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Glenwick - the whole farce unravels so let the recriminations begin....

2017-07-25 07:06:35

Oh dear, this really is a clusterfuck even by the lowly standards of the AIM Casino. You will remember that AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK), linked via Peterhouse Corporate Finance and Amanda Van Dyke to fellow AIM dog Paternoster Resources (PRS) in a related party snakefest, has had its shares suspended an RTO but there have been a few problemos. Oh dear. Oh dear.


When will Amanda van Dyke fess up to the bloody mess at Glenwick? 7 Questions

2017-07-09 01:08:45

Booted off the AIM Casino in March for failing to do an RTO on time, Amanda Van Dyke's Glenwick (GWIK) is nothing if consistent: it keeps missing deadlines. Cash is almost certainly zero, or near as damn it, by now but how about an update? So far no news is bad news for this related party infested failed ramp.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest sponsored by the Glenwick Ramping Crew & Big Gib

2017-03-12 04:01:24

Glenwick (GWIK) was once the darling of the AIM penny stock ramping crew led by twitter loon Big Gib. Naturally it has had various changes of strategy, spunked hundreds of thousands of quid on directors fees, advisors and deals that failed and this morning it was slung off AIM - as discussed HERE. The only question is did Big Gob et al get out at the top as they urged others to buy? So in honour of Big Gob I ask you to post in the comments section below the most ludicrous comment you can find on twitter or on a Bulletin Board this week. The deadline is midnight on Sunday 12 March.


Glenwick tells a monstrous lie as it announces how it will spunk its cash

2016-09-26 03:24:49

Suspended for failing to do an RTO, the AIM listed piece of crap that is Glenwick (GWIK) announced late last week, how it is to spunk all its cash. Need,less to say the company told a grotesque lie in its RNS and it and its advisers seem rather unwilling to return calls and defend or justify that lie. Peterhouse, Allenby, Glenwick you are cowardly bastards as well; as liars.


Glenwick - spunking £50,000 a month on what exactly as suspension looms?

2016-08-31 03:27:25

Glenwick (GWIK) the investment company ramped on the basis of sweet FA by new media scum like Big Gib ( aka Big Gob) and the sordid crew of unprincipled rampers round at Vox Markets, has today fessed up and admitted that its shares will be suspended as of Monday morning. Oh dear. But if you listened to the vipers at Vox I have bad news..this will get worse still.


Glenwick - asset what asset?

2016-08-10 03:46:28

A strange exchange of emails with a Glenwick (GWIK) shareholder yesterday begs a question or two since this fellow thinks he is close to what is going on. The fellow refers to the new NED appointed yesterday, Japp Poll. I am told:


Tom Winnifrith please please report me to the FCA you Glenwick owning moron

2016-08-09 01:37:14

These morons they just cannot decide how to libel me. As you can see below one Glenwick (GWIK) owning moron at one stage thinks since I have no credibility so it matters not what I say. A few minutes later he thinks loads of folks sell shares if run a story. The twit just can't make his tiny mind up. It then gets better.


6% of Glenwick not controlled by US crook - Browntown gets in touch and explains itself

2016-08-08 06:36:35

Earlier today I asked the question whether Browntown Holdings which owns 6% of Glenwick PLC (GWIK) was the same as Browntown Holdings LLC which is run by a crook. I asked in public HERE as the company's new NED and broker refused to answer my emailed question - and still have not. Luckily the real Browntown has got in touch and said more than it needs to.


Update: Glenwick - now is this a California crook I see with a stake? No!

2016-08-08 03:31:45

Welcome to your new job as a NED at soon to be suspended AIM casino dog Glenwick (GWIK), Amanda Van Dyke would you care to discuss your new 6% shareholder? Er why not? A tad embarrassing per chance?


Glenwick - AIM cronyism that stinks as suspension looms

2016-08-08 00:22:50

I am afraid that this involves Amanda Van Dyke, formerly of this parish, but the news from piece of Turkish Glenwick (GWIK) stinks of AIM cronyism and it is bad news all round for shareholders as suspension looms.


Glenwick - RTO off: get out while you can

2016-06-22 07:59:20

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh Dear, over-ramped POS Glenwick (GWIK) is deep in the merde. Its shares were unsuspended at 3 PM today following the collapse of talks about an RTO. They had been suspended on 23 May.It gets worse.


Glenwick continues to defy gravity - but that won't last!

2016-03-11 01:55:28

Glenwick (GWIK) is one of those AIM companies that continues to amaze me in terms of it's market valuation when you look at what it actually has on paper!


Bulletin Board & twitter Moron of the week contest (2016/1) - You can't beat this can you?

2016-01-24 11:54:07

Some prat abused me on twitter so I checked out his feed and it contained the tweet below. Surely this guy has to be the biggest moron out there? He is - natch - a Glenwick (GWIK) shareholder but just how stupid is he? Anyhow this is my entry in this weeks contest - can you do better?


Glenwick - Ramptastic bollocks that stinks

2016-01-17 04:49:33

Every single Bulletin Board and twitter ramper seems to have a field day with AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK) over the past few weeks - it is the rampttastic cash shell of the moment. This stinks in oh so many ways and why can't these folks do basic maths?

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