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Letter to AIM Regulation – after two years might you pull your finger out on Eurasia Mining?

2021-10-27 13:23:34

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, led by the hapless poltroon Mr. Marcus Stuttard, the bogus Sheriff of AIM, like to claim that they have created the world’s most successful growth market. But the events of the past two years at Eurasia Mining (EUA) have shown that those who want to run rings around Marcus and the clowns who work for him don’t have to try too hard.  I have written to Marcus and his colleagues about the farce at Eurasia and the supposed bid talks. Enough is enough. Will AIM Regulation force a statement? The answer to that one may involve myself and Ms Cheryl Cole.


Now it's time to go to town on Eurasia Mining as a bear

2021-09-25 11:07:42

Two or three weeks ago I clambered off the fence and explicitly told you to short Eurasia Mining (EUA) at 28p. The shares are now 23.6p in the middle. So far so good for we bears but the company is still valued by the market, on a fully diluted basis as there are loads of in the money options, at well over £700 million which is insane. A placing announced yesterday is the cue to add to your shorts.


Letter to the FCA – 2 possible counts of market abuse or worse concerning Eurasia Mining

2021-09-21 14:12:15

The 26p per share £11 million placing on Monday by Eurasia Mining (EUA) may open up not one but two cans of worms and I have written to my chums at the FCA asking for an investigation on two counts. The letter is below:


SHOCKER: Eurasia Mining high trading volume into classic pump looks convenient for forward selling of today's placing!

2021-09-20 10:33:35

The recent share price movement on Eurasia Mining (EUA) looks even more dodgy now in light of today’s announcement of a placing, and I would be surprised if there hasn’t been some forward selling going on.


Was Shakoor on paid for Eurasia Research

2021-09-16 15:22:34

I commented on the disgraceful, almost laughable, paid for research commission by Eurasia Mining (EUA) the other day. The great Waseem Shakoor has just tweeted on the same matter. Enjoy!


How someone trolls Tom Winnifrith on twitter - this moron owns Eurasia Mining

2021-08-31 13:38:51

The tweet below comes from a chap who joined twitter in May 2021 and has one follower and who is following one person. He calls me Squire which is a funny way of addressing me and suggests that he is a bit of an oik.  His tweet is defamatory.


Eurasia Mining – surely time for a sale update as shares continue to slide

2021-08-27 08:56:55

After the longest formal sales process in UK stockmarket history (315 days), Eurasia Mining (EUA) announced on May 14 that it had received no actual bid. But at least the hope of one had allowed it to get a bailout placing away at 22p, notwithstanding pledges months previously that it would be paying dividends. Then what happened?


Lucian Miers writes to Eurasia Mining

2021-06-25 09:57:49

Lucian is short of Eurasia Mining (EUA) and for a host of reasons I think he is right to be short. One of those reasons is a mystery shareholder. Lucian has written to Eurasia's boss Christian Schaffalitzky and his letter, still not having received a response after several days, follows:


Funny Money, odd placings, smells all wrong...

2021-06-08 16:35:59

Lucian Miers wrote about one aspect of Eurasia Mining (EUA) that smells all wrong to him the other day. My friend and colleague is yet to get any satisfactory answers on that matter. But here is another oddity.


Who owns Queeld Ventures which has a stake valued at £73m in Eurasia Mining?

2021-05-30 18:01:36

They say that the best way to rob a bank is to own one and it is with a slight feeling of queasiness that I have been recommending buying the shares of Ferrexpo (FXPO), whose founder, Kostyantyn Zhevago, has been accused in some quarters of doing just that (fortunately the shares have done quite well). For balance however, I am short the shares of Eurasia Mining (EUA), which also appears to have connections with a party accused of the same skulduggery.


Eurasia yet again promises a dividend and then does a placing: this is the act of shysters!

2021-05-20 14:49:58

Eight days ago, Eurasia Mining (EUA) said that it was in talks with a credible party which had made an offer to buy essentially all of its assets and that if the deal went through it would become a cash shell after paying a “significant” dividend. Guess what? Today there is a $20 million placing. For such. Almost criminal. Spoofery to happen once is – on AIM – understandable, twice looks like carelessness.


Eurasia: surely now a risk-reward sell after the end of a Formal Sale Process?

2021-05-18 11:32:45

Finally it seems that the Takeover Panel said that enough was enough and after a Formal Sale Process which had entered the record books as the longest ever, in an after hours RNS last week, Eurasia Mining (EUA) claimed that it had decided to end the FSP. But the corporate excitement may or may not be over…


Tick Tock, tick Tock – Remote Monitored Systems & Eurasia Mining

2021-04-20 11:43:32

Time it goes by and yet there is no news of import from these two monumentally overvalued darlings of the Bulletin Board Moron community. The silence is deafening and that should be alarming even the most moronic or morons. Or maybe they are just too moronic…


Eurasia Mining – another rule breach but does anyone care?

2021-03-17 08:20:50

It is not as if this company has not already had problems with Nomad’s quitting because of rule breaches and misleading statements before, is it?  But with Eurasia’s (EUA) current Nomad being the fraudster’s Nomad of choice, SP Angel of MySquar (MYSQ) infamy, I guess that sticking to the rules is not actually needed.  So that is alright then.


Eurasia Mining – a damning indictment of the Takeover Panel

2021-03-12 11:19:53

I am not sure if the Takeover Panel boasts about how many birds it has promoted to its executive team whether they have been flagged up as manifestly incompetent or not, but in the matter of Eurasia Mining (EUA) it has shown itself to be as useless as the FCA, if not even more useless. Let me explain.


Breaking: Eurasia Mining ‘fesses (sort of) on Churakov departure but what about Keith Byrne apparently leaking price-sensitive news?

2021-02-03 21:33:13

The whole Eurasia Mining (EUA) story stinks more and more with each day that goes by. Today’s episode started at no-one is watching O’Clock, 6.02 PM, with a statement that begs more questions than it answers. You may remember that on January 27, shares in the company slumped by 40% as it emerged that the company’s high profile boardroom M&A Advisor Alexei Churakov had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. That evening, I revealed HERE how Company Secretary Keith Byrne had apparently been reassuring private investors who inhabited a secret Telegram group that this was not an issue as Churakov had left some time ago.


Eurasia Mining statement re Alexei Churakov shares dump – it makes no sense at all

2021-01-28 11:30:14

Yesterday, shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) collapsed, by 50% at one point before closing 40% down at 18p, on news that board advisor Alexei Churakov had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. Why do that when a bid is meant to be on the way asked the mug punters? Today there is a statement but it does not wash at all. It fails the smell test.


Bombshell: Has Eurasia Mining been sitting on price sensitive information re shock resignation and is it leaking to “secret” chatroom members

2021-01-27 18:37:41

You would have thought that after the last scandal we exposed, where Zak Mir acted as a good German and posted on the private Telegram chatroom false ramps on the orders of a Eurasia Mining (EUA) director, the company would be a bit more careful about how it discloses information. Think again. Today the shares crashed by 40% as it was announced that M&A director Alexei Chukov dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p. On the “private and secret” Telegram chatroom punters panicked as we showed you HERE.


Want to see some BB Morons shitting themselves - welcome to the Eurasia Mining "private" Telegram chat room as shares crash

2021-01-27 18:12:02

You will particularly enjoy one comment about yours truly. Shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) crashed by 50% in afternoon trade before rallying to close just 39% down at 18p. The trigger was a release stating that Alexei Churakov, an adviser to the board heading its M&A effort, had dumped 27.4 million shares at 29p yesterday. He still owns 12.3 million shares and a shedload of massively in the money options. But for a company meant to be in a bid process this was not seen as a good signal given his rolde in the company. Understandably so. Anyhow, given how these folks have abused those of us who have questioned the shocking red flag behaviour at Eurasia over the past year, it is a delight to see them squirm!


Eurasia – a bid statement which will allow both bulls and bears to scream for joy in their echo chambers

2021-01-14 14:23:07

Since both sides in this particular tussle speak only to folks of a similar bent, both will take enough from a statement that says nothing concrete to allow them to scream for joy inside their respective echo chambers. Both camps will be emboldened in their GroupThink. But should they? Here are a few hard numbers to consider...


Eurasia Mining – “no new developments… beyond… interim results” (of an attempted no-one watching o’clock)...

2020-10-12 14:15:38

From sub 20p at the start of this month, shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) last closed at 37p – and today a “Statement re Share Price Movement”...


Eurasia Mining – so much for the dividend and asset sales: Placing at 22.5p to raise $10m...

2020-08-18 13:38:31

Well, you cannot say that you were not warned by Tom Winnifrith. So much for the dividend, so much for those much vaunted asset sales via Chinese CITC bank, so much for all the ramping by people apparently close to the company. This morning a bailout placing has been announced by AIM-listed Eurasia Mining (EUA) to raise £7.6 million, to “institutional” investors. So are we talking about Warren Buffett? I doubt it!


Eurasia Mining shares unsuspended & soar: pro tem ouzo for the morons, bears burned

2020-07-09 09:33:20

Eurasia Mining (EUA) shares were suspended months ago because it was unable to clarify speculation that Chinese Bank CITIC was engaged to try to sell its assets, something it first suggested was happening about nine months ago. Today it clarified, the shares were unsuspended and have rocketed. Its ouzo time for the Bulletin Board morons today but for how long?


Why is Eurasia still suspended: letter to morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel & the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation

2020-07-02 10:00:35

The continuing suspension of Eurasia Mining (EUA) makes no sense at all, at least not without another statement from the company on why it is still suspended. What is happening now is in clear breach of AIM rules. Thus an upstanding and concerned citizen who is, I believe, short of the shares though that is irrelevant has written to morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation, demanding that rules be adhered to. The letter is below:


Morally bankrupt Nomad SP Angel signs up with Eurasia but shares still suspended: why?

2020-05-27 10:11:29

I have noted many times before that SP Angel is so utterly desperate for clients to fund the coke and hookers bills that it will act for any corporate even a brazen fraud like MySquar (MYSQ). It is morally bankrupt and, without doubt, London's worst Nomad. As such with WH Ireland having quit as Nomad to Eurasia Mining (EUA) over the lying and other matters there was only one Nomad to go to, only one that would act for a company like this.


Eurasia - will it be booted off AIM on Friday and is it worthless anyway

2020-05-23 16:43:01

If morally bankrupt Nomad of choice for fraudsters SP Angel has not agreed to act for it by Friday, Euasia Minining (EUA), whose last Nomad quit in disgust at Eurasia's antics, will see its shares slung off the AIM casino. I wonder if even SP Angel might find acting for this company, valued at suspension at a ludicrous £200 million, a step too far.


The reasons why WH Ireland resigned as Nomad to Eurasia Mining

2020-04-15 09:11:35

Just before the long Easter weekend, Eurasia Mining (EUA), shares in which have now been suspended for more than two months, issued a partial ‘fess up. As I flagged up almost two months ago, Nomad WH Ireland has indeed resigned but why?


Is it Better To be Short A Stock Promotion Or A Total Fraud?

2020-02-27 10:35:16

As someone who occasionally shorts companies, particularly on AIM, my goal is to find companies which are total  frauds and so their shares ultimately prove worthless and I get 100% profit. However, I also like to short what I term "stock promotions", where management and/or shareholders have used various methods to get the stock to levels which are impossible to justify. On AIM, a stock promotion can take companies which are essentially worthless to a value of several hundred million pounds, depending on the story being spun.


BREAKING: Eurasia is fuelling its own rumour mill – how can the FCA & AIM Regulation tolerate this?

2020-02-21 11:09:30

An article has today appeared in the Russian press and has now been picked up on Bulletin Boards. It is damning evidence that Eurasia Mining (EUA) is itself the source of rumours that created a disorderly market and share suspension.  How on earth can the FCA and the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation tolerate this? Surely a statement on various rumours detailed HERE, is needed now. The sixth and critical paragraph of the article with my underline and using google translate is below.


After nine days Eurasia must make a statement and put the rumours to bed

2020-02-20 11:08:18

Nine days ago shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA), having rocketed to 7.3p were suspended following “social media” comments which we revealed to be a suggestion that after months of promising to sign an engagement letter with Chinese bank CITIC, that it had signed and was well on the way to making massive disposals. Since then amid a lack of news there has been nothing and he rumour mill is in overdrive. A statement on some of the rumours is needed now as some investors fear they may lose everything while others consider how many Porsches they will be buyng. So what are the rumours?


Is this the "social media" event that got shares in Eurasia Mining suspended?

2020-02-13 08:26:58

Since Tuesday morning shares in Eurasia Mining (EUA) , a darling of the bulletin boards and the star performer on the AIM Casino so far this year, have been suspended. The longer the suspension lasts the more extreme conspiracy theories, both bull and bear, do the rounds. The company made one brief statement on Tuesday afternoon:


Even when I  am wrong I am right! Ref Eurasia Mining

2020-02-01 11:06:28

Two sources whom I trust told me that Eurasia Mining (EUA) was doing a placing via Optiva.  And so I ran the story, first giving the company the opportunity to comment, an opportunity it passed up on. The shares had been falling for a few days and that is normally a good sign, on the insider dealing plagued market that is the AIM Casino, that a placing was underway. So I guess a few folks sold on the basis of the article. Fear not folks, count it as a lucky escape.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week is spotted by Evil Banksta, thanks again to Eurasia Mining

2020-01-29 09:00:00

At 3.4p Eurasia Mining (EUA) is a company shown to have lied to investors, with zero balance sheet support and which is burning cash. That is why, it needs to do a placing. Yet it is still capitalised at £92 million. So, what are the shares worth?  I asked you for the craziest examples of Bulletin Board Moron madness last week and while there were some great spots as you can see HERE, Evil Banksta came up with the gem below:


New Bulletin Board Moron contest in honour of the savants who own Eurasia Mining

2020-01-26 12:49:43

Last night I was flamed on twitter by a host of Eurasia Mining (EUA) investors, a group who made your average Versarien (VRS) investor look like a true multi brained genius. I kid you not. One wanted me to hire him as a journalist as he had posted a few comments on BBs about Eurasia and that, he thought, qualified him. Another said I couldn;t be a proper journalist if I did not interview Eurasia, preferably by flying to the Indaba coke and hooker fest. And so it went on. The fact that Eurasia lies to investors ahead of fund raises & abuses market rules in private chatrooms was dismissed as irrelevant. Anyhow this is a hint as to where to seek out a winning entry in this week's contest. What is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 26th.


Good companies just do not behave like this – non financial red flags at Eurasia and Versarien

2020-01-18 11:11:46

Lucian Miers and I have covered Versarien (VRS) many times, looking at the maths as to why the shares, at 79.5p having fallen back a good bit, are still monstrously overvalued. It was one of Lucian’s sell tips of the year HERE and he, and I, reckon that fair value is sub 10p.  Eurasia Mining (EUA) is another AIM casino ramp which, on fundamentals, looks to be massively overvalued. I would not be a buyer of the stock even if it fell by two thirds from the current 4p.


Breaking: Versarien not the only AIM Company ramping via private chatrooms - shocking material from Eurasia Mining

2020-01-10 08:44:30

All the signs are that AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Canaccord is clamping down on the private Versarien (VRS)  chatroom inhabited by Neill Ricketts and his Versarien cronies after shocking revelations like this HERE. However Winnileaks now has material from a similar chatroom on the private Telegram platform where Eurasia Mining (EUA) boss Dmitry Suschov and his proxies are "at play".


Meet The AIM Clown - additional evidence that the biggest morons on AIM now own Eurasia

2019-11-29 11:55:57

@THeAIMClown is long of Eurasia Mining (EUA) though he doesn't declare as such as he drones on ad nauseam about how cheap its shares are. But he demands to know on twitter of, the wrong, Gary Newman and myself if we, our families, friends or associated parties are short. Where to start?


All sorts of games are being played on Eurasia Mining - it remains a sell/avoid for me

2019-11-28 08:30:45

Often pump and dumps only last a matter of a few days or even hours, but occasionally when it is more than just small private investors involved they can go on for a long period of time, and that certainly appears to have been the case with Eurasia Mining (EUA)...


Some crazy valuations are being given for Eurasia Mining - given its lack of reserves!

2019-10-29 08:36:38

Eurasia Mining (EUA) is a company that I’ve been following for the past five years or so, but during that time, other than the occasional spike, the share price has done very little, and up until a few days ago you could have bought for around the same price as when I first covered it. The share price has more than tripled in the last few days though, to a current level of around 1.9p, following news that the company has engaged two large banks to help it assess the possibility of selling its assets and basically becoming a cash shell under AIM Rule 15...


Uk Investor Show 2018 Video - Christian Schaffalitzky of Eurasia Mining

2018-05-04 23:14:39

At a personal level I have always had a lot of time for Christian Schaffalitzky but am off the pace on news from Eurasia Mining (EUA) although staring at the world map on the wall in Joshua's room just above the nappy changing mat I finally worked out yesterday, as I changed an absolutely disgusting nappy, where it is that Eurasia operates. You probably did not need to know that. Over to Christian.


Video: Keith Byrne, geologist for Eurasia Mining, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-05 01:20:43

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Keith Byrne, geologist for Eurasia Mining (EUA) is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


Eurasia Mining – Shocking loan deal: worse than Wonga

2016-08-02 02:40:37

I’ve been following the antics of Sanderson Capital Partners for a while now and yesterday’s latest shocking funding deal with Eurasia Mining (EUA) has tipped me over the edge and forced me to write.


Eurasia is on the verge of production - buy

2016-07-30 05:33:22

Eurasia Mining (EUA) has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now and it looks as though the long wait is finally about to come to fruition as production gets underway and that will send the share price zooming ahead.


Video of Christian Schaffalitzky of Eurasia Mining presenting at UK Investor Show

2016-05-06 03:20:20

We are shareholders in Eurasia Mining (EUA) in a pretty decent way and so we are biased as to the investment case. But you can make your own mind up by watching its boss Christian Schaffalitzky, presenting below.


Eurasia set to begin production this year - buy

2016-02-04 07:06:27

Junior miners have had a hard time in recent years, and although many are best avoided, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them all.


Video: Eurasia Mining interview from Gold & Bears

2015-12-23 05:20:32

And the next video interview from Gold & Bears is with my friend Christian Schaffalitzky the head honcho at Eurasia Mining (EUA). Enjoy.


Video: Eurasia Mining presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

2015-12-11 06:02:50

Fancy some PGMs? Meet Christian Schaffalitzky the head guy at Eurasia Mining (EUA) presenting at Gold & Bears. Enjoy.


Eurasia Mining Offers a Buying Opportunity

2015-08-16 03:54:38

Eurasia Mining (EUA) has seen its share price drop back in recent weeks, but now offers a good opportunity to buy the shares. Here is why.


SP Angel Morning Mining Note: Aureus Mining, Eurasia Mining, Metals Exploration, North River Resources, Stratex International

2015-08-11 03:21:40

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Aureus Mining (AUE), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Metals Exploration (MTL), North River Resources (NRRP) and Stratex International (STI) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Amur Minerals, Anglo Asian Mining, Eurasia Mining, Sefton Resources, Xtract Resources, Westminster Group

2015-06-30 23:47:02

Featuring Amur Minerals (AMC), Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Sefton Resources (SER), Xtract Resources (XTR) and Westminster Group (WSG).


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Camco Clean Energy, Eurasia Mining, Frontline, Globo, Surgical Innovations

2015-05-23 01:23:00

Featuring Camco Clean Energy (CCE), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Frontline (FRO), Globo (GBO), Surgical Innovations (SUN)


Eurasia Mining - shares still look a speculative buy

2015-04-26 01:45:32

Eurasia Mining (EUA) is a company that I tipped here at just below the current level nearly a year ago, and I still see it as a speculative buy. I had a chance to have a chat with the company at the UK Investor Show last weekend, and everything seems to be progressing as planned with its platinum projects in Russia.


Eurasia prepares for production

2014-09-19 19:59:10

As managing director of a company which has lost 99% of its stockmarket value in 18 years, Irish mining entrepreneur Christian Schaffalitzky is cheerfully upbeat about prospects as AIM dog Eurasia Mining (EUA) prepares to take its Urals Alluvial Platinum (UAP) project in western Russia into production, at long last, next year. The company, whose shares have crumbled from a 1996 float price of 310p to a barely visible 0.58p now, is also looking for partners to develop another, larger Russian palladium and platinum project at Kola, south of Murmansk near the Finnish border.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Christian Schaffalitsky of Eurasia Mining

2014-04-19 23:04:43

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Christian Schaffalitsky of Eurasia Mining (EUA)


Eurasia Mining - a gamble on the green light for production

2014-04-15 08:34:41

Sometimes taking a gamble can pay off and I think that could be the case with Eurasia Mining (EUA). In every share you hear of people who got in at a very cheap price before it really took off, and if you are considering an entry into platinum miner Eurasia, then this is the time to do it with the share price back at its lowest levels since summer 2012.

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