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Eve Sleep – Interims from former Woodford dog pointing to a brighter future?

2020-09-15 09:49:07

Former cash-hungry Woodford dog, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) has released its interims this morning. On the face of it there is plenty to cheer but a deeper look still offers plenty to worry about for shareholders.


Would you Adam’n’Eve it? Eve Sleep turns cashflow positive, so shares a buy, right?

2020-07-22 09:37:39

Ex-Neil Woodford dog, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE), has this morning updated the market with a first half trading update for this year – the highlight being that it has been trading ahead of expectations and generated a first positive cashflow. So all’s well – time to pile in? Not so fast……


Eve Sleep – trading statement: any change for this former Woodford Dog?

2020-05-28 15:12:01

Aim-listed ex-Woodford mutt extraordinaire Eve Sleep (EVE) has updated on trading through the Covid pandemic – and it seems that life has got much better since Neil Woodford departed the scene. But is it better by enough?


Eve Sleep, Debt and Semantics

2020-04-07 10:55:01

I had a twitter spat today regarding the difference between Debt and Liabilities and was called a host of names and told I was stupid etc, etc. ZZZ. Twitter is not the best place to discuss stocks with the faithful who have a rudimentary understanding of balance sheets and throw around Investopedia definitions and accounting terms and consider that an argument. The company in question was Eve Sleep (EVE).


Eve Sleep FY numbers: who would buy a bed now?!

2020-03-24 09:11:25

AIM-listed Neil Woodford dog Eve Sleep (EVE) released FY19 results this morning. My immediate thought is who would buy a bed right now, amid fears of Coronavirus, job losses and with the UK in near total lockdown? But these are last year’s numbers, before the invisible invader was around and it looks to me as though Eve will need even more cash, despite its laudy claims that the latest rebuild strategy has left the company operationally profitable. Let’s take a look at what that actually means……


Eve Sleep Trading statement - still bargepole material

2020-01-21 10:11:23

AIM-listed former Neil Woodford doggie favourite Eve Sleep (EVE) has offered up a trading statement. On the face of it the news appears favourable, with cashburn slashed by 51%, the EBITDA (bullshit earnings) loss heavily reduced by 43% and £7.8 million of cash in the bank at year-end. We are also told that the company reached break-even at an operating level in the last four months of the year. All good, but is there yet another fundraise around the corner?


eve Sleep: Woodford dog “Change of Auditor” – why? (still less than 30 months after listing)

2019-11-07 16:06:40

Eve Sleep (EVE) has announced “following a competitive audit tender process carried out by the company, the board has approved the appointment of Smith & Williamson LLP as the company's auditor for the financial year ending 31 December 2019”. The shares have currently responded slightly further lower to 2.75p – ‘further lower’ as they were approaching 14p early this year, 66p as recently as the end of June 2018 and 101p per share on May 2017 AIM listing! Almost natch, with such a record, this is also a Woodford dog...


Woodford Dog Eve Sleep releases Interims….oh dear, Neil, got any cash?

2019-09-27 08:08:37

Neil Woodford’s revolutionary bedding company, AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE), has released its interim results and whilst the company boasts of the halving of EBITDA losses (bullshit losses), revenues are down and it reported losses of £6.7 million on revenues of £12.9 million. Of course, Neil Woodford knows best and has thrown ever more good money after bad into this one-way ticket to financial oblivion and now sees net current assets of £13 million as at 30 June, which the mathematicians of you will see is less than twice the H1 loss – and that was almost three months ago. Eve Sleep needs yet more cash…..and Neil hasn’t got any.


Would you Adam’n’Eve it – ANOTHER DIRE profit warning from the Neil Woodford Kennel

2019-09-20 08:42:51

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It is a recurring nightmare for Neil Woodford’s disruptive play on all things sleep related as AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) has announced yet another profit warning as the company also announced that merger talks with Simba are all off. It is enough to disrupt even the heaviest of sleeps and the shares have opened 28% down – and are still falling.


Woodford Dog Eve Sleep announces RTO talks with rival Simba – but would you Adam and Eve it, has it got the RNS wrong?

2019-08-12 16:28:38

Neil Woodford’s revolutionary bed project at AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) took an unusual turn as the company announced this morning that it is in very early stage discussions regarding the potential merger of Simba Ltd, ("Simba"). I’m confused – I thought the company was called “Simba Sleep Limited”. Some people might see this as a triumph for Neil Woodford, but I think very differently...


Would you Adam and Eve it: another bailout on the way at a Neil Woodford dog (they hope)

2019-07-19 10:14:34

It seems the world of mattresses isn’t going to be revolutionised by Woodford Dog Eve Sleep after all. The company issued a trading update yesterday and for all the waffle the cash looks like it is going to run out again. As with Halosource, RM2 and Thin Film, without Neil Woodford to backstop yet another bailout I think we know the pattern. Oh dear….


And today’s Woodford disaster is………..(yet again) Eve Sleep as auditor raises going concerns

2019-03-12 04:25:18

Yesterday it was Kier (KIE) and today his attempt to disrupt the world of bedding takes yet another glorious bow, for AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) has published its 2018 full year results. Oh, and Halosource (HAL), which was revolutionising the world of water, was formally booted off the AIM Casino this morning after not being bailed out. What chance a Woodford hat-trick today?


And today’s disaster from Woodford is (again!) Eve Sleep

2019-01-23 09:30:48

AIM-listed Eve Sleep (EVE) is another Neil Woodford disaster story – this time in the world of mattresses. Naturally, it is going to disrupt the world of bedding, a world obviously in need of revolution. Not!


Thursday’s Disaster for Neil Woodford – would you Adam and Eve it?

2018-12-06 06:30:09

After spunking millions backing companies wanting to change the laws of physics or disrupt the markets for wooden pallets, washing machines and drinking water a chance to revolutionise the world of mattresses was just too good to pass up on for Neil Woodford. So he backed the May 2017 IPO of Eve Sleep (EVE) at 100p heavily and as the share price sank he added to his holding taking it to 29.05%. Neil always knows better than the market….


Woodford’s dog days continue – no Sleep this Eve!

2018-11-15 07:58:31

I always thought that mattresses were all about getting a good night’s sleep. Thank goodness I didn’t follow Neil Woodford into (now) AIM-listed Eve Sleep, paying up to 150p a share for 30% of the business and now facing another cash call with the shares down at just 15p!


Would you Adam & Eve it – today’s nightmare for Neil Woodford

2018-07-02 03:36:18

As it happens I am in the process of buying a number of new mattresses for the house I have rebuilt in Greece. And it seems a remarkably simple process buying what is a commodity product. When my friend Nigel Wray says his mattress company Simba is revolutionising the market I cough and change the subject. But he is not the only one who thinks that mattresses need “disrupting”.  Natch, Neil Woodford, the UK's most conceited fund manager, also thinks that, like washing machines mattresses, are ripe for a revolution.  He owns just under 30% of Eve Sleep (EVE) shares of which are now in free fall.


Eve Sleep: Interims out – decent execution but the jury’s still out for me

2017-09-15 00:44:30

I covered the trading update for the Woodford-backed Eve Sleep (EVE) HERE but with interims out this week, it is worth taking a closer look to assess progress in its maiden year on AIM. In summary, I would give it a B+ grade for execution but only a D grade for “ability to show there is a viable business model here” and would keep a watching brief for now. Doesn’t stop Neil Woodford getting stuck In some more though – natch


Eve Sleep – Positive sounding trading update but at what cost?

2017-07-12 04:44:32

Following my initial piece on the Woodford-backed Eve Sleep (EVE) two weeks ago, I thought I would comment on today’s trading update which outlined great growth but it’s what it doesn’t say that worries me a tad.


Eve Sleep – Is this a Boohoo or an AO World? Tough call but it’s not a Boohoo

2017-07-02 11:00:10

Thought I’d write a few sleep-related pieces today and am starting with initiating coverage on the mattress e-tailer, Eve Sleep (EVE). The company joined AIM in May raising £35 million and there is a lot to like about the business, but is it really worth over £130 million?

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