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Andrew Monk of VSA on LGO - it is going to be another good week

2017-06-05 01:24:17

Over the weekend this site explained 4 reasons why LGO shares were set to move sharply higher and soon. They are up by 9% so far today but there is a lot more to come. One thing we missed is that the new boss Leo is doing more City meetings later this week. This is flagged up in an email sent today by Andrew Monk, boss of house broker VSA. He really believes that the shares could be 20p. we shall see. Monk's email follows:


4 Reasons why we have increased our target price for LGO Energy

2017-06-03 00:06:11

Shares in LGO Energy (LGO) have started to tick higher and closed last night at 2.5p mid - well up on our 1.8p offer price share tip of just over three weeks ago. Four things are happening and we are increasing our target price to sell from 2.7p to 3p and even that may have to be increased again. So whaat are the 4 reasons?


LGO - Mega Heavy Hitter takes charge - look at his options!

2017-05-11 00:24:27

LGO Energy (LGO) has announced that chairman and CEO Neil Ritson has stepped down with immediate effect to make way for Leo Koot. Leo who? He is very tall, he's Dutch, he sleeps for just two hours a night and he is massive big hitter in the world of oil. Why on earth did he go for LGO?


Today's Primary Bid Opportunity is the one and only LGO Energy! No Comment!

2017-03-31 23:45:54

This is becoming  routine. After hours on on Friday PrimaryBid announces a material placing opportunity for its members. This weekend it is LGO Energy (LGO) which has raised £2.2 million in a placing at 2.2p but is now offering a chance for ordinary investors to put up another £300,000 at the same price.


Bank your gains in LGO Energy

2017-03-14 05:20:12

Yesterday we advised our readers to bank gains in LGO Energy (LGO) at a 3.9p bid - that would be a 77% gain on an offer to bid basis made in 14 days. Not bad eh? All those idiots who questioned why we tipped LGO have their answer: to make money for our readers. And that we did. The shares are now 3.7p offer. Paying customers (just £5) come first so got out at higher levels. The rationale for the take profits advice is clear - our article from behind the paywall reads:


Why did we tip LGO Energy? Let me explain and here is that tip

2017-03-11 01:32:29

Certain folks wonder why we, on HotStockRockets, we tipped shares in LGO Energy (LGO) as a buy? Well the reason of course is that we thought they were going to go up and we want our readers to make money. On 28 February when we tipped the shares they were 0.115p offer ( that is 2.3p in today's post consolidation money). They are now 3.35p bid so our readers are very much in the money after just 11 days!  But why tip this stock. The best expanation is the original tip which is below. Remember the 20 for 1 consolidation when reading it.


LGO Buy at 2.45p target 22p says VSA - No I am not kidding

2017-03-09 04:03:25

Just to please our own in house pet Bulletin Board Moron Wildes who is a big holder, I am delighted to publish a note from broker VSA out today initiating its coverage of LGO Energy (LGO) at 2.45p with a 22p price target. I kid you not. VSA is house broker so chuck in a pinch/bucket load of salt but 22p? I used to know a bloke called Edward Vaughan who was a bit bonkers. I do not think that it is the same Edward Vaughan who penned this note but whatever... in its full 16 page glory


Andrew Monk of VSA reckons that LGO Energy is a buy

2017-02-13 02:45:05

It takes two to tango or, rather, two to make a market. I am not exactly a great fan of LGO Energy (LGO) having called this as a teddy to perfection. But Andrew Monk of VSA reckons it is time to bottom fish and since I believe in free speech I am happy to publish his reasoning from his morning email.


LGO Energy in Charts

2017-01-27 04:17:23

Bulls of LGO Energy (LGO), like our own pet in house BB loon Wildes, argue that the decline in its share price is entirely down to the falling oil price and nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it has hopeless assets in Trinidad which, however much cash is thrown at them, cannot produce enough oil to generate free cashflow. I offer you up four charts, sent in by a kind reader, which should show this in pictures, since folks like Wildes find long words a tad confusing.


Neil Ritson and LGO Directors wear hair shirt "we are all in it together" - its a smokescreen

2016-12-22 01:38:10

In the most recent statement from LGO Energy (LGO) much was made about how the board was showing restraint at the corporate trough. Shareholders may have seen the shares collapse from 6p+ to just 0.11p but "we are all in it together". Nope! This is a smokescreen.


LGO - After the pump the inevitable dump

2016-12-13 01:42:15

Having ramped its shares up to 0.15p by pretending that the refinacing of its bank debt was by anything other than a death spiral and with some huffy puffy claptrap about new drilling, LGO Energy (LGO) got back to what it does best today, a placing to dilute yet again.


LGO Energy signs up to death spiral and its shares surge... whatever

2016-12-07 08:14:12

Shares in LGO Energy (LGO) have raced ahead by 33% to just over 0.14p on news that the company has signed up to a new uber expensive death spiral. Truly some folks just do not get why death spirals are called death spirals. But every cloud has a silver lining: the cash means that LGO can repay French banksters BNP Paribas.


LGO Energy - cash bonus in Spain not enough, another placing inevitable & another sleight of hand by Ritson

2016-11-30 01:27:48

Loons, like our very own LGO Energy (LGO) owning fanatic Wildes, will have yesterday celebrated news that 11,200 barrels of Spanish oil which had accumulated over the summer had finally been sold. But shares in LGO still fell to just 0.11p. Here's why.


LGO Energy Q3 update: piss poor natch

2016-11-04 02:04:19

I almost feel sorry for LGO Energy (LGO) CEO Neil Ritson. He just seems to have rotten luck. This time last year a contractor dropped some kit down a bore hole. Wind on 12 months and Hurricane Matthew has caused a few "problemos". Neil, put a few extra quid in the collection box this Sunday, you need the Almighty back on side for today's third quarter update is piss poor and begs the statement "placing ahoy."


25 Questions for Neil Ritson of LGO ahead of his next attempted ramp interview on Friday

2016-10-05 02:49:50

Hapless Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (LGO) is doing yet another ramptastic interview with BRR Media, the company that charges PLCs who want to ramp worthless shares to record interviews with easy questions. The webinar is at 11 AM on Friday and has asked that questions be sent over to I am a nice guy and always keen to help so here are 25 for starters:


LGO Energy needs a keep the lights on placing but it has cash for important things - share ramping

2016-09-28 05:48:02

Last week LGO Energy (LGO) had a keep the lights on placing at 0.1p, just four months after the prior keep the lights on placing at 0.2p. As I noted today, the next keep the lights on placing will be at 0.05p and within two months. But it is good to see that a company that is spunking £150,000 a month to money heaven still has spare cash for important things...


Absolutely shite LGO Interims - its another placing ahoy already!

2016-09-28 04:23:10

Half year numbers from LGO Energy (LGO) are absolutely appalling. There was a placing at just 0.1p last week, another one is imminent. The numbers just do not lie. It is hard to know where to start but lets go with output and you remember when LGO used to be producing 2,500 bopd and promising 4,000 bopd: how things change.


I'm ffing psychic - LGO places at 0.1p: confetti blizzard time again

2016-09-23 04:21:56

It was about a year ago that I had a spat with my good pal Big Dave Lenigas when he denied my assertion that LGO Energy (LGO) was about to place. Naturally it did. As I have indicated in recent weeks that another bailout blizzard of confetti was on the way there was not even an attempt to deny from camp LGO this time around. I have oft suggested that the next bailout would be at 0.1p. Just call me mystic fucking Meg please...


Guess how Neil Ritson of LGO Energy spunked £250,000 of shareholder cash?

2016-09-15 06:24:45

So what if LGO has been drowning in debt, breaching banking covenants, have to get away placing after placing just to keep the lights on, let's ensure that vital corporate expenditure is not reduced. Sod drilling oil wells to increase output...this is how Neil Ritson spunked a quarter of a million of shareholder's cash in April 2015


LGO - as the cash runs out the news from Spain & Trinidad underwhelms

2016-08-22 02:03:47

I take my hat off to Neil Ritson, the hapless CEO of LGO Energy (LGO), as he does not seem keen to disclose more information about how his company is doing. Unfortunately the information is underwhelming and as the company's cash runs out and the next bailout placing looms the shares are set to head only one way. And it is not up.


LGO Energy now just 0.14p to sell - placing ahoy? Bring back Big Dave Lenigas?

2016-08-03 04:41:33

Oh dear Oh dear, things are looking ever bleaker for Neil Ritson and AIM dog with fleas LGO Energy (LGO). Interims out next month will be diabolical, the cash position by now is looking grimmer than a wet Thursday in Scunthorpe and ramptastic announcements are just not having any impact on the share price, surely it is time to bring back Big Dave Lenigas. Cometh the day and all that.


I'm being framed by LGO bulletin board morons, so here's the straight dope

2016-07-13 00:03:00

During the past few weeks, I have received a few tweets from someone with the Twitter handle @CraftyOLegit accusing me of writing anti-LGO Energy (LGO) stories on ShareProphets or on various bulletin boards. I tweeted back the first time saying he had me confused with someone else and ignored the rest...


When’s the next LGO placing? Neil Ritson caught on tape at AGM

2016-07-07 00:05:34

Some naughty, naughty chappies appear to have taped the entire AGM of LGO Energy (LGO) on Monday. You naughty, naughty boys. Transparency for an AIM listed PLC. Whatever next? This is political correctness gone mad. If Neil finds out who is responsible he will get his favourite PR genius Steffi to spank bottoms at once. I digress lets go 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording...


When LGO Energy shares slide to new lows - with a placing looming you know what happens next

2016-06-15 07:27:12

The shares hit 0.17p yesterday which for the morons who backed the last bailout placing at 0.2p a few weeks ago will be painful. Or rather it would have been had they not already flipped which they have. But now, having had to accelerate payments to the Froggie bankers, and with output numbers ever more dire a new placing is needed so how to stop the has worked before..


LGO Energy - More frantic turd polishing in today's trading statement

2016-06-14 01:56:50

Jeepers, if turd polishing was an olympic sport Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (LGO) would be battling for a place, after so much practice he has acqusired a certain skill. But a turd is - however polished - still a turd and that brings us to the statement today from POS LGO.


LGO Results - a landmark in confetti issuing horseshit

2016-06-10 23:46:55

Announcing your annual results at 1.38 PM ensures that some folks will miss the horrors you reveal. London's most useless Nomad, Mr Roland "fatty" Cornish will just be starting course two of four and so will not be back at his desk until the next trading day. So there is some point in sneaking out the bad news in the middle of the day. And that brings me to the trainwreck with Neil Ritson at the wheel, but David Lenigas driving from the back seat, LGO Energy (LGO). 


LGO Energy: results preview: it will be a sea of red ink.

2016-06-03 07:06:09

LGO Energy (LGO) should be publishing the year end accounts for 2015 within the next week. If the accounts are audited we will probably see LGO declaring an operating loss of between £10-15 million. I have not seen any analysts expectations so its hard to assess how the market will react to this.


LGO Energy in Spain - so who are you selling oil to? Anyone at all?

2016-05-23 03:26:09

Hat tip to reader Steve but it seems as if Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (LGO) is talking with forked tongue. I refer to what is - or is not - happing at its dog of a Spanish operation.


LGO Energy and Commerzbank TR-1s – surely shome mishtake?

2016-05-15 01:15:55

I’m a bit confused: how can you sell down your holding and at the same time increase your % interest all at the same time? Well, I guess that’s pretty complicated stuff and best left to the professionals.


LGO Energy: The Risible Write to Reply - By Don Quixote

2016-05-07 08:49:47

It has been suggested by Duck & Dive and repeated by other poltroons on LGO Energy (LGO) Bulletin Boards,  that in my last article it was unfair to 'confuse' reactivations with re-completions as it is a case of drawing conclusions about the depletion rates of apples with the depletion rates of oranges.  In answer to this criticism, I would stress firstly, that it was Neil Ritson who framed the terms in which he sought to demonstrate that wells in the Goudron Sandstone deplete slowly.  I will quote him again.


LGO Energy - so how dire is production?

2016-05-01 09:27:41

LGO Energy (LGO) shareholders have a habit of taking every production figure that LGO releases and reasoning their way a priori to envelope that figure within a schema of general conventional oil production far into the distant future without factoring in the overwhelming rates of depletion at the field. Essentially this is a wilful ignoring of the empirical evidence of decline. This falls squarely within Einstein's definition of insanity as making the same set of assumptions over and over again and expecting different results.


URGENT CHARITY APPEAL: Save the Nodding Donkeys of the Carribean

2016-04-28 07:03:22

At a place called Goudron, deep in the rain forests of Trinidad, a wonderful charity has been created that many in the UK will never have heard of. The Goudron Nodding Donkey Sanctuary.  Goudron NDS currently provides a home for 96 previously neglected nodding donkeys and is looking to adopt more.  They are currently raising money for a program to adopt 6 additional donkeys and are also working on an ambitious project to raise $9 million which will enable them to adopt a further 20 donkeys later this year.


Spineless Neil Ritson hides key LGO metrics in today's soggy ramptastic release

2016-04-20 00:11:41

As we know, having failed to get away a £6 million placing a few weeks ago (raising just £1.3 million) LGO Energy (LGO) will not be able to make its scheduled bank repayment in May and so faces another insolvency risk. Hence it is ramping for all its worth to issue yet more confetti, now that it had permissions to issue 1.6 billion more shares. And thus today's pitiful release below. It is what hapless CEO Neil Ritson does NOT say that matters.


The biggest Lenigas blizzard of confetti ever - have you read the LGO EGM notes?

2016-04-15 03:30:03

It rather seems to have passed folks by but having failed to raise £6 million in a placing he masterminded a month ago (as leaked emails show HERE), Jabba The Hutt is still determined to see dilution on an unprecedented scale - even by his standards - at LGO Energy (LGO). There is an EGM on Monday 18 April.


David Lenigas on twitter: Lying, insider dealing or what?

2016-04-01 05:18:39

Due to the huge interest in my UK INvestor Show session "Why David Lenigas should be drummed off AIM forever" we are now miving this session to the main auditorium on April 30 2016. I would not want anyone to miss out. And if you needed further evidence of why the case is such a slam dunk here is a tweet from 48 hours ago:


LGO Royalty rates in Trinidad down but it is still screwed - even Lenigas could not polish this turd

2016-03-24 02:43:06

LGO has been flagging that this would happen for months but now that the royalty rates on Goudron have been cut, Neil Ritson is announcing the news as if it was the second coming of Jesus. It is not. For starters Jesus would struggle to find three wise men and a virgin to welcome him at any company associated with David Lenigas.  This company is still screwed and more confetti issues are ineviable ahead of its next formal debt repayment default in May.


Just how close to tits up is the position of LGO Energy? Now its seven weeks

2016-03-17 02:08:03

Yesterday as LGO Energy (LGO) raised £1.36 million gross, I published the emails showing how David Lenigas stated that the company needed £5-6 million to turn around. Even that was a lie predicated on silly output projections, but on the sums raised LGO is just fucked, it has merely postponed crunch time from April ( 2-3 weeks) to May, lets call it 7 weeks.


Lenigas tries to raise £5 million for LGO Energy - raises just £1.36 million, a Jabba Flop, emails leaked

2016-03-16 02:24:55

LGO Energy (LGO) has announced that it has raised £1.36 million in a placing at 0.25p and also that contractors have agreed to take payment of £590,000 of debts at the same price. This is a disastrous snub from the London Markets to David Lenigas as it was he who led this attempted bailout and mug punters were being promised a £5 million raise as you can see in leaked email correspondence below. Neil Ritson the hapless CEO of LGO admits that this is not enough, stating in the release:


Goudron Bollocks from LGO as it tries to ramp as £5 million rescue placing struggles

2016-03-14 07:10:04

Five days ago we revealed that David Lenigas himself was trying to arrange a £5 million bailout placing for insolvent LGO Energy (LGO) which would see Jabba go back on the board and hapless CEO Neil Ritson pushed into the long grass a couple of months later. We have emails from broker Dowgate to potential investors explaining Jabba's plans and saying that the placing would close well before the end of last week. There has been no RNS. Clearly - and not surprisingly - the placement is struggling big time and so LGO has today released ramptastic bollocks from Goudron to try to spoof punters into backing the bailout.


Breaking News: David Lenigas planning £5 million LGO placing as yanks pull out - Jabba to take control again

2016-03-09 02:41:25

This morning LGO Energy (LGO) admitted that US investors were - after all - not going to spunk $20 million on bailing out the debt ridden, AIM listed disaster story. I can reveal that a plan B is now underway. Jabba The Hutt is back in town...


LGO Energy - the worst broker note in history shows how this company is worthless

2016-03-05 10:55:35

After yesterday's dire news from LGO Energy (LGO) which saw its shares slump to 0.31p the case of Tom Winnifrith vs David Leni-Maths continies and I now bring you another piece of evidence, possibly the worst broker note in history. Analyst Barney Gray at Old Park Lane was either on crack cocaine when he penned this classic back on 21 February 2012 or he was simply writing exactly what the share ramper David Lenigas told him to write. My guess is that it was the latter as Old Park was joint corporate broker at the time. Anyhow, Barney told us that the shares were a buy at 1.2p with a 5p target. But it is what he says in this nonsense that is of real import.


LGO renegotiates with Frog bankers again - admits it is in dire straights

2016-03-04 03:01:18

The unacceptable face of capitalism, Mr David Lenigas, can ramp LGO Energy (LGO), the company that paid him almost £1.8 million over 7 years to help buy his 100 foot yacht, as much as the fat liar wants but a statement today makes it clear just how fucked LGO is and that its position is getting worse rapidly.


David Lenigas Blatant Twitter lies of the day Number 1 - LGO Energy

2016-03-01 01:23:08

You see a share price falling despite your ramping what do you do if you are Jabba The Hutt, David Lenigas, the unnacceptable face of capitalism? You open up your laptop on your 100 foot yacht in the Monaco tax haven and tweet out some lies. David Lenigas you are a liar. I invite you to sue me for libel for calling you a liar. You will not because here is (more) slam dunk proof that you are a liar. Here are some lies you told about LGO Energy (LGO) - target price 0p - with the past 24 hours.


David Lenigas ramping and spoofing the morons on LGO Energy, a familiar script

2016-02-25 04:40:33

The unnacceptable face of capitalism, Mr David Lenigas, is today ramping shares in LGO Energy (LGO), spoofing the army of lobotomy patients that appear to follow him, into buying the shares, with his own peanuts purchase. The shares are now 0.33p as these poor fools are parted from their hard earned savings, as they are played, spoofed, by the fat Aussie share promoter.


LGO Energy - 5 Questions for the Weekend Mr Ritson, as Insolvency looms

2016-02-19 06:44:54

The silence from doomed LGO Energy (LGO) is ominous. There is not even an attempt to ramp the shares ahead of a bucket shop placing because the bucket shops cannot write the sort of cheque this POS needs to survive. I doubt anyone can or will which is why my target price for the shares remains 0p. As I get the beer & popcorn ready for the final act (the death scene) here are 5 questions for hapless CEO Neil Ritson.


LGO Energy - The Utterly Shameful Scorecard of Destruction & Greed

2016-02-13 03:07:19

Some are trying to argue that folks have made money out of LGO Energy (LGO) as a gambling chip by trading it. Maybe some have. Most of have lost because as the truly shocking hard data below shows this has been a masterclass in ramping, value destruction and executive greed. The only real winner here has been Jabba The Hutt, Mr David Lenigas.


Is this the worst ever investment made by David Lenigas (using other folks cash)?

2016-02-12 08:05:44

I noted today that the ability of the (value) Wrecking Crew that is David Lenigas and associated gophers at Polemos was dire and I doubted if anyone could do worse (see HERE). But a kind reader has managed to find an even more disastrous investment made by Jabba The Hutt using - natch - other folks cash. Let's wind back to 2008 and LGO Energy (LGO), then called Lenigas & Oil.


Next Job for Bush, Ritson, Carroll, Piggy Austin - oil worth less than shit chicken graphic

2016-01-28 02:08:39

As the summer wears on folks like little Keith Bush at Northern Petroleum (NOP), Andy Carroll of POS Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), halpess Neil Ritson of LGO Energy (TOAST) and Andrew "Piggy" Austin will be looking for new jobs as their company's go tits up. The graphic below suggests that next time they might want to try serving up something customers want to pay for?


LGO -now showing that it has form of misleading on output in presentations

2016-01-21 05:32:09

I showed quite clearly yesterday that the latest investor presentation given by Neil Ritson, the hapless CEO of LGO Energy (TOAST) was misleading. Now I move on to show that this is not a one-off, this company - whose shares are worth 0p - has serious "form."


LGO Energy Tries to Hide Calamitous decline with deceptive presentation: Gotcha!

2016-01-20 00:40:59

An RNS from LGO Energy (LGO) late yesterday announces that hapless CEO Neil Ritson is presenting at yet another conference in Trinidad. Boy that guy must have some air miles. The presentation which you can download HERE is truthful but misleading in respect to the calamitous decline in output. I refer you to page 2 which is below. This is a shocker.


LGO Energy - The REAL Reason its worthless: Depletion rates

2016-01-14 05:56:07

LGO Energy (LGO) has all sorts of problems. It is almost out of cash, it is burning cash, it is drowning in debt and it has a management credibility issue. But its real problem? Its assets in Trinidad are shite. The company has never come clean on how rapidly new wells go into decline but here is the raw data and it is pretty terrifying. It is based on RNS releases for each of its Goudron wells. 


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Aminex, Forbidden Tech, Falkland O&G, LGO Energy & Rockhopper

2016-01-14 01:05:19

Featuring shares in Aminex (AEX), Forbidden Technologies (FBT), Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL), LGO Energy (LGO) and Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) with share price targets set for all five stocks.


David Lenigas: Share ramper, market abuser or insider dealer? LGO Morons prepare to get rogered

2016-01-13 07:15:40

Jabba The Hutt cannot help himself. Having pompously blathered on about how we all need to be responsible when using social media the fat Aussie has today shown himself (again) to be utterly irresponsible or worse. This time the rampfest is LGO Energy (LGO). Jabba tweets:


Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 5 - sell LGO Energy at 0.265p

2016-01-02 04:28:28

This company is on the precipice. It needs to raise £5-6 million in emergency equity to keep going and everything is going against it. The best case for LGO Energy (LGO) is mega dilution from whatever is a confetti issuing machine, but an equally plausible outcome is insolvency.


LGO Energy - the stench of David Lenigas wont go away

2015-12-26 00:34:54

The biggest problem that LGO Energy (LGO) faces, other than still not fessing up fully to misleading investors (Leni-lying-gate) and hurtling towards administration unless it can secure a bailout placing and an oil price which is so low that it can't generate cash and having fields which suffer such sharp declines in output that they make no sense, is the association with toxic Aussie share ramper David Lenigas. It tried to distance itsself from Jabba The Hutt by changing its name from Leni Gas & Oil..but er...


LGO forced by ShareProphets to clarify annual report lie but someone is still lying

2015-12-24 05:59:21

Two days ago I accused LGO Energy (LGO) of misleading investors big time - HERE. Today, when it thinks no-one is watching, it has put out a grovelling correction but someone is still lying. Neil Ritson you useless little shit another correction is still needed.


LGO Misleading Investors Big Time? - does anyone care about AIM Rules any more?

2015-12-22 03:13:20

I will now demonstrate how LGO Energy (LGO) appears to have mislead investors in a cavalier and wilful fashion on a very material transaction and fund raise in 2014. It appears to have breached AIM Rule 11 flagrantly but does anyone care any more? Is the Sheriff of AIM the only person left who actually reads the AIM Rule book and takes it seriously?


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Churchill Mining, Egdon Resources, Falkland Oil & Gas, Frenkel Topping Group, LGO Energy

2015-12-21 01:16:26

Featuring shares in Churchill Mining (CHL), Egdon Resources (EDR), Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL), Frenkel Topping Group (FEN) and LGO Energy (LGO) with share price targets for all five stocks.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Featuring Concha, Falkland Oil & Gas, Iofina, LGO Energy, Sable Mining

2015-12-15 01:36:07

Featuring shares in Concha (CHA), Falkland Oil & Gas (FOGL), Iofina (IOF), LGO Energy (LGO) and Sable Mining (SBLM) with share price targets for all five stocks.


LGO Energy: David Lenigas has NOT sold shares (or has he)..Evening Standard warns of administration risk

2015-12-14 07:12:10

Well there is a shock. The LGO Energy (LGO) 2014 annual report was simply wrong in stating that David Lenigas had sold enough shares to go below 3% - naughty, naughty Neil Ritson, but I guess that is the least of your sins. For today Jabba The Hutt announced that he owned 154 million shares.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: 88 Energy, Cloudbuy, Independent Oil & Gas, LGO Energy, San Leon Energy, Westminster Group

2015-12-11 01:37:52

Featuring  shares in 88 Energy (88E), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Independent Oil & Gas (IOG), LGO Energy (LGO), San Leon Energy (SLE) and Westminster Group (WSG) with share price targets for all five stocks.


LGO Odd One Out Contest - You all got it wrong (well sort of)

2015-12-10 01:18:03

Yesterday I asked you to identify the odd one out in the four pictures below: The England Rugby team, David Lenigas, Market-makers Winterfloods and the City Nomads, brokers and PRs celebrating at their annual Christmas party and YOU ALL GOT IT WRONG but there were some good answers anyway HERE.


As LGO shares tank to just 0.15p to sell - an odd One Out contest in its honour

2015-12-08 06:15:29

Despite Jabba The Hutt tweeting like mad about how cheap shares in LGO Energy (LGO) are, they have crashed again today and are now just 0.15p to sell. Ouch. Only 0.15p to go. In honour of this we have a new odd one out contest. Simply say which of the four pictures below is the odd one out and why.


LGO Energy "initiates strategic review" = "we admit we are fucked"

2015-12-07 04:38:20

You were not spoofed by Neil Ritson and his puppetmaster Jabba The Hutt, aka fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas, into thinking that today's news means that LGO Energy (LGO) is going to attract a bid were you? Oh dear. It is not going to happen. Let me explain.


LGO Energy £0.94 million share placing - far more to come

2015-12-04 04:01:16

I make this two confetti issues by floundering LGO Energy (LGO) in the three months since Jabba The Hutt, aka David Lenigas, dissed me on twitter for saying a placing was inevitable. The bad news is that there is a far larger share issue still needed. The good news, for the fat Aussie share ramper at least, is that he sold most of his LGO shares (if not all) last year without disclosing it as he should have done. So it is not his problem.


LGO Energy: NED walks, bank not pulling plug, not bust yet

2015-11-26 09:52:12

Call it a dead cat bounce. Shares in LGO Energy (LGO) have bounced to 0.5p on news that the bank is not pulling the plug so it is not bust. Yet. Jabba the Hutt, aka David Lenigas, still refuses to saw when he sold most of his shares but it was a good call by Big Dave to get out when he did because the outlook is still grim.


LGO Energy – is Neil Ritson trying to shit on David Lenigas over his share dumping?

2015-11-23 07:41:48

Hat tip to twitter follower @Terryfwit1 for flagging up a fascinating new section on the LGO Energy (LGO) website – Q&A.  It displays clear signs that CEO Neil Ritson is trying to distance himself from David Lenigas over his share dealing i.e. selling)..


David Lenigas and his LGO shares – no that Nominee stuff does not wash. Dave must fess up in full

2015-11-12 06:08:19

It is suggested by some who still believe in David Lenigas that he has not in fact sold any shares in LGO Energy (LGO) while telling us all how cheap they were but has merely shifted stock into Nominee accounts. Sorry folks that does not wash. Dave & LGO Energy MUST answer in public the questions posed HERE. The facts are simple.


David Lenigas – how many millions of pounds have you made flogging LGO shares? Where’s the TR1?

2015-11-10 04:23:33

I hope that his PR man does not beat me up for saying this but David Lenigas appears to have made millions of pounds from selling shares in LGO Energy (LGO) – despite constantly tweeting how cheap the shares were – and appears not to have notified AIM of those share sales.


Big David Lenigas rushes from Cuba crash to Trinidad train wreck - shock photo emerges

2015-11-03 06:33:50

Thanks to reader BobbyChariot who has captured proof that David Lenigas is rushing from Cuba following the disastrous Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) IPO to Trinidad to check out the LGO Energy (LGO) train wreck. Its not a good day for either company but Big Dave is on the case , working hard for shareholders. Feel free to supply a suitable caption in the comments section below


LGO Energy: Corporate & Operational Update = “We are fucked and we know it”

2015-11-03 05:35:47

David “I love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning” Lenigas may no longer sit on the board of LGO Energy (LGO) having ducked out ahead of the shit hitting the fan, but the curse of Big Dave cannot be escaped. Today’s statement from LGO is a disaster and this is now officially another Lenigas car crash.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes: Alba Mineral Resources,Boxhill Technologies, LGO Energy, Mosman Oil & Gas, Vast Resources

2015-10-25 05:39:03

Featuring shares in Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA), Boxhill Technologies (BOX), LGO Energy (LGO), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) and Vast Resources (VAST) with share price targets for all five stocks.


LGO Energy – How fucked is it and how transparent has it been about its black lined hole?

2015-10-19 06:45:28

Naturally anyone associated with David Lenigas must be a respected industry figure whose integrity is beyond doubt. You can trust every word said by men such as Steve “I said that there were 100 billion barrels on camera but deny that I said it” Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). And so it is a given that LGO Energy (LGO) has been upfront about its Goudron 678 well issues is it not?


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast special - the David Lenigas brand badly tarnished could LGO be a zero?

2015-10-19 00:38:29

You cannot say I did not warn you about LGO Energy (LGO). After today's news I ask if it could go to zero? The answer is yes and the shares are a stonking sell still. But the wider David Lenigas brand is also badly tarnished. I will have another dynamite revelation on Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) shortly, Afriag (AFRI) needs a placing big time and the Horse Hill hype is being shown to be just that so UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) has real issues. It is not a happy Monday for Big Dave.


Neil Ritson of LGO Energy gives 5 reasons to dump the shares – here’s a sixth

2015-10-15 03:36:35

Another day and it’s another conference presentation by Neil Ritson, the hapless CEO, of cash burning & drowning in debt LGO Energy (LGO). And for once I commend him for his honesty in listing five reasons to sell shares in LGO.


Out now - October UK Investor Magazine - 4 buy tips, 3 sells, George Osborne chases the dragon and more

2015-10-15 01:44:00

A slightly delayed October edition of UK Investor magazine is now live featuring 4 buy share tips, 3 sells (from TW), company profiles on Universe and Northcote, Amanda van Dyke on why now is the time to buy mining stocks or is Tesco a better recovery play? Darren Winters takes over the normal Rob Terry slot while George Osborne Chases the Dragon as our cover story. You can download your free copy below


David Lenigas and your PR bully - welcome to the kiddies' playpen - more questions

2015-10-15 00:42:53

Big Dave Lenigas still will not answer TWO QUESTIONS.  His PR man last night refused to condemn and almost condoned the barbaric behaviour of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) shareholders. And now the big fat Aussie stock ramper is playing the man (two men) not the ball again on Twitter:


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Centralnic, Lansdowne Oil & Gas, LGO Energy

2015-10-06 00:36:02

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Centralnic (CNIC), Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP), LGO Energy (LGO) setting share price targets for all three stocks


LGO Energy Placing – Big Dave and others I warned you: now apologise ( PS shares still a sell)

2015-10-05 00:13:19

Investing does not have to be hard. If you see a company with a weak balance sheet and burning cash you should expect a placing. And so I warned numerous times in recent weeks (notably HERE) that a placing was imminent at LGO Energy (LGO). The head in sand denial was predictable, I await the apologies. Big David Lenigas should be first in line.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Aeorema Communications, Bushveld Minerals, EMED Mining, LGO Energy, Reach4Entertainment, Sefton Resources

2015-09-27 23:47:25

Featuring shares of Aeorema Communications (AEO), Bushveld Minerals (BMN), EMED Mining (EMED), LGO Energy (LGO), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Sefton Resources (SER), together with some share price targets.


LGO Energy: When’s the placing? Look on Page 23

2015-09-23 04:43:41

In the wake of the recent dismal interim numbers LGO Energy (LGO) head honcho Neil Ritson yesterday gave a presentation at an investor conference and he rather gave the game away. When’s the placing Neil, my son?


Kiss Me Goodbye, Hardy and Let Me Go, LGO.

2015-09-20 23:38:40

Hello Share People. I’ve really gone off small oil companies. Two in particular have lost me rather a lot of money. I refer to LGO Energy (LGO) and Hardy Oil (HDY). 


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: LGO Energy, Sacoil, West African Minerals.

2015-09-19 00:22:38

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in LGO Energy (LGO), Sacoil (SAC) and West African Minerals (WAFM) and set share price targets for all three.


LGO Energy: Gary Newman vindicated, this one is in trouble

2015-09-18 03:01:34

A month ago, Gary Newman wrote that LGO Energy (LGO) “looks overvalued and in trouble”. His analysis drew quite a lot of criticism, but this morning it looks like his view has been vindicated, as the company announced an unimpressive set of interim figures. For good measure, hidden away in these, is a significant downgrade of the company’s production outlook.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Ferrex, Jiasen, Imaginatik, LGO Energy, Tern

2015-08-24 00:01:31

Featuring shares in Ferrex (FRX), Jiasen (JSI), Imaginatik (IMTK), LGO Energy (LGO), Tern (TERN), together with some share price targets.


LGO Energy looks overvalued and in trouble

2015-08-21 03:28:52

The share price of LGO Energy (LGO) has plummeted recently, but I still think it looks over-valued and wouldn’t be buying. At the start of the year I gave a sell recommendation on the company when the share price was around 3.5p, giving a market cap of circa £100 million, and since then it has fallen to its current level of 1.55p on the ask.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Jubilee Platinum, LGO Energy, Nighthawk Energy, Quindell, Serica Energy

2015-08-17 00:10:33

Featuring shares Jubilee Platinum (JLP), LGO Energy (LGO), Nighthawk Energy (HAWK), Quindell (QPP) and Serica Energy (SQZ) with share price targets for all.


LGO Energy – when will it place shares again? 51% expect it to be before Halloween!

2015-08-05 01:31:40

Yesterday we asked you (HERE) when you expected LGO Energy (LGO) to issue its next batch of confetti given that its boss Neil Ritson had ruled out an August dump on mug punters. You seem to think it is not long.


LGO Energy: Reader Poll when’s the placing

2015-08-04 01:40:26

LGO Energy (LGO) boss Neil Ritson has apparently emailed at least one shareholder pointing out that August is a dead month for placings so why would the serial confetti issuer be in a rush to issue more confetti. Well, perhaps because it is in debt and burning cash? So when do you think LGO Energy will next be issuing shares?


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Cap-XX, Forte Energy, Gulf Keystone, Globo, Imaginatik, LGO Energy

2015-07-29 23:46:35

Featuring Cap-XX (CPX), Forte Energy (FTE), Gulf Keystone (GKP), Globo (GBO), Imaginatik (IMTK), LGO Energy (LGO)


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Frontera Resources, ITE Group, LGO Energy

2015-07-15 00:31:56

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Frontera Resources (FRR), ITE Group (ITE), LGO Energy (LGO)


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Ascent Resources, Boxhill Technologies, Concha, Highland Natural Resources, LGO Energy, Proteome Sciences

2015-06-24 23:37:51

Featuring Ascent Resources (AST), Boxhill Technologies (BOX), Concha (CHA), Highland Natural Resources (HNR), LGO Energy (LGO), Proteome Sciences (PRM)


LGO Energy: This is a real deal oil company, just do the maths

2015-05-26 05:36:55

LGO Energy (LGO) the Trinidad focused oil production company announced last week another positive update on their 2015 drill campaign at the producing Goudron oilfield, Trinidad. So what do the maths really look like?


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Aminex, LGO Energy, Mercom Oil Sands, Premier African Minerals, San Leon Energy, and Sula Iron and Gold

2015-05-20 02:11:45

Featuring Aminex (AEX), LGO Energy (LGO), Mercom Oil Sands (MMO), Premier African Minerals (PREM), San Leon Energy (SLE), and Sula Iron & Gold (SULA).


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - LGO Energy, time to let rip

2015-02-24 02:36:38

Yet again LGO Energy (LGO) is issuing shares like confetti. Yet again it is announced at no-one is watching O'Clock and enough is enough, I let rip at this company and only half jokingly call for Big Dave Lenigas to resume control.


LGO Energy looks way overvalued at 3.425p

2015-01-10 02:56:39

Every time I look at LGO Energy (LGO) I wonder if I am missing something in terms of its value – currently £94 million. To me it currently looks incredibly expensive when compared to other oil producers, some of whom are at a far more advanced stage and with an awful lot more in the way of both production and reserves.


Should we be sad to see Lenigas go?

2014-08-28 08:07:35

Yesterday was a momentous day for AIM as we saw David Lenigas depart his role at Leni Gas and Oil (LENI). Lenigas stepped aside from his eponymous company and gave way to a new number of board members. He leaves behind his legacy if only in name and maybe salaries will rise, but should we be sad or is this a great revelation?


Why did David Lenigas step down from Leni Gas & Oil Board today…from the Horse’s Mouth

2014-08-27 10:23:49

The company was called Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) and was founded by David Lenigas. So when Mr Lenigas steps down from its board you do have to ask why? The Great man is on annual leave but we have swapped emails and so from the horses’ mouth:


Which David Lenigas stock do our readers think will gain the most this week?

2014-08-12 07:30:03

At the weekend we asked readers which of the eight stocks where marmite figure David Lenigas runs the show is likely to gain most this week. The start price was the Friday closing mid-price. We also gave a ninth option – that the FTSE 100 would outperform the lot. And so our readers said:


Which David Lenigas stock to back next week – reader poll

2014-08-08 20:12:42

David Lenigas is a Marmite figure and larger than life character on AIM. He is involved in a stack of companies so which will do best next week for its investors …and we include an option for the bears as well. Voting closes midnight on Sunday.


It is sometimes prudent to place shares – do not always bash the boss: ref Leni Gas & Oil

2014-07-21 12:47:04

I do not follow Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) but I note that it got the Bulletin Boards buzzing last week. It announced a big acquisition and the next day a placing. This outraged some commentators. I think wrongly.


Placement Watch - Naughty Leni Gas & Oil, naughty!

2014-07-17 13:11:18

I’ve spent a fair amount of time today wondering whether or not life is too short to get involved in the David Lenigas debate. After the fiery “we love/we hate Rare Earth Minerals (REM)” schoolyard spat this week, whatever I say runs the risk of pouring fuel on the fire. But I can’t ignore today’s Leni Gas and Oil (LGO) placement. It has a bit of everything.


Small Cap Oil & Gas CEOS: Lenigas, Lofgran, Friel, Foo and Rankine in Video Action

2014-07-08 09:20:21

Now that small cap oil stocks are back in fashion if you are searching for a few ideas of where to put your money have a butchers at this video of FIVE CEOs from AIM enjoying a friendly banter about what is hot and what is not in the sector and what will be hot. This was recorded just three months ago at the UK INvestor Show and it is amazing how many good calls were made then The CEO stars are Matt Lofgran (Nostra Terra), David Lenigas (Leni Oil & Gas), Kevin Foo (Victoria Oil & Gas), Paul Rankine (Tomco) and Cathal Friel (Fastnet)


Leni Gas & Oil at 4.1p – Trinidad Success Just the Beginning

2014-07-03 08:33:31

Commissioned researcher Edison has published an enthusiastic note on Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at 4.1p arguing that recent Trinidad success is just the beginning. 


Is a typo a hanging offence – ref Leni Gas & Oil?

2014-06-16 14:40:04

Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) published an RNS last Friday which contained a typo. For this, my good friend Doc Holiday wishes to berate David Lenigas, also a friend. I think Doc is, on this rare occasion, wrong but I appear to be getting some flak for this on twitter.


Sell Leni Gas & Oil, by Doc Holliday

2014-06-11 12:59:20

I see my old sparring partner ''David'' Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) has released yet another RNS, which means not only are we at a baker’s dozen plus in little over a month now (!!!), but also that each one creates less and less impact. A lot of the news is surely already priced in and is even, arguably, overpriced into today’s share price. 


Time to bank profit in Leni Oil & Gas

2014-06-09 12:28:44

After the recent big rises on Leni Gas and Oil (LGO), banking at least some profit looks to be the sensible move. When you consider that the share price was a little over 0.7p as recently as April and has now risen to close to 4p, adding nearly £75 million to the company’s market cap, this one looks a little on the ripe side.


Meeting Notes – Chat with David Lenigas

2014-06-06 16:00:34

David Lenigas popped by earlier in the week for a chat on a number of matters. As ever the great man had a lot to say on a range of issues. But a few points stick in the mind.


Bank those 198% 2 month Leni Gas & Oil Gains!

2014-06-03 09:54:08

Today I close out what has been one of ShareProphets best tips over the last few months. In March I made a call on Leni Gas and Oil (LGO) as a stonking buy even though the board had royally cocked up with the court case. The share price was 0.69p and people called me bonkers, an idiot, and a fool.


Call us spivs – but bank gains on the Weekend Trading share tip Leni Gas & Oil

2014-05-29 08:22:53

At the weekend we served up a trading tip – buy Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at 1.17p – as you can see HERE. Call us spivs if you wish but…


Leni Gas & Oil – The Shareprophets Trading tip of the week

2014-05-24 09:54:19

The solid tip of the week went up earlier HERE, now for a bit of fun and a trading share tip of the week. Run by the marmite character that is David Lenigas, AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) trades at 1.17p valuing it at £28 million but ahead of a potential game changer week in Trinidad, that may well be far too low: the shares are a trading buy.


Hold Leni Gas and Edge Resources. Sell Mosman Oil

2014-05-05 19:03:40

Today I provide you with a triple update. Two companies I recommend that you keep holding are Leni Gas (LGO) and Edge Resources (EDG). I have written about these two beasts on the Shareprophets before and people following up the tip will have already made substantial gains.


UK Investor Show 2014 video - David Lenigas of Leni Gas & Oil

2014-04-19 23:22:37

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by David Lenigas, of Leni Gas and Oil (LGO)


Leni Oil & Gas: Don’t miss out on a mega rise

2014-03-31 05:47:48

Today I want to highlight a small oil and gas company, Leni Gas and Oil (LGO), which is chaired by Del Boy Lenigas. At less than 0.7p, Leni Gas is an opportunity not to be missed and here is why.


Leni Gas & Oil: Don’t miss out on a mega share price rise

2014-03-30 10:28:36

Today I show you to an oil and gas small company, Leni Gas and Oil (LGO) that is chaired by Del Boy Lenigas. At less than 0.7p, Leni Gas is an opportunity not to be missed and here is why.


Leni Gas & Oil: Bull Flag Above 200 Day Moving Average Targets 1.40p

2014-02-11 10:01:05

Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) has traditionally been something of a tough cookie for technical analysts to bite into. Penny stocks are usually problematic, but good old Leni can be particularly problematic. This is not only due to liquidity issues, but also because of the volatility that stems from most companies in the resources space.


Invitation: Pizza with David Lenigas on Thursday 23rd (TODAY) in Clerkenwell

2014-01-23 09:23:37

Okay the time & venue are fixed: 12.30 PM at The Real Man Pizza Company 91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5BX - TODAY. Maybe try the new pizza named in David’s honour (his suggested recipe). If you want to attend & to give us a help on numbers drop me an email at


Leni Gas & Oil – Game Changer Announcement

2014-01-17 08:39:41

In a landmark announcement, AIM Listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) today informed the market that the Environmental Management Agency of Trinidad and Tobago had confirmed that the Company’s application for a Certificate of Environmental Compliance (“CEC”) for the planned drilling campaign of 30 new wells at its 100% owned Goudron Field in Trinidad had been approved.  This announcement is a game changer for Leni.


Want to join the Pizza Party with David Lenigas & The Rare Earth Metals CEO on Thursday 23rd

2014-01-17 06:17:48

As you may recall David Lenigas, the serial AIM entrepreneur suggested a new pizza recipe to me and as a result we now serve a pizza named in his honour at The Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell. And next Thursday Mr Lenigas is paying us a visit. Fancy joining him?


Leni Gas & Oil at 0.78p: Best Scenario Continues the 0.6p – 1.2p Range

2013-11-15 11:40:04

A charting predecessor of mine on managed to correctly call the massive spike in shares of Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) last October and November on, having identified a bull flag formation above the 50 day moving average then at 0.6p.  In the end the shares peaked at over 1.8p in November.


Buy Leni Gas & Oil at 0.88p with a 1.2p target

2013-10-10 15:35:22

Does anyone understand the fundamentals of Leni Gas & Oil (LGO)? Maybe the odd Nobel prize winner but nit me although today’s RNS seems positive enough. But the charting picture is much simpler - since April the shares have traded in a range of 0.7p to 1.2p.


Buy Leni Gas & Oil at 0.81p

2013-10-01 11:39:48

Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) has had a real roller coaster ride in 2013 but at 0.81p it is a speculative buy – the potential short term gain of 50%. Let me explain. 


New Video: Leni Gas & Oil at the UK Investor Show 2013

2013-07-03 00:49:03

David Lenigas, CEO of Leni Oil & Gas speaks at the UK Investor Show 2013.


Leni Gas & Oil: Today's Share Price Drop Was Not In The Script

2013-06-24 01:43:21


Having been one of the Leni's greatest fans in the recent past, it is difficult to look at the latest development in terms of the price action without taking the view that not only do we have a painful looking chart gap to the downside on hands, but that we are now forced to look at the daily chart in a rather more downbeat fashion than we have become accustomed to.


Leni Gas (LGO): Ticking Multiple Bullish Boxes Again

2013-06-11 07:16:28

I think it can be said quite safely that I have had plenty of practice in terms of charting penny stocks in the recent past. Of these few are of more interest that Leni Gas & Oil given the way that we are in the aftermath of a massive spike to the upside seen over the course of the October and November.


Leni Gas & Oil at 1.05p worth 2.5p says Old Park Lane

2013-05-30 00:27:41

Old Park Lane has published a detailed by note on Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) suggesting that the shares are a clear buy at 1.05p with a 2.5p target price.


Exclusive: Leni Gas & Oil & Mediterranean – the smoking gun? (good news for Leni)

2013-05-21 05:10:54

The legal battle between Aim listed Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG) and AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) is shaping up to be a barrel of laughs for neutral observers but, not – I suspect - for Mediterranean and its CEO Dr Bill Higgs.


Exclusive: Mediterranean Oil & Gas hits back at Leni Gas & Oil

2013-05-20 06:54:46

Aim listed Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG) has hit back hard at Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) following Friday’s preliminary court hearing in which Leni appeared to triumph.


Exclusive: Leni Gas & Oil set for $9 million windfall from Mediterranean Oil & Gas? Court Victory for Leni

2013-05-19 06:27:48

A shock High Court Ruling made on Friday (but not announced) paves the way for a windfall gain of $9 million (or more) for AIM listed Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at the expense of Cesspit listed Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG).


Bear Trap Rebounds For Leni Gas & Oil And Mediterranean Oil & Gas

2013-05-19 05:20:11

Although of course to say so can risk cursing a very promising set up, at least based on the recent past it can be said that Leni Gas & Oil is sporting one of the most promising of charting constructions among the minnows. While not in quite the same league, it can also be said that Mediterranean Oil & Gas is also in play as a bear trap recovery situation.


Leni Gas & Oil New Debt facility: Broker Old Park Lane shares to soar from 1.06p to 3.1p

2013-05-02 06:40:37

Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) has today announced a deal with Meridian SEZC through which Meridian will provide Leni with a debt facility of up to US$50m.


The Appeal of Leni Gas & Oil

2013-04-24 06:26:27

Trinidad & Tobago has been producing crude oil for over 100 years, but for one Leni Oil & Gas (LGO), the island nation’s historic onshore fields still offer excellent growth potential.


Buy Leni Gas & Oil: Multiple Buy Signals Target 2p Zone

2013-04-20 04:36:20

What I like to do with charting, and perhaps most importantly what works best, is to stack up as many plus points as possible backing an “objective” trading call. In the case of Leni Oil & Gas (LGO) it is difficult not to be swept away by bullishness anyway, given the aftermath of a surge that the shares displayed in October, an event that was identified around the 0.6p level as a bull flag opportunity that could lead to at least 1p resistance from July.

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