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Flowgroup – from has working capital “to grow” to working capital funding having been required in 5 months!

2018-02-21 04:03:21

Previously writing on energy services company Flowgroup (FLOW) in December I concluded there looks much to do, including noting potential working capital support required. There’s now a Funding Facility and Related Party Transaction announcement…

Flowgroup – now from customer growth “a key target” to “should maintain” number of customer accounts in just a few months

2017-12-01 01:40:34

The first paragraph of a Trading Update and Directorate Change announcement from Flowgroup (FLOW) includes “significant cost savings and management changes, to bring forward profitability by six months to the year commencing July 2018”. The shares are though approaching 10% lower, at 0.64p, on the back of the announcement…

Flowgroup – from “actively pursuing” sale to that business being the “primary focus” of the company in just a few months

2017-06-20 00:35:31

Flowgroup (FLOW) has updated following a “successful re-capitalisation of the company”. Hmmm – having commenced 2017 at comfortably above 8p and been above 3p prior to a financing announcement last month, the shares have this month fallen below 1p...

Take part in an up to £29m fund raise by FlowGroup via Primary Bid: Deadline 9 PM today!

2017-05-24 06:38:27

This is a major fund raise by FlowGroup (FLOW). It has most of it in the bag and will raise up to £29 million. This is institutional territory but it is - very decently - letting in Private Punters via PrimaryBid with an offer announced at 5.12 PM today and which closes at 9 PM tonight.  The up to £4 million being raised is being done at 1p - the shares closed at 1.1p-1.15p. But this is not a party for spivs and flippers this is a proper City fundraise which FOR ONCE you can take part in - but hurry, the deadline is 9PM TONIGHT SIGN UP NOW HERE

Flowgroup – shares crash on announced “potential alternative” to proposed Flow Energy business disposal

2017-05-11 03:00:37

Writing previously in March on Flowgroup (FLOW), with the shares then at 5p, I concluded that there looked to remain both funding and jam-tomorrow uncertainty and to continue to avoid. Presently, the shares are approaching 40% lower on the day, at sub 2p, on the back of news that the company “is in the advanced stages of preparing a significant capital fundraising as a potential alternative to the proposed disposal of the Flow Energy business”

Flowgroup – energy supply business disposal & microCHP boiler production updates

2017-03-24 07:03:31

Writing last month on Flowgroup (FLOW) I noted the shares down below 6p, having been 25p+ less than a year ago. Having fallen further, to sub 4p, they have currently recovered to 5p following a couple of recent announcements…

Flowgroup – “welcomes” UK government announcement, surely this market promising again for it then?, Er…

2017-02-09 07:07:44

Flowgroup (FLOW) has ‘welcomed’ an announcement following government Feed-in Tariff review, adding it believes the statement is “the result of significant co-ordinated industry pressure, in which the company played a key role”. Good, good, the UK market promising again for it then? Er…

Flowgroup – “pleased to announce” update, but bailout placing to be required?

2017-02-08 04:03:16

Flowgroup (FLOW) “is pleased to announce that it expects to announce its results for the year ending 31 December 2016 during May 2017. The company expects its trading results to be in line with analysts' forecasts”. Hmmm, so why are the shares currently down a further more than 8%, below 6p, having been 25p+ less than a year ago?...

Flowgroup - Highly speculative

2016-06-23 07:21:34

Producer of the “game-changing” Flow boiler, Flowgroup (FLOW) has released an AGM statement today. I generally avoid environmental stocks as I consider them to be a fad which exist thanks to short-term government policies, but let’s see if my prejudice is unfounded in this case.

Flowgroup, Sabien & Inspirit - Problems in the boiler room

2015-06-17 23:41:55

So far this week shares in Flowgroup plc (FLOW) have fallen by more than 46% (to 14.25p), in Sabien Technology Group (SNT) by 17.5% (to 8.25p) and in Inspirit Energy (INSP) by approaching 8% (to 0.58p). Each is an AIM-listed company involved in efficient boiler products, so what’s happening here?

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