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Is Carolyn McCall fit to lead ITV after Piers Morgan vindication on ghastly Meghan outburst?

2021-09-01 12:34:36

This morning, OFCOM has ruled that the remarks made by Piers Morgan on GMB about the ghastly Princess Meghan were all perfectly fair. I should say so. What he said is what most of us felt about this narcissistic fantasist and her dope of a husband. OFCOM says Morgan is entitled to an opinion and that the programme showed full balance. On all the complaints made against him by some 57,000 souls, including Meghan herself, he was cleared. So where does this leave Carolyn McColl, ITV’s CEO?


The Biggest Footsie Faller Doesn't Deserve it, as the Covid Effect Should Help Not Hinder

2021-07-21 08:09:20

Hello, Share Takers. There was a painful drop for most shares at the week’s start. The biggest Footsie faller was ITV plc (ITV). The reason put forward for the lack of ITV support is that advertisers will lose confidence in bigger sales as they face the economic consequences of a barrage of new virus cases. And so they’ll hold back on national advertising.


How am I feeling about ITV?

2021-05-05 10:50:20

Before I review today’s first quarter update from ITV (ITV), a few words on the AGM update from SIG (SHI) which I last wrote up in late March HERE.


ITV: not easy but not impossible to hold

2020-11-15 10:33:59

It has been a while since I have written about ITV (ITV).  Regular readers will know that I switched my CEO crush preferences to Aviva's (AV.) Amanda Blanc a few months ago here . So what is going on at the broadcaster?


Britbox Success Makes ITV Shares Worth Watching

2020-10-09 08:15:34

Hello, Share Tasters. A company I’ve not covered lately because it fell on covid and has, so far, been slow to recover is ITV (ITV). I can see no obvious reason why this share has not rallied back to more normal levels. And I expect it to do so. Here are my reasons...


Don't Switch Off on ITV – its Horrendous Viral Meltdown is Probably Overdone

2020-07-30 08:15:29

Hello Share Diviners. As I'm on my travels without my usual sources to hand, allow me to air some general views about why ITV (ITV) makes a reasonable subject for your consideration today...


ITV – bins FY dividend, drops FY guidance, cost cuts and we’ve got plenty of cash, honest guv’

2020-03-23 11:01:00

To be fair to fully listed ITV (ITV) it has to be commended for this morning’s update at regards Covid-19 in much the same way as one should applaud the statement last week from Next (NXT) as Chris Bailey did. It should also be commended for chopping the FY dividend to conserve cash in this uncertain time – that is the responsible thing to do. But the shares have been marked down, suggesting there are problems – although as Chris Bailey points out, they are surely far less severe than at CEO Carolyn McCall’s old stamping ground over at Easyjet (EZJ)!


Sadly, The Virus Claims More Victims, But Surprisingly this Company May Escape More Than Most

2020-03-09 08:15:06

Hello, share diviners. A company I’ve sometimes commended on this splendid website has taken a hit from the coronavirus. Well, there are some events that nobody could expect to factor in. However, even if the virus stays a threat for much longer, which I venture to doubt, a TV company could benefit from everyone staying indoors...


The march of Better Television could put a Gloss on ITV Shares

2020-01-16 08:16:48

Hello, Share Players. It’s becoming clearer that we are becoming a nation of heavy goggle box watchers. We always have been, but it’s getting worse. This could be to do with the disproportionate number of older people, many of whom are no longer fit enough to leave the sofa for very long. There is also the benefit that television programmes are improving. Compare the average crime drama of a few years ago to the whizz bang, better written, better acted and more lavishly staged shows that we enjoy now...


The Sheer Power of Momentum Could Make ITV a Reasonable Play Now

2019-09-12 08:05:41

Hello, Share Minstrels. It’s not often we feature a momentum play on this scintillating website. That’s because my more learned colleagues quite rightly focus on balance sheets and other fundamental data to make their choices. They rarely consider only whether a share is actually going up or down. And maybe they’re right to leave an uptrend out of their considerations. After all, there are a lot of dozy traders in the world who can buy shares when they’re not worth it. However, the trend can be your friend...


Love Island Boost Adds to Prospects of a Higher Share Price for ITV

2019-07-25 08:11:24

Hello, Share Swipers. On reading my annual report of ITV (ITV) a few months ago, I noted that my former lodger, Sir Peter Bazalgette, the chairman, was puzzled by the low share price. I suppose he would say that, but I think he has a point...


My Ex-Lodger Thinks ITV's Share Price is Underrated - And He Should Know

2019-03-22 01:18:57

Hello, Share Smashers. A former lodger of mine has gone on to big things. Peter Bazalgette was a mere BBC trainee when I put him up. His dry humour was to be marvelled at. Today, now Sir Peter, he is the chairman of ITV (ITV). He says in the annual report that the Footsie giant’s share price does not reflect its many achievements...


ITV - a rather dull strategic update...but that's no bad thing

2018-07-25 09:15:22

So after over six months of musing, the day has finally arrived. A strategic update from ITV (ITV), put together by newish CEO Carolyn McCall is, in summary, not really that radical or exciting. However I am perfectly happy with this and - as discussed at the time of my last write-up on the stock HERE - I think all this does is further embed the rationale for Liberty Media to buy this UK media name.


You Can Probably Rely on the Couch Army to Keep ITV's Profits Bubbling

2018-05-18 00:29:42

Hello, Share Shakers. Occasionally, on this stunning website, I make suggestions on shares not based on hard news. But which I feel will keep on rising merely because of a current trend. It might be one of the oldest cliches in the City book, but ‘the trend is your friend’ has always been my most reliable financial adage.


ITV – another one for the dividend muncher’s list

2018-04-15 03:03:37

I’ve been wandering through my list of tasty-looking dividend plays identified HERE for further additions to my dividend muncher’s list. The first was BT (BT.A) which I bought at 225p and has since risen nicely to 241.5p. We’ll see how this plays out when its results are released early next month, but so far, so good. My second choice was Centrica (CAN), but I haven’t taken the plunge there yet. Working down my list of high yields, it has been too easy to rule out most of them but I alighted on ITV (ITV) and I wonder if now may prove a good time to climb on board.


ITV - still backing my CEO crush

2018-02-28 04:35:40

Obviously great excitement at Bailey Towers today as Carolyn McCall hosted her first results presentation as CEO of ITV (ITV). I professed my attraction to capabilities back in mid-November, when I observed that the bear case for the stock was overstated. Even though the shares have fallen back 5% today, we have lifted off that low point which is pleasing to see. So what's the tone of the update?


With the Big Couch Potato Share so Undervalued, a Big Hike Might Come Down Santa Claus Lane

2017-11-27 01:23:17

Hello, Share Pushers. Of all the shares which are undervalued at the mo, ITV (ITV) must be among the leaders. I’m not the only one who thinks so. JP Morgan also describes ITV stock as ‘undervalued’. The market often gets things wrong, of course, but it’s hard to see why ITV is not attracting as many investors as it might be.


ITV - bear case in the ascendancy, wrongly I think

2017-11-15 01:23:03

Reading ITV (ITV)'s trading update I must admit the investment vibes felt positive to me and the stock was up a couple of percent in the first half an hour of trading. An hour or so later the stock was down 6% odd and I was thinking...why?


Telly Can Be a Scary Business, But ITV Is At the Top of It's Game.

2017-08-04 00:21:10

Hello, Share Curdlers. At the incredibly good UK Investor Show in April, I heard a strong recommendation to buy into ITV (ITV). The reasoning was - and I agreed with this - is that, if you want your product to be aired before 6 million people in one go, then ITV is the only platform you have.


Like Love Island? Then love ITV...

2017-07-26 04:10:31

I wrote last week about ITV (ITV) pinching Easyjet (EZJ)'s CEO Carolyn McCall and no doubt she is rubbing her hands together thinking not just about her new pay and incentives package but after today's update...also a fourth series of Love IslandThe show only a minority of you will ever have viewed figured prominently in today's corporate presentation as ITV's management team attempted to get down with the kids - and rev up the financial analytical community - with lots of excitable statistics about viewer levels, website interactions and app/short video downloads.


There's No Business Like This Show Business for Pulling in Wealthy Advertisers

2017-04-27 00:19:03

Hello Share Scramblers. At the much-loved UK Investor Show I heard someone on the main stage confirm something I’ve said once or twice on this scintillating website. That is that ITV (ITV) is worth considering.


With Advertisers Viewing the Economies of Scale, ITV's Shares Should Continue to Light your Screen

2017-02-09 01:20:59

Hello Share Pluggers. I’ve held my ITV (ITV) shares since Noah went to youth club. And though I’ve seen a horrible dive or two, the shares had been climbing back strongly for at least five years now.


Robin Hood, the Eleven Plus and the Chance of a Better Picture for ITV

2017-01-16 01:05:07

Hello Share Swipers. Though it horrifies me to think of it, I first watched independent television when I was cramming for my eleven plus. It was at my uncle’s house, as we couldn’t afford a new telly to take the second channel and it must have been sixty years ago. Robin Hood was on.


Big Fat Telly Watchers Set to Send ITV Shares into the Stratosphere.

2015-12-05 02:23:54

Hello Share Soupers. The price of ITV (ITV) shares has flattened out recently. It’s a stock which tends to do this. Nice steady increases day by day, if on the tiny side. Then comes a brief period when traders lose interest in the shares.


Happy News on the Footsie, ITV, The National Grid and Vodafone.

2015-11-11 00:39:23

Shares were up slightly after a disastrous start to the week. That initial poor show was due, as I explained earlier, to a bout of profit- taking in the US, after a few exceptionally good weeks for American traders.


ITV Goes West To Extend it’s Telly Empire. Time to Buy, Bejabbers?

2015-10-19 23:40:23

Long-time readers of this awe-inspiring website will know that I’ve long waved the flag for ITV (ITV) as a reasonable punt.


Never Mind what’s on the Telly – Feel the Share Price.

2015-03-05 00:53:30

For what it's worth, one of my main strategies, if not THE most important to me, is to keep my peepers peeled and my ears finely tuned.


As Britons Slump Before the Telly, Canny Share Shifters Could Look at ITV.

2014-12-31 02:05:59

Hello Share Swampers. It can't have escaped your notice that the population seems to be getting dozier. There are people who watch television for eight hours a day.


Telly Giant Could Be Snapped Up – You Lucky People!

2014-08-12 07:00:36

Hello Share Teamsters: That big independent telly firm ITV (ITV) has had a remarkable recovery. Over the last two years it has become more than a four bagger. That is because the Credit Crunch decimated the advertising industry. Who wants to advertise when nobody has the cash to buy anything? But now that growth is back, so is advertising.


Watch This Space - ref ITV

2014-01-15 08:07:27

Hello Share People: When I was young, I applied for a job on Yorkshire Television. They didn't comply. As a revenge tactic, I began to buy up loads of their shares. The idea was to hold so many in the end that they would have to give me a place on the board. Then I could hire myself as a presenter

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