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Who is to blame for Nighthawk wipeout? Zac "The Knife" Phillips tells you

2018-04-20 01:12:12

Like Zac "the Knife" Phillips the City's No 1 oil analyst, I have been calling Nighthawk (HAWK) out as worthless crap for ages and thus today's 'fess up bu the company is yet another vindication, as you can see HERE


Nighthawk - bank calls default on loans - wa wa wa wipeout on the way, company fesses up

2018-04-20 00:09:41

Oh dear the fat lady needs to get on stage quick. I have been warning you that Nighthawk (HAWK) was worthless toast for ages but as ever the bulletin board savants knew better. Well folks now the company has fessed up. Once again the scoreboard reads: The Sheriff of AIM 5 Morons 0.


Nighthawk - not the end but the beginning of the end, Zac has warned you

2018-01-25 01:48:11

I have warned you often enough that Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) is a drowning in debt dog with fleas and that its shares are worthless. But obviously while I trained as an oil analyst with the City's top rated team, Bulletin Board Morons know better. So here is Zac "the Knife" Phillips of SP Angel, the City's No 1 oil analyst, to explain why today's PR guff announcement really means. Over to "the knife": 


Nighthawk Shock Resignation - ShareProphets Translation service

2017-11-07 02:35:47

Nighthawk (HAWK) is out of cash, drowning in debt, burning cash and its production is falling month on month and that trend is not changing. In plain English it is 100% fecked. Today we have news of a massive boardroom resignation. We offer up a ShareProphets translation service


Nighthawk - breaches bank covenant, can't repay debt - surely its an equity wipeout?

2017-10-03 02:16:15

Shares in Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) are off by 40% today at 0.225p but that still values the company at £2.17 million. For a company that looks utterly screwed that is surely far too high? About £2.17 million too high.


Zac The Knife Phillips slates Nighthawk Energy Once Again

2017-09-26 01:57:54

The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips of SP Angel is not, like most of his peers, a man who ignores the failings of the numerous useless management teams among the AIM Casino's O&G legion. His verdict on the latest statement from the clowns who run worthless, drowning in debt, Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) is brutal and to the point. Over to "the knife:" 


The Polite way of saying that the management of Nighthawk are clueless gits with crap assets

2017-01-24 02:17:28

The City's Number one oil analyst Zac "the Knife" Phillips is back from celebrating Christmas by butchering baby seals or throwing cute little rabbits to a pack of bloodthirsty dogs and is doing what he does best - sticking it to useless management teams on the AIM Casino. Today Nighthawk (HAWK) has served up a piss poor operational update and the SP Angel analyst opines


Nighthawk Operational Update - Zac The Knife puts management "on notice"

2016-11-30 05:27:05

The City's number one oil analyst, Zac "the Knife" Phillips of SP Angel has a few words to say about today's lamentable trading update from Nighthawk Energy (HAWK). In short he puts the management on notice that it is now drinking in the last chance saloon. That, I think, is his way of saying you should sell the shares. The Knife writes:


Nighthawk - Top Oil Analyst Zac "The Knife" Phillips says it has misled investors again

2016-09-20 05:24:41

Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) has announced that it has settled US litigation today which is good news. The bad news is that the settlement is nothing like what is described in the RNS. The company is misleading investors in saying that this is a nil cash settlement. And thus the City's top oil analyst, Zac "the Knife" Phillips of SP Angel senses blood. He writes:


Nighthawk - Running Foxes accuses it of er...ahem

2016-09-12 00:27:39

Last week Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) issued an operational update. Over the weekend its erstwhile business partner Running Foxes issued a press release which puts Nighthawk in a bind. I shall leave the rest to the City's top oil analyst. Over to Mr Zak "the Knife" Phillips at SP Angel:


Nighthawk - another absolute savaging from mild mannered Zac at SP Angel

2016-06-08 02:00:17

SP Angel analyst Zac Phillips has now really got the bit between his teeth. Normally he is Mr Nice Guy but he scents blood at POS Nighthawk (HAWK) and has today given it another savaging. This is one of the most brutal assessments of an AIM listed company and of management incompetence I have seen penned by a City analyst in 25 years. Good work Zac, keep it up. Mr Nice Guy turned Mr Hyde says:


Nighthawk savaged by a dead sheep - these shares are toast

2016-06-02 08:42:25

I have noted before that Zac Phillips, the oil analyst at SP Angel is normally only too kind to shite oil companies on the AIM Casino. He bends over to be nice to them and to excuse their lamentable performance. But just now and then, the inner Zac emerges. It is like when mild mannered Sir Geoffrey Howe plunged the knife into the blessed Lady Thatcher, an episode which was seen as "like being savaged by a dead sheep"


Nighthawk – April Fool backfires

2016-04-06 00:28:14

On April Fool’s day last week, AIM-listed Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) provided the market with a 7am RNS. There was good news and bad news. Or, rather, not-quite-as-bad-as-it-might-have-been news, and very bad news indeed. Unfortunately the better bit was corrected yesterday afternoon. An extended April Fool, then.


Nighthawk: April Fool! Those last production numbers - we made them up!

2016-04-06 00:07:28

Life is pretty grim for Nighthawk (HAWK). By April 16 it has to figure out how to repay $10 million of its $23 million borrowings despite having only $2 million of cash. There must be a solution but it may not be entirely pleasant for shareholders. But at least the company has a sense of humour, now admitting that production numbers it issued on April 1st were utterly bogus. April Fool! Shucks, its shareholders really believed you. Good one!


Eleven Oil stocks heading for Zero

2016-01-17 01:27:46

The weekend news from the oil sector is grim. I am not sure that folks out there in, what Malcolm Stacey might term, punterland realise just how grim it is. There is a massive PR and IR industry supporting the proposition that things can only get better. Au contraire, for the next few months at least, they are going to get a lot worse. And in that spirit I offer up a list of eleven oil E&Ps to sell now, to get out what and while you can, as they could well hit zero. 


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - African Potash, Clean Air Power, Nighthawk Energy, Netscientific, Proton Power Systems, Tavistock Investments

2015-08-04 23:52:25

Featuring African Potash (AFPO), Clean Air Power (CAP), Nighthawk Energy (HAWK), Netscientific (NSCI), Proton Power Systems (PPS), Tavistock Investments (TAVI)


Nighthawk looks a good buy at this price

2014-08-29 12:42:52

Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) has had more than its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but now seems to be heading in the right direction. The AIM-listed oil producer and explorer is based in the US with licences in various parts of Colorado, and the latest update showed that during July it produced over 2,000bopd – although this was down slightly on the previous two months due to maintenance work and testing.


Bulletin Board Moron & Pathetic wretch of the Week: nsf297 Nighthawk and taking personal responsibility

2014-05-22 14:10:28

The Bulletin Board Moron of the Week is a ShareProphets reader nsf297 who has taken grave exception to my shock Nighthawk revelations of yesterday. Nsf297 has to blame someone else for life’s misfortunes. He writes on Shareprophets comments section:


Nighthawk & its hidden legal case – how does it define insignificant?

2014-05-21 17:24:09

Earlier today I revealed how Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) was served with papers for a potentially large legal claim by its former business partner Running Foxes on 29th April but had not bothered to tell shareholders. Nighthawk has responded but its statement is er… “interesting.” I have now spoken to Running Foxes. Ho. Ho.


Nighthawk Energy – Why isn’t it telling shareholders about the big US law suit it faces?

2014-05-21 12:05:35

And today’s star turn on the AIM Cesspit is Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) which was served with papers for a major law suit on April 29th. Surely under AIM rules it should have fessed up to shareholders even if it thought the case was without merit? Fear not, Nighthawk may not want to issue an RNS but the Sheriff of AIM is here to help.


Nighthawk Energy: Buy as at above 10p the target is 16p

2013-12-02 11:38:43

The party for fans of Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) on a charting basis started with the bull flag buy signal above the 200 day moving average in July, followed by the golden cross buy signal between the 50 day / 200 day moving averages in July.


Nighthawk Energy (HAWK): Technical Target Upgraded From 7p To 9p

2013-06-04 03:07:07

On May 23rd Nighthawk Energy shares were trading at 4.89p and having gapped up through their 200 day moving average were given a 7p target. A couple of weeks on and we have a fresh gap and a new upside target of as high as 9p.


Buy Nighthawk Energy (HAWK): Smokin’ Towards 7p

2013-05-23 02:14:43

While it may be easy to get caught up in the “euphoria” of a big up day for private investor favourite Nighthawk Energy, the real plus point here is the constructive profile of the daily chart here over recent months.


Buy Nighthawk Energy: Post September Flush Out Complete

2013-04-18 05:40:46

In theory Nighthawk Energy (HAWK) could be regarded as being close to perfection in terms of being a speculative minnow destined for great things.

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