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Inspirit – Volvo Marine news from the Boiler Room

2021-06-16 08:11:20

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has graced the market with an update from the boiler room with regard to the new waste heat recovery system  for the application on the Volvo marine engine. Ooooh, the excitement……


Inspirit – Time for more Beer and Popcorn in the Boiler Room?

2021-06-06 09:16:32

I’m not sure what is going on at AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) but I notice that a new holder has appeared in the form of Monecor (London) Limited, which now holds 10.3% of the equity. Monecor is better known as ETX – a spreadbetting firm.


Inspirit Energy – another discounted keep-the-lights-on bailout from the Boiler Room

2021-05-27 13:05:14

AIM-listed and technically insolvent as at Christmas Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) has announced yet another discounted placing this morning, raising £500,000 at a price of 0.05p per share, to keep the lights on. That, against a closing price yesterday of 0.06p yesterday means the discount was 16.7%, although for some curious reason the stock has been sliding since May 17 when it was 0.07p. But naturally enough, since this is AIM there is no chance of insider dealing.


Inspirit Energy – Yet Another Companies House Failing from the Boiler Room

2021-04-02 17:13:24

Oh dear, oh dear – I would have thought that the board of AIM-listed John Gunn enterprise (or lack of it) Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) would have learnt by its previous errors. But alas, no. For five of the last six years, Inspirit has missed the deadline for filing its Confirmation Statement or Annual Return……and guess what?!


Inspirit – Have you forgotten anything recently, and what about those GIS Debentures?

2021-01-10 14:57:35

With all the law enforcement hassles over at Octagonal plc (OCT), which shares the Chairman, CEO and Finance Director in the same roles as at AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) one might imagine that their attentions are rather taken up at Octagonal. After all, being charged by the SEC in the USA is a serious matter which could have devastating consequences. So I wonder if anything has been forgotten…….such as this:


Inspirit – Pressure builds as a non-entity of a statement is released. SELL!!!

2020-12-29 15:06:46

At 1.25pm AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) issued a statement relating to fellow AIM-listed Octagonal, where its CEO and Chairman John Gunn, and Finance Director Nilesh Jagatia also reside in the same roles,  whose subsidiary,  Global Investment Strategy is Inspirit’s sole broker – the very same subsidiary which has been charged by the SEC – alongside John Gunn, for aiding and abetting – with violating US broker-dealer registration provisions of the Securities Exchange Act 1934. Given that Jagatia and Gunn make up two thirds of the board of Inspirit, there clearly is a problem here!


Red Flags upon Red Flags at Night: Inspirit Energy

2020-12-28 08:03:07

The pressure must surely be mounting on Roland “Fatty” Cornish as he tucks into his fourth helping of spotted dick with extra lashings of custard this Sunday lunchtime. The shambles at AIM-listed Octagonal (OCT) where he presides as (London’s worst) Nomad is a shocker, as detailed by Tom Winnifrith HERE. But fellow AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) – same Nomad, same finance director, same head honcho in the form of John Gunn – is surely at risk of suspension this coming week, and it released diabolical FY results to June at 11.22 am on Christmas Eve.   


BREAKING: Inspirit shares MUST be suspended as SEC now files charges against Octagonal and John Gunn suggesting massive RNS lie

2020-12-27 15:05:14

On Christmas Eve Octagonal PLC (OCT) and John Gunn issued an RNS which is, with the document below, indicates to be a monstrous lie. The Nomad who signed it off, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish is – as I showed HERE and HERE  - massively implicated in this mess and should be struck off by AIM Regulation asap. But back to the Christmas Eve RNS. It looks to be a massive lie, surely now shares in Gunn’s other AIM listed dog, Inspirit (INSP) must be suspended too.


Inspirit – An odd turn of events in the Boiler Room……or not!

2020-11-09 12:07:55

Chris Heminway has called for an EGM to boot off one member of the board of AIM-listed Inspirit and see himself and one other elected instead. In response to the onslaught, Inspirit has suddenly sprung into action, announcing two deals which saw the shares roof it.


Inspirit – pile up the beer and popcorn, it’s Entertainment time in the Boiler Room on ramptastic news of a "product update"

2020-11-03 12:03:45

Yesterday AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy conceded that Chris Heminway’s call for an EGM had been successful and that a vote on whether to bring Mr Heminway and one other onto the board at the expense of an existing NED will take place on 27th November. It was also announced that Mr Heminway’s holding had again increased, now to just over 9%. But Inspirit has now played its own hand with a “Product Update”.


Inspirit – Boiler Room Battle takes a shocking new turn

2020-10-28 09:48:39

Suspicions that the shareholder register of AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) were not correct were confirmed yesterday lunchtime (the new no-one-is-watching o’clock) when the company admitted that CEO and Chairman John Gunn’s total interest was not 28% as previously claimed on November 25 last year, but 25.4%. Needless to say, the original announcement was signed off by Inspirit’s hapless Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish – the worst Nomad in town.


Inspirit Energy – Let's solve a problem (that does not exist)

2020-08-27 08:34:55

I note the comments from my colleagues on this site – Nigel Somerville most recently yesterday and Tom Winnifrith in bearcast yesterday on Inspirit Energy (INSP). I concur with the general thrust of the views expressed – crap management and sod all progress over many years. I also note the rebel shareholder and his background. I wish him well. But I suspect the whole idea is bonkers based on technicalities and politics...


Trouble at t’ Mill brewing in Inspirit's boiler room as 6.5% holder launches blistering attack

2020-08-26 13:49:35

AIM-listed boiler-room Inspirit Energy (INSP) has been a long-term non-performer on the Casino ever since the reversal of its technology (having failed as a private company) was reversed into Kleenair Systems in 2013. Almost anyone who has had the misfortune of investing here will be nursing very heavy losses, and the company seems to have little or nothing to show for the last 7 years as an AIM Casino chip. But now the company is under attack from 6.5% holder Chris Heminway, who launched a scathing attack late on Monday via the RNS system.



2020-06-16 12:49:58

On June 5th I flagged up that AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) had again failed to file its Confirmation Statement – the Annual Return as was – to Companies House on time. It was due on March 30thOn June 8th I flagged it up again, suggesting that perhaps it hadn’t filed it because nobody cares over at Inspirit Towers. Well, here we are on June 16th and guess what……it still hasn’t filed it!...


Inspirit – Bull**** Update from the Boiler Room

2020-06-08 08:34:26

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has today issued an Operations Update in response to my piece on Friday, when I pointed out that yet again the company had failed to file its Confirmation Statement to Companies House on time, and wondered whether the appearance of Mr Christopher Heminway on the shareholder list might presage yet more bad news for Inspirit’s lobster-potted shareholders...


Inspirit – what’s going on in the Boiler Room? And (oopsie) what is not….

2020-06-05 08:46:00

Share in AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) have been on a bit of a roll. On 22nd May the shares had been friendless at 0.025p per share when all of a sudden the stock started to rise – and they closed yesterday at 0.045p, having been as high as 0.065p. The excitement seems to have been the appearance of Mr Christopher Heminway on the shareholder list, who popped up yesterday with 3.32% of the company and the BBs went into a lather. Meanwhile, on Companies House, I see that the company’s Confirmation statement is once again late – by two and a half months. Oopsie……


News from the Boiler Room – Inspirit releases interims: how long ‘til lights out, and whose cash is it anyway?

2020-03-31 11:06:34

AIM-listed serial dog Inspirit Energy (INSP) released its interims yesterday at 2.33pm and it is same old, same old: the bills keep on coming in but where's the progress on its boiler? And when will the cash run out? – and why was its broker - a subsidiary of housemate Octagonal plc - holding such a proportion of its cash?...


News from the boiler room: Inspirit Energy – 2.35pm Christmas Eve Eve results show what a POS it is

2019-12-24 08:33:42

If you know your results are so poor they will be an immediate sell signal to even the most diehard of investors, the best time to release them is at no-one-is-watching o’clock. In theory, peak no-one-is-watching o’clock lies on Christmas Eve, especially after-hours, but with our annual watch on such matters perhaps Christmas Eve is not quite the best time to tell investors what a total POS your company is. And so AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) released its full year numbers to June 2019 at 2.35pm yesterday: truly the behaviour of pedants. But ShareProphets, always eager to share what companies do not want you to know, was indeed watching and the numbers were truly dire.


Inspirit – loan conversion from the boiler room but when’s the (yet another pump-and-dump) placing?

2019-11-25 10:15:50

This morning AIM-listed Inspirit (INSP) offered up a cheerful RNS stating that £804,000 worth of convertible loan notes were being converted at 0.07p (the minimum price possible) and that thus the Company has substantially reduced its debt close to zero and we hope that this reduction in debt will provide the right base from which the business can now grow. The implication is that all is well…..until you look at its last stated results, the interims to way back last December. "Growth" my foot!...


Inspirit Energy – last week the pump… and now (natch, & as previously warned by Nigel Somerville)…

2019-11-18 11:56:10

In August Nigel Somerville wrote on Inspirit Energy (INSP) including noting a required, desperate (and so deeply discounted) placing. Last week it soared following an “Update on product application and the mCHP Boiler”. Today, natch, “Placing”


Inspirit – anything to tell us?

2019-08-07 12:45:10

SVS, which is now in special administration, was the sole broker to AIM-listed Inspirit (INSP) so it is now operating without a broker – contrary to AIM Rule 1, which technically means it should be suspended forthwith. You might think that a little harsh, since there is no way Inspirit could have known its broker would have the lights turned out for it by the FCA all of a sudden. I daresay AIM Regulation is allowing a grace period for former SVS clients to sign up with another spivvy bottom-end of AIM broker. Inspirit announced on Monday that it would make a further announcement in due course, noting the demise of its (now former) broker. But here is the thing...


Inspirit – finally gets around to confirming our scoop of last week with a load of tosh

2019-04-26 13:53:28

AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) has finally woken from its slumbers and confirmed our scoop of over a week ago, that it has vacated its factory. Apparently it is in the process of moving its facility  to Poland. Well it might be in process but it seems to be taking a long time for last week we know that its Sheffield factory had already been vacated and leased to a new tenant. And then there is the strategic review…..


Inspirit - About AIM Rule this a slam dunk breach, Nomad Roland Fatty Cornish?

2019-04-18 10:17:22

As you will see below, it appears to be some time since AIM-listed POS Inspirit Energy (INSP) updated its AIM Rule 26 webpage. As far as I know, according to AIM Rules, it is supposed to be updated at least every six months but as you can see it was last updated on 26 June 2017. Has London's worst Nomad, Roland Fatty Cornish, really been out to lunch for the last year-and-a bit?...


Inspirit ( an insolvent crock of shite) - is there something you are not telling us?

2019-04-17 11:27:48

Inspirit (INSP) is technically insolvent and worthless but is there something it is not telling us? I suggest you to examine the screen shots below.


Does anyone have a Scooby as to why Inspirit is sharply higher?

2019-04-16 13:20:29

I have to admit it: I haven’t a clue why shares in AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) are hugely up today. The shares opened at 0.0225p and motored as high as 0.055p. They currently sit at 0.045p, up 100% on the day. But there has been no news and I am not aware of any imminent news. So why is the stock up so strongly?


Inspirit – Pleased to announce interims. It shouldn’t be – SELL.

2019-03-29 03:20:54

News from the boiler room this morning is that AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) is pleased to announce its interims. I’m not sure why – they are awful! But perhaps the pleasure relates to the fact that they are out at all, for the numbers show a deficit of net current assets. Is it bust yet?


Inspirit – FY18 Results from the boiler room

2018-12-29 02:54:21

3.28pm on the Friday between Christmas and New Year is hardly the time to release your results unless they are really bad, and so it proved with AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP). This is a company which, let us not forget, has been developing a revolutionary boiler (where is Neil Woodford?) since it listed via an RTO on the Casino way back in 2013 – after it was rescued from administration. The original company dates from 2010. So how are we doing in 2018?


UPDATED/CORRECTED: Inspirit – Issue of Convertibles RNS = share capital reorganisation

2018-05-04 23:01:46

We have been calling out AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) here on ShareProphets for an age: we reckoned the boiler room had no cash and its shares were below nominal. On Friday, at 2.54pm, as the market was getting ready for a nice sunny bank holiday weekend (talk about no-one-is-watching o'clock), up popped an RNS entitled “Issue of Convertible Loan Notes”. It is only after reading the whole RNS that you realise that they are proposing to split the ordinary shares of 0.1p into one ordinary share of just 0.001p and a deferred share (with no rights) of 0.099p. Oh, and incidentally, where is the Confirmation Statement on Companies House, which was due on 30 March?


Inspirit – or insolvent? 2017 Interims

2018-03-29 06:31:21

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has released its interim accounts to December 2017. We are told the company is pleased to announce its interims. What there is to be pleased about rather escapes me – the company is drowning in payables and has hardly any cash left (if any at all).


Inspirit – all’s quiet: signs of a problem?

2018-03-21 01:10:32

I note that things have been very quiet of late over in the boiler room of AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP). Normally that might be seen as a good thing – the company quietly getting on with making shareholders money, and not getting bogged down in ramptastic RNSs. But I wonder if there is a nasty brewing here...


Inspirit - time for another placing to stave off insolvency don't you think?

2017-11-14 03:00:32

We have had no news from the Inspirit (INSP) boiler room run by John Gunn and once graced by the great Dave Lenigas since its last placing completed in early September. By my maths the company is once again insolvent so how about another placing Mr Gunn? As a reminder of the maths...


News from the Boiler Room - £300k placing at 0.12p, conditional on GM at Inspirit

2017-08-16 00:23:12

7.45am Tuesday brought news of a placing by AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) for just £300,000 at 0.12p. Even that figure had to be propped up by a £50,000 contribution from (corporate Red Flag) CEO and Chairman John Gunn. It won’t last long, even if they get it through a general meeting to allow it to happen.


Inspirit Bailout Placing - tell me there was no market abuse here: look at the chart

2017-05-03 07:32:42

Look at the daily chart below. Tell me there was no insider dealing or market abuse going on here. It is that of Inspirit Energy (INSP). And then at 2.10 PM we finally had two announcements.


Inspirit Energy – half-year results claim “adequate resources”. Really?...

2017-04-10 03:42:01

Having featured in the ‘New Year bury bad news stakes’ and with questions having been raised about CFO Nilesh Jagatia, I note shares in Inspirit Energy (INSP) remain in the doldrums following half-year results announced on 31st March. I also note the announcement was made at 9.49am. An attempt to miss the usual 7am RNS scrutiny?...


An Open letter to John Gunn at Inspirit and Octagonal - you MUST suspend or fire Nilesh Jagatia NOW!

2017-02-22 01:54:13

Nilesh Jagatia the former FD at now delisted AIM bad boy Teathers Financial (TEA) is now enmeshed in controvery not only over Teather's serial ability to file accounts on time but over how shareholder's cash was used not only on entertainment involving semi clad young ladies but also for apparently personal spending by Nilesh. One hopes that by now the Old Bill and HMRC have been asked to have a butcher's. Amazingly Mr Jagatia remains as FD at two other AIM Companies both, as it happens, run by John Gunn: Inspirit (INSP) and Octagonal (OCT). I have now written to John Gunn.


EXCLUSIVE: Inspirit Energy - cash run out? Supplier has to go to Court to get paid

2016-11-11 06:02:47

Oh dear. Oh dear. It looks as if the cash position at John Gunn's boiler room Inspirit Energy (INSP) is getting so very tight indeed. With the shares slipping to just 0.24p to sell and there being no sign of jam tomorrow being turned into anything resembling an order, we have just been passed judgement in a court case which closed this week.


Inspirit Energy - if it is out of cash by end October is it placing ahoy (Again)

2016-09-11 04:15:56

On May 17th 2016 Inspirit Energy (INSP) raised £750,000 gross ( call it £700,000 net) at 0.5p per share but since then the news from the boiler room has been limited. The shares have tanked to just 0.29p and, worse, still, basic maths suggests that the jam tomorrow producer will be out of cash again within weeks. Is it placing ahoy? Methinks yes. Here are the maths.


Octagonal Accounts - the dealings with Inspirit, how cosy: what a small world

2016-08-21 09:53:58

We know from an Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) announcement on 17 May 2016 that Octagonal (OCT) remains a major shareholder in Inspirit and that John Gunn is a director of both Inspirit and also Octagonal. This really is a cosy old relationship between the two AIM POS companies.


Proactive Investors - surely it & the Daily Mail should declare that this is paid for ramping?

2016-06-07 00:00:21

I have no problem with folks taking payment to promote a stock. If a company wishes to spunk shareholders cash to pay an IR firm like Proactive to record a soft interview with its CEO that is not an issue as long as commercial interests are declared. You have got to be transparent. But Proactive Investors and the Daily Mail are showing no transparency and this is surely wrong. I refer to Inspirit (INSP) ramping.


An Evening with a snake and a hooker c/o Inspirit

2016-06-03 00:57:38

It is good to see that Inspirit Energy (INSP) is spending the £750,000 from the bailout financing of last month wisely. Canapes and stockmarket hookers all round.


Inspirit = In fecking denial = In The Merde

2016-05-31 02:01:08

There is trouble in the boiler room...not that you'd know it if you read the bollocks being pushed out by jam tomorrow POS Inspirit Energy (INSP). The company has today issued an RNS which is laughable. It really is the most blatant crap you will read all day. Over to the boiler room:


Inspirit Energy - news from the boiler room - yet another placing, next one soon

2016-05-17 05:42:53

There has been a real attempt to ramp Inspirit Energfy (INSP) on a six month timeframe ahead of today's placing. There were tweets from my fave Monaco based Colonial with whom I have a summer truce and whom I thus shall not mention, the utterly meaningless share purchases (spoofed ya!) by John Gunn and a series of soft paid for interviews with Sith Lord Zak "Judas" Mir and others when Mr Gunn said there was no need for a placing. So today there was a placing.


Inspirit Energy Holdings - David Lenigas repolishes this turd from the boiler room

2016-04-05 07:06:45

It has all gone a bit quiet in the boiler room but in the absence of any real news who better to step up to the plate and pretend that there is good news than fat Aussie share ramper Jabba The Hutt? With just 25 days to go until he is 100% exposed at UK Investor Show by myself (SEE HERE), today David Lenigas tweeted:


Inspirit Energy – look at the competition and tell me Inspirit is not a joke

2016-01-29 01:05:41

Last week I pointed out that Inspirit Energy (INSP) is merely a relaunch of a company that went bust and as such any claims that its IP was either revolutionary or valuable were likely to be spurious. Just to demonstrate this compare its offering with that of a listed competitor


The Real story of the Birth of the Boiler Room at Inspirit Energy

2016-01-25 00:28:18

Annual accounts and other statements indicate that John Gunn has a very significant holding in AIM Casino listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) which some private investors probably take comfort from. The ally of Jabba The Hutt always says that he is in it with ordinary investors. Well, up to a point. Let's rewind.


Q & A in the boiler room with Inspirit Energy:

2016-01-14 01:10:37

The Jeremy Paxman of the financial world, Mr Zak Mir went into the boiler room to interview Inspirit Energy (INSP). Gosh this interview is probing. Not. Over to the Sith Lord.


Inspirit - is director buying just spoofing the market?

2016-01-08 06:48:27

And so, in the face of all the questions being asked about AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings plc (INSP), rather than answer them we had news yesterday that the Chairman and CEO, Mr John Gunn, had dipped into the market and bought 5 million shares. But what of the elephant in the room?


The 49 Red Flag Tick List - Inspirit Energy

2016-01-08 02:07:51

I published a book last year "49 Red Flags" - there are actually 50 listed and the book explians why each is important in avoiding piss-poor investments. As a little exercise the deputy Sheriff of AIM and I have applied the check list to Inspirit Energy PLC (INSP) and the results are appalling.


A lesson for Inspirit from the Filthy Forty

2016-01-07 08:45:08

Just to be helpful to AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP), here is how ShareProphets Filthy Forty member Asian Citrus (ACH) announced a change of Auditor earlier today:


Inspirit - still more on that auditor change.

2016-01-07 08:25:56

Having posed a few questions over the change of auditor already, another one crosses my mind. It concerns dates. We have already seen that AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings (INSP) mis-stated in its results RNS of New Year's Eve that both the 2014 and 2015 acounts had been audited by Welbeck. Yet we know that the 2014 accounts were audited by PKF Littlejohn LLP - and elsewhere in the results RNS we are told that PKF resigned during the year. Something is wrong somewhere! One could explain this away perfectly reasonably, of course, by postulating that it was just a cut-and-paste error with regard to the statement about Welbeck. But there are a few more details....


Inspirit – more Companies House issues, more on that change of Auditor, more Red Flags.

2016-01-06 07:39:46

AIM-listed Inspirit Energy Holdings plc (INSP) has confirmed that its change of auditor was due to the resignation of PKF Littlejohn. There is a statement in FY15 accounts that the auditor was appointed during the year following the resignation of PKF Littlejohn LLP. But that means that PKF resigned during the year to way back in June 2015. When an auditor resigns there is supposed to be a filing to Companies House to that effect, with an accompanying letter from the retiring auditor giving the circumstances relating to the resignation, or a statement that there is nothing to be brought to the attention of the members or creditors of the company. Those are supposed to be filed to Companies House within fourteen days. Here we are more than six months later: where are they? 


Inspirit - about that change of auditor: why no Companies House filing? And More

2016-01-05 05:51:22

I have already flagged up enough Red Flags with regard to the ex-Lenigas play, AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) - see HERE and HERE - to consider it a share to keep well clear of even Desperate Dan's bargepole. But a change of Auditor is also a Red Flag, and there appears to be no statutory filing showing on the Companies House website to explain why PKF Littlejohn LLP is no longer in post.


Inspirit Energy - a festival of Red Flags on New Year's Eve: Sell

2016-01-04 06:11:53

The ex-Lenigas stock that is AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) issued its full year results to 20 June 2015 on the day of its reporting deadline of New Year's Eve. Just the timing of the RNS during no-one-is-watching o'clock week is a Red Flag in itself. But quite how it has taken six months to collate its numbers when there are no sales is a mystery to me - that is another Red Flag, but there are plenty more. For a start, there is a change of auditor but a glaring error and a few other matters leave me reaching for the bargepole even before looking at the balance sheet.


Inspirit Energy - what happened to your Broker, Beaufort Securities?

2016-01-02 04:38:33

Oh dear. This looks horribly like a breach of AIM Rules - perhaps the company (or some avid reader) can help me because I can't find an announcement that Beaufort Securities has stepped down as Broker to AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP).


Inspirit Energy - Annual return filed, but another Companies House headache for David Lenigas

2015-12-19 02:28:36

Naturally, ShareProphets is delighted to have been able to assist the Boiler Room in the Lenigas stable of AIM-listed companies, Inspirit Energy (INSP), in keeping up to date with its Companies House filings. Shareholders will be relieved to learn that it has now filed its Annual Return. But it has also filed a couple of Share Allotment returns....and the numbers don't seem to add up, unless you are a keen disciple of Leni-maths.


Inspirit Energy - more woes for David Lenigas as compulsory strike-off looms

2015-12-17 01:21:31

Oh dear, as if David Lenigas hasn't got enough on his plate already it appears that AIM-listed Inspirit Energy (INSP) has a pressing issue to deal with. For it seems that it has received a notice for compulsory strike-off - see HERE.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Atlas Mara, Inspirit Energy, Jubilee Platinum, Minoan, Pinnacle Technology

2015-12-13 03:55:36

Featuring shares in Atlas Mara (ATMA), Inspirit Energy (INSP), Jubilee Platinum (JLP), Minoan (MIN) and Pinnacle Technology (PINN) with share price targets for all five stocks.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Inspirit Energy, Lekoil, Pantheon Resources, Patagonia Gold, Plutus Powergen, UK Oil & Gas

2015-10-29 00:36:09

Featuring shares in Inspirit Energy (INSP), Lekoil (LEK), Pantheon Resources (PNR), Patagonia Gold (PGD), Plutus Powergen (PPG), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), together with some share price targets.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Inspirit Energy, Minds + Machines Group, Shanta Gold

2015-09-23 01:41:35

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares of Inspirit Energy (INSP), Minds + Machines Group (MMX), Shanta Gold (SHG) and offer some share price targets.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show Extra: Inspirit Energy: News From The Boiler Room

2015-06-15 03:13:02

As you may expect, matters concerned with boilers of whatever variety are not within the intimate understanding of this Chartist. All I can say is that a technical appraisal of the shares of Inspirit Energy will be served up in the wake of today’s news from the company. 


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Inspirit Energy, FastJet, Stratmin Global

2015-05-26 00:43:56

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Inspirit Energy, FastJet, Stratmin Global.


Inspirit Energy – waffle from the boiler room but a good long chat with CEO John Gunn

2014-10-31 11:55:39

Where is the Inspirit (INSP) newsflow we were lead to expect? A good question and the main reason the share price has drifted back to 1.2p. Ennui. Boredom. A couple of days ago there was an attempt at news. The company said:


Bank some Inspirit Gains

2014-09-23 12:58:18

Today I just update the Inspirit (INSP) post I pushed out under 2 months ago - HERE. The share price was 1.13p and I suggested that Inspirit was a buy with a target of 1.75p.


Inspirit – Busy day & more to come: Buy

2014-09-19 01:19:31

Yesterday started not so well with an announcement that Inspirit (INSP) was to issue 3,398,056 new shares for professional fees. That normally means a company is low on cash – not good. But Inspirit is cashed up. The company tells us this is a contractually agreed deal with the scumbag Nomad which can elect to take half its fees in shares.


Inspirit – heavy hitter appointed – more to follow soon: Buy

2014-09-12 08:00:57

Inspirit Energy (INSP) has appointed Dr John Bannister is a full time consultant. Dr John who? He quit Flow Group – very big in boilers – a few months ago to join Inspirit having been head of New Technology Development at Flow for 6 years, managing the certification process for Energetix Group plc (prior to formation of Flow), which resulted in the first product certified for field trials in 2011.


ShareProphets Tip of the Week Update: Inspirit well up in 2 weeks still a buy

2014-09-07 09:01:13

A quick update on our share tip of the week from a fortnight ago Inspirit Energy (INSP) which we recommended at a 1.25p offer – the shares are now 1.55p-1.7p. They are still a buy and here’s why.


ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Inspirit Energy at 1.25p

2014-08-24 16:25:20

Inspirt Energy (INSP) is the one non-resources stock in the portfolio of AIM stocks where Mr David Lenigas is involved. And it might be fair to say that to date, his skills in stock promotion have yet to be evidenced in full here. We think this is a binary bet but at a 1.25p offer, it is one worth taking.


The Lenigas Series Part Two; Buy Inspirit Energy

2014-07-28 12:19:22

Brushing away a torrent of crazy abuse after calling sells on Afriag (AFRI) and Rare Earth Minerals (REM), I turn my attention to another Lenigas stock, Inspirit Energy (INSP). Inspirit is a technology stock that is looking to commercialise micro combined heat and power (mCHP) boiler. The boiler has been developed for a long time under the company's stewardship and the technology has come on leaps and bounds.


Inspirit, Director Dealing, A City Spiv and Reasons to Buy

2014-06-27 20:26:31

On Monday Inspirit (INSP) chairman David Lenigas bought, with the clearance of his Nomad, 1.5 million shares at 1.5p. On Tuesday a City spiv broker approached Inspirit and said he wanted it to place £250,000 shares with a client of his at 1.2p. We are lead to believe that this client has a short position opened up at 1.55p plus in Inspirit on the back of an RNS earlier this week which saw the shares hit 1.7p (some non-news on the manufacturing process).


Inspirit: Watch this video to see why we remain buyers

2014-04-27 16:33:31

We accept that to date our Inspirit* (INSP) tip has yet to fly. The shares are now 1.55p-1.6-p – compared to a 1.8p (offer) tip price. But the volumes on the sell-off are not great and it will not take much to turn this around BIG TIME.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - David Lenigas of Inspirit Energy

2014-04-19 04:30:59

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by David Lenigas on Inspirit Energy (INSP)


Inspirit - Better News IS to come soon - Buy

2014-02-27 08:48:15

Inspirit (INSP) has served up two pieces of news but neither is the news we want. But we had a good chat with the company and so with the shares at 1.90-2p we retain a buy stance ( we are marginally up on this tip).


Inspirit Energy – we are well ahead on the share tip but stacks more to come

2014-01-28 11:24:27

Shares in Inspirit Energy (INSP) have perked up to 2.1p ( compared to the 1.8p offer price when we first tipped them last month) on news that it has signed a deal to have Malvern Boilers ( a credible private firm) manufacture its boiler once commercial orders flow.  This is welcome but not the RNS we want. Patience, patience.


Inspirit Energy: Buy at 2.1p - Above 1.7p Points To 4p within three months

2014-01-27 11:15:56

Hot stock watchers will remember how Inspirit Energy (INSP) shares were certainly flavour of the month in early September, having more than tripled in the space of a month to clear the 3p level. 


Inspirit – Contract with Enertek – the contract we really await is imminent

2014-01-10 12:07:25

Inspirit (INSP) which is developing a novel heating boiler has announced a contract but it is not the big news contract which we had hoped for – we gather that is imminent.


HotStockRockets tip of the year Number 1: Buy Inspirit at 1.85p

2013-12-31 11:01:47

We do not really do tips of the year at HotStockRockets since our timeframe is three months. We thus offer three selections today with the caveat that we expect to tell our readers on HotStockRockets to bank gains well before the start of spring. The first tip for today is Inspirit (INSP) at 1.85p (offer).


Inspirit AGM statement: Buy

2013-12-18 11:31:57

The AGM statement from Inspirit (INSP), which we tipped on our Hot Stock Rockets website at a 1.8p offer price on November 25th did not exactly bring the buyers rushing out in droves. In a brief couple of lines the company stated:


Inspirit Energy* at 2.05p: Above 1.5p Leads Back To 3.5p Plus by Christmas

2013-11-07 10:25:59

A far as technical analysis/charting is concerned, as in many other walks of life, one would prefer to keep things as simple as possible. Alas, this is not always an achievable goal, but in the case of Inspirit Energy (INSP) we are in the fortunate position of having a stock before us which has a relatively straightforward chart pattern. 


Q&A with David Lenigas of Inspirit PLC

2013-09-27 10:49:03

I met up the other day with David Lenigas who joined the board of AIM listed engineering group Inspirit (INSP) a couple of weeks ago. The shares jumped from 1.3p to 3.5p but have since retraced to 1.95p. So what is the story?


Inspirit –I’m in with Evil

2013-09-05 03:29:50

A mutual pal asked both Evil Knievil and I to assist in a small way in a recent placing at 1.3p for Inspirit (INSP) on AIM. I, or rather RMPC, assisted in a small way on this one as did Mr K

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