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IndigoVision – recent tip gets recommended offer at a massive premium, now…

2020-03-20 16:00:02

We recently recommended shares in IndigoVision (IND) at a 210p offer price and up to 225p, noting the company had been loss-making in recent years but a January trading update which offered encouragement having been followed by a full-year results announcement suggesting further potential. Now an announcement; Recommended cash acquisition of IndigoVision


IndigoVision – interims, “return to profit” momentum encouraging?

2019-08-14 15:16:30

Video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) has announced results for the first half of 2019 emphasising “return to profit in H1, the first time this has been achieved since 2014” and “momentum in the business”. Sounds encouraging…


IndigoVision – “Posting of Circular & Notice of General Meeting” announcement a disgrace - & shame on the remuneration committee

2018-10-05 10:20:21

“Posting of Circular & Notice of General Meeting” announcement from IndigoVision (IND) sounds innocuous – though the first paragraph then states it is “for the purpose of approving a new Long Term Incentive Plan”. Hmmm…


IndigoVision – ‘not acceptable’ 2017 results but argues new management on a better strategic direction

2018-03-08 01:20:05

Networked video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) has announced results for the 2017 calendar year including “the group's financial performance in 2017 and indeed, prior years, has not been acceptable and IndigoVision is not achieving its full potential. This has resulted in significant changes in the board and senior management… the group's strategic direction has been set to better serve our shareholders, customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders”. Hmmm…


IndigoVision – profit warning update, how’s the broker reacted?

2017-11-28 01:25:06

Writing on results for the first half of 2017 from IndigoVision (IND) I concluded that there continued to look value, but that I was wary of the second half reliance and that the profit forecast looked ambitious. There’s now been a “Trading update and Board changes” announcement including “it is now clear that management's expectations will not be achieved and that a full year operating loss will be reported” and that, after 14 years service, “Marcus Kneen has resigned from the board and has ceased to be Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect”. Hmmm…


IndigoVision – why the half-year results share price slump?

2017-09-23 01:35:25

Having been sparked from well below 200p by a May update including that “in the first 19 weeks of 2017, overall revenues were ahead of the corresponding period last year. The immediate outlook is more positive than it has been for some time”, shares in video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) have now fallen back to around the 200p level on results for the first half of 2017. Hmmm…


IndigoVision – AGM trading update sparks shares, still a speculative buy?

2017-05-18 08:26:49

In March I stated there looked enough to justify a speculative buy of shares in networked video security systems group IndigoVision (IND), with they then at just over 180p. The following updates with the shares currently soaring, above 200p, on the back of an AGM trading update announcement…


IndigoVision – 2016 results, a speculative buy?

2017-03-02 07:56:40

Previously writing on networked video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) late last year, I concluded that further trading and financial comfort was required. I now note the shares currently on the rise on the back of results for the 2016 calendar year…


IndigoVision – trading update, shares good value?

2016-12-02 07:15:51

Previously writing on video security systems group IndigoVision (IND), I concluded that although a market cap of sub £11.5 million suggested there potentially good value, trading concerns saw it for now remain on the watchlist. The following updates on the back of a “Trading Update” announcement...


IndigoVision – half-year results suggest potentially good value

2016-09-15 07:09:16

Despite the company arguing that “results for the first half of 2016 are a strong improvement on 2015”, shares in video security systems group IndigoVision (IND) are currently more than 5% lower, at 150p, on the results announcement. Let’s take a look...


Why I Won't Buy Back My IndigoVision Shares

2016-07-11 00:20:00

Hello Share Smashers. I sold my long-held shares in IndigoVision (IND) a couple of years ago. They’d made a big profit for me. So why did I sell?


IndigoVision Group – “camera volumes increased markedly” & cash up, but…

2016-07-08 06:29:20

Having previously been positive on shares in IndigoVision Group (IND), I last concluded, with the shares then at 267.5p, that it was difficult to be particularly confident and that I’d look for safer value elsewhere (see HERE). I now update with the shares currently approaching 6% lower today, at 123.5p, on the back of a trading update for the first half of 2016…


The Indigo Dilemma. Why I Won’t Buy ‘em Back.

2015-10-03 02:10:09

Hello Share Masters. It’s not often I pen a piece which is not optimistic about a company. Being bullish is a trait I’ve had since I started the great game in 1987.


'Bye Indigovision. One Can’t Wait Any Longer.

2015-10-01 23:35:45

Hello Share Swappers. I’ve previously brought a little surveillance firm to your attention. It's called Indigovision (IND). This was quite some time ago and of course the story in Crazyland is always changing. 


IndigoVision Group – “trading update” (aka profit warning) disappointment

2015-04-29 04:04:37

After concluding that there looked good value on offer in shares in IndigoVision (IND) at 472.5p in September, the shares exceeded 490p the next month but fell significantly yesterday following a “trading update” (aka profit warning). The following reviews…


Jockland based IndigoVision Group – results: good value on offer

2014-09-19 10:58:09

Edinburgh-headquartered designer and manufacturer of video security systems for large scale and complex security installations, IndigoVision (IND) has announced results for the twelve months to 31st July 2014 and that it “seems likely that the excellent progress in the last twelve months has been the beginning of a more sustained period of growth”. Is this discounted in the current 472.5p share price?


IndigoVision Group – trading update, one to keep an eye on?

2014-08-07 07:40:27

IndigoVision Group (IND), the Edinburgh-headquartered designer and manufacturer of video security systems for large scale and complex security installations, has given an update on trading, including noting that “all major regions have reported year on year revenue growth”. The shares have fallen a couple of percent on this news, so now is the time to examine whether or not there is value to be had here.


Indigo, Indigo, Indigo – Sung to the Football Chant 'Here We Go.'

2014-07-17 07:18:44

Hello Share Twisters: I've been a holder of IndigoVision Group (IND) for so long I was watching a Viking raid when I first bought the shares. And over those many years, they have done rather nicely, thank you. Before the Credit Crunch they rocketed ahead in a thrilling fashion. Since then, the stocks have done ok. But the share price is due for steady progress I fancy for the rest of the year.

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