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Impellam – full-year results argue “our strategy is working”. Is it?

2019-03-14 08:41:10

Recruitment and managed services group Impellam (IPEL) has announced full-year results, including emphasising “Our strategy is working with revenues increasing by 4.9% (5.7% at constant exchange rates)”… The shares have responded currently to 460p – 16% lower!...


Impellam – starts with Managed Services “ahead of expectations”… but it’s a profit warning!

2018-09-27 10:45:22

A trading statement from staffing and managed services company Impellam (IPEL) commences that “Impellam continues to make good strategic progress. Our Managed Services businesses in the UK and Australia are growing ahead of expectations as is the entire US business, on a like for like currency basis”. Sounds good then. The shares?... Er, currently down approaching 20% at around 500p!...


I Impel 'Em to Look at Impellam, If They Want to Invest in a Company that May Be Just the Job

2018-07-27 07:12:08

Hello, Share Bunnies. A long time ago, I dumped my shares in Impellam (IPEL) though I think my wife may still be a holder. I recall that I followed some advice on this beautiful website to part company with this across-the-board recruitment agency. They'd had a good run and so I made a handsome profit. But the company seemed to be running out of steam. Yet if I were commended to buy the share today, I might do so on the latest results.


K3, Impellam & Vislink – updated views on my 2015 share tips of the year (with links to picks for 2016)…

2016-01-04 07:10:46

In aggregate – as displayed HERE – my 2015 recommendations performed well. The following updates with my current views on those and links to my picks for 2016…


Impellam Group – tip of the year update on interims & an acquisition

2015-07-30 04:20:30

Impellam Group (IPEL), a 2015 tip of the year from me HERE, has announced results for the six months ended 3rd July 2015 and a £28.8 million (and up to £37.2 million) acquisition. To update…


Impellam Group – a tip of the year update

2015-07-16 06:01:54

Having updated on my other two share tips for 2015 earlier HERE and HERE, the following updates on my final one - Impellam Group (IPEL), which was recommended at a 510p offer price HERE


Impellam - Results very much on track

2015-03-09 03:54:47

Provider of managed services and specialist staffing primarily based in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has released its results statement for the 53 weeks ended 2nd January 2015. This has helped the shares surge to 662.5p, comparing favourably  to a 485p offer price at which this was a share tip on the Nifty Fifty in November 2014


Good Job You Have Me, Gang, the Job-Finding Firm I Tipped is On the Job.

2015-03-04 01:45:09

In spite of a bit of polite opposition on this stupendous website, I ventured 45 days ago that Impellam (IPEL) was worth a punt.


Impellam – I can’t agree with Malcolm Stacey (again)

2015-01-19 03:33:11

Like most of my family, Malcolm Stacey has a range of daft lefty opinions which see us disagree on a number of matters. He is a top bloke and we agree on a lot (busting financial fraud, immigration, etc), but I still have images of him sitting in Wales kneeling in prayer to the Money Tree and that brings us to Impellam (IPEL) which he wrote about on Saturday and where we half agree.


Good Job Prospects Impel You to Consider Impellam

2015-01-17 00:54:05

Hello Share Followers. Happily, the number of people in work is rising in the UK. Nearly every time the official figures are announced, it seems to take journos by surprise that there really are more work opportunities flying around.


Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 3 Impellam

2014-12-28 11:49:47

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015. My first tip of the year 2015 appeared HERE. My second selection was published HERE and my third choice is….


Try Impellam 1-2-3. The Jobs Train Is On the Move Again.

2014-08-22 07:07:16

Hello Share Shunters: Let me see if I can interest you in a firm called Impellam Group (IPEL). They are in the job recruitment game. This was not a booming business in the long, dark period after the Credit Crunch. With no jobs going how could you make a crust when nobody was taking on anybody? But things are better now, with many more spare jobs, even if many of them are not paying quite as well as they used to.


Impellam Group – another profits warning: still a sell?

2014-02-20 12:55:16

Provider of staffing and outsourced support services primarily in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has updated on two long-term contracts it reported negatively on in a December trading update – announcing the exit of one on the terms expected, though that “additional operating losses of up to £9.8 million are estimated over the remaining four year contract life” of the other one. Oh dear.


Impellam Group - full-year trading update bears out previous cautious stance

2013-12-16 15:25:32

In an update on its second half of 2013, provider of staffing and outsourced support services primarily in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has announced that “total group adjusted operating profit is expected to be about £5.0 million lower than the comparative period last year”. The following updates with the shares currently down more than 6% in response at 347.5p.


Impellam Group - interim results analysis: avoid

2013-07-25 08:30:42

AIM-listed staffing and managed services group Impellam (IPEL), which conducts business primarily in the UK and North America, with smaller operations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and mainland Europe, has announced, for the first half of 2013, a pre-tax profit of £11.1 million on revenue 1.4% higher than in the comparative prior year period, at £591.7 million, generating earnings per share down by 27.5% on an underlying basis at 20.05p. This has seen the interim dividend – to be paid on 2nd September to shareholders on the register on 2nd August – cut to 5p per share (from 7p).


Impellam Group - AGM trading update

2013-06-19 06:48:48

AIM-listed, primarily UK and North America (with smaller operations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and mainland Europe) staffing group Impellam (IPEL) has announced that “in the first half of the year, unadjusted earnings per share are expected to be broadly flat compared to the prior year” (20.9p).


Buy Impellam after Trading Update

2012-12-19 17:01:34

AIM-listed staffing and outsourced support services company, Impellam (IPEL) is a big success from my time at t1ps – the website I founded in 2000 and edited until September of this year when I departed to launch the Nifty Fifty offering. I recommended the shares on t1ps at a share price of 40p in September 2009. Today the stock trades at 315p valuing the company at £141 million after a trading update yesterday. This is still a great long term buy.

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