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Tipsters positive on Denelm Group, downbeat on Debenhams

2018-09-15 09:40:25

Debenhams (DEB) and Dunelm Group (DNLM) both featured heavily in the financial press this week and while both had some disappointing news to share, both broker and tipster outlook about the future of both companies was vastly different. This week, we take a look at the respective performances of each, and how tipster sentiment has shifted over time.


Debenhams – when is a downgrade not a downgrade? When PR spinners Brunswick do Satan’s work

2018-09-11 12:41:18

After a share price slump yesterday on media speculation of widespread store closures and other nasties, Debenhams (DEB) has had to put out a trading statement and its use of language shows evil PR spinners Brunswick earning their fat fees as they do Satan’s work, dressing up a profits warning as nothing of the sort.


End July performance update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

2018-08-03 15:03:41

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the latest month, how's performance?...


(Late) monthly update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

2018-05-14 07:10:25

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the latest month, how's performance?...


Will Debenhams still exist in 5 years time?

2017-11-27 02:00:53

I am asked if any member of the Global Shorting Conspiracy has a view on Debenhams (DEB). The answer, as it happens, is no. However...


There's Possibly Too Much Uncertainty About Debenhams 'Turnaround' Approach

2017-08-03 00:05:29

Hello Share Bundlers. About 10 years ago, I wrote a piece for a TV web channel extolling the advantages of buying shares in the big store chain of Debenhams (DEB). But since then I’ve rather changed my mind.


Are We Being Served by Debenhams As We Face a Likely Decline in High Street Shopping?

2016-09-01 00:10:41

Hello Share Shufflers. I have commended Debenhams (DEB) shares in the past, but I’m changing my mind. This is not because I dislike the store. My nearest branch, which is fairly new, is well laid out, spacious and welcoming. But the truth is that many of us are ordering on-line these days. And sadly these big chain stores may become more and more unnecessary. I had hoped that the nation’s love of shopping would keep them hugely profitable, but hopes are fading.


More Evidence That Shop Shares Will Soar in the Countdown to Christmas- Ref. Debenhams

2015-11-18 00:35:34

Hello Share Plumpers. Among the eight likely risers for the up and coming Santa Rally (get your FREE copy here) my choice is Debenhams (DEB), the big department store. This is a bit obvious really. You would expect a company at the heart of the jolly bustle of Christmas to attract a rising share price. But maybe there will actually be better Christmas sales this year. You see, I have some evidence of better retail performances, which you may not be privy to.


Debenhams and Sports Direct: is it true commercial love or mere monetary infatuation?

2014-01-16 18:15:08

When specialist retailers start to behave as though they were stock market traders, it makes you feel that old fashion capitalism as we have for long known, is doomed for further decline.


Making sense of Sports Direct’s purchase of Debenhams’s shares.

2014-01-13 13:19:05

The first thing to note about the 4.6% Sports Direct (SPD) stakeholding in Debenhams, (DEB) announced today - or so it seems to me -  is the fact that it is neither an Icelandic entrepreneur nor a hedge fund but a successful high street retailer. 

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