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Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon again lashes lockdown madness and the liars of Fleet Street

2020-12-17 08:20:02

Here in Wales, thanks to First Minister, Mad Mark Drakeford, all 50 JD Wetherspoon (JDW) pubs are shuttered and will stay so for the foreseeable future. As I noted in a photo article just published, life just over the border in “free” England is not much better for the boozers. Tim Martin is, yet again, my hero of the day, using Wetherspoon’s AGM as a platform to expose the Government and a supine 4th estate which laps up lockdown lies without question. The great man opines:


Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tears apart the Government’s insane Covid policies

2020-10-16 11:18:14

JD Wetherspoon’s (JDW) results today were, predictably, impacted by the insane lockdown. No doubt middle class and affluent #FBPE morons on twitter who have been calling for a boycott of JD Wetherspoon in retaliation for Mr Martin’s pro Brexit stance will today be cheering. After all, if any of his staff do lose their jobs they will only be poor people whose lives don’t really matter.  Naturally, Mr Martin has lashed out at the Government’s insane policies and his dissection is clinical and ruthless. The great man opines:


Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon lashes Covid "expert" - the data is not there to justify punishment of pubs

2020-08-12 16:42:05

Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has again waded into battle against the media and political classes in their GroupThink bubbles, this time on Covid. He offers up some hard data on his bars and infection which appears to challenge the narrative we are told, which is justifying policies that throttle his industry. Well done Tim. The great man writes:


#BoycottWetherspoons fails again: strong trading update and heroic Tim Martin lets rip on woke failures & parasites once more

2020-01-22 10:17:57

The #BoycottWetherspoons campaign by remaoning  Brexit haters continues to fail. For the first 12 weeks of the second quarter to 19 January 2020, like-for-like sales increased by 4.7% and total sales by 4.2%.  Take that snowflakes, stick that and your copy of today’s Guardian where the sun don’t shine.  Heroic Wetherspoon (JDW) boss Tim Martin once again did not hold back on a range of matters in the accompanying statement lambasting among others the BBC, CBI and the corporate governance bores run by a Marxist, PIRC. The great man opines thus:


My Hero (again) Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon lashes Corporate Governance woke Brigade, notably the Commie sociologist running charlatans PIRC

2019-11-13 08:50:12

So much for the #BoycottWetherspoons campaign pushed by Remoaning drips. JD Wetherspoon (JDW) Q1 like for like sales grew by 5.3% and overall sales were up by 5.6%. When pro-Brexit parties win the election I know where I am going for a celebratory pint. In bringing us this good news, my hero Tim Martin also lashes out at the woke Brigade of corporate governance bores, notably the rank hypocrisy of the commie sociologist (I kid you not) who runs PIRC. This is brilliant stuff and I have highlighted the PIRC section as sheer genius as the deadwood press has long quoted PIRC time and time again to create non-stories. Martin brilliantly exposes PIRC as Charlatans. The greatest living Englishman writes:


Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is on Brexit

2019-03-15 01:06:33

Anyone who points out how the Financial Times is always on the wrong side of history when it comes to the EU must be a good guy and that brings us to Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) announcing interim numbers today who opines:


#BoycottWetherspoons flopping, and the People’s hero Tim Martin lets rip on Brexit again

2019-01-23 04:53:33

The #BoycottWetherspoons  (JDW) campaign by mad remoaners is flopping badly. Hooray. The company has released a  cracking trading statement and its chairman, the People’s Hero, Tim Martin has again let rip on Brexit.


Trading Updates: Pearson and J D Wetherspoon under the Spotlight

2019-01-22 03:04:53

In this week’s article, we review two trading updates; one that took place last week, and one expected next week. Firstly, we take a look back at publisher Pearson (PSON) and review broker and tipster sentiment in the lead up to, and following, its most recent trading update this Wednesday. We then look forward to an expected trading update from J D Wetherspoon (JDW) thisweek. Has tipster broker and sentiment changed in recent months, and what will tipsters be expecting to see in the pub chain’s latest announcement?


Brexit hero Tim Martin debunks a stack of myths as JD Wetherspoon reports strong results

2018-09-14 08:27:15

Note to prat Jamie Oliver. Insult 52% of us over Brexit and you lose custom and shutter your disgustingly overpriced outlets, tell the truth as Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has and you might report cracking numbers as Tim has done (again) today. The great man has also debunked a stack of Brexit myths, noting:


Photo Article: Another reason to go to a JD Wetherspoon today

2018-08-08 15:09:31

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) led by its founder, our great hero, Tim Martin, has introduced some new Brexit beer mats at its pubs. Yet another reason to pop along today for a pint as you can see below...


Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon puts wretched traitor Theresa May straight on Brexit and business

2018-07-11 07:28:18

Mrs Theresa May, the worst Prime Minister since the 1800s, understands nothing of business which might explain why she is happy to betray the 17.4 million and her party members by signing up to the worst Brexit deal imaginable. This will see her party obliterated at the next election – bring it on!  Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) does have real world experience and today opines:


JD Wetherspoon's Tim Martin - exposes the Brexit lies of big business and the media (again)

2017-11-08 02:17:42

Once again Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is the hero of the day exposing the lies, for that is what they are, spouted by big business and the dishonest media on the subject of Brexit. Martin lets rip in his company's latest trading statement. A true hero writes:


Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon lashes out at Quisling Brexit Remoaners , notably at the CBI - Tim you are our hero of the day.

2017-05-03 03:04:35

I may hold my nose and tonight go into one of Tim Martin's horrible pubs for a small glass of the less than impressive wines he has on offer to show my support after the UK's greatest businessman launched a blistering attack on the Brexit remoaners and notably the ghastly creature, Carolyn Fairbairn of the CBI. Overall it is a pretty upbeat trading statement from Wetherspoon (JDW) and the shares are up 3.5% on the day. Or as the BBC would report it "Despite Brexit, it is a pretty upbeat trading statement." Tim's prose is golden. Over to the great man...


Has the Wetherspoon Phenomena Reached its Peak? Well, Perhaps for Now

2017-03-07 01:03:37

Hello Share Thrashers. In the past I’ve commended you to look at JD Wetherspoon (JDW). My reasoning was that average families, like mine, cannot do without it.


Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon - a total fucking genius: another Brexit lecture from The King

2017-01-18 01:31:36

Mr Martin you are our hero. You say what we all think about the traitors art the Bank of England, City experts, the spineless twerp Cameron and the remoaners. You say it as it is. Today's comments in the trading statement are just utterly bang on the money.


Brilliant Stuff: Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon - EU leaders are punishing EU companies with Brexit dogma

2016-11-02 01:48:25

There is a minor profits warning from JD Wetherspoon (JDW) today and thus I urge you to all go and buy a pint of its finest cheap lager to show solidarity with the company's founder and boss Tim Martin who has used his trading statement to point out how EU leaders are hitting their own people, not us, with the mad anti-Brexit actions. Over to hero of the day Tim Martin:


Hero of the day Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon skewers those who lied about Brexit

2016-07-13 06:17:45

Tim Martin of pubs chain JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is a Eurosceptic and a man who calls a spade a spade. In today's trading statement he deals with those who lied blatantly in the run up to the referendum. Tim Martin: we at ShareProphets salute you. Personally I find his pubs fairly ghastly but next time I am passing buy I shall pop in and have a drink for Mr Martin toasting you publicly. Does Mr Martin serve ouzo? Tim writes in the RNS: 


Why Wetherspoon May Not Be the Winner I Thought It Might Be.

2016-01-22 01:22:53

Hello Share Swillers. Last year, I suggested that Wetherspoon (JDW) might be a reasonable choice for investors. Uncle Tom, who disagreed strongly with my view, might be gratified to learn that I’ve changed my mind.


Food, Not So Glorious Food. I'd Bite Into Something Else.

2015-10-04 23:32:06

Hello Share Smashers. It was Harvest Festival at our church. The stress this time was on feeding others. We were urged to do something for hungry refugees, rather than gorge ourselves on junk food. 


Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon on the Fool Osborne's Living wage plan - spot on

2015-07-15 01:12:54

Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon has today commented on the moronic plans of George Osborne to put SME's out of business, ooops I meant to say to pushing the minimum wage up to £9. For Paul "Trotsky" Scott, "Red" Darren Atwater and others here are some hard maths. Just who is subsidising who? Look at how much profit JD makes per pub and how much tax that pub generates. Over to my hero of the day Tim Martin: 


You Don't Like My Wetherspoon Tip? Well, You Might Be Wrong.

2015-02-02 00:54:41

Hello Share Swingers.There was a ripple of scepticism when I wrote in my modest column that I thought Wetherspoon (JDW), Britain's biggest high street pub chain, was worth a little look.


Want a Tasty Share? Dip Into J D Wetherspoon

2015-01-31 00:27:19

Hello Share Shovers. It's not often I bring to your attention a share which I don't own. I think its only fair that if I advocate a stock, then I ought to have previously put my dosh where my gob is.


JD Wetherspoon Trading Statement – Not My Cup of Tea

2013-01-17 06:36:38

UK pub owner and operator and FTSE-250 constituent JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has today provided an update on current trading ahead of its results for the six months ending 27th January 2013, which are expected to be announced on 15th March. The share price has risen from a little over 370p in May to 518.5p at the close today but I am struggling to see why anyone should get that excited about the state of play.

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