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The Brutal way British Airways is firing more than 25% of its captains and pilots - letter to Union in full

2020-05-01 08:34:10

British Airways currently empliys 4,346 captains and pilots. By Christmas it will have fired more than a quarter of them. And there will be no generous payoffs, just the bare minimum statutory notice period. The Airline says in a letter to the pilots union that if it does not act this way it will threaten its very future. The language is stark and a reminder that anyone predicting a V shaped economic recovery is dreaming.


British Airways- why I was not flying Saturday: an ex customer writes about it and the journalists it bribes

2017-05-28 23:42:31

I was due to fly back to Greece on Saturday with British Airways but I did not. It is not for the reason you think, there being no British Airways flights at all out of Heathrow and Gatwick due to an IT bollocks up, but for other reasons equally damning of the airline, now part of International Airlines Group (IAG).


Cost cutting could prove costly for International Airlines Group

2017-05-28 23:31:03

International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) has been on a steady upwards trajectory ever since taking a big hit to its share price when the UK voted in favour of Brexit last June, but that rise looks like it is about to hit a brick wall following last week’s debacle involving British Airways.


International Consolidated Airlines (British Airways) Results - a broker who understands travel warns you

2016-10-28 00:19:10

Andrew Monk does understand travel. Most brokers only understand it in that they collect air miles flying 1st class on expenses on Corporate jollies. Monk did actually run an airline as well as being a top City travel guru in days gone by. Thus his comment today on results from International Consolidated Airlines (IAG), the son of British Airways, are worth heeding.


Up and Away with British Airways (International Consolidated)? Perhaps Not.

2016-09-19 00:14:13

Hello Share Hammerers. I cashed in my British Airways shares before the price of aviation fuel crashed. This timing error cost me a lot of money. And you probably agree with me that selling just before a share price leap is probably the nastiest feeling a share shifter can experience.


A broker warns you why International Consolidated (British Airways) is a sell

2016-08-15 02:43:01

Sometimes the best investment calls are made not by looking at spreadsheets but from actually kicking the tyres. Hence I bring you a note in this morning from a broker on International Consolidated (IAG). Over to the broker:


Eh-Oop and Away with British Airways.

2015-02-27 23:31:28

Hello Share Swaggers. It's always nice when a company recommended by your Yorkshire correspondent on this splendiferous website rockets to the top of the winner's board a few weeks later.


Never Mind Baby Jane, Whatever Happened to My British Airways Punt?

2015-02-16 02:39:01

Hello Share Pals. You like me, have probably got a few shares which are mouldering away in a bottom drawer somewhere. If you've not forgotten about them, they will still be out of mind, anyway.


Intercontinental Consolidated Airlines 456p: after it is spurned by Aer Lingus.

2015-01-12 03:31:42

It must be a wonderful experience for Willy Walsh who came from Aer Lingus to be putting in a bid for his old company as CEO of his new company. It will also be a situation into which he has insight. Aer Lingus has declined the offer of marriage but could it change its mind. 


Intercontinental Consolidated shares up 22% since June – what now at 427p?

2014-11-20 09:02:44

The share price of Intercontinental Airlines (IAG) looks to be about as high as it has been since last April and perhaps heading further back up towards the February peak of 457p?  If that were to prove to be the case then there is another 7% upside to come. But is it? 


Shares in International Consolidated Airlines Group Should Take Off on Soaring Profits

2014-11-03 02:32:17

Hello Share Shapers. When British Airways attracted Spaniards a few years ago and became International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), I kind of lost track of my holding.


IAG at 386p: a trading idea as this company’s share price flies lower.

2014-06-25 07:22:25

It would appear that inside the callousness and murderous propensities of the latest Islamic terrorist group ISIS, there seems to be some kind of business like brain. We were first alerted to that by the FT, when it published its last annual report for its financial donors and backers evidently in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia. But could a surprise beneficiary of the militants’ entrepreneurialism be International Airline Group (IAG)?


IAG at 428p: following January’s traffic statistics look to buy on weakness.

2014-02-10 08:10:23

Just over three months, ago I added IAG (owner of British Airways) to my shares to buy list at 375p. I did so with some reluctance because the shares, up to that point, had risen massively from the ashes of the 2012 results. Part of the explanation for liking BA shares then, were signs of the bedding down the troublesome industrial and political relations of IBERIA.


International Continental Airlines – get on board now

2013-11-27 14:17:08

It is old wisdom not to chase a share – unless of course you have well worked out reasons for doing so. International Continental Airline Group (IAG) - the old BA and Iberia is a case in point. The shares, as they say, have been flying. In my experience, it is safest boarding this equity when it’s closer to the ground. But International shares have risen a massive 119% over a year when the FTSE100 Index has only managed to improve about 15%. 

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