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Buy Kier

2021-06-04 13:04:57

Tainted by the stench of Neil Woodford, the collapse of Carillion and its own balance sheet woes, folks have, until recently, asked when this company was going bust. Now a refinancing means it will not and with Britain's left-wing Government spending other folks cash like there is no tomorrow, all looks set fair. That is not in the price but as the market wakes up it will be and the shares will spurt ahead. That makes it a buy.


Kier Group – Bailout Fundraise of £241m…..time for more Ouzo!

2021-05-13 14:59:56

This morning’s announcement of a £241 million fundraise by fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) comes as no surprise to me in the wake of last month’s FY20 numbers which showed a company technically insolvent as net current assets were MINUS £297.5 million. Time for some Ouzo…..


Kier Group: When the Headlines (Swings into profit) don’t add up

2021-04-23 08:10:48

I was a little confused as I scanned through the financial headlines: Alliance News apparently was telling readers yesterday (Wednesday) that Kier Group (KIE) Swings to interim profit as restructuring costs fall. But was that really true? No it is #fakenews as is so often the case from Alliance.


Woodford’s last gamble, Kier, releases interims

2020-03-05 14:06:34

I said many times that Kier Group (KIE) would be Neil Woodford’s last gamble and so it proved. Having been a heavy buyer all the way down from around £10 he threw every last penny he could muster as he always knew best. But he did not know best and this morning’s interims statement shows that even with new management on board there is a very long way to go before investors see anything like real profits and dividends again.


Neil Woodford Disaster of the day 3: Kier – trading in-line (i.e. grim) and the rats are leaving the sinking ship

2019-11-15 13:03:58

Today’s AGM at Kier (KIE) will not be a jolly affair. There is no update on planned disposals. The ghost in the room is the absence of Mr Neil Woodford the expert catcher of falling knives and the shares now trade at less than 90p, down from 800p a year ago and 1400p three years ago.


Kier debt on offer at 70%? What does that tell you about the shares?

2019-11-03 13:15:02

According to the Sunday Telegraph, debt in, drowning in debt and liabilities Neil Woodfird favourite, Kier (KIE) is now being touted around for sale at 70 pence in the pound. So what does that tell shareholders? In short: panic!


Kier Group – dismal FY19 results see Neil Woodford continue to look a right Charlie

2019-09-19 13:38:46

Fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) has released its full year results to June this morning, and alongside them came the announcement that the Chairman is off. The market doesn’t seem to know how to take the numbers, and having closed yesterday at 132p the shares have wandered between 113p and 140p so far today and last seen sat almost unchanged. But one thing is sure: Neil Woodford looks a right Charlie, having piled in for ever more stock since the long-term collapse from around £8 per share at the start of last December as a flopped rights issue, management change, a strategic review and the scrapping of the dividend all took their toll...


EXCLUSIVE: Kier & its postponed Trading Statement

2019-07-31 08:19:37

There should have been a trading statement from Kier on 30th July. There has not been. Why?


Kier – What on earth is Neil Woodford doing buying more?

2019-07-16 15:50:24

At 11.57 this morning fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) issued a TR-1 via RNS. Nothing unusual about that you might think... but it was notifying that Neil Woodford has once again been buying more shares. What??


Kier – Statement Needed ASAP, shares tumbling and uninvestable amid silence

2019-07-09 14:02:16

Yesterday shares in Kier (KIE) fell by 8%. Today they are off by 14% at just 83.5p. There are three possible explanations:


Woodford Dog Kier – oh dear, anyone for a stock overhang?

2019-06-22 18:11:27

I predicted that Neil Woodford’s replacement at St James’ Place would not hang around dumping the 5% of Kier Group (KIE) received when Woodford was sacked – and so it has proved.


Neil Woodford disaster Kier turns into omnishambles, shares slide (AGAIN) by 10%

2019-06-17 11:46:44

You heard it here first, folks: I said Kier would drop its dividend and today it has for the next two years. But worse still, it has now ‘fessed up that (even after the disaster that was the rights issue which fell to the underwriters) it is over-indebted. This morning’s statement is a horror show from start to finish.


Neil Woodford disaster zone Kier plunges another 36%

2019-06-15 10:04:57

Not so long ago Neil Woodford was telling his investors that fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) was just the perfect investment. Then came the rights issue which flopped and fell to the underwriters. And then came the admission that it had mis-stated its debt position. And then a new CEO who immediately launched a strategic review. And then a profit warning. And yesterday The Times reported that Kier was looking at off-loading its house building arm as its suppliers were being refused insurance on Kier’s bills. But of course Neil knew best: as the shares collapsed from well over £8 a pop ahead of the rights issue fiasco to close yesterday at a new low point of 130.8p, until his Equity Income Fund was gated, Neil was keenly buying up ever more of Kier’s shares,, taking his stake to 20% at the peak.


Neil Woodford blows another £50 million of other people’s money as profit warning from falling knife Kier triggers 40% collapse

2019-06-03 10:17:02

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I can’t help it: I told you so. Shares in fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) have dropped by 40% (last seen) this morning, after a big profit warning, to just 165p. Neil Woodford – who knows best – had been hoovering up stock all the way down since the calamitous rights issue last December at 409p – itself a huge discount to the price Woodford was paying when he first bought in. It is yet another in a long stream of terrible calls by the great man, but I wonder if it will prove to be the last. But heck, the £50 million up in smoke on this call alone today is only other people's money.


Hapless Neil Woodford – in for a penny… for another £7m! (of other folks cash)

2019-05-09 15:08:59

It emerged last night that Neil Woodford is still buying shares in Kier Group (KIE) like they are going out of fashion. Mind you, with the stock again plumbing the depths, I guess they are – and Neil Woodford appears to be the only buyer in town


Kier – in comes new CEO Andrew Davies who calls a strategic review. Will Woodford be vindicated?

2019-04-15 07:28:12

Andrew Davies narrowly missed out on what surely would have been the corporate hospital pass of the decade – last year he was announced as the new CEO of Carillion, but it went bust before he got his feet under the desk. Now he comes in as the new CEO of Kier (KIE) and despite the rights offer of last December, his first move is a strategic review.


Kier shares in freefall again as the man who knows best is STILL buying

2019-04-03 02:30:32

Neil Woodford is nothing if not brave – but I suppose given his crashing equity income fund, bravery is about the last option open. This morning it was announced that he has again been topping up his holding in Kier Group (KIE). Meanwhile the shares have now fallen below the low-water mark out in during the rights issue fiasco. So is it brave, or is it a Hail Mary shot?


Woodford knows best……as he buys more Kier whilst everyone else sells

2019-03-26 03:40:57

Last week fully-listed Keir Group (KIE) followed its disastrous rights issue of December and its awful trading update of earlier this month with pretty awful results – and a 79% cut in the dividend. The shares collapsed (again) and the short sellers piled in. But there was one lone voice buying – yes, you guessed it: Neil Woodford.


And this week’s biggest disaster for Neil Woodford is…..

2019-03-22 05:14:14

Neil Woodford has had another rotten week. Netscientific, which it seems he’s not going to fund any further, saw its holding in PDS listed on Nasdaq via a merger at $10 a share and the shares promptly headed south to close last night at just $7.65 – a drop of 23.5% which won’t help Netscientific keep the lights on much.


Kier-blimey! Today’s Woodford disaster is Kier (again)

2019-03-11 03:27:25

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Just when Neil Woodford might have thought it couldn’t get any worse (at least for a day or two), up pops fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) – whose rights issue refinancing saw the humiliation of being bailed out by the underwriters last December -  which seems to have found an extra £50  million of debt since its trading statement of just seven weeks ago……and capped  that with the announcement of a £25 million provision with regard to a redevelopment project at Broadmoor Hospital. As I write, the shares are at session lows of 412p  a drop of 85p, or 17%. Neil sure can pick’em.


Woodford – did the FCA or the bank prevent him from fully standing his corner with Kier?

2018-12-24 01:18:32

A spot of maths and it seems that we were all wrong! In the prospectus for the rights issue by Kier Group (KIE) we were told that Neil Woodford was sitting on 13,797,000 shares, or 14.13%. We were also told that if he took up his rights in full he would hold 22,903,020 shares, or 14.13%. We know that Woodford piled in for more shares after the rights offer was announced. So what did he end up with?


Neil Woodford’s disaster of the day No 3 – Kier Group

2018-12-20 05:12:54

Its bailout rights issue closed for acceptances yesterday, Kier Group (KIE) has announced “valid acceptances in respect of 24,276,286 new shares, representing approximately 37.66 per cent. of the total number of new shares to be issued pursuant to the fully underwritten rights issue”. Oh dear! And it gets worse…


My plan to save Neil Woodford £3.5 million….the Kier clusterfuck gets worse

2018-12-11 03:25:36

Well the next disaster set to strike Neil Woodford looks to be Kier Group (KIE) again, for he appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place. We know that the rights issue was announced on 30 November and that Neil was on the hook for around £37 million from that. Yet as the shares crashed on the news, Woody was buying yet more, increasing his stake from 14.12% to 15.4% (15 million shares) by 4 December. But the shares now trade below the rights offer price. Uh-oh!


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