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Centamin – 150p target hit so time to top-slice

2019-08-28 08:52:21

It wasn’t a formal tip from me but having mentioned fully-listed Centamin (CEY) a good few times saying I had a target of 150p to top-slice, it seems only fair  that I flag up that the mark has been reached so a further handful of my shares are going into the shop window.


Centamin – Full marks to Gary Newman as Interims impress and divi is raised

2019-07-31 10:18:57

I commented that I had bought shares in fully-listed Egyptian gold miner Centamin (CEY) at around £1 with the proceeds of my part-sale  of AIM-listed Turkish goldie Ariana (AAU), partly thanks to Gary Newman who thought that the shares had overreacted to bad news. This morning Centamin reported its Interims…..


Is the Lure of Gold more Glittery for You as the Brexit Mess gets Messier?

2019-04-13 05:42:22

Hello, Share Screechers. With so much uncertainty in the world and dire warnings about share prices, some given on this beautiful website, it might be worth considering other forms of investment. I’ve been tempted by buying works of art, but as I know nothing about the subject I decided against it. And that's despite some huge profits art investors have seen over the last few years.


The market has vastly over-reacted to Centamin's results - it remains a long term buy for me

2019-02-28 01:15:48

The market has been slaughtering even the larger companies over any sort of disappointing results recently, but for me that further strengthens the argument to buy shares in Centamin (CEY).


Don't Be in De Nile About the Hedge Benefits of Gold. Look at Egyptian Miner Centamin

2019-02-06 01:14:00

Hello, Share Jumpers. As the Footsie continues to gain ground with the growing prospect that there’ll be a Brexit soft landing, after all, you could be tempted to veer away from investing in gold. But I’m still minded to have at least a toehold in this hedge against recessions, both homegrown and worldwide...


Tell your Mummy. There's Still Gold in them tha' Egyptian Hills.

2019-01-04 22:40:46

Hello, Share Twisters. Not that long ago I suggested you might buy gold. And in particular, shares in an Egyptian miner, Centamin (CEY). Its share price has risen by about 25% since then.  But I claim no credit for that, as there was little doubt that gold is becoming more desirable. 


Did the Three Wise Men's Gold Come from Egypt? Centamin Certainly Knows How to Find It

2018-12-18 01:10:26

Hello, Share Punchers. With fears of Brexit continuing to cancel out the Santa Rally, our thoughts should turn more to that useful hedge against disaster - gold. Now short of buying a few gold bars, which I haven't entirely discounted, by the way, the best way to take advantage of gold is to pick up mining stock. There are a lot of small gold explorers and even producers that I will continue to avoid. But the larger ones might be worth looking into...


Keep buying any weakness in Centamin as the company is now back on track

2018-11-04 12:19:48

Centamin (CEY) has had a bad run of form of late, but I believe that this is just a temporary blip in its fortunes and it presents a fantastic buying opportunity for the future.


Centamin offers exposure to gold at a great price currently - buy

2018-06-04 03:20:35

Centamin (CEY) has taken a big hit to its share price over the past week or so and has seen getting on for £400 million wiped off of the value of the company.


Go Tell Mummy. Egypt's Centamin Waits Only for the Gold Price to Reach a More Realistic Level

2018-05-22 00:16:31

A load of people respected in the Big City, including our own Uncle Tom, believe that thinking ‘Gold’ is a jolly good mindset to have. After my current experience with Beaufort Securities, I am minded to buy a bar of gold and stick it under my bed. I could also buy the real thing from an agent and he or she will keep it for me.


When gold bounces Centamin will shine

2017-12-07 02:08:03

Gold has been very difficult to read lately, with a lot of the swings making very little sense in the context of the events that have been driving them.


Walk like an Egyptian & Consider Grabbing A Glittering Interest in this Big Miner - Just in Case

2017-06-26 00:09:46

Hello Share Peelers. Some of the smarter minds in the big city keep telling us that gold will explode in value sooner or later. And yet the price of the yellow stuff is not exactly exploding. Never mind, if only as a hedge against shares in all other sectors, it makes sense to maintain an interest in gold.


Egyptian Miner Centamin's Shares Have Not Mummified and May Come Alive Now

2017-03-16 01:06:52

Hello Share Scuffers. As the world wobbles around on top of a gyrating beachball of economic uncertainty, mostly caused by a roller-coasting oil price, gold seems as good a bet as any. Currencies are nearly all under threat, it seems to me, which leaves gold in a great position. But apart from buying gold bars, which is inconvenient, we must consider investing in gold miners.


ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 15 Buy Centamin says Malcolm Stacey

2016-12-29 01:29:53

Hello Share Hopers. Gold prices are not as high as they might be, given the shakiness of the major currencies over this year. These currencies may be come even more unstable in 2017 - the dollar, euro and pound.


Is it time to think about banking a healthy profit on Centamin?

2016-08-16 00:00:06

Centamin (CEY) has proved a great example that it is possible to buy shares based on them being fundamentally too cheap, and then hold until the company recovers and you can reap the rewards.


Why Investing in Centamin's Gold Shouldn't Cost Your Last Cent

2016-05-21 03:15:37

Hello Share Chunterers. Gold is flavour of the month, if not the next few years. So let’s take another peek at Centamin (CEY) the Egyptian gold producer. Now this poor country has got it in the neck again this week with an aeroplane destined for that country tragically falling out of the sky*. 


Centamin, the Egyptian Gold Miner Seems A Pharaoh Enough Investment to Me.

2016-02-12 00:59:59

Hello Share Smoochers. I got so fed up with Centamin (CEY) the big Egyptian gold miner losing share value on a daily basis that I stopped checking its share price nearly a year ago. My shares just festered away with my most little-used broker. I half-heartedly hoped for a Shrodinger Cat-type recovery if I did not look regularly at the price. 


SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Anglo Asian Mining, Centamin, Gem Diamonds, Minera IRL and Stratex

2015-11-11 05:01:29

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ), Centamin (CEY), Gem Diamonds (GEMD), Minera IRL (MIRL) and Stratex (STI) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Asiamet, Sierra Rutile, Centamin

2015-10-08 06:38:05

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Asiamet Resources (ARS), Centamin (CEY) and Sierra Rutile (SRX) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Centamin, Dalradian Resources, EMED Mining, Gemfields & Herencia Resources

2015-09-10 02:30:52

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Centamin (CEY), Dalradian Resources (DALR), EMED Mining (EMED), Gemfields (GEM) & Herencia Resources (HER) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


Have a Look at this Egyptian Gold Miner - Is that Pharaoh Enough!

2015-08-12 23:56:56

Hello Share Bottlers. I’ve held shares in Centamin (CEY), the Egyptian gold miner for some years now. Given the dramatic events that have shaken that interesting country, the share price has followed rather a boring path.


Zak Mir's Bull Stock Of The Day: Centamin - above 60p points to 80p plus

2015-05-16 18:58:10

Strange, is probably the best description of the recent price action that Centamin has served up on its daily chart. This point is underlined by the way that since the start of the year we have seen the stock whipsaw either side of the time of 200 day moving average currently around the 60p mark. 


SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Centamin, Caledonia Mining, Metminco, Horizonte Minerals & Kirkland Gold

2015-05-13 05:01:54

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Centamin, Caledonia Mining, Metminco, Horizonte Minerals & Kirkland Gold as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


Centamin Egypt offers value for Gold Bulls

2015-03-22 13:53:51

Gold producers are well worth a look for anyone who is bullish on the metal itself, and offer some degree of leveraged play. One which would definitely be on my list to have a look at is Centamin Egypt (CEY) which is currently trading around 54p, and with a market cap of £620 million. 


Centamin plc - company "pleased to announce" Q1 2014 production results, shares down; why?

2014-04-09 15:30:21

Despite being “pleased to announce preliminary production results from its Sukari gold mine in Egypt for the quarter ended 31 March 2014”, shares in Centamin (CEY) have currently slipped to below 53p on the day. The following reviews why.


Centamin: Buy Above 40p Still Targets Towards 60p

2013-12-18 11:44:50

It has been easy to sound like a broken record regarding the technical prospects for Centamin (CEY). So here I go again: the shares are still a buy.


Centamin: Buy - Bear Trap Below 40p Targets Towards 60p

2013-12-10 11:00:16

The problem as far as shares of Centamin (CEY) are concerned is that even at the best of times we are looking at a situation where the price action is extremely volatile and spiky. 


Centamin: All About 40p Zone Holding

2013-12-03 11:27:44

Centamin shares have provided entertainment all kinds to traders over recent months, although to be fair it can be said that given the horrific price action as far as the underlying metal is concerned we have not been treated to as bad a ride as one might have expected. That said, the current situation is pivotal given the way that the floor of a rising trend channel from March this year is now in play.


Centamin at 46p - Risk of 40p Again Before 50p Plus

2013-11-21 13:12:03

It would appear that in the recent past shares of Centamin (CEY) have been as disappointing as the position of the underlying metal it mines, gold. That said, given the trouble and strife in the miner’s adoptive home in Egypt it can be argued that the rebound from well below 30p at the height of the crisis to even 45p plus currently is something of an achievement.


Centamin buy at 50p – target 70p by Christmas

2013-11-06 10:16:26

Centamin (CEY) is a stock that holds a special place for many private investors in the sense that almost all of them claim to have had the good fortune of being lined up for the shares from well below the current 50p zone. Well here is some good news for you all.


Centamin: Fox Davies Q3 Output comment and upgrade

2013-10-10 08:13:16

Centamin (CEY) has announced its preliminary production figures from its Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt for the quarter ended 30 September 2013. Total gold production for the quarter was 84,757oz. The mine also reported its highest quarterly underground tonnes mined at 152kt and tonnes processed through the mill at 1,463kt.  Broker Fox Davies reacted positively. It writes:


Centamin – Is Egypt really discounted? No!

2013-07-29 08:39:46

You rather lose track of what is going on in Egypt. The gang rapes, the riots, demonstrations, the shooting of 72 folk on Saturday, boys being hurled from rooftops. It is all a blur of horror – the sort of place I’d be advising the Sefton Resources (SER) board to spend their summer holidays. But to recap:


Centamin Q2 Numbers good but the bulls remain in dreamland

2013-07-09 08:55:05

Centamin (CEY), the gold miner operating in the delightful peaceful paradise on earth that is Egypt has today announced Q2 production numbers. As a bear of this stock since last summer when Egypt headed down the Islamofascist route it would be churlish of me not to admit that the numbers are not excellent. They are superb. But with respect that is not the point.


Centamin – Where is the RNS fellows?

2013-06-20 02:26:50

If a company has major news it should treat all investors the same and issue an RNS. And with that in mind what the hell is Centamin (CEY) playing at? Telling a newswire journalist material information so that City investors are up to speed but mug punters without an access to a Reuters terminal are kept in the dark shows a shocking contempt for private investors.



Tuesday`s Triple Play: Centamin, Nighthawk Energy, Iofina

2013-06-18 02:26:54

The time has come to ask if Centamin has finally done enough to build a base in the mid 30p’s, Nighthawk is ready to break out of its near term flag, and has its CEO finally scuppered the share price of Iofina?


Centamin: Excellent Results…but

2013-05-16 07:15:09

Fully listed gold miner Centamin (CEY) has announced its results from its Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt for the quarter ended 31 March 2013.


Sell Centamin (CEY): Serious Implications Below 35p

2013-05-11 05:37:53

What Bulls of Centamin have failed to appreciate in recent months is that rather than rejoicing that the Sukari mine/gold production was at record levels, realise that the more wealth the group creates, the greater the attraction it is for the Egyptian authorities to grab the goose laying the golden eggs.


Centamin Egypt – In De Nile without a paddle

2013-05-10 05:26:39

Oh Dear. Oh Dear. Oh Dear. It looks as if the Islamofascists in Egypt are moving a step closer to seizing Centamin’s (CEY) flagship Sukari mine, but the company (and its shareholders) are in denial.


Sell Centamin (CEY): A Gold Miner In A Mine Field

2013-05-10 00:48:43

The present situation at Gold miner Centamin reminds us of the pitfalls of attempting to call time on a downtrend, and how if you need to ask, it is probably not over.


Zak Mir: Centamin, Medusa, Vatukoula and the outlook for gold stocks

2013-04-19 12:48:50

Zak Mir, the UK's stupidest chartist, outlines the outlook for leading gold stocks such as Centamin (CEY), Medusa (MML) and Vatukoula (VGM) on video. Is the party finally over?


Centamin – And now there are two reasons to sell at 39p: target price 25p

2013-04-17 01:36:17

Reasons to be bearish part 2. The first reason to sell Centamin (CEY) was political – it operates in Egypt where there is zero long term visibility for businesses since the regime change. But there is now a fundamental reason to offload the stock pronto – the maths simply do not stack up.


Centamin: Big double sell call

2013-04-15 08:44:59

*Chart Flash* Unfilled gap to the downside below 200 day moving average at 43p January - April Island Top Formation Target Towards 20p while below 200 day moving average!


Centamin Q1 Numbers – I am still a bear

2013-04-11 00:43:24

I have been bearish about FTSE 250 gold miner Centamin ("CEY": since last summer when the overthrow of kleptocrat President Mubarak introduced a whole new dynamic to valuation.


Centamin: New Resistance Below 50p Risks A Retest Of 2012 Support

2013-04-09 09:51:40

As far as trending / most followed stocks outside the AIM sphere and outside the banking sector, it can be said that there are few companies that traders and investors are more obsessed by than Centamin.


Centamin Publishes Record Q4 Results but that still leaves it as a sell

2013-01-09 18:21:07

Centamin (CEY), the London and Canada listed gold miner operating in Egypt, has announced record quarterly gold production of 85,543 ounces for the period closing December 31st 2012 – taking full year production to 262,958 ounces, a 30% increase on 2011 and above guidance of 250,000 ounces. The shares have responded by currently trading just over 5.5p higher at 49.75p, capitalising the company at just under £550 million. The company emphasises the numbers as “particularly pleasing given the challenges faced during the year” but the announcement also makes clear that challenges remain. The following details my current view…


Centamin: Is it exporting gold or not?

2013-01-03 17:58:52

On 20th December fully listed gold miner Centamin (CEY) announced that “following the recently-announced export of gold and resumption of fuel supply, operations have now resumed at Sukari.” The market read this as meaning that output and cashflow generation was now back on track. The shares have thus rallied to 39.3p. But this morning, top broker Fox Davies has published a research report stating “We also understand that gold exports have again been suspended.” Well have they? A RNS statement from Centamin is called for pretty urgently. This is a critical matter but the answer does not matter but the episode reminds us of why the shares are a sell.


Centamin – Market Update Does Not sound Good say two brokers and me

2012-11-26 16:02:44

Fully listed Egyptian gold miner Centamin (CEY) has today provided a market update on its various woes and at two levels it does not sound good at all. And it is not just me saying this, it seems that some brokers agree. To hoots of Bulletin Board derision I warned folks repeatedly ( when the shares were much higher than today’s 60.2p) that Centamin was a sell.


Centamin: Broker Fox Davies Warns shares worth 44p if fuel subsidy discussions fail

2012-11-22 14:57:25

I think that my views on fully listed Egyptian Gold miner Centamin (CEY) are well known. For me the great risk is a political one – I trust the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt less than I’d trust an 1970s Radio 1 DJ to do a spot of babysitting. But Fox Davies has another concern: the fuel subsidy.


Centamin – Quarterlies Good Enough But...

2012-11-16 13:26:00

I have never said that Egypt-focused, London and Canada listed, gold miner Centamin (CEY) was a bad company. After all I tipped the shares at 8p on and got my readers to sell at 134p – not a bad result. My problem is that it operates in Egypt. That is the country next to Gaza happily assisting Hamas as the heat gets turned up in the region.


Centamin – Another day and a Better RNS – Still Far More attractive Bets in Gold

2012-11-05 12:06:33

And now for the latest news from Centamin (CEY) vs the Islamofascist Peoples Court in Cairo – the fully listed gold miner has issued another statement (its third) on the ruling of last Tuesday which appeared to take away its key flagship asset, the Sukari gold mine. This is the most convincing statement yet from Centamin and the shares have rallied to 74p. That is another opportunity to sell and switch into a safer play. And here is why.

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