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Money raising and a rejected takeover, so what is going on at easyJet?

2021-09-09 09:56:49

I have been an easyJet (EZJ) fan for a while and, whilst holding some shares going into the COVID-19 crisis hurt, doubling up on the shares just under eighteen months ago has worked out well. So today’s complex update is of interest at many levels...especially as the shares today are down by more than 10% to only just over a 7 quid price following news of a (turned down) takeover approach and a decision to raise money. What is going on?


New (upcoming) Chair at easyJet!

2021-08-23 09:00:42

In a few weeks time it will be eighteen months since I have been on a plane. No great hassle and progressively the world is coming back towards its historic norm. Given my historic preferences, I would imagine easyJet (EZJ) may get a booking from me over the next few months. As for its shares though - as I discussed here last month - I more than doubled my holding at the peak of COVID-19 concerns last year, and whilst they remain volatile I still hope for another run closer to a twelve quid share price over the next year.


EasyJet loves Europe more than the UK, I'm heading for the departure lounge on this one

2021-07-20 10:15:55

The reality about the investment world is that thinking about realities for the next six to eighteen months matter a lot more than many people (even brokers and investment analysts) think. And that brings us to easyJet (EZJ) this morning publishing its nine months numbers. I know it makes sense for most companies to use the end of December as their full year point. Meanwhile some old-school corporations use the end of the UK tax year at the end of March/start of April. However many travel companies use the end of September, especially if they have a big summer holiday focus, often maxing out their revenue flow in the months leading up to that time. Nevertheless, you would expect some interesting comments - and guidance - at the nine month numbers published in July. And this brings us to easyJet today.


EasyJet is fine...assuming all of Europe can travel anywhere soon

2021-05-20 14:35:56

The last time I was on a plane was in January 2020 and - as it happened - it was an easyJet (EZJ) flight. Over the years it is probably the airline I have travelled on the most, so certainly I am a bit of a fan. It also meant that I bought some stock during the dog days of last year. But what do I do now?


Buying the dips on EasyJet could prove to be a very lucrative longer term investment

2020-12-28 06:49:39

This year has all been about Covid- related stocks and anything with even a vague association with that, but over the next year or two the biggest profits will be made from companies that have been hit by the virus but have had the strength to survive and will reap the benefits as things begin to return to some semblance of normality.


Easyjet's new CFO: jumping out of the fire into the...?

2020-09-18 10:28:37

Well good luck to Kenton Jarvis who will be joining easyJet (EZJ) at some point in the next few months as its new CFO.  The budget airline may have raised money recently to strengthen their balance sheet, but you do not need to be an investing geek to know life is just a bit uncertain for any operator in this sector.  I talked about this with Tom W yesterday in a video that will go live later today. And certainly my conclusion is that whilst easyJet is a company with a strong offering and a real link with consumer demand/preferences, it can only buck the cycle for so long.  But...


easyJet - the data breach is not in my top three worries (and I own the shares!)

2020-06-28 12:29:01

As the old saying going about air travel, “every takeoff is optional...every landing is mandatory.”  For investors, the sector is certainly always just an option.  I cannot remember when I have ever thought of the space as a mandatory part of my portfolio.  I may be wrong, but I think I have only ever owned two airline stocks across my whole investment life. 


easyJet – could its record data breach cost it £18 billion and sink the airline?

2020-06-26 12:58:21

It seems that some folks with three brains think that with a £450 million fund raise just completed, the worst is behind it for EasyJet (EZJ). But is it? Might its mega data breach referred to only en passant by the company be enough to sink it?. That spectre is raised by accountingweb today. The maths seem straightforward.


easyJet – CFO says he's off. Shares rise 15%!

2020-05-26 12:49:00

One of the earliest lessons I learnt as a neophyte investor too many years ago to remember is that correlation does not imply causality. The above headline is a good example of this. Both events have happened today and both are worthy of some comment, but I suggest the linkage between the two is nebulous at best...


The Corrupt Deadwood Press: The Sunday Times on NMC and backing Easyjet’s board

2020-04-19 12:53:25

I have flagged up the corrupt nature of the deadwood press, and the Sunday Times in particular, numerous times on this website. The way it blew off Neil Woodford in return for “scoops" and again and again backs boards, who by dint of underperformance, are quite rightly under fire with dirty attacks on their critics is shameful. Babcock (BAB) is a case in point. Today the paper shows its true colours again with its coverage of NMC Health (NMC) and more especially, and shamefully, of EasyJet (EZJ).


BREAKING: Sir Stelios brands Easyjet board scoundrels, wants CFO fired, says chairman plays "dirty trick" tries for EGM a second time

2020-04-08 09:25:18

Easyjet (EZJ) founder and largest shareholder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has hit out at the Easyjet board, terming them scoundrels, and slated Airbus as a bribe giving arms maufacturer in a stinging letter out this morning. As you can see below, he does not mince his words.


Bombshell letter in full: Sir Stelios wants to sack EasyJet NEDS demands to know if executives took bribes from Airbus

2020-03-30 12:50:03

The founder of EasyJet (EZJ) has written to the board demanding it scrap £4.5 billion of planned Airbus orders, asking if any executives took bribes from Airbus and demanding wholesale boardroom change. The letter is dynamite and I reproduce it in full below:


Disembarking from my easyJet trade

2019-11-22 09:45:38

Given I have undertaken a return trip to Dubai in the last three days (technically between Tuesday and Thursday - don't ask!) you would have thought I would have had enough thinking or talking about the airline sector. But musing about numbers from easyJet (EZJ) from Tuesday is no chore, because it is time to sell up and take some profits…


A Bevy of Headwinds Could Outweigh the Tailwinds for this Budget Airline

2019-10-10 08:18:39

Hello Share Twiddlers. Airlines are a difficult area for me. Not since I ditched my old British Airways shares yonks ago have I dabbled in the sector. As a pilot might say: there seem to be more headwinds than tailwinds. The budget operator easyJet (EZJ) is a company which currently performs above City expectations. But for how long?...


easyJet: 'Desire for leisure travel continues to be important'

2019-05-17 09:37:14

easyJet (EZJ) shares have been under the cosh in recent weeks due to the rum mixture of consumer spending being under pressure and the inevitable Brexit uncertainty. I know the latter is a bit of a 'go to' for many corporate names, but for a company such as easyJet it actually matters if any new impediments occur to travel or restrictions on ownership. The latter has been a real hassle for the company because of a need to show majority control by European Union-centric investors in order to keep maximum corporate flexibility...


easyJet slides again but time to pull back on the share purchasing throttle?

2019-04-01 02:50:52

So another week of Brexit-related excitement awaits. I have almost given up trying to predict the next twists and turns but there is always a practical impact and we have seen this from easyJet (EZJ) this morning…


Trading Update Review: EasyJet, GVC Holdings and Just Eat

2019-01-26 02:16:09

EasyJet (EZJ), GVC Holdings (GVC) and Just Eat (JE.) all released eagerly-anticipated trading updates within the last week, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been attracting the most attention from brokers and tipsters amongst LSE-listed companies over the last seven days. In this week’s article, we take a look at how brokers and tipsters have interpreted the most recent numbers, and what sentiment towards these three firms has looked like over the last seven days.


easyJet's correlation with the Brexit fear factor

2018-11-21 02:30:25

easyJet (EZJ) shares lost a bit of altitude yesterday and it was not really clear why, with profits growth of 41% aided by a revenue expansion of 17% and helped by the company pushing up ancillary seat revenue and continuing to push out an ongoing cost saving programme. Meanwhile income investors were well served with the ordinary dividend being pushed up 43%. The share is now yielding basically 5%. However, and despite dubbing itself the ‘best performing airline in Europe in 2018’, shares in the company fell back around 5% due seemingly to the ‘B’ word...


Chris Bailey, Farm Animals, Airlines, Nuclear Energy and the Big Dilemma.

2018-10-06 07:06:38

Hello, Share Scrimpers. Some of us consider ourselves ethical investors. We do not buy shares in companies with products and services which we think may harm people or the environment. But some of us have different views on what is ‘ethical. Now my colleague on this beautiful site Chris Bailey is an enlightened man. 


Getting sleazy with easyJet

2018-09-29 06:03:27

We all love to hate the low cost airline carriers but at least easyJet (EZJ) has not completely shot itself in the foot like its great peer Ryanair (RYA) which appears incapable of having even half reasonable internal labour relations.  EasyJet has also been smart in taking advantage of some airline sector developments by hiring staff from the failed UK airline Monarch and buying assets in Germany following the Air Berlin bankruptcy.  


Easyjet and the nasty food currency scam it inflicts on its customers

2018-07-20 09:42:14

I travel Easyjet (EZY) often. In the winter it is Bristol to Athens and back, in the summer it is Gatwick to Kalamata and back.  Usually it is no worse and no better than any other budget airline. Not that I really care but I just want to point out a quite obvious scam it inflicts on its passengers.


Why EasyJet May Not Find It Quite As Easy in the Future

2018-07-20 07:04:28

Hello Share Pickers. I've ventured to suggest recently that airline shares may be a bit too risky at the mo. It's the headwind of the rising oil price that puts me off. You'd be amazed at the huge volumes of the ebony nectar they devour to keep a million passengers aloft at any one time.


Hat Tip to Easyjet CEO Johan Lundgren for taking me seriously as a customer

2018-03-13 04:06:08

You may remember that in a podcast (HERE) on 4th March I recalled a horrific 22 hour trip from Kalamata, via Athens Airport, to Bristol made hellish not just by snow but by the behaviour of EasyJet (EZJ) staff who repeatedly lied to me and fellow passengers. last night I sent that podcast to EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren with a note:


As Airports Fill Up for Christmas, EasyJet Could Fly Up and Away

2017-12-21 01:16:17

Hello, Share Smoothers. There's no point in my knocking the service given by the budget airline Easyjet (EZJ). For one thing, it would be hypocritical as I use the service more than any other flyer. This will no doubt apply to many of the other passengers swelling the airports for Christmas. And at last I am able to commend your further research into the company, as things are looking up.


Like Yorkshire Airlines, This Avation Giant's Shares May Go Hey Up! - and Away

2017-10-09 00:08:19

Hello, Share Scoopers. We all know that investing in airlines is one of the riskier areas of share shifting. What with the Ryanair (RYA) situation and the end of good old Monarch. But the more speculative among us should not, given a huge surge in air travel, give up on the flying sector altogether. So may I suggest that you look at another British-based budget airline.


EasyJet 2 big takeaways and one is SELL

2017-07-24 02:32:40

Before he became a resource guru, Andrew Monk of VSA Resources was a transport analyst for many years. As such his comments today about Easyjet (EZJ). The point about executive greed, oops I meant incentivisation, is a very valid general one. The other point is ...SELL. Over to the Monkey who writes...  


EasyJet's Income Has Taken Off, but I'm Not Sure the Share Prospects Are Flying High

2017-07-21 00:01:17

Hello, Share Pingers. Budget airline EasyJet (EZJ) has issued a trading statement to say that passengers in its third quarter were up by more than nearly 11% to 22 million. Revenues improved by 16% to £1.4 billion.


Easyjet's big challenge: not Brexit but who's the new captain?

2017-07-20 01:57:33

I really do commend to you the search capability on the ShareProphets website because it provides a great short-cut to who-said-what-when. It was last August when I last mentioned Easyjet (EZJ) and since then the stock has been volatile but positive. Ok, it certainly did take a bit longer than I thought AND there were a couple of sub 1000p/share diversions...but you know what it is like with these low-cost airlines: take-off is not always precisely on time...but you get there eventually.


EasyJet Is No Easy Bet while the Pound Flies Low

2016-10-11 00:14:16

Hello Share Plinkers. The old memory is not what it was, but I think I may have commended Easyjet (EZJ) to your further researches not so long ago. But stories change all the time, as Uncle Tom often reminds us, and circumstances have altered over the budget airliner.


easyJet will continue to see strong growth in the future

2016-05-25 00:20:15

Shares in a number of companies in the airlines sector are looking quite appealing at the current levels that they are trading at, and for me EasyJet (EZJ) falls into that category.


Ryanair’s comments tell me to buy EasyJet

2016-05-23 02:18:57

I have an idea what Ryanair (RYA) supremo Michael O’Leary might say to this idea but reading through his company’s full year update today I could not help but think that it is time to buy EasyJet (EZJ).


Airlines Should Fly in 2016 - and the Best Flyer of All could be Easyjet.

2015-12-23 01:40:15

Hello Share Scrapers. Shares dropped in value by 10% this year. Which means if you had a portfolio of £1m, then you are down £100,000. Ouchipoo! I expect your holding is a lot less than that. And any road up, we should always remember that a 10% loss is nothing in the great scheme of things. One year, I recall shares rose by 137%. (Or was it even more?)


It’s Hey Up and Away! as this Yorkshire Lad Suggests We Look at Airlines.

2015-11-24 05:51:24

Hello Share Muddlers: In an earlier piece this week, I opined that we should not be fearful of investing in airlines, just because murderous terrorists are at large. The argument was that there are so few airline incidents that the chances of being embroiled in one are more or less nil. And yet airline shares have suffered in the last few weeks. Ever since that crash of the flight from Egypt to Russia, to be exact. 


Don’t Let Empty Fear Put You Off Investing in Airlines.

2015-11-23 06:52:35

When the Paris massacre happened, I’m ashamed to tell you what one of my first thoughts was. Am I safe attending the Gold Bears and Traders Show at Westminster, London, this Saturday?


Only buy EasyJet when its shares lose a bit of altitude

2015-03-27 02:21:24

I was on an EasyJet (EZJ) plane yesterday and a generally fairly pleasant experience it was too.  Admittedly there were not free drinks or nibbles, I had to print out my own boarding card (in a personal technological first I actually downloaded it to my phone – who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!) and there were attempts to cross-sell me all sorts of things I did not want but as an overall A-to-B travel experience it was absolutely fine and did what it said on the tin without being too minimalist or crude. 


There Could Be More Easy Money in EasyJet

2015-03-24 01:17:46

Hello Share Fiends. I've never been a fan of airlines as an investment. It always seemed to me that the risks of everyday running were too high.

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