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Bluejay Mining – Show me the money!

2019-06-19 09:14:52

News yesterday from BlueJay Mining (JAY) continues to underscore my view that the company needs to carry out an extensive capital raising exercise in order to progress on its Dundas field in Greenland. The word on the street is that it is sounding out mugs about a placing at 5p a pop.


Explosive: BlueJay lies to investors - does anyone care?

2019-05-31 08:38:08

Yesterday the grotesquely overvalued spoof that is BlueJay Mining (JAY) was forced to  issue a statement relating to its 2018 results in which it stated that the December 31 2018 cash and cash equivalents position was £8.8 million. But below you will find an investor presentation which you can read in full here which was published on 12 March 2019...


Blue Jay Mining - Placing being sounded out - City source

2019-03-19 04:53:14

We have warned you time and time again that Blue jay Mining, the stock promoted shamelessly by disgraced share promoter Old Mother Michael Walters and SP Angel's John Meyer on the basis of bogus "imminent" offtake deals was one to avoid like the plague. The shares are off by 20% today at 9.1p and, a reliable City source, says that investors are being sounded out about a material placing. But at what price?


Blue Jay Mining: Rod Mcillree's do or die moment is almost upon him and his shareholders

2019-03-18 02:45:39

There has been extensive coverage of Bluejay Mining (JAY) on this site, scrutinising many of the statements by the company and its disgraced principal cheerleader Michael Walters and also SP Angel, all of which have proved to be either outright fallacies or completely misleading.


BlueJay Mining – between a rock and a hard stone

2019-03-05 03:25:33

There is extensive coverage on Blue Jay Mining HERE already and so I won’t go into the extensive issues of misleading offtake announcements, large stake holder sales, non delivery on many company time lines and shameless ramping by Old Mother Walters, John Meyer of disgraced SP Angel and others.


Bluejay Mining - after pump and dumper SP Angel, founder Jeremy Whybrow now heads for the exit

2019-01-30 01:33:57

Following on from my article on Sunday on Bluejay Mining (JAY) covering the very large share sales that showed up on Friday last week, news came out yesterday afternoon confirming that the seller of a chunky 6.48% of the company's float (netting a cool £6 million+) was co-founder and long time Rod Mcillree acolyte Jeremy Whybrow. That should set more alarm bells ringing for the bulls...


Bluejay Mining Sell smoke signals look to turn into a raging fire

2019-01-27 04:59:50

Last week was "interesting" for Blue Jay (BAY) bulls and should give then pause for thought. If, of course, they are capable of rational thought.


Another month passes & yet still no BlueJay Mining Offtake deal ... placing beckons

2019-01-08 03:30:40

It is becoming like groundhog day at BlueJay Mining (JAY) and the oft trailed "offtake agreement" that never materialises... Originally touted in early 2017, nearly 2 years later and despite much promotion by disgraced share promoter Michael Walters and John Meyer, the shameless head of research at scumbag Nomad SP Angel,  there seems little sign of one for BlueJay's investors.  


John Meyer of SP Angel is shameless with his BlueJay ramping c/o Justin the Clown. Shocking.

2018-12-14 03:57:13

John Meyer of disgraced Nomad of MySquar (FRAUD) infamy SP Angel really is a very naughty boy. The scallywag was in action once again on the Justin the Clown podcast at Vox Markets, as you can witness below.  To save your suffering fast forward to 20 minutes and 40 seconds when the analyst appears. His crimes are numerous. First up..


Bluejay, spoof share purchases, more disgusting behaviour & a blatant lie from disgraced SP Angel and the questions mount

2018-10-05 08:12:05

This morning BlueJay Mining (JAY) announced that three directors had bought shares.  That is a spoof. The amounts are not material and the aim is to try and arrest the share price slide. If anything such spoofing is itself another reason to sell. It gets worse…


BlueJay Mining & the looming date with destiny

2018-10-04 07:47:40

Yesterday saw yet another decline in the share price of Blue Jay Mining (JAY) and that has continued this morning. This is perhaps the biggest small cap mining promote seen in recent years but reality is starting to dawn on the mug punters as they consider the options the company now has going into 2019 absent an offtake agreement, EIA & SIA approval and the all important Exploitation licence.


A Letter to AIM Regulation: Is SP Angel fit and proper to act as a Nomad (and should the FCA investigate it as well)

2018-08-23 15:32:57

Enough is enough. Yesterday John Meyer, a senior manager and large shareholder in SP Angel went onto Justin the Clown’s podcast to ramp corporate stocks such as Blue Jay Mining (JAY) without declaring an interest – his employer earns vast fees from Blue Jay as its Nomad and broker. But this is the least of SP Angel’s crimes and I wonder if its conduct over Blue Jay and MySquar (MYSQ) is, if not blatant market abuse, simply bringing the AIM Casino into disrepute. I have written to Marcus Stuttard, the head of AIM Regulation, demanding an immediate investigation into whether SP Angel should retain its Nomad license.


Blue Jay Mining – what next?

2018-08-19 12:39:09

The modest deflation in place in the shares of Blue Jay Mining over the last several weeks still has some way further to run in my opinion. Here are the reasons why:


Bluejay Mining - The lessons

2018-08-17 07:21:33

I had not realised that shamed tipster Mike Walters of Minmet, Polly Peck, 3DM (and the rest) infamy was promoting Bluejay (JAY) but the kiss of death from Old Mother Walters is just another massive red flag. With disgraced Nomad SP Angel of MySquar infamy still refusing to say whether it dumped millions of shares while urging clients to buy, this stock is uninvestable. In that light I bring you a piece out yesterday from Richard Jennings which adds to the growing bear case. Over to the boss of Align Research... 


Ref Bluejay – a briefing note on the reality of mining in Greenland (it's grim up North)

2018-08-16 08:03:39

Natch, shamed and disgraced Nomad SP Angel of Mysquar (MYSQ) infamy is still refusing to say whether it dumped shares in Bluejay Mining (JAY) while advising its poor clients to buy. But I cannot blame it, if it did dump because the £132.8 million market cap – at 15.25p – is frankly barking. In large part that is because the climate for mining in Greenland is just very hostile, something SP angel neglects to mention in its ramptastic research.  


BlueJay Mining - the 1 simple question SP Angel refuses to answer - why?

2018-08-08 10:08:17

My patience with BlueJay Mining (JAY) and its Nomad and broker SP Angel is now wearing thin. Yesterday I explained how the two grotestquely misled investors with an RNS. I have emailed John Meyer at SP Angel today with a follow up question which he and his firm just seem unwilling to answer. It is a critical question and the silence is deafening.


Even if you Don't Know what Ilmenite Is, You might Look at this Interesting Miner

2017-09-01 00:05:02

Hello, Share Schemers. Do you know what ilmenite is? I thought you might not. But you will know what titanium is. And ilmenite is used to produce that. It seems to my ignorant eye that the mineral ilmenite is a mixture of titanium and iron.


Video: Roderick McIllree, CEO of Bluejay Mining, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-12 23:55:56

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Roderick McIllree, CEO of Bluejay Mining (JAY), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

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