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Camkids - Filthy Forty execution 14 with 3 more on death row. Who's next?

2015-10-30 01:43:01

AIM has this morning announced the quiet execution of the fourteenth member of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty, Camkids (CAMK). Still on Death Row we have Geong (GNG) which tomorrow will have been without a Nomad for a month so we expect another execution at 7am on Monday. Also scheduled for lethal injection shortly is China Rereun (CHRR) which lost its Nomad 24 days ago, and Vmoto (VMT) is going for a "best interests" delisting. This reads terribly badly for the LSE - and not a single one of the Nomad resignations has been explained.


Results round-up a festival of AIM-China Red Flags at the end a festy fortnight on the Filthy Forty.

2015-10-03 03:12:35

Phew, what a scorcher! The heat really was turned up on the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty over the past two weeks. Last week we had one AIM-execution,  a suspension (and subsequent restoration) as Vmoto (VMT) announced a transaction which we find less than credible (HERE) and results from Jiasen (JSI) which prompted Tom Winnifrith to present us with a choice that he was a banana or Jiasen is a fraud. And JQW (JQW) had its operations suspended by the Chinese authorities for contraventions of advertising and pyramid-selling regulations before releasing less than convincing interims. This week saw fourteen of the Filthy Forty racing to the line to get results filed by close of play Wednesday so as to avoid automatic suspension, two of which added to the overcrowding problem on AIM’s Death Row as their Nomad quit. Here is the ShareProphets  round-up of AIM-China Red Flags served up this past week.


China Fraud Camkids goes onto AIM Casino Death Row – Nomad quits, shares suspended

2015-09-29 01:21:51

And it is another kill for the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff of AIM – China fraud Camkids (CAMK) is now on death row with its shares suspended as Allenby this morning quit as Nomad with immediate effect. The lying tossers at Camkids could not even tell that straight – the RNS stated “Change of adviser”. It meant, the adviser had quit as it finally accepted this was a nailed down slam dunk fraud. It gets worse.


Camkids: we knew the balance sheet was a fraud now here is why the reported profits are also bogus

2015-08-28 00:16:13

AIM listed China fraud Camkids (CAMK) effectively admitted that its stated cash was not really there with its ludicrous explanation of how it was set to disappear (HERE) but now let me show you why its reported profits are also 100% made up.


Camkids, China Chaintek and the joke that is AIM

2015-08-16 02:59:39

It seems like ages ago that the then Chairman of the London Stock Exchange, Mr Gibson Smith stared at me disdainfully at the police-state plenum-style AGM and in answer to my question as to whether having AIM was really worth the sweat, given its minimal contribution to Group profits compared to the colossal reputational damage it was wreaking, trotted out some feeble rehearsed platitudes about the importance of the AIM market, the quality of the Nomads, and lack of wholesale fraud in the AIM listed China-based community.


ShareProphets caption Contest in honour of China AIM frauds Camkids, JQW and Jiasen

2015-08-13 02:58:14

The deadline is Sunday. All you need to do is supply a suitable caption for the picture below. In honour of Allenby Capital and Cairn Financial which continue to act for patent frauds on the AIM casino we invite you to do your worst. Post in the comments section below.


Reader Poll – when will shares in the FRAUD Camkids be suspended?

2015-08-12 01:35:49

Shares in China AIM Casino fraud Camkids (CAMK) should be suspended now. If Nomad Allenby had any decency it would quit at once. The stock is again plunging today (off 16% at 4p) and even the thickest Bulletin Board moron is not buying. So when will the shares be suspended? It is time for a reader poll. Deadline for entries midnight tonight or the suspension time whichever is sooner:


The Camkids FRAUD – An Open Letter to Allenby Capital and AIM Regulation – suspend the shares NOW!

2015-08-11 02:27:47

Earlier today Nigel Somerville and Tom Winnifrith demonstrated quite clearly (HERE) why Camkids (CAMK) has committed accounting fraud and why the statement of yesterday just does not add up. We have been saying that this company is a fraud for months and months and that is now clear to all. Now it is time for Nomad Allenby to show principle and quit on the spot and if it is so desperate for fees that it will not for AIM Regulation to force a suspension. We explain why in this open letter: 


Breaking: Camkids – If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck……

2015-08-11 02:04:02

Something just does not add up with AIM listed (pro tem) Camkids (CAMK). Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore have already considered the credibility of yesterday’s RNS HERE and pronounced Camkids, from Fujian Province in China as a prime candidate to join the club from the Norfolk province of AIM. We’ve been looking at it from a different angle: the annual report and accounts. What we find is shocking. 


FRAUD: Camkids – an old dog with new tricks to explain how nearly ‘All the Money’s Gone’

2015-08-10 06:11:34

Former ‘Investors Chronicle’ favourite AIM casino China fraud Camkids Group (CAMK) has released a more than 600 word RNS, which can be almost summed up by a 1999 song from Wolverhampton band Babylon Zoo; ‘All the Money’s Gone’… The shares are crashing and if Nomad Allenby had any integrity it would quit. This is a total Rum n'Coke.


Camkids AGM Q&A - the killer admission

2015-06-12 06:34:11

AIM casino listed China fraud Camkids (CAMK) has helpfully published an English language transcript of a Q&A from its AGM yesterday. There are moments of sheer comedy but also a killer admission which should tell you this is heading for 0p.


Bulletin Board or Twitter Moron of the week #22 - in honour of Camkids

2015-06-07 07:32:18

Camkids is capitalised at £12.5 million. It claims to have increased its cash pile by £9 million to £40 million last year and to be profitable and generating cash. Yet it cannot afford a £1 milluion dividend. Sound a bit Naibu-esque? Oddly it is from the same China province (Fuijian) and is engaged in the same business, fraud. Ooops we meant making shoes. And there are still folks who think its shares are cheap. In their honour we bring you this week's Bulletin Board moron contest.


Camkids..To lose one NED is unfortuanate, to lose 2 looks like..

2015-05-12 01:33:58

At this point I move away from Oscar Wilde, in the case of Camkids (CAMK) to lose 2 NEDs looks like… a fraud unraveling. Last week it was a British NED who walked. Today we hear that Mircle Yap , a Chinese NED, will be leaving after the AGM on June 11.


Camkids – Ned walks: the writing is on the wall

2015-05-07 09:07:41

Camkids is widely believed to be another AIM-listed Chinese company which can’t be trusted. Tom Winnifrith is bolder in his view on this one in light of events at Sorbic today HERE. Back to Camkids, with its shares having fallen by 50% over the past two weeks since it failed to declare a final dividend, the stock lower again today at 17.4p as we receive an RNS stating that British non-exec Richard Sweet has resigned with immediate effect. 


Camkids Interims - an inexplicable dividend cut from a Chinese POS on the AIM Casino

2014-09-29 09:21:38

Another day and another Chinese POS on the AIM casino has cut its cash dividend for reasons that one can only explain in one way. Today’s little shocker is Camkids (CAMK) a shoe producer from Fujian like Naibu (NBU) and those German listed Chinese frauds.


The Industrial Scale China stock Fraud in Fujian home to Naibu, China Chaintek and Camkids revealed

2014-09-22 11:52:42

This article appeared in the Chinese publication  Caixin Online at Christmas 2012. Staff reporter Qu Yunyu has done a superb job. It should be required reading for the crony capitalists round at Daniel Stewart, Allenby Capital and Abchurch Communications as well as AIM Regulation and for anyone mad enough to hold shares in Naibu (NBU), Camkids (CAMK) or China Chaintek (CTEK). It is explicit about what has gone on. If you own shares in any of the Fujian companies on the AIM Casino you should sell them all at once. The article – with a few choice sections in bold from me -  reads: 


Ming Le – another Chinese shoe fraud emerges - a clear warning for Camkids investors

2014-09-21 10:23:08

Last week we revealed the story of Ultrasonic, a Chinese shoe company listed in Frankfurt where the CEO and COO appear to have stolen all the money and done a runner. It comes from Fujian like AIM Casino listed shoe companies Naibu (NBU) and Camkids (CAMK). Now let me introduce you to Ming Le and Camkids shareholders please take note.


ShareProphets Reader Poll – Chinese stocks on AIM

2014-09-13 16:05:44

It is now quite clear, after my shock revelations today HERE, that Naibu (NBU) is a total Norfolk and is going to 0p. And this is only the latest of a number of Chinese based Norfolks to list on the AIM casino. Good Chinese stocks list in Hong Kong or Shanghai, bad ones on NASDAQ and total stinkers and outright Norfolks on AIM. Well that is my view - hence the advice to dump shares in Camkids (CAMK) and China Chaintek (CTEK) as well as Naibu. What do you think? Which of the following statements most closely reflects your views:


Missed out on Naibu: Here are your next two China companies to short: CamKids and China Chaintek

2014-09-12 11:13:01

The Naibu (NBU) Norfolk is collapsing as we speak. Last seen the shares were at 31p and target price is 0p. Will the Naibu owning Bulletin Board moron who called me Winnifraud 2 days ago on the ADVFN Naibu thread for questioning this Ponzi please apologise now? Is he right now filling his boots or filling his trousers with the brown stuff? I have no sympathy for this cretin whatsoever. He was warned… So which are the next two China AIM casino listed stocks to slump> Here are two suggestions.

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