the cosy fireside chat

2018-06-10 00:55:28

I’ll keep this relatively short as I’m meant to be enjoying a long weekend away at a big family gathering celebrating my step-father-in-law’s 70th birthday but also I don’t have a lot to add to my previous comments on Big Sofa Technologies (BST). However, I felt it appropriate to respond to the latest view on last week’s results from the HSR team.


Big Sofa Results & Company Chat - BUY

2018-06-09 00:35:46

Sorry for the delayed update on Monday's calendar 2017 results from Big Sofa (BST), the video analytics provider but we wanted to catch up with CEO Simon Lidington which we have now done. The numbers are not that good but we long suffering shareholders knew that anyway.


Big Sofa – Eridge (formerly New World) part converts, part takes repayment of loans

2018-05-31 00:34:46

I hold shares in both Eridge (the re-named and redomiciled New World Oil and Gas (NEW) which was booted off the Casino following the most extraordinary run of events) and in AIM-listed Big Sofa (BST). I was therefore wondering what was going to happen to the convertible loan which Eridge held from the days when it was going to be the vehicle into which the Big Sofa was injected before a few things came to light which eventually saw that fine firm of Beaumont Cornish resign and run for the hills as Nomad in one final two-fingered salute to (then) New World’s shareholders.


UK Investor Show Dragon's Den Video Number 5: Tom, Brian Kinane & Steve invest another £3,000

2018-05-02 03:33:05

At the UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session five the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Brian Kinane of Riverfort, a jovial Irishman who takes teasing well, and Steve Moore. The companies pitching were: Big Sofa, Symphony Environmental, Stranger Holdings and Papua Mining


UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Simon Lidington of Big Sofa

2018-05-01 00:38:22

Simon also gave a massively impressive Dragon's Den pitch which you can watch later. I own shares in Big Sofa (BST) and came away enthused as a result of the show. What do you think?


Big Sofa Technologies: Look, I’m sorry, OK? I’m really, really……really sorry

2018-03-04 09:14:04

I dropped Tom a note immediately upon seeing the great looking Ipsos funding deal with Big Sofa Technologies (BST) on Friday morning saying that it looked like good news. He followed up immediately with a demand for a grovelling apology. Being a reasonable sort, I thought I had better do the decent thing and give him as fulsome a one as I can muster from the bottom of the heart.


Market Research giant IPSOS takes 20% stake in Big Sofa at 18.5p - validation, vindication: BUY - why 55p is plausible

2018-03-03 06:52:01

Shares in Big Sofa (BST) closed at 12.75p last night. Today we were told that market research giant IPSOS had subscribed for £3 million of new shares at 18.5p to take a 20% stake. This is validation and vindication and you should buy aggressively this morning.


Big Sofa – Big Fundraise at a Big Premium, Company chat

2018-03-02 07:34:22

Tom Winnifrith and Cynical Bear have been battling it out over AIM-listed Big Sofa (BST) for a fair while. Cynical worries about the company running short of cash, Tom is interested in the growth and points to the fact that Sofa is about to turn profitable (according to the company). In the middle of all this, I have a few shares myself and have been wondering what to do (and so did nothing!)


Big Sofa - a strong buy; the alternative view to Cynical Bear from HotStockRockets

2018-02-02 03:00:00

Cynical bear offers up the bear case HERE. here is the bull case. Sensible investors want to hear both sides of the story. BB Morons only want to read folks with whom they agree. This website is committed to free speech and is not targeting Versarien (VRS) owning morons, who want to hear only one side of the argument, as customers. Back to Big Sofa...


Big Sofa Technologies: Trading update – the cash is all fine, honest!

2018-02-01 04:56:08

My Woodford piece earlier today highlighted the challenges of taking too much notice of what you hear from the company itself. I think the same can be said in connection with Big Sofa Technologies (BST) following its poor trading update yesterday.


Big Sofa - finally the contract wins arrive, not one but two! Very strong buy

2018-01-04 03:30:00

Like London buses you wait for ages and then suddenly they all arrive at once. Big Sofa (BST) has announced two major contract wins with Target Corporation, a leading US retailer, and Zurich North America, the US company of the global insurance group.


After company chat, Strong Buy Big Sofa at 18p

2017-10-02 04:56:46

Disclaimer: a) We own a large number of shares in Big Sofa (BST). b) There is a bear case. My colleague at ShareProphets puts it in full HERE.  I explain why he is wrong in a Bearcast HERE.  But why are the shares a buy? Unlike Mr Bear I have spoken at length to the company.  So I enlarge on a piece from HotStockRockets on the basis of that chat.


Big Sofa Technology: Well, I was pretty close but what next?

2017-09-30 23:09:36

I’m not particularly good at being smug but it would be remiss of me not to give an update following Big Sofa’s (BST) interims on Friday as I was pretty spot on. For completeness, Tom has already covered his thoughts in a Bearcast and a separate article HERE and HERE respectively, but here’s my take on it.


Big Sofa Interims - yes they are piss poor but the shares are a strong buy

2017-09-30 09:58:40

When the international video analytics provider to consumer brands and market research agencies completed a placing a few weeks ago it flagged up that H1 results for calendar 2017 would not be anything to write home about. Let us not kid ourselves: they are piss poor. But that should be no surprise and it is what happens next that matters which is why we think the share price sell-off is wrong.


Big Sofa Technology: Interims preview – the bearish perspective

2017-09-24 04:04:11

I have been having some good natured debate with Tom on the pros and cons of Big Sofa Technology (BST) recently and, as ever, he has allowed me to present my bearish version of events in advance of next week’s interims in contrast to his bullish thoughts the most recent of which is HERE.


Buy Big Sofa at 22.5p - target 60p

2017-09-08 01:10:52

When this share tip appeared on FivefreeShareTips yesterday the shares were 20.125p to buyur readers got the best deal. Do not miss out on our next tips emailed direct to you: register now HERE. But at 22.5p to buy Big Sofa (BST) still is stunningly cheap. Here is why...


Big Sofa - Placing, £1.5 million raised in 10 minutes - BUY

2017-08-30 03:48:53

This will make those who said Big Sofa (BST) was set to do a placing happy. Except that they stated that it was because the business was doing badly. The reality is that it is going gangbusters and needs working capital to take on extra business. Thus last Thursday four phone calls to four fund managers meant that - with NEDS lead by Adam Reynolds chipping in £210,000 - £1.5 million was raised at 18.5p in just ten minutes.


Big Sofa - cracking AGM statement: BUY GREEDILY at up to 25p

2017-07-27 00:13:44

Big Sofa's (BST) AGM went smoothly enough but the market seems to have overlooked the statement from chairman Nicholas Mustoe. It really is very exciting indeed. Mustoe stated:


Big Sofa - 2 heavy hitters join, share price recovery continues ( and will accelerate)

2017-07-12 00:22:07

The distracting noise and untruthful commentary surrounding the results from Big Sofa (BST) a couple of weeks ago has died down and the shares have started a re-rate - they are now 25p-26.5p and if you can get any stock at all at 25p or better you should do so. We continue to see a minimum price target of 50p + to sell. Today we have news of two heavy hitters coming on board.


Big Sofa Final results - some people act without thinking others like Value the Markets just deceive you

2017-07-04 02:09:54

"When's the Big Sofa (BST) placing?" said one of our contributors after results last week. Well "there isn't one" said the company. Over at Value the Markets they claimed that the company had guided that it would do calendar 2016 sales of £1.5-£2 million when it listed (sales came in at £757,000). Given that miss VTM said "take profits" and Leon Boros of the discredited abusers and rampers nest that is ShareSoc tweeted this aggressively. But there was no official guidance from the company- that was not true. The company listed on 19 December 2016 - is anyone really claiming it guided to £1.5-£2 million 6 days before Christmas and 12 days before the year end when it would have know that its sales just ahead of the Christmas break were going to be c £757,000 ( the eventual FY number) . What total bollocks.


Big Sofa - is the unnamed Consumer Goods Multinational Partner P&G? we think it is

2017-06-26 02:38:22

On 12 June Big Sofa (BST) announced a Global Agreement with a Consumer Goods Multinational based in the US. This was a big deal and reinforces our bullishness on the shares. But it did not name the company. But hang on have a look at the company's recently updated website below:


Big Sofa – major US deal, Ipsos named, new forecasts – buy at up to 25p – 50p target is CONSERVATIVE! ( 120p plausible)

2017-06-13 03:02:50

Big Sofa (BST), the provider of video analytics technology and services has announced that it t has been approved as a ‘Global Systems Partner’ to provide video research and technology services to one of the world’s largest consumer goods corporations, headquartered in the USA. Annoyingly we are not told who this is but it will leak. You may remember the big win with a market research firm?


Video: Simon Lidington, CEO of Big Sofa, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-16 02:03:15

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Simon Lidington, CEO of Big Sofa (BST), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


Big Sofa - another deal, piss poor PR but shares will zoom in the end

2017-04-15 01:38:04

Big Sofa (BST) is signing major deals but the clowns who manage its PR seem unable to communicate why this is so important to the market. In due course despite the manifest incompetency of Vigo Communications, a firm too cowardly and inept to answer basic questions posed by email, the truth will out and the shares will zoom. But pro tem this is frustrating.


Big Sofa: US expansion - things looking very good! More big share price gains to come

2017-03-26 00:49:12

We are already well ahead on this share tip. But we can still see it doubling from here!


ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 6 Buy Big Sofa Technologies says HotStockRockets

2016-12-25 00:42:36

We have four more share tips out between now and January 2nd which you can access for just a fiver HERE, but here is one we prepared earlier which is our first share tip of the year.


Tom Winnifrith Podcast: Discussing Big Sofa with Adam Reynolds

2016-12-19 04:05:07

Big Sofa Technologies (BST) IPO'd on AIM today at 17p - the shares are now 21p. It is the latest Adam Reynolds stock and we own "a few" shares. I recorded this podcast to discuss the investment case with Adam.


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