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Dial in to a Lenigas Cuba conference call at 4 PM if you are bored

2018-03-07 05:53:42

At around 4pm our time, the Great Lenigas North American Promote, LGC Capital (formerly Knowlton Capital, formerly Leni Gas Cuba, formerly…) is due to go live with an investor presentation and live Q&A call-in to the management team. As far as I can see all the Cuban assets have been written off and, these days, LGC is a company investing in cannabis plays. Whatever floats your boat.


David Lenigas on Drugs - Big Dave gets into the legalised weed game

2017-06-29 02:52:56

Legalised cannabis is right up there with The Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology as "hot" stockmarket promotes right now. Anyone who wants to grab the interest of investors, especially Stateside, is getting into the pot game. Cometh the day, cometh the man... step forward Big Dave Lenigas.


LGC Capital (Lenigas Cuba) – The Sherriff of AIM reaches across the pond to become the temporary Mountie of the TSX.V

2016-11-02 03:16:17

It is just over a year since my pal David Lenigas, listed Leni Gas Cuba (LGC) on ISDX. It has subsequently undertaken a reverse takeoverof Knowlton Capital on 12 July 2016 to obtain a listing on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange. Following the recent publication of its results, I decided to have a butchers. To be fair to Lenigas, he has made one cracking investment. But the overall picture is ...mixed. 


Running out of cash Leni Gas Cuba accelerates the spunk with another crap deal

2016-06-20 02:29:37

As Cynical Bear showed HERE, Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) is running out of cash fast. Given its monstrous record of lying to investors, buying worthless assets from its main players without telling anyone and of spunking cash only a total fool will back the looming and inevitable placing. So what to do? Aha, piss more away on another crap deal. And so..


Leni Gas Cuba – Why you should accept the Knowlton Capital Offer and then sell (if you can)

2016-06-12 09:04:34

Friday was eventful day for Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) with unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 March 2016 being announced along with the Posting of Scheme Circular in connection with potential Takeover by Canadian listed Knowlton Capital Inc. The proposed Merger values each Cuba share at 6.25 pence per share as stated below - for those who will believe any old shit:


Leni Gas Cuba – Goodbye ISDX and hello Canadian mugs, sorry I mean investors

2016-06-12 05:55:25

With Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) posting its half-year results and its scheme circular for its RTO with Knowlton on Friday, it is a good to time to reflect on what delights the Canadians have in store.


Leni Gas Cuba – update on that Canadian take-over: rum’n’cokes all round

2016-05-29 00:24:16

On Friday - ahead of the bank holiday weekend - at no-one-is-watching o’clock (natch) ISDX-listed Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) updated twice on its proposed take-over by Canadian TSX-V listed Knowlton Capital Inc. There is much to mull over there, but we have also recently had interim numbers from Knowlton and the implications for those caught in the lobster-pot of CUBA are horrific – anyone who handed over more than the 0.01p that David Lenigas paid for the bulk of his shares, that is.


Lenigas Cuba announces jv - sadly RNS is packed with what appear to be lies

2016-05-12 01:25:16

I am meant to be on a summer truce with David Lenigas so I shall interpret today's RNS from Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) as poor David being hoodwinked by the company he is meant to have done a JV with. That company is Commercial Funded Solar Ltd.


Lenigas Cuba – Knowlton Capital takeover - utter bollocks from Jabba the Share ramper

2016-04-30 00:04:08

David Lenigas on Friday made the following exciting announcement regarding the disastrous ISDX IPO that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA). He boasts of an RTO but it is all utter bollocks. Jabba announced:


Lenigas Cuba new joint venture aka the Rushmans bailout

2016-04-26 06:35:49

Earlier today fat Aussie share ramper Big Dave Lenigas was pleased to publish news of his latest Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) business venture with Rushmans.


Richard Gollum Gill says Lenigas Cuba a conviction buy. We disagree.

2016-04-08 01:15:50

As if poor shareholders in Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) did not have enough reasons to be miserable now they must cope with news that Richard "Gollum" Gill has published a buy note on the stock. 


LeniGas Cuba - something critical that ramper Big Dave failed to mention

2016-03-25 02:58:22

LeniGas Cuba (CUBA) fans will remember that they purchased a 15.8% interest in MEO Australia on 29 February as described below in its announcement. They will remember how Jabba The Hutt ramped this news via twitter to the morons who follow him and trust him with their hard earned cash. Hmmmmm.


Lenigas Cuba and its 15.8% investment in MEO Australia - more Leni-maths at work

2016-02-29 08:41:56

Today Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) purchased a further interest in MEO Australia as set out below - needless to say this is another Jabba The Hutt deal where the numbers only make sense if you use Leni-maths.


Lenigas Cuba - another ramptastic load of bollocks from David Lenigas

2016-02-23 08:14:53

Another day and another dismal attempt by David Lenigas to ramp shares in ailing Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) on the ISDX lobster pot. Hmmm. Lenigas tells us that ISDX - not AIM - is where the liquidity is so how come not one fucking share has traded in this company since 18 February with not one share traded after this latest ramp and with the shares (listed at 5p) stuck at 0.5p to sell just 3 months later? Answer please Mr Lenigas? And so to today's ramptastic bollocks from Jabba The Hutt.


Car Crash IPO Lenigas Cuba now MINUS 90% after 3 months - Jabba's Excuses Brilliant

2016-02-19 04:07:56

David Lenigas tries his best to ramp the crock of shit that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) but its shares are now just 0.5p to sell (in small amounts), that is 90% down in just over 3 months. The excuses Jabba The Hutt is offering on twitter are lamentable as you can see below. And there are also the half-truths.


Lenigas Cuba – if you’re a fan of Cuban Oil why you might want to buy MEO rather than Lenigas Cuba

2016-02-10 07:43:53

Hat Tip to reader "Inspector" for this point on the car crash IPO of the year 2015 Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) and its latest (failed) attempt to ramp the share price. On 9th February, Jabba The Hutt published the following update on his company's investment in Petro Australis:


Lenigas Cuba - three investors now have cases with Financial Ombudsman re 2p placing scam

2016-02-03 06:52:05

Yes one of the three is Brokerman Dan. Some of you may not feel the greatest of sympathy for him but when he and others ponied up a total of £4.2 million at 2p for what they were told was "seed financing" for Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) they were not told that at the same time David Lenigas and two pals were getting more than 50% of the equity in this POS at just 0.01p. That funding was the seed capital and Levi and others were fleeced.


Saint Lenigas of Havana in his own tweets

2016-02-01 06:33:14

Saint David Lenigas of Cuba has just tweeted out the following graphic explaining the moral case for Lenigas Cuba.  It is almost complete, only missing out Luke 6.20:


Lenigas Cuba – strange dealings on Companies House

2015-12-23 02:59:42

In its Admission Document to ISDX, Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) states that it has acquired 40 shares in TravelWelcome Limited which represents 40% of the issued share capital of that UK incorporated entity. Being a Companies House anorak, any excuse to poke around is taken with both hands and what we find is very odd, for it appears that CUBA has been rather more active than that statement gives credit for. Here is what I found – perhaps Big Dave Lenigas would care to explain what has been going on?


David Lenigas now breaking ISDX Rules for POS Lenigas Cuba

2015-12-20 03:10:34

What is it with Jabba The Hutt and rule breaking? The poor man seems addicted to it. His latest offence concerns the ISDX Lobster pot car crash of an IPO Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) where he has clearly broken ISDX Rule 32 (disclosure of price senistive information).


Lenigas Cuba and a benchmark of the value of its stake in Petro Australis - what is the real NAV?

2015-12-15 04:40:56

The supporters of the trainwreck IPO that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) argue that by clever acqusitions Jabba The Hutt will increase the NAV. Net assets currently stand at c 0.65p per share IF one assumes that £1 spent on acqusitions is worth £1. I would argue that it is not and shall demonstrate why below.


Shameless David Lenigas tries to ramp the dog Lenigas Cuba with token share purchase

2015-12-12 06:32:18

Not only was it announced ia RNS but also via the official Jabba News Service that is twitter, Mr The Hutt yesterday bought 1 million shares in Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) which he proclaimed to be a sign of his faith in the company. This man talks crap.


Questions for David Lenigas about Cuba - what is the Rushmans deal really worth?

2015-11-16 00:31:37

I have already demonstrated that the two “acquisitions” made by Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) post its car crash IPO on the ISDX lobster pot were er…not quite as fantastic as the PR puffery from fat aussie share ramper David Lenigas. Now let’s turn our attention to his partnership with Rushmans which was announced pre IPO. Hmmmmm.


UPDATED:David Lenigas – now tell us about TravelWelcome your Cuba travel operation you share ramper

2015-11-15 06:43:43

Updated - I have re-read the prospectus - the Travelwelcome stake cost $60,000 - see why that is very embarrassing for David Lenigas indeed. To great fanfare the car crash IPO that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) announced back in September that it was getting into travel. But as ever with the great Aussie share ramper David Lenigas this deal is not quite it might appear.


David Lenigas – can you sort out Companies House Filings for your new (joke) acquisition – they don’t stack up

2015-11-14 01:21:20

Yesterday we revealed how the latest acquisition announced by Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) was a joke. Big Dave reckons the company has been trading for 12 years but in fact it has been dormant for 11 years and has zero cash. The canard is exposed HERE. But, happily, for me, it gets even worse.


David Lenigas you fat Aussie share ramper who do you think you are kidding? Lenigas Cuba RNS is a joke

2015-11-13 05:13:42

The first “deal” announced by fat Aussie share ramper for Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) after its disastrous IPO was shown to be a total rum n coke within hours HERE. No wonder no-one bought the shares. Today’s RNS is even more preposterous. Who signs off on what is patently total bollocks?


Lenigas Cuba shareholder action group formed – hand back our money they say

2015-11-08 09:14:15

Oh dear, as if life were not bad enough for Big Dave Lenigas after LGO Energy’s appearance on the front page of the Sunday Sun today, now comes news that shareholders in ISDX train wreck IPO Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) want their dosh back.


Leni Gas Cuba – how the 2p placement participants can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service

2015-11-04 04:25:46

Yesterday in his BearCast, Tom Winnifrith offered subscribers to Leni Gas Cuba’s (CUBA) controversial 2p placement some excellent advice. He suggested that if the placement participants were not made aware that the company’s founders were about to or had just issued themselves 250,000,000 shares at 0.01p (for just £25,000) they could stand a very good chance of getting their money back. To do so they would need to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Below I provide more information about how to go about this.


Was David Lenigas the source of the false rumours of a stock shortage in Leni Gas Cuba?

2015-11-03 07:52:52

An explosive email has emerged, sent by David Lenigas on Friday to various brokers ahead of the disastrous Leni Gas Cuba (CUBA) IPO. Over the weekend false rumours spread across social media that there was a serious stock shortage ahead of the company’s calamitous market debut. The word was that conditions were primed for another potential New World Oil & Gas-style (NEW) short squeeze. If there were any doubt that this was all nonsense, yesterday’s crushing collapse in Leni Gas Cuba’s share price obliterated this. The rumours were completely untrue and it now seems that Lenigas himself forwarded the email below to a number of online stock rampers. Unsurprisingly this email is now doing the rounds.


Lenigas Cuba – pure bollocks in its desperate RNS of today – I smell panic

2015-11-03 07:20:57

The shares of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) are taking another beating on ISDX today as folks desperately rush for the exit. But it’s hard to get out of a lobster pot so hey presto, Big David Lenigas rustles up a good news press release. But the problem is that the RNS is pure bollocks and everyone knows it. These days if Dave says 2+2 = 4 most folks would find themselves calling for Rob Terry to check Dave’s maths before believing the fat Aussie share ramper.


Lenigas Cuba – the greed of David Lenigas and the 0.01p share issue – the dates look very awkward

2015-11-03 03:29:44

If those foolish enough to have invested in Lenigas Cuba at 2p back in July are wondering how they might get their cash back I suggest they start doing a date check or two for I have a shocking revelation.


Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash - the screen shot that says it all - someone desperate to sell

2015-11-03 02:33:30

Welcome to the lobster pot that is ISDX. The screen shot below taken at close of play yesterday tells it all abut the car crash that is the Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) IPO.


UPDATED: False rumours of a stock shortage in Lenigas Cuba

2015-11-02 03:56:56

Over the weekend there was a concerted effort across social media to con private investors into believing that there was a stock shortage for this morning’s Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) IPO. This morning I’ve triple confirmed from various City sources that these rumours are false. There is no shortage in Lenigas Cuba stock for sale, as evidenced by the company’s disastrous market debut. If you want to fight the tidal wave of sellers you can fill your boots with Lenigas Cuba stock. The stock flippers are having a very bad day in the market, despite their best efforts to manipulate it.


Lenigas Cuba IPO - a song for market abuser Chris Oil & fat Aussie share ramper big dave

2015-11-02 02:14:23

Following possibly the least successful IPO of the year which has seen punters minus 80% to sell on day one, I'd like to dedicate this song to market abuser Chris Oil who has some explaining to do to mummy and to fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas. Appropriately it is by The Primitives, aka those dumb enough to invest in this POS.


Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash – Minus 80% to sell on day 1 and it gets worse

2015-11-02 01:46:15

I hope you had your beer and popcorn ready for the IPO of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) at 5p because the spread on the shares right now is 1p-1.75p and it gets worse. The “size” is 25,000 to 50,000 which means that you can sell in parcels with a maximum value of £500. If you invested £500,000 at 2p like market abuser Chris Oil did back in July its going to take a long time and a lot of phone calls to get, some of, mummy’s money back.


V2: Lenigas Cuba fund raising bombs disastrously – prepare for IPO bloodbath Monday

2015-11-01 07:28:11

Back in July as David Lenigas raised £4.2 million at 2p for Lenigas Cuba, mug punters like market abuser Chris Oil were told a Standard Listing within 4-6 weeks would raise £5-10 million at 5p. Oh dear, it seems that 13 weeks later the ISDX IPO tomorrow will have seen just £200,000 raised at 5p. Big Dave has bombed! Now wait for the car crash as the maths are dire.


Reader Poll and finish sentence contest – Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash

2015-10-31 06:03:06

Lenigas Cuba lists on ISDX on Monday and this is going to be beer and popcorn time as the flippers head for the exit. And so ahead of this car crash we ask you what will he closing bid price be on Monday. But there is a tie breaker as well.


Lenigas Cuba: The Fat Aussie share Ramper Big Dave Doth Protest too much

2015-10-30 05:37:19

The Lenigas Cuba IPO is going to be a car crash on Monday. We know that a number of the 2p flippers want out on day one and it will be beer and popcorn time as they struggle to sell on the illiquid ISDX tertiary market. But fat Aussie Share Ramper David "I just love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning" Lenigas is going down fighting and has upped the twitter abuse after I flagged up this looming disaster HERE. Big Dave tweets:


Lenigas Cuba – IPO car crash ahoy? Flippers ARE panicking

2015-10-30 01:35:05

Monday sees the IPO of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) on the tertiary ISDX platform and there is clear evidence that the flippers are panicking and that this new issue will leave blood on Confetti Street next week.


Ten stark warnings a hurricane is brewing against the Lenigas Cuba IPO

2015-10-20 03:21:55

On Friday Lenigas Cuba released its pathfinder document, prior to its forthcoming IPO - Tom has already savaged it HERE, but it is in fact worse than even he explained. Unlike previous Lenigas debuts, this one has a number of significant cautionary indicators that all might not be well. At 5p most of Lenigas’ adoring legion of fans will ask what can go wrong? The answer is possibly quite a lot, not least because so many of them have already bought in at 2p. We will soon see whether or not the market has exhausted itself of greater fools, but those that ignore the early warning signs could find themselves caught up in a fierce stock market hurricane from 02 November.


Is the LSE having second thoughts about Lenigas Cuba – Dave admits he has a plan B

2015-10-15 04:37:14

First it was going to list on AIM. Then on 22nd July punters were told Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) would list on the LSE Standard list  in “about 3-4 weeks if all goes smooth” as it raised money at 2p. It has not gone smoothly as a letter - obtained by me - from David Lenigas concedes. But Big Dave has a Plan B.


Lenigas Cuba on track, Big Dave “nothing to do with Sefton” – source

2015-09-14 02:41:53

The flotation of the latest vehicle of Big Dave Lenigas, Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) is on course says a source close to the company and its listing could be achieved as soon as October, and will certainly occur by late November.


And now I have stacks of fake twitter followers too – I was “gifted” 5,000 overnight – Tom Winnifrith

2015-07-28 02:43:08

Following our revelations about fake twitter followers at Lenigas Cuba last week, I now appear to have a mass of fake followers too @tomwinnifrith. Someone – as part of a smear I suspect – gifted me 5,400 new utterly bogus followers overnight.


David Lenigas calls me a liar ...a riposte from Tom Winnifrith

2015-07-25 03:48:01

Not a lot can now get me to take out time from my sabbatical. After a couple of days with my father this week I have been inspired to write the first (short) chapter of the novel which is now with my friend Gary for review. However, David “when I said 3g seismic I meant 2g” Lenigas tweeting that I am a liar and should “get a life” drives me to respond.


Who else out there, apart from LeniGas Cuba, is a Twitter fibber?

2015-07-24 05:29:02

After Tom’s revelation yesterday about LeniGas Cuba’s… how to put this… “mysterious” leap in popularity on Twitter, we’ve been wondering at ShareProphets who else out there likes to pretend they are more popular than they actually are? As it turns out, this is a fun game and here’s how you can play along too.


Breaking: Lenigas Cuba raising £3 million at 2p TODAY, ahead of 5p IPO but not on AIM

2015-07-23 03:53:54

And we are off again with the next Big Dave Lenigas fund raise. This time it is Lenigas Cuba where books will close on Friday on a pre IPO funding raising £3 million (or a bit more) at 2p. Heck I know I’m on sabbatical but I thought I’d share this scoop with you.


David Lenigas “buys” bogus twitter followers for Lenigas Cuba – so transparent

2015-07-23 00:48:26

I’ ve got 3,000 twitter followers. Well I’ve got 4,000. But my dick is 12 inches long. So what mine is 13 inches long. This is all very silly. Anyone can amass twitter followers very quickly buy simply buying them. Sadly, while they may think that this shows they are very important, it can be easily audited and so when this happens it just shows the purchaser up as a bit of a buffoon. Tweeting out to thousands of ‘bots does not mean anyone really wants to listen to you. And that brings us to David Lenigas.

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