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Compass Points to Rising Confidence, Especially as its Profits Grow Faster than Revenue

2018-11-21 01:03:35

Hello Share Chewers. One of those giant companies which seem to move at the pace of a lazy snail is Compass Group (CPG). Since I can remember, which admittedly ain’t too far these days, the stock has been teetering on 1700p. I don't know why this progress is niggardly because the company seems to continue its success story.


Compass Shares Could Head North A Lot Faster, Once the Fundamentals are Appreciated

2018-02-12 01:07:14

Hello, Share Scrummers. When the going gets tough out there in the Big City, as now, the sensible approach is to buy shares in companies which may be hit by the general situation, but which seem as strong as an ox and could be among the first to bounce back in the almost inevitable rally.


Compass Points the Way to Greater Growth, Especially in the USA

2017-12-04 01:12:35

Hello, Share Scramblers. We’ve all found to our cost that just because a company is big enough to be in the Footsie, doesn’t mean it’s any more immune than the rest from disaster. But some shares still seem more reliable than others.


The Punter's Return Points You in the Direction of Compass

2017-10-23 00:19:13

Hello Share Farmers. A share which I have held ever since Yorkshire Television was snapped up by Granada is Compass (CPG). This is the Footsie catering giant which Granada was absorbed into.


Want a Firm Which Could Benefit from the Trump Effect? Check your Compass

2017-02-06 01:18:22

Hello Share Tweakers. Everyone has a few shares in their bag which they consider as super reliable. This faith can sometimes backfire, as we all know to our cost. But it’s not a frequent happenstance.


Compass Could Show the Way, Should Four Year's Hard Work Goes Down the Drain

2016-11-08 01:12:58

Hello Share Slurpers. After four years’ dedicated slog, I have finished my blockbuster crime/horror novel. So I've been sending it, one at a time, to literary agents. This is a scary moment, as it could mean four years down the pan. However, I have not made a great deal of money out of my shares over the last four years, either.


Why Compass Acts as a Magnet to Long-Term Punters.

2016-04-19 23:37:54

Hello Share Twisters. Every so often I return to Compass (CPG) the big caterer and office services provider. The company can be found in offices, factories, schools, hospitals and other such places in about fifty countries. And I like it because this stock continues to bring home the goods.


While Most Shares Point South, Compass Continues to Show the Way.

2016-02-05 01:03:56

Hello Share Scramblers. Time to check our Compass (CPG) again. I’ve long supported this golden company. Even in dark times, like now, for example, the shares maintain a strong showing.


Perhaps Compass Will Show You the Way.

2015-09-30 23:31:30

Hello Share Shovellers. You might consider doing a bit of research into Compass Group (CPG), especially if you are looking for a longer-term investment.


The True Meaning of Easter and a Cracking Eggs-tra Tip.

2015-04-03 03:02:22

Hello Share Takers. First of all let's not forget the real meaning of Easter – and it's not to take advantage of the closed markets to review your portfolio.


Could Compass drop the pilot and lose its bearings?

2014-10-07 13:00:38

There was a reference somewhere to good news about Compass (CPG) the international food and hospitality services company. But search as a might, like a French hog nosing out truffles I could not locate the good news. 


Footsie Favourite Compass Shows the Way.

2014-07-19 06:23:01

Hello Share Fanciers: I've sung the praises before of the catering giant Compass Group (CPG). I've held their shares since they split with Granada Television. Remember them?


Compass Shares Will Continue to Travel North.

2014-06-05 00:50:57

Hello Share Shiners: There are some companies that shout success at you. The share price continues to rise in a slow steady progression and the divis tick up, too.

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