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Karelian Diamonds – ludicrous ramp falls flat: is there an attempted placing on the way, perchance?

2020-05-12 15:16:07

AIM-listed lifestyle company Karelian Diamonds (KDR) has issued what must be the most ludicrously ramptastic RNS this morning. It is, and has been for ages, technically insolvent and yet this morning it has issued a statement telling the market that it has been granted new diamond exploration reservations in Finland. Given that it has no money, or at least it has negative net current assets last measured at MINUS EUR 1 million as at last November, what’s the point? It can’t explore what it already has!


Karelian Diamonds – Damning Email to the company: I Smell a Rat

2020-02-29 09:29:11

I have already covered the Interims from AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) and the misleading statements within. But it seems I am not the only one who is concerned that investors are being led up the garden path with the acquiescence of Nomad Allenby, for an email has come into my possession which appears to question the validity of the statements offered up.


Karelian Diamonds – Interims from second Conroy vehicle…..guess what?! And what was the Nomad smoking when signing this B***S*** off?

2020-02-29 09:26:45

I covered technically insolvent Conroy Gold and Natural Resources’ (CGNR) interims and came to the obvious conclusion that it was technically insolvent. Yesterday its sister company (with largely the same management), AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) followed with its own half-year numbers and guess what. But the statements are just unutterable tripe which, I suggest, are intended to mislead.


Karelian Diamonds – is this the most bonkers deal ever?

2019-12-10 16:16:38

As has been pointed out on numerous occasions on the website, AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds has a balance sheet in a complete mess and I reckon it has been techinically insolvent in that it has negative net current assets for an age. Not only that, like Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR), it is run by the goodly Professor Conroy, has money owed back and forth between the two, used to be part of Conroy anyway, shares its head office, has been under attack from disgruntled shareholders (twice) and has little to show for its existence. So today someone has ponied up £240,000 to keep the lights on. Nothing surprising there – this is AIM, after all – but the price is surely bonkers!


Karelian Diamonds – it’s beer and popcorn time again as requisitioners return for round 2

2019-09-02 09:33:06

I’ve made no secret that I view AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) as a lifestyle company, as per its big brother (and under largely the same management), AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). Both have achieved very little, both have balance sheets in a total mess and shareholders in both have endured massive shareholder value destruction over the years. In July a group of shareholders forced a sack-the-board EGM but as per CGNR last year, the vote went against them. Now they are back for round two.


Karelian Diamonds – settlement issues: more shenanigans on the AIM Casino

2019-07-18 10:02:44

I noted yesterday that AIM-listed Karelian (KDR), of the Conroy stable, had issued £100,000 worth of equity following a subscription. Since then, two directors bought in the market but word has reached Deputy Sheriff Towers of settlement issues. With a sack-the-board EGM coming up next Friday this looks a mess: will the shares have to be suspended?


Shenanigans at Conroy Gold and Karelian Diamonds

2019-07-16 11:33:27

Two RNSs yesterday from AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) and its under-fire little brother, AIM-listed Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR), raised my eyebrows...


Karelian – the sack-the-board battle hots up

2019-06-13 15:05:18

I noted a couple of weeks back that it was beer and popcorn time at Prof Richard Conroy’s smaller lifestyle enterprise, AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR). The battle is hotting up nicely...


Beer and Popcorn time at Karelian Diamonds

2019-06-01 10:15:12

Oohhh goodie! It was announced on Friday morning that AIM-listed insolvent POS Karelian Diamonds (KDR) had received a EGM requisition to sack the board……but due to a technicality the requisition received was not valid. However, on the expectation that another is on the way minus any technicalities causing problems, it looks as though the Prof Richard Conroy soap opera is set to take another turn.


Karelian Diamonds – “Great Pleasure” in presenting Interims justified? Er, no…….SELL!!

2019-02-18 03:04:02

This morning AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) - the Prof Conroy sister to Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) - offered up its Interims to the end of November. Prof Conroy was pleased, but should shareholders be enthused?


Karelian Diamonds FY18 numbers: on death watch too, very bad read across for Conroy Gold

2018-11-16 09:15:26

Yesterday it was the turn of AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) to show that it is one tiny little centipede step from insolvency. Today sister company, AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) took advantage of a good day to bury bad news and followed suit – and my conclusion is the same. Indeed, for Conroy Gold there is another worry here which could bring its life to an early termination. My view is that both are stand-out sells and here is why...


Karelian Diamonds – 500k placing at 4.5p: it’s not enough – when’s the next placing? SELL.

2018-06-11 02:02:32

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds has, as I predicted HERE, HERE and HERE, announced a placing to raise £500,000 before costs. At 4.5p, that is a discount of just over 30% to last Friday’s closing mid-price. Ouch! When I first commented on the lack of cash last November, the shares were 0.375p (mid) before they were consolidated (so they were 9.375p in today’s money): I think that means it’s time for an ouzo or two over at Deputy Sheriff Towers!


Karelian – oh dear! With Beaufort gone, who will do the placing?

2018-03-02 08:03:05

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds suddenly seems to have a bit of a problem. Its broker, Beaufort Securities, is now in administration and deemed (by the FCA) to be insolvent. But Karelian has a big hole in it’s balance sheet, as explained HERE.


Karelian Diamonds – Interims: when’s the placing, and what about related party payments?

2018-02-28 04:45:19

Yesterday the good professor Conroy’s elder child, AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) released its interims to last November and it needs cash. Today it is the turn of little brother, Karelian Diamonds (KDR) and the picture is no better. And as you shall see, there is an air of one insolvent partner funding the other. At least, that’s how it looks. And I wonder about the maths….


Karelian Diamonds – a lesson in reading RNSs: You've been spoofed - when’s the placing?

2018-02-09 01:27:25

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR) rather bucked the trend yesterday when it put on 10.6% on a day the markets were again sinking. We all know Karelian needs a placing urgently, to keep the lights on. So what caused the rise? Oh, hang on, there are three RNSs which were released just after 3.40pm – and they are all good 'news', except for one small detail…


Karelian – house broker “very excited”. What for - placing commission?

2018-01-24 01:26:31

Prof. Richard Conroy's AIM-listed Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR) is apparently making house broker Beaufort Securities “very excited”. Obviously that is entirely because of the company’s ramptastic RNS (which saw the shares fall - why might that be?), and nothing to do with its train-wreck of a balance sheet and the bail-out refinancing it needs. No, it is not because Beaufort can see a nice commission cheque on the way.


Conroy and Karelian lifestyle companies produce results in a sea of Red Flags. 1: Karelian

2017-11-29 08:25:29

AIM-listed (and no longer on Ireland’s ESM market) Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) and Karelian Diamonds (KRL) released full year results this morning. It is a double set of Red Flags for these two lifestyle companies of Prof Richard Conroy – and despite the latter having been floated off by the former, more Red Flags come into play with related party transactions. But the biggest sin of all is treating your own shareholders as utter muppets, which is where I start.


Karelian Diamonds – like Conroy, is it placing ahoy?

2017-11-15 09:25:35

AIM-listed Karelian Diamonds (KDR), like fellow AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR), is run by the good Professor Richard Conroy. Tom Winnifrith has exposed a pretty gruesome histoire at Conroy, but what about its little brother?


Karelian hails gem indicators find

2015-03-25 01:40:27

Dublin-based Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR) is enthusing about a new kimberlite discovery in the Kuhmo area of eastern Finland. The AIM-quoted company, for long unloved by investors, has seen its shares bounce from a 12-month low of 0.85p to 1.48p before easing back to 1.27p, well below their year’s high of 3.45p and 2005’s 5p float price, following the discovery of indicator minerals, such as garnets, near its Riihivaara target in Kuhmo, part of the wider Karelian gem Craton, straddling the Russo-Finnish border.


Indicator minerals cheer Karelian

2014-10-17 11:11:03

Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR) is celebrating the discovery of ‘a high concentration of indicator minerals’ at Riihivaara in eastern Finland, which the Dublin-based company claims should indicate the presence of a new kimberlitic diamond source in the Scandinavian country’s Kuhmo region. Chaired by veteran entrepreneur, medical academic and former Irish senator Professor Richard Conroy, Karelian says Riihavaara, where it has recovered the minerals in the form of G9 and G10 garnets, lies to the south-east of Seitapera, where it claims already to have outlined ‘the largest diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe to have been discovered in Finland to date’.


A fresh gleam in Karelian’s eyes

2014-05-13 13:00:20

Professor Richard Conroy, the mellifluous former Irish senator who chairs Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR), must be one of a handful of company chiefs just now to welcome the presence of powerful Russian interests virtually on his doorstep. Yet the company, which he separated from his other public company with an AIM float nine years ago, is probing diamond prospects in the Finnish part of the extensive Karelian craton (a potentially diamond-bearing geological formation).

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