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KERBOOM: Catenae Innovation – Related Party Acquisition of Hyperneph stinks

2021-05-04 11:44:46

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has waxed lyrical this morning about the acquisition of Hyperneph Software Limited. The acquisition – a 51% partial stake in the outfit – is set to cost Catenae’s grateful shareholders £270,000 in cash and £50,000 in Catenae confetti to be issued at the end of February next year at a 10-day VWAP. The transaction is classed as a Related Party Transaction as one former director of Catenae is on the board of Hyperneph, alongside a former employee and current adviser to Catenae.


Catenae Innovation: Shares off as results are delayed, disastrous trading update and what about cash?

2021-03-29 15:50:06

It was announced this morning that AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) is to delay releasing its accounts to 30 September 2020 with the blessing of AIM Regulation, which has given the company until the end of June on the grounds of the Covid pandemic. I will come to this later, but we were also treated to a trading update……which was indeed a treat, if you are a bear.


Catenae – Another rampfest on the back of an RNS Reach

2021-02-22 14:06:39

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) offered up more than its fair share of RNS Reaches last year and this morning we have another. Remember, and RNS Reach is classified essentially as marketing material, yet the shares are up by a whopping 45% at 2.75p, having climbed as high as 3.15p!


Catenae – Another day, another deal “not expected to generate substantial revenues"

2021-01-29 12:49:11

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) – fresh from its fundraise announced Wednesday which added £1 million to its coffers at 2p per share – has announced a new pilot agreement for its Covid-bandwagon testing platform with an unnamed Fortune 500 American professional services and construction company. But if the BBMs think this is exciting, we are again warned that the deal is not expected to generate substantial revenues. Or, indeed, any revenues at all.


Catenae – Placing at 2p… how many were forward sold?

2021-01-27 09:31:26

AIM-listed POS Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a placing at 2p to raise £1 million and a further 2.4 million golden tickets are being issues to cover directors’ fees and certain current liabilities. It is Ouzo-on-cornflakes time. But there is another issue…..


Catenae Innovation – some questions for Liam Murray of Cairn Financial Advisers

2020-12-16 10:43:19

On 9 December, Catenae (CTEA) issued a TR1 which indicated that Spreadex had acquired a 10.54% stake up from an apparently nil or a previously undisclosable percentage on 2 December 2020.  On 15 December, Catenae issued a TRI showing that Spreadex’s 10.54% interest had reduced to 8.23%


EXPLOSIVE SHAM EXPOSED: Catenae – Never Mind Father Christmas, what about TwoBob?

2020-12-15 15:30:18

Having been through this morning’s ramptastic announcement from AIM-listed Catenae (CTEA) and its joint venture with BHA Medical now known as Synovate Global Ltd, I thought I should take a quick trip to Companies House to have a butchers’ at Synovate.


Catenae – Father Christmas calls, but no significant revenues in his Sack - all the money's gone!

2020-12-15 09:04:01

AIM-listed Covid-ramp Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced that its joint venture with BHA Medical, now renamed Synovate Global Ltd (today the world, tomorrow the universe!), has got two orders for its package involving BHAs Covid test kits and Catenae’s data management platform. Whoopie-do, let’s all pile in –this is going to take over the world. Or not…….there is a catch!


Catenae Innovation: joint venture with BHA Medial and Issue of Warrants….nothing to see here, move along please

2020-10-16 11:13:56

This morning AIM-listed Catenae Innovation plc (CTEA) has issued two RNSs covering a new joint venture with BHA Medical – to which is it issuing 10 million warrants at 2.5p, and a further 2 million warrants at 2.5p to “other parties”….whoever that may be. Catenae’s shares are up to 2.8p on the news, so BHA and person or persons unknown are already in the money.


Catenae – when three weeks is seven……still a SELL

2020-10-11 12:36:20

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) is rapidly losing its Covid appeal. Having ended the pre-Covid period at around 0.26p per share, the company jumped on the Covid bandwagon and saw its shares roof it to peak at over 9p. But since the end of August Catenae’s lustre had dulled and now the shares are at 2.3p. It seems that what goes up must come down and as such there seems to be a long way to go. One reason could be related to its bandwagon Onsite-ID App, which we were led to believe would see some results as part of Newcastle Premier Health’s Access Planning Control. So what has happened? On 25 August we were told:


Five slam-dunk sells for 2020: update as Catenae’s Covid Bandwagon hits the buffers

2020-09-27 10:20:44

In August I noted that my list of five slam-dunk sells for 2020 was up, rather than down, by an amazing 41% - even though one is now a zero. Earlier this month the gains had been pared back to 25.5% but now, just two weeks later it seems that gravity is finally reasserting itself.


Catenae Innovation – more ramptastic nonsense: SELL

2020-08-25 10:44:20

Yesterday we saw AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) try to dress up paying for a marketing deal in shares as a good thing when surely the truth of it was that it was out of cash, and worse still the grateful recipient of the shares has to wait for the AGM for approval of increase in headroom. In other words, Catenae is out of cash and out of share-issuance headroom. This morning we were offered a Business Update...


Catenae – marketing deal with Markops paid for in to-be-issued shares. Hmmm

2020-08-24 09:31:04

AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a shares-for-fees deal with marketing consultancy Markops Limited. The shares, to be issued at 3.65p assuming the forthcoming AGM approves the lifting of the headroom available, will not hit the market until 28 September and are apparently worth £12,500. Now I’m sure that Markops are fine people, but……..


Catenae: Interims and Finals day – what a dog’s breakfast!

2020-06-30 15:01:30

AIM-listed dog Catenae Innovation (CTEA) released its FY results to September 2019 and Interims to March 2020 this morning. What a dog’s breakfast! We have been saying for some time that Catenae was technically insolvent and this morning the hard numbers show that we were bang on the (lack of) money...


Catenae - and the Covid bandwagon rolls on even as the company admits there may be no revenue!

2020-06-19 12:30:08

AIM-listed Catenae (CTEA) shares are up this morning in reaction to the latest update on its Covid-bandwagon ramp. This, of course, was a technically insolvent outfit before some clever clogs at Catenae Towers realised that the mug punters would pile into anything to do with Covid-19 and thus a project involving a consortium in which two companies which apparently had been working together for 25 years despite one of them only coming into existence 13 years ago was born. Catenae’s shares roofed it and now two placings later (at a whopping discount) sees Catenae funded perhaps to the end of the year. This morning there was an update on the consortium Covid-19 bandwagon project……


Catenae – placing confirmed at 2p but this is still the most overvalued AIM stock

2020-06-14 14:58:52

Having warned the market on Thursday that a placing was on the way at a substantial discount, the placing duly arrived yesterday morning at two minutes to ten – 37.5 million bits of confetti at 2p to raise £703,000 gross and see off £47,000 worth of liabilities. In some ways one has to congratulate the Broker on a job well done, given that the shares closed Thursday night at 2.65p that amounts to a discount of just 24.5% - a big improvement on the last effort at a monster 77% discount. So where does that leave the company?


Catenae – fundraise at a significant discount on the way, as predicted, and definitely no Insider Dealing

2020-06-12 08:30:52

AIM-listed Covid-19 uber ramp POS Catenae Innovation (CTEA) seems to have been forced to issue a warning RNS to its deluded loyal band of shareholders. We warned you here on ShareProphets that the last placing, done with the help of a spoof plan to get a Covid-19 tracking system going, would not be enough to last the company beyond the end of June. Now the company has warned that it is in discussion with its broker in relation to a fundraise at “a significant discount” to the current share price. Time for a glass of ouzo, methinks…..


Catenae – 15 million warrant conversion = 15 million bits of confetti up for grabs

2020-06-10 14:01:11

AIM-listed POS Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced that the holder of a warrant over 15 million shares exercisable at 1.25p has decided to cash in its chips. With the stock currently at 1.6p to sell, you can see why….!


Catenae – Spreadex dumps and what this tells us

2020-06-03 13:01:02

AIM-listed worthless and Covid-bandwagon POS Catenae updated the market this morning with three Holding in Company RNSs. There are a few lessons to learn…..!


Catenae – all hail the Covid Bandwagon!

2020-05-29 10:19:41

This morning AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) revealed the next steps in its Covid-19 spoof: its joint venture to Covid-19 test status app is being rolled out… what looks like a single GP practice in Newcastle. That may appear small beer already – not that this stopped the BB loons from piling in first thing this morning – but this roll-out is in fact just a proof-of-concept pilot. 


Catenae – another day and another serving of Covid spoof as a new wave of shares get ready to be dumped

2020-05-18 14:10:11

On 20th May (Wednesday this week) 32 million Catenae (CTEA)shares issued at 1p will be admitted to AIM. Given that this company is almost certainly technically insolvent and is burning cash and that the shares trade at 2p+ what do you expect the spivs who backed the last placing to do? Exactly. And when they have finished dumping those pieces of confetti there are 16 million warrants with a 1.25p strike to consider…


BREAKING: And here is why Catenae is worthless – its Covid project is a nothing

2020-05-11 10:45:27

Over the weekend I showed why the financials of Catenae (CTEA) made it the most worthless stock on AIM. But some folk think I ignore the Covid-19 project it is working ion. Au contraire, as a fascinating press release arrives in my in-box today I do not ignore the Covid hoo-hah I call, it out as a worthless promote.


Catenae Innovation: is this the most insane valuation on the AIM Casino?

2020-05-09 09:00:20

At the half year ended 31 March 2019, Catenae (CTEA)  had net liabilities of £389,980.  After adding the net loss for the second half of £287,330 (based on unaudited full year loss of £789,565 less half year loss of £502,941 and extrapolating the loss for another 7 months to end of April 2020 of £335,000 (based on 2nd half year run rate) results in net liabilities of £1,022,310.


Catenae - placing at 1p (77% discount). We told you so, and more equity issuance to come?...

2020-04-21 08:45:59

Last Friday I called the announcement by AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) that it was joining a consortium to track Covid data, an absurd spoof. The only questions were how partner fm2x had worked with fellow partner Z/Yen for over 25 years when it had only been in existence for 13 years and at what price the placing would be. Yesterday Tom Winnifrith was even more specific, naming the placing price and that there would be warrants attached in his Bearcast. By the time his dulcet tones transferred from recording to the internet, Catenae announced a placing. So much for not knowing how to play this Covid game!...


Catenae – Absurd SPOOOOOOOOOOF: SELL SELL SELL at 1.5p

2020-04-17 09:50:12

That AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) is in a state of technical insolvency is surely beyond question. Last night at 5.30pm – no-one-is-watching o’clock – the company announced the appointment of a new sole Broker in the form of Brandon Hill Capital and miraculously, this morning it has announced it has joined a consortium with the objective of building an identity documentation system to record an individual’s Covid-19 test status. Yes folks, this technically insolvent POS is trying to jump on the Coronavirus bandwagon! But this morning’s RNS has to questionable on at least one point…..


Catenae Innovation – delays FY19 results in yesterday’s disastrous statement. Is it insolvent?

2020-04-01 10:50:39

Tom Winnifrith and I have questioned AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) several times over its solvency already, but yesterday’s admission that full-year numbers would be delayed to June and another thumping loss suggest that it is already well under water...


BREAKING Catenae: some creditors are more equal than others, how much of the £153,000 has already gone

2020-02-06 09:51:30

AIM dog Catenae Innovations (CTEA ) spent the latter part of last week contacting creditors persuading them to swap sums owed for equity in a truly shite deal for those owed cash. What it did not say is that at least one creditor was given a far better deal. Some, it seems, are more equal than others.


Catenae Innovation – the fat lady is coming on stage. And again: is the company trading whilst insolvent?

2020-01-25 07:11:00

There is no answer to the question as to whether AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) was trading whilst insolvent, as posed here. But what we do know is that the fat lady has finished her warm-up and is coming on stage: we learnt at 1.20pm on a Friday afternoon (AKA no-one-is-watching o’clock) that there is still no sign of the rescue bail-out funding hoped for on 11 January. And Catenae isn’t even sure whether the funds it hopes for will be in the form of equity or debt even if it does arrive. It doesn’t sound as though discussions have advanced very far, does it?


Catenae Innovation – the fat lady is about to go on stage: Keep selling - was it trading while insolvent?

2020-01-11 09:19:28

Following its rather smelly announcement after hours at no-one-is-watching o’clock on December 20 which offered up nice Christmas presents to shareholders in the form of a profit warning and a statement that its financial position was weak, AIM-listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA) followed up yesterday at 12.23pm (lunchtime on a Friday, no-one-is-watching o’clock) with a further announcement that it still not agreed the hoped-for £100,000 bailout and that absent new funding it will be a trip to the corporate undertakers. Nigel did warn you but there is a bigger question....


Catenae Innovation – positive GM result but a rat deserts the sinking ship, finances dire. Still a SELL.

2019-12-24 08:34:04

Following last week’s admission that despite deals signed with Bradford City FC and Southend United Community and Educational Trust last Thursday but by Friday (after-hours) a profit warning had to be issued, AIM-listed Catenae Innovations (CTEA) has announced that the proposals put to a GM yesterday were passed…….and its sole NED (apart from the Interim Chairman) has resigned with immediate effect. Oh, and its financial position continues to be dire. The shares are off by 23% since my last warning over the weekend, but it seems there is more to come.


Red Flags at Night: Catenae Innovation offers up another profit warning at 5.02pm Friday after ramptastic effort Thursday– SELL!

2019-12-22 11:28:38

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) snuck out another profit warning on Friday at 5.02pm – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock, telling the market that its trading performance continues to be below management expectations as notified on 11 September and its financial position remains weak. Oh dear, of dear – things aren’t getting any better for the former Milestone Group (MSG) showing once again that Warren Buffett’s adage that when a bad company meets good (or only slightly better) management, it is the reputation for the former which prevails.


Catenae Innovation looks even more screwed after a profit warning and with funding needed 'in the near future'!

2019-09-13 08:16:47

I’ve never been able to see any value in Catenae Innovation (CTEA) and haven’t been surprised to see the share price collapse, but an attempt to give it a pump now seems to be underway – which I’d expect given that a placing can’t be that far away!


Catenae Innovation – interims, now “seeing growth in terms of potential pipeline and converted sales”

2019-07-11 08:10:00

Provider of digital media and technology, Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2019 and that “the company is now in a position where it is taking advantage of the existing product suite and is seeing growth in terms of potential pipeline and converted sales. The company continues to look at opportunities that enable it to expand its reach into new sectors and to significantly increase its growth”


Catenae Innovation – placing and warrant issue, still a buy here

2019-03-02 08:12:20

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) said that it“is pleased to announce a placing… at an important time for the company’s development strategy”


Catenae Innovation announces placing warrants on fantastic terms - for the warrant holders anyway!

2019-02-27 03:49:11

I’ve never been a fan of Catenae Innovation (CTEA), but I know that some of the other ShareProphets writers are more bullish on it and that it has been making some progress with its business.


Catenae Innovation – framework agreement supporting recent operational momentum, remains a buy

2019-02-10 11:25:30

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced “a 5-year renewable licence framework agreement with Z/Yen Group Limited for the use of ‘ChainZy’ - Z/Yen’s distributed ledger platform”


Catenae Innovation – OnSide product advances into rugby, shares remain a buy

2019-01-30 02:00:00

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced what it considers “a significant step for the OnSide product”...


Video - Tony Sanders of Catenae at UK Investor City Forum

2019-01-24 02:33:24

With the Sith Lord Zak Mir hosting, presenting CEO's knew they would some really tough questions (that's sarcasm folks) after presenting. Third up was Tony Sanders of Catenae (CTEA) The next City forum hosted by the Sith Lord is February 25. Put the date in your diary now.


Catenae Innovation – first agreements for OnSite, looks much more to come

2019-01-24 02:03:01

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced “it has signed its first agreements for OnSite with Firedoor Guardian Limited”...


Catenae Innovation – full-year results, “commencement of the recovery for the business”

2019-01-02 03:00:25

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2018, including “the board saw the restructuring of the business as critical to delivering the new business strategy and became the primary focus for much of the year. The period saw the commencement of the recovery for the business with the introduction of the new product set and the board are pleased to see that the revised products areas are attracting both interest and revenues”


Catenae Innovation – first blockchain contract & product updates, remains a buy

2018-12-12 01:20:00

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a first contract for a solution utilising its blockchain technology and updated on its such technology and announced a product launch…


Catenae Innovation – fundraising… but at a significant premium; Buy

2018-11-02 09:30:00

Digital media and technology provider, Catenae Innovation (CTEA) “is pleased to announce” the raising of £524,945 through the issue of new shares at 0.12p each, with CEO Tony Sanders emphasising the company is at an interesting stage of its development underlined by the support of the senior management and directors. Furthermore, we are pleased to complete this placing at a premium and welcome the support from the large UK based institutional investor, specialising in Tech companies, who has taken a significant stake in the business”...


Catenae Innovation – agreement with Southend Utd (calling David Cameron)

2018-10-24 08:10:29

Catenae (CTEA), “the AIM quoted provider of digital media and technology, is pleased to announce that it has signed a 3 year agreement with Southend United Community and Educational Trust for the provision of its OnSide application”. Ah, ‘The Mariners’ as David Cameron would probably say


Catenae Innovation - coming together now we believe

2018-10-08 07:40:42

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has had an update of sorts. We have also spoken to the company. It is coming together now, we believe.


Catenae Innovation – some more operational & financial progress, still a buy

2018-07-06 10:20:53

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a further two proof of concept agreements and some balance sheet progress…


Catenae Innovation – interims not good… but it’s management and strategic change that matters - BUY

2018-07-04 09:03:57

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced its results for the six months ended 31st March 2018 showing a loss on limited revenue, though also emphasising “the group has been through a transformation both in terms of the group's management and also in its strategic focus... The group is now well positioned to focus on executing the new strategy, building revenues from the products and services now available to the group, particularly those utilising blockchain technology in the digital media and fintech markets”


Catenae Innovation – proof-of-concept agreements & management appointments. All Good: BUY

2018-06-22 00:14:23

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has updated including proof-of-concept agreements for its Trust in Media joint venture and its ‘OnSide Pro’ solution and management appointments…


Catenae Innovation – first agreement for JV delivered ahead of schedule, still a buy

2018-06-01 23:52:07

Catenae Innovation (CTEA) has announced a “first agreement for the provision of Trust in Media's Fanbase service to one of the UK's largest entertainment promoters representing some major names in the music industry” – helping the shares up to a current 0.15p to buy…


Catenae Innovation looks like one to avoid when you take a closer look

2018-05-31 03:47:18

It seems to be the season for big share price rises off of the back of very little in the way of substance across quite a few companies at the lower end of AIM at the moment!


Looks like it isn’t just Lyin’ Larry Cummins prone to a few Black Cactus porkies

2018-05-13 03:30:57

Comedy from across the pond where things have taken a turn for the worse for ex-Milestone favourite Lyin' Larry Cummins and his latest ex-employer, Black Cactus Global (OTC: BLGI), which has been forced to put out a hilarious mea culpa. Wonder who’s been ramping wildly?

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